Everything About Her (2016) - full transcript

A powerful and strong-willed business magnate, played by the incomparable, multi-awarded thespian, Vilma Santos, seems to have it all--money, fame, power. When she finds out that she is gravely ill, she meets similarly strong-willed caregiver, Angel Locsin. Their relationship is further complicated by the estranged relationship that Santos shares with her own child, Xian Lim. These three main characters engage in a beautiful story of acceptance, love and forgiveness.

How many more steps will you take

for your own personal happiness

until you get to the top?

How do you measure success?

Expectations are even higher for a woman.

You must marry.

You must have children.

Take care of your family.

And, if you're no good at it,

you're a fuck-up.

And, if you choose to be single,

to have a career,

and become successful,

then, you're a bitch.

Looks nothing like me. Fix it.

Apparently, I'm a fuck-up,
and a bitch, too.

Paul, didn't I say
that we would meet at the lagoon?

Any bigger and it would be a river.

-if that doesn't become a lagoon.
-Yes, ma'am.

This is your life.

Don't rely on hope,

because hope will fail you.

Instead, believe in yourself.

the others are executive assistants.

One is a marketing head.

Do I have to talk to them too?

Sir, come with me, please.

Yes, ma'am. Yes.

-Good afternoon, ma'am.
-Good afternoon.

and get your heartrates up?

Levi, let's go back.

we'll be late if we go back for the kids.

I said, go back.

Uno, make a U-turn. Hurry.



Flowers, ma'am?

What are your names?

-Sixth floor, please.


What happened to Mother?


How did she end up eating soap?


Shove sugar down her throat.
Lots and lots of sugar.

Just force it down her throat.

Of course she'll go crazy!

Tie her hands. And her feet.

Get Dad to help you.

If Mother fights back,
have Mr. Dado kill her.

Come on, Boy. You can do it.

Code Blue this early?

What happened?

Where's Doc?

Doc Raymond is in the OR.
It's toxic there.

Are you OK?

Come on! You can do it!

Yes, I understand.

I'm really sorry...
I promise I'll take care of it.



OK. All right.

ZD Bank again, right?

It won't happen again.

I will talk to Jaica.

Ma'am, excuse me.

Take a double shift this whole week. OK?

Maybe you can also go to the fourth floor.

Doc, you're overworking me again.

I'm attending that meeting later.

You guys all make complaints
that need attention--

Oh! That's fine then, Doc!

I'll handle your patient,
you handle our grievances. OK?

-Hey! I need help.

I have a problem with the pharmacy.

They won't give me clearance.

-I'll talk to them.
-Let's go!

Wanna bet? You'll be broke!

I'm not broke! You jerk!

-What do you mean, loser?

-What's your problem?

-What? Huh?
-Give me my money!


Stop it, you two! Rex, go home!

That's not fair, Jaica!

-You're siding with your cousin again.
-Of course, he's my cousin!

-But, I'm your ex!

-What, so you wanna kiss?
-Rex, you're worked up. Calm down a bit.

Goddamn it, Mr. JJ!

Leave my kid alone! She doesn't like you!

He's still in love with you.
He'd kill for you.

I'd kill him.

Hey, Boy! Where's Mother?

She's in there.

Why is she still weak?

Time to give up.




Don't forget my Boracay trip.

That's too much!

Just go to Matabungkay!

Sis, Matabungkay?

That's so retro!

Come on, sis,
I've been asking for this for forever.

But it's not a priority. It can wait.

Sis, it can't.

My friends and I
have been planning this trip.

We need to be inspired for college life.


Hey, sis! I want to be inspired, too!

Our band has a recording gig.

Jared, prioritize your job, not your band.

Hi, sis!

Hey! Which church are you heading to?


Sis, I have new bags.
Maybe you want to buy some?

The Michael Kors is just 6,000.
You'd like it.

I'm broke.

You're always broke!

I am!

Mom, the Boracay trip!

The whole gang will be going.

I'll be the only one missing out.

Why should she decide?

Can't you make the call?
You're the one paying for it, anyway.

You know Jaica, she'll just say,

"You can only do what's necessary.
It can wait."

She's so strict with me, Mom.

She acts like she's my mom, but she's not.
You are.

I don't like it here anymore, Mom.

Take me with you!
I can't stand Jaica anymore.

I'd rather be with you, Mom.

That simple hip fracture

we operated on...

slowly eating away at your bones

Doc, it's just cancer.

I won't go insane.

Do it all.

Cancer schmancer.

Our next project is low-cost housing.

Let's include that in the December launch.

Turn it into low-cost housing.

...so they can have their own homes.

We won't make it in time, Vivian.

Don't you dare interrupt me
when I'm speaking!

This is for the hardworking people
behind Optima Land's success.

Does Albert know?

He doesn't need to know.

What happened to Mr. Fernando?

They're the ones
who put their faces on buildings.

I get it.

She is one of the best nurses
in the hospital.

I thought you would give me the best.

Where did you place
on the nursing board exam?

I was 28th.

But a rating of ten out of ten
from patient's and families' feedback.


Thank you for the chance.

What for?

Jaica, ma'am.

Jaica, do you have any brains?

Do you think the whole world
needs to know about my illness?

-We're rich!
-No way!

We're rich!

How did that happen?

Yes, Dad! We're rich!

How sick is your boss?
Why does she need a private nurse?

Cancer, Dad!

Didn't I tell you? Cancer will save us!

Yeah, sis.

If your patient stays alive.

What if she dies? Then we'll die too?

You should take some vitamins
that will improve your brain.

You're too negative.

Don't be such a downer.

You can go to Bora now.

Oh, my God! Yes! Really, sis?
You're gonna make me cry!

You can go to any college you want.
Just choose.

-Not Ateneo.


I can't afford Enderun. Too expensive.


Do you need some inspiration?

Jen! MK bag?

Where are you going?

Guys! It's Mother.

It's Mother.

-She's missing!

I saw her asleep at the store earlier.

Then she woke up and left.
She seemed disoriented.

I looked for her in the streets, nothing!

Don't look for Mother.
She doesn't want to be found.

She doesn't want to be with us anymore.
So, go get a plate. Go eat.

Let's just eat, guys,
because we're rich now.

Lend me your business clothes?
The blazer please.

It won't fit you. You're fat.

You ungrateful child.
You have no respect for your sister.

Hello! I'm Jaica.
I'm Ma'am Vivian's new assistant.

Please, tell her I'm here.

Oh, so you're Jaica.

She's is gone. She went to the office.

It's still early.

I'm sorry,
but only those with an appointment can go

to the executive office on the 14th floor.

-Yes, sir.
-Miss, just a moment, I'll be back.

There's no "Jaica" listed here.

I need to give her something important.

Please! I need to see her.

OK, fine.

I heard she hates stupidity.

Stupid feelings.
Stupid attitudes. Stupid actions.

Stupid odors. Stupid work...

Stupid in general.

Especially, stupid faces...


-Who let those interviewees through?

They're all stupid!
They're qualified to be my EA?

-Ma'am Vivian.
-Ma'am, out of 180 applicants,

-Hi! I'm Jaica.
-They're the cream of the crop, ma'am.

-Are you having a seizure?
-I can't breathe!

-Help him.
-Jessica Kristel?

Ma'am, sir, I'll just remove this, OK?

-This way. Good luck.
-Please relax.

Breathe slowly.

OK, please, inhale.

No, not here. Go to the bathroom!

Looks like you had a nice breakfast.

Her medicine!

Ma'am Vivian!
You really need to take your...

-You're gonna talk back?

Who said you could come in?


Time to go, sleepy head.

Shit on a stick!

Ma'am, Jaica is here.

She said she needs to speak with you.

Why don't you just talk to her tomorrow?

Oh, no.

I need to see her now.

I really need to see her now. Right now.

Ma'am Vivian?

I'm the one you hired, remember?

Yes? Ma'am?

You're very late taking your medications.

I'll get in trouble with your doctor.

Ma'am Vivian?




Dr. Vivian!

Who's the monster?


Yes, ma'am.

And the bitch?

Not you, ma'am.

Tell me, what is a monster?

Someone with evil eyes...

and a foul mouth,

who eats people alive...

is thirsty for blood,

and leaves mangled bodies behind.



Hates stupidity.

And repetition.

I'm fired?

Prepare yourself, Jaica.

you'll see what a real monster is.

Like Ellen.

I don't ever want to see you wearing that.

Arlene, do I need to know the basis
of your recommendations?

Isn't it essential that they should
be the best in what they do?

Too grandiose.

Their budgets are too high.

-Stupid fool!

Move it!

You're seriously suggesting Albert
of all the architects in the Philippines?

He won't even come home.

You never know, Viv.

This might be good for his portfolio.


But she calls me "Stupid" for short.

What a pain! She won't take her meds.

Why did she even hire me?

Be patient.

You're good with difficult patients,

OK, Doc.



Ma'am, what is it?

Can I go home now?

Ma'am, we still have to do a CBC test.

And Doc Raymond said

we have to wait for him--


Are we in the rainforest, Jaica?


This is good.

Lowers stress.

Can you just sleep in the guest room?

You're ruining the view.

I'll just be here, ma'am.

It's going to be a long night.

You might need me.

I'll be fine.

Go, leave me alone.

You won't even know I'm here.

I'm not used to having someone else
in my room.

You won't even smell me.

Nothing will happen to me.

You won't even see me.

Got it!

Get my Balenciaga bag.
I want to vomit in that.



Hello, is this Albert?

It's been three days,
and we haven't found an architect.

Jaica has found someone.

Jaica, whom did you contact?

Did you tell him?

-Tell me!

No... I didn't...

I didn't tell him.

You're highly recommended by Sir Leo.

Please, say thanks, but no, thanks.

Your mom has cancer.

If I find out that you're lying,

I will sue you.

I will have your license revoked.

I will eat you alive,

drink your blood,

and leave your body in tatters!

Ma'am, I didn't say anything.

Leo was the one who recommended him.

You don't look like Vivian's assistant.

but she needs Albert.

Who's Albert?

Now, do whatever it takes
to get him to come home.

Make sure Albert stays in my house
while he's here.

Make sure of it.

Do it!

Put your life on the line.

Or I will do it for you.

Why are you still here? Move it!

Miss! Have you seen Albert, the tall guy?

Sir, have you seen Albert?

Sir Albert, where are you?

Stop! Stop the taxi!

Sir, wait!
I'm Jaica, the one who called you.

Please, open the window.

I said wait! Wait. Sir!

Sir, wait!

Driver, wait! Wait!

Wait! Stop!

What, do you have to poop or something?

Stop for a minute!

-Miss, what's your problem?
-None of your business!


Here's the thing.

I have a non-disclosure agreement
with your mom.

Her secret needs to stay between us.

Or else I'll lose my license.
Me, finished! Dead!

You need to stay in your house, sir.

Please just help me, sir.

If you don't stay there, I'll lose my job.

I just applied to go abroad.

My family needs me.

I'll give you anything! Anything!

Even my virginity!

That's also our secret.


Who are you closer to, Mommy or Daddy?

Why Daddy?

but your mommy will stay here, right?

Because she has work.

Hi, ma'am?

Do you need anything...

Who's that?

I'm sorry if I woke you up.

Just go back to sleep, sir.

For everyone's sake.

Sir, good morning.

Ma'am Vivian
is having breakfast served in the garden.

Don't cook the scrambled eggs yet.

Albert doesn't like his food cold.
Thank you.

I already told them.

-Did you cook the beef strips?
-Yes, medium-well.



Manang, is Albert's food ready?

-Yes, ma'am.

Have you eaten?

Looks like it.

-Manang, serve the beef strips, please.
-Yes, ma'am.


Here, sit here.

Are beef strips still your favorite?

Or there's ham and eggs.

We also have cereal.

Coffee or hot chocolate?


This is a rushed project, right?

Tell George to drive for you.

Ma'am, please excuse me.

Sir Albert! Oh! Shit!

Thank you for granting my request.

Manang, make me some scrambled eggs.


Manang Ellen, move it.

Phase five, this is where we'll assign
the low-cost housing clients.

The cost will increase.

Find a way to incorporate your design
into the existing plans.

In the Philippines?

Steel and glass are expensive here.
It's not low-cost.

You won't need to turn on the lights
in the daytime.

Jet lag?

Should I take meds?

Let it be.

Just stay awake.

You? Why are you still up?

Your mom has to take her meds at twelve.

So, I'm waiting until then.

Let's eat! Come on, I'm hungry!

We'll follow up
the application for arbors.

Let me finish the site-plan first
then see if it's doable, OK?

-Jess, take a look at this first.



You went ahead this morning?

I see.

You can have breakfast with other people

but not with your mom--

What line?



Someone who cares.

Part of my job--


Hey! Are you serious?

Sir Albert, wait a minute.
You can't be serious.

Why are you even here?

Yes, but she already took her meds.

And she has a meeting.

She doesn't like me there
because my face distracts her.

Maybe I'm too beautiful!

Well, you are.

What did you say?

You're beautiful, but not so much.

What I mean is,
what do you mean by "I'm leaving"?

You'll go before your mom does?

Is she dying?


What do you mean "no"? You mean "not yet".

Sir, she'll get better.

The family should never give up
because you're the first line of defense.

I'm not her family.

OK? Her work is her family.

Jaica, we've been trying to reach you.

Ms. Vivian is looking for you.

Sorry! Yes! Just wait, I'll get my things.


You too, Albert...

-It's OK. That was that. Good talk.

I'm coming!

Move it!

Aren't you supposed to always be nearby,

I have a meeting in Tagaytay.
You're the reason we're delayed!

Arlene! Dan! Take the car. Just follow us.

Can I just ride with them?

-Ma'am, I'm really afraid of heights.
-The traffic's bad! Don't be foolish!

Come on!

Sir, you've flown this before right?

-Lord, forgive me my sins! Sorry!

I promise to be good from now on!

-I'll stop lying! God! I'm really sorry!
-Jaica, what's the problem?

OK, Boy! I love you, too!

Jaica, you're not going to die.

I want to get off! Stop!

I can't take it anymore!

I don't care if you're a saint...

If you were recommended by some God!

Dammit! Get out of my sight!


Move it!

For that man who can't get me my property?

Fine, go!

Embrace him!

Ma'am, your blood pressure-- Ma'am?

Rest a bit first, ma'am.

Sir Albert, leave her to me.

Ma'am, let's go.

Do you like my son?

No, I wouldn't dare.

So what was that drama this morning?

"Lord, I promise to be good.

I'll stop lying, just let me in
so I can be worthy of heaven."

What drama was that?

I'm just really scared of heights.
I'm sorry.

I thought I was going to die.

Why should my son care if you die?

Maybe it comes naturally to him.

To be kind to others.

Just like you.


I have a crush on your son.

What is Albert saying about me?


You're such a liar.

He doesn't tell me anything about you.

It's what he doesn't say that I know.

He's too proud. Just like you.

He wants to leave.

But the umbilical cord
that once connected the two of you

is keeping him here.

But it's stretched to the limit.

Relax, ma'am.

Your mom is already well.

She's a monster again.

But we'll go back to Manila tomorrow.

She needs rest.

Avoid stress.

Her meds are just for pain management.

Her body needs to prepare
for the stem cell transplant.

Doc Raymond said

if the transplant is successful,

it will extend her life.

See, you can speak English well.

Sometimes my nerves just get to me.

Hey, wait a minute!



That's so unfair, Your Honor!

You caught me off-guard, damn it!

Come on, I wasn't ready.

You want to go abroad.

You really love them, don't you?

They were in your prayers earlier.

Well, they're my family.

How come I didn't hear your mom's name?

"I love you, Dad,

Jared, Jenny,



No way!

He's not my boyfriend.

He's my cousin!

I don't have a boyfriend!

No boyfriend, OK?

Arlene! Dan! Take the chopper.

Maybe he can drive us back.


Do I have to repeat myself?

Aren't you afraid of the chopper?

We'll pass by L'Opera.

I want to have breakfast there.

What color lipstick, ma'am?

Sir, where's mine?

Yes. Willing to wait.


Excuse me. I just need to pee.

Ma'am? How did it go?

Just eat.

I saw you earlier.

You wanted to hug him, but you didn't.

What stopped you?

Pride? Is that it?

I don't know how to approach him anymore.

How did we get like this?

Growing up, Albert was always in court.

Until he chose to be with his Dad.

He was still young when...

he made that decision.

When he was 17,

he came back to live with me.

But I was so happy because he came back.

My son came back...

The first time we went out to eat,
we went to L'Opera.

I told him,

"I'm sorry, son. Your mom can't cook."

He said...

"Just chatting."

But it turns out...

it wasn't just cooking I wasn't good at.

I started prioritizing the company again.

Optima Land was struggling then.

Everyone depended on me.

But I forgot about my son.

I didn't have time for him.

He was hurt, so angry with me.

He hasn't talked to me since.

Maybe I need this cancer.

I need a deadline.

Because without it,

things will stay the same.

But I hope it doesn't come too soon.

Because I need more time.

Just a little more time.

Of course, ma'am.

Just believe.

Stay strong, eat well.

And always take your medicine on time.

And, of course, stay pretty.

Your parents are so lucky.

Is this how you take care of them?

Would you like to visit them?

Do you miss them?

You miss sharing meals with them.

OK, go home.

Well? Are you going or not?

I'm... going home.

But, Ma'am,

you still have meds to take.

We still have a schedule to follow
at midnight.

What if you get dizzy later?

I can't leave--

I can take my own medicine.

On my own.

I'm just sick.

I'm not dead yet.


Your salary.

What happened? Why is it...

I paid your ZD Bank bill. In full.

Don't just pay the minimum interest.

You'll stay in debt that way.

-You're already 30--
-Just 28.

Even so.

You should have insurance.

It's good to have financial freedom.

It makes life easier.


Hey, guys!

Try this cake.
You won't believe how good it is!

It's rich-people cake!

Holy shit! It's good!



-What's up?

What's up?


Mom told me she's coming to my graduation!

-Yeah, right.

Bro, Mom said she will buy you the...

Sis, I told Mom to buy you
an original Vuitton.

Not fake! Oh!

What do you want to know?

about the price of the land
for a high-rise condo.

She thinks condominiums
will ruin the Tagaytay community.

the company backed out.

because I know...

You like him or he likes you?

You like him!


If Sir Albert is so good looking,
then go for it!

Just like that?

I can't speak English as well as he does!


I'll make you so beautiful
you won't need words

to make the foreigner fall for you.


He just speaks English.
He's not a foreigner.

Whatever! Smile!

No teeth!


Pink looks good on you, sis.

Pucker up!

There. Albert will surely fall for you.

Jaica! Jen!


It's Mother!

A pedicab driver saw her somewhere
between San Pedro and San Joaquin.

Let's go, she might still be there.




Boy! You dumbass! Mother isn't here!

I bet she was run over.

Hey, don't say that!
Don't you want Mother to come home?

I'm just being realistic.
Let's not get our hopes up. Pointless.




Sir, wait!

What happened?

We received a distress call
for Vivian Rabaya.

-Here's my license. I'm her nurse.

Get out of my sight!

Get out of here!

Ma'am Vivian.

Jaica, what are they doing here?

Make them leave!

Leave this to me. I'll handle this.


Excuse me, ma'am.

Carefully now, I just need to--

Let's support your back here.

I'm sorry. I know it hurts.

In the bathroom.

Slowly, ma'am.

-Albert, bring towels here!

-Sorry, ma'am.
-How many?

All of them!


-At her hip.
-Where? Here?

There! She needs support.

Get her medicine kit.

Please, get her medicine kit!

Which one? For the cancer?

For the pain.

Damn you, Jaica!

-You liar!

-You told Albert!

Sorry, ma'am!

Yes, ma'am! Sorry, ma'am!

I will sue you!

I will sue you!

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry!

Albert, let's switch places.

Support her back with the towels.

-Hold her hip! Don't let it go!

Yes, ma'am. Sorry! I'm really sorry!

-How dare you?
-I'll give you some medicine, ma'am.

Yes... slowly, ma'am.


Put your hand on her neck!

-It hurts!
-I'm really sorry, ma'am!

It hurts!

Just be careful.


Hold on, ma'am.
I'll just get your medicine.

Albert already knows!

Fine! Call the maids!

Call the guards, the drivers!

Tell everyone!

-I have cancer!

Tell her to draft a memo!

Tell the whole company I have cancer!

Ma'am, hold on.

-You liar!
-Jaica, come on.

Hold her hand!

It hurts!

-Ma'am, we're almost done...

Here it is.

-To the bed. We'll do it together.
-Relax, Mom.

-Jaica. Let's go.

Support her!

Carefully, now.

Ma'am, just hold onto Albert.

Ma'am, hold onto Albert.

Albert, carefully. OK?

I'll get the meds.

Just one second.

Ma'am, just a moment.

I'll just administer your medicine.

This will only take a second.

Why are you here?

Why now?

Maybe it's better if you stay there.

OK! So you don't want me?

Are you feeling better?

Where's Albert?


You're over the speed limit, sir!

You were going 120! Sixty is the limit!

Call him!

Call him again!

By the way, Rod will arrive tomorrow.

He will be my replacement.


-Just one moment. He's not answering.
-Give me that!

Ma'am, he'll come back.

He's just scared and confused.

His reaction was normal.

It was his first time seeing you in pain.

He'll come back, ma'am.

He held me.

I had my son in my arms.

That was all I've wanted since he arrived.

It's all I've been waiting for.

His embrace.

Do you know how much that hurts, Jaica?

It hurts more than cancer!

He'll come back, ma'am.

He will.


Sir, where are you going?

I'll just drive for you.


Sir, you OK?

I'm really sorry.

Isn't it part of your nurse's vow

to respect the privacy of your patient?

Yes, ma'am.

Hippocratic Oath. I memorized it.

But if I had to choose

between your privacy and saving your life,

-I'd rather save your life--
-Don't be a know-it-all.

You're not God.

You're not even a doctor.

I'm a nurse.

I'm your nurse.

That's why I can't give up on you, ma'am.

Because this is my life, too.

My time, my body,

my soul,

my heart.

I know what you're going through.

You don't know, Jaica.

You don't.

You don't know me.

You don't know what cancer is doing to me.

This damn cancer.

It's forcing me to be a mother again.

I've been a boss for so long.

I've forgotten how to be a mother.

You're still Albert's mother.

I don't know.

If only Albert would see it that way...

He can't do anything about it, ma'am.

He can't change that.

We don't get to choose our parents.

You were born first.

We loved first.

And you were first to leave.

Your mother left you?

Maybe she had a reason.

Ten years?

What was her reason?

Are you angry at her?


When a mother makes a mistake,

is she no longer a mother?

If she is not a good mother,

is she no longer a mother?

If she fails you,

is she any less your mother?

We're still mothers.

I'm still his mother.

We never asked for you to...

leave and make lots of money for us.

So stop making us your excuse.

The truth is...

you did it

for yourselves.

OK, ma'am...

Now that I've said all that, I...

Ma'am, thank you for everything.

Get my damned medicines!

My morning is not good.

But there's a big chance
that I'll survive.

So you will keep working.

You are not the ones with cancer.

-Even back then...
-For Paul and Arlene...

I've approved
their master's course at Wharton.

Going to our clients...

If they want to take anyone with them,
companion, family...

I'll take care of it.

You used gum to repair your shoes,

just so we wouldn't be late
for our meeting.

I was laughing so hard then.
You wanted to punch me!

Albert will not take over the company.

Convince him, Leo.

Albert is good.

This is all for him anyway.

This is my fight.

We all die alone, right?

Hey, where are you?

Gate five is now open
for passengers bound for LA.

Sir, your mommy
is scheduled for chemo later.

This is her fourth cycle already.
Soon she'll have the stem cell transplant.

Sir, can you hear me?

Albert, don't be a jerk!

Listen to me!

Come back here! Your mom needs you!

Even if your mom is a superwoman,
she still needs a sidekick!

You're the sidekick! You have the weapon!

Come back here!

Come home!

Albert, don't do this to your mom!

Even if you're angry,
even if you're right...

just this once, be her son!

Let him go.

It's better this way.

I don't want him to see me die.

No, ma'am!

You're not going to die.
You have a fighting chance.

Everyone will die,
but it's not your time yet.

Don't think of such things.

Don't decide for the Lord.

OK, ma'am?

Thank you.

Thank you, Jaica.

-Jaica, bring me to the hospital!

Sir! Help!

Jaica gave me a full dose of painkillers.

You can't hurt me
even if you tell the truth.

they looked for you in school

I hated every graduation you missed.

Mom, what did I ever do to you?

You want so much for yourself.

But nothing for me.

because I can't change that anymore.

And I hate it because you're dying

and I'm not yet done being angry with you.

Thanks for coming back.

I finally said everything
I wanted to say to her.

You're just like your mom.

She's a monster, and so are you.

What do you expect me to say?

What about you?
Can you say that to your mom?

Well, I don't know.

If only she were here,
so I could tell her, "I love you, Mom."

What's up, Dad?

That didn't sound very cheerful,
that "what's up"?

Dad, can I just ask...



Has... Mother

come home yet?

Have you found her?

Didn't you say hope was pointless?

You never know.

She might still be alive.

Who are we talking about?

The dog or your mom?

She will come home.

Come. Let's eat.

There's fried noodles.

get some bread and soda from the store.

Sis, I'm tired. I'll be in my room.


Wait. Let's eat first.


I have to go.

I have band practice.

I have to go, too.

I have a coffee date with my boyfriend.

Come back here!

All of you get back here!

We are going to celebrate!
We are going to eat the noodles!

Don't you dare say no to the noodles
because that's for long life!



Come down!

Why are you forcing me?
I don't want to eat!

Why not?

Because your mother
didn't attend your graduation?

Is that it?

Didn't I tell you she's not coming back?

Didn't I tell you to stop hoping?

We should just accept
that she's not coming back!

She's never coming back, OK?

Now, come on! Let's celebrate!

Come on!


Sit there!

Sit down!

Dad, why didn't Mother come?

Come on. Let's eat.

I'm here.

How are you? Have you taken your medicine?

Jaica, how was the celebration?

How was it?

It was OK.

I don't like "OK" as an answer.

What is "OK"?

It was just OK
because our mom didn't come home.

Jewel got disappointed.

She said she'd come home but she didn't.

Was Jewel the only one
who got disappointed?

I did too.

But only a little.

I knew it was going to happen.

There's nothing wrong
with how you're feeling.

That's normal. You're only human.

Let it be.

You just need time.

But don't take too long.

Try giving her a call.

Ask her how she is...

Ask what's going on...

Then, listen.

Just listen.

You don't have to forgive her.


don't wait for cancer
to be the one to tell you

to give your mom a chance.


A gift for your sister.

For any university she wants.

As long as it's here in the Philippines.

Thank you, ma'am.

Jewel will be happy, ma'am.

What's up, Mom?

My child.


My child.

Thank you.

It's a measure of my success.

Each crystal

is a deal that was closed.

But you know which success

can never be measured by that chandelier?

You, my son.

I may not have had a hand
in the man you have become,

but giving birth to you
was my greatest joy.

I was so happy
when the doctor handed you to me.

You wouldn't stop crying.

Then I kissed you.

You stopped crying

and you smiled.

I told myself

that I would do everything

for you, my son.

I'm sorry, son.

I wasn't a good mother to you.

I love you, son.

There's also an infection
around the organs.

I mean,
they said Steve Jobs only had two months

-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.

-Is Jaica there?
-This way, sir.

Wow! Dad!

What are you doing here? Dad!

Wow. Pretty!

-New dress!
-Of course!

Hey, Boy! Hug first!

Ma'am! Ma'am, my family.

My father, JJ.

-Handsome, isn't he?
-How are you?

Dad, this is Albert, Sir Leo and Sir Mike.
This is my family.

So, you're Albert.

-All right. Time to eat!

-All right!
-I'll just join them.

OK. Just a moment.

the doctors told me...

When things were just getting started?

So, I had to hurry

and do everything I wanted to do.

What else do I want to do?

You like Jaica, right?

-Begin courting then--

Albert, come back here.
I'm not done talking yet.

Come on, Dad!

You're so cheap. Just like that?

I might collapse
if we continue in English!

Dad, you're so cheap! So cheap!

-Just go!
-How dare you?

The nerve!

Dad! I don't want this, Dad!
I don't like him at all!

All of us...

need a little bit of compassion...

a little bit of love.

So I say, let's not make life difficult.

When I'm gone,

I still want to see
those smiles on your faces.

Don't cry

when you remember me.

Because that means...

Thank you.

I don't like that.

Don't cry.

Stop crying.

Let's take a picture.