Every Secret Thing (2014) - full transcript

A detective looks to unravel a mystery surrounding missing children and the prime suspects: two young women who, seven years ago, were put away for an infant's death.

(woman cackles)

- Woman: "So, he skipped"...
- Girl: Skipped from the...

No, no, no. I'm gonna do it alone.

"So he skipped from the oven
and into bread dough,

all ready to rise
in the night kitchen."

What time is it?

It's almost 10:00.


After the book,
will you do my nails?

You never want me
to do your nails.

I know.

But I thought it would be fun.

What time is it, Mom?

Let's see.

It's past your bedtime.
It's after 11:00!

Let's make cookies!

- ( Gasps )
- Please?

You're so pretty.

Thank you.

(crickets chirping)

- ( faint barking)
- ( Door creaks)

( knocking )

Ronnie? Come in, sweetie.

Ronnie: I didn't want to,
but she made me.

- What?
- I'm sorry, please. I'm sorry.

Shh. Come here.
Come here. Come here.

- Shh. It's okay.
- ( Sobbing )

Why do I have to bring her?

Honey, you've played with her
since kindergarten.

She's weird.

Well, all the more reason
to be kind.

I don't think Ronnie has any friends,

I like Ronnie.

Then you hang out with her.

( Knocking on door)

Woman: Come on in, sweetie.
Come on in.

Is this what you got
for the birthday girl?

- Ronnie: My mom got it.
- Woman: Yeah?

Boy, you're getting lovelier
every day.

Look at your cute figure.
( chuckles )

- Ronnie: I don't have a figure.
- Woman: Oh, but you will.

And when you do,
it's going to be outrageous.

(woman laughs)

Wait till you see
what Alice is wearing.

I didn't want to bring you.

Ronnie: I didn't want to come.

(dance music playing )


Every day...

- Hey, guys!
- Girl: I can do it!

Can anyone do a cannonball?


I can't wait to take you
far away.

Don't you know...

Girls: Yay!

Woman: I wonder what that is?

And that with your suit!

- Girl: So cute!
- Oh, my God!

Oh, cool.

- Girl: So pretty.
- Birthday girl: Thanks.

Oh, my God.

Penelope, your mother
has such great taste.

Oh, let me see that.

Who's this from?

Birthday girl: Oh, my God,
I wonder what it is.

- It's just a book.
- Girl: God, you just told her.

It's okay, we like books.

Girls: No, we don't.

- ( Girls giggling)
- Thanks, Alice.

Well, you should thank my mom.

Girl: She's so weird.

Well, looks like that's it, honey.

Girl: That girl has a present.

. We'll fly away...

No, don't give it to her.

- Here, Mary.
- Thanks.

- Can you feel.
- Can you feel...

I'm for real.
I'm for real...

Woman: That's...

Thanks, she's... cute.

You're just a stupid bitch.

You don't have to pretend
like you like it.

Woman: Excuse me,
we don't say that word.

- Alice: Ronnie-l.
- Hey, I'm talking to you.

Can't you hear me? Wait!
( gasps )

Woman: Oh, my God!

Mary: You hit my mom!

Ronnie, no. What are you doing?

I think this party is over for you two.
Why don't you get your things?

Girl: What's wrong with her?

( Mutters )
Why do I have to leave?

- Go.
- Alice: Why do I have to leave?

(girls whispering )

- Girl: Who even invited her?
- Girl #2: I don't know.

(baby crying)

(crying continues)



( Cooing )

( knocking )

( knocking )

What everyone was doing
was just pissing me off.

Always looking down
on other people,

judging everyone,
but she literally...

Woman: You want some breakfast?

Alice, you should have
some breakfast.

What? No, thanks.

Hey, just say the word
and we can paint this room.

It might even be fun.

I ran into Ronnie Fuller's mother
at the ATM.

She said Ronnie got a job.

What are you watching?

That one? She's the meanest.

She thinks she's better
than everyone else.

- You're being ridiculous. No.
- Man on TV: I'm being ridiculous?

Yeah, you're being ridiculous.

Woman: Okay, let's get
this day started, shall we?

What are you going to do today?

Look for a job.

- See you later.
- Bye.

Alice: "Dear producers",

All the time
I see new television shows,

"but I like yours the best."

(alarm blares)

"I have an idea for a show
that maybe you would like"

about people
who have been in jail

or gotten in trouble
for doing something bad,

but they're actually innocent.

I know I don't look
like most people on TV,

but I am on a diet
and exercising every day.

And I think people will be
interested in my story.

I am only 13,

but I spent a long time in jail
for a crime I did not commit.

If people saw me on television,

they would realize
that underneath it all,

I am just like everyone else.

I think this show would be
educational and popular.

And maybe it would help everyone
figure out the truth

"about what actually
happened to me."

Woman: Let's see,
I'll have three onion.

Oh, and two rolls.

You know what?
Since you're about to close,

can I get 14
for the price of a dozen?

Sorry, my manager says no.

But you're just gonna
throw them away.

I mean,
I come here all the time.

Sure thing. You can have 14.

Woman: Great.

So the rest will be... everything.

Woman: Oh, you know what?
I don't have any cash.

Can I write you a check?

- Manager: Certainly.
- Great.

( Music playing )

( softly ) Liar.

- Excuse me?
- What?

You know what?

I'm gonna need
some cash back, too.

Manager: How much
are you gonna need?

A hundred.

Manager: Of course, ma'am.

( Register beeps )


- ( Doorbell jingles)
- Ronnie, you're killin' me here.

You can take off.

Thanks, Clarice.

- Girl: Maybe it's because of the table.
- Kayla, art is for making a mess.

Don't be so scared.
Don't be so afraid.

Kayla: Uh-huh.

Art is not for conforming,
art is for creating, right?

Uh, hey, Ms. Manning,
can I see you for a second?

Ms. Manning: Uh, just a moment.

All right, you go ahead.

I'll be right back.
All right, yeah.

Woman: Kayla's afraid to draw
in a goddamn coloring book.

She's afraid she's no good
if she doesn't impress you.

Excuse me... Mrs. West?

I teach children to be original,

to express themselves
uniquely, independently...

She's eight. Who gives a shit?

I do.

I'm trying to give her
an art education.

Regardless of whether or not
that is something

that you can understand
or appreciate.

I want what's good for my kid.

And if she wants to draw
in a fucking coloring book

for the rest of her life,
that's okay with me.

- Please. Language.
- Well, then, I feel sorry

for your little girl.

You feel sorry
for my little girl?

Manning: So tell me a little bit
about your job searching.

I tried. I looked a long time.

I was at the mall,
asking in clothing stores.

Those jobs are hard to get.

I don't see why you don't try
for one of those fast-food places.

I'd rather not work
in a fast-food place if I don't have to.

Alice: I don't believe
in what they're doing.

I don't.

You won't even eat
at those places.

Manning: A person has to work.

So, where did you apply?

Alice: Food Emporium,
and Contempo.

I mean, it's called
"Wet Seal" now.

Those are union.
Don't waste your time.

Food Emporium is, but I didn't
find that out until I got there.

Not Wet Seal.

They don't want a girl
like me anyway.

Something will come through.

That's beautiful, honey.

Can I see?

Who wants a sip of mine?

Ronnie: Me!


- Yeah?
- Yeah.


No, thank you.

It's illegal.

Alice Manning, the police
might come and get you

if you have a sip.

I'll protect you.

( Imitates police sirens )

Ronnie, this is beautiful.

It's so powerful
and dark and interesting.

You're really talented,
you know that?

- Will you sign it for me?
- Ronnie: Mm-hmm.

Manning: Yeah?

( Water splashing )

( rustling )

What about this one?


That leather one over there,
that's the shit.

We are not getting
a leather couch.

How you gonna tell me
we ain't getting a leather couch?

Look at that shit.
That shit is fly.

- Man: That's why we ain't got company.
- Woman: It's too soft?

You guys getting closer?

- Yes, we are.
- Not... not with that one. No.

- Woman: I like this one.
- Salesman: That's chintz.

It's our new line.

A "bitch"?
That's "bitch." It ain't chintz.

- Man: The leather, yeah, that's...
- Salesman: Okay, all right. Sure.

- What's up with this?
- I ain't getting a leather couch.

What's up with that?
You can give me a price on that?

Woman: Devlin, I ain't
getting no leather couch.

- This is how I can kick back.
- Salesman: You like with the feet up?

Yeah, kick back,
watch the game and shit.

- Salesman: I hear you.
- This is how we should be living.

- Woman: Brittany?
- Salesman: It may have to be this one.

- Man: What's it... $649?
- Hey, baby, where did Brittany go?

Salesman: That's for
the second half of the couch.

But what we could do,
what we could do...


Devlin: She probably jumping
on some bed somewhere,

doing something
she ain't supposed to.


- Brittany?
- Salesman: I like to conjugate, too.

- You know?
- Devlin: Yeah.

Answer me.

- Devlin, help me.
- Devlin: I like this.

Hold up.

- Brit!
- Salesman: You all right?

Brit-Brit! Hold on, hold on
one second-my daughter.

My daughter around here

- Maveen? Brit!
- Salesman: All right.

Ma'am, is there something
I can help...

Have you seen a little girl?
She's just three years old.

She runs off sometimes,
but never for this long.

Um... she's not answering me.

- Saleswoman: It's okay.
- Brit, I know you hear me.

Don't you worry. Let's look.

- Okay.
- Saleswoman: Brittany!

Now, Brit, you gonna be in trouble
if you don't come out!

Brittany, don't hide from Mommy!

No one left the store.

Oh, my God!

- Brit-Brit...
- Maveen: Oh, my God!

Oh, calm down.
She just hiding from you.

- Brittany!
- Saleswoman: It's okay, it's okay.

Brittany, I know you hear me.
Come on, girl!

- Shit!
- Devlin: Brittany!

Brittany? Fuck!

I'm sorry I'm late.

I had to take my mom
to the doctor, and it took forever.

I thought you didn't drive.

We took the bus.

She wanted my company.

Why couldn't your dad take her?

Clarice: Listen...

You got some of that Red Bull?

Uh, yeah, I can.

My dad's truck is full of them.
He'll never notice.


- How's she doing?
- Huh?

- Your mom.
- Oh, uh, not good.

(door alarm beeps)

(truck motor humming)

(faint TV playing )

You're gonna find my baby, right?

Man: We'll find her.

You have my word on that, okay?

You got kids?

Two daughters...

13 and three months.

I only turned around
for a minute, I swear.

A minute is a long time.

I didn't think...
there were people around.

It was a nice store.

Devlin: She always running off
when she sees something she like...

want us to buy for her.

And you are...?

- This your husband?
- Boyfriend.

Of course.

You the baby daddy?

Maveen: She calls him Daddy.

He's here. Her daddy ain't.

- Detective: And the biological father?
- I don't know.

I don't care.
And neither does he.

You got a job, boyfriend?

Or you just "chillin"?

Why are you asking him
these questions?

I know why he asking
the questions.

Where were you
when Brittany went missing?

- He was with me.
- I'm not asking you.

I'm asking him.

Where were you
when Brittany went missing?

Do I need to ask you again?

Nigga, do your job
and find our little girl.

You come here to harass me?

Are you going to answer
my question?

Do your motherfuckin' job, nigga.

Detective: Where were you
when Brittany went missing?

- Don't come askin' me...
- I'm only gonna ask you one more time.

Nah, man, you ain't gotta ask me
no questions like that.

Detective: Where were you
when Brittany went missing?

- Why don't you do your job?
- You didn't answer my question.

- Female detective: Okay.
- Devlin: Are you going to do your job?

That's what we're trying
to do, Mister...?

- Devlin: Smith.
- Mr. Smith.

We want to find your daughter.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Female detective:
What the hell was that?

Huh, Jones?

You know, even good parents
could lose their kids.

They aren't good parents.

Man: Every fucking time
I walk in here!

Woman: Yeah...

(faint yelling)

(crickets chirping)

You said you'd be home for dinner.

I am home.

It's after 3:00.
Where have you been?

I was walking.

- Alice: I'm starving.
- I didn't wait for you.

That's okay. ( Sighs )

What's in there?

A bunch of stuff.
Olives, cheese.

- I hate olives.
- Oh.

What's this?

That's a walnut.

Surely you've seen
a walnut, Alice.

- ( Chuckles )
- It's good.

Sorry, sometimes I just think
you were switched at the hospital.

You know, my horoscope today
said that "all eyes would be on me."

And then I'll find something
I misplaced.

Helen: Did you find a job?
( chuckles )

- Not yet.
- Hmm.

Did you find a boyfriend?

What? Excuse me?

You were reading the personals.

Oh, well, they're hilarious.

And tragic.

Why don't you take a look
at the want ads?

Why don't you have
a boyfriend, Mom?

I mean, I would have figured
you'd found somebody by now.

- ( Phone ringing )
- Jones.

Porter: How was my brother?

- I... I know.
- ( Snapping fingers)

- There's no way.
- Jones: Mm-hmm.

- You should not wait up.
- Jones: Yeah.

And don't watch crap TV
and fall asleep on the couch.

- All right. Hey.
- You wouldn't want to catch...

They found something
at the mall.

- I gotta go.
- Come on.

- Yes. Don't wait up.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Do not wait up.

Man: Right over here.

( Police radio chatter)

A hundred yards
from the furniture store.

Similar photos have been taken?

Man: Pictures all around.

- ( Police radio chatter)
- Jones: I want a full dust.


Jones: We got blood.

I'm gonna need this place wiped.


Let's bag it.

I need a minute.

( Panting )

(faint creaking)

( man sighs)

You should come to bed.

It's 4:00 a.m., Nance.

Which means
it's 16 and a half hours...

since a three-year-old
went missing.

Right, missing kid.
You don't do missing kid cases.

I thought I could handle it.

( Hawk screeches )

Nancy: It's like a fort.

In high school, everybody
came up here to smoke cigarettes.

I didn't remember it
being this far.

Man: You smoke cigarettes?

I was the lookout. ( Chuckles )

It's up here.

This is not
part of the grid, Porter.

If we find this baby first,
where does that put us?

Partner: Gotta follow
chain of command.

See down in there?

Come on.


In here.

- ( Flies buzzing )
- ( Partner coughing )

( gasps )

( clattering )

(sobbing ) Oh, God...

( police radio chatter)

Partner: "sector R8-26."

We are near
the south end of the sewer line

by the old bunker
near the river.

We need backup and an ambulance.

( Sobbing )


(birds chirping)

Woman: Roz, you haven't
eaten your breakfast.

(child laughs)

Woman on TV:
I really don't have any words...

Come on.

(TV continues)
We were just shopping for a new sofa.

Like a second, I turned around
and then, she was just like...

Hey, baby. How are you?
Good morning.


Reporter: Urged to contact
the police department

at 3-34..

Look, Mama, me!

Oh, honey,
that's... that's not you.

Let's turn this off right now.

Rosalind: Oops.

( Rosalind cooing )

The birth father was in Ossining
when it happened.

It wasn't him. B&E, 10 years,
possibility of parole.

Went back to Paradise Furniture,
talked to the manager.

- And?
- There's nothing new.

But he did say that
the boyfriend, Devlin Smith,

was "acting like an asshole."

His words, not mine.

Jesus, what is she doing here?

Who is that?

They're home, you know.

They've been home for two weeks.

They're back living not even three miles
from where this happened.

Who? Who's home?

Ronnie Fuller and Alice Manning.

Cynthia: That little girl has only
been missing one night.

It's possible she's still okay.

These disappearances,
they're very different.

Your daughter was an infant,
this girl is a toddler.

Your baby was taken on impulse.
And this, this seems to be...

She is a three-year-old biracial child
with short, curly black hair.

(Brittany Lyme is, 'm fact,
a dead finger h)! My daughter.

And maybe she wouldn't be
sitting here right now

if these girls were smarter.

Nancy: Have they contacted you?

Have they threatened
your family in any way?

They've taken a child
thinking it's mine.

Why are you still sitting here
asking me questions?

Mrs. Barnes, we understand
your concerns.

And they'll be taken
very seriously.

I won't hold my breath.

Why didn't I know
about this connection?

What connection?

She wants it to be them,
doesn't mean it is.

Okay. We're gonna follow it up?

( Gate clatters )

Nancy: Brother.


Jones: Dave Fuller?

Why is it so obvious
you're cops?

I didn't know better,
I'd think you were

boosting merchandise
off that work truck.

Jones: Relax, we're not here
to bust your balls.

I wanna talk
to your daughter, Ronnie.

What did she do this time?

She didn't do nothin'.

Dave: Shut up.

You know where
we might find her?

Uh, she's working
at this bagel place.

Nancy: Out by the mall?

(doorbell jingles)

Clarice: Hi there. Can I help you
with something?

Ronnie Fuller?


I'm Detective Porter.
This is Detective Jones.

Is something wrong?

Nancy: We'd like to ask you
a few questions.

Okay. I'll meet you out front.

Nancy: Okay.

Ls everything all right?

She working on Monday?

Clarice: Yeah.
She works every day.

When's her shift start?

It depends on the day.

Most of the time, mid morning.


Jones: Humph.

- Looks like we got our first suspect.
- God damn it.

( Knocking on door)

- Woman: Who is it?
- Metro Police!

- Helen Manning?
- Yeah.

I'm Detective Jones,
this is Detective Porter.

- May we come in?
- Why do you need to come in?

We're looking for your daughter.

Alice. Alice Manning.

Well, Alice isn't here.

( Loudly ) Alice?


You have any idea where
we might find her?

She's 13, I don't always
know where she goes.

She's probably out walking.

- Jones: Walking?
- She walks a lot.

You just have her call us
when she gets in.

- Thank you very much.
- Helen: I will pass the message on.

Mrs. Manning...?

Uh, you know what time
she got back last night?

Late. We were supposed
to have dinner together,

but she showed up late.

- Out walking?
- Mm-hmm.

Nancy: Thank you for your time.

Police dispatcher:

Nancy: 10-3, it's Porter.

Dispatcher: We checked in
with Ronnie Fuller's parents.

There's no sign of her since
she left for work this morning.


Oh, okay.

(crickets chirping)

Helen: Where were you?


Two detectives
came by here today...

looking for you.

Alice, please... tell me you didn't
do anything this time.

I didn't do anything last time.

Can you prove it?

Let's go talk to them.

( Voices overlapping )

Nancy: You know why
we wanted to talk to you today?

Because of my past.

Why don't you tell me
where you were yesterday?

Well, I was walking.

- Nancy: Mm-hmm.
- I'm trying to lose a little weight.

Walking where? For how long?

I started out on Main Street,
and I put in an application at Arby's.

I don't want to work there,
but my mom said

that I can't afford to be picky.

It's not so bad.
I did it myself.

You don't look like you
had to work in a place like that.

You could be a model.

So we go to Arby's, there'll be
a record of your application?

I guess so.

I mean, the girl who took it
seemed a little spacey, but...

Arby's, that's near, uh...

Jones: Paradise Furniture.

Paradise Furniture?

Nancy: There's a little girl missing
from Paradise Furniture.

Oh. I know. My mom told me.

I saw it on the news.

Nancy: You know anything at all

about this missing child?

I know something
I'm not supposed to know.

Because I broke a rule.

Nancy: What rule?

When I was little,
I used to go to the pharmacy

and get these
chocolate-covered peanuts.

But when I got out of Schechter,
the pharmacy was gone,

so I've been trying
to find ones that are as good

or maybe even the same kind,
but I haven't yet.

But anyway, I left because
I didn't want her to see me.

Nancy: Who?

Alice: Ronnie Fuller.

I saw her standing
outside of Gino's Bagels.

She seemed really nervous.

And she kept looking around her

like she was afraid
someone was watching her.

Well, Alice...
you were watching her.

Yeah, but she didn't know that.

I just thought that if I told you
where she worked,

that would be helpful.

Do you know anything
about Brittany Lyttle?

The three-year-old
that's missing.

I was hoping you
could provide insight.

When Olivia Barnes went missing,
what was going through your mind?

What were you
and Ronnie thinking

when you and Ronnie took her
from her house?

How would that give you insight?

I mean, unless I did
what happened now.

You could help me understand
the mind of a person

who could take a child.

That could help me
solve this case.

You could help me.

You and Ronnie were friends,
you were at a birthday party

having fun, right?

(children laughing)

Walk me through that day.

Alice: Ronnie! Ronnie!
What are you doing?


( Knocking )

- Hello?
- Ronnie!

( Baby coos )

I told Ronnie
we should leave it.

Alice: Ronnie!
What are you doing?

Why are you not listening to me?

Are you crazy?

You're in so much trouble!

She's my baby now.

Ronnie: She needs me.

No, she doesn't.
She needs her mother.

Her mother doesn't love her.

I do.

I didn't even want it.

And I didn't kill it.

- ( Baby crying)
- Ronnie did.

I don't know why she did it.

- ( Baby crying)
- I wasn't even there when it happened.

I wasn't even there.


Maybe if I had been there,

I could have stopped her.

But I wasn't.

I wasn't even there.

You went to juvenile hall
for the same crime as Ronnie Fuller.

Alice: That's right.

And it wasn't fair.

Just because she's skinny and pretty
doesn't mean that she's not bad.

But you won't believe me.

Because no one
ever believes the fat girl.

Especially someone like you.

If Ronnie wanted to run away...
hide somewhere...

where would she go?

I don't know.

I haven't even talked to her
for seven years.

Where were you
last night, Alice?

- Excuse me.
- I'd like to take Alice home.

- Where were you last night, Alice?
- Helen: Now.

Helen: She was with me.

You said she got home late.

What do you consider
to be late, Detective?

- Alice?
- Nancy: Before you go,

there's one last thing
you can do.

Because I know you want
to be helpful.

We just need a sample
of your blood.

Helen: Why?

I want to rule you out as a suspect.

You don't need
your mom's consent.

You're 13 now, Alice.

- Helen: Come on, Alice, let's go home.
- You can really help us.

Come on, Alice, we're going home.
Now. Let's go.

( Door closes )

Jones: You believe her?

Nancy: I don't know.

Alice's voice:
I wasn't even there.

Alice's voice:
I wasn't even there.

- Paul: Where you going?
- I gotta work.

It's late, Nance.
Come to bed, please.

You can take care of it
in the morning.

It's a missing kid, Paul.

I don't want to go through
this shit again, Nance.

(car door alarm beeping )

( beeping stops )

(crickets chirping)


( Nancy gasps )

Are you gonna cuff me?

( Rain pattering )

(car door alarm beeps)


- Where's Brittany Lyttle?
- Ronnie: Who?

Nancy: The girl that was taken
from Paradise Furniture.

There was a girl taken
from Paradise Furniture?

Come on, Ronnie.

If you didn't know a girl was missing,
why did you run away?

Ronnie: I knew you were cops.

You're the cop...

who found the baby.

Your hair is the same.

How did you know what I look like?

I saw you on television.

Getting some kind of reward.

Nancy: An award.

It wasn't a reward, it was...

I just got promoted.

For finding Olivia Barnes?



Why did you take Olivia Barnes,

( Baby's voice crying )

Ronnie: She was crying.

I couldn't leave her like that.

Alice: Ronnie!

You're in so much trouble.

She's my baby now.

She is kinda cute.

Hi, baby!

All right. We can keep her.

(Olivia coughs)

(Olivia cooing )

Ronnie: Can I hold her now?

She likes to be bounced.

It calms her.

I know about babies.
My mom's a teacher.

When do I get to hold her?

She doesn't like
to be passed around.

Alice: That's right, little girl.
Mommy's here.

"Daddy's" going to get you
some food.

Just the pudding,
that's all I can get.

Alice: Go make her a bed.

(Olivia coughing )

Are you sure we can leave her?

- We have to go home.
- ( Olivia crying )

Alice: We'll be back tomorrow.
We promise.

(Olivia crying )


Nancy: So Alice lied.

She was there.

Let me ask you something.

Why pudding?

I could never figure that out.

If you could buy pudding,
you could buy baby food.

We couldn't buy anything.

I just took those
from my dad's truck.

It was full of them.

(Olivia grunts)

They made her sick, though.
I'm pretty sure.

Younger Ronnie:
What's wrong with her?

Why won't she eat it?

(Olivia groans)

- It's pudding.
- She can't take bites.

Ronnie: Come on, girl.

It's just getting
all over her mouth.

Alice: Eat the pudding, please.
Eat the pudding.

- Please.
- What do we do, Ronnie?

Eat the pudding.

Nancy: Why didn't you
take her to a doctor?

We knew we would
get into trouble.

We saw the stuff on the news
about her being missing

and Alice said
that bringing her back

would only make it worse.

Nancy: That's why you did
what you did?

Ronnie: Alice said she'd
put all of the blame on me if I didn't.

Younger Ronnie:
I think she's really sick.

Maybe dying-

We should just take her back.

Or call someone
and tell them where she is.

Alice: You can't call someone.

They'll take you to jail.

You did this, Ronnie.

Not me.

( Rain pattering )

Alice's mom was my friend.

Not Alice.

She didn't like that.

Can I ask you one more thing?


How'd the jack-in-the-box
get there?

I put it there.


(engine stops)

Jones: Ronnie.


(mug clinking)

I think she was glad
to be found.

Something"; Not right here.

We need to get their files.

See what happened
when they were away.

Cynthia: You go make some more.
Make some more.

And I'll feed you
when you make it, okay?

- Okay.
- I'll be over there in a second.

- Maveen: Are you comfortable?
- Yeah.

I know that couch is real old.

We were shopping for a new one
when it happened.

You can't blame yourself.

- Maveen: How can you not?
- I don't know.

My daughter was
with her babysitter.

Then it wasn't your fault.

- Cynthia: If I hadn't been working...
- Well, you had to work.

No. Not really.

I chose to.

Maveen: Well...

I told the police I only
looked away for a second.

But it was longer.

It was a lot longer
than a second.

This is not your fault.

We just-we never think
that this will happen to us.

( Footsteps creaking )

You from TV?

Cynthia: I'm visiting.

Cynthia here lost a child.

She came here for a visit,
to help me.

- Is your child still lost?
- Maveen: Devlin.

Devlin: I'm just asking
if her child lost, if she gonna help us.

My first child is dead.

So how is that supposed
to make Maveen feel better?


Cynthia: I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Cynthia: Rosalind.
Let's go. Come on, Roz.

Toy down, let's go.
It's time to go.

Put the toy down, let's go.
Come on.

Let's clean it up.

My bad, I ain't...
I ain't mean it like that.

- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.

She can't take that toy.
That's Brittany's.


Cynthia: Okay, let's go.

You always sleep like that?

Some things are easier
if you can sleep through them.

Can I go now?

You said I wasn't under arrest.

- You're up.
- Yeah.


Have you seen this little girl?

She's cute.

She looks like Alice.

Nancy: Like Alice?

How? How does a biracial

with dark hair
look like Alice Manning?

I don't know.

I don't know why I said that.
It just popped out.

When was the last time
you saw her, Ronnie?

- Alice.
- I don't see Alice.

If you want
to rule yourself out,

then maybe you can
give us a blood sample?

You want me
to give you my blood?

If you didn't do it,
you can prove it.

- No.
- Nancy: Then you can go.

It's simple,
we just prick your finger.

No. No.


Help us. Help yourself.

Ronnie: Nobody cuts me.

Yes, ma'am.
But what I need you to understand

is that we need
those files here... today.

Yeah, hold on.

All the files from County
were sent upstate.

What? Why?

Jones: Apparently,
they ran out of room.

Just get them.
Tell them, "Get them."

Jones: They're saying there are
like, 20 years' worth of files.

They can get someone
to help us with them,

but they're not guaranteeing
they will be complete.

This is Detective Nancy Porter.

Let me be clear.
A child is missing.

A three-year-old...
for two days,

and I want to find her
while she's still alive,

and you are going to help me.
You're gonna find your files,

and when you send them,
they will be complete.

Do your job.


(birds chirping)

Alice's voice: "My mom always says,
'Never give up."

But it feels like
she's given up on me.

Sometimes I wonder,
'What did I do

to make her not like me?

Maybe it's my dad.

She says he was
the 'biggest mistake of her life.

She says he was fat, too.

When she looks at me,
does she see him?

(children laughing)

When I was younger,
I thought if I did everything right,

I would fit in
with all the other girls,

but I don't think
she even notices me trying.

She wishes
she had a different daughter.

I'm gonna love my baby so much.

I'll let her eat
whatever she wants,

wear whatever she wants,

play with whoever she wants.

"I'm gonna be
the best mom ever."

( knocking on door)

( knocking )

Know where I was
when Olivia Barnes got murdered?

Eating lasagna.

She'd been missing 72 hours.

Brittany Lyttle's been gone 43.

- Hi, Helen.
- Ronnie.

I was wondering when you
were gonna come by and visit me.

Come here!

Oh, my girl!

Jones: Ronnie Fuller.

As damaged as that girl is,
I wouldn't put anything past her.

I checked on Alice's story
about Arby's.

Girl on duty
doesn't remember her.

Helen: You grew up so pretty.

I knew you would!

You don't need all that makeup.

And obviously,
you still bite your nails.

Don't you know when people see
your bitten-down nails,

they know how nervous you are?

Ronnie: Where's Alice?

Helen: I don't know.

You know she goes walking?
( chuckles )

Helen: I was coming home
from work the other day...

I drove past the pool
and I saw her.

You know, at the country club?

Just watching people.

Made me sad.

(clinking )

( police radio chatter)

Nancy: Mind if I join you?

I guess walking
is pretty good for you.

Is this the route
you usually take?

What do you want?

I don't know where she is.

Who, Alice?


We spoke to Ronnie Fuller.
She was very helpful.

What did she say?

Did she lie about me again?

Did she tell you
how she stole my jack-in-the-box?

She put it there on purpose
so I would get caught, too.

But I wasn't there
when she killed that baby.

But I still went to Schechter.

Now you're trying to make
this other thing

look like it's my fault.

Well, what is your fault, Alice?
Ls anything ever your fault?

What about you?

Do you ever wonder
what would have happened

if maybe you had found
the baby sooner?

Maybe you could have saved her.

Maybe if you had walked
just a little bit faster,

she would still be alive.

Did you ever think about that?

I want to be alone.
Am I under arrest or anything?

Ronnie: Do you remember
the honeysuckle?


Remember that time I tried to make
honeysuckle soda

and sell it from a stand
like lemonade?

Mm-hmm. I do. I sure do.

( Chuckles )
You picked my vines bare.

But you didn't mind.

You weren't mad at all.

It was a good idea, Ronnie.

There should be
honeysuckle soda.

You have great ideas.
You always did.

You and me, we think alike.

. And press your lips to mine...


You got anything
you need to tell me, baby?


This is heaven..

(car engine whirrs)

Alice: See you.

( Door opens, closes )

Helen: Where were you?
Did you get a ride?

I know you get rides.

Who do you think gives me rides?

I don't know. You tell me.


I take rides from strange men

because I'm fat and lonely
and I need attention,

so I do things to 'em...
for money.

Is it true?


You wish.

- I got a job.
- Alice, talk to me.

You got a job?

What do you mean you got a job?

I got a job
and it has nothing to do

with being fat or lonely.

( Door closes )

Jones: Jesus, laceration
of the femoral artery.

Rushed to the ER.

Landed her on suicide watch.

What about Manning?

Nancy: Yeast infection...
yeast infection.

Another yeast infection.

Jones: One, two, three,
four, five, six fights.

This Ronnie girl's
a piece of work.

She managed
to get in a fight every month.

Spent most of the last seven years
on lockdown.

I got a bladder infection
and another yeast infection.

You know what that means?

Jones: Sounds like
she was fucking to me.

- Whoa.
- Hmm?

Get over here.

Helen: She was 15 years old.
He was an adult.

He was an employee at Schechter.

Probably seduced her once.

Couldn't have been
terribly difficult.

She's so desperate
for attention and acceptance.

Hmm. I wonder why that is?

This adult, was he charged
with statutory rape?

We agreed not to press charges.

By the time she figured out
she was pregnant,

it was too late for me
to convince her to have an abortion.

Does Alice know
where her baby is?

Helen: Absolutely not.

No, no, no.
The adoption was private.

We don't discuss it.

She doesn't think about it.

How would you know that?

You're not a mother, are you?
A mother knows these things.

Nancy: Where is Alice now?
Where is she?

Where does she go
when she walks?

- She doesn't tell me where she goes.
- Jones: No, Ms. Manning.

That's not gonna
work this time, I'm sorry.

There's a baby missing.

And we have reason
to believe that your daughter Alice

knows something about it.

So you can answer
our questions here,

or I can walk you down
that hall past your peers,

take you downtown,
have you answer the questions there.

She seems to spend
the bulk of her time

just hanging out
by the pool at the club.

( Sighs )
Just watching the other kids.

It's pathetic.

(bird screeching)

They're going to catch you,
you know.

Ronnie: Catch me for what?
I didn't do anything.

The police think you did.

It was near where you work.

It was near where about
a thousand people work.

(Olivia's voice crying )

There is only one person
like you who works there...

A baby killer.

(crying continues)

Younger Alice:
You have to to do this, Ronnie.

Lots of babies die all the time
of natural things,

like if they're turned wrong
in their crib.

- Just say she died like that.
- I don't want to do it.

You fed her pudding.
You can't feed a baby pudding.

You told me to.

So if Alice told you

to jump off of a building,
would you do that?

What about if she told you
to play with matches?

Would you do that, huh?

What about if Alice told you to go
and find a bridge and leap off?

- Shut up!
- ( Olivia's voice crying )

Your mom knows
I didn't do anything.

Stay away from her.

You don't even live
near us anymore.

You have no reason
to be hanging around.

My mom just feels sorry for you.

- She likes me.
- ( Alice laughs)

Nancy: Alice Manning?

You know why I made you do it?

Because I knew
that they would take you away.

I thought they
would lock you up forever,

and I would never
have to play with you again.

Nancy: Alice!

Hurry, she did it!

She just told me everything!
She took the baby!

You have to catch her,
why... hurry!

Jones: Come on, let's go.
Let's go.

- No.
- No, Alice.

We're not here for her,
we're here for you.

- I didn't do anything.
- Let's go.

You don't understand.
Ronnie did it. She just told me.

Alice, we're walking out,
or we're putting you in handcuffs.

Come on.

It's not fair.

Mm-hmm, watch your step.

- You have the wrong person.
- Jones: Mm-hmm.

You have to believe me.

Ronnie did this.

Jones: Alice.

Jones: Alice.

Where is she, Alice?

Is she okay?

Did you hurt her?

( Footsteps approaching )

Hello, I'm here to see
a Detective Porter.

- ( Phone ringing )
- Mrs. Manning.

If you're going to continue
to interrogate my daughter,

- I want a lawyer present.
- She has her.

She has Brittany.


- Did she hurt her?
- Where is she?

I have no idea.

We have been very patient
with you, Mrs. Manning.

We haven't treated you
as an accessory to this crime

or accused you
of shielding your daughter

or withholding
information we need,

but that moment is coming.

Alice doesn't confide in anyone,

least of all me.

Why does she think Brittany Lyttle
is her daughter?


First, he would stare at me.

(signal buzzes)

Alice's voice:
You know, kind of flirt.

He was so cute.

I had never been
with a boy before.

I'd never kissed a boy before.

We couldn't keep
our hands off each other.

( Moans)

I was so excited.

But when they took him away,
it was so sudden.

It happened so quickly,
and I didn't know what to do.

My mom said I had
my whole life ahead of me.

And that she had me
when she was really young

and she didn't regret it
or anything.

Helen: You have to understand,

she became obsessed
with the topic.

"Where was her baby?"

Why couldn't I raise it?

"Who had adopted her?"

She wouldn't leave it alone.

She was inconsolable.
I had to tell her something.


I made up a story.

Helen's voice:
I said I'd seen her little girl...

on the west side of town.

You know, near those
lovely old Victorians?

I knew Alice would like that.

I told her that her baby
was beautiful and healthy.

She had café-Au-lait skin...

beautiful, black curly hair.

Oh, yeah.

It was around that time
that I had seen the mother.

The mother?

You know... Cynthia Barnes.

The mother
of the child that Alice...

Helen's voice:
She was with this little girl.

I took one look
at that girl and I knew...

that child wouldn't exist

if it weren't for Alice.

Which isn't to say
that what Alice did

can be rationalized in any way,

I mean, a girl had died,

and it was my daughter's fault.

But the fact remains,

another child lives.

And I'm not sure she would
if it weren't for Alice.

My daughter helped to bring
that little life into the world.

At least Alice
can take some comfort

from that little girl's

When I got out,
I had to find her.

I wanted her.

I didn't care what my mom said.

Alice's voice:
So I started walking.

Just looking for her.

I also told her that her child

had a little birthmark

in the shape of a heart
on her back.

I thought that was
a lovely sort of detail...

you know, that would give Alice
something that she could hold on to.

Like it was the shadow
of her own heart.

Alice loved that. ( Laughs )

Mrs. Manning, sit down.

Sit down, Mrs. Manning, sit.

Stay there.

She had that skin...

the mix of my skin and his.

I couldn't believe I found her.


Devlin: She probably jumpin'
on a bed somewhere.

Alice's voice:
When I saw her back,

there was this little heart there,
and I knew it was her.

- Devlin, keep looking!
- Devlin: Brittany!

Now, Brit, you're gonna be
in trouble

- if you don't come out!
- Maveen: Oh, God! Oh, God!

- Alice: Hey!
- Que Linda, Que Linda! Hi!

Alice: Good girl, good girl.
Good girl.


Devlin: Where is she?


Alice's voice:
She was so beautiful.

She looked just like Rodrigo.

- Maveen: Brittany? Shit!
- Brittany!

( Panting )

( Rodrigo laughing )

Alice: Cut her hair.

Alice's voice: I asked him to cut
her hair so nobody would find her.

He was so nervous,
his nose even started bleeding.

You can't arrest someone
for taking her own baby.

It took me a long time
to find her.

But now that I have,
you can't make me give her back.

I never wanted to give her up
in the first place.

My mom made me.

Nancy: This is Brittany Lyttle's
birth certificate.

And this is your baby's.

They are two
different girls, Alice.

Where is Brittany?

I know what we did was wrong.

But what happened to me
was wrong, too.

They took my baby.

I want her. I want her.

I understand, Alice. I do.

But not everybody will.

You are in a lot of trouble.

You could be convicted
of a very serious crime.

You need to help us.

And we'll help you.

What do you mean?

Will you help me find my baby?

No, Alice. No.

( Sobs softly )

Help me.

And I'll help you.

Rodrigo left her with his mom
while he drove me home...

so that no one would suspect me.

We planned on keeping her there
while we waited...

for you to think
Ronnie Fuller took her.

You know, she's done this before,
she might do it again.

(Olivia's voice crying )

(Olivia's voice crying )

Young Ronnie:
I think she's really sick.

We should just
take her out to her family.

It's too late, Ronnie.

(Olivia crying. Gasping )

(Olivia's voice crying )

This was your idea, Ronnie!

Alice: I'll blame it on you.

You said you would
take care of it.

(crying continues)

(Olivia's voice crying )

(groaning )

( crying stops )

(water dripping )

(sirens wailing)

( knocking on door)


Come in, sweetie.

- I didn't want to, but she made me.
- What?

I'm sorry, please. I'm sorry.

Ronnie, Ronnie, shh. Shh.

Police on radio: Separation
of the individuals at the location...

( knocking )

(door latch clicking,
door creaks )

I can't undo what you've done.

But I can make sure
that Alice...

doesn't go unpunished.

I can make it fair.

( Clatters )

Hey, Mom.

( Police radio chatter)

( Brittany crying )

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- Maveen: Oh, my God!
- Devlin: Yeah, yeah!

Oh, my God! Hi, baby!

- Hi!
- Brittany!

Hi, baby!


( Sobbing ) Oh, my God.

Devlin: I love you.

- Devlin: Ah!
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Thank you. Thank you.

( Softly )
Thank you. Okay, I love you.


- ( Sighs )
- Good work, Detective.

(gate clicks)

Woman on TV:
Today, state prosecution has agreed

to a plea bargain
with Alice Manning.

All charges are dropped against her,
while Rodrigo Gutierrez,

the state employee she now
has accused of raping her in prison,

will alone serve 10 years
for the kidnapping.

Earlier today, Miss Manning
gave a statement to the press.

Alice on video:
Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

yes, I have something
I would like to say.

I am a victim.

I am a victim
of the justice system.

As a child, I was wrongly accused
of a crime I did not commit.

I spent seven years
in a correctional facility

where I was raped

and where I gave birth to a baby

who was taken from me.

Today, justice was served.

- ( Jones chuckles)
- The charges against me

have been dropped.

And the man who
manipulated me as a minor...

Jones: She's good.

And who instigated
this crime will be convicted.

Scary good.

I can now live freely.

I can seek to validate
my rights as an adult.

Thank you.

- Man: Miss Alice Manning.
- Woman: Alice! Alice Manning!

You know who's better?

( Instrumental music playing )