Everybody Wins (1990) - full transcript

A seeming good Samaritan (Debra Winger) hires a private detective (Nolte) to prove a teen sitting in prison on a murder charge is innocent. His investigation discovers deep corruption in a Connecticut town and finds the woman isn't everything she pretends to be.


♪ I want to be seduced

♪ Want a woman to take me out to dinner for two

♪ Like to see her eyes get moody

♪ Flirting with the thought of what flirting ought to do

♪ Like to be real cool

♪ Let her think about getting little me in bed

♪ As I chat about Magna Carta

♪ Or Puerto Vallarta, or something Gandhi said

♪ I might demur politely, falter slightly

♪ If she tried to fondle my knee

♪ But I'm relatively certain

♪ I'd compromise if I know me

♪ I want to be seduced

♪ I want a woman to talk to me suggestively

♪ Want to hear her say she'll be with me tomorrow morning

♪ Drinking hot jasmine tea

♪ Want her to make me laugh

♪ Make a point of touching me as she talks

♪ Leaving all the jealous men in the joint

♪ To mumble in their beer and gawk

♪ I know it only happens when I'm napping

♪ Nodding in a reverie

♪ That I find myself a woman who wouldn't mind seducing me


♪ I know it only happens when I'm napping

♪ Nodding in a reverie


♪ That I find myself a woman

♪ Who wouldn't mind seducing

♪ Starting from the moment that we been introduced

♪ That I ever find a woman

♪ Who wouldn't mind seducing me ♪

Wait, don't go. Don't go! Wait.

You're right on time, hi.


You're even handsomer than on TV.

I'm sorry I'm late,

I had to run around and get my New York Times.

They only get three a day in this town.

Can we stop upstairs before we go to the penitentiary?

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I only agreed to come and talk today.

Oh, my God, but I told Felix you were coming.

What happened? I sent you the transcript.

Yes, and I read it.

Well, I've got stuff you never even imagined. Come on.

Hi, Angela. Hi, Ellen.

Come on.

I didn't sleep all night just thinking about him meeting you today.

Well, I'm sorry if you misunderstood.

Two minutes. Just to show you what I think of you.

And not just lately.

You don't know how thrilled I am

just for you even to be considering taking this case.

Well, I'm willing to listen.

Here, remember this? (NEWS PLAYING ON TV)

A couple of months ago, the baby Schmidlap case.

This is the day you got the reversal.

What did you tape this for? She's the woman who's been

serving a 10 year prison term for the abduction of her own infant son.

The trial's been going...

Tom O'Toole is the investigator

hired by the Schmidlap grandparents.

Mr. O'Toole, how do you feel about the victory?

In a word, great.

Did anyone ever tell you, you're very telegenic?

NEWSCASTER: But State's Prosecutor Charles Haggerty

had some problems with that decision.

I'll try the defendant again and convict him again

and, of course, the public will pay the cost.

What a clown.

Boy, you've got to admit he really knows how to carry a jacket, huh?

Hard working juries, and the travesty of our whole system...

TOM: What did you tape that for?

I'll tell you in the car. Felix is really expecting us.


So, can I call you Tom?


Good. Then you can stop calling me Mrs. Crispini.

Anyway, I'm really a Finn.

Which is not the same thing as a Swede

because you may hear some people calling me "The Swede."

Not that I've ever been to Finland.

God, I can't believe I'm actually sitting next to you.

I mean, to me, seeing you on TV fighting like that,

well, I guess I should just say it.

If there is such a thing as hope in the world,

a man like you is it.


Tell me, why are you interested in this case?

Oh, in a few words?

No, we'd have to sit down, it's very complicated.

Don't you ever light them?

Oh, I'm busting my nuts trying to quit,

so, I just kind of go through the motions.

Everything in the world is suggestion, you know.

Everything is just one step away from a dream.

It sure feels like it sometimes.

Yeah. Like, I had this doctor once, telling me that I had a cancer.

But I don't.

How do you know?

Because from the day I made up my mind, the pains just stopped.

No kidding!

Of course, I completely gave up alcohol and sex.

Why, you don't think that's possible?

Listen, the way you look, I'd have to doubt it.

But I know it's possible.

Can I ask you what you mean by that?

What I said.

But why sex?

Oh, I don't know. It's usual, I guess.

Sooner or later Mother Nature can slow you down.

Really? At your age?

Huh, so how do you feel without it?

I mean, I feel absolutely purified.

I've never felt this clean.

Well, that's good.

I sort of have mixed feelings about it myself.

Thank you.

It's so important you came.

His appeal comes up on Thursday.

We're claiming his lawyer was incompetent.

That's not very good grounds.

I know, Tom.

Let me show you what he looked like when they arrested him.

You're not going to believe this.

Did you know Felix before the murder?

Oh, no, I never knew him till the trial.

But Victor had been my doctor.

Victor? Oh, the man who was killed.

Dr. Victor Daniels. Didn't I mention that?

He was a very wonderful friend to me.

I see.

I was so upset, you know, I couldn't sleep.

I mean, to listen to that Haggerty going on day after day

and without any evidence!

I might as well tell you.

Charlie Haggerty is one reason I even returned your call.

You know that joker tried to get my license revoked?

Damn near put me out of business.


Oh, uh, here's a picture of Felix before the trial.

Hello, dear, it's Angela. Do you remember?

You came back.

Oh, Felix, I'll always come back.

I brought Mr. O'Toole.

This is Mr. O'Toole, Tom O'Toole.

Felix. This is Felix.

Sit down.

TOM: I'm trying to get a feel for this case, Felix.

Maybe I can come up with some angle for Mrs. Crispini to run down.

You don't look like you're eating, Felix.

It's all grease.

But you've got to eat.

You live in Boston.

How'd you come to be down in Highbury the night your uncle was killed?

I had a date. A date?

With your uncle?

Can I tell him?

He has a friend, Cindy, in Highbury.

They had a date and she didn't show.

FELIX: I was going to be down there anyway.

My mom was always on me to go see Uncle Victor.

She thought he could help get me into pharmacy school.

Pharmacy school?

Yeah, he was a doctor. He knew everybody on the boards.

What was the first notification you had of your uncle being murdered?

Um, I read it in the paper.

And what happened next?

These two Boston detectives come around,

and they go, "Can we look at your comb, sir?"

I give it to them. And the next day, I'm under arrest.

There's no mention of your friend Cindy in the transcript.

FELIX: That's because my lawyer couldn't be bothered to call her in.

I mean, they would have a break for lunch,

and he would go outside and read a book!

I mean, he destroyed me.

(ANGRILY) And for that he charged me and my mom $25,000!

I mean, it's like all the money she had in the world.

I got to tell you, this lady has been really good to me.

But I'm not here anymore.

I mean, I'm here, I'm sitting here,

but I'm dead.

I'll be quick, Felix. I'd like you to listen.

ANGELA: Listen to him.

In the house that night can you remember, did you comb your hair?

You mean like right in front of my uncle?

Well, what about in the bathroom?

They found the tooth of my comb in the living room

and right next to the body, for God's sake.

Not in their first report. Only days later on their second search.

What are you saying? That it was... That it was moved there?


My God! Your face suddenly looked like the sun shooting out lights.


Oh, Tom you've got to take this case. You were born to do it.

Let me think about it.

Maybe I can look in on the hearing, take it from there.

DEFENSE LAWYER: It comes down, Your Honor, to the perfectly obvious fact

that the defendant, Felix Daniels, did not have competent counsel.

He failed to bring up important evidence which I have presented here today.

For this, and other reasons, we appeal to the court for a new trial.

Mr. Haggerty.

Your Honor, defendant's counsel was very successful in numerous other cases.

He's a well-known attorney with a reputable law firm.

Felix Daniels was convicted of a bloody and brutal murder.

There's not the slightest doubt about his guilt.

The evidence is damning and complete.

This appeal has absolutely no basis in fact.

The State asks that it be denied.


The defendant's appeal for a new trial is denied.

HAGGERTY: O'Toole! What are you doing here?

I don't see any cameras.




Judge. Excuse me. I've been wanting to talk to you.


Not bad! Who is she?

Terrific woman.

Client? Oh, I don't know.

She's got this wild story.

This Felix Daniels who was sent away for slicing up his uncle?

She claims she's got proof he didn't do it.

Sure, sure.

Just remember, most of the people in jail belong there.

Come by the house, we'll shoot some pool.

All right. Bye, Jean.

Incidentally, you know, his mother works.

So, she could give you maybe $500 down.

That'd be nice.

What's in it for you?


Why are you doing this?

Come up, will you?

I mean, I get so little chance to talk to someone who isn't stepping on his own fingers.

I mean, Christ, you act like a man.

Come on, give me a break.



So what's your idea? Why would someone want to frame Felix?

They're watching us.

Who's watching? On the corner, the cops.

And they just pulled away.

Are you sure? I didn't see anybody.

Lock the door, would you?

I'll be right with you.

Come on in.

Would you like some vitamins or something?

Can I use your phone?

Oh, sure, it's right there.


TOM: Connie, me. Any calls?

Oh good, I'll see him tomorrow.

Well, sounds like another Charlie Haggerty special.

Yeah, he was prosecutor. But I don't think I want to get into it.

Yeah, I'll be home soon.

Are you working on a case?

Oh, now and then I work for insurance companies, pick up some easy money.

Well, that sounds interesting.


I run checks on new executives.

This one's going to be made Vice President of a ball-bearing company,

and they want to know if he's gay.

(CHUCKLES) Jeez, they still doing that?

Yeah, you can't have a homosexual Vice-President of a ball-bearing company.

Well, this is better.

Boy, that's quite a little outfit there.

Would you like some herb tea?

I'm fine. I've got an hour's drive home.


You know, there's much more to this thing than meets the eye, Tom.

Maybe you better not tell me.

Well, I guess not. I mean if you're staying out of it.

But you're breaking my heart, you know.

Well, it's got that old familiar stink to it.

But I don't see myself locking horns with the system every day.


I mean, the man who does this case is going to need a pair of brass balls.

Comes a time when you realize the public has to love the corruption.

Otherwise you wouldn't have the crooked judges.

They wouldn't be electing the likes of Charlie Haggerty

to run the criminal justice system.

See, you're a thrill just to listen to.

I mean, you talk about something besides money and pussy.


Now, about this case.

I know the murderer.


That raises a number of questions, doesn't it?

Oh, the cops know him, too.

In fact, they had him. And?

They let him go.



That's the story.

Would you be ready to talk about it?

Oh, I am ready.

But there's still a couple of things I have to prove.

That's why I need you.

You see, Felix is just the tip of the iceberg.

Would you come and sit down for a minute before you go?

Would you mind if I touch your hand?

Don't try to crank me up.

No, it's just that I talk better when I'm touching.

I read in the paper there's a priest in your family.

A brother. But it never rubbed off.

I'm more into it since my cancer scare.

I have a friend, Father Mancini at St. Jude's?

Don't know him.

When I told him about my feelings for you,

you know, what a fighter you are,

he said, "Angela,

"God places certain people on this Earth to fight for truth and justice."

He thinks you're one and I'm another.

Do you mind if I kiss you?

You know, you could wrap things up in a month.

I know what to look for and where to look.


What's this about Mother Nature letting you down, huh?



How you doing, boy?

Out of ketchup, Connie.

This was your day for the shopping.

You told me to pressure you. So, I'm pressuring you.

Right. Well, keep it up.

What's this word supposed to be?


A-P-O-R-O-N-D-L-Y? Mmm-hmm.

And you're giving him a B?

He's the captain of the swimming team.

Boy, that's creative spelling.

I don't dare flunk him, there'd be a riot.


I don't remember anymore, were we always so corrupt?

Oh, you're too pure, Connie. (TELEPHONE RINGS)

Yeah? Hi, it's Angela.

Oh, hi.

Look, could you come over right away?

Now? It's almost midnight.

Oh, I'm missing you very bad.

You were wonderful.

Oh, I'm glad you feel that way about it.

Tom, are you with somebody?

My sister.

Oh, so you're not married?

No, my wife died three years ago.

Look, I'll go see that girl for you tomorrow.

Great. Great.

Uh, can we have dinner after?


Goodnight. I'm really grateful.


Can I say something?

Unless you'd rather I...


This Crispini woman,

she sounds absolutely ditzy to me.

Well, I prefer a librarian but they rarely know where the bodies are buried.

But you don't really know who she is,

what her connection is to the case.

Isn't there something strange about that?

Look, Connie, I'm not committed, but I can't just walk away.

She says she knows who killed that doctor!

Then why doesn't she just come out and tell you who it is?

The woman is scared. It's understandable.


Boy, she really got you going, didn't she!

What do you mean, "got me going"?


Oh, never mind, I'm sorry.

It's none of my business




TOM: Excuse me!

There's a woodchuck. He's always, like, coming around.

No kidding. Say, you must be Amy, right?


I'm Mr. O'Toole.

Angela called you on the phone this morning?


She said I was coming. I'm not the police.

I'm a private investigator.

I'm looking into the Dr. Daniels murder.


Hold on.

Angela, she wants you.


Tom, I shouldn't have sent you there.

Just ignore what she says.

Call me when you get home.


AMY: You know, Jerry doesn't live here anymore.

Which Jerry is that?

The one that killed Dr. Daniels.

You know, Amy, I wonder if you could help me out.

You see, I'm coming in on things a little late.

You know there's a man in prison for killing Dr. Daniels?

Oh, no, he didn't do it. Jerry did it.

Gee whiz, that's what Angela's been telling me.

Incidentally, I guess you and her are old friends, huh?


Yeah, from Bimini.


You mean down in the Caribbean?

I told all this to the cops when Jerry went down.

Jerry went where, dear?

To the cops!

He was all covered with blood.

And what did the cops do?

They sent him right back here to go to sleep.

He told the cops he killed Dr. Daniels?

Well, he was going crazy about it.

So, I said, "You had better get this off of your mind,"

because he's so religious.

He was raised Catholic, you know.

You wouldn't know where I could find Jerry, would you?

Well, uh, he might be in the cemetery.

But he's not dead.

What's he doing in the cemetery if he's not dead, dear?


Er... Well, he's praying there to Major McCall.

Praying to Major McCall?

Or else he's at the mill.



ANGELA: What are you doing here?

Well, Amy said that Jerry might be here...

What Amy said is hardly consequential!

Hey, look, I'm only...

We're going to have to discuss this

if you intend to continue.

I want you to tell me

before you decide to take off after somebody.

You could get hurt. Do you understand?

Look, if I'm doing the investigation,

I make those decisions, not you.

Hey, hold it now, hold it.

Don't you understand anything?

You want to tell me what's going on down here?

Or should I go home and stay there?

I must say, your insensitivity comes as rather a surprise.

What's all this elocution all of a sudden?

I'm speaking English.

I'm terribly sorry if you find that confusing.

What is all this crap, Angela?

Oh, Angela!

TOM: Tell you what, let me do a background check.

You can decide later if you want surveillance as a backup.

All right, thank you.

Wait! I thought I saw a cardinal.


Incidentally, I've just about decided to drop out of the Daniels case.

Oh, boy, that's good news.

This is just a robin.

Well, some of her information checked out,

but she's too complicated.

I thought she was off-the-wall from day one.

Well, it's like chasing feathers in a tornado.

I'm telling her this afternoon.


COMMENTATOR 1: We have Raymond Bourque and Cam Neely.

I like to see what Neely...

Neely out on the right wing,

and Bourque certainly is going to be a first team all-star.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, you talk about one-two punches.

They don't come any better,

as you say, in the National Hockey League.

Lemelin turns the puck aside for Raymond Bourque,

who simply dominated

the game last night with four assists,

reaching the 700 point mark in his great career.




MAN: Hey, I'm talking to you.

What's going on?

I've got a little place, er, outside of town...

First run movies.

Come on. You know what I mean. Come on.

Angela, hey.


Hello. Where have you been? Why haven't you called me?

(LAUGHS) Well...

I figured you'd had it with me.

You know, over at Jerry's place.

Oh, God. Did I do a number or something?

Why don't you take me for a cup of coffee?



You're not listening to me.

All I'm saying is that I'm not really getting the story from you.

Which I respect because it's your business.

But I gotta face it.

I can't work in the dark.

(SIGHING) So I'm really thinking I have to pull out of this.

Okay, Tom.

I know when I lose.

What did happen to your eye?

It doesn't matter...

Wait, my problem is I don't think I want to lose you.

Well, then, don't.

Honey, if you'd only open up with me!

Because, you see, I really, really would love to put

the fear of God in that college- boy prosecutor.

Just to shake him out of the tree.

Just to see what drops out with him.

Oh! Do I love brass balls!

I love you, Angela.

(EXCLAIMS) Now what did I say that for?

Won't you get me home?


Are you going to tell me about your eye?

A guy came up behind me

and he threw me against a car.




A cop, I think.

Out of uniform.

Because you've been talking to me?

I don't know.


I've been retained on the Felix Daniels case.

To find new evidence for a retrial.


I'm asking for cooperation from the relevant personnel.

All right.

Now I'm not on a vendetta.

I was a Boston cop for a lot of years.

Till they threw him out, I heard.

I made up my mind at breakfast

that I'm not going to get mad all day.

Oh, give us a break, O'Toole.

Who gives a shit if you get mad?

You never know, Chief.

I mean, Charlie, you can't seriously be asking us

to listen to this crap!

I know the woman he's been talking to.

There's no question in my mind that Felix Daniels is innocent.

I want him out of jail.

BELLANCA: You finished?

Bellanca, you got the wrong man.

Now the smart thing would be to face it now.

The woman who has been feeding him this garbage

has been a hooker for years!

The Highbury Inn, Looie's 48 Club, Ritchy's Truck Stop.

You name it and she has hooked there!

And he is taking her word over ours!

Felix Daniels killed his uncle, Dr. Victor Daniels.


Okay. This department will not obstruct

any legitimate investigation into the Daniels case.

I want to look at the evidence.

If we've got it, you can see it.

O'Toole, you will never get Daniels out, A.

B, you are making the biggest mistake of your life.

See you around.

Try one? Not my game.

Judge, when you can find a minute

I've got the transcript of the Daniels case.


That woman I saw you with,

is she the wife or something?

No, she's...


Tell you the God's honest truth

I'm still not sure what her connection is.

But the case stinks, Judge, it really does.

Charlie Haggerty's turning into a public menace.

No, no. Pull!

He's just a second rate mind in a position of power.

The commonest story since the world began.

Are you sexually involved with that woman?

No need to elaborate. (CHUCKLES)


I'll be right with you.

Hey, I know a wonderful pasta joint. Do you like ziti?

Couple of things we've got to discuss, Angela,

before we go out. Really have to.

God, you're a great looking man.

Have you ever read this?

It's Joan Crawford's biography by her daughter.

I'm not too big on trash.

Well, some trash is interesting.

But I think that's uncalled for.

I mean, it's her own daughter.

My father raped me but I'm not writing books about him.

He really raped you?

Oh, for years.

By the same token, though, with people like him

it wasn't, you know, all that unusual with a daughter.

But it sure did me in.

Listen, Angela, this is really important.

We've got to get into some details...

Oh, but it's not important that a woman was raped?

Now listen, Angela, it's out in the open that I'm on this case.

I have to know what your involvement is.

I told you. Victor Daniels was my doctor.

And Felix? You really never knew Felix before the trial?

I don't understand.

You mean, I can't be upset about an innocent man being put away?

Oh, sure you can, but listen,

I'm pulling out all the stops here.

The least you could do is level with me!

Oh, come on, will you?

Why don't you just come out with it!

What you really mean is where does a fucking whore come off

trying to pass herself off... Wait! I didn't call you that!

Oh, go on, say it. You're so full of shit!

You know I've been a hooker.

Angela... Oh, screw this "Angela"!

Grab onto this, you jerk-off choir boy.

Come on, try some of this.

Get your fingers out of your yum-yum.

Go on, you don't kid me!

Come on, grab hold, you fucking milk-face.

You think you're better than anybody else?


You think you're better!

You think you're better!

Do you?

Well, if you can't get it up then just get going.

I've got a line of guys into the street tonight.


You can just tip Susan on your way out.

If you can part with a dollar.


I'll drop by later.


I'll take a key.


♪ I went down South for to see my gal

♪ Polly Wolly Doodle all day

♪ She got curly eyes and laughing hair

♪ Polly Wolly Doodle all day

♪ Fare thee well, fare thee well

♪ Fare thee well, my fairy fay

♪ I'm bound to Louisiana for to see my Susianna

♪ Polly Wolly Doodle all day

♪ There's a grasshopper sitting on a railroad track

♪ Polly Wolly Doodle all day

♪ Picking his teeth with a carpet tack ♪

Hi, Amy.

Oh, hi.

What you reading?

About crocheting.

No kidding! You do crocheting?

Maybe I'd take it up 'cause people would buy them.

Say, I'll bet you they would.

Your friend Jerry wouldn't be around?

I'd sure like to meet him.

He died once, you know.

In Alabama some place, on his bike.

No kidding. How'd that happen?

But he came back.

He might be over to the mill.

I'm hungry.

Funny. I was just about to ask you

if you and Jerry would like to join me for a pizza.


I'll take the cat.

AMY: Hey, is anybody around?

Hey, Montana. Hi.

Is Jerry here?

Jerry around?

I think he's working. I'll take...

He asked if he could buy us a pizza.


MAN: Jerry? Somebody...

He wants to know if he could buy us a pizza?


Hiya, Jerry. I'm Tom O'Toole.

Friend of Angela Crispini's?

(SHOUTING) Will you stop doing that!

Tell you, Jerry, I happened to be in the cemetery the other day.

I seen those burnt bones laying there.

Angela says it's like a ritual.

I'm kind of interested in that sort of stuff.

You the cops? Hey!

No, he's famous.

I seen you once on the TV.

TOM: Right. See, I'm trying to help Angela...


Sorry to grab you.

You felt that coming, didn't you?


You know what the trouble with Angela is?

She can't communicate.

She can't unload.

You think that's what she wants to do?

It's what everybody wants to do.

Tell it, get rid of it, put it behind you.

Don't we ever get to eat today?

The Major could help. She won't let him.

That's why she keeps going off that way.

She got nobody.

Going off how, Jerry?

Well, she keeps changing herself

into this one and that one.

You've seen her do that, haven't you?

Of course, that's nothing but psychic possession.

That's never going to get her clear.

Clear of what?

Well, what do you think is grabbing her?

You been to seminary, haven't you?


No, funny you ask that though.

I've got a brother that's in the Church.

Yeah. I can always tell one.

Could you believe I was in once for nearly a year.

But I kept trying to get over the wall trying to find girls.

Jerry, I got... I'm talking to this man.

Major give me this.

People don't believe it, but he did.

You read that?

(TOM READING) "Grand Army of the Republic."

Major gave you that?

That's his battle knife from the Civil War.

You believe me?

Why not?

Well, I've got myself pretty straightened out, see.

But I'm still kind of loaded up a lot of the time.

I'm reading you, Jerry.

Yeah, I know.

I knew the first time you looked at me.

Well, it's kind of hard, you know.


That shows you're not an animal,

don't it, Jerry?

I mean, there's lots that wouldn't even be bothered.

I can't hardly breathe sometimes.

You know, he isn't in this all alone.

Who asked you?

There are other people involved.

You got anything inside? What you got in there!





What did I say?


Jerry, here's my number.

Call me, day or night.

I guess I don't have to tell you,

there's no power in the world

that can break a man's grip on his own throat.

But you know who can, don't you?


ANGELA: Is that you?

Are you feeling better?

Looks like you slept.

Yeah, I felt safe.

Look, I'm sorry.

I should have leveled with you

but I wasn't sure you'd understand.


I, like, break up.

Are you under psychiatric care?

I used to be.

But I haven't had any of this stuff happen

for about three years.

It doesn't mean I don't tell you the truth, you know.


It's just the way you suddenly came at me just before.

Then in Jerry's place...

Jerry's place? Yeah.

What did I say over at Jerry's place?

That I mustn't go tracking anybody without your say-so.

Who was I talking about?

This Jerry who everybody says killed Victor Daniels.


That's because I never want you to be alone with him.

He gets crazy, you know.

I've just been with Jerry.

Talking to him.

Do you want to talk or do you want to sleep?

I have the feeling you want to tell me something.

Am I wrong?

Tom? Yes.

I used to be with Victor.

Victor Daniels?

I thought he was such a pillar.

He saved me.

He was a real friend.

I will always owe Victor.

Must have been some shock then, huh?


And the killer right there

and they go and put Felix away.

I want to talk to you for days.

I just have to feel that we're friends.

Well I've got to say, I've never known anybody so hard to get a fix on.


Oh, Tom, I need you.


I'm not supposed to be saying this yet

but your friend, Charlie Haggerty,

looks like the Party's choice for the State Senate.

The State Senate! Harry, you're kidding me.

Well, he's no more a meathead than all those other meatheads.

Only, this time he's not going down that easy.

He'll fight for his life on this case.

I reversed him once and I'll do it again.

Frankly, Tom, I wonder if you ought to forget the whole thing.

TOM: You're not serious.

Well, this woman is your whole case

and you still don't know why she's even involved.

I'm still trying to dig it out of her, but I will.

I know I will.

Now listen to me, Tommy,

if she won't come clean you've got to take a walk.

This is basic, kid. I know it.

I get the feeling you're walking on bubbles!

You're right.

I've been letting my dingus do my thinking.


Yes, a romantic fellow like you

always has to idealize the woman he's screwing.

You better stay out of her bed.


I read the transcript.


She's got a right to be upset.

All they proved in court was that Felix was in the doctor's house.

Nobody proved he killed anybody.

Then I am right! Haggerty did it again.

But you've got to nail that woman's story.

Evidence! Not bubbles!





I heard the phone.

It was her.

Why didn't you call me?

(LAUGHS) She'll call back.

You knew I was outside, why didn't you call me?

Next time, call me.

Don't talk to me that way.

I'm not your servant.

Tom? Mmm?

Listen, I'm really wondering whether

I ought to stay on.

What are you talking about?

I feel uncomfortable living here with all this going on.

With what going on?


Oh, for heaven's sake, everybody's heard all the stories about that woman!

Look, I came here because you and the boys needed me while they were in school

but now...

You ought to live your life the way you want.

Look, Connie, there's a kid in jail and this woman has the key.

Listen, Judge Murdoch thinks he's innocent

and he's read the transcript!

And how do you know she's not making it with him?

Oh, come on!

(PHONE RINGS) Well, why not?

From all I hear, it's her way of saying hello.


It's me, Jerry.

Jerry! Yeah.

Hey, it's good to hear from you. Yeah.

So, what's happening?

I was wondering if you could come over this morning.


I can make it out this morning.


That's our boy, Jerry.

Wants to talk to me.

You really got these boys pitching in.

You building your own church here?

It's nowhere near what I wanted

but it's saving their lives.

They used to be all strung out, you know.

And you saved them.

The Major and me.

You wanted to talk to me, Jerry?


I want to help Angela.



Her brains are choking.

She's very bad, you know.

Her thoughts have poisoned her.

But she won't, you know, trust me enough to help her.

So I was thinking, maybe if you sat down with us...

Just us three,

we could all get together and, you know, talk.

Sure, I'd be happy to.

I'll get on it right away.

TOM: Why won't you talk to him?

All he wants is for you to hold his hand.

What are you afraid of?

I'll be right there with you.

Do you like me a little?

(LAUGHS) A little?

What, are you kidding me?

I want to hear it.

You're the most unexpected thing that ever happened to me.

I'm with you, honey.

Tell me the story.

Just start anywhere.

Tell me.

Jerry was a runner.


He ran drugs for Victor.

Dr. Daniels was in drugs?

He was the main man.

Boy, oh, boy, I'm really out of it.

That never even crossed my mind.

But why did Jerry kill Daniels?

Victor owed him money.

Jerry had this idea that Victor would help him build a church

and when he wouldn't do it, Jerry went berserk.

Well, why didn't the cops arrest him?

Because he knows all the connections.

Connections to?

Drugs, the police, Bellanca...

Why don't they just waste him?

Maybe they will.

You mean if he keeps talking to me?

Well, it all suddenly seems to make sense.

I can see why you always seem so terrified.

TOM: You are, aren't you?

Is this Bimini?

Amy says now and then you and she would donkey the stuff up from there.

I stopped two years ago.

But the cops must know about that, too.

So how do you come to be beating on them now with this case?

Because I know how innocent Felix is and I can't bear it.

We'll go and meet Jerry.

We'll talk, we'll get this over with.

I have to tell you something, Tom.

Tell me in the car.

No, I'm trying to tell you something.

I used to be with Charlie Haggerty.

You were in the hammock with the prosecutor?

He nearly left his wife for me.

No kidding.

It was the best two years of my life

until they made him rig the case against Felix.

Why did they make him do it?

A man as important as Dr. Daniels chopped up like that...

They had to nail it on somebody.

Jerry was absolutely out.

Jerry could bomb the whole police department

plus both parties in this town in the bargain.

This case goes to the top of the mountain, Tom.

The top.

We'd go out to Charlie's place on the beach,

we'd sit staring at the fire.

It was killing him.

I'd plead with him.

"You could do anything, Charlie,

"you could end up President of the United States

"but you can't do this to an innocent man," I'd say.

Listen, if we can get Jerry to unload in front of a lawyer,

you've not only sprung that innocent kid

but you've nailed the police department and Haggerty!

I think you owe this much to Felix.

Don't you be telling me who I owe!

I've done more for Felix than you or anybody else.

Well, why won't you go with me to Jerry?

Just answer me, God damn you!

You know, I really find you terribly irritating.

Jesus, not that song and dance again!

What astounds me is how you come to think of yourself

as such a high-grade, cultured individual and such a great Catholic.

In other words, this whole story has been bullshit!

When what you really are is guttural!

You're not even using the word right!

Your whole manner is guttural because your whole background is guttural!

Okay, Lady Bushwa, pull out the nails.

And you can just stop calling me names, you stupid bastard!

Respectable ladies don't call people "stupid bastards".

Which I would be delighted to do if you stupid bastards

could understand any other kind of language, you dumb shit!


And, lady, you just convinced me from this minute

you don't know a goddamn thing about this case.

You never laid a hand on Charlie Haggerty,

except in your misbegotten dreams!

(ON ANSWERING MACHINE) Yes, this is Father Mancini.

I'm chaplain at the correctional facility and a friend of Angela Crispini.

I have rather disturbing news about Felix Daniels.

I am seeing him at noon tomorrow.

Could you perhaps join me? I'm sure you could be of some help.

Thank you.


MAN: Ray Smith, Northern Hazard.

You said you were going to call me, what happened?

It's good of you to do this, Mr. O'Toole.



You've got to hold on, Felix.

Not to get too discouraged.

It's not going to go on forever, like you think.

Just drink this.

I want you to start eating, get your strength back.

I want you to focus your thoughts.

I'm going to be back in a week.

I'm going to have news for you, Felix.

Hold on.

He wouldn't say a word.

No, but what matters is seeing you.

He needs to know there's somebody on his side

and he trusts you.

Right, Father.

You will be back, I hope.

Yes. I told him I would be.

Mr. O'Toole.

We should talk further.

How about this evening at St. Jude's?

Sure, Father.

The body of Christ.

The body of Christ.

The body of Christ.

The body of Christ.

You know, Angela's spoken about you so often, I'm glad we've met.

She talked about you too, Father.

I guess you know you're her favorite fella in the whole world right now.

Not quite.

I think you are.

She is terribly worried, you know,

that you may give up on this case.

I hope you're not. Are you?

I don't know.

Did she ask you to talk to me?

Did she?

Mr. O'Toole, you are her lifeline now.

You are all that connects her to reality.

I hope you know that.


CONNIE: Hello? Look, it's very late... Yes, he is, but...

No, you can't. He's... He's working.

All right. I'll tell him where you are.

No, I won't call him to the phone!

If he had wanted to pick up he would have picked up.

ANGELA: Please tell him where I am!


What happened?

Do you want to talk about it?

Was it the cops?

(QUIETLY) Haggerty.

Charlie Haggerty beat you up?


Come on, Angela, talk to me.

He came to get his letters back.

What letters?

You have letters from him?

You mean like love letters?

And about the case. One of them.

Actually referring to it?

Asking me not to let it get between us because of what he had to do.

Did you give them to him?


My God, Angela, if you've got something like that

do you know, it wraps it all up, don't you?

But it would destroy him.


I can't bear to do that to him.

Honey, he is the chief law enforcement officer in this county

and he knowingly rigs a murder case?

He's got to be destroyed.

But how can I do that to him?

He was the love of my life.


A man who takes his fist to a woman

ought to be strung up by his balls!

He just lost his temper.

He's done it before.

He come with the cops?

No, alone.

But I'm afraid he might come back.

You want out of this or do you want to go on being treated like shit?

Answer me! What do you want?


Then let me take you home right now.

You give me one of his letters and we finish the case

and you can start living like a human being.


Boy, he sure did a job on this place.

No! Give it to me! You tricked me!


It's my property! You're a goddamn thief!

I want my property! I'll go to the cops.

I'll tell them you stole my property...

You called me in to dig up just enough to get Felix out, is that it?

But without touching anybody else!

And now you're asking me to protect the bastard that put him in there?

You've been trying to go north, south and powder your nose all in the same time!

But that can't be done, baby, not with me!

(CRYING) Please, Tom.

Okay. You give me one sentence in a letter from Haggerty and I'm your man.

Otherwise you been full of shit from day one and I'm out of your life.




(STUTTERING) Jerry's bad. You got to talk to him.

I'll be right there.

JERRY: We were going to call on Angela. Remember?


You came just in time.

Ain't you two got work to do?



It's beautiful.

You got yourself a church.

People are going to want to come here.

But I am unclean.

Truthfully, I've been wondering about that myself.

You know they say coke is high and smack is higher

but there is no high on God's Earth like a true confession.

I've been wanting to say this to you.

I ran your situation by an old friend of mine,

retired federal judge, smart as a whip.

He says if you would see him and talk out an affidavit

saying how you tried to confess

but the cops, they threw you back out on the street,

he's sure the feds would let you walk.

For helping him clean out City Hall.

Because the town has gotten evil, Jerry.

You know that.

Man, you got no idea.

About what?

All the people Daniels used to pay.

Like who?

Haggerty, Bellanca, everybody.

I mean every month. He used to brag about it.

All right.

Jerry, that's the past.

Now listen to me, you've gotten through that,

do you understand me?

Yes. You're through it!

I mean, you've got yourself a church here!

You've got something important to say to people.

You've got a whole life ahead of you, Jerry.

You could cut yourself free.

I'll stick with you.

I'll be right there.


Angie know about this?

Me coming here?

No. Why?

All I wanted to do was to talk to Daniels about building my new church,

but he wouldn't listen to me.

And he owed me money.

But he wouldn't even open the goddamn door and he had like five locks.

Wait, wait, Jerry, wait a second. I'm not following you here.

Well, he'd always open up for her.

Angela was with you?

I wasn't expecting to do anything, I swear.


So what did you do? Hide till he opened the door?

Yeah! And what did she do?

I don't know.

She didn't go inside with you, did she?

I think so. I don't remember.

I just lost my mind. He really pissed me off.

But why did she go with you?

I asked her.


Okay, let's go see the judge right now.


What's going to happen to Angela?

Jerry, this is going to get her clear, too.

You're saving her.

All right.




Jerry told me what went down the night he did it to Daniels.

You're an accessory to homicide.

I'd love a B&B.

A B&B for the lady?

This is what you were trying to cough up, wasn't it, from day one?

I'd like to go dancing, do you want to?

Did you ever confess it to your priest?

No, huh?

Listen, I had a talk with Judge Murdoch.

He'd be willing to see you.

Your eyewitness testimony places Jerry at the scene

a few minutes before the murder.

And that just about clears Felix.

And what happens to me?

You are in real trouble.

That's why you ought to talk to the judge.

I'd love to go somewhere.

Please, Angie, it's not going to go away.

The thing is, if I ever got up on a witness stand,

God knows what I'd start saying.

Like what?

Well, like I might have made all that up about Charlie.

I'm not absolutely sure.

No kiddin'.

I don't know. I mean, I'm almost sure of it and then every once in a while I...

But you remember going to the doctor's house with Jerry.

I'm not... I'm not sure.

No kiddin'.

Maybe I dreamed it all.

Look, I told you I talked to Jerry.

Jerry was brain damaged.

That wasn't the first time he tried to kill himself, you know.

Because he murdered Daniels!

He nearly hacked his head off!

He damn near cut his heart out of his chest!

Nobody dreamed that!

You saw it all, didn't you?

You went inside with him, is that it?

You saw him try to cut his head off, is that what's driving you crazy?

What'd you do, help hold him down?

Is that it? You held Daniels down for him, Angela?

(LAUGHING) What are you laughing at?

Stop laughing at me!

You realize what you're saying to me?

You hear your own words? I helped cut a man's head off?

Do you hear your mouth?

Maybe now you get the feeling, do you?

That everything is possible and impossible at the same time, right?

You feel it?

This is what I live with all the time!

We've got to talk to the judge.

I know him, he'll find a way out for you.

How do I look?

Great. Beautiful.


could I do this on my own?

All right.

Remember, he can only give you a half hour.

(SOFTLY) Right.

Hi, Tom. Judge.

Well, how are you doing, Mrs. Crispini?

Hello, sir. Come in. Come in.

When should I come back for her?

I'll hear her out, then Jack can take her home.

Judge, I don't have to tell you how grateful I am.

Oh, sure, sure.

What time is it?

Oh, about half past 10.


Yeah, you slept in late.

Load must be off your back.

Tom, this is Jean in Judge Murdoch's office.

The judge would like you to call him at home.

Judge, Tom.

What's happening?

Tom, listen, she's got a remarkable story and I've decided to get into it.

That is great!

Did you know that this Haggerty actually battered her around?

She told you all that?

Now, look, I've sent her out of state for her own safety

just in case somebody tries to get at her.

Where is she?

Tom, this is a job for a lawyer.

And I've got it under control.

Now just sit back and let me take it from here.

Sure! Fantastic!

I'll call you at the end of the week.


Something's happening. Connie!

She told the judge the real story.

Well, that's good news.

I mean, the man was outraged!

He'll take those punks to the cleaners.

That guy's Ted Williams on a good day.

He'll murder the bums.

I'm happy for you, Tom.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, Connie.


The judge wants to see you on Friday, Tom.

I got the message. Look, I really need to reach Mrs. Crispini

and I know you can tell me where she is.

You know better than to ask me that, Tom.

Jean, I've got to know what's going on!

Well, I really shouldn't tell you this

but you know the lady who presided at the Daniels hearing?

Judge Yablonsky? What about her?

The judge is having lunch with her on Thursday.

He is!

Jean, I love you!

Come on!

Hi, Jean. Where is he?


What's going on? Don't ask!

Yeah, come on in.

Well, I just got your boy out on bail.


I've decided to take on the case myself.

My God, Judge.

Yeah, there was no question, the state held back exculpatory evidence.

It's a technicality but it'll get him a new trial.

And who's going to fight it now that this Jerry kook is dead.

You are unbelievable.

Then she told you the whole story, huh?

This trial is going to bring the whole thing crashing down

on Haggerty, Bellanca, the whole damn police department, right?

I sprung Felix, Tom. That'll have to be the end of it.

What do you mean, Judge?

I've sprung Felix, and that will be the end of it!

But didn't she tell you Haggerty took payoffs? So did Bellanca!

Tom, you heard me...

But you haven't got the whole picture, Judge!

She could blow the roof off this city!

This woman has been through enough!

And I must tell you, I think you've been damn rough on her.


This is a sensitive human being. A deep human being.

And I will not allow her to be tortured any further by this case!

My God, Harry, you can't tell me that you are going to...

Felix is out, and that's it!

She can't save the goddamn world.

Put it down over here, okay.


You deserve credit for this.

I'll make sure the press hears about it.


Tom! Tom! Come in.

Come, come in!

Tom, where have you been?

Where have I been?

We got Felix out, can you believe it!

I got the Judge to send a car for him

so he'll be here for the party!

Would you like some white wine?

Can you imagine Charlie Haggerty's face when he sees him?

Isn't this some place Harry's got here?

He's such a marvelous human being and what a brain.

You were so right about him.

I mean, it's fantastic what he's done. This way, everybody wins.

Almost, yeah.


Felix is out. What more do you want?

"This case goes to the top of the mountain!"

I thought I heard you say that once.

Well, this is the top of the mountain.

With what you know we could have bombed hell out of this town.

We really could.

Or was anything like that ever in your mind?

Even for a minute?

In other words, Felix is out, the monkey's off your back

and everything else stays exactly the same.

It doesn't bother you for one split second does it?

What a horse's ass!

No, Tom, don't say that.

So what's next?

You climb back in the hammock with Haggerty?

Or some other gorilla who has something you might happen to want?

Christ, now you've got me doing it!

Tom, you know what they would have done to me.

We saved a man.

It's the one good thing I've ever done.

Can you understand that?


You better take your coat, Judge.

No, that's all right.

Chief, have a drink.

MURDOCH: Angela?

(WHISPERING) Could you go out the back? Why?

MURDOCH: Angela, are you there?

I'm coming, dear, I'll be with you in a minute.


Why have you locked the door?

What are we hiding for?

He's a little old-fashioned. He'll be upset.

I'll be there in a minute.

MURDOCH: Open the door! Wait.

Tom, thank you.

Please go, right?


MURDOCH: Angela, open the door.


♪ Please, oh, please, oh, do not let me fall

♪ You are mine and I love you best of all

♪ You be my man, or I'll have no man at all

♪ There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!

♪ When you hear them bells go ding-a-ling

♪ All join 'round and sweetly you must sing

♪ When you hear the chorus all join in

♪ There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!

FELIX: Excuse me.

Mr. O'Toole?


You're looking great.

How's it going?



I don't know how to thank you.

Take care, now.

You're leaving early. How about a drink?

♪ Please, oh, please, oh, do not let me fall

♪ You are mine and I love you best of all

♪ She goes, "You be my man, or I'll have no man at all"

♪ There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight! ♪