Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - full transcript

An aging Chinese immigrant is swept up in an insane adventure, where she alone can save the world by exploring other universes connecting with the lives she could have led.


Oh, I have to finish
all this before...

Go and steam
the tablecloths for tonight.

I'm going to paint over that
water stain in the ceiling.


Huh? Oh.

Like, this afternoon?

- Five minutes!
- What?

Which paint did you use?

Joy is here? Go set the table.
He must be hungry.

We talk later?

Hey, hey!

Thank you for doing this.

You look really pretty
right now.

Oh, you like this...

..this hot Mormon look?

I'm just telling you now
in case my mom says

something dumb
like you're fat or whatever.

I thought you said when she says

shit like that,
it means she cares.

Hi, Evelyn.

-Mrs Wang!
-Hey, Mom.

I only cook enough food
for three people.

Now I have to cook more.

It's Joy. She brought Becky.

- Hi!
- Hi, honey!

Hi, Mr Wang!

Hi, Becky!
Thank you for coming.

Please call me Waymond.
Here, sit.

You know,
he doesn't have to stay.

Who's he?

- Becky.
- Becky's a she.

You know me.

I always mix up 'he', 'she'.

In Chinese,
just one word - 'ta' - so easy.

And the way
you two are dressed,

I'm sure I'm not the only one
calling him 'he'.

I mean her 'him'. Ugh!

Anyways, my English is fine
and we have Google.

So you don't have to come
and be a translator.

You stay here.

And she can go.

Look, I honestly
think it's weird, OK?

But Becky wants to help.
Right, Becky?

I always learn something when
I hang out with the elderly.

Old people are very wise.

Hmm. It's OK.

We'll take Gong Gong
with us to the meeting.

Uh, you and Becky stay here
and decorate. Hmm?

Where is he?
When can I meet him?

Huh! Customers.

Eat fast.


Mom, just wait.

Wait? Wait?
No time to wait today.

Just please...

Joy, any other time,
I beg you to come and eat

or call me or anything,
but today very busy.

Mom, this is literally
what it's always like.

Wrong white paint!

I know you haven't always
liked Becky, OK, but...

I like Becky. She is very nice.

You are very lucky...

She's half Mexican.


-No shoes in washer.

Broken, you pay, yeah?

But Gong Gong,
his heart cannot take it,

especially after
such a long flight.

You want him to come all the way
from China to die like that?

He's not gonna die.


-How can I help you?
-Just hold on. I can't hear you.

-Just hold on.
-How can I help you?

I'm here to pick up some shirts.

-I called, like, three times.
-Give me your ticket.

-Mmm-hmm, yeah.
-I find for you.

- No, I have the ticket.
- Babe...

She's just asking
for it 'cause that's, like,

the way that it works.

They don't read minds.

Then hang up! Thank you.

We've been together
for three years.

Don't you think Gong Gong
would want to know?

Let him enjoy his party tonight.

Yeah, you think
Becky's gonna get through

the whole party without
introducing herself...

- Evelyn!
- Have you met Becky?

Guess whose $20 got eaten
by the machine again.

Waymond! Customers need you!

Alright, coming!

Evelyn, you know,
my wife used to wear

that exact same perfume,
God rest her soul.

Are you coming
to the party tonight?

Yeah, I got my ticket
right here.

Sorry. It was too crowded here
so I moved some upstairs.

I think the clothes
are happier there.

See? They're happier here.

No more google eyes!

Mom, can we please
talk about Becky?

I still don't know
what his brain is thinking.

Can Becky
come tonight or not?

-Stop changing the subject.
-I'm not.

You know, it's like our auditor.

She is a terrible person.

She keeps targeting
the Chinese in the community.

You know, two years of meetings,

she puts a lien
on our laundromat.

And you know
what your father does?

He brings her cookies.

Every day I fight, I fight.

I fight for all of us.

Every day is a battle here.

Oh, your father, he doesn't care
about the way things are...

I try to make our lives
easier and more simple.

You should
have told me earlier.

That's really impressive.

Evelyn, you have
to see Rick dance.

Look, he knows all of the moves.

I'll fucking kill myself.

He wants to be an actor,
just like you did.

♪ Just put your hand

♪ In my hand... ♪

♪ And we'll spin
through eternity

♪ Life can be so delicious

♪ Delicious... ♪

Ah! I love this!

-Rick, you're so terrific.

I know. I just...

I just don't know how to be
any fucking clearer.

It's like she can choose -

either you come
to the party with me

and Gong Gong
is eternally ashamed

until he forgets it all
and then he dies

or you don't come with me
and then he still dies.

What? Huh!

-What are you saying?
-That was a joke.

Uh, that's not
a very funny joke, honey.

-Hey, guys...
-This is only $10.

I thought you people
were very good with math.

- Next time I give you interest.
- Evelyn?

Mom, Mom...

- Mom! Mom!
- What?!


Waymond! Waymond!






Shit, how do you say it? Uh...



You know what?
I'm actually not doing that.

It's like
at this point I do not...

It was nice to meet you!

Give us five-star cleaning.


There is a Chinese
New Year party tonight,

open to all the customers
in the community.

Thank you.

-Please come and enjoy...
-This is fine.

-..the good food...

-..and nice music, OK?

I get you an invite.
Moment...moment, please.

-Can you hear this right now?
-Joy, wait! Please!

I have something to say to you!



..you have to try
and eat healthier.

You are getting fat.



Go, go, go, go!


If I have to think
of one more thing today,

my head will explode.

You may be in grave danger.

There's no time to explain.
Hold this.

Why are you doing this?

Pay attention.

When we leave this elevator,
you can either turn left

towards your scheduled
audit appointment

or you can turn right and go
into the janitor's closet.

Why would I go
into the janitor's...

Not now.

Why you download
all these apps on my phone?

Breathe in.

You're gonna feel a slight
pressure in your head.


Hey, baby Joy!

You come back here!

Shut up!

You don't talk
to your mother like this!

I'll talk to her
how I fucking want!


The moment you're
situated in your meeting,

follow these instructions.

But, remember, no-one can know.

Don't even talk to me
about this

because I won't remember.

-But I...

Mental scan complete.

Talk to you soon.


Mrs Wang?

Mrs Wang?

Mrs Wang, are you with us?


Of course. I am here.

-Just thinking.
-Oh, OK.

Well, I was just hoping...

..that you could explain this.

This is a receipt.

My receipt.

Look, I...

..I was just hoping
you could enlighten me

as to how,
as a laundromat owner,

a karaoke machine

could constitute
a business expense?

I am a singer.

- Of course you are.
- It's true.

She has a beautiful voice. Oh!

Evelyn, sing a song for her.

-No, no, please.

That will not be necessary.

But I will need
a separate Schedule C

for each of these businesses

because based on what
you're trying to deduct,

you're also a novelist
and a chef.

Last time, you told me that...


..a teacher,

uh, and a singing coach

and a 'Watsu' technician.

I'm sorry.
What...what is 'Watsu'?

It's a water massage.

What's a water massage?

like for back pain.

You go get a water massage.

- Oh, you go?
- Yes.

What's happening?

..like I'm talking
to my ex-husband.

Like I said to you before,
co-mingling of your...

-It's you messing with my head.

-Don't shh me!
-You got to relax your body.


Calm down, please!

Calm down.

Relax your body
in the other universe. Please.

..these deductions...

Go into auto-pilot.

You can't then
deduct it if it's an off...

Good. Good.

They don't know you and I
are in this universe yet

so, hopefully, I'll have
some time to explain.

I am not your husband.
At least not the one you know.

I am another version of him

from another life path,
another universe.

I'm here because
we need your help.

Very busy today.
No time to help you.


There is a great evil
that has taken root in my world

and has begun
spreading its chaos

throughout the many verses.

I have spent years searching

for the one who might
be able to match

this great evil
with an even greater good

and bring back balance.

All those years of searching
have brought me here...

Mrs Wang?
- ..to this universe.

- Hello?!
- To you.

I know it's a lot
to take in right now...

Mrs Wang?!


Look, I'm sure you have
a lot on your mind,

but I cannot imagine
anything mattering more

than the conversation
we are now having

concerning your tax liability.

Uh, need I remind you
that there is

already a lien
on your property?

Repossession is well
within our rights.

I know. I am paying attention.

Do you see these?

You don't get one of these

unless you've seen
a lot of bullshit.

Excuse my French.

Now you may...

..only see a pile of
boring forms and numbers,

but I see a story.

With nothing
but a stack of receipts,

I can trace the ups and downs
of your lives.

And it does not look good.

It does not look good.


Sorry, my wife confuses
her hobbies for businesses.

An honest mistake.

Oh! OK.

Well, with all of these, um...

.."honest mistakes,"

I mean, even if we don't
charge you with fraud,

we'll most certainly
have to fine you

for gross negligence.

You're always
trying to confuse us

with these big words.

I thought
you were going to bring

your daughter
to help you translate.

- I am going to bring my...
- Hey!

- Sorry.
- Evelyn?

She was going to come...

Are you paying attention?

I cannot talk now.

She's too busy
to help her parents?

Unless you can help me
with my taxes.

What is "gross necklaces"?

I know you have a lot
of things on your mind,

but nothing could
possibly matter more

than this conversation
we are having

right now concerning the fate

of every single world
of our infinite multiverse.

Where's the respect
for elders?

My dear Evelyn,

I know you.

With every passing moment,

you fear you might have
missed your chance

to make something
of your life.

I'm here to tell you

every rejection,

every disappointment
has led you here

to this moment.

Don't let anything
distract you from it.

Do you think this is funny?

So what will it be?

I'm thinking.

Our time here is up.

-They're going to kill us.

You think you can give us more
time so we can redo all this?

Do not worry,
this is just a burner universe

we are using
for communication.


You will know when
it is time to fight.

You want to redo?
You're going to resubmit?

-I will be in contact soon.
-Shh, shh, shh.

I think my other husband
is messing up the audit.

Maybe we can look at
all the receipts again and...

Evelyn! Trust no-one. Oh!

Oh, no, no. No, no, no. No...!

Oh, dear lord.

OK. Everything OK.

I think I forget
something at home.

Uh, sit down.

I think I'm going
to regret this.

You can go.


You...you will have...

You will have until
I leave the office tonight

to bring everything in,
6:00 p.m.

Last chance.

-Oh, tomorrow is better...
-Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you. 6:00 p.m.

-Thank you so much.
-Thank you for the cookies.

They look delicious.

Last chance!

Have a nice day.

Last chance.

Oh, no.

Evelyn! Evelyn!

So you know about this?

It was you. Like,
you who was in the elevator.

I was in the elevator.

Come back next week.

I'm not ready to fight.

I am not ready to fight.

Maybe we don't have a choice.


Switch shoes to what?

- Ow! Oh!
- Evelyn?!

Someone call security!

What are you doing?

You told me to do it!

You said I would know
when it is the time to fight!

She was coming after us.


Oh, you have no idea, lady. Oh!

Assaulting an IRS agent?

You have no idea!

"Dissolution of marriage"?

Yes, I'm on the tenth floor.


Your brother gets a divorce,

now you think divorce is OK?

I don't think it's OK!

We made a sacred promise.

I told you to stay low
and out of sight.

Oh, now you're here?

Huh! Stop confusing me,
coming and going.

-Stop it, stop it, stop...

I'll get you out of this.

Stop coming here.

OK, folks.
Everyone remain calm.

Oh, thank...thank God!

It's that one right there.
The Chinese lady!

No! It's all his fault!

Right there,
she assaulted me!

OK, I need you two
to get on the ground

with your hands
behind your heads.


Sir, please comply.

OK, whatever you're thinking
about doing, don't do it.


It's OK.

OK, sir. That's enough.


Holy shit.




Oh, no, Craig! Fuck.


On your feet.

Who... What is happening?

I'm not the Waymond
who wants to divorce you.

I'm the Waymond
who is saving your life.

Now, you can
either come with me

and live up to
your ultimate potential

or lie here and live
with the consequences.

I want to lie here.

Hey, hey, hey.

No, no! Put me down! No, no!

Citizens of
the 4,655th Thetaverse,

you are about to be graced

by the presence
of our sovereign leader,

Jobu Tupaki.

Now let me assure you
of one thing.

Just like the rest
of your miserable lives,

this is nothing more

than a statistical




Jobu Tupaki

has seen all and knows all.

She knows what makes you tick,

on what fragile branches
your self-worth rests.

This one.

Hang on.

Don't die yet, alright, buddy?


It's not her.

...police are
looking for all information.

This is a developing story.

- What we do know...
- They might be close.

We do have unconfirmed
photos of the suspects.

An unidentified man

went berserk
at the regional office

for the Internal Revenue Service
in Simi Valley this morning.

Police aren't releasing
any information...

-Is that where your parents are?
-This is a developing story.

- But we do have unconfirmed...
- Are you OK?

..photos of the suspects.

- If you recognise them...
- Hey!

-Are you OK?
-..help identify them.


If you recognise these two,

police are seeking help
identifying the assailants.

My husband won't
even kill a spider.

How can you be
the same person?

You underestimate
how the smallest decisions

can compound into significant
differences over a lifetime.

Every tiny decision creates

another branching
universe, another...

Were you not paying
attention before?

Of course. You're just
very bad at explaining...


Don't push me!

Oh, my God!
We have to go back.

We forgot my father!

Don't worry. We're
monitoring him. He's safe.

-I don't know. Are you sure?

Hey, look, come on!

Look, this is your universe,

one bubble floating in
the cosmic foam of existence.

Every surrounding bubble
has slight variations.

But the further away
you get from your universe,

the bigger the differences.

This is where I am from,
The Alphaverse.

The first universe to make
contact with the others.

You can call me Alpha Waymond.

In this world,

you were a brilliant woman.

In your search to prove

the existence
of other universes,

you discovered a way
to temporarily link

your consciousness to another
version of yourself,

accessing all
of their memories,

their skills,
even their emotions.

Like you with the fanny pack?

It's called Verse Jumping.

"Verse Jumping."

I need you to learn
how to do it right now.

Right now?!

It may be our only chance
of getting out of here alive.

Two guards coming this way.

On my signal, try to blend in.

Why don't you get
your Evelyn to do this?

My Evelyn is dead.

Go! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, what is going on?

Help us! Help us!

How did I die?

I've seen you die
a thousand ways,

in a thousand worlds.

In every single one,
you were murdered.

What? Why would anybody
want to kill me?

She's an omniversal being
with unimaginable power,

an agent of pure chaos,

with no real motives
or desires.

-Jobu Tupaki.
-You're just making up sounds.


We need another exit.

So let her destroy
the other bubbles.

You said there are
so many of them.

Maybe it's OK
if we lose some,

but just leave me out of it.

It's not so simple.

She's been building something.

We thought it was
some sort of black hole.

But it appears to consume

more than just
light and matter.

We don't know exactly
what it is.

We don't know what it's for.

But we can all

feel it.

You've been feeling it too,
haven't you?

Something is off.

Your clothes never wear
as well the next day.

Your hair never falls
in quite the same way.

Even your coffee tastes...


Our institutions
are crumbling.

Nobody trusts
their neighbour anymore.

And you stay up at night
wondering to yourself...

How can we get back?

This is
the Alphaverse's mission -

to take us back
to how it's supposed to be.

But that begins
with finding the one

who can stand up to Jobu's
perverse shroud of chaos.

And you think it's me?

Why else would
we risk everything

to get you out of here?

Oh, there you are.

Oh, Miss Deirdre!

I'm sorry
I punched you, but...


I think I finally
understand why...

What is she doing?

Verse Jumping. Run!

-Come on.

Go! Go! Go!

She jumped somewhere.
Brute force.

The sumo wrestler?

-Body builder?
-Doesn't matter.

Counter with someone agile.

On your perimeter, we've got
a break dancer, mime...

-A gymnast.
-Give me gymnast!

-Calculating route.

some paper cuts, four of them.

One between each finger.

Paper cuts only happen
when you aren't trying.

It's impossible.

Probability - 1 in 8,000.

It's the strongest
jumping pad we have.

-What are you doing?
-Come on, come on.

There we go, one.

-There's two.


Alright, come on, come on,
come on. Stick with me.

Come on.

- Four! There it is.

OK, come on, jump!


Is that pro wrestling?

She's going for a backbreaker!

- She's gotta run.
- No.

She can jump,
somewhere she can fight.

She's not ready.

A jump like that would fry
most people.

She's not most people.

Damn, what a weak body.

- Hello?
- Evelyn!

Can you hear me?

You're going to have
to Verse Jump.

Verse Jump?


Concentrate on a universe

in which you studied
martial arts.

OK, I'm locking in.

Calculations complete.

"Profess your love."

You're gonna have
to profess your love to Deirdre.

- No way.
-It's your jumping pad.

It's like eating the chapstick
or switching shoes.

We developed an algorithm
that calculates

which statistically
improbable action

will place you in a universe

on the edge
of your local cluster,

which then sling shots you
to the desired universe.

That doesn't make any sense!


The less sense it makes,
the better.

The Stochastic Path Algorithm
is fuelled by random actions.

Tell her you love her
and mean it.

Are there any
other jumping pads?

The next best paths are break
your own arm or take a nap.

You're not sleepy, are you?

I love you.

Jumping pad failure.

Evelyn, wait! No!


She's in
a local divergent universe.

No, no, no.

She's gone home...

..to finish the taxes.


This doesn't make any sense.

Think about it.

..you always get pulled away.



I'm sorry, Evelyn.

- Huh?
- I need to go.


I need
to find the right Evelyn.

And this one,

it's not the one.

No! No.
Wait, let me try again!

Alpha Waymond?


- Oh.
- Huh?

What's happened to my hand?

Go, go, go, go!

Evelyn, your face.

You just left me.

You just left me!


Miss Deirdre?

-I love you!

I love you!

No, no!

I love you!

I love you!

I love...


Cut, cut, cut, cut!

Oh, I'm so
happy to be here today.

- Evelyn!
- Evelyn!



Why did you... How?

It was beautiful.


We better keep moving.

Now you've definitely
got Jobu's attention. Come on.

Stay calm.

Your brain is under
an incredible amount of stress.

No, let me finish
talking with my husband.

He needs to know how good
my life could have been.

- Evelyn! Evelyn!
- Evelyn!

-Are you with me?

I thought I was disconnected.

Why was I still there?

Your mind, it's like
a clay pot holding water.

Every jump opens another crack,

causing things
to leak through.

With training, you will learn
to reseal these cracks.

Eat. You need energy.

Cream cheese.


In my universe,
the cattle were killed off.

One of the many things
we've lost

in our war against Jobu.

Oh, my God.

What if...

..what if I want to go back?

What if I want to go back
to the other universe?

Shut it down!
Shut it down, you hear me!

-Come back!
-OK! OK! OK!

I...I'm back!

Listen, you're only using

the other worlds to acquire
special skills.

Do you understand?

If you fall
for their temptations,

you invite contradiction, chaos.

The clay pot could shatter
and you could die, or far worse.

What can be worse than death?

We should keep moving
until reinforcements come.

No, no, no!

Enough of your clay pots,
cream cheese, no cows.

Explain it all to me now.

You're right.

In the Alphaverse,

we began training many
young minds to Verse Jump.

But there was one who was far
and above the most gifted.

Our little explorer.

You saw her potential...

..so you pushed her

beyond her limit.

Warning. Unstable.

Though the
overloaded mind usually dies,

instead her mind was fractured.

Warning. Unstable.

- Mind fracturing.

Now her mind
experiences every world,

every possibility,

at the same exact time,

the infinite knowledge

and power of the multiverse.

Now she's seen too much,

lost any sense of morality,

any belief in objective truth.

What does she want?

No-one knows.

All we know

is she's looking for you.

Hey, you said
I was the wrong one.

What you did back there,
it changed my mind.

You were incredible.


Of course.

Evelyn! Come back!

Evelyn! Jump
to another combat universe!

-Try peeing yourself!

-It's always a good jumping pad!

Come on, wake up! Wake up!

What did you do to me?

Did you staple something
to my forehead?

No! I didn't do anything.
You did it yourself!

-Did we call for backup?
-I did not do it to myself!

- Did you call?
- It has blood on it!

We've detained the assailants.
No backup was requested.

You guys are wasting
a trip up. Copy?

Oh, no!
She found us.

I said, do you copy?

Clear them.

♪ Rainy day... ♪

♪ Go far away... ♪


Why do you look so stupid?


You and...your pig
can't be here.

♪ Lonely nights... ♪

Is it that I can't be here...

..or that I'm not allowed...

-..to be here?



Hands where I can see them.

See, I can physically be here.

But what you meant to say

is you're not
allowing me to be here.

Hands behind your back. Come on.


You're going
to make me walk through you?

Yeah, cute.
I can't let you do that either.

Yeah, again with the 'can't'!

See, I don't think
you understand

the meaning of that word.

-See, I can walk through you.
-Officer down!

-No, no! Don't shoot.
-Hands on your head.

Like this?

-Waymond. Wake up! Wake up!

Oh, no!

Oh, shit.


- No!
- Oh, no!

Don't worry, Evelyn.

-No, no! Oh, God!

Mmm! Organic.


Oh, my God.


You're Juju Toobootie.

The "Great Evil" Waymond
was talking about is...

..in my Joy?

Don't engage.

She can't be reasoned with.


It's you.

You're the reason my daughter

doesn't call anymore,

why she dropped out of college

and gets tattoos.



..are why she thinks she is gay.


I'm so sorry.

You're still hung up
on the fact

that I like girls
in this world?

The universe...

..is so much bigger
than you realise.



No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!


-Don't make me fight you.

I am really good.

I don't believe you.



You peed yourself.

No, Evelyn,
you're not locked in!



Where did she jump?

Um, she's off the damn map.

♪ Flap your hands

♪ My hands... ♪

She appears to be in a universe

where everyone has...

..hot dogs instead of fingers.

I mean, it just doesn't matter

how many times I see it,
I'm so moved.

Oh, you stop it!

An evolutionary branch

in the anatomy
of the human race?

A jump like that

would've fried most people.

Like I said...

..she's not most people.

Don't... Why are you
treating me like this?

One minute, you're so warm,

then one minute,
you're cold and awful.

This is crazy!

You're starting to get it.

Where are you gonna go?


You know, of all
the Evelyns I've seen...

..you're definitely one of
the more interesting ones.

What do you want from me?


Let me help you
open up your mind, huh?



Open up.

It's OK.

It's OK.

Take a peek.

Oh, shit.

What is that?

I got bored one day

and I put everything
on a bagel.


All my hopes and dreams,
my old report cards,

every breed of dog,

every last personal ad
on craigslist.


Poppy seed.


And it collapsed in on itself.

'Cause, you see,
when you really put

everything on a bagel,

it becomes this.

Come on. Run, Evelyn.

The truth.

What is the truth?



No, Joy.

You don't believe that.

Feels nice, doesn't it?

If nothing matters...

..then all the pain
and guilt you feel

for making nothing
of your life...

..it goes away.

♪ Sucked

♪ Into

♪ A bagel. ♪


- Ah Ba?

I'm not your father.

At least not the one you know.

I am Alpha Gong Gong.

-Not you too!

Sir, what are you doing here?

We need to go.
Just follow me.

I have this under control.

you deliberately disobey me

and cause another mind
to be compromised.

And now you know
what we must do.

No! Please.

She's unlike anything
we've seen.

She could finally stop
Jobu Tupaki.

You mean the monster
that is inside my daughter?

Well, why didn't you tell me
about it earlier?

What else are you Alpha people
not telling me?

Did you see her
dance that man to death?

There is no way I am
the Evelyn you are looking for.

No, I see it so clearly.

See what?

I'm no good at anything.


I've seen
thousands of Evelyns,

but never an Evelyn like you.

You have so many goals
you never finished,

dreams you never followed.

You're living your worst you.

I cannot be the worst.
What about that hot dog one?

No. Can't you see?

Every failure here
branched off into a success

for another Evelyn
in another life.

Most people only
have a few significant

alternate life paths
so close to them.

But you, here,

you're capable of anything

because you're so bad
at everything.

What good is all that power
when her mind

is already succumbing
to that chaos, huh?


Hello? Mom, Dad?
What's going on?

No. Do not answer her.

It's one of her tricks.

Sir, our readings indicate
it's not Jobu Tupaki.

But if she's not here...

Oh, shit!

Do not engage! Run! Run!

Watch these two here
while I deal with Jobu.

I'm not risking the safety
of the Alphaverse for this.

Get us as far away
from Joy as you can.

-I'll be back. I promise.

No, no, no, wait.
Why don't you...


- Hello?
- Joy?

-No, no... That's not...
-Joy's here!

- No, no, no, that's not Joy.
- Hello?

- Joy? Joy, I'm coming.
- Let me in.

OK, be patient!
This is heavy.

-Joy, why are you here?
-I have no fucking clue!

-Hey, gentle language!
-Just what is going on?

I'm sure there's a very good
explanation for all of this...

What the fuck, Mom?!

What the fuck are you doing?

But...she's too powerful.

Are we all having a stroke?

You are like puppets.
You know? Puppets?

You can do things
you normally cannot do.

It's like that movie.

Um, you...you... That movie...

OK, what are you
talking about?

- A movie?
- 'Raccaccoonie'!


'Raccaccoonie', you know?

The one with the chef...

And he makes bad food. Phooey.

And then this raccoon
sit on his head,

ooh, control him,
and then he cooks good food.

Do you mean 'Ratatouille'?

I like that movie.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

With the raccoon.

- OK...
- Raccoon?

stop making up sounds!

So there's a raccoon Joy,
and there's a raccoon me?

And they are controlling us?

Yeah, from the other universes.

-Oh. OK.
-That's very funny, Evelyn.

OK, it sounds a little bit
ridiculous, but it's true.

I swear to God, you...

You are macho man.

- I like that!
- Oh, yeah.

Hey, honey,
don't worry.

-Daddy will get you out of this.
-Ah Ba?

while she is distracted.

-It's only protocol.

It gives her one
less universe to access.


-Can you...
-Oh, it's Becky.

Hi, Becky. Hold on.

How do you expect to defeat
her in every universe

if you can't even
kill her in one?

Hey, babe.

She's your granddaughter.

How do you think I feel?

But this is a sacrifice

that is necessary
to win the war.

OK, there we go.

You must do it.



Yeah, my mom
taped me to a chair.

Uh, because of raccoons.

- OK, be patient.
- Yeah, it's a long story.

-Daddy's trying to...
-It's been a day.


I don't
like this at all.

What are you...

..what are you doing?

Hey! I almost had it.

Oh, come on!

You are already
under her spell.

Holy shit!
Holy shit, he has a gun!

Everyone, stay calm!

I think it's time
for a family discussion!

It's OK, it's OK, it's OK.

I won't let you kill her.

Don't you see what
is happening to your mind?

In my universe,

you pushed your own daughter
too hard until you broke her.


..you created Jobu Tupaki.

When did he get
so good at English?

Now I must stop you.

Otherwise, it's only
a matter of time

before you become just like her.

Just like her?

- Huh?
- What the fuck are you doing?

Evelyn, I don't think now
is a good time to dance!


I know you don't agree with me,

but this is something
I have to do.

-What the...
-That sounds weird.

No, no, no...

- OK.
- Wait!

You don't know
where you'll jump.


Warning. Unstable.


I cannot lose another
loved one to the darkness.

-Warning. Unstable.
-Don't worry. You won't.

Hey, uh, clean up
in there, alright?

Here. Oh!

Where did she jump?!

Sorry, Ah Ba.

- Whoa!
- OK!

-Come on, come on, come on!
-Jesus, Mom!

- That way!
- Oh, no!

- Oh, my God!
- Come on, come on!

- Oh!
- No!

Warning, mind fracturing.

Send every Jumper with
a counterpart in the area.


Once again,
the Alphaverse finds itself

as the last line of defence
against total chaos.

Be brave. This Evelyn
is as stubborn as the others.

She has given us no choice.

We must kill her before she
becomes another Jobu Tupaki.

- Joy.
- Oh, what?


I know you have these feelings,

feelings that make you so sad.

That makes you just...
just want to give up.

It's not your fault.

Not your fault.

I know.

It's...it's her.

Juju Chewbacca.

She has your soul...

..in the palm of her hand.

What are you talking about?

The only way I can
defeat her to save you...

..is to become like her.


Your daughter
is beyond saving.

And soon you will be too.

Your time is up.

Find your jumping pads.

♪ Ave Maria... ♪

♪ Ave Maria... ♪

Mom? Mom?

I think
you're pushing things too far.

Or not far enough.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!


-Oh, my God.


What are you doing?!





Is he dead?

See, not dead. Go!

-That's definitely not...
-Hurry up, please. Go quick!

OK, come on, guys.

Dad, go!

Oh, my God.

Does my baby
want to go for a walk?



Oh, Johnny! Oh!

Orange soda?

-What is she doing?

I think when
she does something weird

it helps her fight,
it gives her power.

Sorry, baby.

Ask her for another one.

No! Johnny!

Fried egg?





Evelyn, if you don't step up,

I'm giving some
of your shifts to Chad.


- Oh, my God!
- Oh, good one!

I got a picture!



- Huh? What happened?
- You stop!

I think they lost their...

Stop it!
- ..powers?


I am gonna need
another jumping pad.

Received information. Over.

I think she needs to do
something weird again.

What's he doing?

Oh, my God. He's trying
to stick it in his butt.


-No, no, no!
-Ah... No!

Ah, Evelyn, do jumping jacks!

That's not weird at all.

Um... Slap him!

No, no, no, no!

Mom, just blow on his nose!


It'll make him involuntarily

scream and do weird noises.

Trust her, Evelyn!
It's really weird.

Wow, Mom is really good.






Reaching mental capacity.

Reaching mental capacity.

Holy shit!

-I'm sorry, Evelyn.

-Mind fracturing.
-We'll die together.

Pinky... Arggh!

- Get her. I see her.
- Let's go!


Evelyn. Evelyn!

Whoa, whoa!

No need to explain.

I have been watching you.

You're back!

Did you see how good I am?

I'm gonna do it.

I am going to defeat
that Jobu Tupaki.

Hey. You got her name right.

Evelyn, what you're doing
is crazy, reckless.

Your stupid plan to somehow
save your daughter

has managed to piss off
everyone in the multiverse.

But it just might work.

What? What?

I only wish
I could be there

to see you finish this.

What do you mean,
you don't see me finish?

I'm grateful

that chance was kind enough

to let us have these
last few moments together.

Alpha Waymond?

Alpha Waymond?

What happened?

Was I Raccoon Waymond again?

Raccoon Waymond is dead.

Is that Raccoon Joy?

Am I getting it?

I can to stop you,

..now that I am reaching
my full potential.

Oh, you still can't see
what's happening.

No, I see clearly.

More clearly than ever before.

Oh, my God! Evelyn.

Oh, my God!

Damn it. So close.

Evelyn? Evelyn?

Please help her.

I'll see you again soon.

♪ Somewhere out there

♪ In all that noise... ♪

Don't leave! Help her, please!

Help! Help!

Where is she?

Where's our daughter?


♪ We're family

♪ We're a family

- ♪ Culinarily
- CHAD: ♪ Culinarily

♪ Now we're cooking... ♪

-Oh, Raccaccoonie.
-♪ When nobody's lookin'... ♪

I don't know
what I'd do without you.


Yeah, we make
a pretty good team.

♪ Culinarily... ♪

- Oh, no!
- Uh...

You...you can't tell anyone.

She's seen too much.
You know what that means.

-Get her! Get her!
-No, no, I'm begging you.

-No, no!
-Get her! Get her!

- No, I... No. No!
- Please.

-Get her!
-Just go! Just go!

What do you want?

I want you.


Stop that!


-Stay back!

This is wrong!

-This is wrong!
-What? It's not wrong!

I...I'm late.

I can think of whatever nonsense
I want and somewhere...

I did it.


Don't forget these cookies.

Miss Deirdre really likes them.

Come on.

Hi, Mrs Wang.

Hey, Mom.
So, about this morning...

-Enough with your tricks.

-I know you're in there.

- Get out of my daughter.
- OK!

Mom, are you already drunk?

-Hey, Becky.

Can you go help my dad
with the party?


- Yeah.
- Go, Becky.

Go. Go.

Thanks, babe.

You see it all, don't you?

You can see

how everything...

..is just a random rearrangement

of particles
in a vibrating superposition.

I have no idea
what you are talking about.

But I can do this.


But you see...

..how everything we do...


..gets washed away in a sea

of every other possibility?

You're everywhere.

You're like me.

That's right.

I'm the one you're looking for.

I'm the one
who's going to defeat you.


Hit me.

Punch my face.


Oh! Ow! Ow!

-Oh, stop!

Hi, Dad.

We're...we're just practising
karaoke for tonight.

♪ La-la-la! ♪

I will take care of it!

-She'll take care of it, Dad.

- Honey, you OK?
- It's OK.

- Go!
- Yeah, I just fell on the couch.




-He's so sweet.


Hey, hey, buddy!

If you don't want
to fight me, then...

-Why what?

What...what's all this for?

Why was I looking for you?


Sit down.

Sit down, grab a snack,

make yourself
comfortable, huh?

-Oh, hey, you OK?

Mmm. We can speed this up.

Sit on the crack.

Sit on the crack
of the couch, OK?

Get comfortable.


Please, I don't care
about the bagel.

I don't care
about the Alphaverse.

I only care about my Joy.

Give me back my daughter

and I'll leave you
alone forever.

Sorry! No can do.

Why not?

I am your daughter.
Your daughter is me.

Every version of Joy
is Jobu Tupaki.

-You can't separate us.

I have felt everything
your daughter has felt.

And I know the joy...

..and the pain of having you
as my mother.

Then you know
I would do...

Only do the right thing
for her, for you.

'Right' is a tiny box invented
by people who are afraid

and I know what it feels like
to be trapped inside that box.


it's not like that.

It's Gong Gong.

He's a different generation.

You don't have to hide
behind him anymore.

You should feel relieved.

The bagel will show you
the true nature of things.

You'll be free from that box,
just like me.

No, no,
I'm not like you.

You're young and your mind
is always changing.

I still know who I am.

You have no idea
what you've done.

You're stuck like this forever.

No, I'm going back with my Joy,

to my family,
to live my life.

A happy life.


Good luck with that.

Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you.
Thank your father.

All this time...

..I wasn't looking for you
so I could kill you.

I was just looking for someone
who could see what I see.

Feel what I feel.

And that someone...

..is you.


- You're alive!
- Impossible.

- Hello?
- Mrs Wang?

Where...where are you?

I mean, to not even show up
for your appointment?!

Shut up.

What did you just say?

I said shut up.

You don't matter.

Whatever I did, I'm sorry.

Nothing matters.

Mrs Wang!

You are gonna
be in serious trouble!

Do you understand?

For you to disrespect...

Happy New Year!

Another year, hmm?

Pretending we know
what we're doing,

but, really, we're just going
around in circles.

Doing laundry and taxes,

and laundry and taxes.

- No more running.
- Excuse me.

Where are the owners? Oh.

There you are.
Mr and Mrs Wang.

You have left me no option
but to authorise the seizure

of your personal
and your business assets.

-You have to vacate...
-Wait, Evelyn!

It's just so good,
you know?

What are you doing? No! No!

My God, Chad, I told
you she couldn't be trusted!

Evelyn, please! Calm down.

..within 48 hours or...



What are you doing?

Not a single moment
will go by

without every other universe

screaming for your attention.

Never fully there.

Just a lifetime of...

No, no!

..fractured moments.


and confusion...

- Get off me!
- Chad, don't forget about me.

Here are the papers.

- Oh! Oh, officer?
- OK, OK.

..with only a few specks of time

where anything
actually makes any sense.

I've always hated this place.



Get off me! Get off!

Evelyn, why?!

Do you know why
I actually built the bagel?

It wasn't
to destroy everything.

It was to destroy myself.

I wanted to see if I went in,
could I finally escape?

Like, actually die.

At least this way...

..I don't have to do it alone.

You're not listening.

This is out of my league...

Judge Brenner signed...

Well, excuse me!
Excuse me, Mr Wang.

Every person I know
is going through a hard time.

- It's a hard time...
- Evelyn!

Come back.

My silly husband.

Probably making things worse.

Ignore it.

OK, you can let her go.

You, let her go. It's OK. Yes!

Thank you.

How? That's impossible.

It's just
a statistical inevitability.

It's nothing special.

I don't know.

I just talked to her.



Can we...
can we just stop fighting?

I know you are all fighting

because you're scared
and confused.

I'm confused too.

All day...

..I don't know
what the heck is going on.

But somehow...

..this feels like
it's all my fault.

I don't know.

The only thing I do know...

..is that we have to be kind.


Be kind...

..especially when
we don't know what's going on.

Hey, Evelyn!



You can still turn around
and avoid all this.


..be kind.

It's too late, Waymond.

Don't say that.

Did you see that?

Ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh!

- Huh! Found it!
- Check this!

What song is this?

Thank you for coming.

That's very funny.

- Yeah, that's it?
- Yeah!

I'm sorry too.


So cute!

Come on, Evelyn.

Come on.


I get it.

Feeling a good thing.

You got your hopes up.

So I'm here
to save you some time.


..that all just goes away.

..just goes away.

Come on.

I don't care
if you come with me.

Enjoy your life.


Evelyn! Evelyn, please!

No more!

I don't want to hurt you.

Joy, come back with me.

Joy! Joy!

What did my silly husband
say to you?

He told me
about your situation.

I remembered when my husband
served me papers.

I drove his Kia Forte
through my neighbour's kitchen.


But you know what I say?

It's called,
"Unlovable bitches like us...

"..make the world go 'round."

Don't stop playing.

Play something for me.

That's not true.

-You're not unlovable.
-You're not unlovable!

What are you talking about?

There is always
something to love.

Even in a stupid,
stupid universe

where we have
hot dogs for fingers,

we'd get very good
with our feet.


- See?
- OK.

I feel nothing.

I...I feel...

I feel...

Don't let her stop Jobu!

Open fire!

So stupid!


What are you doing?

I'm learning to fight like you.

You know, Evelyn, my wife

used to wear
that exact same perfume,

God rest her soul.

These are
direct indications

that there's some impingement
of the nervous system.

With a little bit of help,

we could be seeing things
nice and straight.

You might feel
a little sore,

but everything
is looking pretty good.

Thank you.

Clean up in there, alright?


You took everything
away from me.

I'm sorry.

taught me so much!

I...I didn't even know

how to boil an egg

and he taught me
how to spin it on a spatula.

I'm useless alone.

We're all useless alone.

It's a good thing
you're not alone.


Let's go rescue
your silly raccoon.

Oh, we're gonna do it!



Get out of the way!



It's only a matter of time

before everything
balances itself out.

- Come on, come on, come on!
- I can't.

I'm sorry, Raccaccoonie!
I'm sorry!

Evelyn, let her go.

But she turned out
to be stubborn,

aimless, a mess.

Just like her mother.

But now I see.

It's OK that she's a mess.

Because just like me...


Well, maybe you win
in this universe,

but in another time...

..I beat you!


Or we tie!

Or we just...

..hang around.

OK, Joy, listen.

Because it's all
just a pointless

swirling bucket
of bullshit.


That bagel is where
we finally find peace, Evelyn.

Stop calling me Evelyn!





Ah Ba?


Can you please just...



Just...just stop.

Good for you.
You're figuring your shit out.

And that's great. I'm really,
really happy for you.

But I'm...

..I'm tired.

I don't want to hurt anymore.

And for some reason
when I'm with you, it just...

..it just hurts the both of us.

So let's just go
our separate ways, OK?

Just let me go.



You are getting fat.

And you never call me

even though we have
a family plan.

-And it's free.

You only visit
when you need something.

And you got a tattoo
and I don't care

if it's supposed
to represent our family.

You know I hate tattoos.

And of all the places
I could be,

why would I want
to be here with you?

Yes, you're right.

It doesn't make sense.


Let her finish.

Maybe it's like you said.

Maybe there is
something out there,

some new discovery

that will make us feel

like even smaller
pieces of shit.

Something that explains why

you still went looking for me

through all of this noise.

And why,

no matter what,

I still want
to be here with you.

I will always...


..want to be here with you.

So what? You...

You're just gonna
ignore everything else?

You could be anything, anywhere.

Why not go somewhere
where your...

..where your daughter
is more than just...


Here, all we get

are a few specks of time

where any of this
actually makes any sense.

Then I will cherish

these few specks of time.

You push the button.

Yeah, there you go.

I feel like I'm 14.


You're a crazy woman!

Takes one to know one.

I'm sorry, Raccaccoonie!
I'm sorry!

-What are you doing?
-Grab my hair.

What did he say?

♪ We're a family... ♪

♪ Family... ♪

This is so awkward.

This is awkward, right?

Do you still want
to do your party?

We can do whatever we want.

Nothing matters.

OK, we're definitely
late now, guys.

Do you have
to bring all these?


That needs to go
in the bag too.

Taxes suck.

Thank you for the ride, Becky!

Hey, it's good.

Mmm-hmm. You got this, OK?

-I'll call you after.

You need to grow your hair.


I'll call you later!

Hurry, hurry!

I gotta pee. Hold on.

OK. Hurry.

OK. Yes.

I am happy to say I do think

things are better.

This is...this is
an improvement.

And I'm glad
that you listened.

But we have a problem

because you listened,
but you didn't listen

and that has to do
with the Schedule C.

You see, you did...

Did you hear me?

Sorry. What did you say?

♪ This is a life

♪ Free from destiny

♪ Not only what we sow

♪ Not only what we show

♪ Ooh

♪ This is a life

♪ Every possibility

♪ Free from destiny

♪ I choose you
and you choose me

♪ Not only what we sow

♪ Every space and every time

♪ Not only what we show

♪ What we know

♪ This is a light

♪ Many lives that could've been

♪ Free from entropy

♪ Entangled for eternity

♪ Not only hands and toes

♪ Not only what we've known

♪ We find

♪ This life

♪ Somehow

♪ Alright

♪ This is a life

♪ Slow and sudden miracles

♪ View of other worlds

♪ From our windowsills

♪ With the weight

♪ Of eternity

♪ At the speed of light

♪ This is a life

♪ This is our life. ♪

♪ I love you, I love you

♪ I love you, I love you

♪ I love you,
I love you

♪ I love you, I love you

♪ I love you,
I love you

♪ I love you, I love you

♪ I love you

♪ I love

♪ I love you

♪ I love

♪ You

♪ Ohh! ♪