Everybody Loves Somebody (2017) - full transcript

On the surface, Clara Barron seems to have it all: a job as an OB-GYN; a great house in LA; and a loving family. But, the one thing Clara doesn't have figured out is her love life. Pressured by a family wedding in Mexico, Clara asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend for the weekend festivities,- only to be caught by surprise when her ex- boyfriend (and family favorite) suddenly shows up after disappearing from her life completely. Torn, Clara must decide between going back to the past or open her heart to new and unexpected possibilities.

I see it everyday.

The illusion of love.

You would be surprised
at the percentage of...

I see the ones who will
start being disappointed.

The ones smack in the
middle of disappointment.

The ones making an effort
not to be disappointed.

It's part of my job
to see these things.

Sex, family... Hey!

Couples love.

You learn a lot.

Okay, everything looks fine.

Take her, for instance...

do you know
where the father of her kids is?

Neither does she.
...looking good, which is great.

She waited years for the
perfect love of her life,

who ended up
coming Ina frozen sperm tube.

And these two look
adorable, don't they?

Not so much, no.

So many people fundamentally

mistaken about their lives.

Chasing after the fairy-tale,
settling for what they can get.

It's exhausting.

Because they can't admit one
simple, devastating truth:

Love, actual love...

is, at best, improbable.

It's not meant for everyone.

It is
the privilege of some lucky few.

And if you find it,
you'll end up losing it.

So it's better if you accept the
thing for what it is most times.

Were you waiting
for someone here?

Uh, no. Sure. Sit down.

Learn to make it quick.

Learn to make it fun.

Just learn to love that it
ends as fast as it begins.


Okay. Oh.


Oh, wait, wait, wait.

What? What?

I love you.

Okay. Okay.


Mmm! God, yes!

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ This is the story
of your life ♪

♪ Soon enough ♪

♪ We'll see the sunrise ♪

♪ The changing tides ♪

♪ The rest will come ♪

♪ Better believe
we're just beginning now ♪

♪ This is the part
where your life gets back ♪

♪ Gets back together now ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ You got your
head on straight ♪

♪ There's no frustration now ♪

♪ No thoughts provoking this ♪

♪ Your time to learn and live ♪

♪ See in your turning now ♪

♪ You'll learn to let it go ♪

♪ Dawn's breaking over night ♪

♪ Sweet dreams now ♪

Mom... is this what I
get forgiving you a key?

How do I look?


You're wearing white?

Of course.

The priest will not approve.

On the contrary, he loved it.

Is that Clara? What'd she think?

She's shocked it's white.

I mean...

What did Dad say?

Nothing. He can't
see it yet, it's bad luck.

Come on! You've already

lived together for forty years.

But now they suddenly
believe in marriage.

Remember when you got married?

We don't need
belief, we have empirical proof.

Your grandpa would be so

happy to see me finally
getting married...

by a priest and everything.

He died so scared you
both were going to hell...

...for being born
out of wedlock.

No worries, we can still go to

hell for some other things.


Go take a shower,
you smell like frat house.


And we have a fitting for your bridesmaid
dress. That's why I came to I.A.

I can't,
I have a consult and a due date.

It's Saturday.

Some babies are born
on a Saturday...

It's like they
don't even care about my weekend.


Where did you sleep?
I was out last night

and stayed out. I
didn't know you planned to ambush me

with mom and white ruffles.

You were out naked?

Not initially,
it developed that way.

I can't believe our parents
are getting married before you do.

That's usually how
it goes, they're the weird ones.

I also can't believe that
a woman with your mind and your legs

can't scare up a date for the wedding.
Yesterday's guy wasn't good even for that?

Yesterday's guy was barely good

for what I wanted him for

You can't keep sleeping with
men you don't want to see again,

even to get your clothes back.

There's not much left to see.

Specially if you're
out the door at dawn.

I've been in love.

I know what it is.

So I can easily

recognize what it is.

It's been a million years, sis.


You have
to give it a chance. Why?

Because I'm old and should -
start thinking about settling?

Because you need someone
to go places with.

Get a move on,
otherwise the bride won't be happy.

Until she sets you up
with one of the Guadalajara cousins.

And they're the hands-on

side of the family.

Just find someone pretty.

And if he's Mexican, she'll

count it as her wedding gift.

Someone pretty and Mexican...

...I can do that.

Push, push, push!

There we go!


Well done!

Is he okay?
He's fine.

He's great.

The brand-new baby boy, huh?


Hmm? What?

I'm just here to pick up
the charts for Leslie.

I was just in the room
with you and Mrs. Pecanzas.

I know. Mm-hmm.
The delivery room.


What'd your boyfriend do?

Hmm? Excuse me?

Uh, or girlfriend. It's...

Well, someone has sent
you a million flowers.

They must've done something.
It's the... arrangements.

Right. Yeah. Uh... no.

No, no boyfriend.

No, these are
sample centerpieces

for my parents' wedding.

Yeah, I have to pick one.

Maid of honor.

They're renewing their vows?
That's great.

No, no. Brand-new vows.
Yeah, they never got married.

They were hippies in the '70s,

and now that they've been
happy and together

for 40 years, they need
fresh, new ways to...

rub it in.

I'm sorry.

No, it's...!

Mm! Yeah.


You're pretty.

Excuse me?

Are you Mexican in any way?

We're so late.

We are so late.
It's okay.

My mom's gonna kill me.

Oh, no, you don't need that.

We're crossing
an international border.

Oh, yeah, I know.
You're gonna need that

on the way back, but...

So, they don't care who comes...
But we could be anybody.

No. They can sense
that you're

a harmless soul.

Yeah, I mean, and that's
very accurate of them. I am.

But, you, on the other hand,
you could be...

What is... Come on!

Good afternoon. Hi.

Something to declare? No.

Go ahead.

Oh, hey. Yeah.
It's fine.

Thanks. Thanks.

And thanks for coming,
by the way.

Thank you for inviting me.

I'm driving

on the way back.


That's, uh...

That's one hell
of a view! Look at that.

Yeah, I bet you don't
have this in Australia, huh?

We do, it's just, like... It's nice
to see what comes second, you know?


Um, oh, uh,
what's the name, again?


Yeah, your grandmother's name
was Jacinta.

And she was born in Sonora.

And she... Oh! Okay.

Easy, easy.
She, uh...

met an Aussie in Texas.

Aussie in Tex...
Right, right. Okay.

We can give her
an easier name, if you like.

Can you handle Maria?

Please, be more condescending

while you're making
ridiculous requests.

Come on.

Can you help me with that?
Yeah. Yeah.



No, you're just
a remarkable ugly woman.

Aunt Clarie!

So nice to see you again!

Oh, you brought a date!

Mama's gonna be thrilled!
What's up, man?

This is not gonna go off.

It will go off.

We don't want that
defeatist attitude, kid.

Okay, here we go.
Big breath.

Yup. Ee! Yay!

Oh, thank you.


God, I hate you
so much! You look gorgeous!

Wait, no...

I vote out.



Ahem. Hello!


He's not Mexican.

No, but he has
a Mexican grandmother

named Jacinta.

Jacinta, yes, I did.
That's right.


First few times
I met the family,

I had a Mexican grandmother,

I miss her very much.

He's kinda pretty.

Thanks. So are you.

No fair, Dad. When will you
learn to speak Spanish like him?

As soon as your mom starts
fasting on Yom Kippur.

Good luck, Dad.

This is backwards, isn't it?

I, Eva, take you, Francisco...

to be my husband, because...

well, you're my best friend. And

look at everything we've built

This house.

Our gorgeous daughters.

And everything is perfect,

because you had something

to do with it.

Mrs. Barren, I love

you so much...

we've had a good long run.

I'm delighted we're
now ruining it with marriage.

May we have the rings, please?

So here's to having an official

document that states we're not

That bad?



It's a pleasure to see you

again! I cannot believe you're
here, kid!

You too.

Daniel, welcome!

You wanna make a run for it?

Yes. Yes.


Glad to see you, too.





Hey! What are you...?

What are you doing here?

Here you are.

I saw the announcement
on Eva's Facebook and...

I had to come.

I'm sorry.
No, no.

I couldn't send you an

invitation, your email bounced.

Yeah... I figured.

Did you? Right...

You didn't figure
maybe I didn't want you here?


when did you get back?
Last time Abby heard from you,

you were in Yucatán,
right? I was there, for a while.

Then I went to Peru.


Yes, it was great. And...

I've been back in I.A. for about

four months, now.


Right. And you didn't
let anyone know?

I didn't... I, um...

I didn't.

I didn't know how to...

I just don't know. I'm sorry.

Why are you apologizing
to me? You don't have to.

No. I mean...

You know what? Um...

Hi. Uh, I'm, Asher Grace.
Oh, God.

Hi, nice to meet you, Asher.
How are you?

Daniel, this is Asher Grace.
Asher Grace.

You're a long way
from home, aren't you?

Well, Australia is...
You're from Australia?

...four, fif...
Seventeen hours away, yeah.

Oh, wow.
Well, he does...

He has, um,
a Mexican grandmother

named Jacinta.



No, he doesn't.

No, he doesn't.

Nice try, though.

Well, he does speak
great Spanish, though.

It's uncanny. Yeah.

Nice to meet you, man... truly.

My pleasure... truly.

Anyway, we were just gonna, uh, see
what table we were gonna sit at.

Um... yeah. Where are you gonna sit?

I don't know, but since
I'm crashing the wedding,

probably at your table.

Oh, okay. Yeah.

Maybe I'll take your seat!

I'm just kidding.

This guy, you know,
he's, like, deformed

because of the accident,
exposed fracture.

Then he looks at me,
looks at the syringe,

and goes, "Mm, you know what,
doc? It's not that serious."

He just walk...

Stands up and storms
out of the clinic!

It was...

So, you're with Doctors
Without Borders?


And you like it?

Oh, I love it.
Yeah, you know,

I get to meet a lot of people,
see wonderful places.

I like to move around.

Of course you do.

Well, I really believe that
if you stand still too long,

Then your life
starts living you.

It should always be
the other way around.

Wow. Ladies
and gentlemen,

please hold your breath for more

Life Reflections
with Adventure Daniel.

I'm serious.

Oh, I know, trust me.

You do not have
to convince any of us

of how hard it is
for you to stay put.

Play nice, Clarita.

What? I'm sorry.

No, I mean, you say
the wrong thing,

he'll disappear
for another decade!

Un otra...

No, seriously,
I think it's wonderful,

all the things
you've seen and done.

Mom is proud of you.

I'm just...
I don't know.

I'm just very happy
to be here now.


I love this song.

I remember.

Screw you, you remember.

It'll just be a sec.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

So, being a doctor,
is that pretty fun for you?


Nothing. I'm just looking at - you. I
haven't seen you in a million years.




You're an old man.

Okay. Pile it on, come on.

What else? What?

No, that's it. You look great,

you always looked great.

You too.

You look great.



Since always.

Even in a bridesmaid's
dress my mom picked out?

And Abby?

You look great even holding
hands with a little Australian.

Don't start.

What? It's not easy, really...

Not all beauty would hold up

to a challenge like that.

Only yours. You're tremendous!

Oh, Daniel.

You look just the same.


Where it counts

you look exactly the same.

My butt?

Right here.

It's one of my favorite
places in the world, you know?

And yet you
haven't visited in a long time.

I've done nothing but miss it.


Oh, God.

Pay no attention to this.

It has nothing to do
with reality.

Come on.

I'm so sorry about all of this.

Don't... Do not... Don't be silly.

We all have
one of those. Come on.



That's the saddest thing
I've ever heard.


Clara's probably
up at the house.

Oh, no, I was
looking for you guys.

Why is he back, you know?

All smiles!
Hugging people!

I mean, we haven't
even seen him in years.

Decades, almost,
and suddenly he's

still family?

It's just wrong.

But he's not...
family, is he?


He's not actually family,
though, is he?

You're disgusting. No!
Well, I'm not.

Ah, good. No, I'm making sure
you're not disgusting.

If you... Because...

No, truly, I was...

Yeah, you know...

Do you want to...
tell me about it?


Ahem. Hmm.

For a split second, he...

could've been my husband, and...

then he just wasn't.

Got it.


We should go.

Blushing bride awaits.

Clara, where were you?

We were chatting.
But where?

You warming up
for the dance-off?

Don't practice too... I want to
see some of these practice...

He's been stretching. Yeah.
Thank you very much.

I have indeed.
You just wait and see.


Is, uh, Dr. Barron in yet?

Does she know
what this is regarding?

Yeah. Yeah, it's, um...
We work togeth...

Uh, occasionally
we'll work together.

Um, and she wanted
to talk, uh, strategy.

You know what?
Just go in.

Thank you.






Hey, so I was, uh...

I was thinking
that maybe tonight,

you and I could go
on a proper date,

you know, with dinner
and tablecloths and such.

Asher, you're really sweet,
seriously, thank you so much

for coming to the wedding
and putting up with all the...

"Aah!" but, uh, yeah.

No, this is...
It's not happening.

Why not?

Uh, well, you work for me.

Yeah, well, I don't at
all, actually, so that's...

Still, I don't date
anyone in the hospital.

But we already dated.

Am I wrong?
No, that was just sort of

like a...

Emergency, you know, not a date.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I really wish I liked you.

I really do, but...

I don't.

Why not?

Why not? Come on,
let me know.

This is... No, screw the date.

I'm interested now.

Okay, um...
What's wrong with me?

Well, you're just...
You're not my type.

Ah, because I'm too attractive?

Gotta get this sorted.

You're not the first to say...
No, no, seriously, look at me.

You're not the first person
to say this to me. Okay, fine.

Many, many women.
Okay, fine, it's the... Crocs.

You wear Crocs
with cartoon pins in them.

I'm in Peds.
The kids like them.

Kids also like to eat
their own bodily fluids.

Okay, yeah, no, you're right.

The Crocs are gone.
Is that it? Done.

Oh, they're gone? That's it?
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

No, now there's the fact
that you're willing

to change your personality
to get a girl to like you.

Wow. that was easy. Um...

All right, yeah, no,
I, uh... I get it.

Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's about, um...

It's about that guy, right?

You wish you liked me,

but I'm not him,
so therefore you can't.

Hey, why aren't
you with him, hmm?

You know, apart
from the fact that he's

a self-important arsehole,

which, I assume, only makes
him more attractive.

He's bad for me.

How so?

He leaves.

I thought you'd like that.
Saves you the trouble.

You don't know me.

I'm... I'm... Hey. I'm trying
to change that, Clara.

Let me.

Um, I have a patient.
I'm sorry.

There he is.

Everything looks good.

God, he's so handsome.

Isn't he?

Look. Beto...

Beto, look at him.

He's our little Clark.


Like Superman.

He looks happy, doesn't he?

Doesn't he?


Doesn't he look happy?

He doesn't look anything.

He looks happy.

Okay, he looks happy.

I talk with him a lot, Doctor.

Whenever I'm frustrated,

or angry,
or I just wanna... just...

I talk to Clark and I just open

my heart to him.

Good thing he can't hear, right?

So it's less inappropriate.

He hears me,

he's not like his dad that way.

Hi, sis.

Hey, are you at your bar?


What do you mean, good?
I have a bar.

I'm so going to hell.

Stay there for a
bit, okay? Why?

Because... I'm your sister

and I command you.


What is it?

Are you crying?

Why is he back?

Hang in there, alright?

He won't stay.

I'm going home, bye.

No, no...
wait just five minutes!

You leaving so early?





How are you?

I'm good!

Okay. Okay.

My sister is the best.

It's good to see you, too.

You really are
pretty, aren't you?

Ohh... you're drunk.


Yeah. Here.

There we go.

This is amazing!

Yeah. Oh, yeah, well, I...
I didn't do it, so...

Oh, yeah, I was gonna say,
it screams designer

ex-girlfriend at me.

Mm. Your bedroom's weird.

It's like Martha Stewart got
tired when she got to the door.

Oh, you're one of those
really funny drunks.

Mm! Ho ho!
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Here, come.

All right. Okay.

Mm. Just sleep.



I'm taking the couch.

You're blue-balling me?

Good night.


Sleep tight, Doctor Barron.



Now, how you feeling?
Why did you bring me here?

You wouldn't tell me
where you live.

Oh, God. I'm sorry.

It's okay. Come on.
Come here.

It's okay.

And... you know,
maybe, I like you,

I don't know, a little bit,
something, I don't know.


I'm sorry I'm being a jerk.

It's just...

No, you have a knack for it.

It's that guy, Daniel.

I'm so pathetic.
I have done nothing

but try to forget him
since he left,

and then he shows up,
and that's it.

All he needs to do,
appear, and I'm gone.

I get it.

Do you?



That's intense.

Yeah, right?
And this apartment.

some people never leave,

but they can make room
for others,

the right others,
if you let them in.

If I let them in?


What is this, then?

Is this not me letting you in?

Maybe. Admit
that you like me.

Bruised egos are rough.

No, see, you like me.
Say it.

Wow, look at this Aussie boy
lecturing me on love.

It's not a lecture.

But in reality you're just fishing
for compliments.

I am not fishing...
"Oh, you're beautiful."

Thank you, yes, finally. "You're just
the most amazing Aussie I've ever met!"

Okay, okay...


I like you.


Wow, I say I like you, and...

you immediately put out.

If I'd have known
it was that easy...

Shh, shh, shh.
I would've just...

Stop talking.

Dr. Barron?

Hi. Um, I'm
here to, uh,

pick up a file or something?

Lisa is just decorative
when it comes to you, isn't she?

Well, she's not exactly
high-tech security.

How are you?

I'm all right.
How was your day?

It was good.


Mm mm mmm! Tonight.

Dinner. Tablecloths.
All of the above.

God, you are obsessed...
Finally, hmm?

...with tablecloths.

They are the marker
of civilization.

You coming?
Not here tonight.

I'm going to my parents'
for a long weekend.

Oh, you're going to check
on their marital bliss, huh?

Uh, sorry, this is
just a little...

It's gonna be that much fun?
Nothing's that much fun.

No, we go once every few months
to the beach,

And we play games.

My dad loves playing games.

It's really fun, actually.

It does sound fun.
It sounds very fun.

I'd invite you.

Would you?

Uh, yeah, it's just
that my parents...

Okay. No, I'd love to go.

I have a little bit of an issue
inviting people...

I was at their wedding!

No one thought they would
ever see you again!

Oh, okay.
Including me, so...

Oh, okay.
Oh, wow, yeah. Just...

That honesty thing you've got,
you can turn that down whenever.

No, truly.

I wanna give this a chance,

and I don't want to bring in

the whole band yet.

Is that okay?

Yeah, it's fine.
I have to work

this weekend, anyway.

Then why are you bothering me?

That's why I came in here, to tell you I
won't make it. You're being obnoxious.

Get out. Obnoxious. No, you
mean "attractive."

You're bothering me.

No, no, no, in English
it's "attractive."

It's okay.
Fuck you.

Ow! Oh, God!
That's... never mind.

That gives me a great idea.
Don't look it up.

Hey, Bob!


Hi sis, how are you?

You look beautiful.

You look weird, sis.


So the Aussie works
is what you're saying?

So much...
you have no effing idea.

Thanks to me.

And don't say "eff"
I front of Bobby.

Because it's short for screw.

That can only be Daniel's car.

Three eights.



There's no
getting rid of you is there?

I miss your mother.

What can I tell you?

Anyone who's playing,
get in now.

Bobs, you're with me, okay?
You're gonna help me get

all of Daniel's money,
your uncle Daniel.

I've been waiting
for this moment many years.

Did you finally learn

how to play?
Every game.

Okay, here we go.


♪ A friend of my wife
Was a straight-A student... ♪

Here we are at the
sliding-sock world champions.

The undefeated
champion... Bobby!

♪ They're gonna know
what it feels like ♪

♪ You're gonna know
what it means to get your own ♪

Up next...

♪ All day long
Oh whoa whoa ♪

Clara and Daniel!

It's Clara!

Yes! You suck
at this game. You're all cheaters!



Hey, what's up?


Just wanted to say good night.

Yeah... good night.


This is Asher Grace.
Message, please.

Hey, Ash!
So, I take it back.

Please come.
Uh... I know you work tomorrow,

but you can come the next day,

or whenever you can.

Um, the address is saved
on your Waze, I think?

We used your phone, right?
Those things got saved?

Anyway, it's pretty much
a straight line from the border.

Oh, and don't forget
your passport.

If not, you're gonna
stay here forever.

Tsk. Okay.
Well, see you soon.


You can call me
if, uh, you get lost, you know,

or you can just...

You can text me,
as well. Okay! Bye.

Morning, sunshine.

Don't judge me.

Everything's so quiet
I thought I was alone.

Everyone went to that

beach Francisco likes.

No! Why didn't they wake me?

I love that trail.

Did you really just
wipe my spit off?

You wanna catch up?

No, no!

Stop. Clarity!


Both in Spanish

Hop on.

Never in
a million years. Please...

Do it.



Aah! Ha ha!

That's it!

People stop coming up
cause it's colder,

but I love it.

Makes me think of...


I dunno...


You know what

I think about a lot?

How to dress without people
noticing you think about it a lot?

In your first apartment in I.A.

I swear... I've never felt
that kind of heat again in my life.

Seriously, those sheets
you had, that stuck to you...

I lived in the Amazon.
I wasn't that hot.

And that dry dirt smell.

That place was a death trap.

You managed to get out alive.

Sometimes I'm not
sure why I left.

You didn't fit
standing in the shower.

No, idiot, I mean...
Yeah, yeah...

You wanted to do more...

see more.

Don't tell me you
regret it cause I don't believe you.

No, no, I don't regret it.

But I should have
forced you to come with me.

Force me?

You didn't even invite me.

You wouldn't have come.

Would you... have come?


I wouldn't have.

What's the name of the
boy you're seeing? Don't be a jerk.

I'm just asking.

You're asking like a jerk.

No, I just...

I don't really see you together.

You don't? No...

he's not your type.

What do you know?
I know.

I know you, people don't change.

He's not your type.

I'm trying him on for size.

he's too small for you.

He's good.
He's sweet and good. He's a Koala!

You're dating a Koala.

Shut up.

He's just easy...

Easy going,
easy to be with... easy on the eye.

Easy on the eye?
A lot.

So, so...

I don't wanna
talk about this anymore. Why not?

With you, I don't
wanna talk about this with you.


So what about you? What?

We've established

you're not getting any younger.

Am I right?
That's for sure.

You haven't found anyone who

seemed good enough for a first
wife yet?


Really? No one?

Only you, but you're with koala.

you already were my first wife.

I don't remember you

as my lawfully wedded anything.

What's a wife?
Family, home...

You're my first home. Exactly.

Exactly. Yeah.

First homes are
meant to be left.

Come on, smooth guy.
Time to go.


About time!

How was your morning?

It was fine.

Fine, fine?

You and Daniel talked?

Why is he here, mom?

He came back.

He came back to
Los Angeles, why is he here?

He invited himself.

I wonder why.


Stop encouraging her.

But why? I can't help it

if I'm happy to see him.

When I hug him it's like

I'm hugging Clara ten years ago.

He's a time in her life.

Which time?

The happy-in-love time or...

the crying-herself-to-sleep-

because-he-left time?

The way Daniel made you laugh...

just can't forget it.

It made the entire house shake.

Laughter that could
make you fly.

Oh yeah,

they flew all night.


My coffee!

...face started
melting off.

And if they want to know

About your past

Telling a lie will be required

Tell them that you

Came from a strange world

So you don't know how to cry

You don't know about love

And you have never loved

And if they want to know

About my past

Another lie will be required

I will tell them that I

Came from a strange world

That I don't know of pain

That I triumphed in love

And I've never cried

We are incredibly talented.

Ay yi yi!



A lot goes on now that didn't

the last time you saw me naked.

I know.

No. I don't mean in
life... I mean these kinda things.


You wanna check out
my washboard?

Let me see. Look.

That's horrible.


She's your girlfriend.

stop, I got it. Hold on.

Just imagine yourself
standing there...

You have no
idea how it feels, Clara!

You can't imagine...

You're looking the other way


No, stop, I got it, yeah.

I don't want to love you.

Why do I still love you?

You have no choice.

And you?

Me neither.

We will always love each other.

Even if we're apart. That's it.

That's it that we love each

other? Or that's it that we'll
be apart?



What are you doing up so early?

Max snores.

Max? Wake up.

Hey, wake up.

Let's have sex.


Sex. Come on.


What? No, wait.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah!

Too late!
Let's do it.

Oh, man.

Oh, no...

Clara, hi.

Just letting you know
I got your message,

and I'll be there tonight, okay?

See you soon.

Hi, Lisa, it's Dr. Barron.
Could you do me a favor?

Could you please call Lilly
and Beto Alvarez

and tell them that I can
see them today, after all?

Yes, I'll be there
in three hours.


The guy hasn't hurt you enough, you
have to let him crush you completely?

You're being very
dramatic and nosey as hell.

What are you wearing?

I have to see a patient in I.A.

When I woke up he was gone.

To the kitchen.

I don't care. I need
to go. I need to take a breath.

And also, I called
Asher and I asked him to come.

Now he's not answering
and I need to go stop him.

You asked Asher
to come with Daniel here?

Before what?

Daniel was
here before us. Before, yesterday.

I called him
to neutralize Daniel.

Asher is a
great Daniel-neutralizer.

Right, and who's
going to neutralize him?

Ill be back tonight.

Alone or with
the neutralizer? I don't know.

I can do this Abby, I swear.
I will make it until he leaves again

which I'm sure
won't be long. But I need backup.

I'm getting backup.

And I need your car.

Hi. I'm Dr. Barron.
I'm looking for Dr. Grace.

He's a resident down here.

I know who he is.
He's not here.

Um, are you sure?
'Cause he said he would be...

I'm sure. He asked
for the shift off.

Annoyed the crap out of me.


This is Asher Grace.
Message, please.



So far so good.

Looks like Clark's been
having nothing but good times.

We've been working out together.

Together you and Beto?

No, me and Clark.

That's safe, right? Exercise?

Of course. As long as

it's not high impact and

you feel good after. Keep it up.

Cool, cool.

Beto's never been one for exercising.
You wouldn't know to look at him but...

his belly is as
big as mine, but for no reason.

Between that
and the hair, well...

You know what, Lilly? This is

none of my business, but...

you're having a kid with the man,
you shouldn't talk to him that way.

And Beto,
stop rubbing that shirt!

Whatever's on it is not coming

out right now so maybe, just...

I've known you for a
long time. You have good hearts,

you used to be in love
and you had the potential to make

remarkably decent parents.

But if you keep this crap - up,
which you're great at by the way...

the only thing you'll
have potential for is scarring

a brand new
human being for life,

it's not his fault his
parents can't stand each other.

So sort yourselves out
together or stay the hell apart.

'Cause bringing a child
into this thing you have now...


Is not great. Okay?


Okay, okay.



Your visit's on me today.

Why not?

Watch it, idiot!


Clara. What are you
doing here?

I'm literally on my way
to your parents' house.

I, uh, had a patient,
and I was looking for you.

But you're not answering
your phone,

and you're not at work when
you say you will be, so...

Clara, I can explain.

Uh, don't.

Uh, I got to go.
I have to go

to my parents' for dinner.

Yeah, well, let's go.
Uh, no. No.

Are you uninviting me
to the family weekend?



You don't want to come,
trust me.

I do. I do.



I do.


Whatever it is, I'm up for it.

Hey, I, uh...

I want to explain
where I've been

the past couple of days, and why

I wasn't answering my phone.

No, that's okay.
No, no, no, I want to.


So, my wife, Liz, she...

Your wife?

Well, see...

Your wife?
Oh, my God.

Oh, no, no, no.
It's not like that.

No, she's not around
or anything.

Oh, my God, I'm such an idiot.

What do you mean,
she's not around?

She's dead, Clara.

She died.

My God, Asher, I'm so sorry.

It's... you...

It was, uh,
two years ago yesterday.

And I forgot.

You forgot?

The, uh, the date.

Caught me by surprise.
I just... I've been...

Look, I wanted to apologize

because I was supposed
to be at work,

and I know I wasn't,
and I'm sorry.

Yeah, damn, yeah, yeah.
No. Okay.

You're a 28-year-old widower?


Yeah, I was, uh, 19
when we got married.


I was in love.

Yeah, well...

I was in love when I was 19,
and I didn't get married.

Well, I did.

Oh, my God, I'm such
a horrible person.

What? Why?

Daniel is
at my parents' house right now.

Yeah, of course he is.

What do you mean,
"Of course he is"?

Well, you obviously needed
some form of extreme backup

when you changed your mind
about inviting me.

Come on!

Are we both
completely screwed up, Ash?

Both of...?
No, you are.

That's for certain.

Me, I'm a respectable widower,

thank you very much.

Right, you do have that
going for you.


Bring on the ex, hmm?

Are you allowed to scold your

patients as if they were your
third grade class?


But they pushed me
over the edge.

Whatever, you're their doctor.

They have to trust you.

Asher agrees with me.

I know, I do.

Okay, but they do trust her!

That's why it's great that you

said it. I'm sorry, but yeah...

People don't know what they

want, so they just walk around

coupling up like

it'll save them.

And, I'm sorry, but it won't.

So it's great that someone they

trust can tell them how it is.

I may have gone
too far, but they deserve it!

You guys should see them.
They hate each other.

And I've known them for a while
and they used to be happy.

Then they chose the moment when their
marriage went to shit to have a baby.

It's just...

It's mean.


It's mean to have a go
at someone you don't know

about things
you don't understand.

Well, yeah, but no.

Ahem. I mean, it takes
two seconds to see

if a couple is happy, you know,
if they belong together,

or if they just settled, right?

Right, Clara?

I mean, look in this room.

No? Look at Francisco
and Eva.

It's obvious
they belong together.

Obvious who's happy
and who's not.

Here you go.

Yeah, the mole's, um,
it's great. Ahem.

Where did you, uh...
How'd you learn how to make it?

Oh, this old lady
in Oaxaca taught me.

We were setting up
sort of like a pirate

health station.


He's not
neutralizing him, is he?

Maybe you can have
a threesome later.

The trick is just to let
the last chili float.

It will be great
with the chocolate,

so then you get the hotness

without the acidity.

You get the punch.

Actually, if you
grind it all up before,

and then let it meld together,
it makes it smoother.

But it's probably a bit
too late for that now, I guess.

Oh, is that right?

Oh, sorry, one of my patients
is the son of a Mexican chef.

Oh, 'cause I thought
your Mexican grandmother

Jacinta taught you
how to make mole.

She's not real, Daniel.
Clara made her up.

We can't all be as authentically
Mexican as you, champ.

Or as randomly bicultural
as you, right, champ?

Okay. Enough, please!

That's enough!

Thanks for dinner, Daniel.

It's too late for mole.

Let's go to bed, please.


Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

I'm sorry he's being a dick.

Don't. Don't, please.

What, I'm sorry.

Uh, I got to say, Clara...

It's starting to feel like
he has a valid reason for it.

Ash, I...

Don't... I'm not asking
for details.

I just, um...

I've got to say it.

Good morning, Asher.


Do you want to play?

Uh, sure. Yeah.

Deal him
in, Francisco. Thanks.

Hey, listen, bro,
I'm really sorry

about last night.

It got kind
of weird. I'm sorry.

It's fine.

What's going on?

You're in
time to get in. Come on.

This family finds that

most fights can be fixed
with a game of poker.

I should probably
let you all know

I'm not very good.

Join the club.

It's people lying.

You know, that's what
poker's all about.

So that's why some
of the members

of this family excel at it, hmm?

Are you good at telling
when someone's lying

to you, Ash, keeping
stuff from you?

Good enough to know
you're not talking

about poker anymore, sure.

Eh, smart man.

You still know how
to pick 'em, Clara.

Daniel, will you
come with me for a second, please?

I'll go anywhere
you ask for as long as you ask.

Okay, I'll take two.

Are you having fun?

Are you enjoying yourself?

You? Did you enjoy
yourself last night?

How old are you?

You're behaving like a child!


Stop it!

We're doing this?
We're gonna do this?

We're doing this.
Here we go.

I don't wanna wake up - alone
feeling like a jackass ever again.

You can't even stay
and sleep next to me.

All you've ever done is leave.

Just leave already!
I'm here.

I haven't gone anywhere! I'm here.
I'm not going anywhere without you.

I don't believe you.
You don't...?

Why don't you believe that - people
can fall in love and stay together?

You've seen one every day

of your damn life.

I do believe people can do it.

Other people, lucky people.

I clearly pissed off
the stars at some point, hence you.

I've seen it succeed once,

fail every other time.

Many women come into my office falling
down in tears 'cause they hate

the husband I saw them
fawn over a couple of years before.

I see husbands leave
their menopausal wives

and come back next
month with their teen girlfriends.

Right, 'cause we are
all like that, right? I'm like that?

No you're worse, you didn't
even show up in the first place.

I love you.

You love me?

Just as you did the first - time
which we learned wasn't that much.

God, Clara...

What are you
doing with that child in there?

I like him.

Sure you like him!

You like him like
you like warm water.

Please don't tell me you're

with him 'cause he's easy,
because I swear...

I'll tell you whatever I

want, okay? Every time I
want to because

this is all your fault!

This is all your fault!

You come back here, all entitled

saying I'm a liar.

Ten years ago it was me standing

right here feeding you

this intense
love line and you just left!

You left and you took

all of that with you.

I'll be damned if I let

you do that to me again!

That's what I'm doing with

him, okay? I'm trying to make
up for you.

When he leaves, life will go on, no
problem, but when you leave again...

It was wonderful
meeting everybody.

Thank you for dinner last night.

It was beautiful.
Thank you.


Oh, oh, she's coming back.
She's coming back.



Ash, wait!

I'm sorry.

Oh, it's fine.
It's fine.

Hey, can you bring my stuff
to the hospital, please?

I don't really feel like
going back inside.

No, no, no.
Don't leave like this.

I'm sorry.

How? How do you want
me to leave?

I'm sorry.
What am I doing here?

What are you sorry for, what?

I slept with him.

I'm sorry that I slept with him.

You think that's
why I'm leaving?

I know you slept with him.

I knew that the moment
I saw you two together.

Come on, I'm not
that stupid, Clara.

What? Then... what?

You still think you're using me.

No, Asher, I'm not...

I... I know you're not,
but you don't.

And as you stand here
and say it to me,

you still think
you're lying to me.

You think you're using me,
but actually you want me...

in the same way that you think

you sleep around
to keep your distance,

but in fact you're
looking for closeness,

in the exact same way,
Clara, that you insult

your patients.

You think you do that
because you can't stand them.

It's in fact because
you adore them.

You don't know yourself at all.

No clue why you do anything.

It'd be adorable
if it wasn't so pathetic.

And you left my car

in Los Angeles.

Have you been feeling alright?

Very well.

Lilly, I wanted to apologize

for what happened

during our last consult.

It was completely unprofessional

of me and I'm so sorry.

I wanted to wait

until Beto got here...
Beto's not coming.

Did he have to work? No.

You were right.



Speaking of which...

since this is our last

scheduled consult,

I wanted to tell you that

I changed my birth plan.

I respect you tons,

but I'll no longer
need you there.

I've spoken to doctor Malmet

and I believe his energy

will suit me better on the day.

Of course.

It's your plan.

You should do what makes

you comfortable...

...and doctor
Malmet is excellent. Can we begin?


Clara, it's me and Bobby.


Tía Clara, you look terrible.

Honey, do something for me.

Go to your aunt's wardrobe and

bring me some clothes to wear.



Please don't start. I'm sad,

it's not like I killed someone.

This is ridiculous.

Get up and do something!

This is chick flick behavior.

Okay, things went wrong

with a couple of boyfriends.

But you're an adult,

so you get up and get over it.

That's it!


It's just cute
that you're saying that.

You have no idea what
you're talking about.

Yeah, okay...

I'm jealous, sis.

You don't know what it's like

to not be able to
breathe because someone left.

You didn't ten
years ago when you married Max.

And you don't know that you stay - with him
'cause you don't have enough imagination.


I'm sorry, Bobs, I was playing.

I didn't mean... I didn't mean that.

Abby, please...

No, no! Screw you.
Screw you!

You don't even know
which guy you can't breathe over.

This is Asher Grace.
Message, please.

♪ I would've given you
all of my heart ♪

♪ But there's someone
who has torn it apart ♪

Oh, hey, it's you!

Hey, ooh, you brought a chica!

Oh, my God, congratulations.
He is so sweet!

Too bad he's lost in bed.

I... I blame his college
girlfriends for that.


♪ The first cut
is the deepest ♪

♪ Baby, I know ♪

♪ The first cut
is the... ♪

Dani! Hi!

I'm singing about you!

"The First Cut
Is the Deepest."

Dija, "El Primera Vida
Es la Más..."

'Sup? Oh, you're bringing me...?
I'll have one more.

No, no, no.
It's time to go, Clarita.


There you go.


There you go.



It's so unfair.

What is?

I use to dream about this.

About this?

Yeah... I'd be
at some bar, with some guy,

and dreamed that
you'd walk in, carry me home.

What's unfair about that?

In my dream it wasn't sad.

Come on.


What is it?

Can you breathe
when you're not with me?

What? I...


Do you think we've
ever been in love?

Oh, my... All right.

Okay, your sister
is an imbecile.

No, it's not about her.

I know. It...

It's about this.

This wasn't here two months ago.

Because I'm getting old.

This is an old-lady
hand freckle.

You're not helping.

I'm saying that it's new.

I know every inch of you,

but you remain surprising.

I notice every tiny change

because I'm here to notice.

My purpose in life...

is to keep track
of you, Abigail Barron.

And I don't...

care what your family theory is,

and I am sure
that it is complex,

but that's love.

I can breathe
without you just fine.

What would be the point?

Thanks for drawing
me a bath, like an English butler.

No thanks needed...

I peek when

I undressed you so...

it was a win-win.

So can I ask you a
serious question?


Are you leaving again?

I don't know.

Why did you come back?

Don't say it's for us, 'cause

you were back months before you
told anyone.

I'm not with Doctors

Without Borders anymore.

Why not?


They asked me,
very nicely to step down.


I lack commitment.

They know you.


So you came back because you ran

out of places to be far away in?

That's awful.

My whole life, I've wanted

to be someone else...

Your neck is the
only place that's

called me back.

And my mom's kitchen.

In second place.

But... truth is, Clara...

most of the time the one place

I want to go to is hell.

The food there is terrible.

I don't wanna go there with you.

I'll have to go alone.

Just don't say

I didn't ask this time.

Are you in love with him?

I've always been
in love with him.


He's part of the family.

You love him like family.

It doesn't mean you're

necessarily in love with him.

Ever since he left...

I've measured every
man against him.

Not him but, what he made me...


No one measured up
and it felt good to dismiss them.

It made me feel superior,

safe from making a mistake

from settling,
from becoming... Your sister.


That's horrible, isn't it?

Meanwhile you and dad...

go and get married
all in love...

like we need to feel

even less worthy.


I'm serious.

It's an unclearable bar.

Sweetheart, don't be a moron.
The amount of times I've fallen

out of love with your father,

I can't even count them.

Besides, you think I always knew

it would turn out this well?

When I met your father

he was spray painting


barefoot in Echo Park.

I moved in with him because...

he was the most gorgeous man,

that's for sure.

But you think I knew...

I'd love him and marry

him forty years later?

It wasn't promising.

You see?

It's all bullshit.

It's not all bullshit.

Everybody loves somebody


but it's a gamble.

You choose someone

and you go all in.

No guarantee.

If you ask me,

you're ahead of the game,

you already know who you

want your money on.

Love shouldn't be simple, honey...

but it should be easy.

Are you a witch, mother?


Hi, Dr. Barron?

Dr... Barron? Asher.

I'm calling about Lilly Alvarez.

What's going on?

Look, Clara, she's, uh...

She's gone into labor,
and she's all by herself.

Now, I know you're not
her doctor anymore,

but she's terrified,
and since you broke up

her marriage, I thought maybe...

I'll be right there.

If everybody
loves somebody, I love you.


Who would have said of my two kids
you'd turnout to be the cheesy one?

Hi, Beto!

Beto, Beto.

No, this won't do...
get dressed. Your wife's in labor.

Yes, I know,
but she doesn't want me there.

Oh, my God, Beto, okay.

I don't wanna tell
you what to do.

Last time you listened to me and
that was bad. But here it goes...

Your problem with Lilly? You
care too much about what she thinks.

She's your wife,
she's in labor and you'll be there

whether she likes it nor not.


She will like it... you'll see.

Okay, yeah... I'm coming.


Beto! Beto!

See? I told you.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, I should

have come before.

Hi. I'm Dr. Barron.

I'm here to check up
on Clark Alvarez's cleaning.

Sure. I was about
to bring him to his parents.

Oh, that's okay.
I'll do it.

Okay. You're welcome.

He's named after Superman.




It's good that you came.

Can't believe you brought Beto.

Yeah. Turns out
I miss the Alvarezes.

Who would've thought?


Never know what you have, right?

I should go.


Okay, uh, good
to see you, Dr. Grace.

Goodbye, Dr. Barron.

Look, Clark,
those are your parents.

We'll have a long chat
about them later, okay?

I know.

What's up, son?

What's up, baby?

¿Qué Paso, muchacho?

You're gonna
make him cry, give him to me.

No, he's fine.

He's with his
dad. You're not holding him right.

Just taste it.

Okay, okay.

Is it good?

Uh-huh. Ahem. Yeah.

What you doing that for?

Bobby, don't answer that alone!

It's Aunt Clara.
I told her to wait.


Don't say you're sorry.

You were wrong.

I know.

I'm not saying you
were wrong to be mean to me...

I'm saying

the content was wrong.

You are fundamentally

mistaken about my marriage.

I know. I do.

I really do.


So what are you

standing there for?

I don't...
There's pasta.

Fine. We forgive you.

So, pasta, huh?

Yeah. I made
the sauce.

You literally
just got here. Don't.


You look great!



A million epiphanies

will do that to you.

That's why I avoid them.

My patients had their baby...

My patients

with the massive issues

The ones you scolded?

Yeah, them.

I was watching them hold their

baby and all I could think was:

I want that.

You want massive
issues? I can help you with that.

I see it all the time,

new babies, happy couples,


But now I want it.

No, you and I are family.

We're not a couple.

We grew up. That's that.

I know, I know.

I'm sorry I left.

I'm sorry I let you go.

The number-one thing I always tell
girls your age

Is always, always use a condom.

The fact that you
have already had a kid

and in a month you already
look like that is amazing!

Face just hit the surfboard,

and I started, just, like...

I see it everyday, love.

Come on!

And everyone gets it.

Even if it doesn't
look just right...

Guys, I love you.

Or if it's not fed everyday...

Stay in touch.

I'll come back soon, promise.

Or it
changes and becomes something new.


Love you.

No one knows anything.
I maintain love is a ridiculous,

complicated, improbable thing.

But... let it do its worst...

it will surprise you.

First date, Grace.




I... I don't need a big speech,

and you clearly don't know
very much, anyway.

That was the gist of my speech!

You know, you don't know
everything, either.

Yeah, I know that, too.



I still got you there!
Have to catch me!

Ahem. Australian
Asher Grace is back.

Pay up. Money.
Give it to me.

This was a bet? When did this
become a bet?

That's the way we are.

You bet against me!

Just for the record,

I'd like you to see
who's collecting the money.

Yeah, well, thank you,
Max, but...

Don't come to me
with your dollar.