Every Woman's Dream (1996) - full transcript

A young woman believes she has married the man of her dreams without suspecting her husband is leading a double life. When his lies go sour, he makes a deadly turn into a life of crime.

Meet Mitchell Parker.

This is his story.
It's a true story.

And if it weren't for the fact
that it actually happened,

you probably wouldn't
believe it.

[up-tempo music]

Mitch grew up an ordinary kid,

from an ordinary family

in the ordinary town of
Sardis, Ohio.

Which was unfortunate

because this kid wanted nothing
to do with ordinary.

So, he developed his

Now all kids had a fantasy.

But by the time Mitch
got to college,

his parents from Sardis,
Ohio had become royalty,

who escaped with their lives
from Bulgaria or Romania

or some place.

Mitch was perfecting the
art of the lie.

He was an artist.

So where does a fellow with a
God-given talent

for stretching the truth go to
find gainful employment?

In Washington, Mitch became a
lowly researcher

for an influential congressman.

But he never missed an

to have his picture taken.

He was building his
wall of fame.

But more on that later.

Hollywood, the land of make
believe called to Mitch.

and with nothing but a few
thousand dollars

and a box of photos
under his arm,

he burst on to the California
political scene as a lobbyist,

in the fall of 1978.


This was the wall of fame.

And it was impressive.
Extremely impressive.

He'd met a few of these people,
most were casual encounters.

But the rest of the photos were
just plain fakes.

But even a top lobyist

doesn't make the kind of dough
that Mitch was spending.

[drums beating]

And some people wondered

if perhaps Mitch was
independently wealthy.

The perks of political power
were plentiful.

It realized at least one of his
childhood dreams.

He'd gotten the girl

and her friend

and her friend's sister.

But spending more than three
nights with any woman

made Mitch nervous.


Excuse me.

Now this woman was different.

She was a successful business
person in her own right.

She had two children from a
previous marriage.

And most importantly,
she would be busy.

She would leave Mitch
to his own devices.

So, you're a lawyer?

My business represents clients,
who have

difficulty assessing certain
lines of communication

-necessary for their success.

I have no idea
what you just said,

but you're obviously
overpaid for it.

I'm a consultant.

-[waves crashing]
-[seagulls squawking]

Did anyone ever tell you, you
have the most amazing eyes?

Did anyone ever tell you that
you have the most amazing eyes?


-You just did.

[laughs in embarrassment]

What's that?

[kissing sounds]

In August of 1985, Mitch Parker
married Candace Law

in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And they settled into his
comfortable house in Malibu

with Candy's two children.

Dennis: Ice.

-Mitch: I'll be late.
-Candy: Oh, sweetie. Okay.

But Mitch was very careful to
keep his personal life and his

political life separate.
[woman panting]

Incredibly, Candy never knew
where Mitch worked.

and could only reach him through
a message service.

But, as it turned out, Candy
wasn't busy enough.

I'll do some buying
for the shop.

I can visit Susan. I'll take her
to the theater and museums--

I'll take you to New York.
I'll show you New York City

like you've never seen that
city before.

Mitch: But right now I can't
afford the distraction, please.

Oh. All right. I wouldn't want
to be a distraction.

Candy, this is a mega,
mega deal.

Yeah, of course it is.
They're all mega deals.

I never see you anymore.
[slams door]

Mitch knew he had a problem that
wasn't going to go away.

-Candy. Come on honey.
- He had to move her
out of town,

which wasn't easy because she
was devoted to her business,

which was also thriving.

This was a tough one.

Candy: Wait a second. Let me
just finish December.

[whispering] Honey, I need to
talk to you right now, please.

-What is it? You're scaring me.
-Come and sit down.

Candy: What, honey? Tell me.

I wanted to tell you for a long
time, believe me.

-But they wouldn't le me.
-Who wouldn't?

-The government.
-What are you talking about?

I'm an operative, Candy.
I work for the CIA.

The CIA?

Mitch: Yes, I have
for about five years.

-Mitch: I know this
must be hard.

-Why didn't you tell me?
-My job is known as deep cover.

Nobody, nobody knew.

Why are you telling me now?

Because an agent's body was
found outside of Paris

and they're afraid I may
have been compromised

and they're moving us
to Florida, on Thursday.

-[stutters] To Florida?
-Mitch: Yes.

And I have to go to Nicaragua.

You'll have to make the move on
your own. I'm so sorry.

[sighs] Mitch, what uh...the
kids' school and my business.

I know. I tried. They just...
They won't let us stay.

Mitch: You see that's why I
couldn't take you to my office.

Because I didn't have one. That
is why I'm always travelling.

I'm sorry.

[whispers] My God, Mitch.
Are you in danger?

-[Candy sighs]

-Mitch: I'm sorry.
- So,

while Candice packed up the
family and sold her business,

Mitch was off on his dangerous
mission in Nicaragua.

Finally after four weeks, the
phone rings, the Pope answers.

Sister Theresa says, "Hey JP,
it's Terry. I'm in L.A."


Hey Mitch, can I talk to you?
Excuse me.

Man: Terrific.
Woman: Did you get it?

-Having a good time, Senator?

Until daddy takes
the T-Bird away.

[sighs] How'd it go with CLC?

They're wondering when
to expect to reach the floor.

-I'd say within a month.

That's what I told them.

[envelope rustles]

Senator, what's your position on
the Eggleton forestry bill?

[laughter in background]

-Mitch: That's what I told them.

This is the living room.

-It's small, but really cute.
-Mitch: Nice, beautiful.

What do you think of
those drapes?

The drapes? Uh, nice.
I like them.

Mitch! They're absolutely

Mitch: Oh, I thought you
bought them.

No, I got shutters. They're
won-- Wow, you have no taste.

-You're sleeping in your car.
-No, I hate them.

Oh, it's such a relief.
Bedrooms are over there.

That's for later. This is the
dining room.

This is a new dining set
and you like it.

-Do I like it?
-You love it, actually.

-I love it!
-That's wonderful.

Kids. Come on, honey.

-Look who's here?!
-Boy: Daddy!

Boy: Daddy, watch this!

-[water splashes]
-[both cheer] That's great.

Samantha, come on give daddy a
hug. Come on. How are you?

-How was Nicaragua?
-Oh, it was tough. Pretty bad.

I'm so glad they let you home.

And Mitch juggled his married
life in Florida...

-Boy: Throw. Okay, give it here.
-[Mitch and the boys screech]

and his single life in
Los Angeles

successfully for the
next five years.

Man: Thank you, very much.
Mitch: Thank you.

You're not going out dressed
like that, because I said so.

Now go and change, right now!

Don't you have a secret mission
to go on?

Samantha knock it off!
Do not talk to Mitch like--

-You always take his side.
-[angrily] I side...

-[TV in background]
-[door slams]

Well teenagers! They say they
become human again eventually.

-I'm sorry.
-That's all right.

-What time do you leave?

It's Kuwait, isn't it?

-Mitch, please!

There's going to be a war. And I
have a right to know.

Yes, it's Kuwait.

Be careful.

But Mitch was like a juggler,
who had six balls in the air

and couldn't resist trying to
make it eight.

-Excuse me, you're in my seat.

I don't like to sit
next to the window.

Too close to the action for me.

Even if the flaps don't flap,
you don't wanna know about it?

Don't even make a joke.

-[loud thud]
-[groans nervously]

I think they just closed the
cargo door.

But if you want to dig your
nails in my arm, you're welcome.

[sighs] I'm sorry.

[woman heaves]

[passengers chatter]

You know there isn't really that
much danger.

Not until we get in the air.

[music playing on headphones]

Mitch: It was bizarre. My mother
and father went to theater.

- She thought he was asleep.
-[Liz laughs lightly]

He was 58 years old, a beautiful
man. Incredible. So kind.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, I found myself heir to
a ridiculous amount of money.

I also was getting
worse and worse.

Finally, I went to a doctor.
And then, another and

they told me it wasn't
an ulcer at all. It was

-pancreatic cancer.
-Oh, my God!

I'm sorry.

They gave me a year to live, two
on the outside. I went nuts and

just started spending money
like crazy. Buying things.

Buying all sorts of things.

It's amazing the toys you can
buy with the right frame of mind

-with a few million dollars.
-Yes, I know.

My company sells
some of those toys.

I'm not proud of everything
I did, but

I was able to put a few million
dollars away for my children.

-You have kids?

No, I'm not even married. Not
yet. But I hope to, some day.

Are you doing any chemotherapy
or radiation or anything?

Nothing. There's not a speck of
cancer left in my body.


They call it spontaneous
remission. I call it a miracle.

[huffs out a breath]

Sorry. I get emotional when I
talk about it.

That's all right.
Really, that's...

-Thank you.

I'm running so late.

This Brazilian designer is going
on and on in Portuguese.

I'm sorry, I don't speak
Portuguese. Did he call?

No, did you notice the
rainforest in our kitchen?


If Cal sent me flowers
like that,

I'd think he was
cheating on me.

What're you talking about?

-Oh, good grief!
-I like this guy, Lizzie.

It's just dinner.

Well if you don't marry him,
give him my number.

Liz: So, tell me what're you
doing tonight?

Cal's taking me to a
Hockey game.

Liz: Whoo.

Ho, ho, ho.
You're wearing the DK?

-This is not just dinner.
-This is dinner and the opera.

Don't look at me like that.

[sighs] We were going
to the opera,

but I opted for beer and
dogs at the King's game instead.

[whispers] Bye.

-Roommate: I won't wait up.
-Liz: Don't.

Mitch found himself
obsessed with the woman
from the airplane.

Maybe it was her spirit.
Perhaps it was her perfume.

But over the next six weeks,

he pursued Lizzie Wells with
relentless determination.

Liz: [laughs] Stop.
Quit fooling around.

-[Mitch making funny sounds]
-Liz: Quit clowning around.

Give me that. So if you could be
any actor in the circus,

-what would you be?
-Uh, trapeze artist.

-You're high above everyone

and you're flying through the
air and you let go,

and you're spinning and everyone
wonders, "Will they make it?"

-What about you?


I would never have to worry
about my weight ever again.

[both laugh]

You know you're becoming
a problem.

-I'm falling in love with you.

And that's a problem?

-[Liz moaning]

[Lizzie exhales]
That was so nice.

-What's that?

Something sharp
under the pillow.

-What? What's that?
-[whispers] Oh, my God!

-I think that's yours.
-[Liz exclaims]

Oh, it's beautiful.

Oh Mitch, it's so beautiful.

Now, you might be saying,

"Hold on. Isn't he already
married to Candy?"

That's right.
And happily, too.

But any ordinary guy
can have one wife.

Anchorman: Now, a further
report from Kuwait City,

by our correspondent
Michael McMillan.

McMillan: With rotors spinning,
set against a clear blue sky,

the winds have kept....

Mitch? Oh my God! Kids!
I think I saw your daddy on TV.

[shouts] Get in here, quick.
I think I saw dad on TV.

Pastor: If there are any here
who can show a just cause

why these two should not be
joined in holy matrimony--

Where? I don't see him.

He was coming out of a
building. Maybe they'll go back.

I don't think so, mom.

By the power invested in me by
the state of Nevada--

Go back. Go back.

Pastor: I now pronounce you
man and wife.

[crying] Mitch. Oh baby, where
are you?

You may kiss the bride.

Mitch, oh!

Oh, baby. I'm so glad
you're okay.

-Hey, I saw you.
-You did? Where?

I saw you on TV, on CNN.

In Kuwait. You were coming out
of some building,

like a bunker or something?

Honey, was that you?

Candy, I told you, you must
never ask me these questions.

I can't talk about these things.

-Yes, it was.
-[laughs] I knew it.

[shouts] Hey kids!
Look who's home.

Mitch: Hey!

-What are we in?
-Man: Clubs.

Clubs. Well, lay 'em down.

That's it for me.

-Here you go. Good luck.
-[all sigh]

-Woman: That's it?
-That's it.

Go for the big slam. I'm gonna
go get some fresh air.

Okay, diamonds are my favorite,
but I don't have any.

Candy! Aw! I love--

I'm sorry I didn't call you.
Been tied up in meetings.

I miss you so much.

-Liz: When are you coming?
-Tomorrow, I hope.

-Liz: Is it very cold there?

It's a blizzard. I'm in the
middle of a blizzard here.

It's twelve below zero with the
windchill factor. It's terrible.

-Liz: It's what?
-It's twelve below zero here.

-It's freezing.
-Liz: It's a bad connection.

Terrible static.
l will call you right ba--

No, no. Hold on.

-Liz: What's the number
of the hotel?
-No, eh--

Somebody's at the door. Hold on
a sec. [loudly] Yeah come on in.

Hold on. [loudly] Yeah, put it
on the table right there.

Wait a second. Where's the
sandwich? I ordered a sandwich.

Honey can I call you back?
I'll call you right back. Bye.

Um, yeah. I don't know.


Samantha: Can I call you back.
Yeah, okay.


You don't like me, do you?

Yeah, sure I do.

You don't have to like me.

You just have
to respect my privacy.

[whispers] Respect my privacy
and I'll respect yours.

I've no idea what
you're talking about.

I think you do.

Do you understand?

[speaks slowly] Do you


Thank you, Samantha.


-What's wrong?
-I just called in.

-Oh, don't tell me. When?

Mitch, don't they know
you just got home?

Yes, they do know.
They don't care.

Sorry. I don't know how much
more of this I can take myself.

-What are you up to?
-[Candy laughs]

I've only got you
for nine more hours.

I'm making the most of them.

Mitch was on top of the world.

A fantastic world
of his own creation.

What could possibly go wrong?

I'm being indicted in the

I don't know how
wide it will be.

Obviously they're gonna
talk to you.

Well, you've got nothing to
worry about, Bob.

Bob: Good.

[takes a deep breath]

Do I?

Bob, do I have anything
to worry about?

I'll do what I can.

If someone were to give me up,

I think that would be
unfortunate for a lot of people.

I know it would. I know, Mitch.

Because I just happen
to know a lot.

A lot more than the FBI could
possibly dream of knowing.

-Are you threatening me, Mitch?
-Mitch: No.

Everything will be fine, Bob.

But with the Senator Belding
pipeline cut off,

Mitch had a serious
cash-flow problem.

First stop, Phil Dubrowski,

president of the West Valley
Chamber of Commerce.

Tell me what's the problem?

I'm dying. It's my heart.

Oh, Mitch.

-There's nothing they can do?
-Mitch: No, they've ruled out

transplant. They're treating me
with drugs right now.

They say my only chance is a
procedure called

Percutaneous Valvuloplasty.

[laughs] But it's experimental,
so the insurance company

-won't pay for it.
-Do you need some help?

How much?

Ten thousand.

Ten thousand.

Mitch: If by chance those checks
don't come on time,

I've got some paintings in my
office. They're worth a lot.

Or I could make you beneficiary
on one of my insurance policies.

I don't need your insurance,

By the end of the day,

Mitch had raised
over $50,000,

including twenty for a
children's hospital wing

that he had absolutely
nothing to do with.

Mitch: "And thank you
for your time. Sincerely..."

Did Congressman Rijos' office


-Why isn't he returning my call?
-I don't know.

Is this a bad time to tell you
that my check bounced again?

-Mitch: It did?
-[telephone rings]

Just put it through again. I
swear, I'm gonna change banks.

Tha bank is lousy.

Secretary: Mitch Parker
Associates. Hold please.

-Are you in for Phil Dubrowski?
-No. Tell him at the clinic.

-What clinic?

[people chattering]

Mitch: Excuse me everyone.

May I have your attention for a
moment, please?

Recently, I took a leap

that I'm sure most
of you thought

I would never
have the courage to take.

[guests laughing politely]

I would like to introduce you
to someone.

My soul mate and
my new bride, Liz Parker.

[guests cheer and applaud]

-Guests: Congratulations!
-[whistle and cheer]

-Mrs. Parker?
-Should I eat one of these?

-It's quite good.

Phil Dubrowski.

Thank you.
It's nice to meet you, Phil.

-Mitch is really looking good.
-Hmm. Isn't he?

I mean, considering
what he's been through.

I know. The stress would kill
most people, but Mitch,

he seems to thrive on it.

-Liz: Hey Jenny, how are you?
-Jenny: Fine.

Excuse me.

Thank you, Eric. Talk to you
Monday, okay?

Senator, good to see you.

You fellas know
my good friend Mitch?

This man is very good. He can
make things happen.

Only thing he's not good at is
returning phone calls.

[Mitch laughs nervously]

Why didn't you return my calls?
We've got history. We go back.

Yeah, can I talk to you for a
second? Would you excuse us?

I don't think it's such a good
idea that you're here today.

I came along to celebrate all
your good fortune.

-You got hitched. I got ditched.
-Well, you don't understand.

I'm telling you to leave.

Your turn will come.

Bruce, the Senator is ready to
go home now.

Thank you. Good to see you.

-Terrific party.

-Thanks for coming.
-How're you feeling, Mitch?

I feel great. It's a miracle.

[whispers] It's a
tiny little scar...

[shouts] Pete,
I'll be right there.

[whispers] It's a
tiny little scar

and everything's wonderful. I'll
tell you all about it, okay?

Thanks. Good to see you.

Mitch's financial situation was
bad and getting worse.

Maintaining two families on
opposite coasts

was becoming impossible.

And bringing Candy back to L.A.
was out of the question.

-Dennis: Dad, look at me
-That's good, Dennis.

But then,

a lucky coincidence
presented itself.

And Mitch's fertile imagination
was ignited.

[electric shaver buzzes]

If you can't bring Mohammed
to the mountain,

you gonna have to bring
the mountain to Mohammed.

Yeah. No, no.

First of all Sidney, I have to
say it's a very generous offer.

No. It's not the money at all.

[laughs] You're not making this
very easy for me.

No, I couldn't ask Liz
to do that.

Yeah. We have a very
happy life here.

Yeah. No, Sid.
I'll tell you what.

Why don't you tell them
that I thought

it was a very generous
offer and I appreciate it.

All right. Thank you.

-How was work?
-Good. What was that?

Nothing. Just business.

-So, what couldn't you ask me?

Okay, fine. Don't tell me.


That was Sid Gold, from Disney.
He wanted to talk, 'cause

I did a little business for his
studio a couple of weeks ago

and it turned out very well.

And so, I took a meeting with
them and they offered me a job.

-I just turned it down.
-What kind of a job?

Director of expansion,
as on new projects.

Why would you even
take the job interview?

I thought you were positioning
yourself to run for office.

To tell you the truth,

my secret dream has
always been to make movies.

And I think I was just indulging
my fantasy.

It's over. Sorry.


Liz, the job isn't even here.
It's in Orlando, Florida.

Orlando, Florida. I don't know
what got into me.

I'll be fine. [sighs loudly]

[Mitch laughs]

[whispers] Florida.

Mitch. I don't believe you.

How can you turn down an
opportunity like this

without even talking
to me first?

If I had a chance to fulfill one
of my dreams,

-wouldn't you have helped?
-What about your job?

I'll get another job.
I'm a qualified individual.


I am gonna be wanting little
Parkers running around soon.

My parents are there.
They'll turn babysitters.

-You're unbelievable.

Should I call?


Sid Gold, please.
Mitch Parker.

Automated Time: At the tone, the
time will be six forty

and thirty seconds.

-Sid, Mitch. Yeah.
-[time information playing]

You're not gonna
believe this. Yup.


-Your hand is sweating.
-Well, that's--

-So, you are nervous.
-I just want them to like me.

-Liz's mom: Liz?
-Liz: Mom.

-Liz's mom: Liz!
-Liz: Mom!

Somewhere I went over land
some ship to the Panama Canal.

It all depended on the state of
the market.

-Liz: Dad travels a lot.
-Mitch: Really? Where?

South America, South Africa,
Middle East.

Africa! Beautiful.
I've been to Africa.

Two months on safari in

-You did?

Mom was in Africa.

I was in Kenya on a photo shoot.

-And where did you go?

-[stutters] Nairobi.
-Liz's mom: I mean, on Safari.

[nervously] Where didn't I go.
Everywhere. It's uh, beautiful.

-Maasai Mara?
-No, I didn't get there.

I just didn't have time.

-You didn't go there?
-Mitch: No.

Liz's mom: Well, I'm sure it was
very exciting.

-Did you build this house?
-Yes, we did.

Then you'd probably know
where the bathroom is.

[all laughing]

Liz's mom: Yes, I'm sorry. Get
right in there and make a left.

Thank you.

Mitch had succeeded in bringing
his two families together.

Now, he could concentrate on
business again.

Mitch's trips to
L.A. for Disney,

were actually trips
across town to Candy.

[family chatters]

And Liz found their dream house
less than 15 minutes away.

Thank you.

-Mitch: It's ours honey.

-Get over here.
-[Liz screams]

-Liz: Oh my God!
-[realtor laughs]

-Liz: Oh, no, no!
-[realtor laughs]

-Yeah, did Delta Corp come in?
-Secretary: Yes, on Wednesday.

- Thirty thousand dollars.
-That's great, Janice.

I want you to cut me a check
for $20,000 and send it on down.

I can't. I've already paid it
out and I have a stack here--

All right, don't worry about it.
What else is coming in?

Secretary: Nothing
that I know of.

I sent those loan papers from
Mr. Dubrowski down to you.

-Don't worry about him.
- Well, he calls everyday.

Don't worry about him,
all right?

Did the Bahamas guy call?

Yes, the Minister of Trade's

They want you to come to
the Bahamas for a meeting.

Great. That is beautiful.

Listen, Janice. I'm gonna open
an office down here, okay?

And you're gonna get yourself a
big fat raise. I'll talk to you.


Hey, honey.

Oh, Mitch. Barbara Allston
called. She said

-we're gonna lose the house.

She said that
your check was returned.

-They have another offer.
-That's just

-a problem at the bank. I'll--
-Call them right away.

I'll take care of it. I have
some very exciting news.

-Let me make this call first.

-What? You can tell me now.
-We're going on a cruise.

-To the Bahamas.

I got to take care of some
business. I want you with me.

And I want to take
your mom and dad with us.

It'd be like a second honeymoon.
Won't they'd like that?

-Give them a call and ask them.
-Well, honey, I--

I got to call the bank.

[exhales deeply]

Hi, it's me. [laughs] Do you
want to go to the Bahamas?

Liz: I though it was gonna
be one of those big things.

Liz's dad: Our own
private yacht.

Liz's mom: Now this is way
too extravagant.

Liz's dad: Ask me [laughs].

Nothing's too extravagant for my
folks. What do you think, dad?

-You like it, mom?

-Come on, let's get aboard.
-Liz: All right.

[indistinct dialogue]

-Ahoy there!
-Liz: Hi.

-Welcome aboard The Dove.
-Mitch: Thank you.

[inaudible dialogue]

-[phone rings]
-Candy: Hello.

Mitch: I can only talk for a few
seconds, honey.

This may not be a secure phone.

[Candy on phone] Oh honey, I
miss you so much. Where are you?

I'm on a ship in the
Gulf of Oman.

All the devastation, Candy.
I can't begin to tell you.

It's terrible. They just brought
a young child on board

Samantha's age.

Mitch: Burns over
90% of his body.

Oh, Mitch.

-I hope the poor thing
dies soon.

-[merry chattering
in background]

-How are the children?
-Candy: They're good.

-When're you coming home?
-Mitch: In about two weeks.

Mitch: Do you have enough money
in the account?

-Yeah, we're okay.
-Because I don't think

I can get my check
in this month.

-We'll be fine.
- Okay, good.

-Listen, I have to go now.

-I have to go. I love you.
- Mitch--

-[merry chattering]

[bicycle bell ringing]

Doug, put some more ice
on this lobster, will you?

I want it nice and cold.

-I'm looking for Mitch Parker.

Are you with the Minister of
Trade's Office?

I'm afraid Mr. Everhart
has had to cancel.

We didn't know how
to reach you, exactly.

That's all right. We can
reschedule for tomorrow.

No. That would be impossible,
I'm afraid.

[laughs] I don't understand.
I had an appointment.

Yes, he did ask me to tell you,
next time you're in the Bahamas,

why don't you give him a call.

No, no, wait a second.

He made an appointment with
my office in Los Angeles

[screams] to meet him here.

I'm sorry.

Would you mind telling
me what's going on?

Well off the record, he's heard
something about

your associations in
Los Angeles,

which have made him feel

I see.

Nice to have met you.

[ship horn]

Liz: Hey!

-Look what we got.


[policeman's whistle blows]

Liz's mom: John, stop.

Liz: It was one of those really
snooty affairs, you know?

Black tie, crystal, the whole
works. [laughs]

So Barbara comes out of the
ladies room--

Oh, please don't do this to me.

And she was wearing this
exquisite black dress, only

with a train of toilet paper
peeping out of the bottom of it.

-[all laughing]
-It was stuck in her pantyhose.

Oh stop it.

She was winding around the
dining room, across the study,

down the hall and she's still
attached to the bathroom.

[Liz laughs] This is this crazy
family that you've married into.

Excuse me, sir. Can I see you
for a moment?

Sure. Don't tell another story
till I get back, please.

Don't worry.

-I hate you guys.
-I love you, ma.

-It was so cute.
-It was not cute.

All right, it wasn't.
It was dignified.

You turned and saw the paper
and went back like Greta Garbo.

Liz's mom: Not everybody can
pull that off.

Liz: Not everyone can.

Liz's dad: Is there a problem?

[laughs shamefacedly] The bank
has confused my account with

some other card holder's

and now they're refusing to
accept my card.

-A little tight?
-I'm so embarrassed, John.

I'm sorry. I'll pay you back
as soon as we get back.

-How much do you need?
-Five hundred.

-I need the travel checks.

You think mom and dad are
having a good time?

Liz: Uh-huh

[exhales loudly]

-What's going on?


At the restaurant.
What's going on?

It's just a little mistake.
I'll get that straightened out.

-[exasperatedly] Mitch.


It's just that it doesn't really
make sense.

I mean, they bounce the
check for the deposit
on the house--

That was a totally different
bank. I'll talk to my accountant

and get it all straightened out.

You can't take my parents to
such an expensive restaurant

-and expect them to pay. Just--
-[Mitch laughs]

I'll pay your father back as
soon as we get back to Miami.

You don't understand. He won't
take the money. He's too--

What do you want me
to do about that?

I want you to tell me
what's going on.

That was really embarrassing.

You ungrateful bitch.

All you do is take, take, take
and now you sit here

and complai--


[exhales] I...

Liz: Hi.
Liz's mom: Hi, sweetie.

I'm going to the Gleason's to
pick up the drapery material.

You want to come?

-I can stop stripping?


There's some lemonade right
over there. I'll be right back.

I'm not procrastinating, I'm
just taking a break.

-Hi, daddy.

-Don't be mad at me.
-Why would I be mad at you?

I, uh, checked up on Mitch.

You checked up on him? Why?

Honey, doesn't it seem sometimes
that Mitch is a little uh...

He doesn't work for Disney.

How do you know that?

-You ever been to his office?
-No, it's not finished yet.

It's being renovated.

I called Bernie Stops.
He works for Mitch's bank.

His checks don't come from


You mad at me?

[phone rings]

Recorded message: You've reached
the offices of

Mitch Parker at
Walt Disney Productions.

Please leave your message after
the tone.[beeps]

Hi, it's me.
I'm at my parents' house.

Can you call me
when you get this?

[phone ringing]

-Mitch: Hi, babe.

- Everything all right?
-Yeah. Where are you?

I'm at my office. Why?

I-- I wanted to come by.

- Now?

[stuttering] I'm going into a
meeting right now.

When can I come by?

- Tomorrow would be good.

Yeah, okay, tomorrow.

- How about lunch?

-I'm here to see Mitch Parker.
-Guard: Your name please?

Liz Parker.

Thank you, Mrs. Parker.
15th floor.

Make a left hand turn when you
come out of the elevator.



You found me?

[exhales in relief] Mmm-hmm.

This is very, very impressive.

And really, reallty nice.

Not bad for a kid from
Ohio, huh?

Oh, God. Why did I let you talk
me into a Las Vegas wedding.

And how am I gonna tell our

I'll tell and if you're good

I'll get you a get you a spot
in my next movie.

-You'd do that for me?
-Hush. Let's have lunch.

Mitch: Commissary?


-No I wanna go big time.

[door slamming]

I'm gonna call Barbara

and see for closing date to set
on the house.

-I already did.

- Yes, June 15th.
-[Liz squeals]

-We can start moving in...
Candy: All right, sweet heart.

We'll have that again next week.

[engine roaring]

-[tires squealing; cars honk]
-[Liz screams]

Mitch! Why did you do that?

-You didn't see that?

You didn't see that guy
back there?

-He had a gun.

-He pointed a gun at me.
-Should we call the police?


[Liz exhales heavily]

-Just keep driving.

Why did Mitch move two wives
into the same small town?

That is not totally clear.
What is clear

is that it was a huge mistake.

[takes deep breaths]

I'll be right out.
[car door opens and slams]

One of them would have to go.

-Mitch shouting: Candy.
-Candy: Mitch.

-Mitch: Are you all right?
-Candy: Well, yes.

What's wrong honey?
[water splashing]

What! [inaudible]

-We have to activate the plan.
-Oh, my God!

The plan, we have
to activate it.

-How much time do we have?
-We have an hour.

-Dennis is outside, baby.
-Get the kids, get the kids.

Candy: Dennis!

-Mitch: I'll get the luggage.

Candy: Dennis! Come home
right now.

-Dennis: What's wrong mom?
-Candy: Just get home!

I'll take the kids to

That's a good idea. We'll stay
with your parents just in case.

-In case of what, Mitch?
-Where's Samantha?

She's in her room!
Honey, in case what?

-What's going on mom?
-Okay. Sweetie,

just go pack your things.
Just what you need, okay?

Like we planned. Let's go.

Pack your things. We're out of
here in one hour.

-We're outta here in an hour!

[door slams]

I want to say goodbye
to Scott and Jamie.

No honey, it's gotta be a really
big secret, okay?

We can't talk to anybody.
Pack your bag.

Sammy: I'm not going!

What about our stuff?

We'll pack everything up
as soon as it's safe.

-I'm not going mo--
-[screams] Samantha please,

don't do this right now.

-Look, I've got stuff with--
-Do you think this is

some kind of game?
We are in danger here.

-Do you understand that?
-Oh, right!

Go and pack right now,
young lady!

-Go, go.
-Sammy: I hate you!

-[slams door]
-Huh, I'm sorry I--

-It's okay. I have to go.
-You're not going with us,

Now that they've discovered me,
I don't want to follow you.

-I want them to follow me.
-[Candy exhales]

Mitch, I'm scared.

There are agents
watching the house.

They'll follow you all the way
to Pennsylvania, okay?

-Where are they?
-If you can see 'em,

they wouldn't be very good,
would they?

-I love you, honey.
-I love you. Be careful.

I will. You'll be all right.

I'll call you in Pennsylvania.
It'll be all right.

[Candy sobs] Okay.

Mitch: All right. I love you.

This place is a mess.
There's boxes everywhere.

I need an assistant.

Did you get those flowers
I sent you?

Janice: Yes, thanks.

And you'll tell me when I can
cash my check right?

Absolutely. What've we got
coming in?

Well, I'm still waiting
to hear from

the Minister of Trade's office.

Forget about that bum.

That trip to the Bahamas was a
bust. [elevator bell rings]

Mitch: I want you to
call Congressman Rios.

Hi, Mr. Dubrowski.

I'm not here.

Janice: Uh, can I help you with

No, thank you.

What's he doing?

He's putting your paintings
in a cardboard box.

-The good ones?

Can I give Mr. Parker
a message for you?

No I'll tell him myself.

Mitch, if you want any
of the stuff back,

I'll sell it to you
for $10,000.

I'll call you back.

[bangs the receiver]

-And you re-deposited the check?
-Barbara: Yes, twice.

Now, the other thing is

your credit report came back
with a lot of problems.

So, the sellers have gone ahead
and accepted another offer.

-I am sorry.
-I see.

Well, listen Barbara. I think
you handled this whole sale

extremely unprofessionally.

And I won't be doing business
with you again. Good bye.

Mr. Parker if you will
excuse me--

Mitch: Read it and weep.

What's this?

It's a geological survey
on our house. [laughs]

We have a few problems.

There's cracks all
through the foundation,

-water seepage everywhere.
-Oh, no.

Our dream house was built
on a swamp.

-This is not swampland.
-It's not a swampland anymore.

It's landfill. It was a swamp.

I have a good mind to sue
these bastards. I think I will.

Oh, God!

On a swamp!

I need a drink.

7-8-9-0, Parker. P-A-R-K-E-R.

That's Candy and Mitch.

[birds chirping]

Mitch: Okay, so you definitely
got the change of address?

And the next statement will go
to Pennsylvania?

Can you tell me when last
month's statement was mailed?

[paper rustling]

Thank you.

[phone clicks off]

Guess who's going to Europe
this afternoon?

I give up.

That was the office
on the phone.

Trying to get Tom Cruise to sign
a development deal.

Sid wants me to go along.

I think they're grooming me
for the film division.

Tom Cruise?


Yeah I'm gonna have dinner
with him tonight.

[crickets chirping]

Mitch: Ah, man, I can't believe
this happened again.

I keep changing my card number

but this guy keeps
finding the number.

I guess I'm just gonna
have to prosecute.

I don't want to but...

Okay, the truth.

I met this woman on an airplane.

And I fell in love with her.

And I married her. It's not that
I don't love you anymore. I--

I keep changing the number,
but he keeps finding it.

I'm gonna prosecute.

[car door opens and shuts]

Can you tell me
where you've been?

I've been everywhere,
Los Angeles, Miami, Washington.

Tomorrow morning,
I have to leave for Israel.

Where is everyone?

My parents took Dennis to a
basketball game.

-How's he handling it?
-Oh, he's okay.

He misses his friends.

Mitch, Samantha's gone.
She ran away basically.


I mean, she's in Los Angeles
with her father, but...

she doesn't want to come back.

-I'm sorry about that. honey.
-I don't know.

It's probably the best thing
for her. So, it's good.

Uh, credit card bill came.

-It's maxed out, right?

Let me see that. It was stolen.

-It was stolen?
-The credit card was stolen.

Well, this guy's having
a lot of fun, huh?

The Bahamas, furniture,

-Well, the lingerie's mine.

It's not the first time
he's done this.

Give me the number.
Let's call them right now.

Doesn't matter.
The card's run to it's limit.

-But we should call them, Mitch
-It's okay.

There's more important, pressing
business to deal with right now.

Come on.

[footsteps receding]

-When's the game over?
-We've got time.

[paper rustling]

Liz: Honey, this doesn't
make sense.

Liz: Why don't we just stay in
the apartment?

I don't want to stay in the
apartment anymore.

It's driving me crazy.

Besides, why let an investment
property sit empty?

-Then, why don't you rent it?
-Because they want to sell it.

The last tenants drove me crazy.

[water spraying]

What do you think?

-Well, I think it's kinda cute.
-Nice isn't it?


[Liz moaning]

[Liz giggling]

[water spraying against wall]

Hello, Mary.

I thought you'd be
up at the lake.

No, Tom's brother got a stroke,

Oh, that's too bad.
I'll come and visit in a bit.

What did I do with
the house keys?

They're right here.

-Shall we take a look inside?

Well you're right, honey.

You don't even want to hear the
tale Mitch spun to convince Liz

that, contrary to everything
he'd said on the way
to the house,

they didn't in fact want to
live in that house after all.

Suffice it to say, Liz was
getting whiplash

from the ride Mitch
was taking her on.

Man: Mrs. Parker, may I speak to
you for a moment please?


But this was nothing to the ride
Candy was about to take.

This account is seriously

Aah, no, I only opened it
last week

and it should have
over $12,000 dollars in it.

But there was a large

and several checks after that.

Uh, what withdrawal?

On the 16th, your husband zeroed
out the account.

-$11, 242 dollars.
-[takes a deep breath]

He must've moved the money.

So, I need to talk to my

No. You're not understanding me.

-The card was stolen.
-Woman: Are you certain?

Yes! My husband reported it
stolen three days ago.

I have no record of that.

Your husband is Mitchell Parker,
is that correct?

Yes. What about
the signatures, huh?

Have you even checked the

This account has a month of
charges, ma'am.

If the card was stolen,

it should have been reported

Look, there's over $20,000
on this card.

[angrily] Neither my husband nor
I made the purchases.

I'm looking at these signatures

and they appear to be authentic,

Shall I connect you with our
Payment Plan office?

[paper slams against wood]

[door opens]
[light switch clicks]

Did I know you were
coming into town?


Why are you sitting
on the floor?

Well, thank God you're here.
We've got problems.

I would say that the most
pressing is the Chadway account.

-It's over, Janice.
-What do you mean?

It means I owe a lot of money.
That's it.

I'm closing up shop.

But you can keep all
the office equipment.

Computer, fax machine,
phones, everything.

-Are you serious?

It'll cover the money
I owe you.

Well, I have a stack
of bills here.

What am I supposed
to do with these?

Close the door and walk away.

And my number in Florida...

I guess I don't have
your number in Florida.

Thanks. Thanks for
everything, Janice.

[footsteps receding]
[door shuts]


[phone ringing]

Mary: Tom. Tom, you got that?
[phone ringing]

Did you put your
hearing thing in?

Tom: What?

- Hi Mary. It's Candy.

Candy! Where are you?
What in God's name is going on?

Can't really explain anything
right now. But, uh...

you haven't by any chance seen
Mitch, have you?

Mitch. As a matter of fact,
Candy, we saw him last Friday.

-Well, here at your house.

-Mary, are you sure it was him?
- I talked to him.

Candy, I don't know if you
want to hear this.

I've been just sick about it,
but, he wasn't alone.

Well, who was he with?

He was with a woman.

Oh Mary, that was probably just
somebody from work.

I don't know what kind of work
Mitch does exactly,

but this woman was wearing a
pair of shorts and a tank top.

What were they doing?


Honey, they were kissing.

Liz: I'm losing my mind.
I'm going insane.

-What's the matter?
-We are being evicted

-from the apartment.
-What do you mean?

I mean that Mitch didn't pay the
rent and they want us out.

I'm out there shopping for homes
that are half a million dollars

and we can't even come up with
$800 a month rent

for an apartment.
What is wrong with this picture?

-What does Mitch say about ti?
-I don't know. He's in New York,

or he's in L.A.,
or he's somewhere.

Why don't you try to calm down.
Make yourself a sandwich.

There's some tuna fish there.



Just say it.

I already said it.
You know how I feel.

That he doesn't work for Disney.
Daddy, I was in his office.

I was in his office.

Hello. I need to reach my

And he's an agent. His name
is Mitchell R. Parker.

Woman: I'm sorry, I show no
record of a Mitchell R. Parker

with the CIA.

I understand you can't give the
information out over the phone.

But please, this is
really a family emergency.

I can turn this over
to the supervisor

and perhaps he can help.

-Can I help you with something?
-No, thank you.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I am so sorry, Mr. Parker.

Ma'am, can we help you with

This is Anthony Tobias,
CIA Personnel, Washington.

I understand you're trying to
reach you husband,

- a Mitchell R. Parker?
-That's right.

We have no Mitchell Parker
working at the Agency.


I have a password.
It's Paper Chase.

Ma'am, it's not a question
of passwords.

According to our records,
Mitchell R. Parker

does not work for the CIA
and never has. I'm sorry.

[airplane hum]

[phone rings in background]

-Candy: Hello.
-It's me.

Where are you?

It doesn't matter where I am.
I just wanted to call

and let you know
I'm still alive.

Well Mitch, um, I was just so
frightened that

they'd murdered you,
that I called the CIA.

Why would you do that? I told
you never to contact them.

Don't you understand how that
would compromise things?

Don't bother Mitch.
[laughs hysterically]

You see, the CIA
has never heard of you.

Of course they haven't.

They're not gonna identify one
of their agents over the phone.

Who is she?
[loudly] Who is she Mitch?


It was just a one week fling,

I'm sorry, I've been
under so much--

[screams] Is this happening
to me?

You leave us without a dime.

With a $22,000
credit card bill

and you run off with some
woman. [sobbing]

I'm sorry, honey.
I really messed up.

That's supposed to make me
feel better?

'Cause you see, it doesn't.

You are a liar and a cheat.

And you've abandoned
my children.

And if there's any way for me
to press charges,

-I promise you Mitch--
-Are you threatening me?

Oh, no. I am telling you.

Is that supposed to be a threat?

Because if it is,

I promise you, if you go to
the police and say one word,

they'll be looking for a new
mother for your children.

My God!
[phone slams]

[Candy sobbing]

[door opens]

Mitch: Hey, honey.

You're up pretty early.

Is everything all right?

Sit down, Mitch.

Oh. If I'm in the doghouse I'd
better get a cup of coffee.

Mitch, sit down.


-What is it?
-[Liz sighs]

I went to your office.

I met Mitchell Parker.

You don't work for Disney.

Liz, I'm an independent
contractor. I--

How do you earn your living?

What do you think,
I broke into his office?

-You tell me.
-What's wrong with you, Liz?

How do you support us?

[stutters] What's wrong? What--

They are evicting us
from this apartment.

They're not going to evict us.
I'm holding the check

-until we get the dryer fixed.
-[yells] Will you just stop it?

You really need to get help,
you know that?

-I can't take this anymore.
-Liz , Liz--

-I'm going to my parents

And when you're ready to be
honest with me, you call--

No Liz no, let me just explain
something. Just--

No. Now, you have a serious,
serious problem.

And when you're ready to
acknowledge that

I will help you any way
that I can.


[whispers] Don't.

[footsteps receding]

-[door slams]
-[Mitch sighs]

[car engine roars]

Liz' Friend: I mean, did he
even look like Mitch?

Ha. No. it was a 70-year-old
bald man.

-He was bald?

And there was the exact same
picture frame

-with his family in it.
-Oh, man.

And the secretary, she flips
out. She calls security

and I'm escorted out of the

-[Liz's friend laughs]
-Hey. This is not funny.

-[laughs] No, it's not not.
-No, it was awful.

You are supposed to be
my best friend.

I am.

Liz: Maybe it was a little
funny. [laughs]

I'm not ready to just
laugh at that, yet.

[door slams]

I don't know what
I'm going to do.

I feel like I'm on a
merry-go-round, you know.

I don't have a kleenex honey,
wipe your nose.

[sobs] I mean, I love him.
He's a terrific guy,
but these lies.

Why would he want to lie to me?

I think you've got to get Mitch
into some serious shrinkage.

And you've got to set the ground
rules between the two of you.

-That's what you've gotta do.

-[Liz sighs]
-It's gonna be all right.

You'll see.

That was Mitch.

This crab just
tried to bite me.

-He wants to talk.
-That's good. Good

[crickets chirping]

[door opens]


Do you want to come in?

[door shuts]

-A drink?
-Uh, no thanks.


You were right. I lied.

About Disney.
I don't really work there,


you see.
So I don't have an office.

You see, the kind of work
I do for them, I--


You don't work for Disney.

You don't work for Disney. And
you obviously have no money.

Just stop lying.
Can't you stop?

I'm sorry.

I did lie. I lied about...

the money that I inherit.
The $2 million.

I inherited. It's all gone.
I blew it. I spent it.

And the will, it's being
contested in court by my mother.

And there's this protracted
What's the matter? What--

You told me that your mother
died when you were five.

She did. I'm talking about my

[Liz sighs]
-Mitch: Liz.

Liz please don't leave me.
Liz don't you...

[door slaming]

[keys rattling]

[trunk door opens]

[trunk slams shut]

Man on TV: Let me spell it for
you. Mile High Club.

I thought you were leaving.

There are guns in the back
of your car.

-I know.

-I bought them.

-Because why?

Because I realized my life isn't
worth living if you're not in it

[footsteps fade]

[door slams]

Woman on TV: Oh, my God.


[knocking continues]

-It's 1 in the morning.
-I know.

I'm sorry.
I couldn't help myself.

I need to talk to you Liz.
I just feel like--


Liz, I know I've been
awful to you.

But please, just give me a
chance. I just...



I hope I didn't
wake up your parents.

They're not here. They're
visiting my brother.

-What's going on with you?
-[Mitch sobs]

I just feel like...

I feel disconnected.
I can't-- I--

Please don't...
Don't give up on me just...

-Please, just don't.
-Mitch, I...

I need you. Please, please.

-Listen, let's make love.
-No, I don't want to.

-No Liz, let's make love,
-No! stop it.

-You used to love it--
-Stop It!

You want to know what's wrong,


You're ruining my life.

You're bleeding me.
No wonder I'm broke. You...

You're bleeding me.
You see, you're all alike.

Because every time it's good,
as long as it's good,

everything's fine. But the
moment it's bad, you just leave.

What's going on down here?

Nothing, everything's fine.

-Back to bed, everything's fine.
-[Liz gasps and cries]

Take your hands off her, Mitch.
I'll call the police, Mitch.

-Let her go!
-Don't you threaten me!

Don't you threaten me!

It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.

[Liz cries] No.
[door slams]

[loud knocking]
[Liz shouting]

[Liz crying]

See what you do?
See what you do to me?

[loudly] You bitch!

-Mitch: You make me nuts!
-[Liz sobbing]

-[Liz sobbing]
-Mitch: Liz, I love you.

[whispers] I love you so much.

[breathing hard]

Mitch: Liz, do you know what I
have in my hand?

Mitch: I have a gun.

I want you to give me one reason

why I shouldn't put this gun
in my mouth

and pull the trigger.


[door opens]
[Liz gasps]

He's gone. I called the police.

[Liz sobbing] Oh, God.

-It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.
-I'm so scared.

-I know. I know.
-I'm so scared. I'm so scared.

I know. It's okay.

Barbara: I think the police
are right. You should file a

restraining order.

He's never acted like this

Before what?
You just met the guy.

-I did not, Dad.
-Barbara: John.

I don't want him coming
near you.

He threatened suicide,
not homicide.

Oh jeez, Liz. Look at your arm.

That's assault. We're filing for
a restraining order.

I agree.


I'm a little nervous
about the time.

-I'd better go.
-John: I'll take you.

It was so good seeing you again.
Thank you for coming down.

Thank you for being
here for Liz.

No problem.

No problem.

Well, what do you know
about him that is true.

Umm, well he was uh...

He went umm...


-Who knows?
-Okay, don't worry.

Did you bring
his license number?

Yes I did.

Do you think that
you can help me?

Oh, yeah. With a few phone calls
and the grace of God,

we'll be just fine.


[breathing hard]

[door opens]


There are two names on the deed
to the house at Castlebury.

The same two names
are on your husband's

current California
car registration.

He's got a lot of calls going to
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.

Does Mitchell have a sister
named Candace?

Not that I know of.

Does your husband
travel a lot for his work?

All the time.


[inaudible dialogue]


Candace Parker?

Liz Parker?


Come on in.

Liz, we're out of wine but I
found some brandy.

-No, that's fine.
-It should be good.

Tonight I'd drink
nail polish remover.

I've got plenty of that.

Oh, ah, this.

The last I talked to him, he
threatened me too.

I taped it for what it's worth.

It is.

This is our trip to the Bahamas.

Oh, yeah.

I'm still trying to figure out
how to pay for that.

No, no, no.
I'm going to pay for that.

It's going to take a little
time, but I'm gonna to pay.

[sighs] I just, uh...

I can't believe
how stupid I was.

-You're not stupid.
-Yes. [laughs]

And neither am I.

He's just very, very slick.


So, we go to the police

and we destroy him.


-Hello Marta. Is Liz here?
-Marta: No, no here.

I want to leave
these flowers for her.

I'll just leave a little note.

[tap running]

[phone buttons beep]

Man on phone: US Air. This is
Todd. How may I help you?

Hello Todd. I'd like to make a

On Flight 149 tomorrow morning
Orlando to Washington please.

Okay. Hold a moment.

I'm sorry. I'm showing
Flight 149 is

Orlando-Washington at around
that time would be Flight 215.

[phone receiver crashes back]

Liz: I'm going to meet Candace
in Las Vegas when I get back.

And we're going to file bigamy
charges in Clark County.

I think you're doing
the right thing.

I understand why she's mad.

I really do. I mean I do.
I know I screwed up.

I really screwed up.

Thank you for your help,
Mr. Cox.

In my experience, it would be
best if you were to steer

well clear of him.


I feel that maybe
I should just...

You know, I used to pride myself
on my insight and intuition.

Boy, did I get this wrong!

I'm sorry.


I think they're gonna do
something to me.

And I'm afraid.

Do you know why I did
everything that I did?

Because I just wanted
them to love me.

That's all I ever wanted.

Is that so wrong?

Liz's recorded message: Mitch,
I'm calling to let you know

I'm moving away. I don't want
you to try and find me.

I don't ever want to talk to you
or see you again.

You can pick up your things at

the Orlando Boulevard Storage
Lockers. It's locker 2B.

If you've lost your key, I'll
leave mine at the office.

Please don't come
before 12 noon.

Oh, and Mitch, I met Candy.

We had a very
interesting conversation.

[answering machine beeps off]

[glass shatters]

Well, that's it.

What time do we have to go?

Narrator: On the
morning of September 15th,

Liz came down
to breakfast.

They set a time they
would leave for the airport.

Her father offered to
help her collect her things

from the storage locker.

But she insisted he go to his
tennis match instead.

He won the 1st set.
But lost the next two.

[parking brake engages]


-Liz: I hope so.

I just want to get out of here.

Doesn't sound good.

[steel rolling door screeches]

-You're coming undone.

-Liz: The box. Underneath.
-[laughs] Oh, thanks.

[car engine roars up]

Why would I expect you to allow
me this one last courtesy?

[car door opens and shuts]

Move, Mitch.

You're not leaving.


Stop it, stop.

[indistinct scuffle]
Liz: Son of a--


You need help. Serious help.

[Pistol lock slides open]


[Liz mouths] No.




[gurgling sounds]

Is she dead or what?

[sirens wailing]

Cops: Freeze.
Don't move. Freeze.

All right, face down, Now.


Hands behind your neck.

At his trial, Mitch Parker
claimed to have no memory

of Liz's murder.

Or ever having been married
to a woman name Candy.


Dr. Michael Reston
testified that

Mitch suffered from

and Narcissistic
Personality Disorder.


The signs of this disorder are:

One, reacts to criticism
with feelings of rage.

Two, takes advantage of others
to achieve his or her ends.

Three, has a grandiose
sense of self-importance.

Four, has fantasies of
unlimited success and power.

Five, has a sense
of entitlement.

Six, obsessions with
wanting more and more.

Seven, desires to be associated
with people of power.

Eight, lacks empathy.

Nine, preoccupation
with self gratification.

Ten, requires constant
attention and adoration.

In Dr. Reston's
professional opinion,

Mitch exhibited all ten
of these symptoms.

[both sobbing]

The jury deliberated
for three hours

and returned a guilty verdict of
murder in the first degree.

Mitch's parents
did not attend his trial.

I came into this story
at the very end.

I only knew Liz Parker for
an instant.

A simple errand. Picking
up a few boxes of books

thrust me into the life of a
vital, beautiful woman.

And I've become obsessed.

How could this happen?

How could a guy sucker so
many unsuspecting people

for so long?

You think he couldn't
have suckered you?

Was Mitch parker insane?

I don't know.

But when his
extraordinary life fell apart,

I believe he opted to
become extra-ordinary

in another way.

In fact, he became Sardis,
Ohio's most infamous citizen.