Everybody's Fine (2009) - full transcript

Frank Goode lives by himself in Elmira, NY, a recent widower with heart trouble, retired from a factory job, proud of having pushed his adult children toward success. In the summer, all four kids bail on a reunion, so, against doctor's orders, Frank decides to surprise each with a visit. He sets out to see his artist son in New York City, his daughter the ad exec in Chicago, his son the conductor on tour and presently in Denver, and his daughter who's a performer in Vegas. None are as he imagines or hopes. Will they let him see themselves as they are, and can this dad adapt?

[grungy rock music]

? ?

Come on.


We got to waIk.

It's onIy
a few miIes away.

What about your car?

Right now,
it doesn't matter.

Come on.

But I'm so coId.

WeII, what can I do?

Can't we go somewhere
Iike a moteI?

No, we have to stay outside
and avoid anyone that we can.


after this,
we're gonna be fine.

I got a great pIan.



[man on walkle-talkle]
You got a call on the Hollywood
downtowner motel.

Three dead cops were found.

We caught the glrl.


On the bus.

What do you want me to do?

This girI's a nuisance.

She couId testify

and put a stain
on the whoIe department.

What do you want me to do?

KiII her.

[aggressive rock music]

? ?

We'II be here for you.

[eIectronic beeping]

[engine revving]

I was raped
by those fucking cops.

You were asking for it.

Fuck you.

You wear your dress.

I need to make money.

Yeah, I said I'd do it.

They toId me aII I had to do
was give a massage.

HeIIo, Sam.

How's it going, man?

Long tlme no see.

I saw the coke up there.

ProbabIy made it easier for you,
didn't it?

What is it with you girIs
and coke?

I didn't do coke, asshoIe.

Check the fucklng autopsles.

I bet those pigs
were fuII of the shit.

Not me.

Just a massage.

Any other dead?

Yeah, there's one hanging
in the shower.

There's another
Iying in the bathtub.

Now, were any other cops
found on this bed

or just this one?

The scene is exactIy
how we found it.

'Cause the bIood on the piIIow
is reaIIy dark,

which is how it shouId be
for a head wound.

What I don't understand
is the bIood on the bed.

You see, it's paIe.

Looks Iike it didn't come
from the head

but more Iike
a girI's raped pussy.

[meIIow harmonica music]

? ?



You aII right?

Do I Iook
fucking aII right?

Come on, now,
settIe down.

What's going on?

Listen, I'm thirsty.

Do you got any water?


Come on in.

They beat the crap out of me.

They tied me up,

and then they raped me.

They're probably plannlng
on selllng lt

on the internet.


[woman on TV]
A prostltute shot and strangled

two pollce offlcers
ln a Hollywood motel.

Now back to weather.

Here's Blll wlth your
weather report.

Well, lt's gonna be sunshlne--

Is that you
they're taIking about?

Right when one of them
was getting off,

I grabbed his gun,
and I shot his head off.

Thought you were tied up?

WeII, after the first hour,

I made 'em beIieve
I was enjoying it,

so they untied me.


And then I shot the other one.

[aggressive rock music]

? ?

[ceII phone ringing]


AII right, I'II be right there.

[engine revving]

[sIow aIternative music]

? ?

Hey, Jacob,
same fucking thing.

We got ourseIves
a seriaI kiIIer.

Cover your nose.

It smeIIs bad.


AIso found this.

Already got her prlnts traced.

Who is it?

Our suspect is a girI, 5'3'',

with a CoIorado driver's Iicense.

Any idea where she is?

No, but we'II find her.

Nelghbor heard screams
a half hour ago.

She could be anywhere.

How did you get hooked up
in this shit anyway?

My girI,
she's Iike my sister.

She gave me the number
of these guys.

She said they'd hook it up.

[aggressive rock music]

? ?

[man speaklng forelgn language]

Yo, what's up?

I need to speak
to a guy named Josef.

That's you?

Yeah, so what?

TeII me about this girI.

You peopIe have an axe to grind
or something?

Any of you fucking move,
and I'II fire.

You're fucking
with the wrong peopIe.

Says who?

Says me.

How come you got goId teeth?

Because my dad
gave 'em to me.

Her name is Nina Conrad.

I thought it was gonna be nice

or fun, at Ieast.

LifestyIes of the rich
and famous shit.

What are you Iooking at?

What are you doing?



Anybody eIse in here?


Someone comes popping out
of the cIoset,

I'II pop both of you.

Just the girIs, that's it,
no one eIse.

What's with those girIs?

My brother gets aII the girIs.

You know her?

'Cause if you teII me
what I want to know,

then I won't bust
into your bathroom,

because once I do that,

then I'm gonna have to bring you aII in
for making crack.

I don't know her.


I saw her getting out
of a car

with a Iicense pIate
that beIongs to you.

Now, teII me
what I need to know.

What are you doing
caught up in this shit?

You guys deaI pussy...

Iike you deaI drugs?


Where did you find this girI?

My dad.

He knew a girI in Denver.

She sent her to us.

We just put her to work.

Do you know what my dad wouId say?

Your dad don't know
that you're out here?

No, my dad doesn't know shit.

It's none of his business.

He's not gonna find out.

What do you want me to do?

KiII her.

So what's up here?

This is...

where I go
whenever I want to get away.

What do you need
to get away from?

Oh, my God.

You're the guy
they sent to kiII me.

I was defending myseIf.

What were you in that room for?

What were you in that room for?

I knew it.

I don't feeI bad anymore.

One Iess perverted bitch.

I think that the worId
wouId be okay.

Is that how you justify
what you do?

What about you?

How many peopIe have you kiIIed?

Oh, Iet me guess,
the Green Beret gone psycho.

Do you just fIip out aII the time,

or did you do aII this speciaI
just for me?

It's simpIe.

I just didn't want to kiII you.

The rest just took over.

The rest just took over?


My instincts.

I see.

I know Jake from Desert Storm.

Oh, another fucking Green Beret.

Is that what he toId you, prlncesa?

No, we're both
private contractors.

We did the operations

the government couIdn't take
responsibiIity for.

Oh, Iike what?


BasicaIIy, yeah.

[woman on televlslon]
21-year-old from Oshawa was crowned

Mlss CHlN Blklnl at the 37th annual
CHlN Plcnlc.

Where are we going?

'Cause l can't just
stay here.

We'II rest.

And then I'II get you out of here.

No horse cock shit tonight.

This girI is very sensitive, fragiIe.

We'II see.

I'm serious.

I need you to open the farmhouse up.

Make sure we are cIear.

I'II traiI you by 30 miIes.

If there's any probIem,
caII me.

we meet up there.

AII right, man.

Where are we going?

Don't ignore me.

Where are we going?

In the mountains.

Oh, this is crazy.

I'm trying to save your Iife.

I don't need you to save my Iife.

They wanted me to pop
your fucking face off,

and that's usuaIIy what I do.

WeII, why didn't you?

I guess because.

[sIow rock music]

? ?

What difference does it make?

[ceII phone ringing]


I ain't no hit man.


How many agents have you kiIIed?


You're crazy.

Thanks for taking me in.

Rodrigo wouId have
wanted it that way.

Now everyone is fine
over at the FBI.

I toId 'em
to haIt the search.

You're fine.

Where are we?

Across the river.

The ranch is just
a few hundred yards away.

Worried about theft
aII the way up here?

You'd be surprised.

Bunch of idiot kids out here.

Why are we parking so far away?

In case of an ambush.

I'm right near the back road.

It's a secret way out.

God, you reaIIy need to be
back in war.

I am.


[owI hooting]

You have no idea
what I risked

so you couId be breathing
right now.

Yeah, so what?

Ever since I came
to this shit-ass town,

my Iife became shit.

So what?

I'd rather be dead.


You know nothing about death.

You're fuII of drama.

Oh, yeah?


Where's the window?

I'II jump right fucking now.


That's funny?

Yes, and impossibIe.

We're Iow in the basement.

Now sit down.

I want to watch the race.

My friend taped it for me.

I need some water.

Do we have any food?

I need some food.

I got some candy bars and water
in the brown bag.

And aIso, you can't go upstairs.

We got to keep undercover.

I don't even see the stairs.

Just sit down!

What is this pIace?

A hideout.

WeII, I reaIIy want
to get out of here.

It's just reaIIy
making me crazy.

You were aIready crazy.

Don't caII me crazy.

Hey, Jake.

Who's that?



You have grown.

What's up, my man?

How you doing?

It's okay.


It's nice to meet you too.

My name's Nina.

What's yours?

You know,
I ain't no motherfuckin' booty caII,

so don't Iook at me Iike that.

This where you take
aII the bitches?

You guys get invoIved
in a car accident or something?


Where's EIi?

He's in the back, stiII asIeep.

Far out night?

Boozing pretty bad.

I don't even think he knows
what year it is.

WeII, Iet's go
and see him.

You want to go?

Just be cooI, aII right?


EIi, it's me.

What do you need?

I'm on a shit piIe now.

You aIone?


A girI got you
running again.


But this time it's different.

We got the whoIe state after us.

Every fucking time
you come to me, it's the same.

Oh, I see.

Where's Mom?

She's at the house.

Come on.

Let's get you guys
cIeaned up.

You know, the Lord's gonna
take care of both of you,

'cause I know Jake,
and he may be wiIy,

but he doesn't have
a bad bone in his body.

Ma, I kiIIed a bunch of peopIe.

It's my fauIt.

Bet he done every
Iast one of 'em good.



I got to get out of the country.

I'd say we have onIy got
a few hours tiII they get here.

Ah, come on.

I got no troubIe taking out
a coupIe of cops.

This'II be fun.

Serious, Pa.


What the heII happened, Jake?

I compIeteIy Iost it,
went overboard.

They wanted me to pop her.

She was in the hospitaI.

They probabIy figured it was better
to keep you on a short Ieash,

so they Iet you be a cop.

They wanted me to go in there
and shoot her,

speclal ops shlt.

I just couIdn't.

Everything since
has just been a bIur.

I Iike your mom.

Don't mind her preaching stuff.

It's her way of saying heIIo.

She gave me this.


I'm so coId.

I'm drunk.

You shouId have some.

It's gonna warm you up,
I promise.

Better aIready, huh?


Whoa, whoa.



Get in the basement!

No, why do I have to get
in the basement?


This is safe here.

A Iot of peopIe
have hidden here,

and no one has ever been found.

There is enough food in there
for two days

if anything happens.

Everything wiII be aII right.

And what if they bust in here?

Then what do I do?

Just go!

Don't push me.

We're gonna have to Iay
an ambush.

AII right.

Let's do it.

I want to get
out of this shit, Jake.

And what?

WaIk the straight Iine?

Forget it.

You Iike the action,
and you know it.

No, reaIIy.

I'm changing.

I'd Iike to start a cIean Iife.



I'm paraIyzed.

HoId on.

I don't know why
I do this shit for you.

Yeah, you do.


Because it's fun.

I want to be cremated
and dusted over the ocean.

What about you?

Don't think about it so much.

You are so fuII of shit.

I bet you have it aII pIanned out.

You probabIy want to be
put in some urn

and kept ln a secret hldeaway

somewhere in Baghdad

or wherever it was that you fought in.

What's an urn?

You know, those things
that they put ashes in.

No, I don't care.

Once I'm dead, I'm dead.

You know they're gonna flnd you.

Just keep taking
deep breaths.


They're--they're gonna
chop her up.

They're gonna
chop her up and--


She's tough.



Just keep taking deep breaths.

Keep taking deep breaths.


You can't go now, man.

Come on.


[engine turning]


I can't go through this again.




Come on.

Get up.

We got to go.


? Waiting for the day ?

? when angeIs come for me ?

? Jesus isn't enough ?

? to save me
from this purgatory ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be wandering
through the in-between ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be fIoating
through the in-between ?

? Waiting for the day ?

? angeIs come for me ?

? Jesus isn't enough ?

? to save me
from this purgatory ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be fIoating
through the in-between ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be fIoating
through the in-between ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be fIoating
through the in-between ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be fIoating
through the in-between ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be ?

Thanks for coming back for me.

I didn't think you wouId.

Oh, my God.

Why is there so much bIood everywhere?

This is it.
I'm dying.

I can feeI it.

I'm getting coId.

No, you're fine.

Head bIeeds a Iot.

Where's Dan?

They got him.

He's dead.

Stop the car!

Let me out.

I need the fuck out of this car.

I don't want to die in this car!

Let me out of this fucking car!

You want to get out?

Then get the fuck out.

I saw you kissing him.

Yeah, so what?

I wanted to get hot,

get my mind off aII this shit for a whiIe.

Got a probIem with it?

You see, I've been trying
to heIp you,

overestimating you.


Come on, asshoIe.

Just teII me
what you want me to be.

I'm just a girI from CoIorado

who got caught in the middIe
of some dark shit.

Quit being so stupid.

Get out of the car and what?

They'd kiII you.

These two suspects
are armed and dangerous.

You'II see.

Soon they're going to be
offering a reward.

They aIready got us.

Have you read ReveIations?


Now, you must.

I can see it in your eyes.
You're searching for redemption.

I just want you to know
the Lord forgives you.

But I don't need
to be forgiven.

However you see it.

You just read ReveIations.

Oh, you shouId probabIy
start with Genesis.

I'm a bad reader.

Oh, now, you see?

That's what aII the chiIdren do.

They fight it.

But, honey, I've seen
a Iot worse than you.

And the Lord saved me.

Maybe not worse,

but I appreciate
that you care so much.

You're forgetting
who you're taIking to, son.

Sorry, Pa.

I just can't go through Iosing
someone who matters to me

for a cause that has nothing
to do with them again.

This is my mess.

I've been wanting to bIow my wad
at them sons of bitches for a Iong time.

You never know.

This incident couId provoke
some civiI unrest.

What about that friend of yours
who you said had a heIicopter?



WeII, what the heII
makes you think

Marvin's gonna Iet you
fIy his chopper?

I can take it to Mexico.

Once I'm out of the U.S.,
I'm cIear.

And what kind of peopIe
do you know in Mexico?

Don't you be messing around
with them drug runnin' buddies,

not for anyone or anything.

It ain't worth it.

These peopIe wiII Iook after me.

I got nowhere eIse to go.

I'II be firing right beside you,

kiIIing every Iast one of them
sons of bitches sets foot on this property.

Love you, Pa.



Poom, poom, poom!


Ha! Ha!


Nha Trang, 1965.

They Ieft me for dead.

It was me
and this for cover.

Do you stiII use it?


Ever miss it?


Where the fuck's your head at
these days, boy?

AIways sick.


No, reaIIy.

[engine revving]








I had another dream.

What happened?

I saw a bIack-cIoaked man.

He Iooked so serious.

What do you think that means?

They popped my mom.

It's the one fucking area
they couId hurt me,

and they did.

But it's my fauIt.

Baby, it's not your fauIt.

Sounds Iike another vacation.

I don't Iike vacation.

I do.

I want to go to Puerto VaIIarta.

I saw a picture of it.

And l just thought,
''Yeah, one day,

''l want to get
a llttle place there,

''open a hat stand,

just Iie on the beach.''

I do that aII the time.

I get a picture of a pIace,
and I put it in my mind.

I imagine what it wouId be Iike
to Iive there.

Most of the pIaces are Iike
the rest of aII this shit.

But from what I researched...

Puerto VaIIarta isn't Iike that.

Why hats?

I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry?

I just am.

My mom Iiked you.

That's buIIshit.

She didn't even know me.

It's the truth.

I'm gonna go in the Primo's and pee.

Be carefuI.

I don't want anyone to recognize you.


Come here, son, I want you
to meet Father McQueen.

Boy, you certainIy
Iook Iike your mom,

fierce eyes and aII.

Pops here tells me
you've got some trouble

wlth those sons of Satan
government soldlers.

I'm behind you, son,
and so is the Lord.

He's watching you.

The questlon ls,

are you allowlng the Lord
to be behlnd you?

That's all rlght, son.

Let it out.

It's not that, preacher man.

l understand how you must feel

havlng all those
bad people after you,

Iosing your mother.

Don't give up, son.

I'm sick.

I'm fucking poisoned.

Isn't there anything
you can do to heIp me?


I didn't think so.

One smaII fries.

Oh, you Iook bad, girI.

What happened to your eye?

What the fuck you Iooking at, bitch?

Oh, you know what?

Oh, excuse me.

l'm sorry.

Just give me
my fucking fries!




[engine revving]

So EIi teIIs me
you fIew choppers in Baghdad.


See much action over there?

Nothing compared to SomaIia.

FIy any BIackhawks over there?


Just straight combat.

What division?

Jake was a paratrooper.


What is it?

I thought I was drowning.


I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry?

You're deluslonal.

There is no heIicopter coming.

Because I know
I've put you through a Iot.


But I aIso know
you Iike this crazy shit.


Make sure to stay
on your side.

Don't worry.

Heard you got sick.

Don't take it so hard, son.

Have some compasslon.


ExpIain that to me.

Be abIe to feeI,

wlthout judgment,
the paln

and understand
that lt's okay to be sad.

I understand that I Iost my mom
to your guide, to your ruIes.

Jake, you're out of Iine.

I need to teII you
something, Jake.

When I was in the Primo's,

bitch was giving me
the doubIe over.

She made some comment
about my eye.

You know, of course, I snapped.

I toId her to get me
my fucking fries.


Puts aII of us at risk.

Just teII me the story.

Is that it,
or does it get worse?

It gets worse.

Let's head out into the desert.

We'II head out there tiII the morning.

What time is the chopper
gonna be there?

8:00 A.M.

It's right there.

? Jesus isn't enough ?

? to save me
from this purgatory ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be wandering
through the in-between ?

? Searching, waiting ?

? for something to Iove again ?

? TiII then ?

? I'II be fIoating
through the in-between ?







Damn, your refIexes
were fast.

What happened?

He said he was okay.

You got her good,
didn't you, Jake?

Were you shot?

It sure feeIs Iike it.



They are not Americans, Jake.

We got to get you
to a hospitaI.

No, don't you worry
about anything,

not where I'm buried or nothing.

You know, I got this--
this fantasy,

sort of an agreement
with the Lord.

I want to be eaten
by crows when I go.

I want you to give that Iady
of yours a IittIe gift

in case something happens.

I have this image of her
wearing my dog tags.

Come on.

You're gonna be fine.

Oh, Jake.

I'm better than that.


I'm fIoating.

I can see everything.

It's beautifuI.

What difference does it make?

This is aII a dream.

AII I know is
what's happening right now.

Stop worrying so much.

I'm not worrying.

Quit being so stupid.

Get out of the car and do what?

They'd kiII you.

I'm gonna die anyway.


What do you know about death?

I can aImost taste it.

Let's go find a cactus,

I got to eat.

Where are you going?

To find something to eat.

There's nothing to eat.

We'II be in the heIicopter soon.

But I'm starving.

PIease don't go.

I got a safe pIace for us there.

Why do you got
aII these safe pIaces?

What are you, Iike,
a bank robber?

A hit man?


At Ieast, I was.

Which do you Iike better?

They go weII together.

And then you're aIso a cop.


I keep busy.

Is it good?

I couId inhaIe it.

Me too.

It's sugar.


You may cut your tongue.

I said don't fuck the girI.

Want some?


Oh, my God.


You were just in my dream.

He's fine, Father.

What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do?

You're going to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica.



And from there...

we have you belng
brought over

to another Iocation.

I'm quite sure you'II Iike
your accommodations, eh?

You Iike to tend bar?

'Cause we got you
a bartending job...

weII, more than that,

your own bar and a house,

the whoIe deaI.

[heIicopter rotors whirring]

Come on, Iet's go.

We don't have Iong.

Come on.

You feeI Iike coming back
to work for us?


Why not?

I just need to be...

just aIone.

[rotors whirring]

[engine revving]