Everyone's Life (2017) - full transcript

The lives of people facing various romantic complications gather for a jazz festival in the Burgundy wine-country town of Beaune.

From this collective discussion...

we're going to have with my assessors,

a story will emerge...

that society will regard as "the truth."

When chance made you come before us...

Chance, said Einstein, is the
disguise the good Lord uses...

to wander among men.

You probably didn't know...

what would be the scale
of your task, its difficulty.

We broke into De Vidas' life.

You have to remember that.

We'll try, ladies and gentlemen,

to judge him as fairly as possible.

You understand the difficulty of our task.

Basically, you're the six bullets
in the barrel of these deliberations

that can hurt, kill, or be as harmless...

as six blanks.

My assessors and myself,
we'll respect your wishes.

We'll guide you in
these deliberations,

but not impose our own views upon you.

There must be exchanges.

Everything has to be said.

Know that the fundamental rule...

is that of personal conviction.

Personal conviction first.
It's written in this room,

it's evidence-based.

But it's not just that.

Personal conviction, that's what you felt,



What we shouted, what we've killed,

Well, which is what you are.

And it's by this yardstick and
through the prism of who you are...

that we're going to judge this man.

and Their Personal Conviction

Johnny, this is the other Johnnys.

Attention, live from the "Picture."

We're gonna rehearse all the music.

Try to make it a bit faster.

All the music I love

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

Words are never enough

To express what the blues is

I put my joys there,
I put my sorrows there

And all together, it becomes the blues

I sing it as much as I love it

And I'll always sing it

A long time ago on guitars

Black hands gave it birth

To sing of sorrows and hopes

To sing about God and then love

That music will live

As long as the blues.

The blues means that I love you

And it hurts to die

I cry, but I sing anyway

It's my prayer to keep you

And all the music I love

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

Words are never enough

To express what the blues is

I put my joys there
I put my sorrows there

And all together, it becomes the blues

I sing it as much as I love it

And I'll always sing it

Long ago on guitars

Black hands gave it birth

To sing of sorrows and hopes

To sing about God

And then love

The blues means that I love you

And it hurts to die

I cry, but I sing anyway

It's my prayer to keep you

All the music I love

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

Words are never enough

To express what the blues is

All the music I love

All the music I love

All the music I love

All the music I love

Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom
of my heart to you all.

We've been this tour for you,

with you.

You gave us happiness every night.

You're a golden audience!

And I love you for that. And you, and you,

and you, and you up there!

I love you!

All the music I love

All the music I love

All the music I love

She comes from there

She comes from there

She comes from there

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

- I'm kidding myself.

- I know your little number.

Me, I pass,

and I'm going to bed.

When you win, you're tired.
- Fuck you.

As soon as he loses, he leaves.

So what?
- So we play.

Yes, I know.
- I went all in.

So what's the matter with you?

Just this.
- Oh, fuck.

Thanks for coming.

It's okay? Will you survive?

Badly. Badly.

It stings, eh?


Did you cheat?

My personal conviction is that he's guilty.

But as much as you and me.

My personal conviction is that I don't know.

Of that, I'm sure.

My firm belief is that he's 100% guilty.

A hen doesn't crow like a rooster,
and a rooster doesn't lay eggs.

Nothing happens as we'd imagined.

There's only one sun, and
everything has its own shadow.

We're all fluctuations of happiness.

There's nothing greater than the truth.

But since it's a lie that comes apart,

I have a more personal conviction.

When you go con fishing, it always bites.

Why do you think I'm such
an asshole all day...

on that skateboard?

It's to keep them laughing.

How many times will I have to repeat to you

that laughter is the best
medicine in the world?

So we don't give bad news anymore.

Only good news.
Bad news makes you sick,

as the good news is welcomed by the brain.

The brain says, "Here, good news."

So he says to the other cells,

"We may be cured."

"Yes, we might get well."
It works like that.

So from now on in my department,

I just want what's funny.

The banana, eh?

More than that. This is a little banana.

You have to make me the big banana, okay?

People, we receive them,

we smile, we joke, and only
afterwards, we listen to them.

I have a surprise for you.

Here. I made a bunch of jokes.

These are jokes.

Here, Angela.

We go into the room, we
draw a card from the patient.

You kept silent for me.
- Draw a card.

I'm the patient, I read the joke.

I have to read it aloud.

There the patient will say,

"Do you know why hippos
have sex in the water?"

"Well, you try to get a pussy wet...

that's 400 pounds." That's strong.

I admit this one's a bit strong.

But it works. It's already better.

Come on. On the way,
we'll heal with laughter.

Come on, clear the way.

Ah, I just have to pack everything here.

You're on Beaune FM, live from Place Carnot,

for the first day of "Street Jazz"
with our beloved singer,

our comeback, Nini Jazzy, who kicks us off.

A little gone, a little lame

I go down to the jazz club

History of forgetting a
little, the course of my life


Guys look at me pissed off

Yes. Well, listen...

There are days when I
want to get fucked up.

So, master? Have you lost again?

Shall I take you home?
- Where you want.

I'm telling all of my clients
about your joke the other day.

They died laughing.

This is more than a joke.
It's the metaphor of life.

Do you tell jokes to all your patients?

Over the years, laughter has
become my first prescription.

Madame Richer, this is the
first time I've seen your dog.

She's a bitch.
- Sorry, miss.

Usually my husband comes to pick me up,

but there he is on the move.

Are you coming back from a trial?
- Yes.

And who did you judge?

It's a bit sordid. I don't
really want to talk about it.

What sign are you?
- Sign what?


Ah, Cancer. Why?

Since this morning, I've
driven a Taurus, a Leo, an Aries...

It's no longer a taxi, it's a cattle truck.

If you're a Cancer, you're
going to fall from the sky today.


It says today you'll
fall from a great height.

Can I help?
- Thank you.

It's okay?
- Yes.

Goodbye, miss.

You're free?
- Yes.

I'd like to go to the hospital.
- You're welcome.

What a jerk!

Oh, fuck...

I love to watch the girls,
yes, walking on the beach

Their breasts swollen
by the desire to live

Their eyes that turn away
when you look at them

I love

I love to watch the girls,
yes, walking on the beach

The sun on their skin
playing hide and seek

And solar ambers
The fickle perfume

I love to watch the girls
walking on the beach

The sun on their skin
playing hide and seek

And solar ambers
The fickle perfume

Oh I love

I love


My heart's still pounding.

Call a taxi or an ambulance.
It hurts a lot.

Close the doors.

With this festival, we need privacy.

Advocate General, please continue.

The accused is also suspected
of having killed her first husband.

So I ask for perpetuity,

with an irreducible
sentence of 22 years in prison.

The floor goes to the defense.

Master of Vidas, we're listening to you.




Antoine, my old man...

A doctor in the room?

Antoine, old man.

Come on, come on, let's go.

An ambulance is waiting for you.
- I'm sorry.

If you're Cancer, you're going
to fall from a great height today.


You hear me?

Don't let go.

There you go.

Lift up, lift up.

You have to call the fire department.

She's slipping.

Where are you?

Where am I? Look, I'm in Dijon.

You know what? You just have to stay there.

How do I tell you that I love you?

I'll pick you up at the hospital.
- No, not in the hospital.

Just to kiss you, to ask your forgiveness.

Yeah... that's second time that
you asked me for forgiveness.

Yeah, but now I mean it.

I know you're the woman of my life.

Look me in the eye,
and maybe I'll believe you.

Turn around then.


- I love you.
- Is there someone in the emergency room?

- Try to say it sincerely.
- Yeah.

- Not like an actor.
- Jess!

There are three big arrivals, let's go.

- I love you.
- I prefer it when you act, actually.

I'm not acting. I'm telling you for real.

I love you!

You actors always pretend!

What about the children?
- What?

How are the children?

Since when are you interested in them?

How do you think they are?
- I'm interested in children.

It's better that you ask them.

They're too small.
- What do you mean?

The children are too small.

They're not small.

The children are small.
- Children grow up.

Haven't you seen our children grow up?

I'm not saying they're not tall...

but inside they're small.

What are you saying?

You have to stay small, always.

It's you who's small, always.

But what's the point of growing up?

It's useless. We grow up, that's all,

and you should grow up, too.

It's hard.

But no, it's not hard. Stop.


Am I disturbing you?
- No, no.

The doctor will come by.

If all goes well, he can
be released tomorrow.

I'll just ask you...

to take a card.

What's this?

New doctor's prescriptions.

Any one I want?
- Yes.

I'll take this.

It should be read aloud.

"Honey, why don't you
tell me when you cum?"

"You won't allow me to
call you at the office."

And me, can I get one?
- Yes.

Two blondes are chatting.
"I was married for three years."

"No, adults."

I'll still keep you for three or four days.

We'll see how you react to pure water.

Did he pull out his little card?
- Of course.

So, are you better?

And me, can I draw a little card?

Come on, at random.

"A guy said to his mate,

'"This weekend I was
in Lourdes with my wife.

"The other says, 'So what?'

"'Well, there was no miracle.
She came back home.'"

The 2CV you fell on, it's a miracle.

It wasn't your time.

But was it a sickness or a suicide?

I dunno.

I don't know, I...

I didn't feel well, I put
myself on the balcony...

I breathed the air, I listened to you.
Afterwards, I don't remember.

We arrived in the
same ambulance earlier.

Didn't you love it?

Can I eat your yogurt?
- Yes, of course.

And he'd already cheated on you?

Maybe, yes.

Would it have been easier
for you with a woman?



What about your heart problems?

I often have them. Especially
when someone smiles at me, I crack.

Madame Richer, you still
don't want to see your husband?

He's been waiting since last night.

Let him go. I'd like to
know how my dog'is doing.

- Your sister has it.
- What?

She'd like to see you.

But we look awful.

So? How's it going?

In a thousand pieces.

Okay. And you?

Me, things are much better.

If you're not dead tomorrow morning,

I'll drive you out the door. Come on.

Have you been drawing a card?
- Not yet.

There's Jesus, walking on water.

The apostles swim, and
an apostle says to Jesus,

"You're wrong, she's good!"

What about your husband and your sister?
- Let them live together.

And they'll give me back
my dog. Thank you.

It's funny. What does
your sister do for a living?

- Ah, yes?

Well, she tries.

And you, where are you?

Ah, okay. Okay, I'll call
you back because...

I'll remind you. Kisses.

- Hello.
- Hello.

So, it's you.
- Yes.

I expected more.

The train to Paris was late.

Did he tell you about me?

His cell phone.

Ah, are you digging, too?



What's your name?
In his contacts, you're Jacques.

Of course, my name's
not Jacques. Mathilde.


And if it's not too intrusive,

can you tell me how
you got to know Antoine?

He took care of my divorce.

I see.

Want something to drink?
- A Haircut, like you.

Do we have something to take care of?

A Cut, please.

My husband's alcoholism, let's say.

How's he doing?
- Not very well. He's in the hospital.

Ethylic coma.
Yesterday he collapsed in court.

I don't... Sorry?

He's at the hospital.

He's at the hospital.

And what am I doing in Beaune?

I dunno. If you know something,
you can save him.

I understand nothing.
- Since your meeting,

he's drunk a little more.

Your fault, mine, I don't know.

I can hand him off. You'll get by

Maybe better.
- What are you expecting from me?

Let him make a choice. I'll respect him.

That's very kind of you, but...

I, I prefer lovers to husbands.

You don't love him anymore?

No man deserves to be loved.
- Really?

Listen, I've been with young
guys. Really young.

Old ones, less old...

I've always been disappointed. Always.

Oh, yeah? Maybe that's
why he's not doing well.

Are you going to leave Antoine?

I've already left him,
but he's hanging on.

Don't you want to give it a chance?

Oh, no. No no no.

I told you, I prefer lovers to husbands.

And especially those who are married,

who return to their wives in the evening.

These, I adore them.
- Is that so?

Oh dear...

The upside of being clear and lucid.

Why are you staying with him?

It's not the coup of the century, Antoine.

It has to do with love, something like that.

But what is love?

This is when the question of knowing
if it's a good bet no longer arises.

I told you, I was
at the hairdresser.

I asked you a question, Judith.
- And I answered you, Tahar.

Where were you yesterday afternoon?

It's not possible, are you deaf or what?

I was at the hairdresser.

Do you understand that?
- False.

Oh, yeah? And why?

I was there this morning.
They haven't seen you.

Ah... Typical.

- Yes.

You dare answer me like that?
- Yes. And you know why?

- Because I changed hairdressers.

Ah, that's it! Ah, there
you go. There, I understand.

A queer slaughtered your head!
- You're not in a bazaar here.

I'm gonna go slice his cock.

It already is. He's circumcised.

Ah, is it a Jew?
Madame fucks with Jews?

If I have to count on you, Mr. Ramadan,

for months, no merguez!

I have an easy trigger.
- Sir, it's Jolly Jumper.

He fires faster than his shadow.
- In my country, whores...

You don't call me a whore!

You're one of them.

You stone them in public.
It's a diversion.

When you can, you behead them.

If I could, I'd kill him.
- Oh yeah? Go ahead, do it.

I will.

And how? With what?

With a drink like that?

I'm going to kill you.
- I don't think so!

I'm going to kill you.
- Excuse me, we are in France.

We don't cut people's throats.

With pleasure.

In the Koran, precisely, we have
the right to slaughter the infidels,

Jewish whores like you.

You think I'm going to read the Quran?

Who's talking about crazy people?

Watch your tongue!
- You calm down!

Oh, dear...

Poor girl.
- What, me?

Oh, yes.

But have you seen yourself?
You look like a sick person, crazy.

Poor girl.
- And you, poor man.

"Poor man," is that it?
Well, well done!

Bravo, Mecca! Blasphemy!

Why Mecca?

- Don't blaspheme!

In the trash!
- I'm gonna...

Calm down, Taliban!
- This is my concern.

Am I talking to you and your mechanic?

Oh, you calm down!

Stop it!

Do you think it's the UN?


What's the matter?

Me, I'm not touching you.
Me, I'm not touching you.

Go touch your wife. Hit her.

Hit your shitty wife!

Break it up, break it up.

Do you settle everything with violence?
- Go away!

Go real oil.


Do you ever get confused?

Live a little!


Now you will answer my first question.
Where were you...

yesterday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.?

You only get one answer.

Where you were you?


At the hairdresser.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was a
scene from a play we're doing...

at the Beaune Theater,
"Halal Vs. Kosher."

If you want to see...

Sorry... if you want to
see these two people...

make up...

If you want to see them make up,

come see us in the play.

Thank you.

I got screwed. What do we do?

You're not happy with him.

Oh no, no. More.

I have been.

Frankly, he did everything to me.
And I accepted everything.

If you come to Paris one day,

I'll offer you a very good shot.

For real?
- He's hauling wood. Heavy, you know.

He's an old musician who's
never sold his music for films.

He's retired. The phone's ringing.

We tell him, "We've chosen
one of your pieces."

He's happy, puts on his
outfit, goes to the cinema.

It's a cinema where they only show porn.

There's just a couple of old
people in the middle of the room.

He sits behind them. The film starts.

And there, we see with horror,

the hero of the film sodomizes
a dog, a Labrador.

And right there, his music starts.
He has tears in his eyes.

He hears his music in a movie.

He pats the little old man on
the shoulder and says to them,

"That's my music!"

The little old people turn around,

in tears, too, and say, "That's our dog!"

You saved a patient's life with your 2CV.

I know, I picked it up.

So what do you have?
There, it all looks good.

I ran into a bastard.

In 40 years of career,
I've never seen that.

I can't sleep anymore.

Stick your tongue out.
I know this motherfucker?

Yes, you know him.
You even play poker with him.

- No?
- Yes.

- No, wait...
- Yes.

- Don't tell me that...
- Yeah.

- Him?
- Yeah.

Oh, motherfucker...
you know he's a good fuck?

Yes, finally, God protect me.

Look. We're talking about
God, and he's calling me.

Yeah? I'll call you back, I'm busy.

Shit, shit.
- What?

Don't move, don't move, don't move.

Okay, stop, but don't move.

Stop the engine, please.

Do you know why you're being stopped?

I can explain.

Driver's license and gray card.
- Yes. It's in the trunk.

It never happens to me, either.

What's this?

Vintage wine. If you like it...

Breathe, please.
- Um, yes.

Blow hard.
- Yes, yes.


Gray card, license,
not the same name?

- Yes, but he...

Not the same name.
- Because it's not my car.

Did you steal it?
- No, I borrowed it.

I'm a mechanic. My boss has vintage cars.

It came positive.
- What'd you say?

Well, that's positive.

No, I'd never have stolen a car...

So, to sum up.

Drunk driving over 180 kmh,

on a road limited to 70.
- 180, that would surprise me.

Attempted corruption.
- Hey now...

Stolen car, false papers.
I think we're good.

I'll keep the license, the registration
card, the car, and you walk home.

You're crazy.
- No.

Do you want me dead or what?

I have a wife, children,
a job. I can't lose it all.

Should've thought about that before.
- What do you mean?

Listen, I have a lovely girl here.

She wanted to take
a ride in a convertible.

You're men.

You can understand that,
anyway, between guys.

There might be a way to work it out, right?

The car is beautiful, isn't it?
- Yeah.

And my fiancee, she's
very beautiful too, isn't she?

Maybe you could try...

and the car, and my fiancee.

What do you think?
- It's up to you.

Yes, it's you who decides.
- Okay, it's me who decides.

Can I try it right away?

Well yes, of course.


Hello. Nice to meet you, my name's Robert.


I'll sit there.

You just saved my life.
- Yeah.

You'll see, when it's your turn...

My fiancee is... a Formula 1 driver.

I'm more of a driver than a rider.

What sign are you?
- Aries.

It's funny, because...

It's my favorite sign.

So what?

I've never been disappointed with an Aries.

We're back on Beaune FM for
this week of 100% jazz.

Our beloved singer, Nini, has
prepared a little surprise for us.

Thanks, Nadia.
For your loyalty, above all.

I had spare time, spending
two days in the hospital.

So I wrote a song...

about life, love, happiness.

I called it "To Each Their
Own Life." It's a motto.

This is the first time it's been done.

A gift.
- All right, I'm going.

Thank you.

To each their own life

And their personal conviction

Have you seen the rooms?
- Yes.

So here, a little boudoir.
Very practical and very pleasant.

Dining room, living room,

kitchen, two bathrooms...

Why are you selling?
- I don't want to retire here.

Have you always worked in Beaune?

Since I left Paris at 25.

I like the local clientele.
It's more pleasant.

Do you still work in pairs?
- Yes, we're very close.

For customers, it's more fun.
- Very good.

And the neighbors?
- Good customers.

Hello, dear.

You know the way, I'm coming.

One of my best clients.
Besides, he smells good.

It's rare.

So, the investment?
- Is there a Parisian clientele?

Not too much. Proximity's
more inconvenient, more convivial.

Lyon, Dijon, Chalon...

They're cool, the provincials.
- Very.

To each their own life

Doesn't mean everyone for themselves

If you're all alone

Nothing to hold in your arms

No, today's a gift.
Here, that'll bring me luck.

What's the occasion?

You're my last customer. I'm retiring.

Come see the cake I made for you.

What do you mean, retirement?

I bought myself a house in the South.

Imagine roses,

sycamores, just for me.

Come see what I've prepared for you.

But what about me? And us?
- For us, it's not love.

It's entertainment, hugs.

I found you two nice replacements.

I don't understand how a
guy like you needs to pay.

Free girls, there are plenty.

My father used to say, "What
is free is more expensive."

Come and see what I've got for you.



what if we got married?

I adore you because you address me
with respect, and you're the only one.

But I want more than guys in my bed.

Guys, I've been around.

To each their own life

Well done, thank you!
Finish this song, finish it.

"You can always make
someone less miserable."

Because it's true.

You know what I think about marriage?

All my clients are married.
That's a problem, right?

Why are they coming?

As the last customer, I'd like...
- What?

To be the last until the end of our life.

So I'll be your personal whore
under your watch.

I can have guys in my
bed, not anywhere else.

I want to be able to stop drafts,

put crumbs in my bed.

I don't want to wash your undies.

I want to lie down without being touched.

I didn't graduate,

but I know that 20 times a day for 20 years,

that's 154,000 customers.
My paradise, I've earned it.

You know, retirement, roses, cats...

If you change your mind, call me.

Why haven't you remarried?
You're a widower.

I told myself at the beginning...

with a regular woman, it
was like I was cheating on her.

And I fell in love with you.
- You're all liars,

all faithless, all corruptible.

I'm in love with you.

Anyway, you're going
to chill in the South,

with your roses.

I'll write my memoirs.

If each customer buys a copy,
it'll be a bestseller.

Are you going to talk about me in your...?
- Of course.

A provincial figure who
fucks a whore for two years,

so he isn't cheating on his
dead wife, it deserves a chapter.

What's it going to be
called, your masterpiece?

"13 Minutes Total."

And I'm not talking about early ejaculators,

and those who are slow getting dressed.
- "13 Minutes?"

Yeah. Crazy, eh?

Mr. President, you
look like a child,

when you're between my breasts.

I love you a little more than the others,

or I care for you a little less.

This is all...

I had to invest. It's my job.

Your job is to lie.

It's the same for me.
And you're better paid than me.

My profession is the truth.
- You've told me enough.

Judicial truth,

the real truth...

Don't go to trial.
- I'm not.

Me, I believed in this story.

Go on trial, then.

Look at yourself in the mirror
and ask yourself what's wrong.

I liked a girl who doesn't care.

A girl who was in business. It's my job.

I love you a little more than the
others, but it's not worth a marriage.

I was free to you today,

but it's not a party
in Neu-Neu either!

You can't treat me like that.
- I treat you pretty well.

For a long time, you had in
mind someone sincere and true.

I believed in it, and
it can't be just a hustle.

And you said tender,
sweet things to me.

It's my job.

You led me on.

I said and did what you paid for.

I bought words.
- A ton.

It was a package.

Can we call each other?

We'll talk things over on the phone.
This is my little gift.

It's a surprise.

So you do care.

But no, I love you more than the others.

"More than the others," it's...
- Even if it's that, it's more.

And I get no say in this?

Look, I'm not your mother
either. Don't abuse it.

I already wish you were my wife.

You had me for many years.

I was your wife, I was
more than all the women...

than you'll ever have in your life.

No woman would have done what
I did quietly. Make you happy.

I love you more and more.

The more badly you're
treated, the more you love us.

That's why I want more, dude.

It gets me drunk, it tires
me, I can't take any more.

After 150,000 guys, you don't
see things the same way anymore.

It's all the same.

I told you that I love you a
little more. Don't abuse it either.

Don't get petty.

Don't get mean, don't get mean.

Remain the great
president that we see in you,

and that you surely are.

What's the use of being a great president?

And you're the only one I've
kissed. Whores never kiss.

A little more than the others.
- Yeah.

That's why I believed it.

I must regret it?

Good, Clementine...

I figured out the deal. A hypothesis.

You hole up in the South.

Your roses, your cats...

It's a plan, not a hypothesis.

No, it's a hypothesis.
- Well, okay.

You come see me.

Do you think that appeals to me?
Damn, lay off your dreaming.

Don't tell me things like that.

Mister President,

condemn me.

Why are we all crazy about thieves?

You think a thief says,

"If you shut up, come see me later?"

He finishes the job,

and we shut our mouths.

We don't cuckold real men.

Oh stop,

giving me those beaten puppy eyes.

Do I have to jump for joy?

I'll give you a present.

We'll go back to the room and
have a litte party, a final party.

A bit like a condemned
man's cigarette, if you will.


I love you.

My job is to manipulate men.

Still don't get it?

Never do.

I'm waiting for you.

After the ads, it's business as usual.

I'm going to eat lunch.

Have you just arrived from Paris?
- Yes, like the good old days.

And at the same table?
- At the same table.


What'll you have?
- The opposite of what you have.

An aperitif to start?

We're gonna start with a divorce.

Now isn't the time to open
stupid floodgates.

We're going to take some
water with big bubbles.

Yes. Very big, the bubbles.
- Okay.

I wanted to see you one last time.

"Last time?"

There's always a last time.

And a first time.

Excuse me.

Since you seem as lonely as me,

I thought to myself that maybe
we could share the same table.

I'm here.

I'm alone because I want to be.

Excuse me.

May I sit?
- Please do.

I didn't expect to see
you again so soon.

Who do I have the good luck...

or the bad luck to
share the evening menu?

Nadia, Miss Bourgogne 1996
and third runner-up for Miss France.

- Yes.

And I have a radio show on Beaune FM.

Me, I'm Stephane.
- Nice to meet you, Stephane.

I'm a clerk of the Republic.

I'm in Beaune because
the president ordered me...

to restore the cellar of the Elysee.
What did I mean?

And, stupid question...

I'm very connected with horoscopes.
What sign are you?

- Oh.

I was born on the Day of the Dead.

On my birthday, I have chrysanthemums.

I'm a Scorpio, too.

I feel bad there.


With scorpions, the female
always ends up killing the male.

That's true?

It's what they say.
Afterwards, these are these claims.

Finally, anyway, the future will tell.

How long are you staying in Beaune?

In Beaune?

Well, normally, I leave...


But it's not obligatory.
I mean, I can stay...

How long are you staying?
- I live here.

I... I live here.
- What are you doing tonight?

I warned you four years ago.

Two Scorpions together, that can't work.

Why did you invite me to lunch?

To have no regrets.
- No regrets?

You see... we happened
like those songs we loved,

and that we support more.


All these moments

where our bodies vibrate

in beautiful unison

We were friends


A love like in songs

When we promised each other everything

We were sincere

Especially me.

We didn't capsize

We drifted

Especially you.

No need to cry

Or to be bitter

That's true.

All it takes is a good word

To meet

Or not.

Because humor

can save love.

The sound of your laugh

makes everything glow.

Either I'm a clown or troubadour.

The night that falls

will be for us both.

You're still on Beaune FM
and I'm at the football stadium,

where Kendji Gerac is on fire,
as Johnny Hallyday would say.

Our festival is from Johnny to Kendji.

I love you more and more, you!

Yeah, me too!

Is it still far, Dijon?
- About fifty kilometers.

Oh my, with that fog...
Is there a hotel nearby?

100 meters away,

Domaine de la Pousse d'Or
has hotel rooms.

What's this, again with this fog story?

- A gentleman would like a room.

A gentleman we know?
- Yes.

Actually, let's say everyone knows him.

I don't understand.

Good evening.

I'm sorry to bother you, but with this fog,

I didn't know what to
expect at all. Good evening.

It's you?

I hope so.

Is it really you?
- Um, yes, I think so.

You want me to turn off the radio?
- No, I like Kendji.

Ah yes? You know him?

We even sang together.

You sang with everyone.

With quite a few people, yes.

I know plenty of your songs.

Which ones?

Well, I love the one that...
"I Promise You."

I find it beautiful.

"I promise you salt
At the kiss of my mouth"

Do you keep your promises?

I try, but it's not always easy.

You don't want to
fall in love with yourself,

when we listen to your songs.

Do you often travel alone?

To forget the crowd,
it's the best remedy.

Where's your wife?

Out there... Probably lost in the fog, too.

Maybe that's my husband. Jane?

By God, my husband.
- "By God, my husband."

Is your wife jealous of the public?

Oh, I don't really know.

Have you ever cheated on her?

Do you want to cheat on your husband?

If I want to cheat on my husband?

I don't know who I'm going
to tell about having dinner with you.

I'll say that I dined
with a very pretty woman.

I have an indiscreet question.

From where I'm sitting, why not.

Which year were you born?

- Yeah?


So I'll get you a 1943 bottle.

Do you realize you're the same age as me?

When you have it signed,
it'll be even more valuable.

That's a good idea.

When I have a pen, I'll write on the bottle:

"Thanks to the countess,
whose smile alone...

can clear all the mists in the world."

That's sweet.

I can kiss you?
- Oh, from where I'm standing... yes.

Thank you.

I don't believe it.

Hearing Johnny Hallyday's under my roof.

It's the truth.
- Eh, yes.

I thought it was a joke. Nice to meet you.

Very happy.

Welcome. I'm Madame's husband.

I think I got that.

How come you're here?

The fog.
- The fog, oh yes.

You, too?
- Yes, can we take a selfie?

It's okay to do a selfie?

Of course, I'm used to it.


Do you like Pommard, or Volnay?

The Volnay, the Pommard, both?
- I like both.

Very good. We went ahead
and took up your luggage.

I thought it would be
criminal not to finish 1943.

And your husband?

With the tea I gave him,
he'll sleep until tomorrow.

Oh my, women...

Johnny showed up in the fog!

What could I do about it?

Yes, I fell for it! Yes, I cracked!

But, madam, your husband's
been in the cemetery for two years.

He never dreamed of it.

He sang to me "Cause I Love You."

Can you imagine when he said to
me, "When you become a bitch?"

Obviously, I've become chic.
I only wanted that!

Me, I've never been a bitch in my life.

I have a very small, very peculiar life!

And my boyfriend, he
keeps cheating on me!

Imagine that all of Johnny's
fans kill their husbands!

All the women out there...

have dreamed of sleeping
with Johnny Hallyday!

Swear you didn't dream
of sleeping with him!

Say it to my face!



Am I bothering you?


Did you sleep well?
- Yes, and you?

Yes, fine.
- And your husband?

He sang all night long.
He sang "Gabrielle,"

"Cause I Love You" and
"Light the Fire," so...

Hello. You okay? Slept well?
- Yes, thanks. And you?

I wanted to introduce you to our son.

See, it's Johnny.
- It's okay?

Ah yes, that's him.

Can he take a picture?
- Now?

Go ahead.

But quickly, then.

Get closer.

Wait, wait!

Jeanne! Come on, come on, come on.

Just one more.

This is good, there. Ready...

Turn on the flash.


Is there no one left?

Mr. President, a word for "Street Jazz?"

I think it should last all year.

Very good idea. Have a good day.

Two beers and two sandwiches, please. Sorry.

Two beers, two sandwiches.

Mr. Advocate General, may I disturb you?

You're welcome.

I can sit?
- Go for it.

You are?

Lucie Barbier, Xavier Barbier's sister.

You're going to seek a
heavy sentence against him.

I'mnot allowed to speak to you.

You, no. I can.

If we're together, I risk contamination,

and the penalty will be the maximum.

I know your reputation, sir.

Come on, disappear.

Without denying the rape for
which my little brother will be judged,

I can assure you
that was an accident.

A stupid accident.

Do you know smart rapes?

She'd provoked him.

Were you in the parking lot?

My brother told me they'd flirted,

and that one thing led to another.

Have you ever been raped?

And you?
- Yes.

That's why I became general counsel.

In short, you thought I could
spare your brother, right?


I'm ready to do anything for that.

"Anything" what?

Anything. Absolutely everything.

Even to a civil servant's corruption?

The most corrupt, even the most delirious.

Even if I'll demand your
brother's acquittal,

that's not why the jury will follow me.


You won't regret it.

Fine. You... are you going to
wait for my indictment?

I prefer to wait for you here.

All day?

Like fish, women are very patient.

And I, like all Sagittarians,
am very impatient.

For the first time in 15 years,
I have no deep conviction.

This guy baffles me.

Yeah... I'm sure he
raped her and killed her.

What's going on?

What? It's okay.


It's not okay?
- No.

No. Not at all, no.

A cuckold.

Have you ever cheated on your wife?

Never in her lifetime.

"Never in her lifetime,"
what does that mean?

It means that since she died,

so as not to betray her...

I got into the habit of going
to whores. Is that okay?

Are they good, these whores?

Hey. The guy, there,

if he'd been into whores,
he wouldn't be in jail.

And he might not have raped her.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. No, just...

Stop, stop.

I was delighted to work
with you for ten years,

and it's not because I'm
transferring to the Quai des Orfevres...

that I won't be coming back.

I'll come back to see my daughter.
Watch her.

Thanks for everything, and
I'll be back for the booze.

Is the toilet over there?

What's going on there?
- He wanted to go to the bathroom.

We nabbed him doing over
200 with three grams.

We didn't stop to put him in
the cell, so we brought him to you.

We're here.

It's Johnny.

Hold on, hold on.

I leave it to you.

How's it going, sir?

Can I have a coffee?
- Yes.

A coffee, please!

And a little cigarette.
- Cigarettes, too!

Without a filter.
- Without the filter, if you can.

Do you want to sit down?

You okay?

I'll wait there a bit,
because... just in case...

Of course.

Ah, here's the coffee.
- Oh yeah, coffee.

And a smoke, bring a smoke.

Careful, this is hot. Don't burn yourself.

It's good, I have some, I have some.

That's crazy. I didn't know
you were still in Beaune.

I was forced to sing at a wedding.

But a wedding of...
of a friend of yours, of a celebrity?

Ah, yes. A celebrity, yes.

It's the butcher of Place Carnot.

But do you often have weddings?

Ah yes, yes, weddings and
birthdays, especially in the summer.

Is that so?
- Yeah, summer.

This is funny. We didn't know.

But if I want to pay Johnny
Hallyday for a wedding, how much is it?

Oh, in the...

900 range.

Ah yes, 900,000.
- It's a bit expensive.

It's a bit expensive for us.


900,000 is what you're worth.
- No, no, no. 900 euros.

900 euros?
-900, yes, for a song?

Ah no, no. For the whole show.

For everything...
- From start to finish.

For the concert we saw the other night?

What concert?

Well, the Johnny Hallyday concert.

Ah, yes. Were you there?


Me, too.

Now that's funny.

We were facing you.

We danced, we were acting crazy.

That was good, eh?
- It was great.

Ah yes, I liked it.
- And we were...

It was France. You're France.

I loved that concert.
- You're a monument.

Me, I loved it.
- You saw when I did...

I... I made you get up...
- But yes.

Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday!

Johnny, Johnny!

Oh, dear! And since you have...

The presence, the presence...
- The voice...

Ah, that, he has presence.

The voice you have...
- Yeah, he has a voice...

You have an amazing voice.
I don't know how you do it.

Excuse me, I...
- Please.

Can we take a selfie?

Yeah, I'm used to it.

I take selfies all the time.

It's nice.

Is that true, do you mind?
- No, no.

Rock 'n' Roll!


Besides, it's very
emotional for me because...

I lost my father at a very young age...
- I'm sorry.

My condolences.
- That's sweet, Johnny.

Sorry. A dad's important.

Yes... You were like a surrogate father.

A little moved.
- How nice.

A little moved to talk about it.

As soon as I have a stroke of
the blues, I put the music on.

Me, too.

Yeah, you're essential in...
- Do you listen to yourself a lot?

Like that?
- It's awesome.

Rock 'n' Roll!


That's great. Thank you.

Thanks, Johnny.
- It's I who thank you.

Just between us,

Gabrielle really existed?

At the concert, he said to
himself, "Who is it, Gabrielle?"

No, but you have to ask Johnny.

You're awesome.

Can I see your driver's license?

We'll settle that and set you free. Sorry.

There it is, look.

It's just for the sake of it.
We'll your privacy afterwards.

It's to complete something
stupid, if not they piss us off.

You know how they are,
hierarchy and everything...

They'll surely tell us it wasn't worth it.

Is that a second license?

Is this your second license?
- No, this is my license.


I see "Jean-Marie Devillard..."

Yeah, that's me.

It's not Jean-Philippe Smet?

Oh, no.

No, no, no.
Jean-Philippe Smet's the other one.

What? Sorry, I don't understand.
What other one?

Okay, the other one.
The other is Johnny Hallyday.

Are you Johnny Hallyday?

No, I'm Johnny Hallyday
for the others. I sing...

Me, by paying myself
to sing at birthdays...

Yes, we got that.
- At weddings...

Are you really married to Laeticia?

Oh no, no, no, no.

My wife's name is Therese.

Wait, because...

I'm afraid I don't get it.

You mean...
- You misunderstood.

Wait, two seconds.
- I'd like to go home.


Are you, yes or no, Johnny Hallyday?

If not, you're a double, right?

But a good double.
- Wait, we don't mind.

Drop it.

There's no such thing as a
good or bad doppelganger.

Are you Johnny Hallyday or a double?

Good, bad, I care about all of it

Do you know what we're gonna do?

We're going to put you
in custody for 72 hours.

It's called "identity theft."

- You're using Johnny's face.

I never said I was Johnny.

You didn't say the opposite either!


You take us for idiots!

I have Johnny's mouth, I sing Johnny songs.

If I had had Eddy Mitchell's mouth...

You don't have to use his name!

It's you who said that
I was Johnny Hallyday, not I

It's pretty.
- Yes.

Shall I give you a payment plan?
- No.

I'll take it directly.

A fake Johnny Hallyday.
Like you and me, what...

A certified copy.

Was it the real one or was it the fake?

The fake, the double. Finally...

Unless Johnny screwed up our asses...

because I've never seen
such a perfect lookalike.

Are you okay?

Do you realize?
Tonsils, at my age...

And my ass is full of this jazz all
day long. I can't take any more.

I'll remind you, Mr. Mayor,

that this festival,
it was you who created it.

If you want to be reelected,
you shouldn't cancel it.

My greatest success, yes.

Tell me, do you still agree
to replace me tomorrow?

Yeah, don't worry.
I know your speeches by heart.

So listen to me carefully.

Tell the winegrowers..

that they sell their wine to the
Chinese, but not their vineyard. Okay?

Hello. It's always pleasant
to see you both.

We get you down to the OR tomorrow at 7.

Don't worry, it's a very small operation.

I'm afraid that it'll pass on to me...

because we always have the
same illnesses at the same time.



Since I'm single, don't you
want to take advantage of it?

A woman calls her doctor.

"Did I forget my panties at your office?"

The doctor says no. So she
says, "It must be at the dentist's."

What's happening?

It's not good. I'd be
surprised if he lasts the night.

I'm sorry.

How are you doing today?

When I see you, things are much better.

Take it.
- What's this?

This is what I can offer you...

But be careful,
don't open it for three days.


What silly thing did you put in there?

A very small joke.

Do you mind the music?
- Oh, not at all.

Your charge is acquitted.

- Really.

How did you do it?

Oh... I implied that the rape victim...

was part of a prostitution network,

organized from Bucharest.


Thank you.

A thousand thanks.

Shall we have dinner tonight?

One little problem.

Xavier Barbier isn't my
brother, but my lover.

The floor can appeal.
And the floor is me.

Are you the "quiet father?"

I'm listening.

I have money.

Perfect. Now tell
me about the target.

His address, his habits,

all the places where I can find him.

I'd like to know the method before.

A 9 mm caliber, a bullet
in the heart, no suffering.

Are you sure?
I don't want to suffer anymore now.


I'm the target.

I've been in remission for a year.

I thought it was over.

Unacceptable, madam. I can't
operate on a target that I know.

Please, sir.

Please, sir...

Please, sir.

Madam Justice.

Madam Justice.

Madam Justice, wake up. It's over.

You okay? How do you feel?


It'll be fine.


What's your first name like?
- Zinedine.

It's very nice.
- Thank you.

What are you doing here?

Since you don't come home
anymore, I'm came to get you.

Haven't you had enough of
being glued to your friend?

Okay, I'll leave you.
- I'll take you home.

No, it's not necessary.
- Yes, I have a file.

What file?
- A file I have to give you.

What are you talking about?

This is the Tuesday file.
- What file?

The Tuesday one. Forget it, I'm calling you.

I understand nothing.

With all your lessons, you call me.

Have you been on
the Route du Rhum?

Be gentle. It's sunny today.

Look. This is a very large bottle.

I'd like us to
drink it together.

And after, I swear, I stop
and we start from zero.

How many times have we
already started from zero?

Oh no, no, no.

This time it's really a real zero.

Shouldn't you start your cure today?

Ah, but I went. There was nothing to drink.

Stop that.

Stop that.

But... look.

Stop it, please!




They're beautiful, our children.

My show's about to break
a new audience record.

Since the biggest track for "Street Jazz"...

is "Jazz and Java," I'll
play it for you now.

"When jazz is, when jazz is there"

"The java goes away
The java goes away"

What's he doing there?
He should be in the OR.

Get me that.

Ladies and gentlemen, coming.

Shouldn't you come tomorrow?
- I couldn't wait to see you.

Take her blood pressure then.
- That's what I'm doing.

You're already here?
- You told me noon.

"She crushes her Gaule
And goes into the street"

"When jazz is, when jazz is there"

"The java goes away
The java goes away"

"There's a thunderstorm in the air
There's water in the..."

"When I blissfully
listen to a drum solo"

"Here is the java which grows
In the name of our home"

"But when I say bravo
to the accordionist,"

"It's jazz that yells at me
Calling me a racist"

"When jazz is, when jazz is there"

"The java goes away
The java goes away"

What's that?

This is the amount of your tax adjustment.

It's a phone number.

I've taken into account your real estate,

your vineyards, your drinking
establishments, your wine bars,

your yacht, your planes...

It's a little recovery that puts
you back on the rails of legality.

Do you call this a "little turnaround"?

But you're going to kill
thousands of people losing their jobs!

It's up to you.

We can work it out, right?
- "Work it out?"

You'll be retiring soon.

I can smooth it for you.

Attempted corruption?
- Right away, big words.

I didn't even look to see if
you had any accounts abroad.

Do you know what sets us apart?

Surely a lot of things.

I feed 20,000 people a day,
and you're going to starve them.

Do you have a handkerchief?

Rest assured, I just wanted to test
your professional loyalty.

Your refusal to negotiate,

your absolute integrity,

total integrity,

and the quasi-religious respect for legality

have touched me to a place
you can't imagine.

So much so that I'm
going to ask you a question.

An important question.

Go ahead.

A question that only one asks...

I'm listening.

And it's true, I swear to you.
I never asked this question before.

Still listening.

Will you marry me?

Marry you?

You didn't know a divorce could cost
you more than this little turnaround.

For forty years, I've avoided
the trap of marriage.

To meet a person like you is a revelation.

I've known some women.

Interested, useless,


You're pure, straight, clear.
You're the diamond...

I was looking for in this
swamp of human nature.

Don't get into poetry.

There are professionals for that.

Yes, you're right. I got carried away.

But back to reality.

After a whole life of professional rigor,

you're learning to
glide without stopping at...

a recovery house, the tax authorities,

or a retirement home.

There's something wrong.

You're much too smart for that.

So, is it yes or no?


Sorry, I'm not smoking a cigar.


I have in front of me the neck most
worthy of wearing this necklace...

that my mother left me.

It will be my engagement gift.

What were you doing in
Switzerland last summer?

Well, skiing.
- In the middle of August?

Water skiing on Lake Geneva. Why?

Is that prohibited by Bercy?

What's your sign?

Is this question part of the check?

One of its most important questions.

I'm the sign of happiness.

And there you go.

Our 10th "Street Jazz"
festival ends today...

with great Dimitri Naiditch,

who accompanied us all week.

Thank you all, dear listeners.

See you next year for
our 11th anniversary,

our 11th festival of "Street Jazz"...

And now you can hear...

for the closing of our 10th festival...

the great Dimitri Naiditch.

- It's me.

Yeah, what do you want?

Uh... well, to talk.

I don't want to talk.

Nathalie, please.

But where are you there?

Behind the pianist,

like an ass. You don't see me?

There, there, there.

You see me?

Well... yes, I see you.

So... let me come upstairs, please.

Paul, I'm starting to forget
about you, and it's good for me.

I don't want you to forget about me.

I don't want that! Let me talk.

I don't want to see you anymore!
- Open up. A word.

Please. Nathalie!

Take off.

I promise you a word. Open up!
- Okay, one word.

A word!
- Well, go ahead. A word.


Open it, please.

Hi, girls.
- Hi.

What can I get you?
- A coffee and a beer.

Okay, you got it.

I think I won.

Jess? Jess!




Jess, what is it?

You okay? What's the matter?

Tell me, how are you?

There, in my bag...
- What do you want?

A piece of paper.
- A paper?

Your old man from the hospital there?
- Yes.

That, there?


"Thank you for all you've put up with."

"This paper is the only
thing I can offer you."

I think I won.
- 9, okay. 14, okay.

Oh, fuck!

Girl, you did good!

You really won!
- I won?

We won!
- Damn, we won!

- We won!
- We're rich!

This is the first time I've seen
a traffic jam in Beaune.

A traffic jam in Beaune is sorta normal.

You're a philosopher, you.


What's your job?
- I teach symbology.

Symbology? That's a job?

It's part of philosophy, that
which links meanings to signs.

Is this the subject of your conference?
- Exactly.

How long till it starts?
- One hour.

We won't make it going at this speed,

at zero per hour.

Yeah, that's how it is.

This is the speed that life takes.

You know,

I should take advantage of you.
I've never met a philosopher.

I'm not a philosopher.

But if you had one
important thing to tell me,

the important thing I need now,

what would that be?

In two words?
- Yeah.

So in Latin, carpe diem.
"Enjoy the moment."

One Year Later

Where's your wife now?

A party in Lyon with the kids.

Did she find a guy in Lyon?
- Something like that.

Your job?

I was disbarred.

The car's there.

I can help you out, but you know
what they say about gypsies?


"Don't lend money to an
outstretched hand. Get him a job."

If you got something...

Do you still have your driver's license?
- Yeah.

Could you take a vintage
car to Brussels for me?

A classic car to Brussels?

The Cadillac you saw there.
You take it to a collector...

and you come home by train, first class.

What's so special about this Cadillac?

A very, very beautiful Cadillac.
- Yes. Yes, it's true.

Very nice Cadillac.

And tell me...


Since I'm in total shit,
how much will it earn me?

Hello, sir.
- Hello.

Huh, how much?
- Wait, not here.

But where?
- We'll be quieter there.



If it goes well,

you'll have plenty of beautiful cars
to transport everywhere.

Wait there, please.

Commissioner, there's a Johnny
Hallyday who'd like to talk to you.

Who is that?

Johnny Hallyday. He wants to talk to you.

What is this bullshit?



I'm sorry to disturb you,

but there's currently a
double that's doing harm to me.

He's swindling everyone around me.
So since I heard...

that you know him a little,
I came to lodge a complaint.

Can I see your papers?


To know if you're kidding me.

Sorry, I never have papers with me.

Is that your bodyguard?

He's my bodyguard, yes.

Can you sing me something?

Here, like this?
- Here, yeah.

Light the fire

Light the fire

Okay, come on.
- Is that enough for you?

Yes, it's very good.
Leave us. Thank you.

Two Years Later

I haven't been too long?
- No.

With this heat wave...

He hasn't either?
- She.

Ah, that changes everything.
All right, let's go.

Is this your first divorce?

No, the second.


You were married without a contract.


How long?

For a little over three years.
- Well...

Have you had children?

Hopefully not.


And why is your husband not here?

She must be running late.

Yes, my wife has the
knack of always being late.

Eventually, marriage for
all became divorce for all.

Yes, you're not wrong.

And you dream of Burgundy?
- In Beaune, yes.

In Beaune? Why choose a Parisian lawyer?

Because I know someone in my region.

A magistrate.

And your wife does what?
- She's a jazz singer.

She has every talent, except...
- Except what?



Mrs. Eugenie Flora.

Let her in.

Hello, sir.
- Hello, miss.

My train was late.

Sit down.


I started without you.

Anyway, I have nothing,
so I agree with everything.

Are you a singer?

Yes. Between a car
accident and heart attacks,

I sometimes sing.

Besides, we met in a hospital room.

Are you sure you want a divorce?

Ah yes, yes, yes.

I'd like to thank you for your loyalty.

For the next two weeks,
I'm gonna be away...

because I was drawn by
lottery to be a juror in a trial.

Therefore, it'll be Eugenie Flora
leading our jazz festival.

Mr. Advocate General,

you have the floor for your indictment.

Mr. President,
people of the court,

ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

It's a very delicate task
that falls to me today,

pitting me...

against an official of justice.

But the sense of duty and
the seriousness of the case...

leave me no choice.

Could we close those windows?

With the jazz festival, we
really can't proceed.

Mister usher, close the windows.

Keep going.

Thank you.

Maybe you will find the circumstances...

that I'll describe as appalling.

I'll have served the defense
in spite of myself,

but if you allow it,

that will be up to you,
ladies and gentlemen.

Mr. Antoine de Vidas was unlucky.

Going to school with
enthusiasm, as if coming home,

he was quickly entrusted to a mentor...

close to private teachers...

who took him to the
baccalaureate, with honors, followed...

by a law license.

During these years,
he was keen to reduce...

the class divisions the social divide,

by privileging interactions
with the entire staff.

Fragile, of course,

but blind to sex, all the same.

He continued his social path...

through popular sports,

polo, golf, sailing.

His daily spending money,

which would have made it possible
to provide for a family with five children,

he would dedicate...

to humanitarian work,

the satistaction of his well-being...

and his staff.

From this he knew
neither hunger nor thirst,

these two inner flames...

that torment a character.

This long educational ordeal will bring him,

without knowing any doubts or certainties,

to the ocean of his professional life,

convinced that this ocean would be for him

an ocean of certainties and successes.

A fatal error that brought
him where he is now.

This wreck that's here,

covered in the algae of shame.

He compounded his downfall by befriending...

Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker,
Remy Martin and so on.

But he lost his sense of humor,

the sense of family,

by behaving in an unspeakable
manner in front of his children,

which forced his wife
to make a clear decision.

Oh sure, with simple but strong words,

"Get out and don't come back."

Our man therefore found
himself on the street.

An existence he'd never imagined.

And this is where the
fatal chain of events happens.

He decides to see Tony Rivera again,

a known crime boss,

a client whom he got
out of prison several times.

Tony Rivera asks him
to drive a car to Brussels,

a vintage car. The accused affirms...

that he knew it contained
10 kilograms of cocaine.

Before getting behind the
wheel, he has a drink or two.

Or three.

I'll let you imagine in what state...

he arrives at Lille.

He gets off the highway
and goes around the bars.

And when he gets back in the car,
the drama becomes tragedy.

Antoine de Vidas...

hits two people,

one of whom will die.

And then clearly,

he tries to run over the police
officer present at the scene.

Mr. President, ladies
and gentlemen of the jury,

this man has a dead
man on his conscience

Along with two seriously
wounded, a woman...

abandoned, and children
now without a father.

Ladies and gentlemen of
the jury, it's with a heavy heart...

that I ask of you...

the harshest sentence.

15 years in prison.

Mr. Richer,

it's your turn to speak.

Mr. President, at the request of my client,

I will not plead.

Mr. de Vidas.

Mr. de Vidas.

Do you have anything to add?

I'd first like to thank the
general consul...

for his magnificent indictment...

in which, unfortunately,
I find myself in complete agreement.

Ladies and gentlemen of the
jury, I haven't much to add.

Except I'm guilty.

I've broken lives, starting with mine,

but that doesn't matter much.

I lost what I held dearest in the world,

my wife and children.

I took refuge in alcohol
to escape what I was.

I'm not saying this to
make excuses for myself.

Not a murderer, but a real criminal.

You have before you...

a liar, a cheater...

and a thief of lives.

I like that I'm my seventies...

because otherwise I'd ask
for the death penalty.

I ask that my pain...

be exemplary.

Exemplary as are all of those
who judge me today.

I demand life imprisonment...

to think about the evil that I inflicted.

Please get rid of me quickly.



from the bottom of my
heart, I beg your forgiveness,

and to your children too.
And you, the agent,

I never ran into you to kill you.


Thank you.

From this collective discussion...

that we'll have with my assessors...

a story will come out which
will become "the truth."

It's chance that brings us here,
which should not be lost sight of.

And chance, as Einstein said,

this is the disguise the good Lord uses

to wander among men.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

you're six winning
balls of the justice lotto,

or six losing balls.

All the music I love

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

Three Years Later
Beaune Penitentiary

Words are never enough
To express what the blues is

I put my joys there,
I put my sorrows there

And all together, it becomes the blues

I sing it as much as I love it

And I'll always sing it

Long ago on guitars

Black hands gave her birth

To sing of sorrows and hopes

To sing of God
And then love

And the music will live

You're still on Beaune FM.

The mayor has decided to open
this 15th festival of "Street Jazz,"

at the Beaune Penitentiary,

with our singer Eugenie Flora,
alias Nini Jazzy to close friends.

Perhaps you want to say
a word to us, Mr. Mayor?

Being there at the start of this festival,

which, moreover, is celebrating its
15 years of existence this year,

I must say that I'm proud
of this magnificient result...

who brings happiness to all our inmates.

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

Words are never enough

To express what the blues is

As President, what more can I say?

He got seven years, and served three.

And as soon as he got out,

Nadia, who had fallen
under his spell during the trial,

gave him a very, very, very long interview.

As for Johnny,

he hired his double to be
everywhere at the same time.

And since everything ends in songs,

we all met up at Johnny's next concert.

Do you sing a little?
- Yes, a bit.

Well, go ahead.
- Huh?

Go ahead.
- I don't want to sing with her.

No, but without trying...
- Well...

Come on.
- No.

Not bad.
- No.

Me, I like rock 'n' roll.
- Give me a little smile.

It's nice.

Come on, Jean-Marie.

We slack off all year round.

Ah, Johnny, this is rock.

You blues, that means that I love you

And it hurts to die

Words are never enough

It's my prayer to keep you

All the music I love

She comes from there
She comes from the blues

All the music I love

She comes from there

She comes from the blues

All the music I love

All the music I love

All the music I love

All the music I love

She comes from there

She comes from there

She comes from there

She comes from there
She comes from the blues