Evil Doctor (2018) - full transcript

Matt and Aubrey, a young and successful show business couple, are having their first child. Based on a friend's recommendation, they go to the best OBGYN in Los Angeles, Dr. Natalie Barnes....

- Hi.



You ready to go home?

♪ Hush little baby ♪

♪ Don't say a word ♪

It's okay.

♪ Mamma's gonna buy
you a mockingbird ♪

You're finally a daddy, babe.

- She's beautiful.

- I told you all
it took was faith.

- You ready?

- She's meant to be ours.

- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah, let's go.

Oh, I love you baby.

We're gonna take such
good care of you.

- You know what,
I never would have

been able to buy this
house if it wasn't for you.

- You're the one that
brought me the script.

The studio's really
happy with your work.

Now Matt's show is not being
received well by everyone

and you know

I've had to fight for it

and you know how I hate
to go out on the limb

for him.

- Yeah, I know, but I
have faith in my husband.

I think the show's
gonna do really well.

- Well I hope so.

- Hey listen,

I want to show you something.

- Okay.

- I mean I'm not supposed
to tell anyone yet but,

- No.

- Yes.

- Our Aubrey is preggers.

(cheers and applause)

- Right as you're about to go
into the six month production,

why didn't you tell me?

- Well, we weren't
supposed to tell anyone

until after we saw the doctor.

- Okay, I need details.

How far along?


- Well, I'm 10 weeks,

and Dr. Flickman in Burbank.

- Did you even try
to call my OBGYN?

- Of course, but she's not
taking any new patients.

- Dr. Barnson is the best.

I'm gonna have to get you in

because no friend of mine

is going to see some Dr.

Frickman in Burbank.

I'm be right back.

I want to hear all the details.

- I thought you
didn't want kids.

- Well,

Aubrey did.

- No one's gonna cut any slack.

If our show doesn't rate,

we're all out on the street.

- Then I guess it's
back to rent control.


(dramatic music)

- I'm sorry, do I know you?

- I think if we had met,

I would definitely remember.

- You just remind me of someone.

I can't place it.


- Have a nice day.

- [Woman] You too.

- Hi, I am looking for my wife.


Oh, she's right over there.

- You're late.

- Oh my god, traffic
was a nightmare.

You sure you don't want
to stick with Flickman?

It's like five minutes
down the street

from our house.

- Babe.

- The doctor will be with
you in just a moment.

- [Aubrey] Thank you.

- Hey babe,

you want to do it before
the doctor gets in?


- Matt, come on the
baby might hear you.

- Come on.

How about a little pre-check?

Oh dammit.

- Do you have to be on
your phone right now?

- It's just Vicky.

- Yeah.

Could you just be a little
more present for this.

You know it's a big moment.

- I'm right here.

I couldn't be more present.

- Uh, not really.

You could put your phone away.

- I have enough pressures
without more problems Aubrey.

- My pregnancy is
not a problem Matt.

- That is not...

(knock on the door)

(dramatic music)

- Well hello again.

- [Matt] Hello again.

- What, you two know each other?

- Just downstairs in the lobby.

- She thought I
was someone else.

- Actually, I said
that you look familiar.

It'll come to me.

I'm Dr. Barnson.

- Aubrey Lewis.

- It's nice to meet you.

Alright Aubrey, I see
that your last period

was April third.

- Uh huh.

- Okay, you should be
closing in on week 12.


let's take a look.

- Oh, okay.

Oh, by the way,

we don't want to know
the sex of the baby.

- Alright.

I like surprises also.

A little pressure.


Let's meet baby.

I know who you remind me of.

My father.

There it is.

- No.


- [Child] Daddy's home.

- [Mom] Hey baby.

- [Dad] Who's my
little princess?

- Me.

- [Mom] And I'm the queen.

- [Dad] I love you so much.

- [Child] Love you too daddy.

- [Mom] Alright,
dinner's ready, come on.

- [Child] Okay.

- [Woman] Jimmy.

- [Man] Jimmy, get down.



- Mom.

Who's my little princess?

- [Man] Natalie.

I love you.

- [Natalie] Daddy.


- My baby.

- [Natalie] Dammit.

- What's wrong doctor?

- The damn IVF failed again.

Got my period.

- Well maybe now you
should try the natural way.

You know, find a
man, and then get...

- Finding a man
isn't the problem.

- You know, you
sure are miserable

for someone who got
everything he ever wanted.

That looks great.

- This thing is a piece of crap,

just like my show is.

- Hey.

- Babe, I just never
saw myself writing

a family sitcom.

I still want to

care about something.

- Okay, well,

care about being a dad.

You're gonna be a great dad.

- I do care about that, alright.


not sure if I'm ready
for it, that's all.

- Okay, come on, no one's
ever ready to be a parent.

You kind of just have to

go with the flow, you know.

(phone rings)


Hi Dr. Barnson.

Okay, Natalie.



Sure, what time?




Alright, I'll see you then.

- What is it?

- She said one of the test
I took was inconclusive

so she wants me to come
in and redo it, so.

- I'm sure it's
gonna be alright.

- Yeah.

- Thanks for coming in
at such short notice.

Like I said, everything
looks perfectly normal,

it's just there was a
problem with the lab, so.

Unfortunately, we
have to redo your pap.

- Okay.

- Alright.

Little cold, sorry.

There we go.

All done.


- Thanks.

- You can get dressed.

- [Matt] Hi babe.

- Hi.

- [Matt] Where are you?

- I'm back here.

- What a day.

Oh, hello.

- Hi.

Am I getting stretchmarks?

- Babe, you're not even showing.

- You didn't even look.

- Should we do it?

- Definitely.

- Will it hurt the baby?

- I don't know.

Should we ask him?

- Don't say things like that.

You're gonna spoil the mood.

- Okay, I wouldn't do that.

(soft music)

(dramatic music)

Oh my god, Matt.

Matt, we got bleeds.

Oh god, call the doctor, okay.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm gonna call.

I'm calling.

I'm calling.

- Oh no.



- Could sex have
caused the bleeding?

- It's possible.

I take it you had
sex last night.

- Would you two
mind waiting here?

I'll be right back.

You can get dressed.

(soft music)

- My friend Nicole
had a miscarriage

and she hasn't been
able to conceive since.

- Babe, that's not gonna happen.

You're gonna be fine.

- Okay, first and foremost,

the baby looks great.

However, at this
point of gestation,

there's a higher risk
for preterm labor

when the cervical length is
less than 25 milliliters.

Aubrey, yours is at 19.


This is Aubrey's uterus
in statural view.

You can see that the
cervical length is shortened.

That gives us a
strong indication that

Aubrey you're developing
what's known as

an incompetent cervix.

- Oh, great.

My cervix is a bumbling idiot.

- Cervical competence
isn't something

that's routinely checked

unless there's been a history
of preterm pregnancies,

or some trauma to the cervix,

like a,

a lead procedure,

or a comb biopsy.

Now, with this recent episode
of cramping and bleeding,

I thought we should take a look.

And I'm glad we did.

- Okay, so what does
that mean for the baby?

- Well, we want it healthy

and full term, right.

- Uh huh.

- Well, then we're gonna have
to take some serious measures.

I want to get you
started on progesterone

and I want to see you weekly
so I can measure your cervix.

- [Aubrey] Yeah, sure,
whatever it takes.

- Good.

I'm glad you feel that way

because I don't think you're
gonna like the next part.

We need to put
Aubrey on bedrest.

- Sure, but what does

being on your back for
the next five months

gonna do the help?

- It's going to keep
Aubrey horizontal.

We don't want the
cervix contracting

or you could go
into preterm labor.

Now that doesn't
mean you can't get up

for short periods of time

to stretch or

to use the restroom.

But, unfortunately,


more than 30 minutes
could be damaging.

We want this baby to cook
as long as possible, right.

- [Aubrey] Of course.

- Oh, and,

there's just one more thing.

No sex,

of any kind.


I'm sorry, but that
means no orgasms either,

at least for Aubrey.

- [Matt] Sure, of course.

Not a problem.

- Good.

I'll see you next week.

(dramatic music)

- I don't think I can do
a six month term in here.

- What about work?

- They said I could
work remotely for now.

Hey, is this your show?

- [Matt] Yes it is.

They're airing
the pilot tonight.

They're having a big
party down at Mulligan's.

The whole crew is down there.

- Wanna go?

- No.

No, no, no, no.

I can't bear to be in
a room full of silence

when it's supposed
to be a comedy.

- Stop.

- [Woman On TV] We're a family.


Time's up.

- [Man] Natalie, your
name is naturally Kala.

These are your real parents.

- [Woman] We're finally
going to be a family again.

Is it my fault you
haven't touched me in

in I don't know how long.

- [Man] Oh, yeah,
well not long enough.

- [Woman] You're a piece
of ..., you know that?

- [Man] Yeah, I'm a
little piece of...

- [Woman] Don't you
walk away from me.

(dramatic music)

- Hey princess.

- [Young Natalie] Stop.

No, no.


- Hey lady.

Got any change?

A hundred.

(somber music)

(phone rings)

- San Quintin.


- Very funny.

I was just calling to
ask how you're doing.

- Pretty good, but
the housekeeper failed

- Are you kidding me?

She didn't show up
last time either.


I gotta get you some good help.

Thank god she's not
on auto pay, right.

- Hey, do you have to
go to the gym tonight?

- I haven't been in
a while, so I could.

- Okay.

Can you pick me up
Chinese food later?

- [Matt] Sweet and sour pork?

- Chicken.

- Yes, yes.

Yes, chicken.

The pork's for me.

- Okay, well I love you babe.

I'll see you later.

- [Matt] Love you too babe.

- Okay bye.

- Bye.

(dramatic music)

- Hi Mr. Lewis.

- Matt, actually.

Fancy seeing you here.

- Oh, yeah, I just joined.

- Oh.

- You like working out here?

- Aubrey likes me
to work out here.

She's afraid I'm gonna
get writer's belly.

- I think you look great.

- Well, in reality,

I hate the gym.

- Yeah, you and me both.

- Doesn't look like it.

- Well, looks can be deceiving.

- [Matt] That they can.

- How are you Matt?

How are you doing?

- I don't know.

No one's asked me that
in a very long time.

All the questions are
about Aubrey and the baby

and never about Matt.

And that sounded
extremely selfish.

- Well actually I think
it sounded honest.

- I don't know.

- I like honest people.

Matt, you know

pregnancy is a time where
relationships change.

Things are bound to be different

from the time it was
just the two of you.

You know,

it's normal to feel overwhelmed.

- No, is it normal for your

wife to go off the pill
without telling you?

Is that normal?

- Unplanned, huh?

That's interesting.

- As a matter of fact,

she told the news

the exact day I found
out I was being promoted

to executive producer
on Family Phun, so.

- Big fan by the way.

- Yeah?

At the end of the day I guess

she got everything she
wanted out of it you know.

New house,

new money,

new baby.

- What about you?

Did you get
everything you wanted?

- I haven't figured
that out yet.

- I got to go.

Mrs. Reedy's in labor.


See, life could be worse.

See you around.

- Yep.


- Shocked to see me?

- Well, I'm shocked to see
you cleaning something,

that's for sure.

What are you doing here?

- Aubrey said she
needed my help,

and our father called
and laid it on thick.

So here I am.

Happy to help.

Doing my best.

- How much are we paying you?

- Not enough for your BS.

- You're using grout
cleaner, not glass cleaner.

It's gonna streak.

- Thank you Matt.

So helpful.

- [Matt] Come on, seriously?

- What?

- You know very well that
your sister cannot stand me.

- Babe, you said I needed help,

and she needs a job, so.

- Yeah, but I figured
that we would hire

a real nanny,


- Come on, a nanny's for kids.

- [Matt] Okay.

- Okay, I need help.

- Fine.

I know,

but can it be anyone
other than Janelle?

- Okay, fine.

Well if you want to quit,

you know,

and take care of me that's fine.

We could snuggle all day.

We'd be broke,

just like old times.

- They were good times.

- So how was work?

- Work was work.

You know, I'm thinking about
writing a whole storyline

where tiger mom gets knocked up.

- Oh yeah?

Let me guess,

she goes on bedrest?

- Yes.


She's the only one in the family

who knows how to cook

and she runs the
family restaurant.

That is a huge setup

for some serious
comedic dilemma.

- Oh yeah, yeah,


- It is.

I hate writing sitcoms.

Yeah, Megan thinks
that I should hire

a consultant for
the pregnancy part.

So I was thinking
about that doctor,

the new one.


- Barnson.

- Barnson.

- Come on, you think
she'd have time for that?

- Well, she said
she liked the show.

- When?

- The office.

- While she was just, you know,

finding the baby.

She's like oh hey
- I don't remember exactly,

- I love your sitcom

- Specifically when it happened.

I just remember
that she said it.

- Okay, well I'm so
pregnant that I don't care.

(soft music)


Love you.

- Love you.

(slow suspenseful music)

- Yeah, I think the
storyline is really smart.

Alpha female breaks
through the glass ceiling

only to find herself pregnant

the day they open
the restaurant.

I think it'll really resonate.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

I do.

- Thanks.

- [Woman] Matt,
Aubrey's on line two.

- Just tell her that
I'll call her right back.

- [Woman] You got it.

- Thanks.

- Why am I here Matt?

- You're here as a
consultant on pregnancies,

and getting compensated
rather well, I might add.

- I don't need your money.

- Okay.

- You know, it's
not unusual for men

to fear childbirth,

especially if it's
their first one.

They're afraid of how
their lives may be altered,

how they're perceived,

will women ever find
them attractive again.

So their mind starts to wonder,





will be okay.

- Hi.

- Table read?

- Yes, I know, five minutes.

- Great.


- So here are those notes
on procreation A to Z.

Call me if you
have any questions.

- Will do.

Thanks, thanks again.

(knock on door)

- Oh hi.

Who are you?

- I'm Janelle.

Who are you?

- I'm Dr. Barnson.

Can I come in?

- Come in I guess.

- Oh my gosh, hi.

I wow,

what a surprise,

a doctor who makes house calls.

- Oh yes, I always try to

drop in on all my
bedrest patients.

- Wow, you look
amazing by the way.

I mean so beautiful.

- You're sweet.

And very pretty too.

Oh I,

I got this for you.

- House calls and gifts.

- It's just a little something.


It's good for the baby,

and good for mommy.

- Well that's

really, really nice of you.

- Did you want me to
defrost the chicken, or?

- Yeah that would be great.

And also if you could just

take the sheets out of
the dryer and fold them

while they're still hot

the way I showed you then,

- Sure.

- [Aubrey] Thanks.

- I see you got
yourself some help.

- Yeah, it's my sister.

I mean she and Matt
don't really get along,

but she, you know,

she's been super helpful.

- Well, good for you.

- Yeah.

- I've seen some husbands
build up a lot of resentment

when they have to take up
all that slack themselves,

especially when they
have demanding careers.

It's important for
a woman to know

her role in the relationship,

especially when there
are so may options.

Like that neighbor of yours.

Yes, I saw him.

How could you miss him?

What is he like 16?

- No, oh god no.

I think he's, you know,

19 at least,

college age for sure.

But yeah,

he's not hard to look at.

- Well, you just
remember the rules.

You don't want to get too hot.

- Matt's told me that
you're doing some consulting

on the show.

- Well I gave him a binder
with some information.

That's all, no big deal.

- Well I think it is.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, you're,

you know,

show already feels
a lot more real.

- That's good.

- Yeah.

That's great.

That's what Matt wants,

you know, more reality,

less fluff.

- Right.

Well, I,

I'm glad I'm able to
give him what he wants.

Anyway, I,

I should go.

I look forward to
seeing you next week

for your appointment.


- Homework first.

- But I don't have any homework.


- It's so stupid.

- Oh, Natalie came over today.

- Natalie?

- Uh huh.

Dr. Barnson.

- Oh.

- She said she stops in on
all of her bed rest patients.

- Well that's nice.

- Yeah, so nice.

Do you think she's pretty?

No, I mean,


She's beautiful right.

- Oh come on.

I've never taken you
for the insecure type.

Besides you know
that you are always

the prettiest girl in the room.

- I think I'd be friends
with her in real life.

She even got me a Bluetooth
speaker for the baby

and it plays soothing sounds.

- That's really cool.

That was sweet of her.

- I know.

- Nothing but the best
for my wife, right.


Yeah, come here.

- No orgasms though.

- Not for you.



- Shhh, hey,

it's okay.

Shhh, hey.

Shhh, hey.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Let's take a look.

Just a little pressure.

(heavy breathing)

- You okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I'm good.

- Hi.

You said you wanted to talk?


Hey, can you...

- I said I need to see you.

(dramatic music)

- I can't.

(dramatic music)

- What are you doing here?

- I saw you with that man.

I hope you're not in any
kind of relationship.

He looked just like that
sick man that kidnapped you.

- Oh would you shut up.

Haven't I sent you enough money

to keep you out of my life?

- Your father died a week ago

and you didn't even call me.

- My father died when
I was eight years old.

- Oh stop it.

That mongrel was
not your father.

You got to

stop that nonsense or,

I'm gonna tell the patients
the truth about you.

- You're gonna expose my truth,

my truth?

What about Frank's sick
molesting truth mother, huh?

- Oh enough.

- Or the fact that
you stood up for him

for 10 years.

Huh, how about that truth.

You're still
standing up for him.

- I tried.

I really tried.

- Turning a blind
eye is hardly trying.

- I'm staying at the
Quiet Neck Motel.

He left a few things to you.

- Burn them.

- I'm here for three days.

What are you doing here?

(suspenseful music)

- It's too realistic.

It's a situational comedy,

not a lesson in preterm labor.

- It's edgy and fresh.

The comedy is there.

The network is
just not seeing it.

- Rewrite by 9:00 a.m.

or we're both done.

- Fine.

(slow suspenseful music)



I'm here.



- [Natalie] In here.

- This is...

(slow suspenseful music)


Oh no.

- She came to see me at work.

My father died a few weeks ago.

Are you sure it's a suicide?

- Oh yeah.

Hung herself with a
towel in the bathroom.

- Where is she?

- At the morgue, downtown.

- Okay, I'll make arrangements
with the funeral home.

- Like I said, really sorry.

- [Natalie] Thank you
Detective Goodwin.

- [Detective] Have
a good evening.

- [Natalie] You too.

- What was that about?

- Oh, a patient killed herself.

- What?

I'm so sorry.

That's horrible, I...

(slow suspenseful music)

I really have to...

- I really have to

return a favor.

- Didn't realize you were home.

- [Matt] Oh yep, I am.

- How'd the meeting go?

- Oh you know, it went fine.

Just a meeting.

I decided I'm gonna stick
with my old agent, you know.

He's been there with me
since the beginning, so.

- That's good.

I was just


you know that you
didn't say hi to me.

You just jumped

right in the shower.

It's kind of weird.

- I know I'm sorry babe,

it's just been

a really long day.

But I'm home now.

And I love you.

- I love you too.

(slow suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)

- [Natalie] Busy boy.

- Well I would think
the same about you.

- Well, never to return
calls to people I care about.

- That wasn't me
the other night.

- Well maybe it wasn't
who you want to be.

- [Matt] Exactly.

- Right.

Yeah, I know Matt.

I know you.

Meet me for coffee.

- Natalie, it...

- [Natalie] Come on, I've
got some notes for you.

- Email them.


just email them.

(soft music)

- Hey.

- Hey.

- How are you?

I come bearing gifts.

- Oh gosh, thank you.

So sweet.

I've been eating
like a cow lately.

It's the only thing I
have to look forward to.

- Oh, come on, you have

the baby,

you have Matt.

Oh, by the way,

his hard work is
really paying off.

I am loving the pregnancy arch.

The finale,

well that got kicked back, but,

- Yeah, I heard.

By the way,

it was a really
great idea you had

bringing on Dr. Barnson
as a consultant.

- Oh I wish I could take credit,

but it was Matt's idea

and it is a good one.

I mean the show's
numbers are up.

Makes me very happy,

and more importantly,

it makes the network happy.

No, no, no, no.

Here honey.

Hormones on aisle three.

- I'm okay.

I'm just,

I'm a mess.

- You know, look,

I know how tough
this incompetent

cervix thing is.

It's just,

it's really bad luck.

- What if it's not bad luck?

- What are you talking about?

- I've been carrying
this around for weeks now

and you can't say anything okay.

- Okay.

- Okay.

When Matt and I
were first married,

when we got pregnant,

and I,

I obviously didn't
have the baby, I,

I had a miscarriage.

And I was reading online that

if you had a miscarriage and

you could have this
thing that's called

an incompetent cervix.

I just,

what if I'm never
gonna be a mom.

I mean, what if
something happens and,

I named the first baby
Theodore after my grandfather.



I'm sorry.

I shouldn't...

(dramatic music)

What the hell?

What is she doing?

(phone rings)

Are you following me?

- I own you.

- [Matt] No, no.

- Sorry, I'd love to chat,

but I'm late for a baby shower.

- This is crazy.

- [Neighbor] Who's that?

- That's my sister's doctor.

- What the hell are
you doing here, huh?

- What?

- Listen, I might not
be able to stop you

from being Aubrey's doctor,

but showing up to
her baby shower,

that's just cruel.

- Oh, there's nothing cruel
about celebrating a life.


Come on.

- I'll tell you one thing,

I will take hemorrhoids
over postpartum depression

any day.

- Oh, my sister had post
and prenatal depression.

- What?

- Oh don't worry.

It'll all be worth
it in the end.

- Yah huh huh.

Yeah, easy for you guys to say.

You're not the one
who's pregnant.

- Oh Natalie, hi.

Great to see you.
- Hi.

- Let me take this
for you honey.

- Thank you.

- Oh my god, what
did you get them.

- Oh it's

a little much.

But then again, so am I.

Oh wow, look at you.

You look lovely.

- Oh, I look like a pig.

- No, no, no, no.

You're glowing.

- So I'm fascinated.

Why gynecology?

- Why not.

I've always been interested
in the process of life.

Why a TV producer?

- Oh, because there is just

nothing more rewarding
than my shows

changing someone's
life for good.

- Oh, come on.

- It's for the glitz
and the glamor.

- Yeah right,
that's more like it.

You know, I've
actually been thinking

of an interesting pregnancy
complication for the show.

- Really, well,

what is it?

- Well,

you know how Matt wants
things to be more real, right.

Well let's just say
everything is going smoothly

with the pregnancy,

right up until delivery.

Mother needs an
emergency c-section,

and during the procedure,

an artery is accidentally cut.

Doctor has to choose
between baby and momma.

Doctor chooses baby.

- It's a sitcom.

- Well today's audiences
are sophisticated.

I'm sure they can
handle a little blood.

- And, the killing of
the main character?

- Matt is a terrific writer.

He could easily come up
with a replacement mother

for the family.

- You're a hoot.

I never realized
you were so funny.

(nervous laughter)

Gather around everyone.

So this game is called

name that baby.

Now, in each balloon,

there's a slip of paper

with your choice
of babies names.

And in one balloon,

Aubrey put the correct answer.

So, ready,

and go.

- Oops.

- Okay, I have

Alison or Steve.

- No.

- [Woman] Henry and June.

Say this one is pervy.


- I'll have to remember that

in case we ever get
pregnant with twins.

- Well this one just
has a boy's name on it.


(dramatic music)

Is everything okay?

- Yeah, yeah,

I just,

I'll be right back.

- Okay, Vicky, well I'm sure
I will see you again soon.

- Oh well,

hopefully sooner
rather than later.

- Hey, are you having an
affair with my brother in law?

- Um, that's ridiculous,

not to mention
totally inappropriate.

- They practically came together

and then Matt sped off.

- Oh you saw Matt and I
in the same car together?

- You arrived at the same time.

- Look, I'm sorry if you
got the wrong impression,

but not only would it
be completely unethical,

and like Vicky said,

extremely inappropriate

to do anything near
your accusations,

I would never be attracted
to someone like Matt.

- And why is that?

- Because I'm a lesbian dear.

(dramatic music)

(slow suspenseful music)

- Natalie.



- You're just in time.

Dinner's ready.

I knew you would come back.

- Excuse me.



- What?

- How dare you record a
video of us having sex

without me knowing,

and then you have
the nerve to show up

to my wife's baby shower

acting like nothing happened.

- You have sex with
your wife's obstetrician

and act like nothing's happened.

- One time Natalie.

One time.

- Yeah, you say that a lot.

You say that a lot.

- You better delete that video

and do it now

or I swear to god.

- What?

What are you gonna do?

You gonna change doctors?


- You're sick.

- Change doctors,

you'll see how sick I really am.

Are you sure I
can't convince you

to stay for dinner?

- Positive.

(slow suspenseful music)

You sure it's okay to be up?

- Yeah, I'm tired
of eating in bed.

What's wrong?

Worried about the season finale?

Hey, I read the script.

It's great.

- No, it's not great.

- Okay, well if I
say that it's cute,

you'll bite my ear off.

- Well if you say
that it's cute,

I know that you really mean

it sucks.

- What's wrong?

- Nothing.

- ,

I cannot wait til it's
just you and I here again.

- And the baby.

- Of course and the baby.


Do you mind

not doing that?

You scared the crap out of me.

- Well you scare me too Matt.

- What?

- I know you're having an affair

with my sister's gynecologist.

- Have you lost your mind?

- You can deny it all you want,

but I know.

(phone rings)

- Chri...

- Don't answer that.

She doesn't deserve it.

- It's Vicky.

- You know, I know
something's up.

And I know it's that woman.

I can't tell my sister

because of the stress

and the potential harm
it could do the baby but,

I am gonna tell you this,

whatever is going on,

you have to end it.


- The only thing
happening right now

is I am missing an
important business call

so if you don't mind,


- Not at all.

(slow suspenseful music)

Definitely need to get
these couches steamed.

It's starting to look like

somebody's been mud
wrestling on them.


oh crap.

We want to get the
floors polished.

And, that's all for now.

Just get the notes
emailed to me.


- Hey.

- If anybody shows up
here asking for me,

you tell them I went to lunch,


And I mean anybody.

- You got it boss.

- Hi.

- Hello.

- I'm here to see Matt.

- Matt is not in the office.

- I had an appointment with him.

- But he's gone for lunch.

- Would you please let him know

that Natalie is waiting for him.

- When I see him, I will.

(slow suspenseful music)

- No, I like it.

I think it's good.

No, it's okay, really.

- Oh Natalie,


Do you have a second?

- Uh huh.

I don't know how Aubrey
lets Matt have you

as a best friend.

You are so


- And so gay.


- Still.

I don't think I could do it.

Do you think Matt would
make a good father?

- That's the last thing that
I’m thinking about right now.

- More wine?

- Sure.


That's pretty wild.

- This?

- It's a fertility statue

from the 1890s.

Up until the middle ages,

women weren't allowed
to give birth indoors.

- Thank you.

- They had to go

to the woods,


By a stream.

It was just her and the midwife.

And the midwife

had to be an older woman

who already had a
child of her own.

- And why was that?

- Maybe they thought that
she would steal the baby.

- Oh.

That's intense.

So what about you?

- What about me?

Do I want to steal a baby?


- Do you want to have a baby?

- Not tonight.

- Seriously?

I'd like to know.

- I can't have children.

- Oh.

I'm sorry, I,

- Yeah, see,

that's exactly
what I didn't want.

I, I,

I hate pity.

I really, really hate it.

- No, I'm sorry.

That was too personal.

- Why are you here Vicky?

- Cause you invited me.

- No, I think
you're here because

you wonder if Matt
ever hit on me.

- What?

- That's what I think.

I think the very thought
of that turns you on.

(dramatic music)

Does that turn you on?


Does it?

- That's disgusting.

- Your precious little Matt

didn't need that much coercing.


(slow suspenseful music)

(phone rings)

- Matt Lewis.

- You're best friend is dead.

- What's going on?

Did we get canceled?

- I just found out Vicky's dead.

- [Natalie] Tell me if
this is uncomfortable.

- No, it's,

it's fine.

- Good.

You know it's sad
to know that I was

one of the last
to talk to Vicky.

- How do you know?

- Oh, the police told me.

They had some questions for me.

They have no idea who did it.

- Are you serious?

You saw them together,

in the parking lot?

Natalie and Vicky,

the day that Vicky died.

- A bit of good news,

your cervix hasn't
dilated any further.

I'll give you a call
when the results

of your GBS swab are in.

You can get dressed.

- They left together?

No, I didn't know that.

I didn't tell that
to the detectives.

This is the first
I've heard of it.

- Just switch those two around.

Ms. Lewis,

would you like to schedule
an appointment for next week?

- Okay, thanks.

Thanks, Kieth.

I'll see you on
set later, thanks.



(slow suspenseful music)

- Look, I know that
you think that bedrest

is making me crazy, okay,

and it is,

but I just,

I don't understand when
did Natalie and Vicky

become friends?

You know what she
told me in that exam?

She told me that the cops
questioned her last night

because she was the last person

to speak to Vicky.

I mean come on,
that's weird, right?

- I have to show you something.

- What is this?

Your idea of a
belated birthday gift.

- No.

Check it out.


- Cara.

But that's Natalie.

- I got it out of
Natalie's trash.

- What?

Why were you in Natalie's trash?

- Because I don't trust her.

- You know what,

there's a number
on the letterhead,

I'm just gonna call it.

I can't do this anymore.

- What are you going to say?

- I don't know,

but I'm just,

I'm done wondering what
the heck is going on.

- Okay.

Put it on speaker so I can hear.

- [Man On Phone] Dr.
Patterson's office.

- Yes, hi.

May I please speak
to someone about Cara

or her mother if
she's available.

- [Man On Phone] May
I ask who's calling?

- Just a friend from college.

- [Man On Phone] Please hold.

- [Doctor] This
is Dr. Patterson.

Look, I don't speak
to anyone about Cara

or Natalie, or whatever she's
calling herself these days.

There's plenty to read
about Stockholm syndrome

and Cara's abduction online,

so please don't call again.

- Abduction?

- Damn.

- Do you have your laptop?

- Yeah, it's at home.

- Okay, let's go.

- Check please.

- Come on.

- [Secretary] Yes Dr. Barnson.

- How long until the
Internet's back up?

- [Secretary] They said
it could be a while.

- What?

That's ridiculous.

- Whoa, wait,

scroll back up.

That one.

Hours after giving birth,

the new mother experienced
every parent's worst nightmare

when her newborn baby girl

was abducted from
Jefferson Hospital.

- No way.

- Though it's a happy ending

to a terribly sad story,

there's likely a long road ahead

for little Cara and her parents.

Wait, click on the photo.

Oh my god.

Look at her eyes.

That's definitely Natalie.

- I knew there was
something wrong with her.

- Whoa, wait, stop.

- That looks exactly like Matt.

- Oh my god.

- Natalie.

- Aubrey, I need to
tell you something.

- What?

- I think there's
something going on

between Matt and Natalie.

- What?

- I followed Matt

to Natalie's house.

I think they're
having an affair.

- What?

- Natalie, hey.

- Hi.

- What the hell are you up to?

- What are you talking about?

- One of my crew guys saw you

at the studio,

in the parking lot
talking to Vicky

the same day she was murdered.


- How.

Oh my god Janelle.

How long have you
known about this?

- I don't, I mean...
- Oh my god.

- Listen.

- So what, I was
looking for you,

I bumped into Vicky.

Where's the crime in that?

- Oh, come on.

Did you have something to
do with Vicky's murder?

I wouldn't put it past you.

You are crazy.

- Oh my god.
- I don't know for sure,

but I wasn't going to tell you

unless I knew for.

- Oh my god, I'm such an idiot.

- And I feel like,
you're not an idiot.

He is the idiot.

Nat is the idiot.

- Oh god.

- What happened, what's wrong?

What's happening?

- Oh god.

I think my water broke.

- I'm gonna call Nat.

- Call 911.

- Okay, okay.

I'm going to.

- You are insane.

I would not put that past you,

this whole thing.

- I think you're,

- This is all your,

you're just so crazy.

- Just a little tired.

- Ah.

(dramatic music)

- Oh Matt.

What have you done?

What have you done to us?

(phone rings)

Matt Lewis' office.

Oh, hi Janelle.

This is Matt's assistant.

He's on set right now,

can I

take a message?

Oh really.

That's wonderful.

Yes, I will be sure to tell him.

Okay, thanks.

Your wife's having your baby.

(slow suspenseful music)

- Ah, Dr. Flickman.

I never should have left you.

- And how are you doing?

- I'm scared.

- Well you should be.

You're about to have a baby.

Let's get you checked out.

- Hey.

Sorry, how is she doing?

Like really.

- Your sister's fine.

She's doing great.

We'll check back on
her in a few minutes.

- Okay, thanks.


(dramatic music)

- Natalie?

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


Oh my god.

- You are such a jerk Matt.

You just disgust me.

Who do you think you are?

What are you doing here?

What are you...

- You talk too much.

- We're at eight centimeters.

Baby looks good.

Of course it's too
late to do an epidural.

So I'm gonna need you
to be tough, okay.

Deep breaths.

- Okay, thanks doctor.

Oh baby.

(slow suspenseful music)

- Dr. Barnson.

It's been a while.

Your patient said
you were unavailable.

(slow suspenseful music)

- Nobody ever makes a move
on one of my patients.

- Oh god.


- Mrs. Lewis,

how are you feeling hon?

- Where is Dr. Flickman?

- You know what,

I'm gonna need you to stay calm.

I'm gonna check a few things.

Deep breaths.

Focus on deep breaths.

You got this.

He's on his way.

(slow suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

- Where is Dr. Flickman?

- Don't worry,

the doctor's gonna
be here shortly,


Now with each contraction,

I need you to take a deep breath

and push,

are you ready?

Alright deep breath,

and push.



You got this.

That is great.

The head is coming down,

just a few more pushes.

Here we go.

And push.

Yes, one,



Thank goodness doctor,

you're just in time.

- I see you're doing great.

- She cannot deliver my baby.

- Mrs. Lewis,

I need you to calm down.

- I cannot,

I will not stay calm.


please just

find my sister or my husband.

Help me.

- Nurse, would you
please administer

a dose of Versed and Fentanyl.

- Help me.

- Do it.

- Help me please, help me.

- Now.

Mrs. Lewis,

you are too far along to stop.

- You won't take my baby.

- Now you are going
to have this baby

whether you like it or not.

- Doctor.

Doctor, no.


- Help me.


No, no.


- Shhh.



Now, I'm telling
you one last time,

as your doctor,


- [Aubrey] No.

- Alright, push.


(dramatic music)


- Yes, okay.

Oh my god.

(baby crying)

(dramatic music)

By the way, it's a girl,

and she's perfect.

- Excuse me,

I need Aubrey Lewis' room.

It's an emergency.

I think it's labor.



- Get out of here.

Get away from me.

How could you?

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, okay.

- She's here.

- Who?

- Natalie is here.

She's here.


- Where's Aubrey?

What room?

- It's 123, go.

(slow suspenseful music)

- Aubrey.

What happened?

Are you okay?

- She has

our baby.

Natalie took our baby.

Bring back our baby.

- Someone help.

Help in here.

Get over here.

You know Dr. Barnson?

Dr. Barnson?

She took our baby.

Call security.

I'll get her back.

I'll get her back, okay.

Call security.

♪ Hush little baby
don't say a word, ♪


(dramatic music)

- Be careful, she's dangerous.

♪ Momma's gonna buy
you a mockingbird ♪

♪ And if that mockingbird ♪

- Natalie.



one of your doctors

took our baby.

You got to get security.

Get security.


♪ Mocking ♪

♪ Bird Don't sing ♪

♪ Momma's gonna buy
you a diamond ring ♪

(dramatic music)

(baby cries)

- Okay.

- Natalie!

- It's just a little way down.

It's just a little way down.

- Natalie.

- Just a little bit down.

- Natalie.


No, no, no, no, no.

No, stop right there.


Hey, hey, hey.

No, no, no.


just wait.


Aubrey's dead.

She didn't make it.

- I don't believe you.

- No, it's true.

It's true, I swear.

She's not strong like you are.

She was never meant
to be a mother

like you are.

She's not.

- And what about you?

What about you?

You didn't even want
this beautiful baby.

- No, I didn't
know what I wanted.

- You didn't even want her.

- I didn't know.

I don't know what it
means to be a father,

but you showed me that.

You showed me what it
means to be a father.

You did.

Please, please, please.

- Get back.

Get back.

(baby cries)

- When I was at your house,

I saw your nursery.

It's beautiful.

It's perfect.

It's perfect for her.

But you can't be a mother

all alone.

I can't be a father all alone.

We can do this together,

you and I,

like a family,

a real family.

- [Dad] Natalie.

I love you.

(police chatter)

- Let me hold her.

Okay, just,

I just want to hold her.


- [Man] He's got a gun.

- You took my family.

We were a family.

- [Man] Jimmy put the gun down.

- You've destroyed that.

All I wanted was for
us to be left alone.

Bye princess.

- Daddy!


- Hey princess.

I love you.

- I love you too daddy.


(dramatic music)

- It's okay.

I'll get you to your momma.

(dramatic music)

- Hi.

- She's fine.

She's safe.

- Thank you.

- Careful.

- Oh, she's beautiful.

You're so beautiful.



You're so beautiful.

- Gonna miss you you
little snuggle bug.

I'm gonna miss you so much.


Watch, there we go, there we go.


- Hi.

- Here she is.

The most beautiful
girl in the world.

Second most beautiful.

Hey, I was thinking that maybe

next time

I might come

for a visit,

maybe we could,

I don't know, you know,

have dinner

together as a family?

- Yeah, I don't know.

I don't know either Matt.

- Okay.

- Maybe.


(somber music)