Everybody's All-American (1988) - full transcript

Louisiana football star Gavin Grey had it all. He was an All-American champion who married his high-school sweetheart, homecoming queen Babs Rogers, and who was a hero to his hometown. Yet after a failed professional career, Gavin realizes that fame and success have passed him by and that he no longer is the hero everyone keeps reminding him he should still be. His dissatisfaction with his life leads to strains in his marriage, and Gavin begins to wonder who he is, if he's not a hero anymore.

Louisiana has seen
many legends,

and they're head over heels
about a new hero.

born Gavin Grey,

they call him
the gray ghost.

here against Oklahoma,
the ghost turns
a broken pass play

into one of those
supernatural streaks

that made him famous.

his touchdown
ties the game,

but the ghost
isn't finished yet.

from the sooner 2,
the ghost goes airborne.

and a sugar bowl victory.

unanimous all-American
as a junior,

Gavin enters
his senior season

with the confident style
of a champion.

teammates and fans
are ready to follow him

as he reaches

for even greater heights
in 1956.


[band playing]

go, tigers!

beat Vandy!

beat 'em!

beat 'em!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

go, tigers!

eat 'em up, tigers,
eat 'em up!

go, tigers!


don't wake up
governor kingfish!



go, tigers!


all right, everybody!


1, 2, 3.

l-o-u! rah, rah!

i-s-i! rah, rah!

a-n-a! rah, rah!

hoo rah, lou rah,

isi rah, ana rah,

Louisiana, rah, rah,

sis boom bah!


we're gonna kill 'em!

let's go!

let's go
kick some butt!

let's kill 'em!

let's hear it for the man
who led us to victory

in the '55 sugar bowl,

everybody's all-American,
number 20 in your program,

number one in your heart--

Gavin Grey,
the gray ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

good luck
for you, boys--

our beautiful
Magnolia Queen,

Babs Rogers!

are you cold?


here, put this on.

all right!


Donnie, he's here,
in the dorm!


your cousin, man--
the ghost.

he's looking
for you.

stop messing around.

anyway, he's my uncle.

hey, Cake.

how's it hanging?


my sister called me,

asked me if I was
looking after you.

mom shouldn't
be bothering you.

she said,
"Gavin Grey,

"you're acting
real common,

not looking up

so here I am,
looking you up.

we ain't allowed
alcohol in the dorm.

we could get expelled.

I don't reckon

they're gonna
expel us, Cake.


why are you so jumpy?

it's just me--Gavin.

well, I--I know,

but you're--

don't you start

on that everybody's
all-American shit.

if you start
treating me different,

I'll give you
a ring top,

like I used to.

I come here
to ask you a favor.

anything, Gavin.
just name it.

sit with Babs
at the Vandy game
on Saturday.

you know,
keep her company?

me sit
with Babs Rogers?


now, don't you get
any ideas

about bird-dogging
my gal.

got to go.


ring, ring, ring,
ring, ring top!

ha ha ha!

I'll see you later,

hi, ghost.

good luck.

sit with Babs Rogers.



grey out at the 44.
first down.

gray ghost!

gray ghost!

gray ghost!

all right!

come on, tigers!


Donnie, just look
at all these people.

and they're all here
to see Gavin.

I reckon
some of them came
to see you.

why, thank you, Cake.

that is such
a sweet thing to say.

let's go, ghost!

he's gonna go!

he's gonna go!


all the way!
all the way!

Gavin, come on!


the gray ghost!




ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

[band playing dixie]


[bfft! bfft! bfft!]


this is embarrassing
to Cake.

I want Cake
and Lawrence

to get to know
one another,

my two best friends.

do that poem
about the cat for Cake.

oh, you mean,
listen! listen!

listen! listen!
cat's a-pissin'.

where? where?
under the chair.

run! run!
get the gun!

too late.
'tis already done.

Cake, would you
escort me inside,


maybe you'll
make out with her
better than I do.

Gavin Gray!
that is so common!

sometimes you talk
like a yankee!

she knows I'm just
telling everybody
she's a virgin.

go on.
take her inside.

give me a pull of what
you got in your pocket.

♪ nuts ♪

♪ hot nuts ♪

♪ you get 'em
from the peanut man ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah ♪

♪ nuts ♪

♪ hot nuts ♪

♪ you get 'em
anywhere you can ♪

♪ now, roses are red,
and ready for pluckin' ♪

♪ and girls
outta high school are
ready for...college ♪

♪ nuts ♪

♪ hot nuts ♪

♪ you get 'em
from the peanut man ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah ♪

♪ nuts... ♪

put me down!

want to go in?

let's just wait.

♪ nuts ♪

♪ hot nuts... ♪

I'm sorry, honey.
I mean it.


come on.
let's go in.

ghost! ghost!


ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost!

♪ there stands the ghost,
no ifs or buts ♪

♪ he's a man
who kicked Vandy's... ♪

♪ nuts ♪

♪ hot nuts ♪

♪ you get 'em
from the peanut man ♪ ♪

I love
the ghost, man.

I'd do anything
for him.

wouldn't you?

yes, I would.

just look
at that, Cake.

in the movies,
the football hero

is always
surrounded by girls.

but in real life,

the boys won't let
girls get near him.

yeah, I guess they want
to replay the game.



if you'd rather
be with Gavin,
I can understand.

oh, no.

I mean,
I'd rather talk to you.

what do you want
to talk about, Cake?


well, what's your major?

ha ha ha!

oh, Cake!

you don't really
want to know what
my major is, do you?

Gavin and me.

I'm majoring
in Gavin and me.

♪ baby,
let me bang your box ♪

I can't
believe it!

there's folks all over
Louisiana takin' leaks,

and here's me tinklin'
next to the gray ghost!

I got to shake
your hand, ghost.

maybe you ought to
just kiss me instead.

well, I--I had
a couple of...

hey, fanny!

can you imagine
gettin' all upset

just 'cause you're
pissin' next to somebody?

you know, it's 'cause
you're special.

treat me special

I'm kin to you.

oh, hell, Cake.

if it gets you laid,
use it...

while it lasts.

I might be
a dumb jockstrapper,
but I do know this:

I'm special just
as long as I keep
making touchdowns.

when that's over,
it's over.

check for
pecker tracks, son.

let's get out of here.

I told your daddy
there is no way

miss Babs won't win
miss Louisiana
and then miss America.

can't we
hurry this up?

we're going
to do this now.

fellas, get back inside!
you ain't Magnolia Queens.

Darlene, beat it, hon!

let's have a great big
smile for the yearbook.

make sure my sign
is in this picture.

I'm not ready.

oh, I'm sorry.

o.k.! here we go!
big smile!

1, 2, 3!

oh! break my heart!

I'm as proud
as a preacher
to be hosting y'all.

miss Babs,
can I get you anything?

Darlene, go fetch
miss Babs a cold Pepsi,
will you, hon?

I just love the ghost.

I feel the lord
put special people
like that on earth

to show us all something.

[horn honks]

hey, Babsie!

hang on a second,
ghost! hey, Darlene!

I ain't about
to get cornered
by that jocksniffer.

wait here for Babs.

we'll meet you all
over at hopper's later.

all right?

ghost, I just wanted
to congratulate you!

thank you very much, sir!

I got to get
to practice now!

you're Donnie McCaslin!

he wants us to have
dinner with him?

yeah. next Sunday
at his country club.

says he wants to make
you fine young people
a business proposition.

business proposition?

Gavin would just
have a fit.

that boy puts on more airs
than an electric fan.

you want me to tell him
he's dining alone?

I tell Gavin he should
make business contacts
while he can.

not that he ever
hears me, but...

I suppose
that means you have
to eat with him.


Mikey, come here, mike.



bye, ladies!
dream boat's gotta go!

come on, egghead!

come on, lover boy!


♪ feel so good ♪

♪ now that you're home ♪

♪ come let me hug ya ♪

♪ come let me kiss ya ♪

♪ come let me see
what I've been missin' ♪

♪ feel so good ♪

♪ now that you're home ♪

♪ feel so fine... ♪

I can't believe Babs
would do that to me,

dinner with fuckin'
Bolling Kiely.

is anybody gonna tell me
where we're going?

we ain't goin'.
we're there.

♪ our plans ♪

♪ now that I've
come back home ♪

♪ all alone ♪

♪ since I've been gone ♪

♪ now I'm glad
that you'll see ♪

♪ that we were-- ♪

Spanish town no place
for college boys.

take it easy there,

I'm looking for
Narvel Blue.

he's a friend
from Iberville Parish.

never told me about
no white friends.

you the ghost.


[music playing]

hey, blue!

I told you about
this, Lawrence,

comin' here lookin'
for colored girls.

I ain't lookin'
for no girls.

look what I brought you.

Lawrence told me
all about you.

I wanted to meet you.
have a beer?

go on inside.

I'll be
with you shortly.

anybody gonna tell me
who he is?

Narvel Blue?

the best football player
in this state.

Gavin's the best.

get movin'.

where'd he play?

I never heard of him.

he played for some
colored high school.

he was so good.

colored games
and white games
were both on Saturdays.

pretty soon, nobody's
going to the white games

because they want
to see blue play.

switched the colored
games to Friday,

all on account of blue.

he just played high school.

don't matter where,
as long as you play.

quarter? quarter?

that's my nephew.
yeah, good cook, too.



some yankee colleges
was lookin' at me,

but I couldn't
write my own name.

then I went
up to Canada.

they said they already
had enough Americans
playing up there.

then I come on back
and had me some
police trouble.

after that, I never give
football one more thought...

till I seen you play.

I had to see for myself
how good you really is.

how good am i, blue?

I expect you're about
as good as me.

ain't a cunt hair's
difference between

some things
blue do better,

but some things
ghost better at.

you can catch
a pass better.

but blue come off
that ball fast.

nobody beat you
in the open field?

nobody I ever run on.

nobody's faster
than Gavin.

couldn't be.

there's one way
to find out.

20 bucks says ghost
can whip your ass
at 100 yards.

make it 50, we'll see.

well, shit, 50?
make it 100.

make it 200, by god!

50's enough.

you want to run?


where do you want
to start, blue?

down at the station.

we going to run.

get the pool started!

get it started!

I'm goin' for some
fast money!

I got $10
on the white boy.

Donnie, I want you
to hold the other end
of that rope.

miss Mavis!
miss Mavis!

blue goin' to race!

ha! $95!

you own this place!
that's all the money
you can come up with!

Donnie, come here!

o.k., hold it.

give me $25.

don't worry about it.
you got it.

get over there
and hold that rope!

I got 100.

I got 100.

get started!

come on, Gavin.

how we gonna
get started?

hold up,
Willy Mae.

you're going
to start it?

I'm going
to start the race.

blue gonna
kick his ass.

that's about
100 yards.

yeah. down to
the trestle.

all right.

reckon they about
even out?

look here, ghost.

you got nothin'
to gain by this.

I beat you,
word gets out--

"gray ghost got whupped
by a nigger."

you beat me they say,
"ghost beat some nigger

like he do
everybody else."

I ain't doin' it
for what people say, blue.

let's race.

hey, blue!

y'all ready
down there?

Donnie! Donnie!

keep your eye
on that rope!

all right.

come on, blue!

do like that
jack rabbit do!





come on, Gavin!

yeah! burn him!

come on, ghost!

come on,
damn it!

come on!
come on!

come on, Gavin!


you all right?

where are you?

talk to me,

oh, man!

oh, mama!

ow! ha!

what do you mean?
I won!

give me my money!

you're crazy!

blue won!
blue won!

wait a minute.

y'all on
the finish line,

who won?
you were there.

white boy say first.

nobody's sayin'
who won.

I saw the ghost win.

yeah! that's right!

looked like blue to me.

no way!
ghost won.

white boy,
you're right.

hey, ghost beat me--
ghost beat me by half a step.

ha ha ha!

hey, man,
I've been training.

you beat me fair.

ain't no need
to say nothin'.

how could you
do this to me?

the lord loveth
a cheerful giver.

everybody back inside!

beer and barbecue
for everybody!

on Lawrence!

thank you, Jesus!

I got my money back!

come on!

come on, eat!

bum bum bum bum bum.
bum bum bum bum bum.


baby baby baby baby baby
baby baby baby baby baby

baby baby--mine!

when I saw you just now,

I was saying to myself,
"Gavin Gray,

you are the luckiest man
that ever lived."

are you all right?

what's the matter?

oh, Gavin!

oh, honey...


Gavin, they say
I can't be in

the miss Louisiana

they gone crazy?

they say they
won't sponsor me

unless I put off
getting married
for two years.

they say I can't
be married

if I'm going to go
on to miss America.

we'll have to postpone
the wedding.


come on, Babsie.
come here.

you planned this
all your life.

I'm not going to
make you give it up.

I don't want to wait.
I can't.

oh, Babsie.

oh, Gavin.

oh, Babsie.

I want to make love
to you, baby.

I know we said
we would wait--

oh, precious,
I want you so much.


Gavin, stop!

stop! I can't!
I can't!


oh, I don't know.

I just don't want to be
like all the others.

what do you call them--

Babs, you know...

don't you think I knew?

I don't care about that.

I don't care about
anything but you.

I don't care about
being miss Louisiana

or miss America
or miss anything.

I just want
to be yours, Gavin.

I just want to be
mrs. Gavin Grey.

is everybody happy?

hell, yes!

is anybody sad?

hell, no!

the gray ghost!

ladies and gentlemen,

the tigers complete
a perfect, undefeated season.

next stop,
the sugar bowl!

we're going to
the sugar bowl!

all the way!
national championship!

[harp playing]

you were saying
about the value
of a name...

since I've been
advertising on television,

the name Bolling Kiely
is almost as well-known
as yours, ghost.

a well-known name
is money in the bank.

lots of people
would like to use
Gavin's name.

oh, don't I know that.

Gavin's had
so many offers.

he'll go pro after
he finishes school.

draft pick.

I guess that means
the redskins.

lord knows
they could use you.

but it's never too soon
to start--

let him
eat his dinner.

you and Babs can
talk business later.

Darlene's always
telling me

I still act like
I'm leading college cheers.

all right,
I'll change the subject.

I got you
a wedding present--

a brand-new 1957
bel air convertible.

your choice of color.

it's a wedding present
from me and Darlene

to you and miss Babs.

I can't accept it, sir.
I'd lose my eligibility.

well, no.
I got that worked out.

I don't give it to you.

I lease it to you...
for $1.00 a year.

and that's irregardless
of whether you accept
my proposition or not.

it's all legal.

it don't matter
if it's legal.

sir, it's common.

I can't accept
your car, sir.

I thank you
for your dinner.


excuse me.


Gavin, stop!

wait! please!

I'm sorry, Gavin.

I was just thinking
about our future.

I didn't ask
to be the gray ghost.

I'm just Gavin,
and I love you.

but the ghost people
think the ghost
stands for something.

you and me got to
take care of it.

oh, Gavin,
I love you.

it's all right, baby.


now, come on,
let's go.

come on.

come on.

hey, Cake!

I didn't even get
to finish eating.

let's go get
a hamburger.

if we're going to
win the sugar bowl,

I got to put on
some weight.

get that ball!
get that ball!

get that ball!
get that ball!

get that ball!
get that ball!

get that ball!
get that ball!

you're the luckiest
goddamn team I ever seen!

I want you!

you stinkin'
piece of shit!

don't choke, fatso!

I'll choke you,
you son of a bitch!

who's number one

just try
not to choke!

come on!

you want it?


what are you doing,

come on,
you fat tub of shit!

are you trying
to get us a flag?

we're losing, ghost!

shut up!

shut up!
don't you talk
about losing!

listen to me!
get the quarterback's

get him worried
about you.

I'm going to red-dog
that son of a bitch!

are you ready?

let's go!

we are not
going to lose!

get that ball!

get that ball!

get that ball!

please, Gavin.

huddle up!

we did not come
all this way to lose!

are we going to win?


there's no such thing
as a light hit!

I'll bust your ass!

hey, queer!
you gonna fumble!

you hear me?

your balls are mine!



go! go!





run! run!

go! go! go! ghost!


we won!



he did it!

he did it!

we did it, ghost!

we're the champs!

ghost, ghost, ghost,
ghost, ghost!

ghost, ghost, ghost,
ghost, ghost!

♪ when I fall in love ♪

♪ it will be forever ♪

♪ or I'll never
fall in love ♪

♪ in a restless world
like this is ♪

♪ love is ended
before it's begun ♪

♪ and too many
moonlight kisses ♪

♪ seem to cool
in the warmth of the sun ♪

♪ when I give my heart ♪

♪ it will be completely ♪

♪ or I'll never
give my heart ♪

♪ and the moment ♪

♪ I can feel that
you feel that way, too ♪

♪ is when I fall in love ♪

♪ with you ♪

♪ and the moment ♪

♪ I can feel that ♪

♪ you feel that way, too ♪

♪ is when I fall in love ♪

♪ with you ♪ ♪

watch the dogs!
watch the dogs!

3, 16!

3, 16!


hut hut!

hut! hut!

to the big leagues,
golden boy.



it's so rough!

a different
game, honey.

especially the way
our guys play it.

not much
rah rah up here.

not like
when you were
homecoming queen

back in--
where was it?


I was
Magnolia Queen.

most of us
were the queen
of something.

now we're just
players' wives.

3, 88!

3, 88! hut!

I just hated it,

why does it have to
be so mean?

guys hit harder
when they get paid for it.

maybe we
should think about

to fall back on,

some kind
of business.

don't start talking
about getting hurt.

it's bad luck.

just invest that money
you got from your bonus
in something.

my bonus?


Gavin, you're not
paying any attention.

a lot of money.

I'm being serious,

we're rich!


"oh, shut up,
and let's screw,




♪ yeah! ♪

♪ well, all right! ♪

all right!
shut up!

poetry hour.

listen, listen.

cat's a-pissin'.
where? where?

under the chair.

run, run.
get the gun.

too late!

it's already done!

where in the hell
you been?

hey, Donnie!

my partner's about
drunk this place dry.

putting me in charge

is like putting a weasel
in charge of a hen house.

that's about right.

come on over.

do you believe me
being a businessman?


Babs just
kept on pushing,

so I said
"what the hell."

she had a fit
when I hitched up
with Lawrence.

I got
a surprise.

Cake just got here.

this is

we got
a little business.

Babs is
around here someplace.

she's prettier
than she ever was.

I was just stunned
when I heard

who they elected
president this year.

where in the world
did they get this?

uh, what's your major?


oh, Cake!

oh, my god, Cake!

my gosh.

how are you?

well, Cake, I think
I'm pregnant.

look what i
brought you, ghost.

I brought you
old blue.

hey, blue. you run
any races lately?


I already explained
he couldn't go
out front.

had that explained to me
before I was one year old.

I wanted
to talk to you

about that letter
you sent.

it's all fixed, man.

I told the redskins
all about you.

you got a tryout.

wouldn't that
be the shits?

both of y'all
playing for
the redskins.

aw, Cake.

I just spend all my time
adjusting, Cake,

trying to be
a good player's wife.

I mean, nobody
pays any attention

to a player's wife.

we're like a piece
of furniture.

it's true.

useful and decorative,
like a dining room set.

it's hard imagining you
as a piece of furniture.

it doesn't talk,
for one thing.

oh, Cake!

you are
the first man

I've spoken with
besides Gavin

in I don't know
how long.


you're crazy, blue!

ghost is offering you
the chance of a lifetime!

football's over for me.

been over
long time now.

hell, man,
you ain't that old.

ain't talkin' about old.

I'm talking about want to.

I done got what
I wanted from football.

I'd give anything
for this

if I didn't have
this fucked-up knee.

you acting like
a dumb nigg--

take it easy!

blue, what in
the hell is better

than playing
football and getting
paid for it?

I thank you
for what you done.

I won't forget it.

I guess you know
what you want, huh?

hey, blue.

don't go out
the back.

use the
front door.

I'll be going through
any door I want to

before much longer.

what the hell is that
supposed to mean?

don't get so mad.

I'm the one
losing a teammate.

how'd it go today?

if you'd come to
a damn game sometime,

maybe you'd know
how it goes.

not that I blame you
not wanting to see

a bunch of
raggedy-ass losers.

baby's moving.
want to feel it?

you wouldn't believe
what happened today!

don't you
want to feel it?

Babsie, I don't get
all mushy over babies.

I got things
on my mind--

some men
would be thrilled

to feel their baby move,
but not you.

you just wanna sulk
about your stupid game.

all right,
goddamn it,
I'll feel it.

go to hell!


Babsie, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Babsie.

get away from me!

just leave me
alone now!

you make me
so mad.

I don't
feel nothin'.

oh, my god!

he about kicked
my hand off!

you ever think
it might be a girl?

it sure don't kick
like no girl.

Gavin, get up!

you'll kick for
the redskins, huh?

people are staring.

he says he don't
want to play

for those losers

maybe we should make
you an offer anyway.

how do you
put up with me?

I don't know.

♪ hey now, hey now,
hey now, hey now ♪

♪ it's finger ♪

♪ pop, poppin' time ♪

♪ finger poppin' ♪

♪ poppin' time ♪

♪ I feel so good ♪

♪ and that's
a real good sign ♪

♪ ooooooh, pop! ♪

♪ here comes Mary,
here comes sue ♪

♪ here comes johnny
and bobby, too ♪

♪ it's finger ♪

♪ pop, poppin' time ♪

♪ I feel so good ♪

♪ and that's
a real good sign... ♪

it's good
for the legs, tommy.

I thought you
didn't like babies.

I didn't know
it would turn out
to be tommy.

♪ hey now ♪



give me
another chance.

double or nothing.

♪ here comes Mary,
here comes sue ♪

♪ here comes johnny
and bobby, too ♪

♪ it's finger ♪

♪ pop, poppin' time ♪

♪ I feel so good ♪

♪ and that's
a real good sign ♪

♪ hey now, hey now,
hey now, hey now ♪

♪ it's finger... ♪


go back
to Spanish town!

what's going on?

damn niggers
taking over
the place!

can we have
some service, please?

I'm going to
protect my property.

I ain't responsible
for what happens.

take a hike,

now we'll get
some action.

now, we talked
about this.

we know what
we have to do.

get them
out of there!

get out of there!

go back
to Spanish town!


what about my rights?

I got
a right to know.

what am i--

lock him up!

arrest his ass!

he looked right at me.

I should have
done something.

then i--
I couldn't move.

hey, blue's a good nigger.

something's got into him,
turned him bad.

history, Lawrence.

we're on the wrong side
of history.

history, my ass.

listen, I like
that old boy,

but if blue
or any other nigger
comes in here,

I'll show 'em some
goddamn history.


that New Orleans fella's
on the phone again.

oh, listen.

I've been calling
old ghost up.

he's bored shitless
in that yankee
training camp.

how about
we go see him?


I got to finish
my dissertation.

Jeb Stuart,
pride of the confederacy.

fuck that shit, man!
what's more important
than seeing ghost?

the phone!

goddamn it!
I'm coming!

you got to come
with me, man.

come on, professor.

you got to come
with me.

we can't let
the old ghost
down now, can we?

o.k., line up there!
this is important!

we got less
than a minute to go.

illegal use of the hands!

on the very
first play...

tell them what
happened, ghost.

don't remember.

are you shittin' me?
the damn tulane game.

don't remember.

I play the game
I played today,

not one I played
six years ago.


we lined up...

and I broke
through the hole.

70 yards!

50, 60...



it ain't
no big deal.

tell me
what you want.

I just need
a little inside shit.

just a little help,
that's all.

game plans.


just enough to give me
a little edge.

get some bets down,
make a little money.

I can't do that.
you know that.

no. we're alone.
nobody will ever know.

just me and you.

that's all.

I just need
one sweet thing,

just one
sure sweet thing.

cut it out,
all right?

go to sleep.

it was goddamn fun tonight,
though, wasn't it?

I made you laugh.

yeah, you never fail.

I love you, ghost.

I would never do nothing
to get you in trouble.

but, listen...

aw, listen.

cat's a-pissin'.



under the chair.

run! run! ha ha!

get the gun.


it's too late.
it's already done.

move, son.

hit the bull's eye.
just fall over.

I heard what Lawrence
was saying in there.

oh, that's just
the booze talking.

I can't believe
he'd try to use you
like that.

wait till Babs
sees them whiskers.

you going up
the lake to see
her tomorrow?

no, I got
to get back.

it's her birthday

I'm, uh...

stuck up here.

you got to go.

listen, uh...

for coming up
to see me.

it gets lonesome
up here.

well, you know,
it doesn't seem like it.

yeah. that ain't
what I mean.

I mean...

let me tell you
something, Cake.

you think you'll go
through your whole life

making close friends
like you and Lawrence.

you don't.

it's just something
that happens to you

when you're young.

get in that shower

before I beat
some little butts.

Cake, it's great to see
another human being

over 6 years old.

get in there,

[to himself]
should have seen me
last night.

oh, it's my
horrible birthday.

I never
in my life imagined

I'd get to be
29 years old.

29 isn't exactly

how old's
Elizabeth Taylor,
you think?

at least 29.

oh, she doesn't
look so bad.

there you go.

run out quick!

run upstairs...fast,
like little bunnies.

quick little bunnies!

ha ha!

Cake McCaslin,
you're taking me
dancing tonight.

I've been practicing
the twist all week.

I'm gonna twist
the night away.

♪ come on, everybody ♪

♪ clap your hands ♪

♪ ah, you're
lookin' good ♪

♪ I'm gonna sing my song,
it won't take long ♪

♪ we're gonna do the twist
and it goes like this ♪

♪ come on,
let's twist again ♪

♪ like we did last summer ♪

♪ yeah, let's twist again ♪

♪ like we did last year ♪

♪ do you remember when ♪

♪ things were
really hummin'? ♪

♪ yeah,
let's twist again ♪

♪ twistin' time is here ♪

♪ ooh, around and around ♪

♪ and up and down
we go again ♪

♪ oh, baby, make me know
you love me so... ♪

do women do that
on purpose?

do what?

tantalize us--show us
a little flesh,

stare into our eyes,
and drive us crazy.

sure, it's on purpose.

it's every southern mama's
legacy to her daughter.

that and how to use
a deep fryer.

♪ who's that
flyin' up there? ♪

♪ it is a bird? ♪


♪ is it a plane? ♪


♪ is it the twister? ♪


♪ let's twist again ♪

♪ like we did last summer ♪

♪ girl,
let's twist again... ♪

it's just so...

it's so irrelevant.

here I am
writing a dissertation

about a war that
happened a century ago,

and there's narvel blue
putting his life
on the line.

it's people
like narvel blue

that are causing
all the trouble.

but change
is inevitable.

I mean, cultures
either change or perish,

just like people.

that's the great lesson
that history teaches.

I'm sorr--I'm sorry.

I have forgotten
the difference

between a lecture
and a conversation.

oh, no, Cake.
I love to hear
you talk.

Gavin and me,
all we ever talk about

is Gavin and me.

well, I guess
that's marriage.

no, I guess
that's Gavin and me.

I really loved tonight,

I really, really loved it.


let's go skinny-dipping.


ha ha! you're not afraid,
are you?

damn right, I'm afraid.

oh, come on, Cake.
come swimming.

no man but Gavin's
ever seen me like this.

no, don't--

don't misunderstand, Cake.

I'm pregnant again.

if it's a boy,

we're going to
name him Lawrence,

and if it's a girl...


Gavin, it's time
for the baby's nap.

it is not.
Cindy's watching this.

we're watching bugs,
aren't we, Cindy?

honey, what are you
knocking yourself out for?

it's just another
damn beauty contest.

look at that, tommy.

if I'm going to
stand up there

next to that
Magnolia Queen,

I'm not going
to look like
her mother.

honey, you had three kids.

it's not
that important anymore.


what is it, Cindy?

it matters
to me, Gavin.

♪ someday ♪

♪ when I'm awfully low ♪

♪ and the world
is cold... ♪

make it a double--
aw, duke, you dickheads!

you bet against
the tigers?
you bastard.

I'd bet against
my own granny.

Jesus, just let duke
make the spread.

and now...

our Magnolia Queen
for 1963...

miss Louanne Devin!



crowning our...

damn. I bet on
the big blonde.

she must
have screwed
the wrong judge.

Phyllis Smith Henderson.

and our gracious queen
of 1956,

the bride of our own
Louisiana immortal,

mrs. Gavin Gray.

[loud cheering]

Magnolia Queens
don't screw nobody.

you ought
to know, ghost.

Cake, how'd you
like to dive naked

into them

look at Babs.


is that the gray ghost
I see back there?

let's get
the ghost up here

to give our new queen
a big kiss.

come on, ghost!
come on up here!

tigers win!


go get 'em, ghost!

I'm sorry, honey.

there's only
one Magnolia Queen.


that poor girl!

got to kiss her!

I never thought
you'd beg me

to kiss
another woman.


where the ghost

he's not rushing off

to be first in line
at the buffet.

go, ghost!

hey, the south
gonna rise again.

don't fight me now.

going to know
what we're doing!


oh, ha ha ha!

what are we doing?

ha ha ha! Gavin!

honey, I'm lost
in the clouds here.

I can't find
your little
magnolia flower.

stop it, Gavin!

guess I'm just gonna
have to fly by
the seat of my pants.


will you stop it!


hee hee!
ha ha ha ha!

if I don't get
pregnant again,

it's going to
be a miracle.

you know what
that means?

we'll just
have to have
a shotgun wedding,

drop out of school.

you'll have to
get a job,

filling station,

what about
football, huh?

I got to play football.


no football.

no all-American.

no gray ghost.


no Magnolia Queen?


just you and me.

oh, Babsie.

♪ yo ♪

♪ yo ♪

♪ yo ♪

♪ yo ♪

♪ oh, yeah ♪

♪ oh, yeah ♪

♪ I want to tell you
about oh-poo-pa-doo ♪


[tires screech]

there you go, sir.
thank you.

yes, sir, may I help you?

hey! hey!
where's narvel?

in back.

where's blue?

blue, I want you
to help me, blue.

help me find
them niggers that
killed Lawrence.

is that what
the police told you--

black men?

I want them for myself.

whatever it takes,
I want them.

I'll put up a reward.

you don't need
no sweetener, ghost.

if black men did it,
I'll find out.

damn it!

he never hurt nobody.


he didn't...
he didn't hurt nobody.

this is a very
delicate situation.

of course,
we at the bank

have the greatest
respect for the ghost.

perhaps we should
have been more insistent

on seeing him in person,

but Mr. Lawrence
kept assuring us

that these matters
were being cleared up.

we have problems
with mortgage payments
considerably in arrears,

plus the matter
of some overdrafts
and overdue loans.

I just wanted to know
what we've got in there.

I'm very reluctant
to discuss this
any further

over the phone,

but I think
you should know...

the county assessor
is placing a lien
on your account.

I'm truly sorry,
mrs. grey.

that's all. thank you.


oh, goddamn it!
goddamn it!


"oh, don't worry about it.
it's nothin', Babsie.

going to be all right.

Lawrence can
take care of everything."

oh, god,
why was I so stupid?

[knock on door]

[knock knock knock]

who is it?

[knock knock]

get away from there.

you get away
from that door!

go on!

mrs. grey?

I've got a gun.
I'll use it.

it's narvel blue,
mrs. grey.

the ghost maybe
told you about me--
narvel blue?


what are you doing here?

I seen the car outside.

thought maybe
the ghost was here.

he's in Washington.

he had a colts game.

can't miss
the colts game.

what do you want?

it's about Lawrence.

it wasn't black men
killed Lawrence, mrs. grey.

who was it?

maybe never know
who exactly,

but I know why.

well, come on in,
Mr. Blue.

I'm just
getting drunk.

you can join me
if you like.

no, thank you, ma'am.

I got this man
who work for me.

had him some trouble once
down in New Orleans.

when he heard about Lawrence

getting throwed
through that window,

he knew right off
what it was.

down there
they got this code.

a man welch on bets
long enough

with the wrong people,

they beat him up,
throw him through glass.

that tells the police
it's private business.

these redneck cops
don't understand that.

they just yell "nigger."

he was gambling?

Lawrence gambled high,
mrs. grey.

everybody knew that.

well, everybody but us.

everybody but me!


he robbed us!

Gavin's best friend
robbed us.

we got nothin' left.

this place
is bankrupt.


course, it ain't
the best location
in the world.

it'll take money
to fix it up.

but if I'm going to
buy this place,

I must have
the participation
of the ghost.

my money, your name.

without the gray ghost,

this place is just
another restaurant.

I told you,

I'm out of
the restaurant business.

I'll have to be blunt.

how long has
this place been empty?

[baby crying]

I know all about the debts
and the back taxes.

whole damn town knows.

ain't nobody gonna
offer you what I'm offerin'.


we have to talk it over.

sure thing.

boy, oh, boy,

don't you look
just like your daddy?


what's your name,
little fella?


his name is Lawrence.

I know.

we can redo the decor
in an old south style.

that would be
real different.

ghost, I just
want you to know

that this is more
than just business
with me.

I think you just
hung the moon.

Bolling, they
need to talk.

that jock-sniffin' bastard.

I'd rather burn
this place down than sell.

that's a good idea,

except we've got
no damn insurance.

Lawrence fixed
that, too.

well, I ain't gonna
work for him.

I ain't gonna do that
to the ghost.

the ghost has debts
and could go to jail.

I'm still playin' football,
ain't i?

for how many years,
Gavin? one? two?

you always said you
were going to retire
before you--

when I retire,

I'll get out so fast,
it'll make your head swim.

well, we've got
no choice, Gavin!

we have got
to take his offer.

you want to run things?
you run 'em, all right?

I ain't got time
for this shit!

♪ everybody loves somebody
sometime... ♪


oh, Cake!


where have you
been hiding?

I thought
you vanished

off the face
of the earth.

I've been a prisoner
of the library.

visit with me while
I have my cigarette.

can you believe
this place?

Darlene's dream
looks like a brothel.

look what I'm wearing.

I look just like
miss prissy belle.

Cake, I've
missed you so much.

talk to me.

here's the first copy.
I want you to have it.

"Don McCaslin."

oh, Cake, you've
written a book!

it's just another
academic history.

no one's gonna read it
but my fellow professors.

I'm gonna read it,
I swear.

oh, you
autographed it.

"for all
that was..."

"and all
that will be."

oh, Cake.

I'm so proud of you.

there they are--
Mr. and mrs. America.

I can tell when he'll
break for a big one.

yes! yes!
there he goes! ooh!

yes! go!

that's it!
that's it!

go! go!


ha ha!
that's my partner.

Bolling Kiely,
act your age.

Babs, hon, when
you get a minute,

could you
send a 7 and 7
over to my table?

could you make it two?

hi there, don.

been a while.

say, Babs,

how many times
have I spoken to you

about smoking
out front?

if you have to smoke,

please do it
in the washroom.


would you join me
for a cigarette

in the ladies' room?

why don't you
go sit down?

come on in.

oh, Cake.

get in here.

oh, I despise him.

he despises me, too.

he worships Gavin,
just fawns all over him.

not that Gavin's
ever here very much.

oh, Kiely's a fool.
he's not worth it.

I'm running
this place, Cake,

and I'm good at it.

did you ever think
I'd be good at anything?

I never did.

I should have been
running it all along.

Babs, what's
going on in there?

howdy, Bolling.

I'm going to
get it back, I swear.

this don't look good
for the customers.

you just leave me alone,
goddamn you!

all right, now.
come on.

oh! I'm sorry, Cake.

I'll never cry
on your shoulder again.

you're working for me.
don't you ever forget that.

why, that's one thing
I could never forget,
Massa Kiely.


ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost!


ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

it's a real honor
y'all are retiring my jersey.

you think I can
keep the pants?

one more year, ghost!

one more year, ghost!

I promised myself
a long time ago

that I'd go while
the going was still good.

and, uh...

I thank you for letting me
play this game.


I'm the luckiest man
who ever lived.

thank you.


god bless you, ghost.


ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

come on over here.
come on.

don't be sad,

I just want to get
the hell out of here.

hey, Cake!


I'll pick you up
first thing in the morning.


call me tomorrow.
I'll have plenty of time.

I made reservations.

you sure you want
to be with me and Cake?

that's how we started.

we got some things here
for your retirement.

you can work
on your handicap

at the old folks

this is compliments
of terra turf.

I'd like to play
some rounds with you.

one drink.

one drink, huh?

one drink, ghost.
one drink.

excuse me.

come on, baby,
let's go home.

bye. what's the time?

here's to not getting
the crap knocked out of me

like you dumb assholes.

hey, Gavin?


oh, honey...yeah?

we're going to
miss our reservation.

honey, there's been
a play change here.

the boys want a big
old night on the town

for a big old send-off.

we made plans. Cake came
all the way up here

just to be with us.

hell, Cake wants
to go, too, don't you?

I don't know that
I belong, Gavin.

I'm not a player.

that don't matter.

well, it does to me.

cluck! cluck! cluck!

cluck! cluck!

you go on
with the team, Gavin.

I have
so much packing to do.

are you sure it's o.k.?

oh, wait a minute.

you sure? you sure?
you sure?

of course I'm sure.

well, we're going to see

plenty of one another
from now on.


it is my last night
with the guys.

you better have
that aspirin ready.


have fun.

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

ghost! ghost! ghost!

[knock on door]

it's open!

[door slams]

I hope
you like Chinese.

uhh! screw the food.
give me that wine.

oh, the hell
with packing.

to hell with everything.

this is my retirement,
too, goddamn it.

my last night
as a player's wife.

put some music on,
would you, Donnie?


lord, how many nights
have I sat home alone

while Gavin's been
out with the boys?

of course, the boys
are not always just boys.

they say
the double standard

was practically
born in the south.

it's supposed to work
both ways these days.

so I'm told.

but I just do
like my mama taught me--

put on my blinders,
my chastity belt,

and...shut my mouth.

what did you get, Donnie?
it smells good.

the usual--
duck's feet, fish eyes,
and chicken beaks.

ha ha!

♪ come on, everybody ♪

♪ clap your hands ♪

♪ oh, you're
lookin' good ♪

♪ I'm gonna
sing my song ♪

♪ it won't take long ♪

♪ we're gonna
do the twist ♪

♪ and it goes like this ♪

♪ come on,
let's twist again ♪

♪ like we did last summer ♪

♪ yeah, let's twist again ♪

♪ like we did last year ♪

♪ do you remember when ♪

♪ things
were really hummin'? ♪

♪ yeah, let's twist again ♪

♪ twistin' time is here ♪

♪ ee! around and around
and up and-- ♪ ♪

♪ it's not for me to say ♪

♪ you love me ♪

♪ it's not for me to say ♪

♪ you'll always care... ♪ ♪

oh, thanks for looking
at me like that, Donnie.


it's an old tradition.

who you callin'
an old tradition?

Donnie, you got
to get married.

people are
gonna start to talk
about you.

well, I just got
high standards.

oh, that's right.
I see.

let's see.

she's gotta be...

a rich and beautiful

that owns
a liquor store.


she's got to be
beautiful, of course,

uh, rich, liquor store?

nymphomaniac isn't
exactly an impediment, but...

no. she's got
to be...special...

and make--
make me feel special.

I--I like to talk to

and likes to hear me
holding forth

on important things.


who's fun...

and really alive.

you're my standard.

you just ruined
other women for me.

they never
quite live up...

oh, don't misunderstand.

I'm not...

I'm not making
a play or anything.

I mean, you're...

you're the Magnolia Queen.

you can't...

you can't do that.

that's unfair.

wake up, there, sunshine.

smell the damn coffee.


shut up, will you?

just eat your breakfast.

oh, my god.

we get to
watch tv!

you didn't finish
your breakfast.

oh, boy.

guys wouldn't
let me stop.

I do believe
we must have drunk

our nation's capital
dry last night.

watch out.
I got hot coffee.

come here, baby.

come on, sugar.

come here
and hug me.

get some rest.
we got a long trip
ahead of us.

hmm, looks like
I done checked
into the doghouse.

hey, Cake.

you know what
you're looking at?

the new national

for Terra Turf, inc.

Terra Turf--

they make this
artificial grass

for football fields
and stuff like that.

I met this old boy,

wants to pay me
a shitload of money

just to go around

it's the miracle product
of the future.

you hear that, Babsie?

yeah. that's great, Gavin.
how much is a shitload?


it's enough for me
to tell Bolling Kiely

to kiss my rebel ass
good-bye before long.

hi, kids.

still watching
Mr. Green jeans?


hey, Cake?
do you play golf?

a little.

I might even
turn pro.

once I learn
how to play.

uh-oh. uh-oh.


we packed
and everything?


I'm sorry
about last night, baby.

it just
went on and on.

I didn't even know
what time it was.

colts was
lookin' good that day.

we couldn't get
a running game going

and as usual,
Unitas was kicking our ass.

ha ha ha!

ha ha ha!

great putt,

hey, good.

2nd and 8,
and we're on their 30.

Giants was just
flat hot that day.


huh? oh, yeah.

I'm supposed
to be talking
about terra turf.

well, terra turf
is the miracle product

of the future,

not only
for sporting events,

but for home use as well.

such as your patio or...

you and your sweetheart
could get a real rug burn.

come on, ghost,

tell us about
that Giants game.

3rd and 4
over Georgia 25.

a minute to go.
we're down by 6.

uh, tell old Lawrence

get that quarterback
thinkin' about him,

'cause I'm gonna wet-dog
that son of a bitch,

and I'm goin' right up
over your ass.


hey, kids, don't y'all
want to watch this?

we only like it
when you play, dad.

Cake, you're missin'
the super bowl.

Namath's kicking ass!

I'm makin' us
a grown-up dinner.



southern, honey.

it's the best
I can do.

we ever gonna
talk about it?


don't say "what?"

I'm not sorry
it happened, Cake.

don't make me sorry.

tell me what
you're working on now.


I've been offered
a job up north--

full professorship
at Lehigh.

that's wonderful,



I mean,
it's everything
I ever wanted.


except I don't want to go.

I feel like
I'd lose something,

not get it back.

it's going
to be strange

having you away
up there.

I feel like if I left,
when I came back,

will have vanished.


oh, we won't
vanish, Cake.

we'll all
just get older.

here it is again.

there's another pass.

there it goes.

all right! god!

all those who said
the American football league

is a home
for the lame and aging

will eat their words today.

make it
to my friend

did he tell you about
that Baltimore game?

he tells this one
real good.

tell him.

uh...colts was looking
real good that day.

we couldn't get
a running game going.

Unitas was
kicking our ass as usual.

stand there right
by your picture.

that's good.

come on in, folks.
that's good.

yeah, that's right.

a big handshake
with a big smile.

good. nice.
thank you, ghost.

you left us
hanging there.

go fuck yourself.

top of the eighth,
a scoreless tie.

nobody on,
nobody out.

here's the wind-up.



I hate
to bother you
at home,

but I've got to
have a man-to-man

about how much time you're
spending at the restaurant.

lord knows how proud I am
to be in business with you,


doggone it!

a deal's a deal!

people think
you ain't gonna
be there,

they don't come.

I have had
some complaints

about how
you're treating people
down there.

now, I worship
the ground you walk on,

but either you
start living up
to this deal,

or I've got to take
some kind of action.

would you shut
this damn thing off?

[shuts engine off]

...traveling to St. Louis
for a four-game series

with the third-place

thank you.

well, I'm real glad
that we had
this little talk.

I'll see you down
at the restaurant.

hell you will.
I quit!

find somebody else's
jock to sniff.

how could you quit
without telling me?

broncos is after me.

the minute I retired,
the whole league was.

you can't do this.

broncos are so fucked up,

even their sock stripes
are running the wrong way.

but, Gavin,
you retired.

everybody knows
I quit too soon, Babs.

you want to get
that restaurant

this is our
only chance.

I'm doing it
for you.

don't you dare
say that.

we'd make it fine
if you'd help out a little.

Gavin, listen to me!

don't do this
to the gray ghost, Gavin.

this shit, it's...
it's killing me, Babs.

the more I tell
the damn stories,

the more I feel
like I'm just
making it up,

like it never
even happened
to me.

the broncos--
they believe in me.

I can
help them out--

you're just
postponing it.

well, then,
I'll just have to
postpone them then.


you're going
to love Denver--
you and the kids.

I'm going
to get there.

I'm going
to get us a real
great place to live.

oh, Gavin...

I'm not going with you.

me and the kids
are staying here.

I'll find a job.

our life
is here, Gavin.

get up!

trainer, over here.

you once asked
for his name

for a chain
of drive-ins,
like blue boy.

it's too late now,
mrs. grey.

then will you
give me a job?

I got 100 black men
need jobs, black women, too.

why should i
give you one?

because you need
white faces,

and I know
this business,
Mr. Blue.

it was me

that kept
the gray ghost inn
going all these years.

what's it gonna do
to ghost, as a man,

if you're the one
making a living?

well, the living
has to be made,
Mr. Blue,

one way or another.


hold on to the ball!


come on!
get them!

get going!

get them!

take a rest.

take a rest.

get Upchurch in there
right now

at running back.

here it is--
the old south.

just the way you described it
to me, professor.

show a little reverence,
will you?

we're on
hollowed ground here.

yeah. I can see.

that was
the gray ghost inn.

[beep beep beep]

we're here.

ha ha!

oh, Cake!

oh, my lord!


I was going to change
and have lunch ready.

Gavin has
been calling
every five minutes,

where you are.

you must be Leslie.


I can't believe
you're getting

[telephone rings]

if that's for me,
say I'll call right back.

it's been so long.

oh, don't you dare
come in my house

until I get it picked up.
wait just one minute.

Cindy, help me
pick this place up.

your uncle Donnie's here.


hmm? don't ask.

take those dishes
to the kitchen.

Cindy? my god!
has it been 10 years?

is that really you?

she grown?

Cindy, say hello
to Leslie.


hi. sorry.

they both have jobs.

is actually engaged.

oh, Cake, my lord!

I may be
a grandmother
one of these days.

oh, I'm just
rattling on.

I'm so sorry,

you must be

can I show you
where to powder
your nose?

oh. my nose is fine,
but I got to pee.

just your typical
blunt-speaking yankee.

well, Cindy,
show Leslie where
the toilet is.

come on.

that was dad
on the phone, mom.

says Cake
better get his ass
down to the club.

just quoting dad.


uncle don.

I cannot believe it.

I told you that
Gavin is golf pro
at the club now.

baby, run outside
and get their

yes, ma'am.

excuse me.


she's real smart,
isn't she, Cake?


real pretty, too.

so are you.

you must have a pact
with the devil.

bless your heart.

narvel blue
keeps me moving.

he's running
for the state

I'm in charge
of all his

in the tri-state
area now.

that's great.
how is Gavin?

isn't that odd?

whenever I say
what a big
success I am,

always asks,
"how's Gavin?"

hell, I've been doing
just great, Cake...

getting paid
to play golf all day.

of course, I'm only
assistant pro here,
but you know--

what the hell.

I've been reading
that book you wrote
on Jeb Stuart--

the pride
of the confederacy.

you're a hell
of a writer, son.

oh, well.
thank you, Gavin.

thank you.

you, uh, make any money
off writing?

oh, not much.

it's just
you publish,
or you perish.

how would you
like to write
a bestseller?

oh, well.
I mean, I'm not
adverse to money.

I talk it,
you write it.

we call it
the gray ghost.

well, that's, uh...

that's out
of my field, Gavin.

hell, man.
we'd clean up.

seems like
every damn jock ever lived
nowadays is writing a book,

and they're on tv,
talking about how great
they was.

or how they overcome
their drug habit

or burned a living
on 1.5 million
a year.

those kind of books.

no. uh-uh. no.

this is gonna be different.

I mean, we tell them
how it used to be.

about what it really
felt like to be a hero.

mm-hmm. mm-hmm.


I'm real flattered.

you're the only one
I'd trust to write it, Cake.

you were there, man.

[Babs] we've just never tried
to compete in that region.

it's a great
opportunity for us.

if this guy had buyers
beating down his door,

he still wouldn't be
talking to us, now, would he?

narvel doesn't want to pay
that price. neither do i.

Cake, how do you
like your steak?

medium rare.

so, don tells me

this reunion is mostly
a tribute to you.

oh, hell.

the old team
wanted it.

I said,
"what the hell?

as long
as I don't have to
make a speech."

can't let
the old team down.

narvel wanted to get
into the northern market.

I never did, honey.

look, he wants to sell.
we want to buy, o.k.?

it's as simple as that.

now, you take him out

you fill him
full of bourbon--


then you use
your charm on him.

get off that damn phone.
put some plates on the table.

look, I've got guests.
I've got to go.

the victory over auburn

meant we were all-systems-go
for the sugar bowl,

but next up was Alabama's
tough crimson tide.

what I did, Leslie,

is I went through it
game by game.

you know,
you must have
an amazing memory.

but we had us
some problems.

Gavin, I don't think
Leslie is interested
in the play-by-play.

I'm giving her an idea
about the book.

if Cake's
going to write it...

are you going to
write this book, Cake?

I haven't said
that I was going to--

here's a key play.

I got the hand-off,

headed straight through
right behind Lawrence.

gray ghost was...

just off
and running.

no need
to look back.

ain't nobody
gonna catch him.


you remember what
that announcer used to say

instead of
"touchdown, grey"?

you remember that, Cake?


he used to say,
"the gray...


"the gray ghost."

we played both ways
in them days.

let's talk
about the wedding.

turn that thing off,

well, honey--

turn it off.

we had a game going.

in the huddle...

turn it off, Gavin.

like he sometimes did.

what'll it be, ghost?

well, now, tell us what
your wedding plans are.


go ahead.

we're not gonna
make a big deal.

we're just gonna
go somewhere
and do it.

big weddings are
out of date nowadays,
aren't they?

oh, yeah. hell, yeah.
any kind of wedding.

people today, they
got the right idea.

used to be, uh,

if a girl
got laid before
she got--

oh, we all know
what it was like in
the prehistoric days.

there was two kinds
of girls back then,

you had
your nice girls...

then you had
your punchboards.

ha ha ha.

even nice girls
like to screw.

mmm. just like
the nice boys,

you got that right,

all right,
let's go.

I haven't
played tennis
in about 10 years.

just get it
across the net.

oh. that's it.

that's it.


"10 years."

your girl is
whipping my butt.

you're gonna
marry this girl,

you got to get
in some shape.

what they been
teaching you
in yankee land?

things you southern boys
wouldn't understand.

Leslie must think
we're awful.

oh, she thinks
you're fascinating.

is she good in bed,

is she?

well, yeah. sure.

that's good.
it helps.


are you
doing that
on purpose?

I've got
a bum knee.

you really gonna
write his book?

would anybody care

well, they might.

he was the real thing.

yes, he was.

[telephone rings]

Cake, how about a little
shooter before the game?

take it easy.

you've got
the game
and the banquet.


I'm going

it's for you.

I'll take it
in the bedroom.


Babs, this is rick.

hi. how did it go?

oh, great.

I knew you
could do it.

she's fucking somebody,

can you believe it?

some guy at work,

ain't that a bitch?

Magnolia Queen.

uh, give me
one of those.


where is everybody?
let's get this thing over with!

oh, Donnie.
thank goodness.

help me with this,
will you, please?

as many
homecoming corsages
I've pinned on,

and I still can't--

Gavin thinks
you're having
an affair.

are you?

Gavin gets jealous now.

he never even
used to think
it was possible.

are you?

tell me, Babs.


oh, I get offers.

I work with men,
and men will make offers,

but no.
no affair.

it's still
just Gavin and me.

I'm still as pure
as Louisiana sunshine.

except for me.

or don't I count?

you count, Cake.
of course you count.

come on.
we have to go.

I'm nervous
enough already.

oh, come on.

my stomach's
all tied up
in knots.

Gavin, just relax
and let me drive.

slide over.


you remember this,

thought you might
want to wear it today.

let's go.


let's go, tigers!

go, tigers!

[band playing]

Leslie, it's sweet of you
to put up with this.

are you
a football fan?

it's just not
a religious

at Lehigh.

no. I don't suppose
it is.

return with us now
25 years into the past

to 1956--

Dwight was
in the white house,

and America is learning how
to rock 'n' roll,

but to us Louisianians,

there he is.
see him?

Cindy, dear,
see your daddy?

there's Gavin.

please direct your attention
to the west sidelines.

most of the members
of that team are here

for the 25-year reunion.

ladies and gentlemen,

let's hear it for our
1956 national champion tigers!

come on, boys.

hold on, ghost.

and now,

the captain
of that great team--

unanimous choice
for all-American

in both his junior
and senior years,

first-round draft choice
for the Washington Redskins,

where he was
rookie of the year

and two-time all-pro,

a living legend--

he was number 20
in your programs,

but number 1
in your hearts.

make welcome, please,

Gavin Gray,
the gray ghost!

[cheers and applause]

[band playing]



where are
you going?

oh, Donnie!

Cake, go see
if you can find him.

see if he's all right.
please, Cake.

oh, Gavin. Gavin.

Gavin, what happened
back there--

the kids are just
all fired up
about the game.

at the banquet,
it'll be your friends.

I was just
thinking about
old Jeb Stuart,

the pride
of the confederacy.

he was a pistol,
wasn't he?

Jeb Stuart embodied
everything the south wanted
to believe about itself.

he was just 31
when he died.

reckon how much
of a hero
he'd have been

if he'd lived.

Babs see me make
a fool of myself
back there?

you didn't make
a fool out
of yourself, Gavin.

I'm losing her,

probably deserve to.
this ain't the deal
she made.

oh, Gavin, stop it.

you're just
feeling sorry for yourself.

she's not
having an affair.

it's all
in your mind.

how do you know?

I asked her.

that's kind of
a funny question

to ask
another man's wife.


did you and...

no, Gavin.

Gavin, no.

I wouldn't--

you know I wouldn't.


we must've got 6.

oh, uh, about
that book, Cake...

you just forget
the whole thing.

people nowadays
got better things
to think about.

when they talk about
the great teams,

they talk about the 1956 tigers
led by a legend.

his name was Gavin Gray,

but to friend
and foe alike,

he was always
the gray ghost--

flawless, graceful,

twice unanimous choice
for all-American.

he mowed down records

the way he mowed down
enemy defenders,

but his greatness...

cheer up, ghost.

maybe they won't
do this again

for another 25 years.

thank you, blue.

it began with Vanderbilt.

the commodores from Tennessee
seemed to melt

before a savage tiger
running attack...


I wish I took you up
on that offer of yours.

tiger fans dreamed
of the sugar bowl...

just like to know
what I could've done.

more easy victories

then came
the crimson tide.

the Alabama boys
were determined

to break the tigers'
winning streak.

the first half our boys
held one touchdown...

hey, hey, blue.

you want to race?

no, no, no.

the tigers
began their drive

sparked, as usual,
by the gray ghost.

the tide wavered...

excuse me.
I forgot my cigarettes.


there have been
other championship teams,

other great years,

but none like
that golden season--

unblemished by defeat,

crowned by glory.


he asked
about us today.

I lied...

but he knows.

but time is running out.

in the closing seconds,

a desperate attempt
pays off.

Ed Lawrence forces
a bulldog fumble,

laterals to grey,
and the ghost is off,

running into history
and legend

and a tiger championship
we'll never forget.

[cheering and applause]

go on. go ahead.

it's now
that counts, Babs.

it's all that counts.

ghost, I know we promised
we wouldn't do this,

but how about
a few words?

help get him up here.

Gavin Gray,
great all-American,

the gray ghost!

come on, ghost.
get up.

watching that last run
back there in the sugar bowl,

I was thinking to myself

somebody should have shot me
right then and there.


but nobody did.

and I reckon
I'm glad they didn't,

'cause there's more to life
than making touchdowns.

I used to know that.

I guess I forgot it
till this afternoon.

but there's some things
I don't want to forget.

this was the best damn team
there ever was.

Bull Lawrence
never missed a block.

I just got all the glory.

that's not why
I played this game.

I played it
'cause I loved it.

and, Babsie...

I've had a lot to love
in my life,

but because of you,

I am the luckiest man
that ever lived.

let's go home,

♪ now after all
of the searching ♪

♪ I see the answer
in your eyes ♪

♪ show me the way
to stop hurting ♪

♪ in a world that
keeps on changing ♪

♪ love's been known
to disappear ♪

♪ but I've got to
have you here ♪

♪ until forever ♪

♪ this is for always ♪

♪ if we're together ♪

♪ nothing's gonna
take that away ♪

♪ until forever ♪

♪ 'cause it was meant to be ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ and me ♪

♪ here is a heart
that remembers ♪

♪ we lost so much
along the way ♪

♪ oh, we'll build a fire
from the embers ♪

♪ though the road's uncertain ♪

♪ there can be no turning back ♪

♪ this love has got to last ♪

♪ until forever ♪

♪ this is for always ♪

♪ if we're together ♪

♪ nothing's gonna
take that away ♪

♪ until forever ♪

♪ our love was meant to be ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ and me ♪

♪ I can't believe what
we've been through ♪

♪ oh, baby ♪

♪ oh, this love
has seen it all ♪

♪ but nothing seems
to break it ♪

♪ I know we're goin'
to make it ♪

♪ until forever ♪

♪ this is for always ♪

♪ if we're together ♪

♪ nothing's gonna
take that away ♪

♪ until forever ♪

♪ this love was meant to be ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ it's forever you ♪

♪ and me ♪

♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪