Every Time I Die (2019) - full transcript

When Sam is murdered in a remote lake, his consciousness begins to travel through the bodies of his friends in an effort to protect them from his killer. This dark passage leads him on a greater journey - discovering his own true identity.

Sam. Sam!

Hey, Sam?



Bad dream?

Yeah, I think so.

I can't remember.

You're okay?

I've got to run.


Just stay.


I have to pick him up.

Have breakfast with me.


Go and take a shower.

How about you go first
and I'll make us some eggs.

Just go.

Make it a quick one.

Don't I always?


It takes you forever.

You're like a girl.

So you're staying?

Go shower.



- Where are we going?
- They should've been here 20 minutes ago.

Like I told you, they should have been here.
Why didn't they take the...

Ma'am, the paramedics are here.

Male, 28, OD'd. Call came
in about 20 minutes ago.

He's a good person, I swear.

Please bring him back!

Doing what we can, ma'am.

My boy can come back!

I need to be in there!
He's my...

Let's turn him over.

One, two, three.

- This one's gone.
- Get the kit.

- Ma'am?
- He's a good person. He's not just some junkie.

- Step back, please.
- This is not him!

Can we please have the room?

You hear me,

you bring him back!

He's gone, partner.

And you're
keeping me from him.

Why are you pulling me away?
Stop pulling...


Check the pulse.

Call it.

Grab the VVM.

- Dying...
- Sam.

- I'm gonna call it.
- One more.

Are We done here, Mr. Christ?

You know, I think it
went pretty well back there.

How about you?

- Seriously?
- It's like having a smoke

and brushing your teeth
all at the same time.


Can't say it's stupid, partner.

Yeah, they saved you, Jay.

Right, the only thing
between me and stupidity.

Lifesaver? Hey, buddy?


We don't actually
have the same problems,

you know that. Right?

Right, of course.

I never actually wanted to die.

I tend to hold on
to things that I care about.

You know, there's
more ways of killing yourself

than committing suicide.


A simple hello would do,
a nice little introduction.

Happy birthday, idiot!

Hey, Sam.

Have you guys been here long?

About 40 years.

Had a rough day,
so we knocked off early.

He didn't want to.

Hey, buddy, good to see ya.

Oh, thank you for coming.

Sam, you remember Mia?

No shit, soldier!

Mia was going crazy over here.

All I'm saying is
you get to a stage in your life

where you pretty much
know who you are

and then all
that's left is to just maintain.

What does that mean?

Like level it out, keep it even.

Yeah. Well, no
your... our... our minds...

Our minds are
a chemical cocktail.

And as the bartenders
of our own sanity,

we are in charge of
mixing it up right. Right?

- Yeah, I guess.
- Jay, that's some deep shit.

We're getting
into that, man.

Well put.

A toast to you, Jay.

You, my man, are fucking old.

Hey, yeah!

Happy birthday.

- Fuck!
- Mmm!

This one's for you, Bear.

Love this fucking song.

- Go on.
- Sing it.

Oh, I love this fucking song.

Love this one. Hit it!

♪ The changing ♪

♪ Of sunlight ♪

♪ To moonlight ♪

♪ Reflection in my eyes ♪

Hey, tomorrow, man,

you're coming with us.

I need you at that cabin.

I... I don't think
that's a good idea.

Oh, get out of
the meat wagon, you morbid fuck.

Come on, there's plenty of room.
Maybe you could bring that...

that secret girl
you've been hiding.

Tyler, should Sam
come with us tomorrow?

Yeah, the more the merrier.

The more the merrier.

Keep going in circles, partner.

Happiness is
right around the corner.

♪ Oh, my crying ♪

♪ Oh, my crying ♪

♪ Feels I'm dying ♪

♪ Dying ♪

♪ Take me back ♪

♪ Take me back ♪

♪ To my own home ♪

Inside the host insect body...

To complete its life cycle,
it needs to breed,

and to do this, it has to
find a source of water.

...this parasite...


Are you there?

Sam, I can't.

Please don't call me anymore.

"I am Sara's big brother.

I declare that
I will always keep her safe.

This is our home.

When Sara is feeling scared
or alone, she can come here.

I will always protect her."

Let me share
with you some age-old wisdom

I picked up from the couch.

You see this uh,
black circle right here?

Everything that's
wrong or uncertain in your life

is represented by this circle.

All of your problems combined.

And when I was down, that's all I could see,
that's all I was really.

Now, black circle
is never gonna change,

as big, and dark,
and heavy as it is.

But this bigger circle...

That is you.

And if you can see it this way,
you're gonna be okay.

Be outside.

Who'll that be?

Is that him?

- Oh hell, yeah!
- Hey.

There it goes.

I knew you'd make it. Ooh, um!

- Hey, buddy.
- What?

- Ready?
- No, no.

Only one year closer to death.

Look at this place, huh?

Yeah, we're about
to go for a swim.

Right on time.

Drop your shit,
come on down to the lake,

we'll get you set up later.

- Come on in, douche!
- I don't have a swim suit.

What're you worried about?
The water's fuckin' awesome.

Let your junk out,
live a little, man!

Get in.

Why are you here?

Jay invited me.

What'd you expect?

I expected you
to keep your promise.

- I kept my promise?
- You swore to me you wouldn't come.

When did I say that?

Last night, when you called,

which was another
stupid thing to do.

Tyler was right outside the
door, he could have heard us.

No, I mean, I didn't.

I didn't call you last night.

So who did I talk to?

- What do you mean?
- Stop! Just stop!

Look, I fell for you.

Alright, that's not
something that happens to me.

I've never been with anybody...

before I met you.


Do you understand?

You're my first.

I make sense
when I'm with you.

Please, leave.

Why do you think
you're moving downstairs.

Once again, who are you?

I'm Sam.

And how old are you?


And what
happened to your sister?







I'm here.

Sam? For Christ, dude.

Everything okay?


I don't...

What are we doing out here?

What are you doing out here?

Buddy, we've been
looking all over for you.

Looking for me?

You were saying some heavy shit
and then you just took off.


I've been
having these blackouts.

- Blackouts?
- Yeah.

It's okay.

It's okay, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

You're not fine, Sam.

Listen to me.

The stuff you're talking about,

it sounds a lot like
the shit I was dealing with.

And that shit
is most definitely not fine.


What do you think
the lifesavers are for?

- I told you. I'm not like you.
- Yeah, yeah.

- I'm a different kind of crazy.
- Semantics.

I've got something I wanna show
you that might change your mind.

Come on.

Let's get you inside, partner.

But if you run into the woods again,
you're sure as hell not invited to my 41st.

There he is.

Nothing like a nice stroll

in the dark, muddy,
creepy fucking woods at night.

Here, partner. Watch this.

We'll talk semantics later.

Oh, and...

- Oh, come on.
- you, little pigs.

- You, little sightless pigs.
- Sorry, hey, hey...

Okay, what's the
number we're supposed to see?

Uh, number?

It's not a number.

Yeah, on your shirt!
Well, then what is it?

It... uh, you should...

You should ask your sister,

she's the one who got it for me.

Come on!

She can't see it either.

Okay, Jay, come on.
- Poppy!

Oh, there
she is, there she is!

You know what it says, right?

- Look at that.
- Fuckin' adorable.

- What is that?
- They're my old photos.

Oh, they're yours? I'm sorry,

I thought they belonged
to the owner of the house.

- Oh my god, is that you?
- Yes.

- Aw!
- What you...

you just uh...
you carry around a box

of old photos with you?

- Oh god!
- Yeah, isn't that weird?

And... and who's that?

That's Sara, she's my sister.

- Oh!
- I didn't even know you had a sister.

- Where is she?
- You guys are so cute.

She's dead.

Oh. I didn't...

Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

When did she...

When I was eight.

How old was she?

She was six.

Oh my god, that's horrible.

What happened?

I killed her.

Are they all there?

Are you sure you got all 10?

Your hands always
feel different in a dream.

So if you can
count your fingers...

Is this a dream then?


Talk to me.

Just talk to me.

What's going on?

I've been losing moments.

Hours, sometimes.

I find myself in places and I
don't even know how I got there.

This person on this tape,

I don't know who that is.

It's like I'm
possessed or something.

Why did you say
you killed your sister?

I didn't.

I can remember us...

playing at a lake.

She got too close to
the edge and she fell.

My father said
I jumped in after her.

I tried to save her.

All I could remember
is waking up in a hospital.

- Sam.
- No.

No, I tried to save her.

What I remember is the pain.

I was in such shock,
I forgot how to read.

How to write.

I had to take first and
second grade all over again.

The doctors said
it was post-traumatic stress,

like I was in a war.
I was eight!

You're carrying something.

A burden.

I felt it from you before.

It's not what
we were talking about.

One moment I was
your everything and the next...

Why don't you wanna be with me?

- Lower your voice...
- No.

- Please.
- How do you do it?

How do you pretend like
nothing ever happened?

- I never meant to hurt you.
- But you did!

You are, right now! You're telling' me that
something that means everything to me,

- means nothing to you.
- There are things happening with you now, Sam,

that are bigger
than just you and me.

What were you doing with me
the night before he got back?

If your mind was made up, then
why was your body in my bed?

Because I loved
how you looked at me.

I loved who you thought I was.


Oh, let me go, Sam. Let go!


- Hey, Atman, we found him.
- Please, don't do anything stupid.

- Just leave.
- Well, that's big news.

Oh, I tried calling you.
I'm sorry.

- You're alright?
- Sure. You?

Yeah. Glad I made it back.
I was freezing my ass out there.

Alright there, good guy?

Yeah, he's not
feeling very well.

He's actually
gonna be leaving tomorrow.

Oh, that's too bad.

Things were just
starting to get interesting.

You sure know
how to pick your partners.

For God's sake, no more!

what's your favorite fruit?

That was my favorite one, too.


For God's sake! No more, Sam!

You're breaking our hearts!

You're breaking our hearts.

Please, she's gone.

Pull over!

- What?
- Pull the fuck over!

Have you lost your mind?



You know...

coming back home
is the strangest thing.

You have this memory...

of who you were before...

and you try to
fall back into it.

The thing is
you're not the same.

You can't be.

Reality dictates, Sam.


What the hell is going on?

Do you know me, Sam?


Whatever this is, I don't wanna
have anything to do with it.


You know me?

Why would you fuck with
a guy you don't even know?

Okay, no one
is fucking with you, Tyler.

You got that right.

What you didn't get...

is that nobody
fucks with Mia either!

How long has it been going on?

Nothing is going on.

You know, we had this...

this crazy staff sergeant.

He had this mantra.

You heard him
say over and over again

that you only
know who you really are

when you got a gun
pointing at your skull.

So I'm gonna ask you
this one more time, Sam.

How long have you
been fucking my wife, hmm?


We didn't do anything.

I swear
I was gonna let it slide.

A beautiful woman,
husband gone for a year,

she gets lonely.

Who am I to judge, right?

We didn't...
It's all in your head, man.

We didn't...

I saw you last night, asshole.

How stupid do you think I am?

And just now, you sick fuck!
What were you gonna do?

- Screw her while I watched?
- I'm sorry, Tyler.

- Hmm?
- Didn't mean to hurt you.

Stand and watch you then?

Where I come from,
you pay for your mistakes.

You can't just walk over me.


Own it.

Why'd you do it?

Tell me.

Tell me!

I love her.



Sam, come and see the light.

Come take a picture!
Come see what's in the water!

What are they doing?

They're eating him.


That's what happens
when you die.

- Come on, Sam, let's go.
- No.

- But you have to see what's in the water.
- I don't want to.

But you have to take a picture!

Go away.

Give it back!

There's nothing there.
Give it back.

- No!
- Give it back!


Good morning.

Feeling okay?

I don't know.

Yeah, I think so.

I had a horrible dream.

Poor baby.


Where's Tyler?

Who cares?

Why are we whispering?

I don't know.

I have a present for you.

Happy birthday, Bear.

Jay, what's wrong?

What did you call me?

Mmm, what would you prefer,
Lord 40?


What's going on?

Oh, come on,
this isn't funny, Jay.

Why are you calling me Jay?

- Poppy?
- Okay, stop fooling around, asshole!

Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay.


Jay, what's wrong?

Jay, can you breathe?

Jay, breathe. Oh my god!

Breath, hard!

It's okay.

What the fuck is going on?

You had an asthma attack,
but you're fine now.

Okay, just try to relax.


- Oh, ugh! He's here.
- Who? Jay, who's here?

We have to go now! We have to go now!

- Get the hell out of here!
- Jay, stop!

- What are you doing?
- No, no, no, no, no!

You don't understand.
He's gonna kill us.

- Get him out of here!
- Ok, who?

Ty... Tyler, Tyler! You
have to come with me, please.

You have to come with me.
Mia, he knows... he knows about us.

- What?
- He knows about us.

What the fuck is going on?

- Please, he just got here. Please co...
- Are you sleeping with him?

- What, no?
- No! No, no!

- He's out of his mind!
- No, listen to me.

I am not Jay, I'm Sam.

I... I'm Sam.

- Mia, you have to come with... you have to come with me now.
- No!

- What the fuck?
- Before he gets in here, because he's...

- Jay!
- You stay away from us!

What the fuck are you doing?

Talk to me.

Just talk to me.

What's going on?

Did you take your meds?

Do you remember?

Just talk to me.

Hey, look at me, Jay.

You can trust me, right?

We got through this, remember?

This has happened before.

What happened before?

You are thinking
you're someone else.

Your condition.


I... um.

Jay, concentrate and remember.

You got better then
and you'll get better now.

Ugh! This makes...
this makes no sense.

You know, I know...
I know you're Poppy,

and I know who Jay is.

I am not him.

I'm Sam.

That's just
your alter talking now.

You are the same person
I've loved for 10 years.

Don't worry.

We'll get through this
again, together.

This... this... no. This is crazy.
You have to believe me!

I believe
that you believe it, Jay.

The la...
the last thing I remember

I was driving home.

- Tyler pulled me over in his pickup.
- When?

- When was that?
- This morning, minutes ago.

You were
right here with me, Jay.

in this bed... with me.

Okay. Hey, hey.

Let's lie down.

Okay? It'll clear your head.

Okay, and... and take these.

These will help, okay?
Your mind will come back to you

and you'll
see things clearly again.

This has happened before?

Yes, Bear.

I'm so tired.

Come on. Just lie down.

Sleepy, sleepy Bear.

Come back to me.

You're here.

Where else would I be?

I thought you were
supposed to pick up Tyler.

Who's Tyler?


I'm kidding.

You know what?

Fuck him, he can wait.

We're having breakfast.

It's you I want.





Whoa! Easy!

- Jay!
- Down on your knees.

What are you doing?

- Now.
- Okay, easy.

Bear, put the gun down.

Jay, listen to your wife before
you hurt yourself with that thing.

Get down! Now!

- I'm not kidding.
- Jay.

Put your hands behind your head.

Poppy, can you do something?

Shut up and do it!

Tie his hands.

Bear, you're messed up, baby.

You don't know
what you're doing.

I... uh. I'm... I'm Sam.

I have... I have no idea
what I'm doing in this body.

- You realize how insane that sounds?
- Shit, tie his hands.

Tie his hands!

With what?

Go into the house
and find something.



I know who I am, dammit.

Sam said he was leaving...

I... I know who I am.

He's probably back home by now.

Why... why don't you
just put the gun down,

and let's try
and figure this out.

- We need to take care of Tyler first.
- Why?

Because the last thing I remember
is your husband killing me.

Why would he wanna kill you?

Because he knows about us.

There is no us.

You're married to my sister.

You... your... what
happened to your head, Tyler?

- Tell her!
- Yeah, ask him how he got that bruise.

I told you.
I slipped in my hike.

Tie his hands. Tie his hands!

- That's not going to happen.
- Don't think for a second

that I won't use this.

There's no coming back
from what you did.

- Jay.
- Mia, please, step aside!

You don... don't understand!

You're right, I don't.

But this can't be
the way to solve it.

Reality dictates, right?

Leave him alone!



Give me the gun.

I told you.

I slipped in my hike
like an idiot.

I fell into the lake, okay?

It's just me, okay?
It's just me.

- I'm here. Mia, look at me.
- Mia, don't.

Don't listen to him,
don't listen to him.

Okay, okay.


Bullshit! What we need to do is
we need to get the fuck out of here,

- that's what we need to do.
- Wait. We need to stop

and think about
this for a second.

Are you serious?

He's having a psychotic break.

He needs to
see a fuckin' doctor. Now!

Where are you going?

We are packing and leaving.

Mia, you guys
should do the same.

Hey, hey,
do you have your phone on you?

Can I see it?

Do you feel better
if I call Sam?

I won't answer.

- I can't.
- Okay, come on, Bear.

Let's go.

Is it true?

Are you sleeping with him?

No! God, no!

He is obviously out of his mind.

I'm not talking about him.

Did you sleep with Sam?


I think you did.

I saw how you were around him.

Don't you flip on me too, Tyler.

Just a second, Bear.

Stay right here, okay?

And you're
avoiding my question.

And I'm trying
to resolve this issue and to...

I'm asking you
if you fucked that guy!

You gonna be alright?

Mia, you gonna be alright?

Did you hurt him?

You need to talk, to him.

I need some space,
that's what I need.

I have given you space.

- I am not, I just...
- It's just Sam.

What about Sam?

He tried
to wear her dress today!

He... he's
still in shock, he's confused.

It hurts so bad.

Tell me
what to do and I'll do it.

I need you,
Sam needs you, you get that?

I can't look at him.

He's your son!

He's our son.

He's in pain!

I'm in pain!

He needs help.

We all do.


Hey, let's go pack.

We'll get you out of here, okay?

Just get your things,
I'll pack it all for you.

Oh, Sammy.



Hey, grab your stuff, baby.

We need to go.

The sooner we get
out of here, the better.

Okay, I think that's everything.

Just grab the camera.


Can I speak
with you for a second?

Yeah, okay.

I'll just be one minute, Bear.

Okay? Just call me
if you need me.

Gonna load the bags up
when you're ready.


Don't forget the camera.

I didn't even know
you had a sister.

Where is she?

She's dead.



I didn't...
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

What happened?

I killed her.

Once again, who are you?

I'm Sam.


And what happened to Sara?

She drowned.

What did you do?

I tried to save her.

But I couldn't.

That's right, you couldn't.

Go on.

It's not my fault.

I'm in a tough spot here, Jay.

You gotta help me out here.

Some of that stuff
you said earlier,

there's no way you
could've known all that, right?

Tell me you flipped, Jay.

Tell me something,

something' I can live with.

Help me understand.

You should get out of here.

I know about your pills,

I know about
your hospitals visits.

It's just
another episode, right?

Did you follow me this morning?

Did you see something?

This could all just be a big,
big misunderstanding.

Did you know Sam was seeing Mia?

You're his partner,

you should know
things like that.

I need you to understand
the gravity of the situation.

I don't wanna do this.

Not to you.

So tell me all this nonsense

is just the imagination
of some sick twisted mind.

Are you gonna kill me again?

How the hell
did you know about Sam?

How did you know
what I said to him?

You said it to me.

Say you're Jay.

You don't
have to do this, Tyler.

Say you're Jay.

Say you're crazy.

Forget what you think you saw.

None of that shit happened!

It's just one of
your crazy episodes!

I know who I am.

If you really are Sam,

you know I had no choice.

He pushed me.

And you know
I have to do it again.

You only really know who you are

when you have a gun
pointed at your skull.

I know who I am.

I know.


Jay, please.

Please, don't make me do this.

I also know who you are, Tyler.


Oh, Sammy.



Come back to me.

Come back to me.

Can you hear me?


I'm right here.

I'm so sorry.

He must have found my gun.

How could I just
leave it just lying there?

This isn't anybody's fault.

We need to figure
out what we're doing here.

I wanna
get Poppy out of here.

We can't just leave now.

We need to
get away from this place.

Let me drive to the closest
place and try to call somebody.

And leave us here?

Give me your phone. I'll see
if there's reception out far.

He's dead because of me.

Don't say that!
Don't even think that.

It's true, isn't it?


I have to go see him.

- What? No!
- I have to.




Wait, uh, uh, I... I don't
know about that. I, uh...

- What are you doing?
- Just give me a minute.

I really don't think
that's a good idea.

I really need
to be alone with him.


Please, I really need this.

The police need
to see this as is.

Okay, you can't touch anything.


It's okay. It's okay.

Juts let her be alone with him.

It's okay.

Why? Just let her...
just let her be with him.

It's fine.

It's okay. She'll be okay.

You're okay now?

No monsters can get us here.

The dark is so scary.

Did you see something?

No. I couldn't see anything.

You know,
everything that's there

is still there in the dark.

Everything but the light.

- We're going to write a contract.
- A contact?

A contract.

A prevention but a promise.

I am Sara's big brother.

Poppy, open the door!

Poppy please come out?

Poppy, please unlock the door.

You really
shouldn't be in there.

I just need another minute.


I'm breaking down the door.

I'm sorry, partner.

I needed to say goodbye.

What? What is it?
What? Talk to me.

Why'd you do that?
Why'd you cover him up?

I couldn't
just leave him like that.

I told you it was a crime scene.

A crime scene?

What crime was
committed in there?

Hey, hey.
What is wrong with you?

What difference
does it make now?

I need some air.

No, well, wait, wait.


- We don't have much time.
- Having time for what?

Go start Jay's car
and wait for me there.

- First explain to me what's going on.
- Mia! Trust me.

- Poppy!
- Start the car and wait for me.


What are you trying to do?

What are you trying to do, huh?




You fuckin' parasite!

How many people have to die
for you to stay dead?

Oh my god!

- Poppy!
- You are destroying everyone around you.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Everyone's lost their minds!

Wake up, Mia, wake up!

Is not your sister?

Not anymore!

Get off me!

Don't you see?

It's your little boyfriend,
the one you were fucking

while I was at war,
he has this amazing ability...

What did you do?
What happened to Sam?

Even now? What happened
to me, Mia? What'd you do to me?

Jay was right, wasn't he?
Did you kill him, too?

Mia, get in!

Grab me that shirt.

Take the wheel.

What the hell is going on?

We're getting out of here.

No, I mean what's happening?

just get out of here first.

How are you so fucking calm?

What is going on?

You're safe now.

- He can't hurt you anymore.
- Hurt me?

- I've never even seen him like that.
- Mia.

No, that... that
wasn't Tyler back there.

- Yes, it was!
- We have to go back.

- Can you hear yourself?
- Turn back, Poppy!

- He needs help!
- There has got to be a part of you that knows.

People do insane things
when they are hurt.

- That justifies nothing!
- People make mistakes!

You made mistakes, Mia.

You made mistakes!

I fell in love with you.


I was myself with you in a way
I've never experienced before.

- You shut up.
- But you made a choice.

Or maybe I really
did push you away.

Why're you doing this?

Why are you doing this to me?

You know, I'm not her, you know.

Shut up!


Is that Sam's car?

Is Sam inside?

What are you doing?

These photos
are from the day Sara died.

My parents.

They tried to paint a picture
of that day for me.

Cleaned up after Sara.

Just swept her away.

It's like she died twice.

I remember this one.

This is the only one Sara took.

What is it?

It's the lake.

She saw something in the water.

A light.

I saw something today.

After Tyler killed me.

After Jay.

Every time I die.

He killed me here.

This is where I died.

I don't know who I am anymore.


Is it really you in there?

I am so sorry
all this happened to you.

But I want my sister back.


Look, I know you're down here.

I know Poppy is hurt.

I am not gonna hurt you guys.

Poppy, you know me.

Mia, you know
I would never hurt you.

I'm slowing us down.

Go get the car!

- No.
- Go!

Come on, Mia!
This makes no sense.

Where are you gonna go?

I won't leave until I find you.

You know, I lost it back there.

You have to know I
would never hurt you.

Tell me
what you want me to do, Mia.

What do you want me to do, Mia?

Tell me what
you want me do, please!


"I am Sara's big brother.

I declare that
I will always keep her safe.

This is our home.

When Sara is
feeling scared or alone,

she can come here.

I will always protect her.







Come back to me.

Come back to me, baby.


Don't leave me.

Stay with me.




It's mama.

Hold on, it's gonna be okay.






Doctor! Doctor!

Baby, please don't go.

Can you hear my voice? Sara?

I am trying to.

Stay away
from the bed now.






Once again, who are you?

I'm Sam.

And how old are you?

I'm nine years old.

And what
happened to your sister?

What happened to Sara?

She drowned.

What did you do?

I tried to save her,

but I couldn't.

That's right, Sam.

You couldn't.


Go on.

It's not my fault.

That's wonderful, Sam.

I believed you.

This is your first big step
toward getting better.

And you must know,

no one expects you
to take your sister's place.

Come on, Poppy.

of what happened is your fault.

You're old enough
to understand this now.

So playing with Sara's toys,

pretending to be her,

will not bring her back.

You must stop
believing you are Sara.

Oh my god!

You have your sister back.