Everyday I Love You (2015) - full transcript

Two people bound together in the same journey of life and fall for each other in an unexpected way.

Are you awake?

Love, please wake up.

I'll just see you later then.

Jamie, I'll be there this afternoon.

Please update me if anything changes.

-Sure, no problem.
-OK. Thank you.

Good morning again, love.

Look at the sky.

It was cloudy yesterday.

But look! It's so beautiful today.

-Audrey, we're already here.
-Oh, they're here.

Good morning, Grandma.
Say "hi" to my Love.

How are you, son?
We can't wait to see you again.

-Grandma, you too.

What day is it today?

One hundred and fifty nine.


One hundred fifty nine?

Haven't you had enough?


Well, fine. For you, Audrey.

Long live all of us!

And may the dead remain in their graves,
Juancho especially!

-Maria Isabel, what's wrong with you?

Why the big fuss?

You two talk as if you're his widow,
not me.

-That's enough.

This place misses you.

You look haggard.

Giovanni, fix his makeup.

Otherwise his eye bags will be obvious
on TV.

Get ready! I'm taking over.

What about Alfred?

He's still in Makati.

You're in a good mood.

What are you doing here?
My shows' ratings are up.

Tighter on cam one!

Cam one, please!

Exactly. Your shows have high ratings.

FMB is leaving.

Guys, get ready!

All right. Jeff, give me energy!

-OK, bye.

Bye! Thank you.
I hope you had a great time.

Can you take care of this?

Audrey, are you done with your tour?

Yes. That's the last one, right?

Can I leave early?

-OK. No problem. Take care.
-OK, ma'am. Thank you.

-Are you done?
-Yes, ma'am.

Nothing has changed.

I am still waiting for you.

Congratulations, grandson.

I wish you've told me sooner.
I would've bought a cake.

When my promotion becomes official, Lavi.

Finally you'll be able to buy a car.

That can wait.

First, I need to buy back our land,

the one you gave up
for Papa's hospitalization.

There you go again, Tantan.

You should save up for yourself.

You should work to live
and not live to work.

I don't need the hassle.

Besides, I already have my Lavi.

Hassle, huh?

Wait until love hits you.

It's your mom.

You should talk to your mom already.

I don't want to fake being nice.

FMB retired already.

And we've been deliberating
on who should replace him.

Really? Thank you.

She was hired first.

My shows earn more than hers.

You're good in both creative
and technical work.

But she's better at handling people.

Did you know that under her management,
Alfred was never late?

And Alfred wasn't late.

And he made a brilliant episode.

You seem to be in a hurry all the time.

In your haste,

you step on too many people.

Why does it seem
like you're always in a competition?

You always have that constant need
to prove yourself.

They need a low budget show
for the younger market.

I'll promote you to Production Manager.

What will I do in the province?
Is this a punishment?

Good morning, sir.

Sorry, sir.

The air conditioner
is not working properly.

The AC is not that cold.

Maybe you can just roll down the window?

You can enjoy the great view outside.

Those green plants
that look like tall grass?

They are sugarcane.

Negros supplies
80% of the Philippines' sugar.

It's almost harvest time,
so people are quite busy.

Sir, look at that truck
of newly harvested sugarcane.

That will be turned into sugar.

The people of Bacolod
are as sweet as our sugar.

You know what, sir,
there are lots of beautiful girls here.

Well, I'm on the road again.

You always tell me
that all roads look the same.

But they all lead to different places.

Could you move it forward?

This guy thinks he's good looking.

He probably thinks
I meant to take a video of him.

What are you doing?

Stop that.

Please delete that.

I delete this
if you delete that video you took.

I can't. If I delete this,
I'll lose the entire day.

What should I call this?

Please. Delete. That.

Maybe it's better if I name it,

Babe on Bike.

-That's better, right?

You're not going to delete that?

-I'll just delete the video.

-You're gonna get hurt.
-Open the window!

Open the window!

Sir! Help! Open the window!

-Open the window!
-Sir, go!

I'll just delete the video!

-What's wrong with you?
-Go. Quick!

Sir, she's following us.

Go ahead! Stick your head out!
I'll get your phone!


Are you not going to stop? You jerk!

-What? I'm cute?

You're such a schmuck!

You won't get away with this!
I'll get you!

She gave up, sir.

How is he?

He's OK. Nothing has changed.

-He's stable according to Doc.
-OK. I'll go to him.


I'm so excited

because of the tourists
arriving from Manila.

And we're going to The Ruins.

I miss you. I love you so much.

Are you OK, grandson?

I'm here at the hotel.

Is your hotel OK?


So tell me more about the girl
in the video.

Is my team ready?

Rikki's right.

You don't know how to take a break.

Straight to work.

Let me show you around first.

This is the best restaurant here
in Negros.

Their specialty here? Cansi.


-I'll have two orders of that?

The Ledesma sisters.

This is Marivic. The eldest.

Never married.
Grew old taking care of their parents.

This is Maribel, the youngest.

She married a rich farmer
with a gambling habit.

When he died, she learned
that his debts were as many as

the number of his illegitimate children.

This is Maricar.

She's the mom of Guada Locsin,
the owner of this restaurant.

And that's her husband, Joey.

But she's already a widow.

Seven years ago,
Joey died from a heart attack.

You know their entire family's story?

Of course.

You know, here,
everybody knows everything.

Come, follow me.

Maribel was once the head
of the Tourism Department here,

so she knows a lot of beautiful places

that we can feature in our show.

-Go to Manapla.

There you'll see
the Chapel of the Cartwheels.

You'll find it
behind the Gaston Ancestral House.

And that's where they filmed...
What film was it?

And, Ethan, there are a lot of places here

that you'll never find in Manila.

Yes, that's true.

At first, you'd think
that the houses here all look the same.

But when you learn about their history,

you'll look at them differently.

That's right.

You know, that's a great idea for a show.
Or a feature.


-Big sis and I can be part of that too!

Oh my God! He's so handsome!

Did you see him?

What's happening?

Alex brought someone from Manila!

He's so handsome! He could be an actor!

He's more handsome than Tristan.

Really? That's impossible.

You know,
you should get a host from Silay.

Do you know this girl?

-OK. Let us see.
-Here it is.

Let me see.

Stop that!

-Isn't that...

they said you have a new colleague
at the station.

-My daughter?


-It's her!

You again?

And you're taking video of me again.

Me? Your stalker? You wish.

I didn't do it on purpose.

You keep on turning up wherever I am.

And I was the first one at the location

you're the one who turns up wherever I go.


I was the first one here in Silay.

I was born here, so you're the one
who suddenly showed up.

Not me.

You're not.


No! I don't want!

-That's it!
-She shouldn't be riding that scooter.

Don't worry. Ethan will take care of her.

-Right, Ethan?
-Yes, of course.

No! I don't want to!

If the audience reception is good,
as well as the ratings,

I'm sure they'll export the show
to Manila.

Oh no. Manila is off-limits to Audrey.
You know...

I don't want to! Besides, I have a job.
I don't need your show.

I thought about it.


How is a TV show about me fun,
exciting and interesting?

-Who's gonna watch it, huh?

Someone will watch you.

They'll watch too.

-You're gonna watch her, right?
-Yes! Do it!

-My sister will watch too.

All of us will watch your show.

So... we'll watch your show.

He's so handsome.

It's as if he was sent from heaven.

Maybe, he was kicked out of heaven.

He was sent from heaven
to help you fulfill your dreams.

Grandma, no.

If Tristan was here...

But he's not here.

He's sleeping.

Hosting is your dream, right?

So, do it. Come on.

But he wouldn't have been in that accident
if not for me.

Audrey, don't say that.

The accident was not your fault.

Maybe if I hadn't argued with him,
if I didn't insist on doing what I wanted,

the accident might not have happened.

So, that's it?
You'll stop living your life?

You'll put your dreams on hold
for the one you love?

Oh, no! Where will I put this?

-There, outside.

-Hey, what's wrong?
-It fell!

It's time to watch The Promise. Let's go!

It's The Promise already. OK, gotta go!

-Let's go!

Wait, my butt.

Hey, guys, Ethan's here.

Hurry up!

I thought the whole team was here.

This is the whole team
that the budget can afford.

The houses here have a lot of stories.

Let's go ghost hunting!


Oh... It's a no.

OK. I'll think of something else.

What if we bring Big Brother to Bacolod?

But we'll shoot it
in one of the ancestral houses.

And 100 days?

Alex, what?

Nothing's good enough.

Maybe nothing's good enough,
because you have something else in mind.

Oh, Ethan!

If you really want Audrey...

It's impossible.

Ethan, someone's looking for you.

I am Audrey Locsin.

I'm going to climb this tree.

Oops. This is tough...

-Here we go.
-She's so cute.

I know Audrey likes hosting.

Even when she was a kid,

she was always pretending
to be a newscaster.

That was supposed to be her entry
to a competition here in the studio.

Why didn't she do it?

She got scared.

Audrey? Scared?

That doesn't sound like her.

Here in Silay, there are no goodbyes.

We'll wait for you till next time.


-Are you OK?

Why were you doing that?
You just want to get dizzy?

-What are you doing here?
-Your grandma said I might find you here.

Can't you understand "no",
"negative", "I don't want", "never"?

"Positive", "I want",

You don't look like somebody who can be
trusted with the word "forever".

I will never ever do your show.

Nothing! So, stop following me!
Leave me alone!

What if I don't want to?

I'll hit you.

-Why did you do that?
-You said so!

I can sue you for trespassing!

Is this your property?


Stalking! I'll just sue you for stalking!

I don't want to do it!

Didn't you say,
"Here in Silay there are no goodbyes,

we'll wait for you till next time?"

Where did you hear that?

I saw your supposed audition video.

You want to be on TV, right?

So why won't you accept my offer?

I don't want that anymore.
I already let go of that dream.

-Give me that.
-Give it back to me.

-If you really did,

You grandma told me that you're scared.

So, tell me, Audrey.

Why are you scared?

Of what?

-Hello, Auntie Rina?
-Hello, Audrey. It's Tristan...


There is an emergency here
in the hospital.

Wait, what happened?

His blood pressure spiked down.
But it's stable now.

OK. I'm on my way.

Please do everything you can to save him,


Why? What happened?

Audrey, what's wrong? Audrey!

What? I'm in a hurry. I need to go, OK?

You might get into an accident! Calm down!

I'll just bring you there. Let's go!

I have something to tell you.

-What happened?

His blood pressure's unstable.
And he almost flatlined.

He's OK now but he needs to stay
in the ICU for a few more days.

He needs to undergo an MRI and a CT scan.

Love, sorry I wasn't here earlier.

But I'm here now.

I don't know where else
we could get the money.

His savings are running out.

I'm thinking of selling
the house in La Carlota.

Auntie, please don't.
Tristan really loves that house.

Thanks for bringing me home.

Sorry for the trouble.

It's OK.

Are you OK?

I'm OK now.

I can handle this.

You know, if Tristan sees this scooter...


He won't be pleased.

He doesn't even want me to commute.

Because he wants to be the only one
who drives for me.

When he wakes up, he'll get mad
if he sees me in a scooter.


You're afraid Tristan will see this?
That's why you don't want to do the show?

Even if I don't do the show,
he'll still find out I'm disobeying him.

He'll see this in my videos.

Why were you spinning earlier?

It's what my dad taught me.

He told me, you should hold on...
to the one thing that never changes...

even if the world keeps spinning.

Never let go of that.

But what if you need to let go
of Tristan's house

so you can save his life?

I heard you talking
with Tristan's aunt earlier.

Because Tristan really loves that house.

He'll be disappointed when he wakes up
and the house is gone.

Me, too.

Because that's where our story began.


Baby, come here!

Take care.

That's where I first fell in love
with him,

in that house.

Even though
he was in love with someone else...

Come on. Let's go inside.

I hoped that he would eventually see me.

Tristan. Let's eat.

Thank you, Audrey.

Are you OK?


It's Clara.

She no longer wants me.

She chose Manila over me.

But that doesn't mean
she'll be your only love.

I'm sure someone else will come along

who will love you more.

And will never leave you.

In that house, I finally found a place
in his heart as a friend.

This land has been in my family
for generations.

Even now,
this is still our source of livelihood.

As our friendship deepened,
my admiration for Tristan grew.

All my cousins want to go to Manila.
But I want to stay here.

I'm trying to save up so
that in two years,

this house will be fully restored.

Because I also want to live here.

And here, on this spot...

This is where I'll dance every night

with the woman
I'll spend my lifetime with.

I told myself, If he would love me back,

I would never leave him.

Can you dance with me?

Every single night?

I would do everything to make him happy.

But I really hurt him.

Audrey, you won't survive Manila!
It's not a safe place!

Love, I can't pass up the opportunity.

Audrey, don't you want to be with me?

Tristan, wait! Where are you going?

Go to Manila if you want!

-I won't stop you!
-Tristan, let's talk. Please.

Go be with your dream!
That's more important!

Tristan, please. Open the door.

Tristan, wait. Let's talk, please.

I wanted to say sorry.

That's why
I'm still waiting in that house now.

I will wait until he comes back,

and tell him that I didn't leave.

That I won't ever leave.

And I will never leave him.

I will do everything to keep him alive.

I hope the boss will approve this.

That's for sure.

You can do this, Audrey.

You can do this.

I can't do this.

You can do this. Don't be scared.


The audience will send in dares
for you to do

in each place you visit.

I'm supposed to do everything they say?

As long as they're not dangerous
or indecent,

you have to do as they say.

And that's what will appeal
to the viewers.

They will tune in
to see if their requests got chosen

and if you're able to do them.

Again, why would they watch me?

You're beautiful.

Why? Are you allergic to this?

I just can't.

So please put that away because...

I'll crave it more.

But what if the audience
asks you to eat this?

What would you do?

I wouldn't eat it.

But why not?

Because Tristan wouldn't like it.

Audrey, you know why they will watch you?

And your love story with Tristan?

-Can you not...
-This is our new concept.

Can you not drag Tristan into this?

Audrey, do you know
why they're going to watch you?

Because you're doing this
for the one you love.

Because you believe...
you will have a happy ending with him.

Why did you walk out?
Everything I said was true, right?

Yes! But you can't use my personal life
for your show.

People will want to see that!

But Tristan wouldn't want that!

You can't include him in the show!

He'll find this embarrassing!

-And if Tristan were here...
-You wouldn't do this?

He's not here.

He's sick.

He won't find it embarrassing
if he's dead.

But this is Tristan's life! And my life!

-For you, this is just a job...
-My job is my life.

I just need to put up this show

My life's back there.

And I know, you also need my help.

And who knows, if you do this,

there might be doctors watching
who can help your boyfriend.


Nope. That's yours now.

Yup. And she's so in love with him.

But they're not married yet
so you still have a chance.

Lavi, she's taken already. OK?

Fine, good night.

Good night, grandson.

Already taken.

She's already taken.


Where's Marty?
He's been in the toilet for ages.

Sir, bad diarrhea.
He had it even before we got here.

He gets an upset stomach
when he's stressed out.

Stressed? We'll run out of sunlight!

You. Get ready.

-Kevin, get the ID ready.
-Yes, sir.

Kevin, the ID! Double time!

On my scooter,
I'm not a tour guide anymore...

Audrey! Come on!


On my scooter, I'm not a tour guide
anymore, I'm now a tourist...

Audrey! What's the problem?

I'm shy.

You want this, right?

That's it! Do it! Let's do this!

On my scooter, I'm not...

Cut! You angry?

I need the right energy.

Don't go back there.
Let's pick up from here.

On my scooter, I'm not a tour guide
anymore, I'm now a tourist.

Join me as I create new memories

in every place I will visit

as Silay Scooter Girl!

We are now here

where every tourist begins their journey:

the Bacolod-Silay International Airport.

-And you know...

Because we will be doing
all your requests,

let's see what we will do today.

The first request is
from @HeyThisIsEthan...

@HeyThisIsEthan dares me to...

"Prevent a passenger from leaving."

This is just the first day
and you're making my life hell.

Let's go look for a passenger to stop.

You can't fly with an empty stomach.

-Bad for your health.
-Sorry, miss, we're in a hurry.

Are you hungry? Let's dance first.

Like this. Come on. Twerk it like Miley.

Bring me to the hospital.

I'm not feeling well. Please!

-Excuse me.
-We're in a hurry. Sorry.

Oh, wait!

You're leaving me?
After I told you I love you?

I knew it! You're cheating on me!

No, it was only a joke.

We're just filming a TV show.

-You'll see this on TV.
-I thought it was real.

-Say "hi" to the camera.
-Have a safe flight.

-Have a safe trip.

This is just a dare for Audrey.

Silay Scooter Girl! Showing soon.

This is impossible!

-Please have pity on me.
-Why is there a camera?

We're doing a TV show.

You'll be the lead star
if you join me in all my trips.

You just need to stay.

-This will be shown on TV?

The grand premiere will be next week.

OK, sure.

-You're staying? Really? You're staying?
-Yes! OK!

We did it!

-Audrey's crazy antics worked!
-Correct! Crazy!

That will bring us high ratings.

Stay safe.


For what?

For today. Because even if
I looked stupid, and crazy,

I had fun.

And even for a while,
I forgot that I was sad

and that I miss Tristan. Thank you.

Don't thank me.

It was tough, but I had fun!

That was the first time
I did something like that.

I think you're right.

Audrey is your ticket out of Bacolod.

That kid has big potential.

Silay Scooter girl! See you soon!

Sir, can we put Audrey's name as producer?

Huh? Why will we give her producer credit?

I am Audrey Locsin.

With everything we're asking her to do,
she deserves the credit.

Ethan, we don't have the budget
for a second producer.

Give her my fee for the meantime.

So beautiful!

You're so beautiful, Audrey. Just like me.

Thank you, Grandma.

I'm the real grandmother.
She takes after me.

Huh, no.

You're so good!

My daughter!

-Thank you, Ma.
-My baby...


-Wait a moment.

Hey, very good. Your shot was nice.

It's Audrey.

My name is in the credits.
I'm a producer of the show?

Is that right?

Yes, that's right. OK?


How? Why?

-Don't complain anymore.

Thank you so much, Ethan.

I'm now a tourist.

Join me as I create new memories
in every place...

Finally, we already have an episode!

Audrey is so cute.

I'm fine. I miss you, too, Lavi.

-Who's "Lovey"?
-Not you, obviously!

Hi, I'm Audrey Locsin.

I'm going to climb this tree.

Oops... This is tough.

How was it, love?

Do you like it?

If I win this contest,
I can do my internship in Manila.

That's where you'll work?

-Love, it's just for the summer...
-That's what Clara said.

Did she return?

Audrey, you won't survive Manila!
It's not a safe place!

Love, I can't pass up the opportunity.

There are better opportunities here.

Audrey, don't you want to be with me?

You have a restaurant.

If you leave,
who will be left to manage it?

But that's not what I want.

-This is my dream.
-But what if your dream ruins us?

Tristan, wait! Where are you going?

Go to Manila if you want!

I won't stop you!

-Tristan, let's talk.
-Go be with your dream!

That's more important!

Tristan, please. Open the door.

Tristan, wait! Let's talk, please.


-Let's eat.

Yes, all right.

Why are you crying?

You were so happy earlier.

I don't know, Ma.

I'm happy that my dreams are coming true,

Do you know how...

It's just that...

I still feel guilty...

Because, Ma,

sometimes I think Tristan will get mad
because I'm doing this.


I don't know anymore.

I feel like I'm going crazy.
This is nothing, Ma.


don't think that way.

You know,
I'm really happy whenever I watch you.

Because I see the real you again

that slowly disappeared
when you and Tristan got together.

-You're so loud.

Love, instead of wasting your time
on those videos,

it's better if you learn how to cook.

But that's not what she wants.


Try this. For sure, you'll like it.

I should've courted you instead.

Because you marry
only those who cook well.

There you have it.

Let's go?

You're wearing that?

-You don't like it?
-I like you in a skirt.

OK, I'll just change.

This is a lot of food.

Of course. My grandma loves you.

What about you, love?

Because until now,

you still haven't learned
my mom's pork stew recipe.

Sorry, love.
You know, I have no talent for cooking.

That's a heart attack in the making.

The real Audrey is coming back.

The one who smiles brightly.

Who laughs without a care in the world.

You're much more alive now, Audrey.

That's why I'm thankful
that Ethan pissed you off on the road.

And he introduced to the whole world
who Silay Scooter Girl really is.

So what are we going to do in Murcia?

Ride the scooter without using any hands.

-No! That's dangerous!

I can do it.
I can balance on the scooter well.

You see this.

No. You can't.

How about this one?

Eat sweet bread while on the scooter.

Her hands are off the handles.

Didn't you say I should do everything?

Too dangerous.
I don't want you to get hurt.

Sir, your too concerned. You're beginning
to sound like her boyfriend.

You want to be jobless? Is that it?

-So that's it.
-So that's it.

So what are we going to do?

Our happy lives can be seen
through the smiles of the Negrenses.

We taste it in the sweetness
of the food here.

Like this sweet bread.
That was requested by @jorellpogi2000

for me to eat while riding this scooter.

So that's how you want to play!

Hey, wait.

Slow down.

Our first three episodes
got good feedback.

Yesterday, we were the number one program.

-We're so happy!

Sir, you smell heavenly.

I was having a moment with him.
You ruined it.

You wish...

-So what now? Are you ready?

Have you rehearsed your line?

I'm so glad we met.

For real, sir?

What? You still want her heart?

What about "Lovey"?

Let's just get back to work.

Have you eaten?

Don't skip meals, OK? How's your show?

-We're doing good.
-You're already forgetting about me.

Audrey looks so happy on TV.

Sorry, girl. I don't like you.

But I like the free cake.

Love, for Day 193,

I'll just let you watch our episode.

I'll just get a DVD copy for you.

Could you watch Tristan for a while?


Love, I'll come back.

Please watch over my love, huh?

You're lucky.

She loves you.

scream "I love you, Tristan!"

OK, game.

OK. Hurry up!

OK. Take it from here.

I can't be the only one!
You should all do it too!

-I can't.
-Come on! Do it!

-Don't be a killjoy.
-Fine. Go ahead.

It's better to let out
what you really feel!

I love you, Marty!


-There you go!
-They're so sweet!

Now, it's my turn.

Go away, my turn.

Even if you're annoying sometimes.

OK. It's your turn Ethan!

-No. Really, no.
-Sir, your turn!

-I'm a behind-the-scenes guy.
-You only do this rarely! Do it!

Sir, come on!

-OK. All right.
-Sir! Go, sir!

-Come on!
-Louder! Shout it louder!

-More! Louder!
-OK. I love you. That's it.

Louder! More energy!

That's it.

-I love you, too!
-Not you.

For whom?

It's a secret.

-So many secrets.
-Let's go.

-Audrey, you're not allowed, remember?
-Tristan won't like that!

-You'll get in trouble!

It's just this once.


Sir, you know it's refreshing
to see you not working.

It seems you don't have understand
the concept of a good time.

Gina? Who's Gina, sir?

Sir's pissed off.

-Aw... Sad.
-What happened, sir?

-She left me for her first love.

It's hard to compete with first love.

So, sir,
who were you saying I love you for?

Yes, who was is it for?

-All right.

Cheers for those who are in love
like me and Marty!

-Audrey, today was a success.
-Drink up, girl!


-Go Audrey!
-Audrey, you can do it!

Don't! Stop!

She's not allowed to drink.
Tristan will get mad, OK?

-You rarely do this!
-Don't be a killjoy!

-I'll be the one to drink this.
-No, sir!

Just this once.

-Are you OK?

Are you OK?

Hey! Wait!

-I can handle this.
-What's wrong?

-You can't.
-Just let me be.

I told you not to drink. Look at you now.

You know what, you're cute.

You know...

You look better when you smile.

-Not like that.
-Ouch! How should I smile then?

-The one...

Your smile earlier,
when you were shouting I love you.

I liked that smile.

Please. Do it again.

That's still not it.

Try saying "I love you" again,
you might get the same smile.

That's it.

Hey! Audrey? Ethan?

-Good evening, ma'am.
-What happened?

Good morning, dear.


Medicine for your hangover.

Congratulations for surviving
your first drunk moment.

That's normal.

did I do something stupid last night?

I don't think so.

Looks like Ethan made sure that
you didn't make a fool of yourself.

Good thing you were with him last night.

Had it been a different guy,

he might have taken advantage of you.

To be honest, if there were no Tristan...

If there were no Tristan, what?

If there were no Tristan,
you and Ethan could be together.

But you're with Tristan...






-Yes? Are you going to ask me

if I liked anyone else
while Grandpa Juancho was still alive?

Did you actually like someone else?

Are you starting to like somebody else?

Oops! Don't talk anymore.

You might just lie.

Oh well. Go and change your clothes.

The two other elders might look for you.

You might get scolded.

Guys, listen to this.

Silay Scooter Girl

made me appreciate Negros more.

I want to be a tourist in my own city.

-That's good.
-This one, too.

Silay Scooter Girl gives out good vibes.

It's our family bonding activity.

Alex, read this letter.

-It looks good.
-You still have a hangover?

Guys, listen up!

Are you OK?

I'm bothered...

Did I say or do something wrong
last night?

If I did, I'm really sorry.
I can't remember it.

-I didn't know what I was doing.
-That's OK.

Just don't do it again.

Isn't that sweet? So touching.

What do you have there, Marga?

There's an interesting request here.

It's a letter from a mother
who has a son with cancer.

Can we grant her son's wish?

What is it?

Her son wants to be a chicken,
and get married to Audrey.

-Be a chicken?
-Audrey, what can I say? You're so pretty!

That's weird.

OK. Let's set up here.

This is Joboy,
the little boy with a special request.

You know what?

It's my dream to get married here.


You should thank me, then.

Since I was a kid,
I've been praying to St. Joseph.

You see, my Grandma Maricar and Mama,

they prayed to him.

He gave them good husbands.

My grandfather's name is Jose.

My Papa's name is... Joselito.

It's too bad
that Tristan isn't Jose or Joseph.

Where am I supposed to find
a Jose or a Joseph

who would want to marry me?

-Are you serious?
-You don't believe me?


Do you believe me now?


OK, we need a strategy. Come on.

-I don't want. We might fall.
-Just trust me, OK?

Are you ready?

Are you OK?

Let's go.


-We're gonna fall.

-I don't want to fall!
-Keep still!

-Ethan! It stinks!
-Let's help them.

-This is your fault!
-It's your fault!

Are you OK?

-My eye hurts.
-Where? Let me see.

Are you OK?

Hey! No fair!

Let me see. You're OK.
There's nothing in your eye!

-Let's just go.
-I'm jealous.

Thank you for the shirt.


Are you sure it's fine
if I borrow your shirt?

Sure. Why?

No one will get mad?

Who's gonna get mad?


Why will my grandma get mad?

-Yes. La-Vi.

My Abuela Vivian.

How's your eye?

Can I see?

It looks OK.

It's not sore anymore.

This is fine. It's nothing serious.

-Here. Look.

I fell off a bike
when I was seven years old.

This one.

Feel it. There.

-There. Feel that?
-What's that?

-High school.

Cafeteria brawl.

The window broke.
The splintered glass went in here.

You started the fight?

No. They did.

My stupid elitist classmates
wanted me to clean up after them.

After all,
their parents were paying for my tuition.

You see...

My dad was a teacher at my school.

That's why I had free tuition.

See, the whole time I was there?

So now...

You lose.

Not yet. Here.

Let me see.

See that?

I wanted to help my family
during harvest time,

but I held the machete wrong.

So, it flew there.

There was so much blood.
It was so painful.

You want to talk about pain? Here.

For sure, you won't win against this.

See this?

When my mom left us for her first love,

my Dad told me,

that my mom was a superhero.

She was busy helping others

that's why she couldn't go home.

So I thought,

maybe she needed my help

so she can go home.


I tied a blanket to my neck

and I went up to the roof of our house.

I shouted,


I'll fly to you.

I'll help you...

so you can come home.

I jumped.

Not even when my Papa died.

And I vowed never to talk to her again.

So this wound runs deep...

I thought...

the pain would never end.

I thought...

I would never feel again.

Ethan, we can't.

-No. We can't do this.
-Audrey, wait.

-Ethan, no.
-Audrey, wait.

We can't do this, Ethan.

Are you done using the bathroom?

Why are you in a hurry?

-Where are you going?
-I'll go ahead.

-Hey, Kevin! Audrey's leaving!
-Where is she going?

This is wrong. I shouldn't feel this way.

Please Tristan, wake up.

Please, wake up.

I heard your show has good ratings
and lots of online views.

It seems like you're ready
for your promotion.

Why are you here?

They want me back in Manila.

When are you leaving?

I don't want to leave.

-Audrey, wait!
-Why did you have to go here?

-I don't know.

Why did you have to say it?

Why do you have to make this hard for me?

-What do you want, Ethan?
-I don't know!

I wish I didn't feel this way.

Because I don't want to ruin
your relationship.

I don't want to hurt anyone.

I don't want to get hurt, Audrey.

But I know I will get hurt.

Because you love someone else.

I can't love anyone else. Just him.

And you love no one else.


if Tristan weren't in your life,

We've been looking for you.

Tristan's awake!

You're awake.

You're awake, Tristan.

Finally, you're awake.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.

Eat well, handsome.

Yes, Grandma.

-Your favorite, chicken.
-Thank you, love.

-Let's eat!
-There! It's on TV!

Let's watch, everyone!

Like this! Come on! Let's dance.

Audrey is so good there.

My granddaughter is so pretty.

She's so talented.

And so beautiful.

Please bring me to the hospital.

I'm not feeling well.

You're leaving me?
After I told you that I love you?

Audrey is so good.


Sis, you're great.

-Congratulations, sir!
-That's funny.

You did that?

Love, that's embarrassing.

Let's switch off the TV.

To be honest,

because of Audrey.

And because of you.

Love, didn't you think that...

I wouldn't like this?

Tristan, Audrey did this for you.

You're the reason the show is so popular.

Because of your love story with Audrey.
Don't you see?

So I don't have a choice.

I'm part of this.

Love, there are just a few episodes left.

Maybe we can just finish it.

I can't do that.

But people are relying on the show.

Your fans.

All of us.

We worked hard on this
to help Audrey help you.

-Ready for the take? You OK?

We're now here
at the Church of the Angry Christ.

This is where Tristan and I first had Mass
together as a couple.

And this is where we sat.

This is where our first kiss happened,
during the Sign of Peace. Remember?

I don't know why you kept on insisting
that we have our first Mass here.

You never told me why.

Isn't this... church's real name
St. Joseph the Worker Parish?

You told me...

that you prayed to St. Joseph
for your future husband.

I was hoping that it would be me.

Is that OK? Are we done?

-Yeah, we're done.
-I'll just get some air.

Are you OK? Want me to go with you?

I'm fine.

You need to do that. Right?

-I'll just get some air.
-Go ahead. It's OK.


No. Please. Not now.

Don't you have any respect for the church?

Please, stop it!

Sorry, I apologize.
He's just not feeling well.

Are you really OK?

I'm OK, love.

Are you sure?

-You look pale.
-Love, I'm fine. Nothing's wrong with me.

Fine. Just tell me if...
if you feel anything.

When I say I'm OK, it means I'm OK.

I'm just tired, love.

The noise, the chaos.

Do you enjoy that?

Is that the kind of life you want?

I know you're not comfortable
that I'm doing this.

But I wouldn't do it if I didn't need to.


Everyone keeps telling me that.

Ethan and your new friends
keep reminding me.

But love, you don't need to do it anymore.

Love, I hope you understand
that I'm just doing this for you.

For me?

Or for you?

So you can finally go to Manila?

That was your plan
before I got into the accident, right?

I thought you and Clara were different.

Yes, I'm different from Clara.

Because I'm not Clara.

will my love ever be enough for you?

Will you ever not feel the need
to compare me to Clara?

I know, my boy. I know it's hard.

Come home, child.

Go. Here.

That's it.

-Tristan, retouch?
-No need.

I'll just get the script.

Sir, the script?

-Marty, here.
-All right, sir.

OK, got it? When we start rolling...

Do you know what to do? This. Oh, wait!

Sir! Audrey's helmet! We need it.

OK, let's review.

-Tristan, that's your spot.

Are you OK?



Does she really need to wear this?

It looks silly.

Fine. She doesn't have to wear it.

-Marty, here.
-OK, sir.

You know what to do?

Let's review.

OK. I will tell them.

-Great news!
-Congrats, Audrey!

It's exciting!

Come on, Marga.

You're going to Manila?

She can't not go.

-Let's just talk about it later.

Let's finish this first.

What are we going to do?

She will run to you and you will lift her.

And you will turn.

Show them.

-Yes, I can.
-OK. Can you do it?

Can you do it?

Yes! I can!

You wanted to see us do a Dawn Zulueta.

Sure, we'll do it for you.

Love, are you ready?

Love, are you OK?

Yeah. Let's go.

If you can't...

Let's do this already.

Tristan, are you OK?

-Tristan! Sorry. Sorry.
-Are you OK?

-Are you OK, Tristan?
-I'm OK!

-I'm OK.

-One more.
-No. Rest.

-Let's do it again.
-No. We can change it.

-I can do it.
-No. That's enough.

Audrey, what the hell?

You forced me to do this!

Now, you don't want to do it anymore? Why?

-Bro, calm down.
-Back off!

-Then don't scream at her!

-You wanna take his side? Fine!

-Tristan, what are you saying?
-Audrey, I can see it!

This asshole likes you!

Tristan, stop.

-That's enough, man.
-Everyone, calm down.

Sir, don't fight back.

How about you, Audrey?
Do you like him, too?

Audrey, I just fell asleep.

I wake up and you've already replaced me?
Is that it?

I'm sorry.

I woke up.

-I ruined your plans.
-Stop it!

-Stop it!
-Stop it!

-Go do it! Take your shot!

-Tristan, stop it! Stop!
-You want me to do it?

Audrey, you should've just left me
when I was asleep!

You shouldn't have waited
for me to wake up!

So you could show me
you don't love me anymore?

So you could so blatantly cheat on me?

-She's not cheating on you!
-Ethan, stop! Shut up!

He's the reason why! This asshole!

You changed because of him!

He's the reason, right?

The reason why you want all this!

It's because of this jerk!


This was already her dream
before she met me.

But you hate her dream
that's why she's unhappy!

Ethan, stop it! That's enough, Ethan!

Guys, please stop it!

-Ethan, stop!
-Tristan, stop!

That's enough, Ethan!

Sir, don't!

Tristan, are you OK? Tristan!

-What's happening?

Tristan! Help!

Call an ambulance!

He's complained a lot
about his headaches lately.

I wanted him to rest

but he insisted on joining Audrey
on her show.

So he got overfatigued.

He's experiencing headaches
because of a blood clot.

-How is he?
-How are you?

I can't do the show anymore.

Tristan needs me more now.

His secretary said he's in surgery.

But he's really busy in general.

Doc, I've been trying to contact
that doctor for a while.

I hope he can accommodate Tristan now.

and ask him to go here and see Tristan.

You already miss Bacolod?

I have something important to do here,

People I need to find.

I'm so proud of you, grandson.

Auntie Vivian.

I missed you, son.

It's possible
that you'll go into a coma again.

You could die.

That's better than
just being a vegetable again.

Thank you, Doc,
for coming here to operate on Tristan.

Dr. Rodriguez said... you're a busy man.

Good thing you were able
to accommodate Tristan in your schedule.

Thank you.

before I even talked to Dr. Rogriduez.

Your wife?

She learned about this through her son,

my stepson, Ethan.

They talked.

He said his friend needs help.

Which one of you is Ethan's friend?

It's Audrey.

You must be good friends

That's fine.
Let's delay the meeting for an hour, OK?

Yes, go ahead. I'll follow.

How are you?

I'm OK.

I'm fine.


How's Tristan?

He'll have his surgery later.

Are you busy?

Can you drop by here later?

Tristan wants to talk to you.

He wants apologize and thank you.

No need.

I hope he gets well soon.

That's nothing.

Ethan, that's not nothing.

Because I know how hard it was for you
to ask your mom a favor.

You didn't have to do that.

Make sure the person you love, lives.

I want to continue the show.

To thank you.
It's the least I can do for you.

If you're doing it again,

And if you're going to do it again,

it's going to be
with a different producer.


I'm in Manila now.

When are you coming back to Silay?

I won't be going back.

You love genuinely, bravely.

We got that from you.

Thank you, too, for helping my friend.

Auntie Vivian.

-Jayla, that's your Grandma Vivian.

-And that's your big brother Ethan.

Audrey. You're here.

How's Tristan?

-He's doing OK.
-That's good.

He's recovering quickly.

I asked you to go here

because I want you to reconsider
doing Silay Scooter Girl.


this is not for me.

That's what Ethan saw and believed in.

Because of his belief in you,

he gave up his producer fee... for you.

You didn't know that? He didn't tell you?

I saw you when you were happy
as Silay Scooter Girl.

I would say do this
because it makes you happy.

But as your friend,

and as someone older than you,

this is my advice:

more than what makes you happy,

choose to do the right thing.

Our happy lives can be seen
through the smiles of the Negrenses.

And this sweet bread.

That was requested by @jorellpogi2000

for me to eat while riding this scooter.

Which my producer didn't want me
to do, as it was dangerous.

Tristan. You're already here.

Hi, Auntie.

Thank you.

You're early.

I'll just change.

We need to talk.


Whatever it is that you're thinking,

or whatever you want to say,

or whatever you want to ask for...


My answer is yes.

I know.

I'm also sorry because...

I like the new Audrey better.


Audrey that woke up when you fell asleep.

You were by my side when I was sick.

So? Let's find me a co-host.

Go ahead, I'll follow.

-All right!
-Thank you, bro.

What is it?

And this one too, sir.

Excuse me. Do you know
where the news department is?

Just ask the receptionist.

OK. Thank you.

Excuse me... Is...

-Ah, excuse me?
-The auditions aren't here.

I'm not going to audition.

I'm looking for Ethan Alfaro.

It made many people in Bacolod happy.

Name? From where?

Audrey Locsin. From Silay.


Roll around like an egg? Seriously?

You love him. You love Ethan.

You have a crush on Ethan?

More than crush, actually.

Wait, it's ringing.

Yes, we're still on for dinner tomorrow.

Sorry, ma'am,

Ethan isn't in his office.

If you want,
call him so he can meet you out here.

But... I'm not sure

if he still wants to talk to me.

That's why I didn't tell him
I was coming here.

Ah, is that so?

Just call him.


Just do it, Audrey!

You will call him, Audrey.

I should be in this show.
I'm good with a scooter.

Yep, we're here.

Faster! Sir Ethan is waiting!

-Where is Ethan?
-Studio 2! Faster!

Wait, where are you going?

Your bag.


Are you ready?
Have you filled up the forms?

Please, fall in line.

-Excuse me.

I want to talk to Ethan Alfaro.

Wow! Nice try!
What is this? Name dropping?

-Power trip?

-I'm just visiting...

No, that won't work.

Go there. They've been here
since this morning! Go to the back.

OK. Can you just sing and dance for us?

-I'm shy.
-So why are you here?

OK, fine.

-Imaginary ball. Go!
-Like this?

-Did you make the shot?
-Of course.

-I didn't see.
-Well, it's imaginary.

Can I go before you?

I just really have something important

I have to talk to someone inside.

What? Cut the line?

We've been here since this morning.

It's important.
I really need to talk to him.

If it was that important,
you should have gotten here earlier,

so you could have been first in line.

I can sing?

So you're not sure if you can sing?

-Twins. Hi.
-Hello there.

Can you dance?

I'm not prepared.

-I forgot.
-You forgot the lyrics?

Why did you sing that then?


Why did Ma'am Rikki call?

Well, she said, now.

Dude, how about the auditions?

It's your turn. Let's go.

Is Ethan here?

-Luggage here.
-I'm looking for Ethan.

-Is Ethan here?
-Wait, please.

You still haven't told me where Ethan is.

Come here.

Stay here.

OK. She's ready. Let's start.

Uh, excuse me. Is Ethan here?

Audrey Locsin.

Is Ethan Alfaro back there?

Bro, can you zoom in?

Ah, excuse me?

Ethan? He left. He went to Ilocos.

He's not here?

Not anymore.

But don't worry.
This whole audition will be recorded

so Ethan can still watch this later.

I'm not here to audition.

I just went here to see Ethan.


I came here because...

He tried to charm me
in the middle of the road.

He helped me save the person I loved.

He helped me make my dreams come true.

And because of that,
I got to know the real me,

whom he accepted,

and loved.

And because of that,

I liked this Audrey better.



Sometimes crazy.

But most of all,

ready to be foolish for the one she loves.

'Cause that's how it is.

You'll do everything for the one you love.

Are you sure about that,
Silay Scooter Girl?

Are you ready to wait?

The person you're looking for?

He's being sent to Laoag.

It could be a long assignment.

I'm more than ready to wait.

So show yourself please.

OK, fine.

I will show myself.

Close your eyes.

How will I see you if my eyes are closed?

I thought you were ready to be foolish?


Closing my eyes!

Spin around.



I'm spinning!

Show yourself!


That's not me!

That's my grandma.

since I last talked to you.

And every day that I wasn't with you

Pack up, guys! Let's leave them alone.