Eve's Christmas (2004) - full transcript

It's Christmas Eve, 2004. Eve Simon is a wealthy and successful advertising executive with Bernstein & Barlow on Madison Avenue, but her personal life is less than satisfying. Beyond her assistant Mandy who has been her best friend since grammar school, her married boss and lover, Neil Barlow, is the only other significant person in her personal life. She has not been home to Eastborough, Oregon since she left eight years ago, and rarely speaks to her loving and supportive family there. When Neil tells Eve that he will be spending Christmas with his wife and kids instead of her as was originally planned leaving her alone for Christmas, Eve reflects on her life, most specifically the decision she made eight years ago not to marry her then fiancé and love, Scott Gustafson, who she has not seen or heard of since, but rather accept the internship with Bernstein & Barlow that began the day after Christmas. Christmas was to be the day of her wedding. That decision not to get married was in part because she, despite loving Scott, knew that he would always feel obligated to take over the failing family business, a bookstore, in Eastborough rather than follow her to New York. Making a wish on a Christmas star before she goes to sleep, Eve awakens the next morning transported back in time and place with all the knowledge of her present life to December 19, 1996 in Eastborough, still living at home and preparing for her wedding to Scott. Her sarcastic guardian angel, Brother James, arranged this miracle for her, and is urging her to make what he considers the right decision to marry Scott this second time around. But Eve may fall into the same traps she did the first time around, despite knowing that Neil hired her more for the photograph attached to her resume than for anything else included within it. Regardless of what does happen this second time around, there is no guarantee that it will change her life in 2004.

- Good morning.

Hey, mind if I steal your cab?

- Go ahead.

Say, who is that fella that
used to come around here?

Haven't seen him in a while.

- Nah, he was a jerk.

- Oh, I have a nephew about your age.

- No, I'm really running late.

- He's coming over tomorrow to visit.

- Oh, I'm going to Aspen this weekend.

- With a gentleman?

- Maybe.

- Well, you have yourself
a merry Christmas dear.

- You too.

Madison Avenue, Bernstein
& Barlow building please.

Life is about a series of moments.

A collection of memories.

Your company Cumberland Wines,
caters to those moments.

Your products are apart of the memories

that will last forever.

You want to speak to the
people, speak to their hearts.

When they think of your products,

you want them to equate it

with the best times of their lives.

When your customer is
deciding which wine to buy,

and he or she sees your label,
the Cumberland Wines label...

They are gonna remember their wedding,

they are going to remember the perfect

Sunday afternoon picnic
with that special someone.

You're selling the wine,

but at Bernstein & Barlow,
we're selling the memories.

- Eve.

Peter Marshall needs to
reschedule next Tuesday,

wants to get together for a coffee?

- I hate coffee.

Wait, who is that again?

- Pete and Repeat, it's
a top rated variety show.

- Book him for the week
after next, no coffee.

- Okay.

- Thank you sir.

Thank you.

- Congratulations, well done.

- Thank you.

- Outstanding.

- Thank you very much.

- Andrew Shandling wants to invite you

to their holiday party.

- How did that new series do?

- Terrible.

- Tell him I'm booked 'til March.

- Evil.

- Actually, better make it April.

Oh, did we get the puppet
for the Fresh Pace pitch?

- One Mr. Thirsty.

- Ha, tell me.

Is this the face that'll
sell toothpaste or what?

- I don't know, makes me want
to brush my teeth right now.

- Any other calls?

- Why don't you just ask
if Mr. Barlow called?

- Did Mr. Barlow call?

- He wants to see you
in his office at three.

- How'd he sound?

- Pleased.

- Oh, before I forget...

Merry Christmas.

- Oh, Eve...

Bruce Springsteen front row?

- You deserve it.

- You are the best!

I love Bruce Springsteen.

We love Bruce Springsteen, yes we do.

- To 20 million dollars.

- Cheers.

- And this place, wow.

Where did you find this place anyway?

- Now I don't strike you
as the outdoorsy type?

- Not particularly, no you don't.

- Ah, it was a very long time ago.

In another life.

- Well...

You know, eight years ago,
the moment I saw your resume,

I knew you were the
right girl for the job.

- I think you mean the moment

you saw the picture in my file.

- Well...

Looks like I chose wisely, huh?

- Neil.

- What?

Come on.

- We'll have plenty of time tomorrow.

- Ah, tomorrow--

- Aspen, a romantic holiday getaway...

- Look...

I can't.

- We've been planning this for months.

- Yeah, well it's Christmas.

- You're separated.

- I know, I know, but
she called last night

and it's the kids.

It's the kids, they're sick.

Kenny's got a cold.

- You are a lousy liar.

- Eve...

Come on, look, Eve.

Hey look Eve, don't.

- Don't what?

Make a fool of myself?

It's a bit late for that.

She keeps him grounded.

He's lost without her.

- She's got him by the prenup.

It's his bank account he's worried about.

- I'm the girl in the office

that all the wives hate.

I'm the other woman.

- Forget about it, you're
better off without that creep.

- People have relationships all the time.

I mean, what is wrong with me?

I have talent, I am an artist.

- I think you're drunk.

- I am not drunk!

- You're slurring your words.

- I am not slurring my words.

Okay, so...

Maybe I'm a little buzzed.

- You know what you need,

is a steaming cup of black coffee.

- Ugh, I hate coffee.

- I know.

Come on.

- Aw look at him, look at him.


Women with their husbands,
women with their boyfriends,

women with their children.

And they're happy.

Why aren't I happy?

- Because you're drunk and
you get sad when you're drunk.

- I do not get sad when I'm drunk.

- Eve, I've known you for 30 years.

You have everything
that you've ever wanted.

- Look it, look, look, look, look, look,

look at these two, look it.

You know what they're gonna do?

They're gonna go home, they're
gonna hang their stockings,

the fireplace, they're
gonna lie down you know,

by their Christmas tree

and they're gonna drink eggnog.

- You used to love Christmas.

You were gonna get married
on Christmas, remember?

- Ugh, bah humbug.

- Why don't you go to Oregon with me?

- No.

- It's Christmas Eve
and you can't be alone,

I mean your parents would love to see you.

- I haven't been there in eight years,

I'm not gonna go now.

- When was the last time you
even talked to them, Eve?

- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

You're so noble, the only
reason that you're going

is that so you can see Brian.

- Am not!

- You have been pining over
the guy since high school

and you still haven't even spoken to him.

- At least I didn't date
my best friend's boyfriend.

- Okay, you and Scott dated for two weeks.

- So?

Maybe I should've married him.

- Then you could've hired
that crazy French lady,

do you remember her?

- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Excuse me.

- Got any change?

- No.

- Oh, don't worry about me.

When your money's funny and
your change is strange...

- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

- You've been drinking.

- What?


- Got something on your mind?

- Yes, yes I do.

I'd really like to go home.

To have a Merry Christmas.

- Well if there's anything you need...

Don't forget...

- Forget what?

- It's Christmas, Eve.

You can always wish
upon the Christmas star.

- Thanks, yeah thank you.

- There you are, what were you doing?

- Oh, that bum just wanted some money.

- You have no messages.

- Merry Christmas to you too!

- Say hi to the camera, dad!

- Baby, they're killing us out there.

- She doesn't care about football.

- Oh, you should've hit that you lazy...

20 seconds left,

we'll never get possession.

- A lot could happen.

- No way, I don't believe
this, they're doing it!

Yes, yes, touchdown!

What a play!

- You've snagged me.

- Okay now, you are a
graduate of graduate school

which is quite impressive and...

Where are you gonna take yourself?

- Big Apple baby, here I come.

- Right on!

- Oh no, I'm not letting you go.

- No wait, what about me,

you're gonna let me go?

Okay, okay, cheers.

- Cheers to...

- Oh, here they are.

- Mom...

- Show us the ring.

Come on.


- Go away!


- Okay, okay...

- If there's
anything you ever need...

Don't forget, you can always
wish upon the Christmas star.

- I wish I had the chance to go back

and make things turn out differently.

This is my old room.


Am I doing in my old room?

- Stoney!



All right, wait, wait.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

I've been drugged.

Anybody here?

I'm in Oregon.

Eastborough Gazette.

God, I haven't seen one of these in...


- Now that's a surprise.

- Honey, what are you doing here?

- Mom!


- Sweetie, I can't believe
you were still in bed.

- I was just gonna--

- I've got some cereal,
want a quick breakfast?

- Do you have...

My cell phone?

- Ah, yes I do.

It was in your jacket pocket
when I went to the cleaners.

- Thanks.

- Honey, that's for you.

You're late.

- I'm late, right.


- She's being very weird today.

- I know, it's peculiar.

- Mandy?

Mandy, Mandy, you've gotta
tell me what's happening.

- You're going dressed like that?

- You...

You look so young!

- Really?

I thought this made me look more mature.

- Where are we going?

- Where are we...

Are you getting cold feet,

cause you're starting to scare me.

- Cold feet...

Cold feet...

Cold feet!

- There you are, you keep me waiting.

You're late!

- Dominique, you haven't changed.

- No, I have not changed

because I am reliable

unlike some people who are
late for their appointment.

You are staring around like a goat.

Is she okay?

- I just think she has some cold feet.

- No, cold feet is not allowed.

It's not possible.

- The dress!

- Tres chic, no?

- Of course, it's even more...

Unique than I remember.

- Unique?

It's work of art.

Oh, la la.

How am I supposed to work with
this constant interruption?

The groom!

- Quick, evasive action!

- Hey everybody.

- Oh, Monsieur Scott.

Wonderful to see you.

- Scott, it's just Scott.

Hey, hey, Eve.

You okay?

- I'm okay.

- You're okay.

- I'm okay.

- You look...


- Well, um...

Thank you.

You look...

You're looking pretty...

What are you wearing?

- Perhaps if my bride was not making

googly eyes with my groom,

then we can make some progress, yes?

- I would pay you 500
dollars to wear that dress.

- I'd pay 500 not to wear it.

- Oh no, tres chic no?


- What are you guys talking about?

- Nevermind.

Wait, so who wants to go to Winky's?

- I can't, I gotta get back to the store.

- Well you're missing out.

- Yeah, well maybe next time.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, no, I gotta go help my dad.

Okay, um...


This is the part where you let go.

- Oh, I...

Right, sorry.


- Bye.

- See you later.

- Bye Mandy.

- You just acted like you
hadn't seen him for years.

What is with the schoolgirl crush?

- I forgot how handsome he is.

- What is with you?

- I don't know.

- Well I know something that
will straighten you out.


- You eat that?

- Only thing around
here that keeps me sane.

Dig in.

- Ah, it's amazing you've stayed thin.

- Hm?

- It's an amazing thing, huh?

I'd have to double up on my Pilates.

- What?

- Pilates.

You know, work out?

- Oh, is that the new
machine down at the gym?

- Nevermind.



- Hi Eve.

- Hi, wow.

I remembered your name.

- Yep, it's me.

- Don't mind her, she's
a little out of it.

- So what can I get for you?

- I was wondering, could you make me

a sandwich with some sprouts,

a little avocado, light wheat, no crusts.

- And to drink?

- Tall pale green ale.

- What?

- She'll get a water, and I will get a

double Winky's burger
extra sauce and a cola.

- Coming right out.

- Thanks, Debbie.

What are you on?

- Nothing.

- Come on, you can tell me.

I mean what's up?

I mean, I told you that
it was gonna be hard

getting married on Christmas Day.

But did you take your
head out of the mistletoe

and listen to me?

Of course not.

- You know, I think I'm just a little...


- Discombobulated?

- Maybe it's the stress.

- I think it's exciting.

I mean, I want to get married
by the time I'm like 30...

- Don't hold your breath.

- What did you say?

- I need a drink.

Hardest thing you got, straight up.

I'm having a dream.

And that's what this is.

I'm having a huge sense of regret,

mixed with copious amounts of alcohol,

and this is all just a
very delirious dream.

- Rough day at the office?

- Yeah.


- From the looks of you, I'd
say you're about finished

with the denial stage.

- What are you talking about?


- Your wish.

- What?

- You made a wish last night.

- I didn't make a...

I made a wish.

Oh, on that star.

You mean it was real?

- Here you are, seven
days before your wedding,

the wedding you canceled.

So, what, who are you?

- I...

Am your guardian angel.

At your service.

- I have a guardian angel?

You hear that, huh?

I have a guardian angel.

Hey, did you get that?

Did you hear that?

- Miss, I don't know who
you're talking to but...

Just go easy on the scotch.

- I'm talking to him.

- He can't see me.

Look at the bright side,

you got yourself a chance to do something

not very many people get to.

- So, what am I supposed to do?

- That is up to you, but there are rules.

- Rules, rules about what?

- Well you get to do
whatever you want, but...

Keep in mind, you've gotta live with

the consequences of your actions.

- I'm still confused.

- Okay, it's like this.

You've got seven days and that's it.

None of this come on Brother James,

can I get a couple more hours,

or can't I have another day?


Seven days and you're
going back, ready or not.

- Okay, look.

I really, I really appreciate everything

that you're doing here,
I mean it's really...

Really incredible.

But you know, can't we
just go back right now?

Let's just go, we'll go right now.

- Nope, nope, nope.

Rules are rules.

No early departures.

- Great.

- Trust me.

You're going to enjoy this.

- Hi.

- Hey, are you okay?

- Sure, sure, why wouldn't I be okay?

- Well Mandy called me and said that

you were acting a little strange,

and then I saw Joe Fooly outside

and he said you ran in here and since...

Since when did you start drinking

in the middle of the...

Do you need a ride home?

- I think we should.

Thanks for the ride, I
think I just need to...

Take a nap.

- You, tired?

Is this the same girl
who hiked up to Mt Quincy

and came back the same day?

I mean you're coming
with us tonight, right?

- Tonight?

- Thursday night.

We always go to The
Look-Out on Thursday nights.

- Look-Out, right, of course, yes.


Pick me up at seven?

- It's a date.

That's funny.

- What?

- When you just kissed me now...

It's like you haven't kissed me in years.

- Well why you complaining?

- I'm not, I'm not.

- I'll see you tonight.

- I'll see you tonight.

- Evey, will you come
in here for a second?

You like it?

- Yeah.

- Remember when we used to

make one of those every year?

- Yeah.

- I guess I was feeling nostalgic.

- Hey, it's empty.

- Uh...

Beat you to it.

Oh, how was your dress?

- Interesting.

What are you doing?

- I'm trying to do a seating chart.

And I'm thinking if we put Uncle Jim

next to Scott's cousin David,

all they're gonna do is talk
football all night long.

- Hate football.


- I told you never ever
call me that stupid name.

- Don't even think about
drinking out of that bottle.


- I'm gonna take a nap.

- All right honey.

- Oh my, it's Casey.

I just, you know I...

Yeah, I forgot she's...

- Hey.

- Oh hey, how are you, hi Scott.

- Hey.

- Hello bride.

- That was...


- So you feeling any better?

- Yeah.

I think so.

- We were worried about you.

- What'd you tell everybody?

- Inquiring minds want to know.

- I want to sing another one,

anyone wanna do a duet?

- You know Casey, the book
hasn't changed since last week.

Just so you know.

- The Beatles?

I do a mean John Lennon, come on.

- I'm gonna grab a beer, anyone?

- Right here.

- Casey, hun?

- I'd love a gin and tonic.


- I'll be right back.

- So what's this about cold feet?

- Oh, I don't have cold feet.

- You can tell us.

- You ever thought you had your
mind made up about something

and then you weren't sure?

- Well, you have to be
honest with yourself

before you can expect to be
honest with someone else.

- I'm being honest with myself.

By the way, has my mom always been so...


- What is with you?

I mean your mama, she's just like...

Okay don't look, it's Brian.

Oh my God, he looks so delicious.

Don't, don't look.

- Go over there and talk to him.

- No.

- Why not?

- Because.

- Fine.

But when you're in your mid 30s

and you're still lusting over him,

you're gonna be really
sorry that you didn't.

- Whoa, whoa, take it
easy, civilian casualty

coming through here.

- Sorry.

- Thanks.

- Oh, yes!

Quiet Riot.

- I would pay to hear you sing that one.

- Excuse me.

- Dog & Butterfly?

- No, give me the book.

- What, what is he doing?

- I'd like to dedicate this
song to my beautiful fiance Eve.

- That is so sweet!

- He's unbelievable.

- Go, go, you can do it!

- Go, go, go, go, go, yeah!

- Go go go.

- What?

What is it?

- Ah, I was just thinking.

- I love coming out here with you.

Remember that time we
went camping out here?

- Oh, I forgot.

Wow, I actually slept out here.

- Yeah.

- In the cold.

On the wet grass.

- So, what are you thinking about?

Come on.

- The day we met.

- Yeah?

- Oh, it's been such a long time

since I've thought about it.

- I'll never forget it.

- It's just that high
school just seems like

it was so long ago.

- I know what you mean.

- If you hadn't spilled that pudding...

- I didn't spill it.

- You spilled it.

- The bus rudely jostled
it out of my hand.

There's a difference.

- Oh okay, okay, so...

If the bus hadn't rudely
jostled it out of your hands...

You might've married Mandy.

- Now there's an image for you, huh?

- Hey, don't get too
attached to that image.

- There's something
different about you lately.

- What?

- I don't know, something.

- Is it a...

Good something or a bad something?

- I'm not sure, it's like this
whole thing has made you...


Oh boy, it sure is gonna
be an interesting week.

- What's that?

- Before the wedding.

- Oh, of course.

- Home sweet...


- Uh oh.

Did you forget to set your alarm again?

You don't want to be late for work.

- What?


- Hey, it's from your store.

- My store?

- See, you've had so many jobs

even you can't keep track of them.

- Am I even gonna remember how
to use the espresso machine?

- Well, there's one way to find out.

Let's go.

- Remember that assistant
manager of the year plaque?

I wouldn't bother looking for it

when you got back if I were you.

- I was fired.

Can you believe that?

I've never been fired from anything.

- Forget about that guy.

Goes out of business in six months anyway.

Some big coffee company
from Seattle sues them,

stealing their ideas.

- So I couldn't remember how to use the...

The espresso maker thingy.

So what?

- I told you, now you have to live with

the consequences of your actions.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I heard you.

- Hey, hey.

Think this is easy for me?

You have any idea the kind of
sacrifices I've had to make

so that you can get your
little second chance?

- Sacrifices?

- Anybody ever tell you
how ungrateful you are?

I saw the look in your eyes
when you saw him again.

I saw the way you looked at him

at that little special
place of yours in the woods.

- The little special place in the...

- So why don't you just
do us all a big favor

and admit that you're
still in love with the guy.

- You were watching me.

- Hello, paying attention?

It's my job, remember?

- Hey Drew, isn't that your sister?

- Oh give me a break with the it's my job.

I thought guardian angels
are supposed to be sweet.

And float down off a cloud,

wave a magic wand and
make everything better.

- She believes everything
she sees on television.

- You ever heard the expression

the customer's always right?

- Oh you think I work for you?

That's rich.

She thinks I work for her!

I got news for you, lady.

You're an assignment, that's all.

- An assignment, that's all?

- If I were you,

I'd make the most of your opportunity.

- Okay, okay.

- Don't forget,

you've got five and a half days left.

- No, okay, okay, all right!

Yes I know thank you, thanks.

Yes, okay, super, great!

Yes, thank you, thank you.

Hi Drew.

Those for me?

Are you all right?

- I'm okay.

Eve, what a surprise.

What are you doing here?

- Well, um...

No, I just thought everybody's
been so stressed out

a week before the wedding and...

May I escort a gentleman to dinner?

- Why most certainly.

That's sweet.

Nobody's ever gotten me flowers before.

- Hey, what's the occasion?

- Dinner.

- Yeah, well don't blow
the whole wad tonight,

we got a wedding to pay for.

- Right.

- Tracy?

How are you!

- Fine.

Not much has changed since
I saw you two days ago.

- Wow.

How far along?

- Eight months?

- That's right.

January 20th.

- What was that?

- Nothing.

- You're okay with me
cutting out early, huh?

- You go right ahead.

- Okay.

- You might wanna save some money,

you're not gonna need this one.

- Wedding nerves.

You've never done
anything like this before.

- Well I just thought you
could use a change of pace.

- No, it's just...

It's just different.

Champagne, candlelight dinner...

I think this is the first time

I've ever seen you drink
a glass of champagne.

- To new beginnings.

- New beginnings.

- So...

How's the store doing for the holidays?

- It's all right.

- What?

- Well...

We're having trouble
meeting our projection.

It's our year end sale

and we're still 40 percent behind.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- My father's worried that
if things don't pick up,

this could be our final season.

- Oh, I'm sure things will pick up.

- Yeah, no it's...

Don't worry about it.

What's new in your world?

- I got fired today.

- Walter fired you?

- I guess being a barista
was never gonna be my career.

- What the heck is a barista?


What is it?

- I just never thought I'd have
the opportunity to do this.

- Do what?

- Spend time with you like this.

- Isn't that what getting
married's all about?

- Right.

Of course.

- You know, if this is what
you do when you get fired,

you should've been canned a long time ago.

- Yeah, yeah, probably.

- Dinner is served.

- Thank you.

- Voila.

- What happened to that
strange diet of yours?

- With this body...

I've got a decade of catching up to do.

- I swear, you've thought of everything.

You're amazing.

- Thank you.

Smells great.

- Yeah, doesn't it?

Your mother wanted to get a plastic one.

So, I had to promise that
I would do this all myself.

- Want some help?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'd love that honey.

Dig in.

- You know what's missing?

- What's that.

- Snow.

Oh gosh, I hope it snows.

- You know, the last time
it snowed here at Christmas

I think you were about this tall.

- Yeah I know, I just...

I'm just saying it would be nice.

- Are you getting nervous?

Big day coming.

- Not really.

- You know...

I always imagined you
getting married older.

- Why?

- You were never fond of sharing.

Even when you were a little girl, you...

And now you're sharing your life.

But you know what scares me the most?

- What?

- Well, you'll move to the city,

you'll get a great job at
some terrific company and...

And then you'll forget all
about your momma and I.

- Dad...

- I mean I know that I didn't
spend enough time at home

when you were younger.

- No, don't say that.

You had to work and--

- No, it's true.

And I was never...

An emotional person.

But don't think for one minute

that I wouldn't trade everything

to have those days back.

And now look at you.

You're all grown up.

And just remember that
no matter what happens,

you're always welcome here.


- I'm fine, I just...

I have to go upstairs for a minute.

- I was gonna start
dinner, you wanna help?

- Sure.

Sure, I'll be right down.

- Okay.

- I thought Saturday
night was lasagna night.

What is this crap?

- Your sister was good enough
to cook dinner tonight.


What's in this chili?

- Chili?

Dad, it's white.

- It's tofu.

- Ah, tofu.

- What's tofood?

- It's good for you.

- It's disgusting.

And I'm going to Friendly's.

- I'm sorry.

I thought you guys would like it.

- Oh we do, we like it.

- Yeah, mhm.

- Yeah, it's just, well it's different.

That's all.

- Different.

- I really miss these family dinners.

- Do you believe this?

One touchdown.

One lousy touchdown.

- Say hi to the camera, Dad.

- Evey, they're killing us out there.

- She doesn't care about football dad.

- Okay, come on.

You should've had that you lazy bum!

There's 20 seconds left,

we'll never get possession now.

- It can happen.

- Wanna bet?

- I'll bet.

- Like you ever bet on anything.

- No, I'm serious.

20 bucks says they'll
intercept and get a touchdown.

- You're on.

- Drops back
in the pocket, he throws!


- Do you see that?

Go man, go!



- I don't believe it.

- What a play!

How did you know that that
was gonna happen there?

- Ah, I just had a feeling.

- Yeah?

- Okay, dinner is served.

- Good.

- Yeah.


Consider this an advance
on your honeymoon.

- Deal.

- Hello?

Just a minute.

It's for you, honey.

Neil Barlow.

- I'll take it upstairs.

- She'll be right with you.

- Eve, Neil Barlow.

Bernstein & Barlow in
New York, how you doing?

- Hi Neil.

Enjoying spending time with your children?

- Sorry?

- I mean, for the holidays, sir.

Mr. Barlow.

- Okay, well I was just
reviewing your application

to our trainee program.

Says here you just finished
grad school in May,

Oregon State.

So what have you been doing since then?

- Working.

I was managing a coffee shop here in town.

- Uh huh.

So are you ready for the
big jump to the city?

- I guess so.

- You guess so?

Eve, this is a big opportunity for you.

- I know.

And I thank you for the offer.


- But...

But what?

Orientation starts on the 26th.

- December 26th?

I'm getting...

I'm supposed to...

- Is there a problem?

- No.

- So I'll see you on the 26th.

- I can't commit right this second.

- You can't commit?

- Look, I...

I just need to think about some stuff.

Can I call you tomorrow?

- Don't take too long Eve.

Got a lot of other applicants

who'd kill for this job.

- Okay...

- Ooh, hello.

- Welcome to my party!

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a hot night.

- Hi Casey.

- Thanks.

- So many Y chromosomes, so little time.

Maybe I should've wore my
sexy little santa number.

- Please, she looks like a ho ho...


- You are so mean!

What is he doing here?

- I invited him.

- What?

Why would you do that?

- Because tonight, you are gonna do

what you should've done a long time ago

because I refuse to be
sitting in a bar with you

years from now listening to you pine

over some high school crush.

- Wow.

Hi, Brian.

- Hi Mandy.

Would you like to get a drink with me?

- Sure.


- That was very nice.

I think they're gonna make
a really sweet couple.

Everything all right?

- Yeah.

- Wedding nerves?

- Just...


- Thinking about what?

- Well, do you...

Do you ever feel like
you're wasting your time

with that store?

I mean, you have a masters
in Business Administration.

- My father's spent a lot of hours

working in that store to
help me get that degree.

I feel like I owe him.

How could you even say that to me?

Working for my father's
never a waste of time, ever.

- It's just that...

Sometimes I feel like we were meant

for something more than this.

I applied for a job in New York.

- New York?

Well I thought we decided that--

- Decided what?

- That I was gonna run the
store and you were gonna--

- Gonna what?

Raise the children like a
good obedient housewife?

- You said you wanted to get a job nearby.

- Well there's no reason
why we can't be ambitious

and have a family at the same time.

- What has gotten into you this week?

Do me a favor, have you
seen my fiance around?

Let me know I want her back.

- Scott, I...

- It's a microclimate

in the heart of the valley

with 70 percent more sunshine,

and it's perfect for growing grapes.

And we aged the wine in the barrels

to bring out the best taste.

- You sure need me.

- Cumberland fine wines.

- Oh...


Did I wake you?

- I must've dozed off.

You're home early.

- I guess I wasn't in a festive mood.

- Would you like some eggnog?

- No, thanks.

- What's on your mind?

- I guess I never really...

Asked you for your
opinion on things before.

- I respect your choices.

- Well how do you know...

How do you know if you made the right one?

- Remember my friend Donna?

- Oh...

She's the one who wrote that note, right?

- Yeah.

- Gave it to the groom on the...

The day of the wedding.

- Oh, I was so morified.

There were 40 or 50 people
sitting in that church waiting.

I thought I was gonna die.

- Do you think she made the right choice?

- Mhm.

At the wrong time.


If you're having second thoughts...

- I got accepted to the training program

at Bernstein & Barlow.

- Honey...


- Thanks.

- So, what'd you say?

- I...

Told him that I had to think about it.

- You worked hard for that, you know?

- Scott would never follow me.

- You don't know that.

Honey, have you talked--

- Yes, it...

His future is here.

Running the store for his father.

- Hey, did I ever tell you about my store?

- No!

- Well, when your dad and I were dating...

I had a little antique shop.

- I didn't know that!

- It wasn't any big deal,

it was just this little
shop down on Laxfield Road.

- Well what happened?

- Well, after your dad and I got married

and I got pregnant...

I couldn't keep it up and...

Believe me, we needed
every penny we could save.

As it turned out,
antiques weren't that big

of a draw anyway.

- Have you ever thought about...

I mean what might've happened
if you kept the store?

- Mhm.

Every day.


I have your father, and I have you...

And I have Drew.

And I know that whatever
decision you make...

It'll be the right one.


- Hi, you've reached
Neil Barlow's office.

Please leave a message at the tone.

- Hi, this is Eve Simon.

I wanted to talk to you about your offer.

You can reach me at 541-555-0155.

Thank you.

Dear Scott.

Our relationship has been--

- What's that you're doing?

- What are you trying to do,

give me a heart attack?

- With your workout routine,

I'd say that would be about impossible.


History repeats itself.

- I'm not saying that I'm
going to give it to him.

- You did last time.

- It's so complicated.

- Then allow me to uncomplicate it.

You have three more days only.

And that's it, don't waste them.

- Good morning.

- Neil Barlow called ya.

- Need help?

- Sure.

There's another roll
of dough in the fridge.

I can't believe you actually

want to make cookies with me.

- We used to make cookies all the time.

- Used to.

Then you grew up, and I don't know...

You became...

- Inconsiderate?

- A teenager.

- I'm having a really good time.

You know, it's really fun.

Doing all the stuff we used to do.

- Did you think about
what I said last night?

Cause I didn't mean to scare you.

- No, no, not at all.

I mean I was just...

You know, surprised.

I had no idea.

- I don't want you to think for one second

that I regret any of my choices.

Are you gonna call him?

- Maybe.

- What are you gonna say?

If this is what you really want--

- You would never speak to me again.

- Okay.

Maybe for a couple of weeks...

I'd get over it.

Honey, I will support...

Whatever you decide.


- I just thought that you...

I thought all this time that you were...

Would be...

Mad at me.

- No!


I'm proud of you.

Either way.

- The truth is that I...

I've had a lot of opportunity

to think about things
the past couple of days

and I thought that I knew what I wanted.

- But now everything has been so wonderful

and I don't want it to end,

I don't want to wake up two days from now

and have it just all be over.

- What does your heart tell you?

- I love Scott.

I love Scott.

- Well...

Bernstein & Barlow isn't the only place

you could have a career.

- What time is it?

- Almost 10 I think.

- Okay, I have to go.

I have an appointment with Dominique.

I have a wedding to plan.

What is this?

Her secrets plans.

- Oh, my beautiful bride.

No more cold feetses, no?

- No, no.

- You have no need to see this.

Everything is all covered.

Come, I have something to show to you.

- What is this?

Bridesmaid's dresses.

- Bridesmaid's...

- I get a discount, half off.

- Of course, because it's half a dress.

- It's very model.

Very sexy, tres chic no?

- Yeah, I know.

What else do you have?

- Nothing.

- I just want to see.

- No, no, no.

- I just want to look.

- I don't think so.

- I just want to see, I just want to see.

- You do not trust me.

I am wounded.

I am melancholy.

- Wow, I just want to look.

- Fine, it's your wedding.

We will be needing the Eve manifesto.

- Manifesto?

- This you will like.

You notice the ducks in the background,

you can have swan.

Pure swan, very interesting, very now.

Very in the moment.

- In the hair though?

- Well not the whole duck, it's a wing.

But a swap.

Oh, okay.

Yes, it's a good ambiance.

Yes, that's right minion, my Coca.

This is the cake.

It's a very different sort of cake.

It's make with tofu...

And look at this.

This is have the wedding on the clam ship?

- Rubber boots?

- Yes, and we call it...

Let me show you the music.

- No, no, no.

- Look how beautiful these flowers are.

- Minion.

Go and get the book no one ever likes.

- This is perfect.

- Thanks.

- I'm looking for a wedding guide.

- Hey look, about last night.

I wasn't being fair to you.

I'm really sorry.

But I need to stay here right now,

I need to help Clark.

But I'm not asking you to
give up your opportunity.

I would never want you to
sacrifice anything for me,

that's just not my idea of a relationship.

- How's business?

- It's not good.

My dad met with Mr. Kirkland
at the bank this morning,

they're discussing foreclosure.

- What can I do to help?

- You mean besides run out

and grab people off the street?

I don't know.

- Well I have a fair amount

of marketing experience, you know.

- You want to help me?

I thought you hated this place.

- Maybe what you need is...

A woman's touch.

Show me your circular.

Well, it's...

- Cheap.

- Simple.

I want you to tell me...

Tell me what the sale embodies.

- Embodies?

- Means, stands for...

What does the store mean to the community?

- Well it's a place to buy books.

- You could buy books at the drug store.

I mean, Eastborough
Books is a place where...

You can buy more than
the top 10 paperbacks.

I mean you guys have, you've got...

The classics, you have collectibles.

Your dad started this store

with 10 dollars in his pocket.

This was his dream.

And this place helps other
people realize theirs.

What are you doing?

- That's really good stuff.

- You know, I usually get
20 grand per promotion.

- I'll mortgage the house when we buy one.

- We're gonna need some things.

Can you put an ad in the paper?


- Gazette.

- Right, what's the cutoff time?

- Oh, I think it's about five o'clock.

- Okay, we have six hours.

I got it.

- What?

- Online sales.

- Online what?

- We can sell books over the internet.

- You mean like e-mail?

- I can create a webpage

where Eastborough Books

can sell to anyone in the world.

I mean, we could even branch out

and have more products like...

Toys, and games, and auctions.

We can auction off the
antiques and collectibles.

- That's silly, who's ever
gonna auction anything online?

- Yes, we made the deadline.

It's perfect!

- Hey, what's going on?

What is this?

- It's amazing.

We've already had 300 hits this morning.

- Hits?

- Yeah yeah, something
that Eve came up with

called online sales.

- Scott, can we check out?

- Speech, speech, speech.

Tonight, we are here to celebrate.

Not only the night before Christmas,

but also the night before
another very special day.

Now, I first met Eve Simon in Ms. Moon's

fifth grade history class

where she had the misfortune
of sitting next to the girl

with the worst attention span

in the history of the
Eastborough Middle School.

A few bruises and quite
a few detentions later

we became inseparable.

So inseparable as a matter of fact,

that she decided to date a boy

that I had dated for a
couple weeks in high school.

And it was a rather memorable courtship.

He spilled pudding in her hair

on the way to her high
school rafting trip.

- I didn't spill it, it was jostled.

- You spilled it.

And it because of that ill fated bus ride

that we all sit here tonight.

When Eve, when she first said

that she wanted to get
married on Christmas,

I thought she was nuts.

- Yeah.

- Completely.

- But if anyone knows anything

about the spirit of Christmas, it's Evey.

So, I would like to make
a toast to my best friend

and to the man she loves,

and may the sun shine on you tomorrow

and the day after that,
and the day after that,

and the day after that,

and then all of the rest
of the days to come.

- Cheers.

- To Eve and Scott.

To Eve and Scott.

- To Eve and Scott.

- Cheers.

Cheers Scott.

- Cheers honey.

- Is someone's phone ringing?

- Hello?

- Hi.

Eve, Neil Barlow returning your call.

- I'll just be a sec.

I'm in the middle of something.

- Yeah, well, I'm in the
middle of something too.

It's called hiring.

And the door is closing.

So, you ready to accept or what?

- Why are you so interested in me anyway?

- Well, you're a talented girl.

Stubborn yeah, but talented.

- Perhaps if you were to
funnel some of the energy

you spend recruiting new
girls for your office harem

into your marriage.

- What?

- I know the way you're conflicted

about your wife, Julie.

You cling to her desperately

because she's the voice of maturity

for your fragile post
adolescent intellect.

In fact, if it weren't
for little Kenny and David

you probably would've left her years ago.

- Okay, how do you know
the names of my kids?

- Let me tell you something

that I should've told you a
long time ago, Mr. Barlow.

I am a dedicated and
determined career woman.

And I have a lot to contribute
to Bernstein & Barlow

and I am confident that I would bring

substantial additional revenue
to the corporate portfolio.

But I have absolutely no interest

in wasting my time working for a boss

who was more interested in having interns,

add notches to his bedpost

than he is to increasing
the value of his shares.

So, if you don't mind...

I have a wedding to attend.

And if you know what's good for you,

you'll go home and spend
some time with your wife.

- Has anyone seen my curlers?

Honey, have you seen my curlers?

- Uh, no.

- Drew, have you seen my curlers?

- What would I be doing
with your curlers, mom?

- Well, honey...

I wasn't done in there!

Evey, can you get your brother

out of the bathroom please?

- Oh, like he's gonna listen to me.

- Sweetheart, do you
have everything you need?

- Sure, Dominique's got
everything taken care of.

- Okay, that's a relief.

The rings.

- What about them?

- Well, you told me
you were gonna put them

in a safe place.

Well, as long as you remember
where they are sweetheart.

Oh, hey!

Where are my curlers...

- What, did you lose something?

- It's not funny.

- What did you lose, Eve?

- The rings.

- The rings?

What are you talking about?

You had them a week ago.

- I was a different person a week ago.

- What?

- You know...

In a different state of mind.

- Are you sure they're in here?

- Maybe they're in my parent's room.

- Yeah, maybe they're
in your parent's room.

I'll just stay here,

I'll look around some more in here.

- Hey Evey.

Does this look straight to you?

- Yeah, yeah it's fine.

- You know, I...

I can't telly ou how proud I am of you.

What are you looking for?

- The rings.

- Oh, I've got them.

You gave them to me last week,

don't you remember?

- I gave them to you?

- Yeah.

- Oh, I gave them to you.

Yes, of course.

Now I remember.

I came to you and I said...

Why don't you hold on to them?

- Silly.

- Dear Scott.

Our relationship has
been a kind of romance

that people spending
their lives waiting for

but never get the chance to experience.

I feel incredibly blessed
to have had the chance

to be with you.

But at the same time,

I cannot deny that our ambitions and goals

are leading us in very
different directions.

I know you would probably give up

your father's store if I asked you,

but I don't want you to
have to make that decision.

I am taking this step to prevent that.

I will always love you, Scott.

But I cannot marry you.

I only hope that in time
you come to understand

and appreciate my decision.


- Oh, here.

Just leave it, it's perfect.

Take a deep breath.

- Nothing.

He hasn't called, and no
one knows where he is.

- Has he arrived?

- No.

- Oh la la.

I will make him dead.

- It's okay.

- He's bad man.

- Please just go away.

- He's mean.

- Outside.

- Maybe he's having second thoughts.

- Or maybe he's just
thinking about things.

Eve, I'm sure he'll come back.

- Excuse me.

- Eve, Eve, wait.

Well I hope somebody's
getting married today.

- Scott?


- Were you gonna tell me before

or after I got up on that alter

in front of all those people?

- I wasn't gonna give
you that note, Scott.

I mean I was, but...

I changed my mind.

- You're not making any sense.

In fact, you haven't had
sense this whole week.

I mean what's wrong with you?

- Look...

You have to believe me
when I tell you that

this has been a very strange week.

- Oh, I believe you.

- Look, I didn't know
where I put those rings

a week ago because I
wasn't here a week ago.

- What?

- I mean I was here but...

I wasn't here.

- Uh huh.

- Look.

I made a wish upon a star

and I came back in time.

- You made a wish upon a star?

- Look, I know that this
sounds completely crazy

but it happened.

And I came back to the
week of our wedding.

- Where'd you come back from exactly?

- I live in New York now,

I accepted a job offer right before

we were supposed to get married,

and I didn't expect to get it but I did,

and then I gave you that note.

And we were never married.

In fact, I never saw
you again after I left.

- What are you talking about Eve?

- I took the road to success, Scott.

I have a nice penthouse in the city

and a salary in the mid six figures.

And Mandy, Mandy's my secretary.

But you know what?

I was miserable.

Because I had everything

and I didn't have anyone to share it with.

I didn't even come back
and visit my parents.

My own parents.

And I haven't spent Christmas
with them in eight years.

Eight years.

What kind of a person is that?

I had a boyfriend, sure,

I was dating my boss.

I mean we were supposed
to go away for Christmas

and he went back to his wife.

I guess I should've seen that coming.

You see, I...

I thought if I had the illusion,

some semblance of a relationship,

that it would be enough.

But I got a second chance, I got a miracle

and a chance to come back.

And I got the offer, sure,
and I wrote you that note.

Just like before.

But I know what's down that road.

I know where it leads and that
is not where I want to be.

- Where do you wanna be?

With me?

- Please, Scott.

Will you marry me?

- If I say yes, and I'm not saying yes...

But if I do...

- Yes?

- Can you see someone?

I mean maybe not a psychiatrist,

but maybe some other kind--

- Yes, yes, yes!

- That's one royally screwed up story.

- You know, if I was a betting man...

I'd put everything I
had on the two of you.

- Thank you.

- Now go on.

- Oh...

- That was beautiful,
you did a wonderful job.

- Oh, it was Dominique.

- No, no, but it had your touch.

Thank you for everything.

Don't look so happy.

- Oh, I am...

I am happy.

I'm happier than I've
been in a very long time.

I just...

Oh, I don't want it to end.

- Who said it has to end?

Hey, it doesn't ever have to end.

- Of course.

It's Christmas, isn't it?

Brother James, I know I probably haven't

been your easiest case,

and I know I've been a bit of a pain...

But please, please grant me this one wish.

I never knew how much
I was missing before,

and I would appreciate it--

- Is everything all right?

- If you gave me a second chance

to see this one through.

I promise I'll never ask
for anything ever again.




- What'd you wish for?

- I wished for us to be happy.


- Did it work?

- I don't know.

We'll have to go inside to find out.

Good morning.


- I'm gonna have to get a plumber in here.

There's just something
going on with that thing.

What do you think a plumber costs

per hour on Christmas morning?

- You're here.

In my penthouse.

- Don't you mean our penthouse, baby?

- We're married.

We're married!

- Yes Evey, we're still married.

As a matter of fact...

Happy 8th year anniversary.

- Thank you.

- Well go on, open it.

It took me forever to find
someone who can make it.

- Oh.

- Look familiar?

- Wow.

- It's just like yesterday
huh, our first sale.

- Yeah.

It's just like yesterday.

- It's hard to believe.

That artwork spawned a nationwide chain,

a booming online business, 150 stores.

- 150 stores?


That's just really, really something.

- That's all thanks to my
beautiful Chief Executive Officer.


- Well, what?

- Don't I get one?

- Well...

- Eve, you didn't lose it...

- No, no.

- Come on, last year
you told me you hid it.

Is it underneath the tree?

- I don't have a tree.

I have a tree.


- Brother James, who's Brother James?

- He's just a friend.

Go ahead, open it.

- What is it?

- Open it, come on.

- Aw.

It's beautiful.

You remembered that?

- Just like last week.

- It's beautiful, baby.

- Merry Christmas.

- I'll get you a taxi.

- Oh, thank you very much.

We've only got an hour

to catch our flight to Oregon.

- It's really funny, isn't it?

How things turn out, I mean...

My parents, retired...

- Well, except for your
mom's antique business.

- Right, right.

- Yeah, top antique dealer on eBay.

Sometimes I wonder how that woman does it.

- Um, did Mandy...

Did she say whether or not she was coming?

- Oh I thought she told you.

She's bringing her husband.

- Brian.

- Yeah.

Yeah, remember?

Her boss is going through
this nasty divorce,

so she got the week off.

- Right, right, from the...

- Advertising agency.

- Yes, yes.

- Are you feeling okay?

- Oh I'm fine.

- All set.

Merry Christmas.