Everybody's Fine (2016) - full transcript

From acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Meng (Piano in a Factory), the Chinese remake of Giuseppe Tornatore's (Cinema Paradiso) emotionally stirring film follows a widower's visits to his four adult...

Giuseppe Tornatore, Massimo De Rita, Tonino Guerra,

G. Tornatore

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Everybody's Fine

This one.

Here you are.

That one.

Don't bother. Let me handle it.



Here you are.

A live chicken.

I was just thinking about my dinner.

I may have it at your home.

Just go wherever you wanna go.

Forget it.

Guang Zhiguo.

You must hide a mistress in your house.

Stop your nonsense!

My children are coming home for the weekend.

Now I've prepared in advance.

It seems that you are through with your memoir.

Some details remain to be carefully verified.

I don't like to recall the past.

By the way,

when we were on business trip in Benxi Mine,

you had a thing with the young widow in the canteen.

What's her name?

She is...

Wait. What do you mean?

My meaning?

You're also a telling part of my memoir.

It seems that I need to review your great work

so that I know how you disfigure me.

I just tell things the way they are.

Then, you must have disfigured me.

I won't gild the truth.

Oh my god!

Come off it.



Guan Chu's speaking, right?

It's me.

What time does your plane take off?

I'm going to tell you that

we have to perform the Swan Lake one more time this weekend

I may not go back.

Look at you.

As you said you wanted to eat fried pork shreds with celery,

I'm picking the celery now.

Well, dad.

Then eat more on behalf of me.

I'll make time to see you soon.

I will.

Alright. Focus on your work.


Then I'm hanging up.

How are you?

Not good. How can I feel good?

Guan Chu will not come back.

Hello, Guan Zhiguo.

It's me. Dad. This is Guan Quan.

Guan Quan. Where are you now?

The school has opened several more oral English courses recently.

I have to teach all of them.


Then you have no time to be back, right?

Yes, indeed.

I'm an employee. I've got no choice

Dad, how about...

It doesn't matter.

Focus on your work. That's more important.

Everything goes well here.

Ok, dad.

Dad, this is Guan Qing.

Zhihao's school is going to hold a parents' meeting this weekend.

But Li Hong was just promoted to chief physician and has no spare time.

So I have to attend.

By the way,

Guan Hao is also too busy to go back.

Let's meet sometime.

Which one?

Third left, front row, and third left, back row.

One widowed, and one divorced.

An either-or choice.

You're not loyal to your deceased wife.

I've done my best.

I had carefully looked after her until she passed away.

What else should I do? I'm loyal enough.


the year when she was gone,

I felt quite empty at one time,

and always wanted to talk to her.

Who believes you?

Look at you.

You're also always talking to yourself, aren't you?


No. Never.

I wanna have a long trip in the next few days.

About two weeks.

I would like to leave my house in your care.

Mr. Wang living in the west room of your court

could do that for you.

He's been taken to America by his daughter for care.

My wife was responsible for all my children in the past.

But now she is gone. I have to pay a visit to them.

I've prepared the food for my cat, dog and fish.

You don't need to walk the dog, as it is old.

But for my myna,

you have to talk with it every day.

I'll teach it to sing love songs.

How time flies.

It's been almost one year since you passed away.

I always want to do more for you.

Thinking it over again and again,

I decide to write a book about our past days

and leave it to our children in future.

Perhaps this is the best souvenir for this family.

What a pity that I always worked away from home when I was young.

I knew the joys and pains of our children in the past

almost all by the thousands of letters between you and me.

Availing myself of this trip,

I wanna fill my memory gaps in my memoir.

Thus, one day when we meet,

my memory of this family

would be as vivid as yours.

I'll take many photos

so that you can also see the lives our children are living now.

Be at ease.

Go back and take care of the house.


I'm hungry.

So am I.

Come over, let's have it together.

Help yourself.

Thanks, uncle.

My son is shiftless.

Ah! Such a big boy.

Is he married?

Too young.

He's just 12 years old.

I will have my birthday next month.

He grows so big.

In his childhood,

he ate too much junk food with hormone

and got large.

I have sons, too.

Ah. Very well. Four children.

Raising one is quite a labor for me.

This is my elder son.

This photo was taken when he was 12, same age as your son.

He studied in Britain

and is a famous teacher.

My younger son is

the one I'm going to visit this time.

A photographer.

Dad, I'm full.

You cannot be a freeloader.

Play a song for your uncle.


What's this instrument?



Low notes, gravelly and powerful.

Middle notes, smooth and subtle.

High notes, dramatic,

particularly suitable for expressing

such feelings as solemn and indifferent.

Guan Hao, where have you been?

I've been waiting for you.

Are you hurt?

Come over.

You should learn to take care of yourself

while I'm away.

Don't do anything dangerous.


Hey man, would you like to shampoo?

I had washed before I went out in the morning.

How about washing again?

My hair is soft,

and cannot be washed twice a day.

Have a drink.

An additional dish for you, old fellow.

Ah. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Come over.

Have it together.


Old fellow,

you are here for a tour

or for a business trip?

I came here to see my son.

I have a son, too.

As he is attending university here,

we moved here and started a small business

so that we can take care of him.

Your son is so lucky.

He majors in Marxism education

at Nankai University.

He told me he would become a leader after graduation.

After struggling and saving up for several more years

we'll send him to America, too.

Isn't this common in China?


Send him to America to be a leader

and mess the country up.

Alright. Pull it up.

I was hoping to give you a surprise.

But I didn't see you.

Sis, this is Guan Chu.

Have you had any news of Guan Hao?

Tibet says, there's no signal in the mountains,

and it's difficult to locate the site of the accident.

Then we couldn't simply wait around.

Don't worry.

I'm about to shift the tasks on my hands,

and leave for Lhasa by air.

The red sun is shining,


Friends get together,


The small silver ball links the world

where the flower of friendship is fragrant across thousands of miles,

thousands of miles.




You get fatter.

Does my mother know your coming here?

Surely not.

Where's your mom?

On the phone upstairs.


How was the parents' meeting?

Did you worry your mom?

What meeting, grandpa?

Oh. It seems things are not going well.

What's up?

Grandpa, you are a little smelly.

Mm. A little bit actually.

Mom, grandpa is here.

What does it mean the temporary inability to rescue in the mountains?

I don't care whether or not the snow has covered the mountains.

He's my younger brother.



What are you doing here?

You all told me you would come back this weekend.

I saw none of you.

For we're busy.

Yes, you are,

except me, who is idle in our family.


Did Maiquan eat the food I mailed to it?

Does it still pee everywhere?

I've got too much work for this week.

You came at the right time.

This afternoon, I have to visit a customer,

and Zhihao will attend cello class.

Would you like to accompany him?

Mom, I don't want to have the class today.


I'll supervise you.

Where is Li Hong?

I'll give him a call later

to confirm when he will be back.


I cannot pick you up after class at five

for I have to handle other things of my company.

Drink the squeezed banana milk shake

in the freezer before going to practice cello.


Dad, you'd better not drink,

as it contains too much sugar.

I won't.

Listen to your grandpa.


How could I continue to go further?

Did you know?

Your such behavior has damaged our relationship.

How so?

I got a good impression of you at first.

But now I somehow start to dislike you.



Why do you supervise me?

I do this for your mom.

I need to skip the class, as I'm engaged this afternoon.

You should try to have my mom fooled.


If you want to remedy our relationship,

you have to ask my teacher for my leave

by cooking up any excuse.

That seems inappropriate.

Just think it over

You could never understand what I said.

Could you figure out a practical idea?

I've done three operations today.

Do you know what that means?

My entire waist becomes rigid, you know?

I know.

It won't take you long.

I don't care how long it will take.

You should have made an appointment in advance.

My time is also time.

He came here unexpectedly.

I couldn't predict when he would come.

You regard him as your father, anyway.

Hold on a bit longer, please.

So you need to tell him clearly promptly.

This idea is completely wrong.

I tell you.

Could a short silence kill you?

What do you mean?

Li Hong.

Oh, dad.

You should tell us your visit in advance

so that we could pick you up.

I wanted to give you a surprise.

Not a surprise,

but a shock.

This is a random trip without plan.

What do you want to eat tonight?

I saw vegetables and prawns in the freezer.

Then we'll have the prawns.


I've ordered takeout

which will be delivered here in half an hour.



Thanks, mom.

I heard that you'd been promoted to chief physician.


Busier than ever, right?


I've performed three surgeries today,

all on serious trauma.


The first surgery was on shank fracture.

The second one on the back of head,

injured by an ad lamp case.

The third was conducted

for a woman

who, when taking the train during morning rush hour,

had her chest stuck between the screen doors

in a symmetrical manner.

When she was released, only one breast remained,

and the other fell to her stomach.

Frightened, she fell down,

with the fallen breast sliding to this side.

After she was taken to the emergency room, I made an incision,

and stripped the muscle, tissue,

vein and nerve.

At last, I found a prosthesis in the breast, which I couldn't take out.

Such an inconceivable thing.

Now let's have dinner.

Why did you mention this?

You kicked me.

Just have the meal.

By the way,

When you were at primary school,

I received a letter from your mom, saying

you were elected as a class leader.

What's the position?

I know that, dad.

In the first grade, she joined the Young Pioneers,

and became a class representative of Chinese.

In the second grade, she became a study monitor with double chevrons.

In the third grade, class monitor with three chevrons.

Fourth grade, organizer of the school's English learning interest group

and concurrently the group's leader.

Fifth grade...


It seems that

you devoted lots of time to knowing her.

Dad, why did you ask about this matter?

I'm writing a memoir.

For what?

For future reference

when I cannot remember something clearly.

Help yourself.

Have more vegetables.

"Memoir of Guan Zhiguo"

Let me find some stories about you.

Chapter XII.

"Guan Qing Got Married."

In September 2004,

when I learnt from a family letter that

my eldest daughter was about to get married,

I rushed back home from Qinghai Province,

via Lanzhou, Xi'an,

Tongguan, Sanmenxia and Taihang Mountain.

During the several days' bus ride,

in cool weather and with moonlight at night,

I always felt, amid drowsiness, that my children were sitting beside me,

within my reach.

But whenever I was awakened by a bump or a honk,

I found

a long road lighted by car lamps ahead.

Finally, I reached Beijing on the wedding day.

The shy bridegroom

toasted me, and handed me a cigarette.

Only when the cigarette burned my hand,

did I sense that my eyes were filled with tears,

because of happiness.

Guan Qing, cuddly and smiling,

said she would, like her parents,

have a lifelong blissful marriage.

I drank a lot that day.


Don't read anymore.

Anything wrong with the story?

That's fine.

I'll publish your memoir after you finish it.

Go on eating.

Exactly I want a divorce.

What life are we living now?

Regular quarrels.

Who wants such life?

Do you think I enjoy quarrels?

The same question.

I know. I'll figure things out.

Dad, you scared me.

You told me that Zhihao always gets full mark in his class.

But he said that's not the case.

He is honest.

Then why did you lie to me?

I don't want you to worry.

I learnt this from my mom.

Only good news reported.

Work and

look after the kid at the same time.

Can you manage them all by yourself?

Li Hong is busy.

I'm used to it.


sometimes requires sharing of feelings

and responsibility between couples.

Women may as well

not be arbitrary.

Although you were always away from home,

we, your children, were all brought up well by my mother alone.

You're different.

Zhihao has grown up.

I know my place.

Don't worry.

Why did you take me here?

It's still early to go to the station.

Come and see the progress of my company's ad campaign.

How's the preparation going?

Almost done, director Guan.

Mengniu reunion-themed video, take three.


Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad!

Just like the Spring Festival you spent when you were young.


In those days when the festival was coming,

we would be waiting for you at the entrance of the old Hutong.


One year, I came back home,

and suddenly found that you had all grown up

in an unconscious manner.

People of my generation

always gave their top priority to work.

Dad, did you know

that in my heart,

you're always the greatest geologist.

Do you remember the jargon you taught me?

Dexing Copper Mine is located in Jiangxi Province.

Hunan's stannary is rich in antimony.

Tongren City of Guizhou is home to mercury mine.

Gejiu City of Yunnan is famous for tin.

Guan Hao is not in his studio

and is not answering the phone.

He must be collecting folk songs.


don't want to be disturbed when they're seeking inspiration.

You'd better stop calling him.

He won't answer.

Oh, Guan Qing.

Wait a minute.

The door lock of our house was broken,

and I replaced it with a new one.

Take it.

Don't walk me out.

Go back and mind your business.

Sis, this is Guan Quan.

When will you depart?

I'm on my way to the airport.

Dad had visited Guan Hao in Tianjin,

and just left Hangzhou.

Is he going to Shanghai to see me?

Afraid of revealing the matter,

I coaxed him into going back home.

Ok, take care throughout the trip to Tibet

and keep in touch.


Hangzhou, since ancient times,

has been called the back garden of Shanghai.

Now, every week, there's an

influx of visitors from Shanghai to Hangzhou.

Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Please stop the car for a minute,

as my dog has to pee.

Oh, wait a minute, please.

What's the name of the dog?



I have a dog, too.

It was so little when it first came to my house

but now it is old.

It is a dog, typically powerful at home but timid outside.

If I leave it at home,

it may destroy my house.

Away from home,

it, when seeing a little Chihuahua,

would be scared and run away,

never dare to come back.

Keeping a dog is like raising a child.

Together, bored.

Parted, missing.

See you.

See you, Damao.

Hello, who's that?

Guan Zhiguo.

Guan what?

Guan what? I govern you.

I'm your father. Open the door.

My father?

My father has died long ago.

Who the hell are you?



Guan Quan.

Alas. Dad!

Where are you?

At home.

Are you kidding me?

I'm at the entrance of your building.

Open the door quickly.

At the entrance?

Please wait.

I'm in the outside.

I'm on my way to come to you.

Stay there.


Mr. Guan.

Comrade Guan Zhiguo.


Come over and get in.


Fasten the seat belt.

Just as I presumed, you would not return Beijing.

Why did you lie to my elder sister?

She's forceful now.

I'm also a little scared.

Women aged above 30

will see plummeting hormone estrogen.

Bluntly, playing dual role, man and mother.

How could you talk about your elder sister like this?

By the way,

why is there another person living in your house?

I moved out to start my own business.

Starting a business?

What kind of business?

Do you know Ma Mingzhe,

Ma Huateng,

and Ma Yun?

Could you tell me

what they three have in common?

The common thing they share is...

Don't tell me they all have surname Ma.

That's what I think.

They three

all rose from being a nobody

to becoming an influential person.

Things are changing rapidly in this age.

To be blunt,

if I fail to seize the opportunity that come to me and carry it out

they'll be in the hands of others in a moment.

Alright. Starting business is good. But smoke less.

You see, I followed your mother's advice and quit smoking.

I feel so much healthier now.

Shoot! It breaks down again.


It was bizarre.

What are you roadside assistance personnel doing?

Old comrade, stop fiddling with it.

Have a cigarette.

I quit.

Guan Quan.

You left home at the age of eight.

Why did you do that?

After finding you, your mother wrote me a letter,

saying you hid in a henhouse of other people.

Whose henhouse was it?

And I'm not sure whether you or Guan Hao

developed chicken pox in your childhood.

I planned to go to Tianjin and ask him about this

but I didn't see him.

He went to other places to collect folk songs.

Did I remember his phone number incorrectly?

Guan Quan.

You guys

should reduce the sound at night.

Someone has reported you.

Allow him to call 110.

What do you mean?

Don't be angry. I'll talk to him later.

Give me his phone number again...

Come up.

Why are you so late?

The car broke down.

We've been waiting for you for the meeting.

My father.


Come on, please.

Uncle, go forward.

Hello, guys.

Let me make an introduction.

This is our country's great geologist,

comrade Guan Zhiguo.

My father.

Hello, uncle.

Take a seat.

I'm off to work, ok?

Where are you going?

Dad, to tell you the truth,

this is a guy with foreign face and Chinese heart.

His name is Mike, a key co-founder of our company.

He's a man of extraordinary abilities.

Able to speak four languages, German, French, English and Japanese

and in charge of our team's elementary Chinese teaching.

You came back at the right time. I have something to settle with you.

Director Wang is here.

Hello, uncle.


Just go about your business.

Hello, uncle.

Just go about your business.

Who is this old man?

Well, it's my father.

Hello, uncle.

Go inside first, please.

Guan Quan, I wanna have a talk with you.

What's up?

I'm having a meeting, dad.

I have to talk with you right now.

Well. Director Wang, go on with the meeting.

I'll be back a moment later.


I'll tell you that

when the educational institution is growing bigger,

I'll rent a larger place.

Enroll more students, and have the institution listed.

Is this what you called startup?

What about your previous job?

I quit

or else I couldn't start the business.

Who's the person living in your house?

What's the story?

I have the house let out.

Let out?

Why don't you live in your own house

but crowd in this messy room?

How could you say messy room?

Living together with other startup members

helps to build unity.

Your mom scrimped and saved all her life

in order to buy you a house,

and offer you...

Don't mention my mother.

Don't mention her.

Whenever it comes to this topic, you would mention her.

I know.

I've been seen by you as an idler since my childhood.

Now I quit my job.

You must think I'm loafing around.

It seems that I can never do anything right.

I didn't say that.

What did I say?

That's what you're thinking.

Alright, alright.

Smoke less.

I changed the door lock of our house.

This is the key.

Dad, where are you going?

Imported cigarettes, do you want?

Imported cigarettes.

Do you want some imported cigarettes, boss?

Have a look.

Imported cigarettes.

About to pack up. On sale.

How much is this thick one?

From Cuba.

The one made by girls by twisting between the thighs?

You're an expert.

Don't play, ok?

I'm in a bad mood.

I'm in a bad mood.

Feel better?


Why do you smoke such thick one in a bad mood?

Tongji University

Hi, how are you guys?

My name is Shawn

I am the founder of this new program

called Three Kingdoms Chinese

So every Wednesday here 8pm

hope you guys can follow us to the auditorium, alright?

Pretty nice, thank you

Thank you

Great to meet you guys

We have this new program called Three Kingdoms Chinese

So it's every Wednesday 8pm at the auditorium, OK?

Hope I can see you guys there, yeah?

Thank you

What are you doing here? Why you come again?



Stop! Turn back!

Stop you car. Stop running.

East flows the mighty Yangtze River,

its rolling waves have washed away all the heroes.

In the blink of an eye, our rights, wrongs, gains and losses are all in vain.

However, green hills still remain here as ever.

How often have we enjoyed the rosy setting sun.

A gray hair stands on this fishing bank alone,

He is so used to the spring wind and autumn moon.

It's a real joy of reunion over a pot of nice wine,

all the things past and present,

are retold with nothing but peals of laughter!

East flows the mighty river,

East flows the mighty river,

sweeping away the heroes of times past;

sweeping away the heroes of times past;

This ancient rampart on its western shore

is Zhou Yu's Red Cliff

of Three Kingdoms's fame.

"Three Kingdoms Chinese is a new way of learning Chinese."

"Master Chinese in both voice and affection."

"Learn Chinese characters using image memorization technique."

"Make use of Chinese slang using scenic simulation."

"Excel in Chinese via Three Kingdoms Chinese."

All right, Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow friends

it's great to be seeing you guys in here in the house tonight

We are here for different reasons, but

I'd like to tell you guys

why we are here tonight,


For you guys learning Chinese,

this is the best of times,

for you are witnessing the rapid development of China.

What is the reason for you guys to be gathered here tonight to study Chinese?

My friends

My friend, do you speak Chinese?

I want China to be more powerful

and to make money in passing.

Why do you learn Chinese?

I want to study Chinese because

I have a Chinese girlfriend,

and I can't understand what she says

Guan Quan, Guan Quan

He learns Chinese because

he has a Chinese girlfriend.

Why do you want to learn Chinese?

Play football.

Buddy, if you live in China for long,

you may forget how to play football.

Leave here quickly!

Today, we will introduce an app,

named Three Kingdoms Chinese.

It can lead you to

force five passes and slay six captains to fight for hegemony

and unify the whole country.


Just in this place where peach trees are in blossom,

let's toast and swear brotherhood,

and work together to achieve our dream.




Heroes emerge in troubled times,

while mediocre officials appear in normal times.

I've been confused by this age.

I really forget the thing about chicken pox.

It doesn't matter.

This is common for kids.

Once on shore, one prays no more.

But I remember the reason why you left home.

That year, when I was eight,

my mother told me that she received a letter,

saying you couldn't come home on my birthday.

I wanna see Guan Chu

and have bought the ticket.

Don't tell her. I wanna give her a surprise.

He'll reach Shenzhen in early tomorrow morning

and then sail for Macau.

Ok, I'll pick him up.

You must hide the matter about Guan Hao from him.

I know.

Did you take a peep at my tiles?

Nope. Did you wash your hands?


Guan Hao.

Guan Hao, Guan Hao.

Guan Hao.

Old fellow, did you dream?


Tell me about it.

I can interpret.

No, thanks.

Old fellow, you have four children.

You started off from Beijing, and have been to many places.


I left home to see my children.

Show me your hands.

Two sons and two daughters.

One in Hangzhou, one in Tianjin,

and one in Shanghai.


You really can tell fortune.

Then can you

foresee the future of my four children?

Oh, besides,

could you tell me where my

younger son named Guan Hao is?

Old fellow,

your wallet fell onto the floor

when you were asleep just now.

I opened it and saw

photos and train tickets.

I hope you won't mind.

My name is Guan Zhiguo.

I'm Deng Hong.

You're from Sichuan?


My hometown is in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Ah, no wonder you're handsome.


Those photos were taken 20 years ago.

You have four children.

So envy of you.

It is the way children are.

When they're young, you wish them to grow up quickly.

After they grow up, you still consider them as kids.


My two children both are nearly 30,

but up to now, I still call them baby.

It's my first time seeing so many people

playing mahjong on the train.

Nothing unusual.

I even played on the Qinghai Plateau.

Anoxic, I couldn't see the tiles clearly.

My playing on Inner Mongolian Prairie even attracted cattle and sheep.

The playing in Changbai Mountain was the most poetic,

like sitting amid fog, rain and wind.

Sichuan-style mahjong, full of youthful enthusiasm.

Playing all the way, until the end of the journey.



Don't bother. Let me help you.

Thank you.

Old fellow.

Hoping to meet you again.


See you.

See you.

Hello. I'm at Macau Maritime Terminal

and going to see Guan Chu.

I'm telling you,

don't be anxious to get back home.

We're keeping your house in good condition.

But wait, wait a minute.


Who is the unidentified person invited by you to my house?

The one I like.

She's fond of your myna.

So we take advantage of your house

to improve our friendship.

Hey, I wanna say,

only spiritual communications are allowed in my house!

No substantial development!

Be at ease, purely spiritual.


Welcome to Macau.


This is my good friend,

who has helped me a lot here.

Hello, uncle.

Hello, thanks for taking care of Guan Chu.

My pleasure. Being far away from home requires mutual help.

Moreover, she's very lovely.

I've been driving on the right all my life.

But the traffic here is totally opposite.

Thank you.




If you fail to take several old ladies back home,

it would be a waste of your clothes.

You're talking nonsense.

How about your Swan Lake?

Full house every time. And I'm the lead dancer.

When can I watch the performance?

It is over.


Your excellent dancing skill

is partly a result of your mother's DNA.

At that time when you were not born,

I would, at every weekend,

dance with your mother at the geologist's auditorium.

Your mother was crazy about dancing

and danced divinely,

including the three slow steps, the four quick steps.

I just walked alongside your mother,

following her, anyway.


Did you also talk so much

when you danced with my mother?


Well. Let's keep silent.

Stop talking.

Thank you, Mr. Guan, for dancing with me.

I only danced with your mother before.

Miss Guan Chu.

My buddy likes girl engaging in arts.

No other purposes.

Would you like to meet him there?

Oh, Miss Guan.

I must praise you.

I often go to your restaurant.

Dressed in the ballet skirt,

you're just like a white swan,

exciting me tremendously.

Travelling to Macau

means consumption for every one.

If you marry me,

follow me

my body,

my money,

My everything

are all yours.

All yours.


Stop beating. Run!

Here we are.

Give the suitcase to me.

Don't bother. Leave it to me.

Right here.

Get in, dad.

What does the person helping you a lot do?

Small business. What's up?

Guan Chu,

if you live alone,

you should remember to

cut off the electricity and water

when going outside.

Life involves no waste.

Mm, I know.


You may not be full just now,

but I have only two instant noodles now.

You live the farthest from home.

Hearing that you would go here,

your mother was sad for days.

You're a girl.

No matter what you've encountered outside,

bad or good,

you should share with me.

I can tell you good news,

but dare not say the bad ones.

You are like

Guan Qing and Guan Quan,

acting one way in public and another in private.

Where did Guan Hao

go for collecting folk music?

He's gone for long.

May not just go to one place.

He'll be back soon.

By the way, dad,

Sister told me, you've written a memoir.

Can I take a look?

In the box.

Chapter XII "Birth of Guan Chu."

In the summer of 1987,

my youngest daughter was born,

and given first name Chu,

cited from a poem, "bright and clear, tall and straight

with loneliness shown in eyebrow

and deep love in eyelash.

All I wanted is the connotation of elegance and grace.

Of the four children,

Guan Chu is the only one born in my presence.

Looking at the little thing lying in cradle,

with two bent legs moving around ceaselessly,

I actually thought of the Swan Lake.

Her mother said,

where to get such a fat swan?

Thankfully, I was right.

She was born to be a dancer,

and has achieved remarkable accomplishments

since her debut at the age of 10.

Do you still dance, Guan Chu?

Of course.

Still dancing.

"Dad, I'm off to rehearse. Food available in the freezer. Chu."

Macau Swan-themed Portuguese Restaurant

helps to comfort your mind and body.

And let the ballet at the swan lake's bank

lead you to the peak of experience

and the mysterious garden of swans.

"Guan Chu, I changed the door lock of our house. This is the key. Guan Zhiguo."

Brother Guan.

We are really decree by destiny.

We meet again.

Have you seen your little girl in Macau?


Is she not living the way you thought?

You are really a fortune teller.

Unhappiness is written all over your face.

Brother Guan.

You should believe that kids are sensible.

Sir, buy a flower for your lover.

It's just a mistake.

Girl, wait a minute.

How much is it?

10 yuan.

No other meaning.

We met by chance.

Thank you.

The train is leaving, brother Guan.

I'm going back to Sichuan.

I'm going back too.

I have another kid to see.

What are you doing? Please don't.

Your wallet.

Yeah, yeah, I'll give you.

Be quick.

Give me the photos.

Leave my suitcase!

Please don't take my suitcase!

Give it back, please.

There is no valuables...

I started this long journey with many questions

hoping to restore everything happened in your childhood.

I spent little time with you

so I have many lapses in memory.

But no question is solved

all over my ride.

Instead, your life now is

harder for me to understand.

All of you are lying.


Guan Qing,

have you already separated?

No, we have already divorced.


He needs not a wife as mighty as me

but the nurse in the hospital who worships him.

Guan Quan,

you are always busy outside.

Is your entrepreneurship achievable?

No risk, no reward.

It's snowing more and more heavily.

Let's go in.

Don't change the subject.

Have you already sold the house?

I need the money for my entrepreneurship.

But how could you live the rest of your life?

You can tell us your difficulty

and we will help you.

I can't always rely on you.

And you, Guan Chu.

The girl with you

is more than just your friend.

I don't understand young people's life

and I will not interfere.

You're together

and can look after each other.

It's, at least, not a bad thing.

But you,

you shouldn't have lied to me

that you had been dancing.

Dad, we keep many things from you

just because we don't want you to worry.

Even mom did not tell you everything.

Don't tell me about your mom.

I always believe what you said

that dancing is your life

and that

your career is going well.

Love is not pudding.

My talent is limited

and I can only be a nobody if I keep on dancing.

I can't hold on anymore.

Did your mom know it?

Yes, she knew.

So you collaborate with each other to conceal it from me?

Mom was sick

and we didn't want to distract you with our affairs.

Guan Hao,

do you still live at the studio in Tianjin?

I haven't been there for a long time.

Then where have you been?


Tell me.

Don't ask about it.

I even don't know where I'm now.

I care about you so much. What am I supposed to do?

Don't keep asking

as mom did.

It is the best way to do.

I can't pretend as if nothing happened.

If so, how can I explain to your mom

when I go to her?


She will not ask anything

because she had died.

If you miss her,

you can tell her what she wants to hear.

Tell her we are all fine.


Dad has woken up.



All of us finally get together.

Dad, how are you feeling now?

Do I have something wrong with the heart?

The results haven't come out yet.

Don't worry.

The doctor said we have to wait for the results.


I don't believe you now.

It's heart disease.

Guan Quan.

Tell me

where Guan Hao is.

Dad, here's the thing.

Guan Hao was in bad shape a while ago.

He said he was lonely

and wanted to go to Tibet for spiritualization.


Then he encountered an avalanche in Tibet.


Don't worry.

He has been found

and out of danger.



Why didn't you tell me until now?

Concealing is better than making you worry.

He's recovering...


Why are you here?

I'm going to see you after I feel better.

How are you feeling?

I have survived from the disaster.

Everything will go back to normal again after my recovery.


Your sister told me

that you often feel lonely.

Do you?

I did.

So I really wanted to leave.

Those people told me to go to Tibet

and I went there.

But later I found it is not for me either

because the people there are

all escapists.

But isn't it your dream

to be a talented photographer?

But talent is not necessary in this day and age.

We just have to follow the will of others.

There is no difference between

photographing a fertilizer bag and a real model.

Dad, I once held a photo exhibition

at my own cost.

I think the most authentic images of our lives now

are all in there

but no one came to it.


I'm not doing well.


I have experienced so much

and I also have figured it out.

In the avalanche

I had but one thought.

To survive.

All desire, fame and money are superficial

and living safely is the most important.


But, remember

from now on, no matter where you go,

let me know.

Oh, one more thing.

I came back

and found an important thing.


A few days ago, when I was cleaning the storehouse

I found a lot of old photos.

I was thinking to hang them up

but found

some to be musty.

Can you help me handle them?


There is another album.

I'm willing to shelter for you

from the wind and rain all the way.

I'm willing to take away all the excess minutiae

to witness every moment in your growth.

Dear kids, hope you could grow up with confidence

and be yourselves happily forever.

Guan Zhiguo.


Oh, let me have a look.

Or who else?


Look at this one.

You and Guan Quan were wearing

varicella in the face.

I had it first

and he often played with me and got infected.

Look at this.

This barre

I made it for Guan Chu myself.

So great.

But there are few photos of you.

There is.

Oh, I remember it.

Our first selfie.

I put the camera on a stool

and padded several books for it was not high enough.

When I came home from work,

you asked me to take photos.

And mom was cooking.

She didn't even take off the apron.


"Regardless of life, death or parting, I have told you that."

"I will hold your hand and grow old together with you."

For me

the luckiest thing is to know you.

You gave me a perfect home

and four lively and lovely kids.

Such a life is enough.

I had gone far away for work

but none of my trips are

as far and long as this ride.

I had always regarded myself as a great geologist,

a gentleman of indomitable spirit

and a skillful mentor.

After this ride, I finally realize that I'm

just an ordinary father.

I can neither go back to the children's childhood

nor help with their lives now.

I was intended to fix

those vague and uncertain things in the memoir

but even I myself got confused with the authenticity of the memories.

I know that the kids are a little dishonest

but it doesn't matter.

Keeping some white lies

instead, can make all of us happy.

You had suffered a lot

in all your life.

But you never blamed me.

I have seen

the kids who worry you the most.

Don't worry.

Just as you said

everything goes well with them.

Mr. Ma.

The third in the last row.

Guan Zhiguo.

I'm to do shopping for the Spring Festival too.


Everything goes smoothly year after year

and all runs as we wish step by step.

Five Blessings.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


Dad, I have the coin.

See? May you be prosperous!


Wish you a promotion!

Grandpa, I also want to have the coin.

You also want the coin?

I also have one. I have the sugar.

Wish you a sweet life!


I ate so much

but found nothing.


You are blessed to be here having the dinner.

Your sister is right.

There must be something good for you

since you have survived the disaster.

Dad, all of us are here.

Say something.


Let me compose a impromptu poem.

Just for entertainment.

"The firecrackers everywhere welcome the Spring Festival."

Great! It's great!

"The family reunion makes it more harmonious."

So great, dad!

"Now we should start from the beginning."

"To create a beautiful new world together."

"To create a beautiful new world together."

"To create a beautiful new world together."