Everyday Miracles (2015) - full transcript

Reluctant faith healer Cotton Welles (Erik Smith) tries to escape his troubled past by working as a ranch hand for a plain-spoken widower (Gary Cole) and his young daughter (Dani Fish). Over time, Cotton becomes a part of their family and even falls in love with a local girl (Zoe Perry) who helps out at the ranch, giving him hope that he may have finally found a place to call home. But soon, Cotton's dreams are threatened when his evangelist mother (Lusia Strus) tracks him down, vowing to get her son and his miraculous gifts back on the revival circuit.

(dramatic music)

(crickets chirping)

(bottle clatters)

(gentle music)

(boots shuffling)

♪ I can't keep lookin' ♪

♪ Over my shoulder ♪

♪ No one's watched over me ♪

♪ Since I was young ♪

♪ No, I can't keep lookin' ♪

♪ Over my shoulder ♪ (engine hums)

♪ Expecting a miracle ♪

♪ And knowing there're none ♪

♪ And the world goes on ♪

♪ And on and on ♪

♪ And the world goes on ♪

♪ And on ♪

(thunder rumbles)

(rain patters)

(suspenseful music)

(thunder rumbles)

(metal bangs)

(horse neighs)

- [Emily] Pa.

- It's okay, stay in bed.


(door creaks)

(rain pounds)

(thunder rumbles)

(dramatic music)

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

(hopeful music)

(Cotton gasps)

(boots shuffle)

I got a chore for you.

You're gonna give him a flea bath, is that all right?



(hay rustles)

(door rattles)

(boots shuffle)

- [Cotton] You bandaged my arm?

- You cut it breakin' into my barn.

- [Cotton] Listen, I'm a little down on my luck.

- Yeah, I can see that.

Sweetie, why don't you take Harrison over there, okay?

- [Emily] Harrison.

- [Clay] Go on.

(Harrison barks)

- [Cotton] You need any help?

- You know anything about horses?

- Some.


- Why don't you head down to the house,

tell Max to give ya somethin' to eat

and then head back up here and see me.

- All right, then.

♪ There was time I was lost ♪ (water splashing)

♪ And didn't care what it cost ♪

♪ You could deal me in ♪

♪ I used to swim in the rain ♪

♪ And get carried away ♪

(dishes rattle)

(fist raps)

- What can I do you for?

- [Cotton] I'm supposed to see Max about somethin' to eat.

- Okay.

- [Cotton] You Max?

- I don't see nobody else. (laughs)

- Oh.

- Come on in, sit down.

I'll fry you up some eggs.

Go on.

Biscuits and juice are on the table.

So you from around these parts?

Not much of a talker are ya?

♪ A light that shines and it's real ♪

♪ It's burnin' inside of me ♪

♪ Now I don't wanna hide ♪

(hopeful music)

(gate rattles)

- You all done?

- I finished cleaning out the stalls.

Got that fence painted like you asked.

- Thank you, you did a good job today.

I'd like to give ya somethin' for your work.

Somethin' else?

- Yes, sir, I was thinkin' maybe I could stay on,

help you out.

- Now that depends. - On what?

- On you.

I can't have any drinkin' around my girl.

- Yes, sir, I understand.

- When's the last time you had a job?

- Well it's been a while, but I work hard

and I don't need much.

- That's good 'cause I can't offer you much.

I can give you your meals and there's a cot

back in the stable, shower around back.

- That sounds fine.

- All right, then.

Hey, son, what's your name?

- [Cotton] Cotton.

(hay rustles)

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Whatcha doin'?

- [Cotton] Just unloadin' this hay for your pa.

- My brother used to do that.

He's dead.

My mama's dead, too.

I was just a baby, I hardly don't remember.

(somber music)

- That's a horrible thing.

I'm real sorry to hear that.

- I know.

(shoes shuffling)

- It's Sunday, we're headin' down to church.

You're welcome to come if you like.

- No, no, thank you.

- Suit yourself.

That back stable needs cleanin'

and that latch is rusted off the cellar door.

We'll be back in a couple hours.

- Yes, sir.

(razor taps)

♪ Shall we gather at the river ♪

♪ Where bright angel feet have trod ♪

♪ With its crystal tide forever ♪

♪ Flowing by the throne of God ♪

♪ Yes, we'll gather the river ♪

♪ The beautiful, the beautiful river ♪

♪ Gather with the saints ♪ (hooves clopping)

(men murmuring)

(Emily screams) (ominous music)

(horse screams)

(boots pounding)

- Stay there, Emily, don't move.

(horse screams)

(hooves pounding)

Okay, I got ya, I got ya. (horse neighs)

Here, take her.

(horse neighs)

(suspenseful music)

Cotton, Cotton, back off.

(fork clatters)

How did you learn to handle horses like that?

- [Cotton] I don't know,

I guess I just sort of have a way with them.

- Hank Johnson said that he's never seen anything like it

and he's worked with horses his whole life.

He said he's got a stallion that they're having trouble with

and he was wondering if you might take a look at him?

- Oh, well, I don't know.

- [Clay] It sure would help him out.

- All right, then, I'll see what I can do.

- Uh, there's some cobbler in the oven for dessert

and do you need anything else before I go?

- [Clay] No, no, Max, that's fine.

- All right, I'm sorry I didn't have time to clean up.

Momma needs a prescription

from the drug store before it closes

and they got those new hours.

- No, no, don't worry about it, go.

- So, all right. - Thanks for the fine meal.

- Uh, yeah, thank you. - Thanks, Max.

- Yeah, well you know I love cookin' for ya.

All right, I'll see ya tomorrow.

- All right. - Goodnight.

- Goodnight. - Goodnight, bye.

(door creaks)

- That girl is a God send.

- [Cotton] Yes, sir.

- Max thinks Cotton's cute. (laughs)

- Emily,


- Cute, huh?

(Emily giggles)

- Eat your dinner.

(gentle music)

- [Max] Well out with it,

unless you've developed a sudden fascination with laundry.

- Well,

uh, I was wonderin',

you want to get somethin' to eat sometime?

- [Max] It is about time.

Friday, pick me up at six o'clock.

Don't be late.

Go on, I've got work to do.


(fist raps)

All right, see you later.

♪ It's playin' mariachi on high. ♪

♪ Feelin' the spirit ♪

(Max laughs)

- Here you go, sweetie. - Thank you, Nadine.

Carl got that fish tonight?

- Yes, ma'am, he's got a lovely trout.

- Oh, that sounds good.

- How's your momma? - Fine.

- Grandmomma? - Fine.

- Great-grandma? - Oh, all good, thank you.

- Good, that's good.

You tell 'em I send my best.

- I will.

How's your momma?

- Oh, well she's just in a poor, horrible state,

got the bursitis.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- It's a trial but she perseveres.

Colitis, bursitis and the devil beside us.

- Well, I'll keep her in my prayers.

- Thank you, that's sweet.

- Nadine, this is Cotton Wells.

- Oh, I know. (Max laughs)

- Hi, Maxine. - Hi, Tommy.

- How's your momma? - Fine, thank you.

- [Tommy] That's good.

- Why is everybody lookin' at us?

- Uh, well you can't blame 'em

because everybody wants to see the new horse whisperer

that Clay's got up in his ranch.

You are a celebrity.

Hi, Melinda, Bobby.

- [Bobby] Hey, Nadine, how you doin'.

- Billy Johnson, you're gonna get that finger stuck in there

and then what are ya gonna do?

Now turn around.

- You must know everybody in town?

- Yeah, pretty much. (laughs)

I've lived here my whole life.

Never set foot out of this town until I was in high school

and only then on the senior trip.

We went to the state capitol.

- How was it? - Not all that much.

I used to think about leavin' here,

but then my daddy passed away and my momma was all alone.

But besides, I don't really know where I'd go

and everybody I've ever known is right here.


I don't think I'd know who I was if I left.

So what about you, Cotton Wells, where are you from?

- Well that's hard to say.

We moved around so much, I don't really know.

- Well I hope you stick around for a little while,

give us a little time to figure you out.

- Figure me out?

- Oh, it's all right, I like a little mystery,

just not too much. (laughs)


Do you know what time it is?

- (sighs) I don't know, after seven?

- Do you like hot dogs? - I guess.

- All right, let's go.

- Where?

- Some place with a little privacy.

Nadine, tell Carl to throw that trout back in the river.

- You sure? - Yes. (laughs)

(whistle blares) (crowd cheers)

(feet pounding)

(crowd cheers)

Thank you.

- You call this private?

- Yeah, just like you're invisible.

See, helps if there's somethin' to look at other than you.

(feet pound)

You don't believe me? (crowd claps)

All right, hold this.

Thank you.

There, you see.

More privacy than the Best Western down on the interstate.


(whistle blares) (crowd cheers)

(birds sing)

(box thuds)

(soft music)

(pictures clatter)

(box thuds)

Who wants to help me get dessert?

- Me. - Um-hmm, all right,

Let's go then.

(door creaks)

(birds chirping)

(Cotton hums) (guitar thrums)

- It was my son's.

He spent a whole summer working down at Freeman's

just to buy it.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--

- No, no, no, it's,

it's okay, it's good.

It'd be a shame to just have it sittin'

in the corner gatherin' dust.

- Oh, thank you.

It's a beauty.

- He never got much good at it, I'm afraid. (sighs)

(somber music)

He died in a car accident, wife, too.

A drunk driver just

swerved right into 'em,

never saw it coming.

- I know,

your little girl told me.

- She did?

She never talks to me about 'em.

- Well she tries to protect you.

- I suppose that's true.

Well, (sighs)

it's just been the two of us since they died.

Well of course, Max comes over a few days a week

to help us with the house and cook our meals.

(sighs) But, you know.

You got any family?

- (sighs) Well, yeah.

My daddy's dead,

but (coughs) my momma, she's still alive.

Oh, I got a sister,

but I haven't seen her in a while.

- [Clay] You ever been married?

- No, sir, I haven't.

- Well,

it's a true blessing when you find the right person.

It makes you whole

and when it's not there anymore,

well. (sighs).

(Cotton hums) (gentle music)

That's nice.

- Thank you.

It's really a beautiful guitar.

- [Emily] Pa, come on.

- (sighs) Well, you heard her, she's the boss.

Come on. (Cotton laughs)

- [Emily] Come on.

- [Clay] Harrison, let's go.

(box thuds)

(tailgate slams)

Where you been, little lady?

- [Emily] Just ridin'.

- Max needs your help inside. - Okay.

Did the old man come see Cotton?

- What man? (suspenseful music)

- [Emily] The old man with the big car.

He said he was a friend of Cotton's.

- What'd he want?

- I don't know.

He gave me somethin', it's for Cotton.

(paper crinkles)

(crickets chirp)

- [Clay] So you want to tell me about it?

- (sighs) Ain't much to tell.

It's all a long time ago.

- (sighs) Look, son, you may be too young to realize this,

but the past has a way of catchin' up to ya

if you don't put it to rest.

What is that thing?

- It's a flyer.


For a revival.

- Who would give you somethin' like that?

(somber music)

- Well,

I guess I never told you this but my daddy was a preacher.

We used to travel around the circuit,

my momma, my sister

and me.

Preachin' the good news, passin' around the collection plate

to make ends meet.

- [Clay] Um-hmm, I see.

- It was all goin' fine until things started to happen.

- [Clay] What sort of things?

- Strange things, like, well like the horses back there

and others. - Like what?

- The healin's.

The first one was a girl, a cripple,

came to my pa for a blessin'.

Durin' the service I, I don't know, I was up there singin',

letting the music fill me like a dream

and I just went to her and I laid my hands on her.

- You healed her?

- Well she could walk in that very moment.

And my daddy, he wanted to keep it all real quiet and,

my momma, though, "A miracle of faith,"

is what she called it, "a blessed gift from God."

Of course it wasn't bad for the collection plate, either.

- I see.

- And pretty soon people started showin' up

lookin' for help.

Sick people,

desperate people

willin' to do anything.

Made up the whole world

until it killed my daddy,

hardened my momma and had my sister cryin' every night.

- So you ran away?

- As fast and far as I could


well until now.

- Well, (sighs) that's quite a tale.

- Well it's the truth, I swear.

- Oh, I don't doubt it.

So what are you gonna do now?

(lively music)

♪ It's best to face eternal reign ♪

♪ With armor gleaming and colors streaming ♪

♪ The right and wrong engage today ♪

♪ The fight is on so be not weary ♪

♪ Be strong in it, his might hold fast ♪

♪ If God before us ♪

♪ His banner o'er us ♪

♪ We'll sing the victor song at last ♪

Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes.

There is a war on, my brothers and sisters.

And I don't mean off in some sandy, dandy Nowhereville,

oh, no,

I mean right here

on your street in your home.

A war against the good Christian people

of this once great nation.

What, you don't believe me?

Well look around.

The movie theater, the classroom, the abortion clinic,

homosexuals perverting the holy institution of marriage.

Mister Darwin's evolution

makin' monkeys

out of all of us.

Am I right?

You know I am.

Oh, heck, you can't even say, "Merry Christmas," anymore

because it's not politically correct.

Well I hate to rain on your parade, Miss Barbara Streisand,

but December 25th is baby Jesus' birthday,

has been for over 2,000 years.

Get used to it, hallelujah.

- [Band Members] Hallelujah.

- Uh-oh, look out, I just committed a hate crime.

Am I right?

But fear not, my friends, the war is not lost,

oh, no,

far from it.

Because what they don't seem to realize

is that we have a secret weapon.

The atomic bomb of the spirit.

The avenging hand of the almighty God,

"Because if God is for us, who can be against us,"

Romans 8:31.

♪ The fight is on, oh, Christian soldier ♪

♪ And face to face eternal reign ♪

♪ With armor gleaming ♪

♪ And colors streaming ♪

♪ The right and wrong engage today ♪

♪ The fight is on so be ♪

- We should come rejoice him,

bringin' in the sheaves. (fist raps)

Who's there?

- [Cotton] (sighs) Davis.

- Cotton, is that you?

Where you been all this time?

- [Cotton] Well all over.

- Well come on, sit down with me.

- I'm fine here.

- Shoo, shoo.

- [Cotton] So is she around?

- You see the show?

- Things haven't changed much.

- (laughs) The crowds have dwindled a bit.

(coins clatter) - Same ol' Momma.

- [Davis] Well, (laughs) nothin's gonna change your momma.

- [Maggie Mae] (sighs) Woo-wee.

(door slams)

Woo, the spirit is alive tonight, yes, sir.

Coursin' through 'em like a cleansin' fire.

Help me outta this getup, I wanna cool down

while that local yokel does his monkey act.

- Maggie Mae. - Hmm?

- [Davis] Someone's here to see ya.

(suspenseful music)

- Cotton.

- [Cotton] Momma.

- Well, well, well,

the prodigal son returns.

What do you say, Davis, shall we kill the fatted calf?

- Got your message.

- [Maggie Mae] Oh, I bet you did.

Took a while to track you down, too.

Workin' in the middle of nowhere on some horse farm.

- That's right.

- [Maggie Mae] I hear you got quite a way with the animals.

- [Cotton] What do you want?

- Does a mother have to want somethin' to see her son?

- You do.

- You've grown bitter.

You oughta let that go, you don't wear it well.

- What do you want?

- I don't want anything, Cotton.

Quite the opposite, for I bring great tidings, a gift.

- A gift, what kind of gift?

- [Maggie Mae] Oh, the greatest gift of 'em all,


- Forgiveness, for what?

- [Maggie Mae] For the harm you caused, all the pain.

Took some doin', but I worked it all out.

I made a deal with that family in Shepard and that boy

and the police.

All that trouble, it's all a thing of the past.

Momma made all the bad men go away.

- That it?

- Is that it?

I don't think you understand what I'm sayin'.

You can come back.

You can come home.

We can be a family again.

- A family.

- [Maggie Mae] If you want it.

You want it, doncha?

- Of course not.

I didn't leave because of the trouble, I left 'cause of you.

- Oh, I see.

I see.

So why on earth are you here? - Why do you think?

- Your sister. - I want to see her.

- Do you honestly think I'd let you hurt her again?

- I'm not gonna hurt her.

- Oh such kindness.

Hey, Davis, did you realize I raised such a kind boy?

Where was all that kindness all those years ago

when you left?

- Maggie Mae, maybe he could help with the--

- Hush, you, I will handle this.

That little girl cried herself to sleep every night,

prayin' for answers that never came.

Wonderin' where her Cotton was.

Was he lonely, was he hurt, lyin' on a road dead somewhere.

- I left to protect her.

- Whatever helps you sleep at night, darlin',

but you and I both know the truth.

You left for your own selfish reasons, self, self, self.

- Yeah well all you ever cared about

was that collection plate.

- You ungrateful child.

Sharper than a serpent's tooth, ooh.

After all I did for you?

God gave you a gift, a blessed, beautiful gift

and you squandered it.

You threw it away.

You threw your whole life-- - I won't.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, run.

Run away, that's all you're good at anyway.

You can't run from the truth, Cotton.

You can't hide from the light.

(door bangs)

(hopeful music) (grasses crunch)

(grate bangs)

- Hey, little lady. - Hi.

What are you doin'? - Nothin'.

Is it true?

(parts thud)

- Is what true?

- [Emily] That you can heal people.

- Where'd you hear that?

- I heard you and Pa talkin'. - Oh.

- So,

is it?

- I don't know.

- Well do you think you could have saved Josh and Momma?

(somber music)

- Well the truth is I just don't know.

I mean, it seemed to work for a while

and then it just sorta stopped.

- Oh.

- [Cotton] You all right?

- Thanks. - Okay.


(birds sing)

- Harrison,

(hands clap)

come on.

(heavenly music)




- [Max] What's goin' on?

- I don't know, stay inside.

(rocks crunching) (engines hum)

Max, stay close to Emily.

♪ Twas over thee ♪

♪ Jesus is bleeding ♪

♪ He's interceding ♪

♪ Yes, bleeding, bleeding ♪

♪ For thee to come ♪

Well where's Cotton, where's my son?

- Ma'am, there's no one here except for me and my family.

- Lies and deception, a devil in a cowboy hat.

These people need my Cotton's blessed gifts.

- Like I said, there's nobody here except me and my family.

- Cotton,


You can't hide, Cotton.

- [Mother] My child.

- You can't hide from the light.

(speaker squeaks) Cotton.

- [Cotton] Leave them alone.

- There he is, there's my boy.

(rocks crunching)

- What are you doin' here?

- These good people need you, Cotton.

- I can't help them.

- Oh, ye of little faith.

Come, brothers and sisters, come,

come and seek his blessing.

- We need your blessing. (uplifting music)

(crowd murmurs)

- Help him, help him.

♪ Come, hopeful sinners ♪

- [Cotton] I'm sorry.

♪ While along the road ♪

♪ Jesus is callin' ♪

♪ Come home, come home ♪ (crowd murmurs)

(engine hums)

- Harrison.

(Harrison thuds) (Harrison squeals)

No. (ominous music)

♪ Jesus is bleeding ♪

Please. - I know he's hurt, sweetie,

all right, but let's just leave him be for--

- Cotton can do it.

- Honey, we've gotta get a vet--

- No, Cotton can save him, I know he can.

- [Maggie Mae] Come on, Cotton,

you have to help the poor thing.

(somber music)

- [Emily] He's a good puppy.

- I know, honey. - Don't let him die.

(suspenseful music) (feet shuffling)

- [Crowd] Hallelujah.

- Hallelujah. - Hallelujah.

(Cotton gasps) (Harrison whines)

- [Crowd Member] Oh, my God.

(crowd gasps) (Harrison barks)

- [Maggie Mae] Do you see,

brothers and sisters? - Hallelujah.

- Do you see the glory of God, hallelujah.

Praise God.

Praise God.

Praise God.

- Please, heal my daughter-- - Heal my child.

- She's sick. - My child.

(dramatic music)

- Please. - Heal my daughter.

(door slams)

- [Crowd Member] Heal my child, please, take my child.

(engine roars)

(crickets chirp)

(floors creaking)

- It's late, what are you doin' up?

- I can't sleep.

Is Cotton home yet? - No.

- When's he comin' back?

- I don't know, darlin'.

(sighs) It's late, you oughta get to bed.

- [Emily] I can't sleep.

- Emily, look, I don't have the patience

for this tonight, okay?

Now git. - No.

- What's that?

- He's not comin' back, is he?

Just like Josh and Momma.

(somber music)

- Come here.

Come here.

(sighs) What made you say that?

- (sighs) Josh and Momma went away and they never came back.

- Honey, that's different.

What happened to your momma and your brother,

it was an accident,

a terrible accident.

Nothing's gonna happen to Cotton.

- How do you know?

- Because I know.

He'll be back, you just wait and see.

- You promise?

- I promise. - Okay.

- Now we oughta see about getting you to bed, okay?

- Tell me about the day I was born.

- (sighs) It's late. (upbeat music)

- So, what did I look like?

- I don't remember.

- Come on.

- Okay, okay, but you're not gonna like it.

- Why not?

- Because you looked like a spider monkey.

(Emily giggles)

- Got a face all red, covered with hair.

- Pop.

- Hey, don't shame me if I tell you the truth.

(Emily giggles)

- What did Momma think?

- Oh, your Momma thought

that you were the most beautiful thing in the world.

But your brother,

he took one look at you

and he never stopped lovin' ya.

- Well, go on, everybody came over.

- Everybody came over, yep.

Everybody come over to the house

and this house was just filled with people.

Your Aunt Dorothy and her two kids were here,

Caitlyn and Sprague, the Johnsons from church

and everybody, (laughs) the whole town was here.

Come to see you and your momma

and it was a good day.

A real good day.

(crickets chirping)

(engine hums)

(brakes squeal)

(door creaks)

Where'd you go?

- [Cotton] Just here and there, had to think.

- [Clay] What'd you decide?

- [Cotton] I don't know.

- Well that's a hell of a place to be.

- I can't do this again.

It's not fair,

not to you,

the girls.

- What's not fair?

- You were there, you saw.

She won't stop.

It'll be just like it was before.

- Son, I'm not sure what I saw.

I saw a bunch of scared people.

Desperate people willin' to believe anything

just to help lessen their fear.

- [Cotton] But the dog.

- Maybe the dog wasn't as hurt as we all thought.

I can't say, can you?

And even if that is true, that's just somethin'

you're gonna have to learn to live with.

You can't just keep runnin' away.

- This isn't your problem. - Problem?

I don't think of you as a problem.

Max, Emily, those two girls, they think the world of you

and what, they're gonna just wake up tomorrow

and find you gone?

It seems like you figured out

what's worth runnin' away from,

maybe it's time you figured out what's worth stayin' for.

(door creaks)

♪ Rock of ages cleft for me ♪ (bells ringing)

♪ Let me hide myself in thee ♪

♪ Let the water and the blood ♪

♪ From thy wounded side which fload ♪

♪ Thee of sin the double cure ♪

♪ Save from raft and make me pure ♪

(congregation murmurs)

- Cotton, this is my momma-- - Ma'am--

- And grandma-- - Ma'am--

- And Memaw-- - Ma'am--

- And Geraldine.

- Well now, sugar, you did not tell me how handsome he is.

- Momma. (women laugh)

- I wouldn't kick him outta bed for eatin' crackers.

- Memaw. (women giggle)

(engine hums)

Cotton, you got visitors. (ominous music)

- Cotton, (laughs) (ice rattles)

this is delicious lemonade.

- What are you doin' here?

- This is the old man with the car.

- [Clay] Why don't you go out and play.

- I don't want-- - Go on.

- Blessed are the children, eh? (laughs)

- [Cotton] What do you want?

- Oh, now, Cotton, don't get mad at me.

Not when I brought your sister

all the way out here to see you.

Go on, Cotton.

She's got somethin' she's just burnin' to ask ya.

I must say, I do feel quite parched in this heat. (laughs)

- [Cotton] Jeanie.

- Cotton.

(somber music)

I know it's quite a shock.

- What, what happened?

- There was an accident.

I fell, hurt my back.

- God, Jeanie. - It's okay.

It took a while, but I'm fine now, really.

- I'm sorry,

I should have come.

- It's lovely here.

I love horses.

You remember, we used to always talk

about stealin' a couple of horses and ridin' away one day.

- Did we?

- Just keep ridin' and ridin'.

Guess you finally went and did it.

The people seem nice. - They are.

- That's good.

You seem happy. - I am.

For the first time in a long time, (laughs) I really am.

- I'm glad.


I heard Momma came by the other day.

- She told me that you took it pretty hard when I left.

- I won't lie, I was hurt,

but I'm older now, I understand why you left.

The people, the way Momma treated you.

- I never meant to hurt you.

I couldn't stay, I couldn't anymore.

- I know, but I need to ask you something, Cotton,

and I know it won't be easy.

- What?

- I want you to come back. - What?

- Just for one night.

There's a revival just north of Clarkston.

- Did she send you?

- It doesn't matter, I'm askin' for me.

- Why?

- I want you to try and heal me, Cotton.

- Jeanie-- - You gotta try.

I know I shouldn't ask, but I am.

You know if you don't she'll never leave you alone.

- But, Jeanie, I don't even know if I can.

- Please, Cotton,

you gotta try, for me.

- Cotton.

I can see ya, you know.

It doesn't work unless there's a game on.

You okay?

- She wants me to go back.

- [Max] Oh.

- But I don't know if I can do it.

- Then don't.

Just stay here, forget about all that.

- I wish I could.

I just been sittin' here thinkin' about her.

Back then she and I were all we had,

travelin' around the circuit with Momma.

If I can help her,

I at least gotta try.

- I know you do or else you wouldn't be you.

- I need to tell you somethin' else.

- [Max] Go on.

- Years ago, before I left there was a boy,

he had cancer in his blood.

His parents didn't believe in doctors

so they brought him to me.

- Go on.

- At first he got better and then,

he just died.

No tellin' why he died and the others didn't.

Of course his parents were ruined.

People turned, there was a scandal,

talk of criminal charges.

It all just came crashin' down on us.

- Have you told Clay?

Well, there's time for that.

Right now you go and do whatever it is you need to do,

but when you're done come back home.

(upbeat music) (hands clapping)

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ I am ready ♪

♪ I'm ready ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ I can hear the voices singin' soft and low ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ I am ready ♪

♪ I'm ready ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah, ready to go ♪

One more time.

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ I am ready ♪

♪ I'm ready ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ I can hear the voices singin' soft and low ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ I am ready ♪

♪ I'm ready ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah, I'm ready to go. ♪

(audience applauding) Oh, praise his name.

- Amen. - Hallelujah.

- Yes, yes, yes, thank you, brother.

Thank you for comin' out here this evenin'

and sharin' the good word, yes, sir, yes, sir.

Good Book Willie, everybody. (audience applauding)

Yes, sir, Amen, Amen.

Wasn't that nice?

I think it was.

You know who else I know who thinks it was nice.

(audience applauding)

And you know what else I think is nice?

I think it is awful nice that we can be sure

of the resurrection on judgment day

because we have been washed in the blood of Jesus Christ,

our Lord. - Amen.

- Revelations 7:14. (audience applauding)

Yes, sir.

You and me and baby makes three.

Amen and hallelujah.

Let me hear ya, (audience applauding)

Amen and hallelujah. - Amen, hallelujah.

- Better yet, let me ask you.

What do you say, boys?

♪ Have you been to Jesus ♪

♪ For the cleansing power ♪

♪ Are you washed in the blood of the lamb ♪

♪ Are you fully trusting ♪

♪ In his grace this hour ♪

♪ Are you washed in the blood of the lamb ♪

(sticks tapping)

♪ Are you washed in the blood ♪

♪ In the soul-cleansing blood of the lamb ♪

♪ Are your garments spotless ♪

♪ Are they white as snow ♪

♪ Are you washed in the blood of the lamb ♪

♪ Are you washed ♪

♪ In the blood, in the blood ♪

♪ In the soul-cleansing blood of the lamb ♪

(hands clapping)


Stop. (crickets chirping)

My brothers and sisters,

tonight is a special night.

Oh yes, a very special night.

A homecoming,

the prodigal son has returned.

My son,

my boy,

my Cotton.

My brothers and sisters,

help me welcome him back into the light.

(audience cheering)

- Praise the Lord. - Cotton, Cotton.

Come step back into the light.

Don't embarrass your Momma, boy,

or she'll rip you to pieces.

- My momma, (microphone squeals)

my momma's right. - Amen.

- I spent a lot of time runnin',

runnin' from my past,

my family,

everything and everybody,

but I've made another life for myself, a simple life.

- [Audience Member] Please heal my daughter, she's sick.

Please. - I can't.

I can't heal.

Maybe I could before, but I can't anymore.

- [Audience Member] We know you can do it.

Help her, please. - Please, my girl is sick.

- Please, help us. - Please help my wife

- Help us, Cotton, please. - My son is dying, help him.

- Hallelujah. - Amen.

(audience cheering)

- [Audience Member] Preach to me.

♪ Lord, look at me ♪

♪ My hands are tremblin' ♪

♪ My heart like a stone at your feet ♪

♪ And all alone ♪

♪ In the darkness of the night ♪

♪ Searchin' for your hand but nothin's there ♪

♪ How dark and lonely the world can get ♪

♪ Everyone ♪

♪ Brakes apart ♪

♪ Loses faith ♪

♪ Goes a little blind ♪

♪ Everyone ♪

♪ Falls from grace ♪

♪ Makes mistakes ♪

♪ Sometimes ♪

♪ Everyone bleeds ♪

♪ Everyone bleeds ♪

♪ Everyone bleeds ♪

♪ Everyone ♪

♪ Everyone breaks apart ♪

(audience cheering)

- Hallelujah - Yeah.

♪ Goes a little blind ♪

(audience cheering)

- [Audience Member] Please heal my daughter.

She's sick, please.

- Heal me. - Heal me.

♪ Sometimes ♪

- You can help her, please. - Heal me.

(suspenseful music)

- Stand up,


you're healed.

(dramatic music)


Jeanie, I'm sorry. (Jeanie gasps)

- Go, Cotton, you're free, go.

(suspenseful music)

(wheelchair creaks)

(ominous music)

(crickets chirping)

(hopeful music) (birds cawing)

♪ I can't keep lookin' ♪

♪ Over my shoulder ♪

♪ No one's watched over me ♪

♪ Since I was young. ♪ - Cotton.

♪ No I can't keep lookin' ♪

♪ Over my shoulder ♪

- Get you some food. ♪ Expecting a miracle ♪

- [Emily] Come on.

♪ And knowing there're none ♪

♪ And the world ♪ - Welcome home.

♪ Goes on ♪

♪ And on and on ♪

♪ And the world ♪

- Come on. - Don't mash me.

- [Clay] Let it go. (laughs)

Emily, watch yourself.

- You're in the way. - I'm fine.

- Emily, come on. - All right.

(mattress thuds)

- Here, Emily, no, no, no, no.

♪ In the delicate starkness ♪

- I hate to interrupt,

but you wanna get some of your stuff out of the stable?

That oughta do it. - Thank you, sir.

♪ You get tired, you get dirty ♪

♪ And you want to go home ♪

♪ And the world goes on ♪

♪ And on and on ♪

♪ And the world goes on and on ♪

(boots shuffling)

- Are you comin' in or are you just window shoppin'?

What are you up to?

- Nothin', thought I'd come see you.

- [Max] See me, what for? (laughs)

- Well. (hopeful music)

- What is it?

- I was thinkin' of movin' out, gettin' a place in town.

- Really, you just moved in.

- Yeah, well I can't keep livin' here.

- [Max] Why not, Clay doesn't seem to mind.

- 'Cause I gotta make it on my own some time.

- [Max] Okay.

(sighs) It's too bad.

- [Cotton] Why is that?

- I miss seein' ya everyday.

- Well you don't have to.

- [Max] What are you talkin' about?

- All right, look.

I know it ain't much,

but I was hopin' you'd be my wife.

- Oh.


- Is that a yes?

- Yes.

Yes. (laughs)

Yes. (laughs)


Yes, you fool, yes. (couple laughs)

Let me see it.

Oh, it's beautiful.


(ominous music)

(suitcases clatter)

(door creaks)

- Where have you two been?

- We'd thought you'd be down at the tent all day.

- I know what you thought.

Where you been all afternoon?

- Well we took a drive.

She wanted to go out-- - Oh, that's nice.

- And get some fresh air. - You two go out

for a nice long drive

and you leave me to handle the packin' up of the tent.

- [Davis] I'm sorry, I didn't notice the time.

- No, no, everything's always in my basket.

Everything firmly placed in my lap.

Well God helps those who help themselves, I guess.

He better, 'cause I ain't gettin' any help from you two.

- [Davis] Come here, Maggie,

why don't-- - See why, do I do it?

Hmm, why do I do it?

Scrape together enough money to pay the band,

try to put a roof over your heads and for what?

So you two can go out joyriding.

- Come on-- - Do you think it's easy

what I do?

It's a miracle.

I'm the miracle. (glass clatters)

- [Jeanie] Momma.

- [Maggie Mae] Just leave it.

What you gonna do, step on it?

Just leave it alone.

(feet shuffling)


(Davis sighs)

- It's all right, she just needs to rest.

Why don't you go down

and see if you can help the guys pack up.

- Okay.

You sure? - Yeah, it's fine.

I'll stay here with her.

(door slams) (somber music)

(chair creaks)

(door creaks)

(Maggie moans) (ominous music)

(engine hums) (brakes squeal)

(door slams)

- Hello.

- [Max] Cotton, someone's here to see you.

- Jeanie?

(ominous music)

- What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

(lighter clicks)

- What are you doin' here?

- [Maggie Mae] We have to talk.

- There's nothin' to talk about.

- Oh, I think there is and it'll just take a minute.

Surely you have a minute for the woman

who brought you into this world?

- I'm gonna go make some of the beds.

- No, you don't have to go.

- [Max] No, it's fine.

You stay here and talk.

- Pretty girl.

- What is it? - I want you back.

Back on the circuit. - You're insane.

- Am I?

Well I still want you back.

- For what?

I can't heal anybody.

- It worked, you healed her.

Jeanie, (laughs) she can walk.

- I don't believe you.

- I know, I could barely believe it myself.

I thought you were all washed up,

but I saw it with my own two eyes.

- No, I didn't.

I couldn't.

You were there.

- Lies,

all lies and deception.

See at first, I thought you'd be in on it,

but see now, I really don't think you were.

Oh, that sister of yours, she can put on a pretty good show,

but that is not the kind of thing you can keep up. (laughs)

- Even if that were true,

what makes you think I'd come back?

I've built a life for myself.

- (laughs) A life?

You don't belong here.

You are different than these people.

- It's not true.

They're my family.

- Oh come on, Cotton, I mean really.

What are you gonna do, live out here playin' Farmer Jones?

Hiding your light from under a bushel.

See you need to be in the light, hmm?

With people who know you.

People who understand your special gifts

and know how to use them.

So you just come home.

- Home?

I remember the sorta home you made for us.

Draggin' me around the circuit like some sort of freak show.

You never loved us.

You did horrible things to us.

All you ever cared about was that collection plate.

- Cotton, that's all anybody ever cares about.

What, are you surprised by your mother's honesty?

Well I'm gonna do you one better.

See, things are a little tight right now.

In fact, I really don't know what we're gonna do

if you don't come back.

I don't.

Your sister needs you, I need you,

your real family needs you, so you just come home.

Come on, come to Momma. (laughs)

(ominous music) (boots shuffling)

- Get out.

- Come on, Cotton.

You know maybe I wasn't the perfect mother, but I loved you.

Maybe not in the way you wanted, when you wanted,

but oh I sacrificed for you and for Jeanie.

- Just go--

- I sacrificed for both of you, so you are just comin' home.

- Momma, this is my home.

- What do you want from me?

- Nothin'.

(somber music)

- When I was a little girl that man took somethin' from me.

He took it.

And all the beauty and all the sunshine in all the world,

it just went away.

My God, Cotton, it just went away.

And now, the only time that I feel the presence of God

is when you are onstage performing your miracles.

That is the only time that I feel God

and I need a miracle in my life.

I need you, Cotton.

I do.

And you have no idea how bad.

You have no idea.

- I don't believe you.

(Maggie Mae laughs)

- All right, well there's no reason you really should.

Yeah, there's no reason at all.

- [Cotton] Please, just go.

- Okay, listen, you,

put your hands down. (objects clatter)

Put 'em down.

You just wait, you'll see.

You don't think they're gonna turn away from you, huh?

Just like everybody else.

When the wolves come snarlin' at the door,

blood is all that matters.

And you listen to your heart

because that is my blood running through your veins

and by God Almighty, Cotton, it is that blood

that is going to bring you home again.

I swear to you.

(door slams)

(Cotton gasps)

(hopeful music)

- Carried out just like today, beautiful, sunny.

Then the clouds came in.

You should have seen it.

- Hun, can you help me?

Thank you, thank you.

- Oh, it's beautiful.

Look, pumpkin, look.

Isn't that lovely. (women gasp)

- Thank you. (bridesmaid laughs)

(fist raps) (door creaks)

- Lookin' good, how do you feel?

- Good.

- You're getting quite a girl.

- Yes, sir, I know it.

- I know she couldn't be in safer hands.

I, (laughs) I know I should probably wait

'til after the ceremony,

but it's just, I can't.

(paper rustles) That's a piece of land.

Actually, it's a piece of my land.

Right behind the stable.

It'll get you started.

Build yourself a home.

- We can't.

- No, no, don't say it.

(sighs) It's as much for me as it is for you.

This way at least I know where you both are.

Family should stick together.

(fist raps)

- Cotton, you got a phone call.

- [Cotton] Who is it?

- I don't know, they wouldn't say.

- Maybe it's Jeanie. - Well go see.

Go on.

(hands pat)

(women murmur)

- Cotton, no. - Get out of here.

(door creaks)

(shoes pounding)

- Hello.

- Well we got married in the church,

but yeah, it's the same.

- No shower there.

- Yeah, they're probably lookin' down from Heaven.

- Yeah, probably.

I want cake.

- I know, just hold your horses.

We're gonna get started.

Cotton, what is it? (somber music)

- She couldn't have.

- [Clay] What, who was on the phone?

- Look, it's Jeanie.

I gotta go, tell Max--

- Daddy. - Don't worry, honey.

We'll be right back.

- [Emily] Max.

- [Clay] Hey, Cotton, hold on, I'll drive.

Get in. (suspenseful music)

(doors slam)

(engine roars)

(tires squeal)

(radio murmurs)

It's all right, it's all right, he's family.

(ominous music)

- (sobbing) Oh, Cotton, she drank somethin'.

Maggie Mae put somethin' in her food.

She didn't mean it, Cotton.

She couldn't mean somethin' like that. (sobs)

- He's come home.

I knew you'd come for her.

They told me that you were comin' for her.

You can't let anything happen to her.

Not to my baby girl, okay.

So you'll heal her, Cotton, okay?

Like Lazarus from the grave.

You'll heal my baby.

- What did you do?

- Oh, my darling boy.

- What did you do to my sister?

(Maggie gasps)

What did you do?

- [Clay] Come here.

- No, you're my boy.

(Cotton gasps)



(somber music)

- Please, God, please, God.

- (sobs) No, no, wake up.

Wake up.

He can save her.

He can perform miracles.

He has the gift.


He's just doin' this to spite me.

God's gifts were wasted on you.

It should have been me.


No, Jeanie,


No, make it stop.

No, Jeanie.

My baby.

No, let go of me.

No, no.


Get out.

(somber music)

- You need some time?

- Yeah, maybe a few minutes.

- We'll be waitin' in the car when you're ready.

- Okay.

(plane whooshes)

(door creaks)

- Cotton, I'm gonna ride the colt.

You wanna watch me?

- I'm busy.

- But it's his first time.

- Yeah, maybe later.

- You sure? - Yes.

- It's gonna be fun.


Maybe you can talk to him, he's sick of me.

- How's it goin'?

Emily was lookin' forward to you bein' there

when she rode a new colt.

(plane whooshes)

Just mad at me or is the whole world on your rift list?

(dramatic music)

- It just doesn't make any sense.

Why give me a gift like that and then

and not let me use it? (soft music)

- [Clay] I don't know the answer to that, son, nobody does.

- I don't know, it just all seems so pointless, cruel.

(plane whooshes)

- You know when Beth and Josh died,

nothin' made any sense to me for a long time

and I couldn't under stand why.

Just stopped believin'

in anything.

Became pretty bitter, just kind of dropped out.

Even Emily wouldn't talk to me, which was fine by me.

But after a while I knew that

it couldn't go on,

for her sake as well as mine.

Somehow I had to get past it.

- How'd you do it?

- I don't know, just time.

(plane whooshes)

Little by little, life gave me somethin' to hold onto,

to believe in.

A million different things.

Seasons came and went.

Emily started talkin' to me again.

You showed up here, came into our lives

and built a family when there wasn't one before.

You know

I don't put much faith in miraculous healings,

holy visions or voices from the sky.

My world is smaller than that.

I tend to pay attention to

the tiny, everyday miracles and the world's full of 'em.

You just gotta get out of your own way sometimes to notice.

(plane whooshes)

And if it does turn out that you have a gift

that could help people,

well I'm sure you'll find a way to use it.

I'm gonna go watch my little girl ride that colt.

I expect it's gonna be a beautiful thing,

I'd hate for you to miss it.

(plane whooshes) (upbeat music)

♪ Oh, I gotta get out of here ♪

♪ Out of this hole I found myself in ♪

(door creaks)

♪ I'm a lover of the sun ♪

♪ And I'm gonna see the light again ♪

- [Cotton] That a girl.

♪ My back against the cool dirt ♪

♪ I'm a phoenix on her ♪

- Come here, boy, straight at me.

Bring his head straight to me.

All right.

♪ I'm gonna rise up ♪

♪ Gonna fly back into the fire ♪

- [Clay] Okay, you're ridin' on your own, go ahead.

- Look at me. - I see you.

- [Emily] Did you ever?

- [Clay] No, we never did.

(group laughs)

♪ Gonna see the light again ♪

- [Clay] All right, right at me.

♪ I'm a lover of the sun, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm a believer, I'm a believer ♪

♪ Don't know how I'm gonna get there ♪

♪ Can't see the road too clear ♪

♪ But I'll keep on walkin' ♪

♪ Runnin' 'til I catch my air ♪

♪ I'll roam for miles and miles ♪

♪ Down lonely trails, through abandoned fields ♪

♪ On a mission to make a change ♪

♪ No matter what it takes ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Gonna see the light again ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I'm a lover of the sun, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm a believer, I'm a believer ♪

♪ I close my eyes, feel the warmth on my face ♪

♪ I'm a believer ♪

♪ My fear lifting out ♪

♪ From this cold, cold place ♪

♪ I'm a believer ♪

♪ My arms grows feathers ♪

♪ Clouds become my skin ♪

♪ I'm a lover of the sun ♪

♪ And I'm gonna see the light again ♪

♪ Gonna see the, gonna see the ♪

♪ Gonna see the light ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Gonna see the light again ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I'm a lover of the sun, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm a believer ♪

♪ Ooh ♪