Everybody Dies But Me (2008) - full transcript

One Monday morning Katya, Vika and Zhanna learn that there will be a school disco, their first disco, on the coming Saturday night. The girls feverishly start preparing for the event, which rapidly becomes the most important moment ever in their universe, and looks like the ideal way to escape their daily lives...

- Hello.

Just a minute from your lesson, please.

Sit down.

Announcement for the ninth grades.

On Saturday, at five o'clock, we'll have a disco.
Everybody is invited.

Quiet, quiet...

Quiet, 9"B"!

Alcohol is not allowed.

School security will check everybody,
I will personally check too.

Friends from other schools can't be invited.

- Why?..

- Prove that you are old enough
and that we can trust you.


- Goodbye.

OK... Sit down.

Please go on with your writing.

? Come on! Kick him!

Come on!

Come on! Go ahead!

? I want it to be deeper.

? Egorov is beating everyone before the disco...

Give me Tommy.

See, Tommy, everything is for real.

See you, Tommy.

- You don't say "see you".

- I am sure I'll see Thomas again.

Now shit'll hit the fan at home...

These are Dad's, very expensive...

? I'll go to the disco for sure.

- Fuck, he's so short for his age.

- Egorov? He's just a douchebag.

- Who?

- Egorov!

Think of sucking him!

- Sucking what? His?..

- Hell no, sucking his tongue!

Ew, even if a tongue... it makes me barf.

- That's right, show this to him.

- I'll just go naked to this disco...

- Now it's like a real cemetery.

You'd better dig out the grass and then
plant it back, stupid.

- Should I put some toilet paper in my bra?

- Or I will dye my hair...

- You'd better grow the mustache,
to show everybody that you're sooo mature.

- Little Owl!

Why the hell am I Little Owl?!

- Because you look like a cute little owl!

My little owl!

Ahh, stop it! Here comes Egorov.

Sure you're not going home?

I want the earth on grave to settle,

'cause that's when his soul will fly away...

- Seriously... You're going home now?


- I'll go to the disco,
and won't even tell my parents.

- How cool it would be if all adults died.

- Vik!

Come back here.

- Let's drink for the kitten.

Then it'll be just like a real funeral.

No, it's getting late...

- But I don't have to go anywhere.

Can they sell some to us?

Let's go.

We all are too young for this disco.

- Don't give a damn. We'll die later than others!

Come on!

- What are we buying?
- Booze!

[I've cut my finger.]

[You sit, sit down, I'll take it away.]
[Oh, we also need to take away the chairs...]








- I am so sorry.

- Where are the father's goldfish?

What did you do to them?

I ask you, what did you do to them?
Say something!

Where are you going?

Where are you going, Zhanna?
I'm talking to you!


I am talking to you!
You hear me or not?


Zhanna, I am talking to you!

What is it? Come on!

Hush!.. Come on, get up.

That's it, that's it. Get out now.

Take these slippers.

- Mom, forgive me, please.

- Get up.
- Forgive me, please.

- Oh come on, stop this.

Sit down.

- I really didn't mean to do it.
- Hush, hush.

- I wanted to make a last gift for Thomas.

Goodbye gift, Mum.

- Okay. Where's the wool?

- Forgive me, please.

- No problem.

A little patience here, please.

It's over, it's over.

Don't bother, everything will be fine.

We won't tell the father.

I can tell him it's me who dumped fish.

- You really won't tell him?
- No, I won't, I won't.

It will be just fine!
We'll buy a thousand of these fish.

It's over, almost over.

Hold the hand like this.

That's it.

No no no, my girl, it's over.

- I'm just scared.

- My little girl is scared.


- I wish there is a disco and wish to have a boyfriend.

I wish there is a disco and wish to have a boyfriend.

I wish there is a disco and wish to have a boyfriend.

I wish there is a disco and wish to have a boyfriend.

I wish there is a disco and wish to have a boyfriend.

- So, you did it?
- Yes.

- Here, have a smoke.

Let's go.

- Tell us, Marchenko,
what is this point which you have put in the centre?

-This is... Here is the center of the circle.

- This looks like "very lonely rooster".

Don't you read the classics at all?
It's from "Karlsson-on-the-Roof".

That's not even real literature.

- Listen... in Mum's native town,
there is a tomb of one boy...

This tomb had super effects.

They used to put old coins in there, kopecks.

As many coins you put, as many boys you get.

Thanks to this my Mum and Dad met.

- So, what was your task here?

- I am building...

Was building, building and finally built!

This is from "Cheburashka" ["Drutten"].
You don't know it either?

Kapitonova, do you think it is a Laugh class?

You haven't even read "Karlsson-on-the-Roof".
Generally, you have no right to laugh.

- No, I have the right to laugh.

Geometry is just annoying, you know.

This geometry-garbage is ridiculous.

Why is it ridiculous?

Because it's useless.

- Katya, you're acting strangely.

- That's all... Now I am normal again.

- "Two".

- Why "two"?

- "Two".

- Why "two"? What have I done?


- You were the last whom I expected to do this.

You're almost like another Makarova.

? Why Makarova again? I have nothing to do with this.

- I do not need another Makarova here.
I don't have a right for it.

Katya, you understand that you are disrupting the lesson?

Katya, you understand that this is an outrage?

- You're outrageous, bitch.

- Katya, I will have to tell the headmistress!

Well done, Marchenko. Sit down, you get "five".

- "Five"?

- "Five". You composed yourself and corrected it.

Well done. At least someone is trying.

- Let's go.

- Katya!

- Well done!

- It's great that you guys are with me.

- Come on! We're friends!

- I swear, I could do the same for you, seriously!

Listen, I could swear too.

- Fuck, all of us should swear.

You know, like, swear once and for the whole life. OK?

- What, once and for the whole life?
- Yes.

- No, until we grow up. Cool!

- Yes, until we grow up. OK?

What should we do? Give your hands!

Come on! God, come on!

So, in short... We won't steal each other's boys. - Hush!
- We won't steal each other's boys.

Won't betray, will be faithful to each other,

Will love each other...

- Will be loyal friends.
- Yes! Until we grow up.

- Until we grow up.

- Hello, please give me these gums.

Uh-huh, the ones with princesses.

I will choose, OK?

OK, I already have this one. Thanks!

Oh, red haired! I don't have it yet.

This is a Chinese princess, or what?

- Oh, a Chinese princess... What's up here, eh?

You see what youngsters like these days.

- Is it your friend?

- Yes, by the way, I know you.

This is my neighbor.
You're living in number 12, right?

In 5th drive. I live there too.

- So maybe you want to pick this douche up?

- Maybe I want to pick her up.

What's your name, baby? Tell me.

- Vika.
- I am Alex.

- OK, good luck.

- She's just jealous.
You can ask the guys there, for Lyosha.

[Hey! Where are you going?]

- Take this. Thanks.

[- Going far away?]

- Give it back! Come on.

- Hello, I'm from the school.
- Hello.

- My name is Alexandra Alexandrovna.

- Oh, fuck...

- Don't give a shit. It's okay.

Listen, I've figured out how to buy booze.

- Zhanna, do Katya's parents have a phone?
Maybe we need to call them?

- Nooo, Mum.

- You know, we have no phones working.

- Mom, but we have agreed with you that she can stay.

- Okay, okay.

- You can stay as long as you want.

But they'll find you anyway.

- No, they will be ashamed to tell the police.

I'll stay until the disco, and then will go home.

- Want to borrow my clothes?

- Yay, disco!
- Yes!

Listen, I have an awesome idea.

We call a taxi which will take you to school.

And no fuck can get you out of there!

- Zhanna, I love you so much.
- I love you, too.

- Can I skip the school tomorrow?

- Well, you can.

Mum won't turn you in.

She won't.
Because I keep her behaving, she toes the line.

- You have such beautiful lights out in the window.

- Well, they are just ads.

When we'll booze at the disco, we'll see more lights!

And when you're, well, with a boy...

When you do it with a boy, you can
see the lights, too...

What, Mum?

- That's all, turn off the light and good night.

- Good night.

Don't fret, everything is fine.

I keep a tight hand on her.

? That's because she's afraid to beat you.

? Yes.

- Good night.
- Night.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello, girls. Katya Kapitonova is here?

- I haven't seen her.

- "Girls, you are the best. Good luck."

What have you got?

- Wait... Read yours.

- "Vika and Zhanna, let us be friends."

Look, I have a cool one.
"Girls, you kick ass. Well done."

Cool. We should find out who wrote it.

- Is it signed?
- I don't know, not signed.

- Not a chance it's someone from 11th grade...

"The great things start with the first step. Marilyn Manson"

- Cool.

- Let them fly.

"Girls, hang in there, we are with you! 10th grade."

- Oh, look who's here, 9"B" grade.

- Hi.

- Are you aware that disco was cancelled
because of you and your Kapitonova ?

? If she comes to school, we'll have the disco.

- Where did you get these jeans? And the belt?

- Look at her bag!

Have you made it of a cat?

- What are you laughing at? She really likes it.

- Can you make one for me?


- Girls, who wants to go to the disco?

- Well, we want to.

- If you really wanted it, you would lasso your
Kapitonova and bring her home.

- It's impossible, her parents will kill her.

- I don't give a shit.

- WTF, look at them.

We should lose the disco because she can't go home!

What smart-asses you are!
Why the fuck are you staring at me like that?

- Come here.

You, you... Come.

- What are you waiting for? Go!

What have you got on your finger there?

- Mum gave me this.

Let me see.

- Sorry, I can't, it's a gift from my Mum.

- So you're all grown-up now, bitch,
with a voice like that?

Give me the ring.

Do you like it?

This is a shit of a ring, sorry.

Did you understand it all about the disco?

Take your friend and roll fucking over.

- Vik, let's go.

- "Vik, let's go"! Come on, come on!

- So, in short, that Nastya
was hooked by one soldier and...

- No way!
- Yes.

- Yuk!
- Yeah, you know who she is?

Once she is standing and smoking with boys.
There comes a dog just poking its nose into her leg.

And there she goes and kicks this dog,
then dog comes off and wheezes.

- No way!

- Then she takes the dog
and starts hitting the wall with it!

- Poor doggy.

- Yes, this Nastya can do whatever she wants... damn her.

- I am lucky I have given the ring to her.

- Yes... Now we are looking for it.

- And what kind of school it was?

Just some normal school. If they had security
there, there would be no such mess.

So, hey, I'll tell you something...

Hey, Vika!

She went into these barracks,
and there... all the troops were fucking her!

Can you believe it?


She was lucky.

- Ew, shame! What a prostitute.
- Why?

- Oh come on!
- There's nothing wrong with it.

- Eh, I can't find anything here.

- Let's go then. I've had enough.
There is nothing here. Tomorrow we'll find it.

- Hi!
- Hi.

- How are you?
- I'm okay.

- Hi.

- Any phone calls?
- There were some, I didn't answer.

- Good.

- Katya!
- What?

- Listen, I'll tell you something now.

Can you believe, we've outdone the whole school.

Everyone's talking about us.

- No way!
- Yup.

Outdone all teachers. Cool!

- Sweet!

- There's nothing on the answering machine.
Well, this was the good news.

- And what is bad?

- Disco is cancelled because of you.

- So what?

Should I, like, go home now?

Listen, Katyusha, we...
We have one idea...



If anything happens, run straight to the cops,
and we'll go with you.

Listen, my Mum can't just leave you.

- Goodbye.

- Come on, Katya. Call us if anything happens, OK?

We'll pick you up tomorrow, okay?

- OK, bye bye.
- Bye bye.

- How could you think that we'd beat you?

- Things will be different from now on.

No more of these girlfriends.

- I'm going to see you to school and
pick you up from it.

- While Dad is not working, he will do it.

- What?! Please, no!

Are you mad?

Are you going to nurse me
until I am 100 years old?

- You understand that you're already in grade 9.

I do not want you to go study at vocational school.

- You must be insane!

Get a new kid for yourselves,
maybe then you'll stop this crap!

You're mad, I can't go to school with you!
I won't!

- I don't know why you are shouting now,
I still won't lay a finger on you.

- A-ah! Help!

Help! My dad is beating me!


Just touch me now and I'll kill you, is it clear?

- Dad, please, enough. Bye!


- You heard what I told you?
What will I say to your mother, eh?

I am following you from door to door.

Come on, quick.

Well, come on, come on, quickly!

- Why are you so rude to me?

Enough, Dad, go now!

- Okay, go. God bless you.

- OK, only 5 minutes left. Please hand in your papers.

- Well, like, bye.

- Bye. You sure you're going?

- Fuck it, Kapitoshka, you're the best!

Kiss you.

- You tell them that we'll come and kick their asses.

- So let's go and buy a cocktail?

- Nah, they won't sell it to us anyway.

- Er... Twenty...

- Look what I have.

- Looks like we'll get gin & tonic!

Come on, I figured out how to buy it.

- Bye, girls.
- Okay, bye.

- Do you have more?
- Let's see...

- Please give us one "Tarhun", one "Buratino"
and two lollipops. These ones.

Take this.


- Open one for me, my hands are busy.

Open from another side.

- Well, which one is tastier?

Give me a try.

- Nah, yours is tastier.

- Give me mine back.

Don't look at me like this.
Keep your ass tight, it's all right.

Vik, you know that if we go along with her,
it means we're weird too.

If we go to the disco with her,
you know what will happen?

They'll kick our asses.


You want to have fun?
Or you want your face to get damaged?

- I want to have fun.

Imagine these girls spotting all three of us.
They'll go mad!

And now they might not notice us at all.

And what about headmistress or form tutor?

They don't need these problems, eh?

- Listen, you really care so much about this disco?

- And you don't?

- Nah, well, I agree with you,

but, shit, I don't know how to tell this to Katya.

- Fuck, then figure it out!

- Why me?

It was your idea, so you go talk with her.

- And you're not with me, or what?

- I'm with you, of course,
but I don't want to talk with Katya.

- Fuck... Psyho Katya, crazy Katya...

Vik, really, can you just talk with her?

Vik, I wanna have a look at this hankie.

- No.

- Let me see!
- I won't give you my handkerchief.

- Oh, your handkerchief, hah!
You know whose hankie this is?

Nastya's! He took it from her to wipe his snot nose.

Not snot nose, but blood from his fists.

- Vik, are you in love?

- Well, yes...

- You dumb.


- Hey there.

It's the break, so let's smoke.

Where are we going tonight?

- I'm not.
- What?

- Not going.

- Why? What's up?

- No, nothing special.

- Listen, we need to think over how to get me to the disco.

I don't know. Where's Zhanna?

- Zhanna, she's somewhere here... hiding.

- What the fuck?

- She won't see you... And you won't see her.
- Vik, what is it?

- Well, we're going together.

- Who's "we"?

- "We" means me and Zhanna.

- And I'm no longer "we"?
? Shit...

So where are you going?

- Oh, I do not know... Just hanging out, we'll see then.

It's only for one day, and then we'll be with you again.

- Okay, go on.

- Katya, well...

- "Katya" what?

- Well... we'll just go to the disco,

and then will be together again, honestly.
No offence, okay?

- Roll over, you both. I don't need you.

- Shit, Katya, I came to talk to you...

- So what? You like to hang out with Zhanna,

so you can hang out with Zhanna.
What do you want from me?

- Well, it's like unfair to you.

- Go to hell, okay? You're not
my friends anymore, clear?

Forget about me now. I hate you.

- What are you saying?

- Take this, Vik. Thank you for everything
you've done while we were friends.

Here, take it.

- "Here comes Natasha. Where she was?
Looks like she didn't eat and drink.

Her mother, black as night, can smell
Onions and wine from the daughter".

Well, girls, a familiar situation, isn't it?

- No.

- No? For Makarova it's familiar for sure.

- Why Makarova again?

- Well, Makarova, you are not Natasha,
of course, but still.

- Actually, I do not understand
why you are reading Mandelstam to us?

According to the plan, we should read Pushkin.

- We are reading more than the plan suggests, because
you won't have another chance to learn it.

- But Mandelstam is nonsense...

- Don't you dare talk like that.

- I want to talk, and I talk.

Mandelstam is not in the plan.
I have nothing to say against Pushkin.

- Why don't you eat in the cafeteria?

- Ew, it's sick...
I don't know how you can eat this.

Have you ever tried alcohol?

- Nope. You?

- I tried.
- Lucky you.

- Have you had anything with boys?

- I was raped when I was a child.

- No way!

- But I was so little that
I can't remember it now.

- Like, really raped?

- Naaah.

Why didn't you want to be friends with me before?

- Actually, we still don't...

You're finished? Let's go?

- Yeah.

- Are you going?
- Yep.

Listen, do you smoke?

- What? No, I'm not crazy.

So how we can make friends with you?

- We'll have a disco soon.
- Yes, and I'll be there.

- Great.

- Listen, if you want, we can go together.
I'll show everything to you.

Fuck, but I'm under home arrest.
Parents don't allow me to go out.

Say, can you come tomorrow and tell them, like,
"Oh, we need to do the homework together with Katya"

and I'll be waiting for you outside.

- And... how will you get outside?
- Through the window. Please don't mess anything up.

- But I am a bad student!

- Dad came to pick me up, I need to go.

- I'm bad at all subjects, they won't believe it.

- Lyalya, main thing is they know
I wouldn't go to disco with you.

- Won't they be mad later?

- No, they're kind.

- Kind, but they don't let you go to the disco.

- That's why the don't, because they're kind.

- But I'll come all dressed up...

- Lyalya, no need to dress up,
I'll be dressed casually.

- And what about the boys?

Lyalya, sweetie, I need to go. Kiss you.


- Can I come today, too?
- Lyalya, come tomorrow, okay?

- Well, okay.
- All right, see you tomorrow, bye.

- Bye.

- Die, viper! Begone, ugly! Alex is mine!

- Vik!


- Hi.

- Still doing your witchcraft, eh?

- Stop here, at the shop, please.

- Here we are, it's the stall.

- Listen, like, I've come up with one idea!
- Huh?

- I'll invite him to dance.
- Uh-huh.

- And tell him everything at once.
And then I leave and hide.

And he, like, goes to look for me, and you
know where I am, like, accidently.

- Yeah. You think he's gonna eat this?
- Well, yes.

- It's cheesy.
- I think it's cool.

- Oh! Why is it almost soft?
Only 9% alcohol.

- Hold this.

- So? Is it tasty?

- Thrilling!

- Geez, it's disgusting!

- At least we'll get stoned fast.

- Cool. Take a pull, my friend.

Nah, can you smoke at all?

- Have you tried to smoke and then drink?

- We need to drink more, otherwise...
- Look at this crowd!

No chance to smuggle the booze...

- Take this.

- Shit, so many people.
Where we can sit?

- Shit, give me the shades.

Give me the shades.

- Where is he, I wonder...
- Oh, come on.

- Take it.

- How do I look? Good?

- Fuck, cool.

- You're all stoned now!

- Here.

- Hello. Move on.

What's that?

- OK, move on. Open your bag.

- Hello.
- Hello.


OK, nothing. And your pockets?

From the back. OK, move on.

- Look, is it him, there?
- Where?

- See, there.
- Nah.

- Fuck, what if he won't be here?

- Don't fret, everything will be fine.

- Good. Listen, let's not
do it like last time, okay?

- Let's have a smoke.

- What's up, girls.
- Hi.

- What's your name?
- I'm Zhanna.

- Zhanna, nice to meet you.
- I am Vika.

- This is Lena, and I'm Ira.

You're from which grade?

- From 9"B".

- Join us, come on.

- 9"B", excellent.

- So let's drink?
- Yes.


Come on, come on... Ta-dah! Go!

- Fuck, she just doesn't know how to drink.

- Vik, what's up?

- Shit, Zhanna, let's go, eh?

- Oh, come on. Let's hang out with these girls a bit.

- It's cool here.

- Zhanna, let's go.

- Listen, if you want to go and
look for your buddy, then go.

- I don't want to stop you.

- Shit, Zhanna?

So you will stay here?

- Yes, yes... I'll be here.

Cheers, all of you.

- Smoke first, then drink.
- No, I'll just drink.

- Come on, come on.

Well done!

Now let's do it with the smoke.

Come on, Zhanna. Look.


Awesome, eh?

- Cool, totally.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Is Katya here?
- Yes. What's the matter?

- We're going to do homework together.

- What's up!
- Hi.

- You look bored.

- No, I'm not bored.

- So, not bored?
- No.

- Why don't you go dancing, then?

- There's nobody to dance with.

- Nobody? Well, let's go
have a smoke and discuss it.

- Nah, don't want to go to men's toilet.

- So,

let's just go out and smoke a little
cigarette? Chill out and stuff.

- OK, I see... For how long it's been like that?

- Just for one week, actually.

It's gone bad after we buried the cat,
like someone put a jinx on me.

Do you think a dead cat can jinx?

- I've seen you before.

- Where?
- Won't tell you.

You've gone missing after that.

- No, I am just on my own.

There used to be three of us,
but now I'm alone.

- So how is it to be alone?

- Don't you know?

- Really stupid, you know, when you have no one
to talk with, because there's no one near.

Zhanna, can you believe it? Katya's here.

And she just went on the porch
to talk with my boy.

Fuck, what a rat.

Zhanna, I beg you, let's get out of here...

Zhanna... Yuck!

- Have you tried to relax, go out somewhere?

You can give me a call anytime, if needed.

- But you're with Nastya.

- Nastya is just for fun.
She knows this herself.

- Really?
- Of course.

Isn't it obvious?

- I don't give a damn.

- Okaaay.

- What are you doing?

- It's fine. What's wrong with it?

- Let's go to the gym.

- Listen, let's go to our place.
- Where is it?

- You'll see.

- What if I don't like it there?

- Well, if not, we'll go away.

So, let's go.


Zhanna, let's go. Get up.

- Look!

- Hey, this is the same girl.
- Come here!

- Security guard's coming.

- Is it your friend?
- Yes.

- Which grade?
- We're from another school.

- Hey, maybe you want more?

Where are they taking her?

- Naked chicks sitting here on water pipes, yeah.

- What? Everyone knows this?
- Yes.

- Fuck, and you saw me?
- I see you now.

- Do you know what wish I made?
- Come on.

- I thought we'd go back to dance.
- Later.

Sit down.

- Where does this candle come from?

- Candle... somebody brought it here.

- How do you know?
- Maybe, I've been waiting for you
for my whole life.

And here you are.

- So?

"I'm not a girl, not yet a woman"?

- It was so good.

- Yes, not bad, huh? It was special.

- Like never before...
- Unexpected, right?

- That's what discos are for.

- Bullshit... Discos are for kids.

- Oh, hi, boys. Have you seen a guy here? Alex?

- What Alex?
- aka Lyosha or Lyoha.

- No, we don't know him.

- Everyone knows him.
- Nah, we don't know.

- Wait, sit down, sit down!

Sit with us. Let's celebrate.

What is your name?

- I am Vika.

- Vika? Guys, meet Vika.

- Andrey.
- Rustam.

- I'm Sasha. Nice to meet you, Vika.

- Nice to meet you, boys.

Are we going to smoke this now?

- Sure, we will.

- No, guys, I suppose I won't.

- What do you mean? Everybody will.

Otherwise, we'll be very, very upset.

- I don't want, I'd better go.

- Wait, wait! What is it?

Well, a couple of pulls...
You're not a kid at all, right?

Come on... Everything is fine.

- Kapitonova! Come here.

- Home, now! Father has already called the police.

- I won't go anywhere with you!

- What's wrong with you?!

- What? What?

- Just recalled a joke!

- Hush, everybody, she recalled a joke.

Tell us.

- And what about Alex?
- That's all. No need for Alex.

- Alex flew away, but he promised to return.

- Hey, what are you doing?!

- You've had something with her!

- With whom?
- With that douche!

- Certainly not! Feeling better now?

Nastya, what are you doing?!

- Come here!

Hey, bitch.

- Hey yourself, bitch.

- What did you say?



- Get up, get up! Fight!

- Are you crawling away?

- Bitch.

- Bitch?!


Get this!

Get up, you scum!

Take this!

- Well done!

Put it away!

- The fight's over.

- Katya, what's wrong?

There, there...

Come on, get up... Let's go.

Come on, let's go...
My dear friend, come on.

It's fine, Katya... It's all right.

Please don't.

They haven't done anything bad to you.

And you are so brave. And pretty.

- Come on, kill them.
- My hands are busy.

- Egorov loves you... You'll get married.

Mum and Dad are all kind,
waiting for you at home, I tell you.

If you could only see
my mother and stepfather...

And you are so, so cute.

My dear friend...

Everything's fine...

- Enough! You fat idiot! Roll over!

You jerk, aren't you afraid?
Want me to kick your ass?

Roll fucking over!
And don't come near me at school!

- Katya, you need a bath.

We need to rub vodka all over you, too.

You're bleeding, you might get tetanus.

- Mum, so how was it today?

- Nobody has come.

Who cares when it's the ninth day.

- So it doesn't matter that I wasn't here, right?

Tomorrow we'll go shopping,
I'll buy something for you, Katya.

Tomorrow is Sunday.

- Then we'll go downtown.

Katya, we need to apply some iodine...
just a bit.

- Mum, why don't you fuck yourself.

- Just one year. One year and it's over.

- Dad, why don't you fuck yourself.
I don't give a shit about your tetanus thing!

Everybody dies but me.

Tomorrow I'll be hanging out
morning, noon and night.

And you can fuck yourselves, Mum and Dad. Fuck you.

- We still love you very much.

- And I don't love you.

- Yura, please nail the window in our room. Uh?

We still have some planks, right?

- Don't want to use clean plate.

- Eat right from here. Take this spoon.