Every Second Counts (2008) - full transcript

A 17-year old equestrian faces the biggest decision of her life - whether to pursue her father's dream of becoming a professional, or her aspirations to go to college and lead a normal life.

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( male announcer)
Good afternoon ladies and

and welcome to the
Silverdale Valley Rodeo,

home of the best
penning in the west.

We've got 30 head of
cattle in the ring,

all numbered
zero thru nine.

Three-zero, three-one,
three-two, etcetera.

Each team of three riders has
to separate the same three
number of cattle,

and drive them into this pen
over at this end of the ring.

If a team puts more than
four cattle over the foul
line, they're out.

The team with the
fastest time wins.

Tom Ward's down the
side of the pen

with the second number
four cow, and it's in.

Cows are frisky today, folks.
All it takes is three.

Tom, we are
rooting for you.

He's got the last one in. Will
he beat his Albuquerque time?

Yes! Three in the
pen! Fast time!


How you feeling?

Feeling like
a winner.

How you thinking?

Thinking like
a winner.

That's my girl.

Better get out there.
Rick and Ken are waiting.

You ready, Ginger?


Go get 'em.
Make me proud.

Ready to take
a short ride?

Shorter than
49.26 seconds.

I know it's gonna be
tough to beat.

[indistinct male
voice over speakers]

Next up, team four from
Silverdale, Washington.

Ken Bradshaw,
Rick McCalrey,
Brooke Preston.

Go Brooke!

So what do
you guys think?

Odds or evens?


I'm calling odds.

Feel like a winner,
think like a winner.


Flag's up.

[indistinct conversation
between men and Brooke]

(male announcer)
Brooke Preston,
wasting no time

drives them back into the pen,
cutting up that first seven.

And Preston
drives it in.

And she's on a roll, cutting
up the second seven.

Bradshaw down the
side with the third.

That's fast time !

Yeah !
Ha ha!

What happened
back there?

I don't know. She started
favoring one leg to the end.

Come on,

[guitar playing]

[door creaks]

Hey, 47 seconds!

Better face it, Helen, our
kid is a champ. look at this.

Oh, look at that !
Congratulations, sweetheart !

Wah ! Thanks, Mom.

You shoulda seen her. Nobody
could believe she's not 1 8 yet.

She's going
to the top.

Yeah, our Brooke can do
whatever she puts her mind to.

I'm just gonna go make
sure Ginger's okay.

She started favoring one
leg towards the end.


Hey there.

Miss me?


Easy, girl.

How are you doing?

[soft neigh]

It's okay.

[soft neigh]

[loud neigh]

That hurt?

[soft neigh]

It's okay.

It's okay.

[soft snort]


Good girl.


[soft snort]

Did you pay
the gas bill?

Yeah, sure.

Well, we
have no gas.

When I called them, they
said we owed them money.

Oh, I bet I know
what happened.

I took a little extra out
of checking last week

so Brooke and me'd have
some cash on the road.

And I bet the
gas check bounced.


Don't worry,
I'll call and fix it.

You'd better.

I will.

Just for a couple
of weeks, I promise.

I'll pay you back by
the end of the month.

No problem.
Come on, Jerry.

Aw, thanks,
you're a lifesaver.

I'll see you at
the garage. Bye.


What's with the cold
shower this morning?

The gas company
screwed up.

Besides, that's the best
way to start your day.

It wakes everything up.

I was awake.

It's so beautiful.

Kinda makes you feel
small, doesn't it?

Your granddaddy used to say,
'' if you never knew small,
you'd never know big. ''

I'm not sure I should
tell you this but...

when I was about
your age,

I sorta ran away.


I just couldn't take
that whole sad,

small town thing,

I just wanted to go my own way
but after a couple of days,

I came across the remains
of this old campsite.

You know
whose it was?


Mine. I'd just been
riding in circles.

I hadn't decided
on a direction.

So I was just going around
covering the same territory.

I found my way home, I felt
pretty good about that

but my daddy took that
horse away for a month.

When I got him back, that's
when I became a competitor.

And you were a good one.

I was.

Anyways, that's why
I like the road.

if you choose a destination,

you'll always find a
road to get you there.

( Dutch )
Joe Preston?

What are you
doing here?


No kidding?

I didn't think you'd ever
come back to Olympia.

Well--here I am.

You were lucky you just
busted your leg that day

instead of getting
yourself killed.

How long you been
back in the saddle?

It's not me, it's
my daughter, Brooke.

Little Brooke Preston?

You can't be 18 yet.


Brooke's been competing at
the adult level for a few
months now.

Brooke, you remember
Mr. Wilcox, don't you?

Please, Dutch.

You and Dad used to
compete together.

Your daddy was the best
penner I ever saw.

Long time ago.

Hey, good luck today.

You should stop by my
place some time, Joe.

The whole country
is thirsty for oil,

and I got a whole new
generation of drills ready to
give it to them.

You wouldn't recognize
the equipment now.

I don't work oil rigs no more.

[bell rings]

We'd better go.

Well listen, don't be a
stranger, Joe. I mean
it. You hear.

And Brooke, if you ever want
to take one of my champions

out for a ride, you
just let me know.


Hello, boys.

That was nice of him.

He can afford to be nice.


( Dad)
How you feeling?

Feeling like a winner.

How you thinking?

Thinking like a winner.

That's my girl.
Make me proud.

( Brooke )
Hey, guys.

( male voice )
Hey, Brooke.

Go get 'em !

( male announcer)
Three in the pen !
Fast time !

( Dutch )
Yes ! Alright !

It's okay, girl.
We're up next.

What's up with Ging?
Seems a bit twitchy.

She's okay.

We're up, guys.

( announcer)
Next up,
Brooke Preston,

Ken Bradshaw,
Rick McCalrey.

( announcer )
Flag's up !
[bell rings]

[indistinct shouting
in pen and announcer]

[country music,
lyrics indistinct]

[high-pitched whinny]

[high-pitched whinny]


( announcer )
Rider down ! Rider down !

Brooke Preston, thrown
from her horse !

[high-pitched whinny]


[high-pitched whinny]

What happened?

She's hurt, Dad.

Are you sure it's
not just a spasm?

Maybe she just needs
to rest it.

She's in pain !
She can't compete !

Come on, girl.

There's heat on her
leg and if you look,

there's a strong pulse in
that thing by her tendon.

Don't know why you
called me, Joey.

You got yourself a
vet right here.

Any indication that she
been injured before?

She's been favoring one
leg for the past few weeks

but, that's it.

Well, I think she's got
a suspensor injury.

A torn ligament?

Right, but even if she walked,
it's not completely torn so,

my guess is that there was
some slight initial trauma,

and the stress of competing
has just made it worse.

So we rest her for
a couple of days

and we're back on the
circuit next week?

It's a serious injury.
This could take months.

And even then,
only if you work

on a specialized
training program

but even that's
no guarantee.

I could email you a
training program.

Call me if you have
any questions.

There's gotta be
something we can do.

I mean, this is
our shot.

( Vet ) Well, you can get
a second opinion,

( Vet ) but a tear is a tear,
that's the reality of it.

( Vet ) Except turn back the
clock all you can do is wait.

( Vet) The circuit will
always be there.

Yeah, right.

( Dad ) What do I
owe you?

( Vet ) That's 200.

[soft snorting]


I'm sorry.

[engine starts]

( Brooke ) I'm so sorry, girl.

I should've known.

[gentle snorting]


Are you okay?

No. Not really.

I knew that there
was something wrong.

I shouldn't have taken
her into the ring.

Oh, sweetie.

If I hadn't ridden her and
called the vet sooner,

she wouldn't be
hurting so bad.

And I actually thought that
l'd make a good vet.

Oh, darling. You're
too hard on yourself.

There's no way you
could've known. Hm?

I know it costs
a fortune.

But I've been talking with
the counselor at school and

she says there are
scholarships I qualify for.

If keep
my grades up.

I figured, why not apply?

Yeah, well if you want to be a
vet, we're gonna make it happen.

I don't know. I haven't
made much of a start.

You know, this actually might
be a good thing.

Look at it as
taking a break.

You won't be competing, so
you'll have time to go look
at some colleges,

if that's what
you want.

Oh, Ginger is gonna
be okay, sweetie.

As long as she
takes it easy.

The competition is
always gonna be there.

I just feel like I'm
letting everybody down.

Don't be so
dramatic. Huh?

legs, hearts,
everything heals.

You have gifts, Brooke.
And not just for riding.

Hey, Caden.


Will we see you at
the party on Saturday?

I haven't decided
yet. Maybe.

Brooke ! Hey !

Here you go. Here's the
application information
you wanted.

Thanks, Miss Alcott.

There's a couple of
great options in there.

But, have a look and then come
and see me, okay?


Mr. Randall !

Here's someone else I think
should come in for a visit.

We have to talk
about biology.

I just don't care
what cytokinesis is.

Well, you
need tutoring.

Brooke here is
a biology whiz.

Too bad she's
not a tutor.

Come and see
me by Friday.

Yes, ma'am.

Would you?

Would I what?

Tutor me.

Oh, she was
just kidding.

I can't teach biology.

And I can't learn it,
so we're even.

Could you just help me out
for the test next week?

Okay. Maybe some
time this week, I guess.

Yeah. That'd be great.

How about Thursday
in the library?

Sure, Thursday. if that's good
for you, it's good for me.

See you then.

Okay, see yah.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

Well, trying to get this
checkbook to balance but
it doesn't want to.

You know,
she's really good,

and she's got a
real shot, and I--

I gotta get her
riding again.

It'll all work out.

Frank, you
got a minute?

What's up?

Just wondering if you
could help me out.

I could use a little advance
on the paycheck.

Just a couple hundred
oughta do it.

See, I was counting
on the, uh--

Joe, I don't
need to hear it.

You know I'm
good for it.

Look. I'm gonna help
you as a friend.

You're a good mechanic,
everyone here respects that.

But you haven't been
holding up your end.

Some of the guys have been
complaining. It's gotta stop.

I'm serious.

( Brooke )
Okay. So, again,

which form of
cell signaling occurs

when the target cell is
alongside the signaling cell?

Um, notch--no?


Notch-signaling is
where two cells

make physical contact in
order to communicate.

Oh, so--they
have to kiss.

If that will help you remember,
that's one way to look at it.

Okay, so notch, kiss.
Yeah. I can remember that.

Hey, you know it's kinda weird
being in here when it's empty.

Wanna go somewhere else?
l've got my truck.

We only have
autocrine signals left.

Okay, we can talk about them
in my ''auto-mobile. ''

Come on.

Do you take
all the girls here?

Nope. You're
the first.

Look at that. Who needs
biology when you have that?

[bird chirps]

You know this time of the day
used to be my favorite.

I'd take my horse to a
field like this and--

we'd gallop straight
at the sun.

Just like we were gonna
kick it into deep space.

Who would've thought the two
of us would be sitting here?


Well, you're this
penning star

and I throw the second meanest
screen pass in the district.

Did you always
want to pen?

I don't know, it's not something
I've ever really thought about.

It's just something
I always did.

Yeah, it's kinda like
me and football.

If it wasn't for that, there's
no way I'd go to college.

You're going to college?

Partial scholarship
at CW. I'm redshirting.

What's redshirting?

That's when you're
on the team

but you don't get to
play the first year.

So you do all the work and
you never get to play.

Yeah. My coach says he likes
my arm but I lack size.

Wants me to eat egg
whites or something.

You're lucky.

Me? You're the one
who's going to college!

I mean, you're smart. You
don't have to do something to
be special.

You just are.

Come on.

How come nobody at
school knows you?

What do
you mean?

Well like, they know who
you are, they see you in
class, sure,

but you don't belong to
any clubs, you don't
talk to anybody.

You don't go to
dances or parties.

Penning takes up
most of my time.

If I'm not competing,
I'm practicing

so that doesn't allow a
lot of time for partying.

Do you ever wish you were
just like other girls?

You mean like the girls that
flirt with you in the halls?

Okay, they flirt with every
guy in the school.

Yeah, but you
flirt back.

Yeah but it doesn't mean
anything. I'm just trying to
be friendly.

What are
you doing?

Um, notch signaling?

I'm not like
those other girls.

No. You're not.

I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to upset you.

Um, so are we
still friends?

Sure. Friends.

( Dutch )
Joe !

Hey, Dutch.

I don't see you in years, then
I see you twice in one month.

What are the chances of that?

How's that little girl of
yours doing on the circuit?

We're kinda restin'
for a while.

Sorry to hear that. She's
got talent, shouldn't let
her get rusty.

Well, that's why I'm here.

See, we're out of the game
right now because that vet

won't let her horse pen.
Might be for a few months,

might be forever, so--

I was thinkin', I can get
some money together but,

maybe not enough for the kind
of horse that Brooke needs.

So you're looking
to make a deal?


[bell ringing]

Hey! Hey!


Hey. Sorry
about your test.

Guess I'm not a
very good tutor.

Are you kidding? C +? That's
the best I've gotten all year.

I'm not gonna rest until
I get that B-.

Oh, there's a party up at Terry
Lynn's place this weekend.

You should
come with me.

I can't. I've got to work
on Ginger's rehabilitation.

What? You can't take
a few hours off?

Come on, there's gonna
be swimming, dancing--

I--I don't know
how to dance.

Really? Are
you serious?

Is that
so surprising?

No, I thought every
girl knew how to dance.

Okay, I'll tell you what. if you
come with me, I'll show how.

No, I can't. I'm
sorry, really.

Well at least let me give
you a ride home.

Come on, I'm not taking no
for an answer. Come on.

( Caden )
I jus gotta get some
flour for my mom.

( Brooke )
Let's go to
Hilltop Variety.

Why? We're
right here.

My mom works here.

Why, you think I'm not
gonna like you because your
mom works here?

[country music
and bell jingles at door]

Hi, Mom !

Hi, honey. This is
a nice surprise.

This is my
friend, Caden.

Hello, Caden.

Hi. Nice to meet
you, ma'am.

Caden and I, we're
in the same class.

I'm helping him with
some schoolwork.

Oh, really?

She's a lot of help.

I'm glad to hear that.

Say Caden, maybe you'd like
to join us for dinner,

seeing as how you're gonna
be out there already.

Yeah, sure that'd
be awesome.

I'll just give
my folks a call.

Okay. Drive safe.

Yeah. it was nice
meeting you, ma'am.


The flour.

Oh, yeah !

Is that your dad?

That's my dad
and my grandpa.

He was a
champion bull-rider.

Wow! That's a lot
to live up to.

Tell me about it.

Yeah, my father said he
saw your dad at the
penning state finals.

He says he was
fast as lightning.

What happened
to him?

He had
an accident.

Completely shattered his
leg and ended his career.

Then he met my
Mom and settled down.

So what's that?

It's his lucky
silver dollar.

It was part of the prize he won
at his first penning contest.

He was 15. He put it on a chain
and he's worn it ever since.

You know,
people are talking.

Yeah? What
are they saying?

They're saying, you're gonna
be even better at penning

than your father was.

I can't think
about that.

I've got to take
care of Ginger.

Isn't that
right, girl?

[soft snort]

That a girl.

Guess she likes you.

[chuckles] She's a
beautiful horse.

The two of you together
must be quite the sight.

She probably
needs brushing.

Can I try?


Careful not to go
against the hair.

[soft snort]

Here. like this.

[soft snort]


That's it.


You're not
just flirting?

( Dad ) Brooke !
You home?

Yeah, Dad,
I'm in here.

This is Caden, a
friend from school.

Hi, nice to meet
you, Mr. Preston.

Caden, good
to meet you.

Come on, I got a
surprise for you.

[strong neighing]

( Dad)
Alright there,
now, easy. Easy.

Easy. Easy
does it now.

[loud neigh]

Hey ! Hey !

Come on, now.
Come on !

He's beautiful, Who's is he?

Well, you need a
horse, don't you?

So I got you one.

Where'd this
horse come from?

Dad got him for me.

He did?

Yep. And
he's a beaut.

[loud snorts]

What's his name?


Hey, boy. Get that
name for a reason?

Brooke, why don't you get that
horse put away in the stable.

I'll have dinner
ready in 20 minutes.

Forget dinner. We
got work to do.

This horse is
out of training.

Helena is less than
two weeks away.

Joe, we have a guest
for dinner tonight.

That's okay, Mrs. Preston,
I should get going anyway.

Um, I'll see you
at school tomorrow.

Nice meeting
you guys.

Just keep dinner warm for us.
Brooke and I will be in later.

Joe? We have
to talk later.

I'm sorry. I had no idea.

No, that's okay.

It's a big deal, your dad
just bought you a horse.

Besides we have lots of
time to make up for dinner.

Right. I'll see
you at school.

Okay. See you.

[loud whinny]

[loud whinny]

Okay, yeah, alright.

( Brooke )
Easy, boy.

Yeah, alright.

( Dad ) Get on?


Are you out of
your mind, Joe?

We can't afford
a new horse.

Helen, I got
it covered.

Everything around here
is falling apart.

My car is on
its last legs.

The barn leaks
every time it rains.

We have no money
to fix anything.

You think I don't know
we're in a cash crunch?

Listen don't go telling me,

that Brooke is gonna win enough
money to pay for it all,

because if I have to pull
extra shifts at the Tempo

so my daughter can get an
education, that's what I'll do

but I am not gonna
break my back

so that you can throw
our money away.

With all due respect,

Brooke can make more in
one afternoon competing

than you or I
can in a month.

She wants to go
to college, Joe.

She can't do both.

She's going
to college.

She may have to delay
it for a year or two

'cause money won't
be a problem then.

But she's
Just a child.

She shouldn't have that kind of
responsibility dumped on her.

The important thing right now
is that she start her life
out now as a winner.

People recognize winners.
They respect them.

And then, she'll do
anything she wants,

and she'll have that attitude
that you need to succeed.

That's what I'm
gonna give her.

That's all I
can give her.

It's worth more than
any amount of money.

How much did
that horse cost?



Dutch loaned
him to me.

He was penning with him
till a year ago when they
got a younger horse.

The deal is Brooke brings
him back to where he was

and later we'll see
if we can buy him

or we could send him back when
Ginger's back on her feet.

You went
and saw Dutch?


He must have retired the
horse for a reason.

He's probably too
old to compete.

He's a little long in the
tooth, but that don't
mean he can't compete.

That horse right out there, is
a winner. You'll see.

We're gonna make
him a winner.


Well I hope you're
right, Joe.

'Cause if you're not--

I just hope you've
done the right thing.

Alright, Ghost,

If this is gonna work out,
you're gonna have to trust me.

You ready?


Go, easy Ghost.
Whoa! Settle down.

Easy, easy.
It's okay.

Calm down, Ghost.

[loud neighing]

Shh. Ohh.

You're not gonna get rid
of me that easy.

Come on.

[loud neighing]



Calm? Now I want you to
show me what you've got.

( upbeat music )

( upbeat music )

( upbeat music )

( upbeat music )

Easy now.

[engine backfires]

Easy, Ghost,
whoa. Easy!



That backfire
spook him?

Yeah, he's
okay, though.

He's a handful.

He's magnificent.

Come on boy, let's get you
some breakfast.

Go on.

( Mr. Coleman )
So, a receptor is

( Mr. Coleman )
a protein on the
cell membrane

( Mr. Coleman )
that binds to
specific molecules.

( Mr. Coleman )
Receptors recognize
neurotransmitters, hormones,

( Mr. Coleman )
and they initiate the cellular
response to what? Brooke?

See me after class.

[bell rings]

You wanted to see me?

Yes, Miss Alcott tells me you're
thinking of Washington State?

I applied but I don't
know, it's so expensive.

Class of '82.

If you want to go
for a scholarship,

you may want to think about
doing an extra credit project,

like a research paper,
something like that.

I'd be more than
willing to help you.

Thanks. I'd like
that a lot.

Good. So I want you to
think about a good subject,

and we'll talk
about it later.

Thank you,
Mr. Coleman.

( Caden )
How about
we make a deal?

You come to
one of my games,

and I'll go watch
you compete. Deal?


Hey, you in a
hurry or anything?

I was just wondering if you
wanted to go for a drive?

I better not.

I gotta start
working with Ghost.

Come on, we could get
like a quick burger.

It'll be fast,
I promise.

I really can't.

We've got Helena next week
and--it's really important.

Alright. Then--I'll
just drive you home.

Yeah ! That's my
girl ! Yeah !

[lyrics indistinct]



So we got Spokane, Boise, Salt
Lake, Cheyenne, Sacramento,

and then we qualify for
the finals in Denver.

Our daughter's good.

Did Brooke mention
anything to you

about an extra credit
project at school?

No, but then she doesn't talk
much usually about school.

Her biology teacher,
Mr. Coleman,

he came into the store the other
day and we got to talking.

He thinks that if she
does this project,

it might help her qualify
for scholarship money.

Sounds good, I guess. As long as
it doesn't take too much time.

Well, Joe,
you know--

Mom, did Caden call
while I was gone?

Uh, no, sweetie,
he didn't.

So why didn't
you tell us

about this extra credit
project you got for school?

I haven't really
thought of one yet.

Oh. I got
an idea.

What if you did something
on you and Ghost?

Communicating with a
different species.
Something like that.

It's not a
bad idea.

It's not a
bad idea!

( Dad ) Did you hear what our
daughter just said?

My daughter Just said that I
had an idea that wasn't bad.

It's a miracle! if you
need any help with it,

you just holler, okay?


Play us a song, Mama.

A song.

Yeah, come on,
play us a song.

Play a song. Play a sone.

What song?

Oh, pay us
the Hilltop song.


♪ I was standing
alone on a hilltop ♪

♪ I was waiting ♪

♪ And wasting my days ♪

That's my very
own Patsy Kline.

♪ You came along ♪

♪ Now we're singing ♪

♪ Together always ♪

♪ No more waiting ♪

♪ No more wasting days ♪

♪ No more hilltops for me ♪

♪ We found each other
Standing alone ♪

♪ Now we're singing
Together always ♪

♪ Always ♪

Dad, I
can't dance.

Oh come on,
anyone can dance.

I can't.

She doesn't want
to dance, Joe.

How about you?

You wanna
dance with me?

Oh, I guess
I could.

[Mom hums]

How do you get
prettier every year?

How do your teeth not rot
and fall out from all
that sweet talk?

I don't know.

( Frank )
Joel, come in here
for a minute?

(Joe )
Yeah, I'll be
right there.


Yeah, come in.
Shut the door.

What's up?

The engine flush you did on the
Fitzgerald rig this morning.

That guy, he is
such a pain.

When you finished, did you
put oil back in the engine?

He got ten miles and
the engine melted.

If we don't get him a new one,
he's gonna sue our pants off.

Geez, Frank,
I'm sorry.

Joe, your mind always seems
to be somewhere else.

You don't seem to be interested
in this job anymore.

I need to count on the
people that work for me.

You take some money out of
my paycheck every week.

You miss so many days
your paycheck is down to
almost nothing.

Look, I can't carry
you any longer.

I'll make it
up to you.

Joe--I need
a mechanic,

not a penner.

I'm sorry. I'm gonna have
to get somebody new.



I appreciate all the
breaks you've given me.


[indistinct yelling]

( Mom )

Are you
still awake?

You gotta be on the
road in four hours.

I know, I just gotta get
some of this work done.

Are you sure you're up
for this competition?

You don't have to do it if
you're not feeling well.

The entry fee has
already been paid.

Well, that's
not important.

You have been overstressed
and tired for weeks.

This can't go on.

It's just for a
little while longer.

Until I get caught
up on my schoolwork.

Have you talked to your
Dad about college yet?


Well, I know you don't want to
disappoint him, but--

this is your life.

You gotta tell him
what's important.

I wanna win
for him, Mom.

Honey, if you never get back
on a horse again,

and you will still be
a winner in our eyes.

Your father thinks
you hung the moon,

and that has nothing
to do with a horse.

Do you really
believe that?

Believe it?
I know it!

Let's get some
rest. Come on.

Thank you.


You sure you
don't want any?

I'm sure. I just wanna finish
this and get some sleep.

We'll just take the
check then, sweetheart.

Oh. Got your cut of
your first prize money.

Already gave Rick
and Ken theirs.

You could use a new
saddle, and, uh,

I think I know where I
could go get us a deal.

Actually, I was thinking
of saving this.

Oh, okay.
Whatever you want.

For school.

School ?


Um, I've been
meaning to tell you.

I'm applying to
Washington State.

And if I get in, I need to
have some money saved up.

Oh, here. I can
give you this.


I was just
thinking of--

other ways of making
money for school.


I think it's actually
a smart idea.

You do?

Yeah. Everybody
should have a Plan B

in case your first
choice doesn't work out.

But Brooke, you're
not gonna need it.

This time next year, after
you've been riding pro
for a few months,

they'll be throwing
cash at you

for sponsorships,
spokesperson stuff--

believe you me,
it's gonna be good.

( waitress )
I'm sorry, sir, your
card was declined.

Hm !

Ah, I must have given
you the wrong one.

Here, let me treat.

No, no, I'm
good, I'm good.

I just might need to get
me to an ATM.

Thank you.

It's okay, Dad.

I wouldn't have any of this
if it weren't for you.

I'll pay you back.

I know.

[male voice
sings fast tune]


Bravos. Ever done
them before?

( Brooke )
Yeah, they're
stubborn as mules.

( male announcer )
All the way
from Silverdale, Washington

Brooke Preston,
Ken Bradshaw,
Rick McCalrey.

[horn blares]

[shouting in pen]

[ indistinct
lyrics ]

[horn blares]


( male voice )
Watch it !
Whoa ! Whoa !


Get him !
Get him !

[loud neighs]

( male voice )
Get the vet !

[much shouting]

( male voice ) He's having a
heart attack.

[loud neigh]

[softer neighs]

Sorry, Joe.


You shouldn't see this.

[thunder and snort]

( Dad )
I'm sorry, Helen,
I'll fix it.

( Dad )I swear
I'll fix it.

( Mom )
You can't fix it Joe?

( Dad) I should've known better
than to trust Dutch.

( Mom ) Trust? You flat-out
lied to me about Dutch lending
you that horse.

( Dad ) I had to get Brooke
back in the game.

( Dad ) didn't know any
other way to do it.

( Mom ) But a second mortgage?

( Mom ) You gambled with our
home and you didn't even ask me.

( Dad ) I'm sorry, Helen. I
was gonna pay off

the mortgage
with our winnings.

I'll go to the bank, talk to
them first thing tomorrow.

No. No, there's
no point, Joe.

I was there this afternoon,
they want their money.

Not excuses. And if they
don't get their money,

they're gonna foreclose.

We're gonna
lose everything.

( Mom ) The manager agreed
to give us a month

before he starts
doing anything.

So listen, this is
what you're gonna do.

You go in, you tell Frank
you're not gonna be out
competing anymore.

Okay, you pull some
extra shifts. Get some
overtime, get cash.

I can't do that.

Oh, Joe!
Just ask him !

I can't ask him,
Helen. I got fired.

Oh, Joe !

I was gonna
tell you !

If I'da just known that
that horse was a time bomb!

( Mom ) Joe, look around
you, okay?

This is reality. This
table. These walls.

Me! This is
your reality!

Oh, Joe.

The trouble with dreams is that
you gotta wake up sometimes.

I just wanted
her to win.

You don't
get it, Joe !

You can win the world
and still lose!

( Mom )
Brooke, you're gonna
be late for school.

Hey, hun. Did you
sleep all right?

I heard you moving around
in the middle of the night.

I didn't get much sleep.

Oh? You feel alright?

Is it true we're gonna
lose the ranch because
Dad bought me Ghost?

That's not
your problem.

It's me and
your Dad's.

Except he took out that
mortgage to buy a horse for me.

He thought he was
doing the right thing.

Why do you always
stick up for him?

He goes off and
does what he wants

and you just smile
and start sweeping.

I gotta
feed Ginger.

Ginger can wait. You
think I'm weak because
I stand by your dad?

No, because you don't
stand up to him !

I stand up to him !

Yeah? That's why you're selling
cigarettes at the Tempo

instead of opening
for Keith Urban?

You just swallowed
that dream !

Don't you ever use that
tone with me, Brooke.

My dream was to have a family,
and that's what I did.

And there's nothing
weak about that.

But this isn't about
me, is it, Brooke?

If you don't raise your
voice, how do you
expect to be heard?

I gotta go feed Ginger before
the bus gets here.

[soft snort]


Okay, Ginger.

It's up to
you and me now.

We've gotta get
back into the ring

or I don't know what's
gonna happen to you.

Or me.


That's the bus.

[soft snort]

I love you.

[soft snorts]

Hey! Hey.
You okay?

I'm fine.

Yeah, I heard about
your horse. I'm sorry.

I don't really want
to talk about it.

You know I could use a bit
more tutoring some time.

Maybe today after school
after my practice, or
something like that?

I can't.

Do you want to stick
around after my practice?

We could... I'll give you
a ride home.

Caden, I can't. I have
to get home to Ginger.

Well, what about tomorrow then ?

I'm busy then too.

Okay, well if you ever
have a minute to spare,

just give me a call.

[soft snorts]

How are you
doing, girl ?

That leg
bothering you?

[loud snort]

What are
you doing?

She still
needs exercise.

You be careful you
don't overdo it.


Alright, Ginger.
Here's the deal.

We're gonna start
you off by walking.

Like yesterday.

Then I'm gonna let you go
a little faster afterward.

But no galloping, no
jumping. You hear?

You damage that tendon and
we are all out of luck.

[female voice
sings lively song]

( Brooke )
It's not so bad.

I'm sorry,
I'm not hiring.

[loud snorts]


So you might have
something maybe next week?

No, I don't think so.


Good job, girl.

Alright, easy, girl.


I was startin' to think you'd
moved to another school.

How come I haven't
seen you in class?

Right now we need
to make money.

I can't go to
school and do that.

So you're
dropping out.

That's the deal.
Got it?

Yeah, I got it. You've
gone off the deep end.

What happened with wanting
to be a veterinarian?

I don't have
a choice!

If I don't do this, I may
not go to school at all.

I may not
go anywhere!

Forget it, you
don't understand.

Understand? I throw
a ball, Brooke.

That's all
I can do.

And if i don't,
I'm nothing.


Look. You're smart. You can
be anything you want to be.

( Caden ) You have choices.

I just hope you make
the right ones.

Looks good, Ging.

[soft snort]

Need a hand
with that?

No, I'm good.

Your school
called today.

You wanna tell me
why you been ditchin'?

I'm dropping out.

Dropping out? You
wanna tell me why?

We have to compete.

No, you gotta get
your schoolin'.

There's still some
inflammation, so I've got to
rebuild the muscle--

You gotta get
your schoolin', Brooke!

First you don't want
me to go to school,

now you do, Dad.
What do you want?

Well, I don't want
you to be me.

Everything's changed
since I was your age.

It used to be, if you could
work with your hands,

you could get good at something
and make decent money.

Now, you gotta get the degree
just to get the chance to
work at something.

And how am I supposed
to get a degree, Dad?

It's not like we
can afford it.

I screwed up,
honey, I know that.

These last couple of
weeks looking fer--

work that pays decent money has
really slapped me on the head.

I guess I always
thought that somehow

the money that we'd make
from you winning would just
fix everything.

Maybe I put too much
faith in our dream.

It's your dream,

It was always
your dream.

I never cared
about winning.

It was about making
you proud of me.

Problem is I have to win now,
whether I want to or not.

I'm really not
like you, Dad.

I'm not like
you at all.

Dinner's ready.

I'm not hungry.

[climbing footsteps]


Didn't go too
well, huh?

Well, no.

What are we
gonna do, Joe?

Well, look, I didn't want to
tell you cuz it isn't
definite yet but--

Harry Black,

he works with me
over at Frank's,

I don't think you
ever met him.

Well, he called me, and
he's leaving Frank's,

he's opening his own garage
over in Shelton next month,

and naturally he knew
I was available,

There's nothing under the
sun I can't fix, so--

So, we were
talking salary.

And it looks like he might be
able to pay me a little bit
better than Frank did.

And then once
the place takes off,

he's promising a big raise. So
what do you think about that?

Stop it.


Don't lie to me, Joe.

( Helen )
Here you go.

( Dutch )
Thank you, Helen.

Is everything alright?

What's going on? What
are you doing here?

I asked him
to come, Joe.


Joe, I am so sorry
about that horse.

He was getting a little
high strung and erratic,

which is one of the reasons I
wanted to get a new horse,

but I had no idea that he'd
go over the edge like that.

Yeah, well, I made a deal
and I'll stick with it.

We can work
something out.

I don't need
your handouts.


I mean it.

I thought, maybe
after all these years,

it might be time
to bury the hatchet.

Should-a known better than to
get involved with you again.

If it wasn't
for you--

I am not gonna take the blame
because you can't pen no more.

I'm gonna put
oil in the truck.

When I come back,
I want you gone.

Why would Joe blame
you for his accident?

He doesn't blame me for the
accidents, he blames me for
what comes after.

He never told
you any of this?


Well, when we were riding
partners, we co-owned his
horse, Storm.

After the accident, while
he was in the hospital,

well, he was totally out
of it, there was medical
bills piling up,

and there was nobody to
pay them so I sold Storm.

I gave him half the money,
I gave him more than half
the money, I swear.

I believe you.

Well, when Joe got out
of the hospital finally,
he was furious at me.

He said he could-a
ridden again but
without his horse,

there wasn't even
any point trying.

Well, doctors said
he couldn't ride,
it was dangerous.

Yeah. You know
that, I know that,

but Joe got this idea
in his head that

if I hadn't sold Storm
he would-a gone back
in the saddle.

I'm as sorry as I can
be about this, Helen.

Joe is a good man. But he's
got a grudge against me.

I don't see there's anything
I can do to change that.

Thanks for the coffee.


Come in. Sit.

You haven't being going to
class. What's going on?

My grades dropped.

I figured there wasn't any
point of coming anymore.

Of course,
there's a point.

A friend of mine brought
me all the assignments.

I'm working on those.

And this is a special
biology project.

Mr. Coleman thought
it might help me

get a scholarship
for Washington State.

Good night.

I love you.

I love you too.

Good night.

( Brooke ) Good night.

( male voice )
That was great, man !


I don't believe it.


I came to
watch you play.

So I guess this
means I owe you one.

Like I said, you come to one of
my games, I watch you compete.

Actually, I was hoping
you'd do me a favor.

Wanna go on a little
road trip with me?


So you sure you don't want to
wait till your parents get home?

No, my dad will
wanna come, [grunt]

and that will trigger everything
that I'm trying to escape.

He'll think I'm
doing it for him.

I'm doing it
because I have to.


You know the last time I
camped out like this.

I was like eight years old.

We went on a road trip
to the mountains

and for two nights we
slept outside.

It was amazing.

It was like the higher we went,
the closer the stars got.

You're amazing. It takes a lot
of courage to do this.

It's too bad you can't--
no, forget it.


What? Oh, nothing. No,
you're perfectly adequate
the way you are.

What can't I do?

Okay. You can't dance.

What? You said so yourself.

I've always been too

No one's here to
laugh at you.

There's no music.

One sec.


[female voice sings
romantic song]

[female voice sings
romantic song]

[female voice sings
romantic song]

Mind if we take a break
from dancing?


[romantic song]

Brooke's gone.


Ginger, her
tackle, everything.

I called Caden's parents
and he's gone too.

She's going
to Denver.

To the finals?

To the finals.

[male voice sings
country song]

[ Brooke ] It's your
dream, Dad.

[ Brooke ] It was always
your dream.

[ Brooke ] I'm really not
like you, Dad.

[ Brooke ] I'm not like
you at all.

I love you.

I love you too.

( male announcer)
Welcome to Denver )

( male announcer) For the
national penning finals.

( male announcer) And here's the
McCurley sisters,

( male announcer) the best trick
riders in the west !

( male announcer) God bless
America, everyone [cheering and

( male announcer) Oh, look at
her lift that leg. Yeow !

( male announcer)
Oh, yeah !


( male announcer) She knows how
to spark up the crowd, huh?


[gentle snort]

( male announcer) Next
up, the penning finals,

( male announcer) where teams of
three have to get the three same
number cattle--

It's alright, girl.

[soft snort]

Once we get in there, we'll
forget all about them.

We'll do what
we always do.


You just trust me
and we'll be okay.

( male announcer) This ain't
no play ground.

( male announcer) Only the
fastest and the toughest
riders in the west

( male announcer) can get the
best time to win the penning

( male announcer) 18 on deck.
18 on deck.

Please welcome team number
18 from Silverdale Valley,

( male announcer) Ken
Bradshaw, Rick McCalrey, and
Brooke Preston

Yeah, Brooke!

[cheering and applause]

Looks like one of the
sevens has a bad leg.

Well, let's not get
the sevens.

Odds or evens?

I'm not betting.

Why not?

I don't want to be
wrong. Not today.

( male announcer )
Here they go!
[horn blares]


[general shouting in pen]

[general shouting in pen]

Yeah !

( Rick )
Agh !

( Brooke )
Rick !

[horn blares]

Yeah !

You okay?

I'm cut.

Looks like we're
in seventh place.

It's enough to put
us into the finals.

Give me a hand.

Rick, you can't ride,
you can't even stand.

What are we
gonna do?



Before you
say a word,

I know why
you're here.

I don't want you to do
this if you don't want to.

The bank will give
us a few extra days.

Your mother and I'll
figure all that out.

Miss Alcott called.

You got
the scholarship.

We're so proud
of you, honey.

I got
the scholarship?

You got
the scholarship.

You don't have to do this
if you don't want to.

I want to
do this Dad.


Must've caught a bur
on steel or something.

I'm cut pretty deep.

Maybe we'll find a spare
to ride in Rick's place.

It's the finals, I don't
think you're gonna find
a spare around here.

We can't get this
far and give up!



It's time you finished
that ride you started
18 years ago.

[ Brooke ] Mom !
What if he gets thrown?

He might never
walk again !

He's not
gonna get thrown.

Are you?


'Cause I'm thinking
like a winner.

I'm starting to
feel like one too.

You ready to ride
with your old man?

I'm ready!

[ indistinct
announcer ]

( Brooke )
I have never seen
times like these.

( Brad )
Don't forget these are
the national finals.

Ford went down in this
round. So now we're
sitting third.

This is it. We're up.

( male announcer )
Our next and last
team to ride,

( male announcer )
currently sits
in third place,

( male announcer )
and in order
for them to win it all

they've gotta be--

Mrs. Preston?


Um, I was,
I didn't think,

uh, I was, I was
just trying to help.

It's okay.


Call your parents.


Please welcome back
team number 18 from
Silverdale, Washington,

Brooke Preston !

Ken Bradshaw !

And riding for
Rick McCalrey,
Joe Preston !

[cheering and applause]


( Caden )
Yeah ! Come
on, Joe.

Go, Brooke!

Any bets?



I never bet
against a winner,
I'd say odds too.

Me too.

Riders !
To the line.

Flags up.

Go, go, go!

[indistinct shouting
in pen]

( announcer, indistinct )

[indistinct shouting
in pen]

[indistinct shouting
in pen]

[indistinct shouting
in pen]

Yeah !

Dad, you got him?

Take the outside!
Come on !

Yah ! Yah ! I got
him ! I got him !

Good call !
Bring him in !

( Ken )
Looks like one of the
sevens has a bad leg.


Dad !

Dad !

If that isn't a
winning time, I don't
know what is!

( female voice )

Thank you.

[loud neigh]

Ha. There
you go, girl.

Now you can rest that
leg for a while.

You deserve it.

She is quite
a horse.

Yes, she is.

I forgot how
much fun it is.

That was incredible.

Well, here.
This is for you.

I want you to take this
and pay the bank off.

Baby, no.

This'll be my last
competition for a while.

It'd be nice if the prize
makes everyone happy.

You're gonna have a
whole lot of expenses
at Washington State.

(Mom )
Goodness, you guys
were incredible.

Hey, baby.

Ohhh ! My
goodness, you guys!

( Caden )
You're amazing !

I always said you were
a natural born penner.

Well, thanks, Dutch.

I almost felt like
I knew what I was
doing out there.

I've been
thinking, Joe.

It took a lot for
you to call me.

I know you don't know
a lot about the computer
chips on these new rigs,

but I will pay
for your training.

Well what
do you say?

The jobs yours
if you want it.

[ Joe ]
What do you think ?

You think I could look
like an oil rig mechanic?

You think I could
look like a veterinarian?

I think you can look like
anything you want to look like.

So, it's a deal ?

You got a deal !

Ginger, how would you
feel about taking
early retirement?


[ Brooke ] She'll feel like a
winner Dad. Just like me.

[male voice sings
slow song]