Everybody's Famous! (2000) - full transcript

Jean is a family man and factory worker who dreams of becoming a songwriter. Pinning his hopes on his teenage daughter, Marva, he takes her to singing contests in which the awkward and ...

There, there.

Something like that.
Do you like that?

That's nice isn't it?

You're going to be famous,

Very famous.

She's useless, isn't she?

That was Vanessa Paradis,
by Marva Vereecken!

lt was short, but sweet, Marva.

Mister Mayor,
your points please.

Three points,
that is not very much.

Three, two and one, that...

Good try.

Do you know who you should be?
Micha Mara.

Micha Mara
is a hundred years old.

Micha is my age, Marva.

She always did well,
you know why?

Because she sings in Flemish.

People have to understand
what you're singing.

Don't forget that Flemish people
are simple people.

And you are the simplest of all.

From the sunny south...

here is Andrea Bocelli!

Bocelli, god damn it.
How could they let him win?

He could see,
but he sure couldn't sing.

You've said that
a thousand times.

Don't let it get to you.

lt's always the same.

Nobody sees how good
our Marva is.

ls it that bad?

She just wants
to have a good time.

She's almost eighteen, Chantal.

She'll have
to make her own way soon.

And l don't want her
to end up in a factory.

-She should have a real life.
-Don't push her so much.

-l don't push her!
-Yes, you do.

What do you know about showbiz?

Someday our Marva will
appreciate what l do for her.

-Someday Marva will be a star.
-Yes, Jean. Sleep well.

Jean, how did it go yesterday?

-She won, as always.

When will we see her on TV?

When will we see you on TV?

Do you know who l like?
That Debbie, fantastic woman.

That last song is phenomenal.
lt goes like...

lt goes like...hold on...

You don't have to ask

l am there for you

You don't have to know,
that's why l'm a woman

You don't have to fear

God knows how many men
she's had to fuck to get there.

Why do you say that?

Because that's how it works.
Everyone knows that.

Would you do that?

l'll take you with me

To paradise

l'll take you with me
to heaven for you and me

-l've seen her do better.

She's not the same
as she was a year ago.

Now listen to me, Debbie.

l work day and night
so you can be number one.

l don't have a wife or children.

l sacrifice everything for you,
because l think you're unique.


-You should get your car fixed.

Something's wrong
with the engine.

l can take a look.

Do you want to be a singer
or a car mechanic?

-What l want is a break.
-And car mechanics don't work?

They work when they want to.

You don't know
what you're talking about!

Everyone wants to be you!


That's as far as l got.

When did you make that?

Last night, in the bathroom.

-Do you like it?
-l think it could be big.


lt reminds me of someone
who is looking for love...

but can't find it.

l'm going to surprise the women
at breakfast.

They'll be proud of you.

l think so, too.

l hate night shifts.

Me, too. l could easily sleep
for twelve hours now.

Who's stopping you?

Liz. She's got exams.

She asked me
if l could give her a lift.

Can't she take the bus?

-She doesn't want to.
-You let her control you.

That's not true.
You just don't understand.

To a student exams are hell.

Where we were all night
is hell, Willy.

See you tomorrow.

Jean...good luck.

-What took you so long?
-l had to bring Jean home.

God knows why you like Jean.

-He wrote another good song.
-Please spare me the details.

ls it good, girls?




That's all l have.

l still have
to think of an ending.

And l need good lyrics.

lt is perfect for you, Marva.

Oh, no! This can't be true.
What happened, children?

Who did that?

-The witch!
-The witch?

The witch put a spell
on the Prince, Princess.

Only a song can save him.

-Can you sing?
-l don't know.

Shall l try, children?


Please open your eyes
and see my prince

See how for us
a new life begins

Days of joy
and days of hope

Were promised to me by an angel

Please open your eyes
and see my prince

Everything has value
and everything is useful

Don't think too much about
what is good and what is bad

An angel told me that

Oh, Princess!
You sing so beautifully.

What's wrong?

-Damn it!
-What's wrong?

lt's over. We've been fired.

Who's we?

The factory is bankrupt.

-Says who?
-The board.

There's a note
in the restaurant.

l can't tell my family.

Marva will hate me even more.

Liz won't think
it's funny either.

She'll have to pay for college
herself from now on.

God damn it!

We should set the factory
on fire!

Come on! We'll throw a fire bomb
into the director's office.

Take it easy, man.


Willy, they can't bring us down!

-We will survive.

l don't know that, but l do know
they can't bring us down.

Listen, we won't say
anything at home yet.

-lt'll be on the news tonight.
-Mine never watch the news.

Mine is never home.

We won't say anything at home.

-l swear...

l'll find a solution.

l don't need promises,
there are no rules

Let it all happen
and it will be all right

lt's amazing that she gets paid
to look so stupid.

Do you know that she makes
a million a year?

Don't exaggerate, Marva.

l'm not exaggerating.
l read it in the tabloids.

A million, without the gigs.
With those, it's double.

l'm going to bed.

Good night.

-Who is it?

-l want to say good night.
-Good night.

Can't l come in?


What's wrong?


You forgot to give me a kiss.

So l thought l'd come
and get it myself.

l'm not twelve anymore.

lt has nothing to do with age.
lt's just a nice gesture.

Do you know what my father did
before l went to sleep?

First he gave me a kiss.
And then a hug, like...

l think that's stupid.

l'll tell you something.

There are days like today...

when l miss his kisses and hugs.

-What are you doing?

lt's just...

What's that?

A bra.

How much did it cost?

l can make monthly payments.

How much, Marva?

Do you know what l want
instead of a dad...

who gives me kisses and hugs?

One who is not so scared
to spend a little money.

Good. Sleep well.

Box--25 cents.

-What are you doing here?
-l'm calculating something.


How much it would cost
to make a CD ourselves.

-lt's not that much.

-lt costs a couple of thousand.
-A couple of thousand?

And then the promotion
of course.

Jean, stop dreaming.
We can't afford such a thing.

Chantal, it's an investment.
l believe in Marva.

And l believe that you're crazy.

What time
do you have to be at work?

What time, Jean?


So go to sleep.

These are the strongest l have.

This is the first time
l've needed anything.


l've always worked
well and hard.

So l was always tired.
And l slept very well.


And then they
take away your work.

And with the work,
everything else.

Your pride, your sleep...

That's $10, please.

A few hundred yards down,
by the channel.

l'm in a bar called...what?

l'm not a member.

How much is that?

What? Damn it.

Good afternoon.

-Hi. ls this your car?

The hood was open,
so l thought l could...


lt's my hobby...cars.

l think l know what's wrong.
lf you have some tools...

Yes, in the trunk.

Can you hold this please?

This should work.
Do you have anything to drink?

l have tea left
from this afternoon.

Can l have some?
l am so thirsty.

My water bottle is empty,
so l...

-Yes, of course.

Was Debbie A Victim Of lncest?

-This is Jean.

You have to come immediately.
l need you.


l'll explain later.
Get over here now!

l'm parked by the channel.

Well...what's wrong?

Do you remember l told you
l'd find a solution?


The time has come.

There you go.

Who's that?

Take a good look.

l can't see her face, Jean.

Take me with you,
take me with you

To paradise

What is she doing in your car?

Why is she in your car?

-l kidnapped her.

Are you crazy?

We have the right
to take revenge.

The bastards just threw us out
on the streets!

-Why is that her problem?
-She can make us rich.

Do you know
what she earns a year?

-A million, without gigs.
-So what?

You don't think that's a lot?

Jean, others make a lot more
than a million.

But they're not sleeping
in my car, are they?

-l'm leaving.
-No, you have to help me.

-l can't do it alone.
-l'm not doing it, Jean!

Come on, it's easy.

Do you realize
we could end up in prison?

Only if they catch us.

And if we're smart they will
never catch us. Never!

One million dollars.
We split it fifty-fifty.


l thought you were a friend.

l am your friend,
but leave her alone.

Absolutely not!

l will do this!
On my own if l have to.

l'm tired of scraping by
each month.

l'm forty-five years old.

l don't have a job.
l'm sick of it!

-What's wrong?

-l can't sleep. That's all.
-Go sleep on the couch then.

Do you really have to go
to Madrid tomorrow?

lt's very expensive, and l think
we should watch our money.

Don't worry, l'll pay you back.

That's not the point.
lt's just so...

Such a seminar.
Does it really take three weeks?

l thought it was much shorter.

What do you know about seminars?

l don't tell you what a bottle
should look like, do l?

Stop treating me like an idiot!

l don't think
you're an idiot, silly.

l'm very grateful that you're
helping me out with my course.

Madrid is very important.

And if l want a career,
l have to be there.

l'd much rather stay with you,
but this is a one-off seminar.

So l have to be there.
Do you understand that?


Willy, this is Dave.

Dave is a mathematician
and has also been invited.

How are you?

Not bad.

-ls the rent much?

l used a false name,
so we won't have to pay.

Aren't those sleeping pills

Not at all.

l had to give her two more pills
last night when she woke up.

That's not necessary now,
because you're here.

-What's that?
-Liz's old clothes.

l thought maybe
she could wear them.

She's not performing.

She can't keep wearing
that outfit.

-Willy, we are not on holiday.
-l know that!

But we might as well
make the best of it.

And if you don't like it,
l will leave.

Stop! Calm down.

l'll go and see the one
who's going to make us rich.

-She's not answering.

Stuck in traffic.

-But it's live.
-l know, damn it.

l should never
have given her a day off.

Yes! Debbie where are you?

l...we have Debbie.


-We kidnapped her.

-Who's this?
-That doesn't matter.

We have Debbie, and if you
don't do what we ask...

you'll never see her again.

Who are you?
What do you want?

We don't want
the police involved.

Wait till we contact you again.

l told them if you
don't do what l say...

l'll cut her head off.

She's not in pain is she?

Jean, what are you doing?

Jean, that isn't necessary.
She's already seen you.

But she hasn't seen you yet.

-Jean, l can't do this.
-Don't start!

Think about what you're going
to do with all that money.

Good, l'm going.
Our Marva is singing.

Willy, don't do anything stupid.

OKeep her tied up,
and don't talk to her.

-You can count on me, Jean.
-l hope so.

Yes, people. That was Madonna.

Let's see the points
for Madonna.

A modest score
for Marva Vereecken.

Too bad, Marva.
And now our next candidate...

Jan Aars as Otis Redding
with "'Try a Little Tenderness."'

l'm looking for the girl
who was doing Madonna.

Just over there.

Why didn't you tell me
it was so tight?

Why don't you try
a different genre?

Opera or gospel.


-Are you alone?
-Where is Debbie?

She's in good hands.

lf you touch her,
you'll lose your balls.

l know people who do that
for free, asshole!

You get Debbie back alive
if you do what l tell you.

And what's that?

-What do you want me to do?
-l can't say over the phone.

-OOK, what will it cost?
-l don't want money.

What then?

l want to know
what you think about this.


And up. This is the beginning.
With guitars.

And so on.


Not bad.

How long would it take to make
a complete song from this?

That depends on inspiration.

lt can take a day,
but also a month or longer.

You have one week.
Text and music.

This is good for you.

-Did you put anything in it?
-No, l didn't.

l'll eat it myself, see.

Nice soup.

lf you untie me,
l can eat myself.

l'm not allowed to.

Please. l made it myself.

With fresh vegetables.

-ls it nice?
-Jerry. Jerry.

-Who is Jerry?
-My dog. Jerry.

He's at home. Alone.
Without food.

He's home alone, without food.
l always leave the TV on.

So he doesn't feel alone.

But now he's alone without food.
He'll die from loneliness.

Wait. Calm down.

l'll go and get him.
l will get him.

lf you give me your keys,
l'll get him.

Don't you trust me?

How can l trust
someone l can't see?

You've been in contact with
the kidnappers today, right?

Yes, indeed.

ls Debbie's life in danger?

l don't want
to worry the fans...

but it looks like we're dealing
with professionals.

The police are working hard,
but have no leads.

That's why l'm asking the fans
to keep an eye out...

and notify the police
of anything suspicious.

This abduction comes
at a very bad time, right?

Yes. We were going to release
her new single next week.

But we don't know
where she'll be next week.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Come on, Jean.
lt's not that bad, is it?

To console the fans...

we've decided to release
the single tomorrow.

A great idea, Michael.

Debbie's bike was found
in a field...

not far from the freeway.

The police
have searched the area...

but have failed
to find anything.

Good evening.


There's been a breakthrough
in the abduction of Debbie.

A man entered the singer's
apartment at around 10 p.m...

and took the entertainer's dog.

-lt took only minutes...
-They also kidnapped her dog.

-Last night.

The suspect is a tall man
in his late twenties.

He didn't have to force his way
into the apartment.

lt seemed he had the keys.

Her manager said that he's
afraid the dog will be used...

to demand a higher ransom.

Or to put more pressure
on Debbie.

He thinks the kidnappers
won't stop at anything.

Such animals.

Where are you going?

l thought l could count on you,
god damn it!

Why did you get that stupid dog?

-Els was...
-Who's Els?

Debbie. Els is her real name.

l told you not to untie her
or take off her blindfold.

And no talking!

The girl was hysterical.
l had to do something.

l'll show you what you've done.

lt's been on since 7 a.m.

Radio, TV, all the channels.

Talking about that stupid dog.

l will never forget it.
He was a real gangster.

A voyeur.
Nobody's safe anymore.

What are they going to do
with our Debbie?

Hypocritical bitch!

She's always complaining
about the music, about the dog.

Be quiet!

We will now show you a police
sketch of one of the suspects.

He is a tall, thin man
of North-African descent.

That is typical
of that stupid bitch.

She blames everything
on the Moroccans.

Can you please shut up?!

We are following the story
day and night...

twenty-four hours a day.

Are you happy now?
You're an idiot.

Go camouflage the car!
l'll tie her up again.


At two,
Debbie's "'Take Me With You."'

And straight to number one,
Debbie with "'Please."'

Messing around

With my best friend

You're on TV again.
The fourth time today.

Can l ask you something?

l can't really refuse, can l?

lt's quite personal.

l'll give you an honest answer
if you remove the blindfold.

What do you want to know?

Singers like you...
if they want to make it...

do they have to...

with all those managers?

Sleep with them?

Do you want an honest answer?

l've never slept with any
of them, and l never will.

Do you know why?

Because l've got talent.

-We said no police.
-l didn't talk to the police.

-Listen, if you make me mad...
-Calm down, sir.

l have good news for you.


My musicians
listened to your tape.

They think it'll be a hit.

-We're rich.

l always knew it.
How far are they?

lt's a first version, a demo.
Would you like to hear it?


Same time, same place?

Don't do anything stupid, pal.

Why would l?

Consuming moist
strong desire...

l aim my crossbow of love,
the task is completed.

A summer's day.

The cycle doesn't end,
our blood doesn't change.

You aim and shoot like a...

There can only be two reasons...

why you make this beautiful poem
sound so trite.

Either you've never made love...

or you just can't communicate
anything valuable to others.

Don't let her get to you.
She's just a bitch.

No, she's right.
l'm worthless.

-That's not true, Marva.
-lt is.

And on Sunday?

When we do the puppet show
for the children?

That's different.

Children accept me for who l am,
and adults...

only look at the outside.
lt's not fair.

See you tomorrow.

You don't like it?

Sorry, but it's
the first time in my life...

that l've heard real instruments
play something l made myself.

And it is fantastic!

lt is really fantastic.

-Does it have a title?
-"'Lucky Manuelo."'

Or "'Lucky Manuela."'

That depends on who sings it.
Man or woman.

Then it's "'Lucky Manuelo."'

Are you not going to sing it?

No, it's for my--
for someone l know.

She's not that famous yet,
but she is very talented.

You would be
very satisfied with her.

She's a really good singer.

l'd have to meet her.

Do you have a pen?

Her name is Marva.

lsn't she dead?

No, this is a new one.

Call her tomorrow at 9:00
and ask her over.

You'll see l'm right.

By the way, how's Debbie?

She's all right.
The dog is with her now, so...

Jerry is never this nice.

That's not true.
How old is he?


He's my only friend.

Don't you have...

any other...

male friends?

l usually don't have
enough time.

And if l do have time,
the men are too scared.

l haven't had sex in two years.

l would never last that long.

Me neither.

l can't untie you.

l can stay tied up.

ls it nice, girls?

l think the telephone
will ring later.

Don't you believe me?

Why would the telephone ring?

Because someone
is going to call us.

Dad, please. lf you made another
cassette, just put it on...

l think that's for you.

And l think it's good news.


Yes. What?

When are you going to tell me
what's going on?

When are you going to trust me?

That was
Michael Stalinte Management.

He wants to see me at his office
this afternoon for an audition.

Good. l'm going to work.

Willy van Outreve...

You can kidnap me
any time you want.

l've never been so happy.

Should l do it again?

No. Can you wait outside
for a moment?

That won't work.

You know what they always say?

Make the best
of what you've got.

There is still no breakthrough
in the kidnap case...

that has gripped the nation
for the last few days.

The police have increased
the reward for the golden tip...

from $20,000 to $40,000.

lt has also been revealed that
sales of Debbie's new single...

have passed the previous record
of 2.5 million copies.

More than the Beatles, Elvis,
and Michael Jackson together.

-lt's beautiful here.
-Do you think so?

Will you laugh at me
if l tell you something stupid?

lt's my first time
in a restaurant...

when it's still light outside.

You're joking.

lf you do what l tell you,
everything will change.


You'll live the life of a star.

ls this also the first time
you're in a hotel room...

when it's still light?

This is my first time
in general.

Don't you have a boyfriend?

Do you still live at home?

Yes, but not for long.

They get on my nerves,
especially my dad.

He has no faith in me at all.
You know what l mean?

He hums his own compositions
into a tape recorder...

and then he wants me
to sing them.

He is such a loser.

You shouldn't talk about
your father like that, Marva.

Are you sure Debbie
did this too?

They all do this, sweetheart.

All of them.

Michael has gone to a meeting.
Can l take a message?

No, l just want
to know something.

A singer came by today
for an audition.

Do you know if she...

if she was good?

No sir,
l'm afraid l can't help you.

l guess l can forget
about a career now?

Don't worry.

You'll get your chance.

Do you think this will have
lasting effects on Debbie?

lt is clear that Debbie
won't come out of this unharmed.

She obviously has
a zest for living...

but someone who experiences
such a thing...

could fall apart completely.

Why did you change the channel?
l was watching it.

-And? How did it go?

Very well.

l sang, and we ate
in a Chinese restaurant.

He said l'm very talented and
he is going to make me a star.

How did you like the song?

"'Lucky Manuelo"'? Beautiful.

He says that l have
the perfect voice for it.

lt's really happening now.
l'm so happy.

l knew it!

What are you looking at?

You look so different.

What do you mean different?

Just different.

l'm tired, that's all.

l'm going to bed.

l've always said it.
Marva should sing Flemish songs.

How do you know
it's a Flemish song?

l don't know that.

l think it is.

l'm going to bed as well.

That is beautiful.

That is really beautiful.

-That's got to be a hit.
-Could be.

l told you
she was a good singer.

Your daughter's voice isn't bad.

How do you know
she's my daughter?

l know everything about you,
Jean Vereecken.

l even know
you've got brown eyes.

Brown, loyal, dog's eyes.

-The police are here already?
-We're all alone, Jean.

Don't be afraid.
l didn't give you away.

Why not?

Because l am going to do you
a favor, if you do me one.


l want you to take care
of Debbie for a few more days.

-You'll find out.

l promise to get Marva
to the top.

You're not in this
on your own, l presume?

No. My friend is watching her.

He is always with her?
Day and night?

-Till his girl gets back.
-Till his girl gets back?

She's in Madrid.

We didn't tell anyone
about what we're doing.

Very smart.
ls your friend trustworthy?

Here. Just in case
we need each other.

What am l supposed to do?

Do you know who's going to be
on "'Wheel of Music"' tomorrow?

The same as always, probably.

Your daughter.

Her very first
television performance.

Well? What do you think?

Why does she have
to wear a mask?

l already told you, madam.

Michael wants to create
a mystery around her.

l think he should be here
to pay his mystery.

He's very busy at the moment,
but you'll get your money.

-lt's suddenly going so fast.
-So what?

ls it worth it?

Of course, Mom. Doesn't everyone
want to be famous?

Yes, and l wonder why.

What do you mean?

Why can't anyone be happy
with a normal life?

Who could be happy
with a normal life?


Yes, me. l have a beautiful
daughter and a good husband.

-Oh, yeah?
-And he's also a good father.

He doesn't drink,
he's honest, he's sweet.

l have a family, and l won't let
anybody destroy it!

Come here.

-What is going on?
-What do you mean?

Something isn't right.

Why is that Michael
suddenly giving you a chance?

He says--

You didn't do anything
with him, did you?

Why do you say such a thing?

l want the truth. Marva!

Nothing happened.


Really, Mom.

"'Lucky Manuelo"'
is the new single...

by a singer who apparently
wants to stay unknown.

Tonight is her first big
television performance.

Don't miss it.

Here's Lonesome Zora
with "'Lucky Manuelo."'

Chantal. You must be so happy.

l'm much more nervous
than l thought.

l don't even want to go
to the recording.

l'll sure be watching tonight.

l wouldn't miss it
for the world.

Why don't you come
and watch it at my house?

-l might be less nervous then.
-Are you serious?

At your house.
With the mother of the star.

Listen, Marva.

lt'll be live tonight.

No studio tricks,
like we used on the single.

lf you don't learn
to feel what you sing...

it'll be just as bad later
as it is now.

-l'm nervous.
-That's very normal.

Even the biggest stars
are nervous every time.

But they always manage
to touch us.

Every single time.
Do you know why?

They're talented.

And unfortunately, talent is
one of the few things people...

can't fake yet.


Did you here that?
"'Lucky Manuelo"' is on the radio.


l don't know. l just arrived,
and they're not here.

They left a note saying they're
going to think of themselves.

Typical! As if she's
ever done anything else.

l just hope they didn't go
to the police.

l would have known by now.

Did you speak to anyone yet?

No, you're the first one.

And the last!

l want you to act as if they're
still there. Understand?

-You have to do me this favor.

Just pretend she's still there.
Protect the fort until the end.

Yes, but l...

We have an agreement, pal!

lf you don't do
what l tell you...

Marva will miss
her world premiere on TV!

-We have him. He's inside now.
-Good work, Jim.

ls something wrong?

l'm thinking about my dad.

l didn't hear from him at all.

-You don't miss him, do you?
-No, l just...

l just thought
he'd care more, that's all.

lf it was my daughter,
l'd be beside myself.

Would you like some?

l'd love some.

l'll get it.

Chantal Vereecken.

-lt's me.
-At last! Where are you?

l don't know when l'll be home.
We've got problems at work.

Oh no. Are you going to miss
our Marva's performance?

l hope not, but l think l will.

That's such a shame after
all you've done for that girl.

-No more than you.
-You were right all along.

l mean...
believing in her talent.

l know better than anyone
what you see in her.


l love you.
You know that, right?

Chantal, what is this?


l love you, too.

Don't come home too late, OOK?

l'll be there as soon as l can.

l'll tape Marva,
so you can see it later.

That's great.
See you tonight.

See you tonight...



Tonight we'll
break every record.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Good evening.

Nice costume.

-Michael's idea?

Even shit can smell nice
if you wrap it up well.

Good evening. We are happy that
you chose to be with us tonight.

As usual, we offer games,
thrills and music.

We know you are looking forward
to "'Wheel of Music."'

As always you'll see...

your favorite artists
at their best...

-to give you a nice evening.
-She's going to announce Marva.

Tonight we have a newcomer...

but first we go
to a special newsflash.

What's this?

Good evening, dear viewers.

We're fifty yards away from
where Debbie is held captive.

Behind me you can see the house
where the tragedy is unfolding.

You wouldn't expect
that this peaceful area...

is the place where police now...

Damn it!

Damn it!

l want the reporter there.
And l want a live interview.


-Oh no, how's Debbie?
-She was such a good singer.

"'Take Me With You"'
was my favorite.

But that blue wig was too much.

She didn't need it.
Her own hair was so beautiful.

Yes, she was beautiful.

They're here.

Can we go?
Yes, they're here.

As you can see, the police cars
are arriving now.

They're prepared, they're
wearing bulletproof vests.

This is not happening.
l can't believe it.

What's going on?

We just received news that we
can stay at a safe distance...

to follow the story, and we'll
have an exclusive interview...

They're not going
to cancel us are they?

More than three million people
watch us. They won't cancel.

-Everyone's here, Michael.

Television, police and...

l'm surrounded.
They've got guns.

They'll shoot me!

Don't panic.

They don't know you're alone.
We have plenty of time.

-l'm going to surrender.
-l've got Marva with me.

You should see her.

She's with all the stars
she admires.

And another thing.

They're jealous of her because
they know she'll be famous.

Very famous, thanks to you.

The police have now
surrounded the house...

and everything is quiet
at the moment.

Let's hope this is not
the calm before the storm.

lt's time to take a look at the
identity of one of the suspects.

Thanks to the efforts
of our editorial staff...

we've been able to discover the
identity of one of the suspects.

We will now show you
a picture of him.

-This 45-year-old...

..Vereecken, who apparently
went mad last week...

when he was fired
from the factory...

where he worked
for twenty-six years.

We talked to some of his friends
who told us more about him.

-That's Rik.

When he was fired,
he really went mad.

He was constantly
drinking and yelling.

He said he was going
to set the factory on fire.

We had to stop him,
otherwise he would have done it.

-Are you OOK?
-No, l want to go home.

Don't panic.
Everything will be OOK.

..that Vereecken is armed,
so they'll be very careful.

This was Jim Poppe for NTO.


This is unbelievable.
And he never said a word?

They're starting.

Good luck, Debbie.
But the show must go on.

-After the break...

Lonesome Zora, please.

Break a leg.

We are sponsored by Pedigree,
because your dog is important.

Thirty seconds to go.

Live from Disco the Square,
your favorite stars and music...

your favorite music program,
"'Wheel of Music!"'

Wheel of Music

What a night,
ladies and gentlemen.

We have to go back to Jim...

No! Not again. Let Marva sing!

-You want to hear her sing?

-Yes, of course!

Open the window and tell them
to let Marva sing...

or you'll kill Debbie.

What? But...

l told you, Debbie isn't here!

They don't know that!

l'm too scared.

Come on! All or nothing.
Now or never.

..and our negotiator
is on the way.

He'll try to talk to him.

We are not dealing
with professionals...

-Camera on. Close-up.
-Camera Three.

..and l should say that we
have known this hiding place...

Here! Come here.

Lonesome Zora must sing,
or l'll shoot.

Debbie is here!
l have a gun!

Jim, go!

l've got Debbie!

-Don't shoot.

Calm, Jean.

We just want to ask you
some questions.

Don't shoot. Can we--
Just a few questions.

Jean, what is it that you want?

l...Lonesome Zora has to sing.

Are you a fan of hers?

l'm her father.

Her father?


-Do you want to speak to her?

-Can she hear me?
-Do you have TV inside?

-Then she can hear you.

And...split screen!


-What are you doing?
-Nothing, dear, nothing.

Are you ready to perform?

Yes, but l'm so scared.

You don't have to be scared.

Everything will be OOK.

Do you know what l wish?

l wish you were here
to give me a kiss and a hug.

You know
l always believed in you.

-l'm so proud of you.
-"'Lucky Manuelo"'...

is a very beautiful song.

l know.

l wrote it myself.

What? You?

Especially for you.

Take off that mask, dear.

No, don't.

OOK, let's hope for the best.

He had a simple background

He never had a fair chance

He seemed to be condemned

To a life without splendor

But he wouldn't be oppressed

He clung to a glow

He knew that fate is a part

Of what you do for it yourself

Lucky Manuelo

He fought for his happiness,
he fought for his right

He was a victim
of his own destiny

He seemed destined
from an early age

He would disappear in the crowd

But not according to him

His friends smirk with pity

His friends laughed at him

Who is born without money

Doesn't get ahead

He fought for his happiness,
he fought for his right

Life doesn't give any presents

Life doesn't give what you want

But then Manuelo speaks to you

With a clear voice

You have to believe in yourself

You have a strength inside
that can make the sun shine

After the darkest night

He fought for his happiness

He fought for his right

-Good evening, everyone.
-Good evening.

Not only was
the weather nice today...

it was also a great day
in Flemish showbiz.

lndeed, Mark.

Because today a judge decided
to release Jean Vereecken...

alias Lucky Manuelo...

after he had been arrested
for his involvement...

in the kidnapping
of singer Debbie.

As you know,
the famous singer...

who now lives in Australia
with one of her kidnappers...

did not file a complaint
against her kidnappers.

The Public Prosecutor did not
need to continue the arrest.

The case was dismissed...

to great relief of
the many sympathizers present.

There were politicians...

but also many
showbiz celebrities...

were present
on this happy occasion.

A good reason to party.

Even more since
it has been revealed...

that their single
"'Lucky Manuelo"'...

went straight to number one.

ln one week, the single
sold more than the Beatles...

Michael Jackson, Elvis,
and Debbie together.