Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven (2002) - full transcript

I would have preferred
to find out through a doctor.

With that special way they have
of saying things.

The minimum indispensable truth.

Without getting into details.

But no.

I found out the worst way.

I looked into the sky,
and she was no longer there.

I thought you could have
eye pressure.

But no.

I look here, check,
and all I find

is a pair
of beautiful and healthy eyes.

If the eyes are perfect,
what shall I do?

What do I do for a living?

"Do I have to use
my first urine of the morning?

Not necessarily.

The high sensitivity reactor

allows urine testing
at any hour of the day.

What must I do if the test
indicates I'm pregnant?

Call your doctor.

Can the result be doubfull?


Hang on!

Move over, mum!

Move over!

I probably told you that.

I feel I have...

something like a pink
halo in my right eye...

since I've been coming here.

It's like an image that comes
straight from the brain.

From the brain.

When I sit down here
it disappears.

You need to do two things:

First, keep quiet,
or your eye will move

and second...
close your eyes for a minute.

Close your eyes, that's it.

I feel it comes from the brain

it's either the brain
or psychological.

Which is not the same,
as you know, being a doctor.

I'll try to live with this,
I'll do what I can.

Now, for instance,
I don't feel that pink halo.

Can I open my eyes now?


There's the money for the
cleaning lady. 20, plus her fare.

The nursery is sending someone over.
They'll check on the cactus,

the second one.

There's no detergent,
and no toilet paper.

Don't answer the phone.

May I bring a gentleman in?
I'll clean up afterwards.

Don't pretend to be a liberated
woman, Mum. You embarrass me.

Shall I fix up your house a bit?
Perhaps some color...

I mean it, don't hang
anything on the walls...

I don't want tapestries, nothing.
I like living like this.

I like my house, showering
at the airport, eating on the plane...

Other lifestyles are possible.

Yes, yours, and that
in decoration magazines.

My life works fine for me.

Is this the usual thing...

or there's something else?

Nothing you can help me with.

Thanks anyway,

for looking after the house.


Now you will welcome us...

and thank us for everything,
for choosing you,

for trusting our lives
to your company,

for eating the food
out of those trays,

fastening the seat belts.

And for not asking ourselves
during the flight

"How come this machine
that is heavier than air,

floats in the air?"

I always ask myself:
"What are you thinking of

when you pull those faces?"

Where do you look
when you don't look anywhere?

What hides behind that mask,

those perfect gestures right out
of a flight attendants manual?

Sorry, you can't leave
packages on the seat,

- I'II...
- No!

- I'll put it here.
- Okay.


Camila's your name, right?
Put your seat belt on.

- Why didn't you want to put it up top?
- Just because.

- It fired your curiosity?
- Yes.


Because I'm an insolent child
and I want to know everything.

I am a magician...

A magician?

And I stuff people
inside decorated boxes.

What kind of people?

Insolent, meddlesome people.

- Like me?
- Yes.

The lines showing the results
are clear and well defined.

In case the pregnancy
hormone level is low,

the color will be softer.

However, it still shows
a positive result.

A positive result
is final in all cases.

Can we change places?

Why should I change
places with you?

So I can see my dad,
who works at the airport.

He's a signalman,
at the airport.




My dad has an airplane.

He's building it slowly.

From each plane arriving there,

he steals a part.

Isn't that dangerous?


I don't think so.
All he wants is to fly.

To fly over

the South Pole, reach the Malvinas
Islands, some such feat.

To get the world's attention.

He wants to prove
the system is vulnerable.

That's my dad.

I thought so.

Hello, how are you?

Hello, girls.
Hello, sweetheart.

Thanks a lot.

I have a meeting with my mates,

because of the threat.

We are evaluating
the possibility of a strike.

Could you stay with her
for a while?

Anyway, you can't leave
until the meeting is over.

Thanks, I'll be right back.

- It has nails in the wheels?
- It's for the ice.

You must be careful.

Every winter
many assholes get killed.

Then they get used to it.

- What do you mean?
- The people, it's cyclical.

When people die
they take notice.

By next winter
they'll forget again.

Brakes are essential.

If in doubt, accelerate.
Pump it...


Don't brake in a curve,
you'll fuck up.

Did you call your boyfriend?

You are very curious.

We are women.

We tell each
other women's things.

No, it's not a boyfriend.

I called a gentleman.

- What did he say?
- Nothing.

I hung up on him.

Then why did you call him?

To find out if he was there.

I don't get it

why one year I pay

75 for a double room
in winter...

and now I'm paying 90
for a single.

You should have brought your wife,
you would have saved.

Dial zero for room service.

She can't.
My wife is flying.

This is for the TV.

Breaking news.

The operation of the Malvinas
Argentinas airport is at risk.

We have received
an anonymous video,

which we will now see.

It is not a threat
to our people

but a warning to all those...

Your wife flies?


She'd better land.

That's why we have formed

the Southern Strategic Command

and we demand that all
activities cease immediately...

Attention please.

Airport authorities inform
all passengers that

all service at the Malvinas
Argentinas airport is interrupted.

We're going home.

Dad's not working today.

What is it?

I had to convince the
authorities about the danger.

Maria and "I'mcoming" took a bus.

Maria got off in Plymouth.
"I'mcoming", in Yourmouth.

Maria and " Shoveitup "
went to the hairdressers.

Maria had her hair cut
down to her waist...

and " Shoveitup ", your ass.

Maria and " Shoveitup " eat toasts.

Maria eats them with jam...

and " Shoveitup " with honey.

These guys could
never live on land.

Can you imagine them
taking the kids to school...

signing their school reports?

That's why I'm shacked up
with a real estate broker.

You should look for a land lover.

Maria goes every now and then
and "I'mcoming" all the time.

Maria and "I'mcoming"
went clothes shopping...

If you have doubts or comments
on the test,

get in contact with us.


Why did you answer?

I told you not to answer.

Yes, everything's okay.

Yes, in Ushuaia.

Yes, of course it's cold.

No, I just wanted to...

I wanted to know if...

Did the plant guy go?

Good. That's all.

Bye, mom.


This product is for single use.

If you wish to repeat,
you must use a new one.

Is there any gynecologist
on duty?

This is the end
of the world, darling.

- How much is it?
- Give me... eighty.

Wait, your change.


Go see them.

The girls know.

...when Ken finally

found his own limits,

his extraordinary
willpower gave up

and he fell into
the abyss of white sleep.

He started

on the trip
with no return: death.

There he is! Stop, Jimmy!

His body was frozen.

We put him on the chopper

and took him
to the mountain medical center,

led by Dr. Toni Muriaki

and a team of specialists
in hypothermia.

"White death" starts
with the contact

of the feet
with a frozen surface,

and it comes in three stages:

The first one appears
after fourteen minutes.

Ken would feel something
like internal heat.

This is known
as the "paradoxical effect".

Ken will start to feel sleepy

and get carried away
by sleep.

Half an hour after the process
starts, the heart stops.

Cerebral activity continues
a few more minutes,

until neurons, frozen,

I always tell those
seeking advice:

If you are looking
for your own limits...

this is a good place
to find them.

If you ever want to die,
do it in snow.

It's a sweet experience.

Coming up,
the incredible story of Helen,

a deaf-mute girl
trapped by tragedy in Pekin.

Don't go away.

Going anywhere in particular?

Sonia's Club.


You don't like Sonia?

I don't know Sonia
but they say her show is good

with girls from the capital.


- Do you work there?
- No.

- I'm a stewardess.
- Stewardess?

You shouldn't have told me.
I like guessing

the fare's occupations.

It's a little game I have,
but I usually guess right.

The world could end any minute
so we mustn't waste time

A wanderer at heart
searching for freedom.

I've been all over
and I've found out

where there's neither hatred
nor war love becomes the king.

I've lived a lot

and I've come to the conclusion

that when you are in love
life is better down South.

To really fall in love
you must come down South.

To really fall in love
I'll go wherever you are.

Without love
you can't be happy.

Without love

life is hell.

To really fall in love
you must come down South.

The thing is to go
when it suits you.

If you suffer,
don't think it twice:

Wait a while

and fall in love again...

Come in.

Come here, sit down.


Girls also come here.

Most of them European.

They have less prejudices,
they are more fun.

We also have couples.

Sometimes boys and girls,
sometimes boys and boys.

Are you okay?

Do you know the system here?

It's 40 for a drink,
90 for my participation.

100 an hour.

Anyway, it's different
between girls.

Do you want an hour?


What is it?

Nice perfume.

What is it?

Let me guess.


- Where are you from, Coc??
- From the capital.

You have too many clothes on.

What is it?

Something else brings you here.

You are pregnant.

You want to get rid of it.

I'm scared.

Very scared.

I'm cold.

I'm tired.

Me too.

When I'm scared
I feel like sleeping.

Quite a coincidence, isn't it?

Let's go, pal!

You didn't like the room?

Don't sleep
with the heating on.

Many die because of that.

Who is she, mom?

A friend.

She's from work?


She's pretty.

Yes, she comes from far away.

Good morning, Coc?.

Had a good rest?

Did you think it over?

What are you going to do?
Should I fix it for you?

Make up your mind,
I have people coming soon.

Even though sea leopards,

sea lions, and New Zealand
and California seals...

are believed to have
retarded implantation,

this has not been confirmed.


an Australian
sea lion was detected...

with a non implanted

This would suggest
that in this species

implantation is retarded.

The insufficient secretion
of gonads hormones

by the pituitary gland

cause delays
in the implantation.

Here we are.

- Here.
- No, it's okay.

Do I owe you anything?

No, it's okay.

If you ever come back,
bring me a perfume.

You get it cheaper, right?


- Thanks.
- Good luck.

- Miss...
- Go away!

- Miss, do you remember me?
- No!

I flew with you.

I don't remember every face.

But I do, and I remember
your face very well.

I wanted to ask you if
you want...

to drink something warm.

Perhaps some chocolate.

Why did you want
to kill yourself?

Kill myself? Are you crazy?
You watch too much TV.

You too.

You know what?
You remind me of someone.

You look like the snowman.

You also saw it?

And why did you want
to kill yourself?

You do look suicidal.

You have a fixation with me.
I look suicidal,

I look like the snowman.

You fancy me.

That's too obvious.

You want to turn this into
an excuse? How does this go on?

We get married

and have two children.

If it's a boy
we'll call him Ra?l,

if it's a girl, Milagros.

Why not Teresa?

That's an old lady's name.

My name is Teresa.

Do I look that bad?

No, I...

- And how does this go on?
- What?

What am I going to say
that you already know

as it's obvious?

You could tell me about
a tragic past, to soften me.

A death.

That'd be great.
Something melodramatic.

A tactic to inspire pity
first then sorrow, and then...

And then love.


I have something
that might interest you.

It's not in the books.

It's like this:

A doctor,

a young man
who had a good career

met a stewardess,

during a business trip,

a very friendly,

beautiful, nice girl.

Their relationship

grew and we...
got married.

And then

the girl died.

The guy, who had everything,

who couldn't ask for more

from life, has...

to carry her ashes,

her remains, in a box...

to the butt of the world...

to throw

the stewardess' ashes

into the Beagle Channel,
where they first met,

because he promised
the girl he'd do that.

How does it go on?

That's when he kills himself

because he can't bear
the pain any longer.

You didn't count on this one,

this was unexpected.

Not all of us
are that obvious.

The masculine world

does include suffering
every now and then.

It's amazing that such assholes
are in charge of a plane...

- to carry us all over the place.
- It is, indeed.

Maria and "Shoveitup"
went to buy dolls.

Maria bought one with plaits
and "Shoveitup" your ass.

Maria and "Shoveitup"
rode a taxi.

Maria in the front seat
and "Shoveitup" your back.

Maria and "Shoveitup"

went to the park.

Maria got on the swing

and "Shoveitup" all the way.

Is it always like this?

Do you think all pilots
are like Saint Exupery?

Land turns them mad.

The one who wrote
"The Little Prince".

The boa that eats the elephant.

Maria and Rubitin
went to wash the windows.

Maria washed the window

and Rubitin your butt.

The Airport Workers Union,

which I chair,

informs its members

that the strike
has been lifted.

Our intelligence department

has discovered
that the despicable persons

who have
been bothering our community,

as well as the civilians,
are nothing but a bunch...

of assholes without any
operational capacity.

That's why the Union has
brought all of us together

to elect
between our beautiful women,

the Queen of the South.

Let the music begin!

We have to go! Let's go!
Come on.

- Tonight my life will change.
- Tonight, tonight.

I don't want to be alone.

No I don't.

How many tears shed.

How many kisses given away.

He said it was my fault,
that I trim his freedom down.

I said: If you are not around,
what shall I do?

Always telling the truth
is dangerous.

If you have been in love,

don't say it.

I said: If you are not around,
what shall I do?

Always telling the truth
is dangerous.

This is why I'm having a party,
but without you.

this is a fantastic party.

Party, this is a fantastic party
with friends, and without you.

Tonight I'm happy,

It's just what I wanted.

He wasn't at all like him.

Do you know
why airplanes fly?

There are many
principles involved.

If just one of them is violated
the plane will crash.

One of these principles,

among the most important ones...

is that you don't fuck around
with the women on board.

Womb, they don't have a womb.

That's something
the women on land have.

They change shitty diapers.

A coffee in the morning
while staying in bed.

Devotion, sacrifice,
they are all mothers.

But not them.

Our girls are always leaving.

The heating in your car
broke down?

You are weird.

My feet are really cold.

This never happened to me,

it's terribly cold.

And I have temperature.


I can go back to sleep.

Come in, snowman.

- Ken.
- What?

The snowman was called Ken.

You can't fly tomorrow.

Are you crazy?
Why can't I?

You need to rest.

You have a nasty angina.

How would you know?

- Are you a specialist?
- Yes, I am an ophthalmologist.

I can check your eyes and also

your throat.
I'm a doctor.



- How many lights do you see?
- One.

- How many lights do you see?
- One.

- And now?
- One.

You are not well.

You need...


- What?
- Treatment.

What are you thinking about?

The Indians.

How they kept warm.

What are you thinking about?



your sorrow.

I can feel it too.

I feel pity.

And I like you.


Hug me.

Tighter, I can't feel you.

Come on, sweetheart!

Let me get Teresa.

Fuck her for being a slut!

Don't get me wrong.
I didn't mean that.

She doesn't understand
aeronautical humor.

- You turned the alarm off, bastard!
- No, I...


Is it late?

Late? Asshole!


Teresa, I...

Shut up, Julian.

- I had it in my hand.
- Shut up!

I'm gone.

- Teresa.
- What?

- If you leave, I'll kill myself.
- Go ahead.


What are you doing?

This is not a cart track.

Let's go.

I missed the plane.
I missed the plane!

There's another one at midday.

But I wanted that one.

Every stewardess goes
to Heaven.

That land of gestures
and pantomimes...

stiff smiles
and reheated trays.

And I stay behind, alone again,
in the white expanse.

White must be the color of death.

Dull, inane white.

The white of nothing.

Is this death?


This is not death.

This is Heaven,
the heaven of stewardesses.

It's a boy.

Another one?

They tell me I was half dead.

I don't remember a thing,

it's all white.

Four months asleep,
out of this world.

I could write a book,
Michael Landon like...

or turn into a priest,
the Lord's shepherd.

But there is nothing
I could tell about this time.

It was like a silent siesta.

Vacations in nothingness.

This is roughly
what I looked like.

Are you going to stay here
all your life?

It's just a bed,
not a breather.

You can walk now.

The thing is,
I have nowhere to go.

Nobody called from the bank?

Didn't a Nancy call?

My secretary.

The credit card company.

I work with three banks.
No one called?

Do you want tea?



You like being pampered.

Before dying
were you also like this?


No, I can't on the phone.


It's something personal.

Come over.

I'll cook something
and we'll have dinner.

See you then.


Call me tomorrow?

Alright. Bye.

Where are those men
who fill the airplanes?

Where do they go?

With their wives,
children and dogs?

Where do the ones on land live?

It could be anyone.

All of them.

Anyone who'd want to...

and had a few minutes
to listen to me.

One grows fond of patients.

You spend so much
time with them...

patients become relatives.

The doctor says

that not always patients
must be told

the truth.

But with you, I can't.

You've been Iying to me?

A little.

Someone came to see me.

A woman.

Just once,
after the accident.

But since she didn't come back
we didn't want to worry you.

You had enough problems.

She was...

These girls who work on airplanes,
with her hands...

A stewardess.

That's it.

A stewardess

- expecting...
- Expecting what?


- A...
- Yes!

- A pregnant stewardess?
- Yes!


Come here.


I don't know where to find her.

What about "Marcos"?


Remember your father's uncle.

- The pawnbroker. He's still wanted.
- Okay.


Please, no. "Anthony".

It sounds "nouveau riche".

Why not "Tom?s"?
It's more humane.

- He made you a woman.
- So?

That's important.

What about "Ra?l"?


That's an old man's name.

We're talking about
a name for a baby. "Ra?l".

- Who is Ra?l?
- A gentleman.

I didn't tell you about him?

Are you also going
to marry this one?


We'll go to a Club Med
on honeymoon.

Not to Brazil, not again.

We'll look
for an apartment together.

His children will stay home
to sleep.

You can also stay.

You know your mother.

Aren't you scared
of starting again,

knowing each other...
and then...


- Doesn't have one.
- What do you mean?

- He doesn't have one.
- He must have one.

We are grown women.
He must have one.

Is it a miracle,
a test tube child?

See that couch?

That's where I fucked up.

A guy, one night...

That's not a father.

No, that's not a father.

Leave it,
we'll take care of that.

Go away.

Go away, will you?

And stay warm,
you are still not well.

If I were in charge,
I'd never let you go.

Does anyone
have glaucoma in your family?

- I don't know.
- Eye pressure.

- Not that I know.
- See a doctor.

Nothing serious.
Many people have it.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.


- Me?
- Yes.

No, I'm an ophthalmologist.

- Ophthalmologist.
- Yes.

To me you looked
like the pharmacist type.

What does a pharmacist
look like?

It's my imagination.

I look at you and think,

pharmacist, ophthalmologist...

here for work,
on vacations, family...

I came here desperate.

Desperate, nice place
to come in such a state.

Any other reason?
Do you have work here?

Sure, I'm an ophthalmologist...

I'm all booked up
through August.

August next year?

This is already September.

Almost Yom Kippur.

Do you know what that is?

Yeah... no.

The day of forgiveness.

We forgive each other.

A day for your inner thoughts.

Every day here is for reflection.

I'd like to book an appointment

with Dr. Juli?n Adenauer.

What about Nancy?

His secretary.


Your attention, please.

Last boarding call
for flight 2626

for Comodoro Rivadavia
and Buenos Aires.


- You're not feeling well?
- No.

I fell asleep
because I'm medicated

- and feel drowsy.
- Shall I take you to the hospital?

No, I was already there.

Come and eat with us.

- No, I'm waiting for my flight.
- Your attention please.

All flights have been suspended

until further notice.

This is...

the limit.

Do you like crabs?

I married a stewardess...

the first time.

She was...

the kindest woman in the world.
She was...


so beautiful, so beautiful.

The only thing is,

she died...

She died on me.

I always come back
to stewardesses.

So I got...

on another stewardess.

She is pregnant...

She then...

At that time I couldn't...

I had a problem,
I was in hospital.

I know your girlfriend.

Where from?

Many places.


What is that?

This is dad's stuff.

Don't say a word,
or he'll get mad.

This is it.


Do you want to see it inside?

This has the best of everything.
The landing gear of a Boeing.

The flaps of a McDouglas

and some stuff of the Concorde.

How come?

The Concorde came here
for the Millenium.

And the orange paint?

Just in case you get
stranded in the Pole.

I promised Camila

I'd take her to Antarctica.

If this ever takes off.

It needs to be orange
in case you get lost there.

Everything's white there,

even the penguins.

You mean it?

You have children?


Not yet...

I hope...

With children you need
to have a code.

Some dream, a hobby.

I was middle aged
by the time Camila was born.

I'm not going to start listening
to Ricky Martin.

This thing about the plane
is something between Camila and I.


if it ever gets off the ground...

Just a while up there.

Happiness will blot out
everything else.

Do you like Rafaela Carr??


What's up, partner?

Do you need Union assistance?

I've been at the airport...

gone to the hospital, nothing.

I've been all over town.

- Where could he go?
- I think I know.

Men are so predictable.

I have a question for you.

Is it about cormorants,
sea lions?

- Sea leopards?
- No.

- It's about men and women.
- No, that's somewhere else.

Excuse me.

Is this a chase?
Is it the father?


Why are we following him?

Sorry, I don't mean to barge in,
it's only we've been talking...

and I know something
about love.

I had...

like, a girlfriend...

in Uruguay.

It was problematic...

Not the fact that she wasn't
Jewish but the distance.

I ended up here,
a good place to forget.

Will you join me?

No, I'm a practising Jew.

And it's tempting,
but I have my limits.

She was scared.

She told me that
she was pregnant...

that she was seeking
to get rid of the child.

Are you sure she was already
pregnant when she got here?

Yes, just a little.

A few weeks only.

I asked her to stay
and sleep at home.

She was cold and tired.

She was scared.
The same happens to me.

Do you want to sleep a bit?

I'll wake you up.

You don't look good.

There is something I must do.

Catch you later.

Don't stay with the heating on.

You are going to get killed.


What are you doing here?

What a coincidence!
I saw a friend of yours today.


Yes, he asked after you.

What did you tell him,
where is he?

Easy, we just talked.

You know my style.

- We talked, like I did with you.
- Let's go find him.



Look at your belly!
I love it, it's beautiful!

Good for you!

You did the right thing,
you won't regret it.

- You always smell good.
- He's going to kill himself.

How do you know?

He always does it.


You can't kill yourself!

Then give me a reason.


I don't know... us.

Your baby.

Now I believe I know
what they think of

when they pull those faces.

I think I know that
exact point in them

when they look
everywhere and nowhere.

The thing is...

every stewardess goes to Heaven.

But there's always
one who comes back...

who leaves paradise
and comes back to save us.

The one belonging to us
staying down here,

frozen with sorrow,

stuck on the earth.

Nothing special,
simple, necessary.

A second chance.

Starting over.

Looking the other way perhaps.

It is like a domestic love...

between Heaven and Earth.

Love is about starting.

Love is about starting.

If it takes you somewhere dark
don't be afraid of darkness

you never know if it's
only love or something else.

Love is about starting.

Love is about starting.