Even Mice Belong in Heaven (2021) - full transcript

A film about two mortal enemies - a little Mouse and a Fox, who after an unfortunate accident, meet in animal heaven. They lose their natural instincts and become best friends. Their wish to stay together after they return to earth comes true, but they are reborn into opposite roles. Thanks to the power of friendship they can even overcome what seems to be impossible.



I'm going to be
the bravest mouse.

- The bravest of all!
- Whizzy!

- Sis, don't be silly.
- Whizzy, get back here right now.




Don't do it.

Courage, I can make it.

- He's gonna eat her!
- Mama will kill us!

Yeah! Ha-ha!

Now get out of there, quick!


Be careful!

Whizzy, no!

Whizzy! Run!

Whizzy! Here!


This is Whizzy,

a mouse just like
countless others,

but yet, extraordinary.

Whizzy had a dad, Papa.

And her Papa wasn't
just any old dad.


One day, they crossed paths

with the vicious fox, Muzzle,

otherwise known as
"The Mouse Muncher."



Whizzy, stay here.

You have to be brave now.

The bravest mouse
in the whole world, hmm?


Oh! Oh!

Hmm. C'mon!




- Aha!
- Hooray!

Oh, he did it! He did it!

I told you he would!


Papa became a hero.

The only mouse
to ever stand up to a fox.

You must be so proud.

All her life,
little Whizzy has tried

to be just as brave as him...

...but it hasn't gone so well.

She was always afraid...

...just like every other mouse,

...and the more
afraid she got...


...the more upset she got.

Even more upset
than when she had to

wash her ears, and that's saying something.

What about your ears?
Off you go to the washroom.

Off you go.

Off you go.

- Off you go.
- Oh, well.


Hey, guys! Wait for me!

- She wanted so much to be not only the bravest...
- Hey!

- Come on!
- Nitwits.

...but also
the smartest and the quickest,

but the more she wasn't,
the more she showed off.

And so, the only one
who still listened to her...

- Achoo!
- ...was Moley.

Hi, Whiz.



Want to take
the underground with me?

Um, I'm... I'm waiting
for somebody.

I have a new shortcut.

I mean,
if you're not afraid.

What? Me? Afraid?

Ha! You must be joking.

I'm not afraid of anything.

Wow. Nothing at all?

Not even foxes?

especially not foxes.


My dad...

...said I'm the bravest
mouse in the world.

Hmm. Your dad is a legend.

Uh, what's going on?

Darn it! Come on,
you stupid flashlight!

Oh! Hmm.

- You're it!
- Oh!

- So I says, "How about you don't cut the cheese?"
- Oh, thanks.


The fastest, smartest,
and bravest mouse

in the world,
remains undefeated!

Hmm! No fair.
There was a rock in my way.

- Hmm...
- Ooh! Everyone knows

what's up down in the hole,

Whizzy is in love with Mole.


It's not my fault
that he follows me around.

Whizzy didn't
have many friends...

...but she didn't mind.


- At least she acted as if she didn't mind.
- What a weirdo!

And then came
the day when they brought up

her father's heroic deed
in school,

- while Whizzy...
- Poop...

Pooped myself?

It says that
I pooped myself out of fear.

That's not true!

- She pooped herself.
- I think she did poop herself.

It's not true.

Shh! You were very little.

There's nothing
to be ashamed of.

I was brave.

I am brave, the greatest...

That's enough, Whizzy.
Calm down.

- I'll show you!
- Whizzy!


Where are you going?

Where is she going?


- Stop!
- Whizzy!

She's as brave
as her dad.

Except that she's not her dad.

- She's totally stupid.
- Yeah.

Sis, don't be silly.

Yeah! Ha-ha!

That's what Whizzy was like...

...when she was alive.

What was that?


Guys? Where are you?

Boys! Boys!



Where am I?

Over here.

Straight ahead.

Just follow your nose.

Welcome, Whizzy.

You know me?

Of course I do.

I know everybody.

I guess I fainted.
It's a dream.

You think this is a dream?

Well, if it's not a dream,
what is it?

Express delivery
from the forest of forests!

- Hmm. Back to the end of the line?
- Mm-hmm.

Bring it up here.

More incorrigibles.

Back through all of heaven
all over again.

What? This is heaven?

Yes, my dear, this is heaven.

Wait a minute.

So, you're... God?


I am not God.

I am Goat.

- Hang on.
- Shh.

You'll find out
everything you need to know

at the right time.

Right now, they're expecting
you in the washroom.

But, um, I washed this morning.

Mice actually
don't wash up that often.

Everybody washes up here.

Cleanliness being next to...

Well, you know.


Who's next?

So, I'm in heaven.

The guys will be so jealous
when I tell them about this.

None of them have
been to heaven before.

I'm the first! I'm the first
live mouse in heaven.

That goat didn't
even notice I'm not dead.

It's not like
something bad happened to me.

Wait a minute.

That fox did get me?

The goat wasn't wrong.

I'm... dead!

Hey, now.

What are you screaming about,
little lady?

You won't eat me.

Not me.

- No, no, not me!
- Up here,

nobody can eat anybody
anymore, unfortunately.

And besides, I don't eat dead mice.

I'm dead.

We're all dead up here,
mousy-pants, aren't we?

And I'm not just dead,
but pretty upset about it, too.

They always say
cats have nine lives...

What a sham.



I expected little clouds,

wings and gold harps,
and what have we got?

Hmm! A goat.

Whoa! Oh!


Be more careful, please!

You're just so big. You hear me?


Huh? Whoa!




I'm going to
be here forever.

Sorry, buddy.
I... I didn't mean to.

Oh, come on.


Sorry. I... I didn't know
this spot was occupied.

How can you be so big?

I'm here to
keep an eye on things.

I see. But how come everyone
is getting bigger and smaller?

And why is everyone
losing their teeth?

Leveling the playing field,
of course,

so everyone can
speak face to face,

without fear
or feeling superior.

Now, get a move on. Washy-washy.

I'm done.

How about those ears?

Hmm? Mm-mmm.

If you don't wash up,
you'll always be dirty,

tiny and afraid.

Heaven sure is annoying.

Heaven is what you make of it.

- It's different for everyone.
- Uh...

I... is that the way out?

Yes, but...

Oh, oh... Oh,
I... I dropped my toothbrush.

Um, do you think you could
go get it for me, please?


Where are you, little mouse?

Oh! Jostling pink is the new pink. Fabulous!

Bravo, huzzah!
Mercy, what cleanliness.

Those rainbow stripes, I could just
die, if I hadn't already.

- Hmm.
- This is not rat brown.

No, no, no. I think you'd
better have another splash.



Shh! I'll let you go,

but you can't scream, okay?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

- Can I trust you?
- Mm-hmm.

- Murder!
- Oh! Hmm?

What's all this noise?

Get your dirty paws off me.

You can't eat me, anyway.

- Shh! Shh!
- You're following me.

No, I'm not.

Then what are you doing here?

S... same as you.

I don't like w... w... water.

You stutter?

A... a l... little.

Uh-huh! Little dirties.

Hmm? Hmm?


Look, you. I...


You wanted to eat me.

You s... started it.

No, I didn't. You murderer.

Get out of my cart.


- Now!
- Ow!

Huh? Oh!

It's not my fault.
We... we both died,

b... because we got hit
by a c... car.

And if you hadn't woke me up,

we'd both be alive now.

This is your fault! Huh?


That was a... an awesome ride.

I d... don't like w... water.

Tell me about it.


No touching.

What are you doing
down here, you two?

Us two? We are not together.

He wants to eat me.

- I... I...
- Quiet.

You have no business in here.

Who are you, anyway?

- Whi... Whitebelly.
- Whizzy.

N... n... nice to meet you.

Excuse me. Could you
tell me where we are exactly?

You are deep down in...

- In hell?
- Nonsense.

No, you're in
the purification plant.

Doesn't look like
any plant I've ever seen.

Not that kind of plant.

It's a machine
that cleans water.

Who do you think makes sure all
the water in the washroom is clean?

- Me!
- Oh!

Hmm! Hard work, too,

purifying the water
of everything

the animals wash off themselves.

All the differences
between them end up here.

After that, it doesn't
matter if you're a mouse,

a lion or a plankton.

It's all here.

- Oh!
- I said,

no touching!

Oh! Ah! Whoa!


Look what you've done!


No... touching!


What is this?

I'm stuck.

Uh, uh...

We have to d... do it together.

On the count
of three, then.

One, two...


- Wow.
- Wow.


- Hmm.
- W... which way?

This way.


No, too cold in there.

A different one.

Not in there either. Too dark.

Nope. Slippery in there.

Too wide.

Too crooked.


- Where now?
- Forget it.

We can't drown
if we're dead anyway, can we?

I don't r... really want to try.

Leave me alone,

you big meanie.

Go by yourself.


How do you know
this is the right way?

I d... d... don't.

Cut it out. Come on.



What is that?

I d... don't know.


W... why do you t...
t... touch everything?

Because I hate foxes.



Well, back from our little trip?

Was it worth it?

Isn't it
shorter this way?

I am not a control post.

You didn't avoid
the water, did you?

If you want to go on
all foul and filthy,

knock yourselves out. Hmm.

Hey y... you.

Heaven stinks.

I was no good alive...

and no good dead.

W... we both had a s... seriously
b... bad day today.

"Bad day," you say?

What do you know about it?

Smarty pants.

More like bad life.

Oh, by the way, have I told you

that my dad was eaten by a fox?

I... didn't know that.

I'm really s... sorry
to hear that.



All foxes are liars.

Everyone in school has had
someone eaten by a fox.

Not only did you eat my dad,

but now, because of you,

I don't even have my brothers.

Not even my...


I want to go back home.


If your dad died, then he m...
must be here somewhere, right?

- What?
- If he's n... not alive, then he must be in heaven.

And w... we're in heaven too.

W... what if I h... help you
f... find him?



W... wait up.

Stay as far as you can, okay?

I don't want a fox
stalking me even after death.

I'm n... not s... stalking.

I'm just w... walking.

Well, don't.

Some paradise this is,

tied to a mouse-icidal maniac.

F... fine.

We'll f... find someone
to g... get this off us

and then we'll each
go our own w...

Way! Exactly.

Why are you even interested
in looking for my dad?

Don't you want to look for someone from your own family?

So, how many mice
have you eaten anyway?

- N... none.
- Liar.

And he who lies,

steals and eats mice.


What are you b... babbling about?

Do you eat mice?

Or do you w... want to tell me
you've never l... lied?


O... of course I haven't.


So, y... you think

that I'm s... some kind
of a m... murderer?

Don't you?

Of course.

Look! Hello. Excuse me.

Please. He looks evil,
doesn't he?

But he is evil.

He's a predator. It's in his nature.

All foxes are evil, evil, evil.


- C... c... cut it out.
- Huh!

Everybody see that?
He wanted to bite my head off.

- Oh!
- What's your point anyway?

T... that's the way
it's always been.

Birds eat worms.

Foxes and cats eat mice,

and people shoot foxes.

Oh, so killing mice
is business as usual for you.

Well, that's disgusting.

You're just out there,
having fun killing.

It's not for fun.

Nobody normal kills for fun.

We mice don't kill anyone.

- Bugs.
- What?

Bugs. You eat them like candy.

Oh, bugs don't count.

They don't feel anything.
They don't think anything.




Don't say a word.

I'm r... really sorry that
it h... happened to be a f... fox

that ate your papa.

It m... must have been awful.

You can't imagine
what it was like.

- Um?
- W... watch out.

- It's s... s... slippery.
- Uh!

- Cut it out.
- Huh?

- Don't touch.
- I was trying to h... help you.

I don't need your help.

Do you think that just because
you're bigger, you're better?

W... watch out!

Don't interrupt. Truth is,

mice are in all respects,
better than foxes.

Mice instincts are a million times...

...more refined than fox instincts.

And it's the same thing
with brains.

If you were a mouse...

...maybe you'd be okay,

but you're not a mouse.

Oh! Oh...

Are you deaf?

Do not touch me,

because I don't need you.


O... o... ouch!

Water again?

Now, now,
what's all the yelling?

Do you even know where you are?

In heaven?

Which is the worst, by the way.

Especially the part
about being tied to him.

Oh? And why is it the worst?

Because I just want to go home.

Back to my mother and brothers.

- Back...
- Back, back.

But time runs forwards,
little one, just like a river.

- Did you ever see a river flowing backwards?
- Uh-uh.

Sometimes going back
isn't possible.

We don't know how. Look.

Wow! What is that?

This is the
universe, little one.

Everything that exists
is a part of it.

And this is our Earth.

It's so tiny.

It's not tiny.

It's just that
the universe is immense.

- T... t... that's our forest.
- Yes.

It grew a long time ago.

Everything you can think of,

on the earth
and in the universe,

is changing.

Everything comes into being,

so that it can,
one day, cease to be.

The end of one thing
is the beginning of another.

In every departure there is hope for new birth.

This is the force of life that
cannot be stopped and cannot go back.

That, my dears, is eternity.

Wow, that was magnificent.

So, that means I can't.

That's right. You cannot
go back in time either.

You must move forward.

You must go where
your nose points, not your tail.

Do you understand
what I'm telling you?

That I can't go home.

But at the same time,
your future is ahead of you.

You will find...

- Papa!
- W... Papa? You think so?

- Uh-huh!
- Well,

you'll find what you find.

Oh, um, pretty please,
do you think you could?


- Yeah, freedom!
- Uh?


Fox. Come help me.

I... I'm coming.

- Uh...
- Mm-mm.

All right, fine.

Fox, could you
lift me up, please?

- Oh... oh, okay.
- Mm-hmm.

Have you seen my dad, huh?

Have you seen papa? Have you?

Have you seen papa?

A mouse like me, just bigger,
with a mouse-tache.




- W... what is it?
- You're stalking again.

- N... no.
- Yes, you are.

Express delivery,
from the forest of forests.

Express delivery,
from the forest of forests!

June bugs.
They've got to know something.

- Uh...
- Hello?

Hello. Excuse me, please.

Do you know
where I can find my Papa?

No, we're express delivery bugs,
not an info desk.

Please, you must know.

Your papa will be
somewhere further on.

But please, Mr. Bug,
where further on?

Oh, no!
He's broken free!

Look out! You're losing it.

I can't hold it!

- Keep formation!
- Pick it up, pick it up!

Where's your wingman?

Come on!
Get to the hole!

- It's falling!
- No!

Clear the runway!

Come on!

Look out!


Everybody move!

Express delivery
from forest of forests!

Did you see that?

It almost clawed me. How could it
even have claws here in heaven?

And how come it's so big?

I g... g... guess he washed
even l... less than we did.

Just a plain old
angry s... stinker.


Get up.

We have to k... keep
g... going onward

if we want to find your d... dad.

Well, are you coming or not?

Fangy face.

- Wow. Look at all this.
- Oh!


This is fantastic.



Huh? Whizz?

Hey, we're looking for Papa.
Have you seen him?

No, but how are you?

Huh! You saw it, didn't you?

He never got me alive.

You were awesome.

If I ever got that close
to such a bloodthirsty monster,

I would totally pee my pants.

Hmm. What are you doing here?

Oh, a buzzard got me.

It's starting to be sort
of a family tradition, actually.

- Oh.
- Oh! Whizzy!

Let me introduce you
to Nosey and Floppy.



They're great guys,
the mole gang.

Are you coming with us?

Um... Hmm...

Wow, that looks fun!

Oh, you're waiting for somebody?

- Uh-huh.
- Oh.

Hey, well. See you later.


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Whitebelly!
- Hmm?

Oh! Sorry.


- B... boo.
- Huh?

W... where have you b... been?

Well, where have you been?

- I would have introduced you to Mole.
- Uh...

- What is it?
- If you w... want to go w... with your f... friends...

Hang on. We're looking
for Papa, aren't we?

He could be inside, right?

You w... want to go
on the c... carousel, huh?


There's been a b... bit
too much spinning for me lately.


Oh, oh!

Hey, I did it!

I'm the best
pig runner!


Welcome to the amusement park.

The time has come.

Get rid of fear
and any trace of anger.

Fun and thrills that never end.


- Forget your worries and woe.
- Hmm?

Come closer.

- Ta-da!
- Uh...

Take good care of it.

That's the attraction
you have to do.

You must complete it
to move on through.

Please sir, please.

Have you seen my Papa,
by any chance?

Of course I've seen your Papa.

- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- And what a brave and fearless Papa.


- Take good care of it.
- Uh...

Why a bat? I'm a mouse.

It is up to you to find out
what this clue is all about.

Welcome to the amusement park.


Wait! Hello!

Where is he now?
Where can I find him?

- Who, Miss?
- My dad.

Who's this?


W... what happens w... when
we f... finish our attraction?

You win a ticket
to the movie show.

Watch the movie,
then you'll know.

He did it again!

Welcome to the amusement park!

- The time has come. Get rid of fear.
- Hey.

I know what you might like.

W... w... what?

Over here, over here.

How d... did you know

I like s... sandboxes?

Everybody likes sandboxes.

Three, two...

...one, go!


You're a champion!

Yeah! Woo-hoo!

Moley is no match for you.

N... not even Uncle M... Muzzle

could dig a den this f... fast.

- Muzzle?
- S... sure.

The c... coolest g... guy
in the whole f... forest.

W... what's wrong?

Well, your cool guy
is the one who ate my Papa.


W... w... well, he wasn't
r... really all that cool.

It's not your fault.

W... w... why don't we
try s... something else?

A... a ride, maybe?

As long as n... n... not
t... too rough.


Oh, oh, oh! Woo-hoo!






It's almost like h... home here.


it smells better at home though.

Hmm, yeah.

- Do you m... miss it?
- Mm-hmm.


My brothers
and Mama would like that.

Too bad they're not here.

Well, actually,
it's good they're not here yet.

Hmm. Your dad must have
really been some guy.

He wasn't afraid of anything.

I'd like to be just like him.

I'm afraid quite often.

Well, you try not being afraid
when you're just a tiny mouse.

He c... can't be so far that we won't f... find him.

- You know what?
- Hmm?

I k... know a song
that always helps me.

- Hmm?
- ♪ Autumn winds dance through the trees ♪

♪ Once again ♪

♪ Carrying baby fox
home to his dad ♪

♪ Making the sweet
little baby fox sleep ♪

♪ His cradle, so soft ♪

♪ His cradle, so deep ♪

Oh! Where did you learn that?

I d... don't even know.

♪ Little wee fox
just sleep tight ♪

♪ Little wee fox
don't take a fright ♪

♪ Little wee fox ♪

♪ Your home is right here ♪

♪ Little wee fox ♪

♪ There's no need to fear ♪

- W... w... what?
- Nothing, nothing.

Y... you don't like it.

Of course I do, you know that,

"Little wee fox."

You were right, you know?
The song helped.

Well, come on, fangy face.

We haven't tried
our attractions yet.

Come on.

Well, here we go.


- Oh!
- Yargh!


Second warning. Mm-hmm.


I d... d... don't know.

I... it's k... kind of
s... silly, isn't it?

Oh, come on.

The next one's free.

So, show what you can do,

- you killer, hmm?
- Yeah.




Well, go on!

What are you waiting for?


Mm... Hmm...


You're weak. You're nothing.

St... st... st...

Yeah, loser.

Uh... Uh...

What are you waiting for?


Yay, go!

Go, fox. Go!

Let's go!

Come on!


- You did it.
- Yeah.

Now you are a hero, aren't you?

U... Uncle M... M... Muzzle?
I... I... I...

You are a disgrace
to your entire species.

Making friends with the food.

You make me sick
to my mouse-filled stomach.

- She's n... not bad.
- Of course not.

She's dead.

Like they say, the only
good mouse is a dead mouse.

- Uh...
- Mice belong in heaven.

- What are you doing with that mallet?
- Uh...

You think you're gonna hit me?

You wouldn't dare. Okay,

go ahead and hit me then,
you loser.

You wretch. Lay down.

- Down!
- No!

This is...

What's he doing
just lying there?

He's hiding from them.

you just looked so funny.

You k... know what? G... get lost.


- Whitebelly, hang on.
- M... Muzzle was right.

F... foxes and m... mice
can't be f... friends.

Forget him, sweetie.

Come with us
on the merry-go-round.

- Yeah.
- Mm?

- Come on, it'll be fun.
- Mm-hmm.

You are not ready yet.

For w... w... what?

For the forest of forests.

Whoever does not successfully
complete his attraction

will have difficulties
crossing the forest of forests.

I... I... I'm not...

I'm just looking for someone.

A father m... m... mouse.

And why a father mouse?

I p... p... p...
promised s... someone.

If he was a good father,
he's gone.

He certainly will have moved on.

You should worry
about yourself, fox.


...come on in. See the park,
ladies and gentlemen.

Ta-da! Step right up! Up!




Look at me!

Yeah, you rock!



- Oh!
- What's he doing here?

This place is great!

We're gonna
do the water ride again,

and then the caterpillar,
and then...

I know where
your d... d... dad is.

He crossed through
the forest of forests. Come on!

What's the hurry?

Everybody says this is
the best place in all of heaven.

It's heaven on...


- Uh...
- You don't like it here, do you?

I... it's not that.

Man, oh, man, you're
really friends with him?

You're seriously hardcore.

- Why didn't he go on the merry-go-round with us?
- Yeah.

Because it makes him woozy.

Whoa! What it makes him is scared.

That's not t... true.

And he s... s... s...

Ha-ha! He's an afraidy-fox.

Yeah, come with us then.

Leave him alone.

- Prove you're not scared.
- Yeah.

Fox is ch... ch... chicken.



First warning.



You w... w... wanted to
f... find your dad, didn't you?

- Sure, but we can wait a bit longer.
- How l... long?

As l... long as...


F... f... fun that n... never ends?

You want to stay here forever?

You know what? You go ahead.

I'll catch up with you
in the forest

You're only thinking
about y... y... yourself again.

Hey, leave me alone.

- You know, I didn't ask you for anything.
- Urgh.

Forget about him, sweetie.

He just wanted to
help me find my Papa.

Foxes are liars.

I was mean to him.

Stop being so silly.

Where did you go?


And where are we going?

I'm looking for someone.

For the fox or your Papa?


This path leads
to the forest of forests.

Do you know what
can happen to you there?

If you are not sure of yourself,

you can get lost...


I won't get lost.

And what about
your attraction, hmm?

Did you complete it?

Why does it have to
be a haunted house?

It's some kind of mistake.

I... I'm not afraid of anything.

Well, then...

If you're not afraid

of anything, then it should be

a cinch for you.

But don't forget,
there are many kinds of fear.

Just like bravery!

- Have fun.
- Mm-hmm.

Well... if I have to.


Huh? Attraction completed!

Here you are. Your movie ticket.

Enjoy the forest of forests.


Okay, thank you.

Are... are you ready for this?



What's up with you?

Oh, sorry.

Oh, boy, I'm scared already.

Hmm. Well I'm curious.




- The horror!
- Help!

I'm supposed
to be afraid of this?

You're ruining it!

- You're not afraid of anything?
- Yeah?

Me? I...



Hey, Whitebelly.

W... W... Whizzy.

- Help!
- Whitebelly!






Hmm? Hmm...



Good luck, Whizzy.

Wasn't it better
in the amusement park?

Do you really want to
enter the forest of forests?

Of course. Why shouldn't I?

Because you are afraid,
and one who is afraid

should not enter
the forest of forests.

I am looking for somebody,
my friend, Whitebelly.

- I know he went this way.
- Definitely.

They all go in this way,

but not everyone
comes out the other side.

Um, explain this, please.

Everything in the forest
of forests grows quickly.

If someone has even
a tiny seed of anger or fear,

it could be dangerous.
The fear and anger

will grow and overwhelm them,

and they will be lost forever.

Aw. Whatever happens to
Whitebelly in there is my fault.

I let him go in there alone.

Good evening.

He's not afraid?

He sees the forest completely
differently than you do.

He is sure of himself,

he has no doubts,
and so nothing threatens him.

He will not stray from the path.

Well, I'm going after him.

I'll find Whitebelly,

and then together,
we'll find my dad.

The crocodile in the washroom said
that heaven is what I make of it,

and I'm making it like this.

you've misunderstood.

Heaven is not
what you want it to be.

It is what you need it to be.

That is not the same thing.

Oh, boy. Another riddle.

Hello? Where did you go?

Please wait for me.


Oh! Hmm... Hmm?


Smash it! Rip it to shreds!

I want to go home!


Suspect located!

Enact capture protocols!

This way.

Nice and straight, boys!

Target sighted!

- Bring the net. Drop!
- Urgh!

Target acquired!

He's ready for dropping!

This one will never learn.

Oh, well.

- Get up and back to the goat.
- Yes, sir.

- Oh...
- Attention!

Express delivery
from the forest of forests.


Huh. It-it wasn't
that scary after all.

Nope, except for that bunny.

He startled me a bit,
but I'm brave.

I am brave.

I am an amazing, uh,
big, brave mouse.

I am not scared at all.

It was just a plain old
angry s... s... stinker.

Whitebelly, where are you?

Fangy face!


W... w... why me? W... w... why?


W... W... Whizzy.

You, uh, don't look so good.

It's all b... b... because of you.

Y... you could have waited
for me. I told you to wait.

I d... d... died because of you.

- Oh.
- B... because of you, I was overcome with anger.

Look what's become of me,
thanks to you.

Uh, hey, now. Think about
something nice, like...

...uh, like the sandbox.

I... dug... just like
my U... Uncle M... Muzzle

Muzzle... was a hunter.

Foxes hunt mice.

But you don't hunt mice.
We're friends.

Aren't we, Fangy face?

I have no f... f... friends.

You f... forgot about me.

You're just like the others.

- What others?
- I'm gonna tear it up!


And now I'm completely lost.

I'll never manage this
on my own.

I'll be stuck here forever.

- You are not alone, Whizzy.
- Oh!



I've been looking for you.

I'm so glad I found you.

- You're still biting your nails.
- Oh...

And are you still
the bravest mouse in the world?

You bet I am!

Well, I... I try to be,

but it's not always easy.

You told me to be brave,
but I'm...

Everyone is afraid, Whizzy.

If you're not afraid,
then you can't be brave.

You saved me from Muzzle.

- You weren't afraid at all!
- Of Muzzle?

I was pooping pellets
at the sight of Muzzle.

But I was more afraid for you.

So, even if you are afraid,
you can manage to be brave,

- because of someone you love?
- Mm-hmm.

For you, I would
face a whole army of Muzzles.

Papa! They're going to tie him up
in a package and carry him off!

We have to help him!

- Only you can help him.
- Me?

How can I do anything,
when I'm just a little mouse?

A mouse who went
into the forest of forests

to rescue a fox.

Nothing little about that.

That's why I was
looking for you the whole time.

You don't have to look for me.

I'm always with you.

I live in your memories.

But it wasn't memories
that led you here.

It was your heart.

And your heart belongs to Whitebelly.

And... you don't mind me
being friends with a fox?

I know that a mouse
and a fox...

...that it's not exactly normal.

Well, what is normal, anyway?

It doesn't matter what kind of fur you have.

The important thing
is what's inside it.

So, what do I do?

No, no, you can't leave now!

Only you can
know what you should do.

And remember,
I am very proud of you.




This isn't who you are.
You don't want to be mean.


♪ Little wee fox ♪

♪ Just sleep tight ♪

♪ Little wee fox
don't take fright ♪

♪ Little wee fox
your home is right here ♪

♪ Little wee fox
there's no need to fear ♪

Hmm? Mm.



What are you
doing here, you wretch?

You guys are pathetic.

A fox and a mouse.

It goes against nature.

Can't you see that?

She's nothing but a quick snack.

Whitebelly, don't listen to him.

Be a real fox for once.

Killing is fun.

you don't eat mice, right?

You said nobody normal kills
for fun.

Do you remember?

That's my boy. It will be quick.

Stick her!


If you don't do it,
I'll do it for you.

You are going to defy me?

Who do you think you are,
you puny whelp?

Get out of my way.



Little wee fox,
don't take fright.

Would the wee fox like to fight?

Whitebelly! Stop!

Bogey, straight ahead.

Survive, boys.

Whitebelly! Whitebelly!
That's enough!

You've had your final warning!

You're coming with us!

Whitebelly, you're not like him.

Into positions, prepare the net!

Bring it down.

Don't look at them, look at me!

- Stay on target!
- Don't give up!

Not now! Please!

I don't want to lose you.
I can't.

I love you so much.
Do you hear me?


- W... Whizzy.
- Huh?

Huh? Huh?

Are they gone?


Huh? Hey.

You did it.

W... w... we did it.



Sorry. Urgh, how I dislike
these improvisations

- outside the park.
- Mm-hmm?


You've completed
your attractions.

It took a while, but you did it.

- You, Whizzy, have figured out...
- Oh!

...what real bravery
is all about.

You abandoned showing off, in the end...

...and faced your fear
to save a friend.

And you, Whitebelly,
learned not to hide from fright.

You confronted it
and defanged its bitter bite.

You both passed
the hardest test,

and now you're ready
for the rest.

Ready? For what?


Ready for the movie,
that's what's next.

And of course, you're asking,

"What then?"

What happens when
you leave the cinema?

What's all
the preparation for, huh?


Oh, well.

That impatience again.

No idea
what you're getting into.

Things always
turn out differently.

Maybe that's better. Who knows?


Huh? Oh!

It's beautiful here, huh?

Hmm, home was
still home, though.

But we could never
have been together there.


Isn't this great?

It r... r... rocks
a bit too much for me.

Then keep your eyes on
the island, it's not rocking.

It's rocking too.

Hey, have you ever
seen an island move?

Uh, t... t... that one.


Oh! Oh!


- Whoa.
- Whoa.


Welcome to the Citation Cinema.

A whale of a show.

Tickets please, tickets please.

Oh, you're right
next to each other.

You passed away together, right?

Let me guess. Trap? Poison?

- Car.
- Ouch.

You know, it's kind of
a hobby of mine.

The guessing.

And here we are.

Each person
to their own theater.

You are going to see
a once in a lifetime show.

It's been an honor,

and see you
at the next screening.

Next screening?

Y... you said it's o...
once in a lifetime. What the...


I can't wait to see this.

Meet you back here
in a bit, okay?

Don't disappear on me again.

No worries.
I won't take a step without you.

Show me, show me!

- Hmm.
- Wow.

- Wow.
- She's pretty.

- Mm-hmm.
- We will call her "Whizzy."




Hi, mom.

- Got you!
- Oh!




The wife was always telling me

not to flaunt my rack
during hunting season.

Well, we'll see
what happens next time.

My new mantra is, "Hedgehogs
are not a good lunch."

Blue berries, good.
Black one's bad.

Blue, yes. Black, no.

Ladies and gentlemen,
prepare for your trip.

What trip?
Where are we going now?

Why, to a new life on earth.

I have to tell Whitebelly.

My mother...

My mother sang it to me.

- Hide, fast.
- Hunters!

There's one over there!

Get him!



W... w...
what's the matter?

Lay down!

I was so stupid.

You are the greatest
hero I know.

My hero.

I have a surprise for you.

We get to go home.


That is, do you...

Do you even want to go home?

I do, but only with you.

Oh, when they made you guys,
they really broke the mole-d.

Thanks for coming!

- Moley!
- Huh?

Don't go anywhere.

- Sorry.
- Hey!

Moley, I am sorry
for everything.

I was horribly selfish.

Forget it. Death is
the ultimate clean slate.

Are you going home
to the meadow?

- Uh-huh.
- We'll be friends again.

You know? I think
I'm going to be a buzzard.

The boys and I are talking
about forming a squadron.


What? You can
choose what you'll be?

Sure, the parrot said so.
Weren't you listening?


Uh... Um...

Well, I... I...
Have a good flight, captain.

It's starting.

It's starting.

Excuse me.

They s... say we'll f...
forget everything from h... heaven.

So, we won't remember...

- That we're friends.
- What?

No, we have to stay together.

Well, this is
your captain speaking.

Prepare for your flight back.

Wow, wow. Bye.

Just go to the edge,
let it lift you into the air.

- Whoa.
- Goodbye, everyone.

What do we d... do to keep
from being enemies again?

- Hmm, Mole said...
- See you soon. Not too soon.

...we can be whatever we want.

That's it!
We have to be the same thing!

- Either foxes or mice!
- W... what?

Foxes or mice?

- What?
- I'm flying!

Thanks for being my friend,

I'm sure I'll see you again.




Whose turn is it?

Let sis
show her stuff.

Hmm, uh-uh.

She can't show us anything.
She's scared of mice.

Yeah, she'd rather
eat a pine cone

than a nice juicy mouse.

Cone eater.


The prey is coming.


Now, don't forget what I said.

Carefully, quietly,



- Whoa!
- Hmm.

Oh, what a jump!
You get an A!

- Oh, wow!
- She was awesome!

One victory round,

and then back to class.

we've still got
burrowing to cover.

- All right.
- Okay.



- Oh!
- Sorry about that.

I don't eat mice,
but my brothers

would never let me
hear the end of it otherwise.

Th... th... that's okay.

I was just taken a... a... aback.

You stutter?

A l... l... little. Why?

Hmm. You really
remind me of someone.

I kn... kn... know you
from s... s... somewhere, too.

Do you like sandboxes?

Sure! E... e... everybody
likes sandboxes.


You're it!

Whoa! Whoa.