Every 9 Seconds (1997) - full transcript

A crisis line worker searches for an abused woman who calls the hotline proclaiming her revenge against her abusive ex-husband. In a second story, a teen who declined help from the crisis center is attacked by her boyfriend.

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"Good morning."

"How you feeling?"

"I have your breakfast ready
just the way you like it."

"It looks like
a beautiful day outside."

"Here, let me
pour you some tea."

"Is something wrong?"

"This tea is cold!

"Are you stupid? Can't you
make a lousy pot of tea?"

"I'm sorry. I'll heat it up."

"Forget it. I don't like
your stupid tea."


JANET: April!

I'm in my room.

What are you doing?
Just playing.


Didn't I ask you
to clean up your room?



Can I have a cookie first?

How about if you
clean up your room first

and I'll give you
a cookie afterward.

But, Mom, if I have
a cookie first

I'll be in a better mood
while I'm cleaning.





Oh, my God.


I thought...

Yeah, it's called
early release.

They reduce your sentence
by half for good behavior.

Aren't you gonna
invite us in?


The judge said
you're not allowed

within 500 feet of this house.
Come on, Janet.
Just for a minute.

I'll even keep
the meter running.

You haven't changed anything.

What do you want?


What do I want?
What do you think I want?

I want us to be
together again.

A family. The way
we used to be.

Isn't that
what we both want, Jan?

Just to put our lives
back together?


Just go.
Where's April?

She's not home.

She's still at school.

April's still at school.

That expensive school
she goes to gets out
at 1:00, Janet.


She's upstairs, isn't she?

I'll tell you what,

I'm gonna go take care

of some things,
but I'll be back.

So why don't
you have...

Why don't you have
the restraining order lifted,

get all dressed up,
you and April.

We'll all go out
and celebrate
my homecoming.


[WHISPERS] I love you.



You call this running?

Ha! My uncle Clarence,

you know him, right?

He's 93.

Gets to the dinner table
faster than you run.


That's funny.


you look a little overheated.
Need some water?
Yeah, sure.


Thank you.


You so slow,

you make Sunday Mass
look like an action movie.




Okay, are you all right?

Yeah, I think I really
went over on that one.



I got you.

You know,
I recall one activity

where you enjoy
the fact that I'm slow.

Oh, yeah.

RAY: So, how's it coming?

CARRIE: Did you know
that one in three women

will be assaulted
in her lifetime

by a domestic partner?

Does that mean
the article's gonna be ready
for this Sunday's edition?

Next week, promise.

Next week?
You said that last week.
Still no article.

Honey, you've
surrounded yourself
with this research

for three weeks
and you still
haven't written anything.

This is my chance to really
write something special.

Besides, tonight's
my first night on the lines.

And then it's over, right?

Look, Ray, if you're
really that concerned,

just take me off the story.

No, no, no.
I don't care about the story.

This is about you.

This subject.
It can't help but bring up
things from your past.

Look, Ray, I know
you're concerned
and I love you for that.

But I'm a big girl.


I can handle it.


You call me later
at the office.

Yeah, yeah.
Don't worry.

Yeah, yeah.
Hey, your phone, Carrie!

Is he gonna live with us?


Why did he come back?

I don't know.

But I thought
you said...

I promise,
everything's gonna be okay.

But what if he hurts you?

He's never
gonna hurt me again.


JANET: It's us.


Hi, Aunt Kate.

How's my favorite niece?
My daddy came home today.

I know.

I've got
your favorite show
on the bedroom TV,

so why don't you
go watch while I talk
to Mommy, okay?

You're not going
back there.

What are my choices?

Running the rest of my life?

Moving every
six months till he finally
tracks me down?

Even if
I was willing to do that,

what kind of life
is that for April?

So what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go back

and I'm gonna face him.

You think he's gonna
listen to you?

He'll listen.

This time he'll listen.

Women's Crisis Line.

WOMAN: Look, I want to know
if there's some kind of law

that can keep my husband...

WOMAN: Oh, my God!
He's coming in.

WOMAN: Help me, please!
You've got to...

where are you?
WOMAN: No, help me!

WOMAN: Help me!

Can you get away?
WOMAN: Don't, please don't!


WOMAN: I'm sorry...
Are you all right?

WOMAN: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!



What could that counselor
have done differently?

Trace the call?
Hmm, not enough time.

She needed to
get the address.

Well, she tried.
You heard that.

The first thing she said was,
"Where are you?"



The answer is,
there was nothing
she could do.

That is the hardest part
of this job.

When you find yourself
sitting here with
a dead phone,

thinking about how you failed,

and there's no way
for me to train
or prepare you to handle it.

Your ability
to both do your best

and still understand
your limitations

will be what
finally determines

if you'll be able to stick
with this work or not.

So, the idea is not to get
too involved, right?

the question is,

what is too involved?

If you're going home
at the end of your shift

carrying the pain
of this with you,

then, yeah,
you're too involved.

On the other hand, you know,

no woman calling
in the middle of a crisis

wants to open herself up
to some unfeeling technician.

So, your involvement
is crucial.

Yeah, it's like a lifeguard.
You have to swim out...

ELEANOR: And then be able
to swim back again.

Because your
emotional well-being

is as important to me
as the caller's.




I missed you so much.

Who's the guy?
Just some guy from school.

Yeah, I want
to meet him, okay?

Hey, come here.

Um, Missy says
you're a friend of hers.
Is that right?

Yeah, we all go
to Lincoln.

Greg, stop it.

Look, all right,
I'm not doing
anything, okay.

I just wanted
to come over here

and I wanted
to introduce myself
to your friends, okay?

All right, my name's Greg.

What's your name?

Alan? All right, Alan,
did Missy tell you
I'm her boyfriend?

Did she tell you that?

Yeah, she brings it up
all the time.

Would you do me a favor
and you try to remember that?
Can you do that?

Yeah, sure, man.



Missy, that guy
is a geek. Okay?

Why'd you have to do that?
Do what?

Missy, that guy,
he's just trying to
get in your pants, okay.

That's all he's doing.

Missy, wait a second.
Just wait a second.

All right, look!
I am sorry, okay.
I said it, I'm sorry.

DEB: What made you want
to be a volunteer?

Wanting to help, I guess.

Thinking that if someone
was desperate enough
to call a stranger,

maybe I could be
that person on the other end.


Well, so far we've only had

one caller and they hung up.


Don't you worry.
The rush is gonna get
started any minute now.

It gets busier after dark?
Oh, yeah.

The work day ends,
the bars fill up,

and all the anger people
keep bottled up all day,

it gets...

Women's Crisis Line.

MISSY: Can you just tell me
how to stop a guy

from being jealous?

What happens
when he gets jealous?

He just gets angry, I mean,

he just goes off.

Does he hit you?

No, I mean,

maybe just one time
but that's... That's all.

It was... It was
my fault anyways.

You're wrong.


Look, I just want to know
if there's something I can do

to make him not be
so jealous all the time.

What's your name?


Let me ask you
a question, Missy.

Aren't you really calling
because you're afraid of him?


Why would I be afraid of him?

Because if he's hit you once
he's gonna do it again.

And that's not true.

It is true, Missy.

I think you know that.
I think you know, you...

You're in
a dangerous relationship.

Do you understand
what I'm saying, Missy?

I can't talk right now.
I have to go.

With him?


Will you call me later?

I'll try. Um,
what's your name?

Oh, it doesn't matter,
anyone here...

Fine. I don't care.


My name is Carrie.

Okay, maybe
I'll call you later.


What's the matter?

I didn't handle that
very well.

No, you're wrong.

You planted the seed.

Now she knows there's
someone she can talk to.

The problem is,
she's blaming herself.

They always do.

Especially if they're young
or abused as children.




CARRIE: Women's Crisis Line.

Are you all right?

I'm sorry.

I don't know why
I'm doing this.

Maybe you just need
someone to talk to.

That makes sense, doesn't it?

Have you been drinking?


I've been drinking.

But it's not something
I normally do.

Why are you drinking now?

To kill pain.

Gather courage.

But it doesn't
really help, does it?

Why do you need courage?

I'm gonna kill my husband.

[WHISPERS] Stay calm.

I'm sorry.

Did I frighten you?

Aren't you frightened?

Yes. I suppose.

Well, then let's
call the police.

And have them do what?

Violate his restraining order?

Put him in jail
another 18 months?

It's not gonna stop him.

It's just gonna
delay the inevitable.

You could go to a shelter.

He'd find me
sooner or later.

[STAMMERS] Where are you?
What's your address?

I won't tell you that.

But if you're in danger...

The only thing
I'm in danger of
is running out of vodka.

I'm gonna have to make
a quick trip to Ted's.

Wait, don't go.

Hmm... You can't help me.

You haven't given me
a chance yet.

All the same,
you've been really sweet
to keep me company.

Let's keep talking.

Here's how it's gonna happen.

So you'll know
when they arrest me

and you see me on the news.

He'll come to the door,

he'll ask for our daughter.

Don't do this.
She won't be here.

Then he'll start to hit me.

And I'll pull out my gun.

And I'll fire every bullet
I've got into him.

So, now you can tell
the reporters we talked,

just before
the punching bag
punched back.

[INHALES] Please, don't...



ELEANOR: Carrie, there's
nothing more you can do.

That is not true.
I can help her.

No, you can't.
She hung up.

And you can't help someone
who won't let you help.

But if I can find her...

Absolutely not.

I thought you said
we were supposed
to help these women.

I thought you said
we were supposed
to swim out.

Not in these dangerous waters.

Not when
I've seen lifeguards drown.

Carrie, I know your heart's
in the right place.

But you are just
going to have to accept this.

Do you understand?

I understand.


Women's Crisis Line.

DEB: No, that's okay.
Take your time.

Can I go out for
a breath of fresh air?

Carrie, I know
this is hard for you.

I'm just gonna
go out for a while.











3531 Lakeshore.

DEB: I hope she's all right.

Hope's not enough, honey.

But what if she's able
to help that woman?

What if she's not?

What if she gets caught
in a situation
she can't control?

Did that happen to you?

No, not to me.

To a counselor
who worked here.

She was very bright
and very intuitive.

And she took a call
from a woman

who was afraid
of leaving her husband.

And without telling me
or anyone else,

this counselor arranged
to meet with this woman.
What happened?

The husband
came back unexpectedly

and slashed
them both to death
with a straight razor.



Women's Crisis Line.

It's a man who says
he's Carrie's fiance.

Hello, I'm the director here.
How can I help you?

Yeah, sorry. I don't mean
to tie up your lines there,

but if it's possible I'd like
to speak to Carrie, please.


What do you mean,

Is she... Is she on a call
or something?

On my desk, please.

She's all yours.

So, are you new in town?

No, just back from
an extended trip.

Yeah, where'd you go?


That must have been
some kind of
a bad vacation, huh?

You got a phone I can use?

Down the road a piece.

Why, thank... Oh!

Jeez, am I sorry.

Sorry about that. Thank you.

J.D., you have
a call on line two.

J.D., pick up
line two, please.




Hello, you've reached
Mike McConnell

with the Department of Parole.

I'm not able to come
to the phone right now,

but if you leave a message
I'll get right back to you
as soon as possible.


Mr. McConnell,
Richard Sutherland here.

Uh, I know we're supposed
to get together today,

but, uh, it's these...

Pressing issues
that I've...
MIKE: Sutherland?

Mr. McConnell!
Hey, hi, uh...

Jeez, I thought you'd
left for the day.

MIKE: You were
supposed to be here
two hours ago, weren't you?

Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

That's actually
why I'm calling. I, um...

Got, uh, caught in traffic,

I lost track of time.

Well, where are you now?

I said, where are you now?

Oh, gee. Boy, uh...

Bishop Avenue.

Uh, probably a good hour
from your office.

You haven't gone near
your wife's house, have you?

No. No, sir.

So you're on Bishop now,
way up by the shopping center?

Yeah, way out there.

All right then.
Okay, um, sorry about this.
Maybe I'll see you next week?

There's a place called, uh,
Men's Recovery Center

on Bishop and 83rd.

I got a group
starting there in 15 minutes.
I'll see you then.

[STUTTERS] Mr. McConnell,

you know...

I just, um...

I just... I really
don't think that I need
this kind of thing.

And what I mean by that
is that I'm...

I'm not good or comfortable
with, uh, groups...

MIKE: The terms of your
release require you to attend

rage management sessions

or finish your sentence
in prison.

So I suggest you get
your ass over here.

Okay... [STAMMERS]
How about next week?


I'll see you in 15 minutes.

Okay, good...

I'll see you then.

Nice talking to you.





Show's over.

BOY: Whatever.




Look, I said
I was sorry, Missy.

It just keeps happening,
that's all.

So, what does that mean?
You don't wanna
see me anymore?

I didn't say that.
Mmm, mmm-hmm.

Well, maybe it'd be best.
I mean, I know you don't
really care about me anyway.

How can you say that?

How can I say that?
Missy, we've been dating
for what, two months now,

and you're still
giving me this Little
Miss Good Girl thing.

Yeah, I just thought
you were a little bit

older than that.

I just wanna
go slow, that's all.


Well, maybe I'm just wasting
my time, you know?

Maybe you'd rather be with
that guy Alan, I don't know.

Look, I got you something

and if you don't want it,
I understand, but I wanted
to give it to you.

Oh, my God!

It's so beautiful.

Maybe now you'll see
how much I really do love you.

Oh, Greg.

Does this mean you forgive me?

You know I do.


This mean you're gonna
give me what I want?

Greg, I gotta get home.

Greg, stop it.

Greg, stop it.

Greg, stop it!

You go home to your mommy
and your daddy.

And you call me when you
decide to grow up, Missy.
All right?


Let me get $5
in lottery tickets.

JANET: Fifth of vodka, please.
I don't need a bag.







CARRIE: Oh, my God!

Are you hurt?

I don't think so.

Okay, come on.

Let's get you home.

Okay, look out.

Through here.


I'm not what
you think I am.

I know that.

Do I know you?

No, I just have one of those
familiar faces.

Come on,
let's get you home.

I'm gonna punch her face in.

I'm thinking...

Maybe three months in prison,
hell, it's worth it.

I mean, I'm not gonna
take this from her.

I mean, I'm just gonna do it.

MIKE: What stopped you?

I saw my workbook.

Truth is, I was probably
gonna throw it at her.


And it hit me
just how much this represents.

How hard I'm trying
to stop my damn self.

So, I just started walking.

I kept walking till about
6:00 in the morning.



Sorry I'm late.

MIKE: Well, the idea is to
get here on time, not halfway
through the session.

As long as you're here,
come on in.

Introduce yourself
to the group.


I'm Richard Sutherland.

Ah, go ahead.
Everybody's here
for the same reasons.

I'm Richard Sutherland
and, uh...

I was just released from
the Inland Men's
Correctional Facility.

What did you do?

I was an executive
with an insurance company.

No, man.
What did you do?

I assaulted my wife.

With what?

The shaft of a golf club.

You put her in the hospital?

I don't understand
the point of this.

You're a sick son of a bitch
who's looking to make
somebody else pay for the...

That's not true.

You're telling me that
that bitch threw you in jail,

destroyed your career,

took away everything
that you have,

and you're not even
just a little bit pissed off?


You're under control,
aren't you?

Mr. Ice Cube.

You're not like
the rest of the guys.

That's right.

And all I want now
is to get on with
the rest of my life.


Did you get that birthday card
for your cousin?

I forgot.
I'll get it tomorrow.

Where did you get that?

Greg gave it to me.

You're kidding.
Oh, let me see it.
Let me see.

Oh, Missy.

Oh, it's so beautiful.

Hey! Is anybody gonna
bring me a beer?

Hang on!

You know,
you're a very lucky girl.

You don't meet
guys like Greg
every day.

He wants me to go out
with him later.

You know your dad
doesn't like you going out
on school nights.



What do you mean?


If that's the only fight
you're gonna put up,

maybe you ought to
get the beer and
I'll go out with Greg tonight.


I'll talk to your dad.

I appreciate you
taking me home like this.

And I would invite you in,
but I'm really not
feeling well.

Well, could... Could I
make you a cup of coffee
or something?

It's very kind
but I will be fine.

Something wrong?

I know who you are.

I know what
you've been planning.

Who are you?

I spoke to you over
the phone, I took your call
at the Women's Crisis...

Just get out!
Not until you listen to me.

Why should I?
You don't know
what you're talking about.

There are shelters.
There are restraining orders.

Don't talk to me
about restraining orders.

This one says, uh,
he can't call.

This one says
he can't come within
500 feet of this house.

You think any of these
make a difference?

I'm the one that
sent him to prison.

I'm the one he blames
for everything.

And... And none of these
pieces of paper

are gonna make
a difference to stop him
now that he's back.

So you're just gonna
ruin your life?

My life was ruined
a long time ago.

And your daughter,
she doesn't need you
to be whole?

I'm doing this for her.

That's not true.
You don't know.

Ask her.

Do you think
she wants to go to trial?

You think she wants to
see her mom behind bars
for the rest of her life?

Just... Just go.

We can do this
another way, Janet.

We can pack your clothes
and just go.

And go where?

To a shelter that will take
you and your daughter.

Where is she?

She's at my sister's.

JANET: The suitcases
are in the closet.

I'll go get April's things.

You are saying that
this was all to get a story
for the paper?

No, no, I'm saying that
she was doing research

for her article
on domestic violence.

So, she misrepresented
herself to me?

No, she needed to get inside
and she needed to find out
what was happening first-hand.

That's all.
And is that
what she's doing right now?

Just getting a little more
up-close and personal?



This is more than
just an assignment to her.

Carrie grew up in
an incredibly abusive family.

She was 10, and her father
beat her mother to death.

And it's possible
she even saw it happen.

What do you mean,
"it's possible"?

I've lived with her for
three years and she still
won't talk to me about it.

Where's her father now?

He died
shortly before the trial.

That's all I know.

Except now that she's
researching the story,

it's all started to come
to the surface.

You realize
that if she's out there
trying to undo her past,

she's in a lot more danger
than the woman
she's trying to help.

You must have some
kind of caller ID here,
some kind of tracing system?

How many women do you think
would call if it got out
we ID'd every call?

So what about
emergency situations?

If we keep a line open,
the phone company
can trace a call, that's all.

So you have no idea
where Carrie is?

All I know is that the woman
had a restraining order

and her husband was released
from prison after 18 months.

Who are you calling?

Friend of mine
at the DA's office.

That might be enough
to go on.

Yeah, I need to talk to
Lenny Oppenheimer
right away, please.

You ready?

Where is it?

You're going to a shelter,
you don't need it, Janet.

You haven't
answered my question.

Oh, my God!

What is it?

He used to make me, uh,
choose something I loved
and then he'd smash it.

Teach me a lesson.

And then he'd make me
keep a piece of it
so I'd remember.

Why didn't you just leave him?

I was...

I was afraid he'd kill me.

And I was afraid
I couldn't live without him.

That sounds really stupid,
doesn't it?

I thought he was so much
better than I deserved.

So much
smarter and stronger.

I thought I was lucky
to have him.

Why wasn't he lucky
to have you?

I need to grab my purse.


Hi, Janet.

Janet, stay calm.

Hello, I don't think
I've had the pleasure.

I'm a friend of Janet's.

What a coincidence that you
just happened to drop by

on the same night
that I come home.

Couldn't be that you
didn't want to be alone
with me, could it?

She's just a friend.

Her car broke down.
I gave her a lift.

That's nice of you.

And I don't mean to be rude
but I think Janet and I
would like to be alone now.


I'm afraid that's not...
He's right.

listen to me.
Excuse me!

Excuse me!

We haven't seen each other
for quite a while and I think
we need our privacy.


Just go.

Hey, thanks for everything.

Nice meeting you.
Thanks for helping out.
Appreciate it.

Drive safely.

We need to talk.

Do you think
my mommy's okay?

I'm sure she is.

What if she isn't?

April, honey,
your mom and dad
are gonna work this out.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Why does he have to be
angry all the time?

I don't know.

I don't think your daddy
can help it.

Don't worry, sweetheart.

Your mommy's going to be fine.

I told you, I want to
see my daughter.

She's not yours

Are you trying
to get me angry?

I don't care.
I'm not afraid of you anymore.

Well, you know,
maybe that was
the problem.

You never were,
you know,
not enough, anyway,

not enough to do
even the littlest
things that I asked.

I'm telling you to get...
All I ever wanted...

...out of this house!
...was a little respect.

To be treated like a man
in my own house. A house
I bought and paid for.

And now you think
you can just
kick me out.

Hmm? You think you can just
take my daughter
and tell me to go away?

Is that what you think?

Get out of this house.

Why are you doing this?

I am warning you...

DEB: Hello,
Women's Crisis Line.

MISSY: Can I speak
to Carrie, please?

I'm sorry,
Carrie's not here
right now.

Can I help you?

That's okay,
it doesn't matter.

Is this Missy?

How did you know that?

Carrie said that
you might call.

My name is Deb, by the way.

Well, I don't really have
anything to say, so...

Why don't you just tell me
what's going on?


CARRIE: Okay, call 911...


Damn it!


You don't understand, my...

My parents think he's great.
My friends think he's great.

I mean, half the girls
I know are trying to
get him into bed.

And that makes
everything all right?

Well, maybe not,
but you're making it seem like
he's some kind of monster.

All right, not a monster.
Just a guy who scares
and occasionally hits you.

Look, I just...

I know if I talk to him,
we can work it out.

Missy, there are other boys.

But he loves me.

He... He said it.

RAY: Lenny, listen,
I understand that.

All I'm asking is that you
check your records.

LENNY: Oh, come on,
for what, Ray?

An unnamed
inmate who did unknown time

in an
undisclosed prison...
No, no, no. He...

He did 18 months,
and we know that
it was for spousal abuse.

Well, if he did 18 months,
that means it had
to be level four.

Well, level four,
what is that?

It means he used a weapon.

Lenny, listen,
Carrie could be
with this guy right now.

All right, I'll call you back
in a few minutes.
All right.

MISSY: Look, I want to stay
with him, okay?

So, if you can't
help me hold it together,

then I might as well
just hang up.

Well, when do you think
you're going to see him again?


Missy, that's not
a good idea.

It's not a big deal.
We're just going out.

Then see him at your house.

With my parents here?
I'm sure.

Missy! Greg's here.

I have to go.

Don't be alone
with him, Missy.

Don't worry.
Promise me, Missy.

Don't worry. I...

Just tell Carrie
I say thanks.


What do you think's
gonna happen?

I don't know.

Come here.

Where are we going?

Someplace special.

Look, I just wanna talk.

Don't worry.
We're just gonna
have some fun. Okay?

What's this?

What's this, huh?

Come on, tell me,
what is this?

What, you running away
with your little
friend there, Janet?

I didn't wanna run.
I wanted to stay and face you.

I'm standing right here.
What do you want to say?

Get out of this house
and don't ever come back.

That's very funny, Janet.

I'm warning you.

Where's my daughter?

Go to hell!

You know, you got
quite a little mouth on you
there, Janet.

You wanna say that
to me again, Janet?

Say it to me.

Come on, say it again!

Go to hell. Come on.
Say it!

Say it! Come on!
Come on, say it!

Come on,
I want you to say it.
Say it!


RICHARD: Come on, say it!


RICHARD: Come on, I wanna
hear you say it! Say it!


JANET: Please, Richard!
I'll be good. I'll be...

JANET: Please, Richard!

RICHARD: You think
I like doing this?



You cannot give me
200 names.

All I'm asking for is
a print-out of incoming calls.

Look, you gotta
be able to help me here.

Yeah, I'm calling shelters
regarding a woman who...


Can you hold, please?

Women's Crisis Line.

It's Carrie.

Lenny, hang on.

Hold the line.

I tried to call 911
but I couldn't get through.

Tell Eleanor to call
the cops, now.

Where are you?

RICHARD: Hang it up!

Carrie, can you hear me?

RICHARD: Hang up
the phone or I'll kill her.



Now, who are you?

Who are you?

I'm a reporter.

I was doing an article
on domestic violence

when Janet
called the crisis line.

I don't believe this.
I don't believe you!

Shut up! Hey!

You go near that door,
I'll kill her.


Brought us a
little something.


I don't want any.

Oh, yeah,
I guess you're right,
I guess, uh,

Mommy and Daddy wouldn't
approve, now, would they?

Here, just take a sip.

It's okay. You can
take another sip.

Here, let me help you.

Oh, jeez.

Oh, man.


You've got a
lot of nerve, lady.

I'm just trying to help.

Yeah? Help? Who?

Write a story for
your newspaper?

No, that's not why I'm...

Shut up.

Please, you have
to listen to me.

I said shut up.

I know why you're
doing this. I know...


RICHARD: Who do you...

Who do you think you are?
You think you can talk to me?

You think you know me?

Yes, my father was
just like you.
He couldn't...

You're not quite so
tough now, are you?



Janet, no!

What did you do?

What'd you do?

Don't move.

You all right?

You okay?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
for that to happen.

Okay, let's get you out of
those wet clothes, 'cause...

Stop it.

I thought we were
gonna have some fun, Missy.

MISSY: I don't want to!

Why are you always
trying to force me?

Force you?

What? Is that a joke, Missy?

Do you know how many girls
I could have every week
if I wanted to?

You know what those girls
would be doing right now

if I gave them
something like this? Huh?

You know what I should do?

I should give this
to your friend from,

uh, from the mall.

What's her name?
Karen? Huh?

You remember Karen,
don't you?

What do you mean?

Oh, you didn't know?
Yeah, I met, uh, I met Karen

a couple of weeks ago
at a party

and she showed me a
really, really good time.

She earned this, Missy.

She has twice
the body you got.

Just take me home.

Of course, you do still
have a lot of this, uh,

this little baby fat on...

Why are you doing this?

I'm gonna be sick.
You go be sick.


RICHARD: What, are you
gonna kill me, Janet?

You've wanted to finish me off
for a long time, haven't you?


[SHOUTS] Do it!

You think I won't?

You might as well,
because I'm never gonna
stop being your husband.

You're gonna die.

RICHARD: If that's
what you want, Janet.

"Do you take this man

"to be your lawful,
wedded husband?

"For rich or for poor.
In sickness and health.

"Till death do us part."

You remember
those vows, Janet?

[SNIFFLING] Why can't
you just leave me alone?

RICHARD: Because
I love you, Janet.

And I always will.
And you wanna
know something?

I believe you love me too.

I hate you. [CRYING]

Yeah, but you don't
have the guts to pull
the trigger, do you?

You are weak and stupid.

Damn it, I don't care
what you have to do.

I want that call
sourced right now or I...


Hold on.

you both to shut up,

and just listen to me.

This is very important, okay?

The next one to open her mouth

is gonna die.

[SHOUTS] Now that
I have the gun,

there are not gonna
be any more games.

Of course,
the big question is...

What do I do with you?

JANET: Let her go.

Now why would I do that?

So you can go call the police,
have me sent to prison?

Is that how
your little story ends?

If you don't do something
about your shoulder,
you're gonna bleed to death.

You're concerned about me.

Get me some towels.

Get me some towels!

RICHARD: Since when
did crusading reporters
ever give a damn

about the lives that
they messed up?

CARRIE: I didn't
mess up your life.

What the hell is
taking them so long?

The call's originating
from a different district.

The trace could take
upwards of an hour.

Oh! I don't believe this.

CARRIE: I know you think
I'm responsible.

RICHARD: You don't even know
the meaning of that word.

You have no concept
of what it takes to
be responsible.

To be a man in this world.


Women's Crisis Line.

It's Leonard Oppenheimer
for Ray.

Leonard Oppenheimer
from the DA's office.

Derrick White, Roger Ozal,
Richard Sutherland.

They were all released from
state prisons within
the last 48 hours

for spousal assault.

Now, if your theory is right,
your guy's probably
one of them,

but I have no idea which.

Yeah, I need addresses
and phone numbers.

This world is a sewer,

and the only way
you get out is by
being tougher

than every other idiot
who's trying to drag you
right back down.

Did your father
teach you that?

My father?

My father was an alcoholic

who sat around and did
nothing his entire life.

You think I'm like him?


I worked my entire life
to provide for my family.

I earned the respect
that's coming to me.

But I'm not allowed
to come within 100 yards
of my own house.

And because of my wife,
my daughter April
is afraid of me.

Afraid of her own father.

I see the way she looks at me.


MAN: Hello?

Hello, is this Derrick White?
Yeah, who's this?

Never mind,
you've just told me
what I need to know. Thanks.

You're gonna let her
do this to you?


Missy, look,
I'm really sorry, okay?

Missy, come on,
I didn't mean to hurt you,
okay? I'm sorry.

Can you hear me?

Missy, please, if something
were to happen to you,
I don't know what I would do.

Missy, please, if you can
hear me, just tell me
where you are.

Huh, Missy? Just tell me
where you are.

I'm over here.

Just keep talking
so I can find you.

Keep going, I'm over here.




It could be anyone.

No, it's him.

Call the cops.

Ray, wait.

No, do it. Call the cops.

You think I'm sick?

Bad father? No feeling?

No love?

Let me tell you something.

I love my daughter. I never
once laid a hand on her.


Your father beat you,
didn't he?

What my father did to me
makes a beating sound...

You're playing me, aren't you?

Little psychological tricks.

You think you're in control?

I'm in control.

Now, you're gonna...

You're gonna tell me
where to find April.

Don't look at her.

She's in a shelter.



Don't play games with me.

It's a shelter for children.

What's the name?

It doesn't
have a name.
It's just a shelter.

[WHISPERS] You're a liar.



You're gonna tell me

where to find April.

Don't tell him.

She's gonna die.

That what you want?

She's gonna die.

RICHARD: Say goodbye
to your new friend, Janet.

At Kate's.

Call her.

You tricked me.

We're getting
out of here. Let's go.



You did this.

This is your fault.


Open the door.



Come on.



Both gonna die tonight,
aren't we?

I didn't want this.

JANET: Ah, that's what's
important, isn't it?

What you want or
what you don't want.

That's what matters
to you.

You talk about love.
You talk about vows.

And the only vow
you ever made

was to yourself.
That's enough.

I don't care what you
say to me anymore.

And I don't care
what you do to me anymore.

But I am telling you
right now,

you are staying away
from April.

She's my daughter, Janet.
[SHOUTS] She's mine!

Nothing you can do can
keep me away from her.





It's all right.
It's okay. I'm, uh...

I'm Ray Corso with, uh...
Called you from the crisis
line. I'm with the paper.

It's all right.

Where are they?

They're gone.

What, all of them?


Come on, come on, come on!

ELEANOR: Women's Crisis Line.

It's Ray. Where are they?

Getting Janet's daughter.
She's with a woman
named Kate.

And what about Carrie?

I don't know. He found the
line open and he cut it off.

Well, who's Kate?

I don't know.


JANET: I won't
let you do this.

RICHARD: Shut up!

Hello, please help me.

WOMAN: Who is it?
Let me in!

MAN: Hello?
Help me.





[SCREAMS] Somebody
call the police...


[SCREAMING] Don't open
the door, Kate!


Come on. Get up.

Where are they?
[CRIES] I don't know.

You don't know?
You don't know?

You don't know?
[SCREAMS] I don't know!


He'll find us.
No, he won't.

He will.
I know he will.

The police are coming.
Don't worry, sweetheart.




Thank God!


Get out there.

There's nowhere to run.
We're finished running.


Please help!


OFFICER: Get those
people back.


Richard, please!




Richard, no!

Your daughter's in the
building. She's downstairs
with the police.

You said that you would
never, ever hurt her.

So don't do this.

She needs you both.

She doesn't need me.

CARRIE: You're wrong.

You're all she has.

Like my father was to me.

He killed himself too.

They found him in the garage
where he hung himself.

And everyone told me
that it was for the best.

That he was sick.

That I'd be better off.

But when he died,
he took away the only
family I had left.

And what he didn't know,

what no one knew,

was that I needed him.

Even after all he had done,

I still needed my father.


Don't touch me.






This is my sister, Kate.

And my daughter, April.

Who are you?

I'm a friend of
your mommy's.
More than a friend.


I'm... I'm sorry.

Janet, I'm sorry.


Excuse me.


Are you okay?

Are you sure?

Oh, my God.

CARRIE: Are you?

I feel I aged
10 years in one night.
Other than that...

Hey, listen, Carrie,
Eleanor is on her way
to the hospital.

A young girl that you
counseled named Missy.

How is she?
I don't know yet.

They're working to stop
the internal bleeding.

Can I go in?

I don't know what to
say to you, Carrie.

I don't think I've ever
been so angry with someone
I think so highly of.

With all the people
you helped save tonight,

were you able to
save yourself?

How is she?

She's alive,
but just barely.

A lot's gonna depend
on her will to survive.

Can I see her?

Just for a moment.


It's Carrie.

I spoke to you
from the crisis line.

You're gonna be okay.

You are.

I'll help you.

We'll do it together.

You'll see.

Carrie, remember,
Missy's only 16.

But she knew to call.
Call twice.

She was just too young,

too naive to trust
her own instincts.

We almost caught her.
Maybe we'll catch
the next one.

I'd like to come back,
to keep working the lines.

As a reporter?
As a volunteer.

Let me think about it.

How about Friday night?