Even Lovers Get the Blues (2016) - full transcript

Ana is sleeping with Hugo, Dalhia with Graciano, Léo with Louis, and Arthur with everyone. Parties and love affairs lead to heart searching, deep desires and the craving to live life to the full. Even Lovers Get the Blues draws the portrait of the love and sexual lives of disenchanted and passionate young people.

Good evening.

It's like Siberia out here...

Stick the heating on!

What are you doing?

I'm eating you.

It's getting late...

- That's great!
- I know!

You're turning me on.
I want you right now.

Baby, please...
Do you want a drink?

Two shots of vodka, please.



- Let's go.
- OK.

I love you. Come on...


It won't close!

It's filthy down there.
Turn around.

It's filthy here too.

What's this?
How does it work?

It's a leotard. Let me un-do it...

I'm not hard yet!

I can't feel you...

Come on, harder...

- Harder!
- Stop telling me what to do!

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Then love me harder!

Are you OK?
Can't you come?

I can! Shh!

- I'm going to come...
- Pull out!

Wait, I'm going to come...

Pull out!

Pull out!

- I'll be back.
- What?

I'll be right back.




Speak to me...

Hello? My boyfriend
has just had a seizure.

He's not well...

We can come back with you.

It's OK. Go without me.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I'm fine.


I'll call you.

You could have made an effort.

- How? By reading a bible passage?
- Yes!

I asked you for just one thing.
A homage for your brother.

Dad, can we go?

They had just had sex
when it happened.

She was in the shower...

He said he wanted a threesome...

Cut it out.

The evening it happened,
before they left.

She didn't want one.

What is it?

I don't know...

I'm surprised he wanted that.

I'm not.

Oh, really?

It's not so strange.
Plenty of people do it.

- You're such a prude!
- Cut it out.

Can I help you?
Looking for something in particular?

I don't know.
I'm just browsing.

Is it for a man? A woman?

For me.
And my girlfriend.

Something for both of us,
but I don't know what.

I want something that...

- I don't know.
- It's OK. I'm used to it.

- I'll help you.
- OK.

I'll show you what we have.

We have this, for example.

Would you kindly
place your finger inside the hole, sir?

And voilà!
A nice, tight blowjob!

Not bad, right?
We have lots of things like this.


I can show you some other models.



Good evening.

What are you doing?

I heard there's a fire here.

Oh, really?

Yes, I received a phone call.

It seems that
someone's pussy is on fire...


So, I'll need to get my hose out...


If that's the case...

Maybe I'll need to help,
Mister Fireman...

Really? That's not a bad idea.

- Sit there...
- No, you sit there.

I'll need to get out your hose,
Mister Fireman.

I think your hose is ready
to put out the fire, Mister Fireman!

Take your clothes off.

Put this on.

- Why?
- I'm ovulating.

Put it on. No questions.



Wait a second...

- Want me to help?
- Stop always saying that.

I'm just trying to be nice,
Mister Fireman...

It's not fucking working!

- What do you mean?
- It's the condom! You don't know!

Calm down. It's OK.

Stop pressuring me!

Why don't you go on the pill?

I won't put shit inside me
just because you can't get hard!

Hey, Ana. It's me.
Just calling to see how you are.

Léo said you'd heard
from the pathologists

and I wanted to know how you are.

We're getting lunch today.
It might be good to get out.

It'd be really great to see you.

Lots of love.



I'll open the door.
You have to ring the doorbell, OK?

I'm on the first floor.

OK, bye.

- Hi.
- Come in.

Sorry for turning up like this.

It's OK.
I couldn't sleep anyway.

Did you both live here?


I've made a few changes.
It didn't always look like this.

- Do you sleep here?
- Yes.

- Would you mind turning on a light?
- Sure...

And you?
Where are you staying?

I'm squatting with some friends.

I've found some work as a barman.

And I want to study photography.

I do it as a hobby, but it's tough.

Will you move here?


I don't know.

It's temporary. We'll see.

Do you squat with different friends?


I met a couple of guys...

A couple of guys offered to...

My stuff's there, I squat. That's all...

It's a bit weird
we never met before.

Well, with me and my family...

They're all wearing short-shorts!

Not even that, they're G-strings!

So, they're all there,
throwing up in the gutter!

The British are just all over the place!

- But I love their accent!
- Yes!

The guys look right at you and say:

Have you slept with a lot of guys?

That many?

More than you, I reckon!

How many then?

I don't know.
I stopped counting.

Where do you meet them?

All over the place.

In bars, nightclubs, online...

In backrooms too.

What are they like, backrooms?

They're totally dark.

The last time,
I was totally wasted in London.

Some guy was sucking me off
and he stole my wallet and phone!

- No way!
- Yes!

In backrooms,
everyone has their trousers down.

So that makes things easier.

Here's to the magic of backrooms!

Wait. Salta rockerita!

Uno, dos, tres!

I've always dreamed of doing that!

OK, my turn now!


Oh, hi!

This is Miguel.

Louis, Miguel...

- Hi Miguel.
- Hi.

He plays too.
He has a group in Colombia.

We just met randomly.

That's cool.

"That's cool".

All right?

- What's this?
- Nothing.

- He's hitting on you, right?
- Totally!

- You think that's funny?
- It is funny.

He's quite cute.

A bit too hairy for me...

You're an idiot.

I was thinking...

Maybe he could stay with us tonight?

You know what I mean?

What do you mean?

You know...

We could try something.

It might be fun.


Are you serious?

It's so small

It's so tight

It's ridiculous, complicated and cold

Inside of me

Ants are dancing

They dream and contain
their rancid pleasures

You feel them quiver

This hill of straw

This proliferating hill of beaten earth

This hill of downfallen fellows

This hill of hawkers of impertinences

Sublimating me
As I ponder the abyss

Beneath the naked, stormy sky

A great undefeated warrior

Begging on his knees
In this humid cocoon

I shall radiate unhappiness

These wounded wings


What time is it?

Happy Birthday.


I'm sorry about yesterday.

Are you happy?


Do I make you happy?

I don't care about that guy...

That's not what I'm talking about.

I want an answer.
Are you happy?


It's a little clichéd...

It should be me giving you a present.

I want you to give me a child.


I want us to have a kid.

He'll look a little like you...

and a little like me.

I want a family.

Is it dumb?

No, it's not dumb.

But I don't know
if I want to have a family.

- Being served?
- Yes...

- Happy Birthday!
- Thanks.

- I like your eyelashes.
- Fuck you.

- Here alone?
- No, he's coming.

- Happy Birthday, Louis!
- Thanks.

- Hi...
- Hi, I'm Louis.

- Happy Birthday.
- This is Arthur, Hugo's brother.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.


- Hi.
- Isn't Graciano here yet?

The surprise is ready!

Is everyone here?

Stop just here, Louis.

Louis, move a bit to your left...

OK, stand right there.

OK... Huddle together!

OK, everyone's in place... Good.

So, Louis...

As you know,
today is your birthday.

I just wanted to say...

I'm very proud
and very happy to be your friend.

I'm very happy
to be friends with all of you.

I'm thinking about Hugo a lot tonight...

And you, Ana.

And I...

OK, that's it!
Close your eyes!


Are you ready?

- Bravo!
- Happy Birthday.

We weren't introduced earlier.
I'm Arthur.


- Excuse me for not shaking your hand.
- That's OK.

Do you do drugs?


I used to, when I was younger.

Want some?

No, thanks though.

- Are you sure this is safe?
- Don't worry. We'll have fun.

- Want a drink?
- No, I need to get ready!

Dalhia, get us two beers?


He's nice,
but a bit of a stereotype, right?

I think he's quite funny.

Excuse me...

It's like The Clash.


It sounds a bit like The Clash.

The music.

Do you come here often?

Is that your best line?

- Sorry?
- I said, "Is that your best line?"

I'm not sure it's going to work.

- Want to dance?
- I can't, I'm too busy right now!

It's your birthday!
Léo is singing! Just five minutes...

I'll dance after!

Close the door.

- Wait...
- What?

Take your trousers off.

I want to watch.

Look at me.

Keep going.

And your boxers?

- I'm not hard yet.
- Don't worry.

Take them off.

Not hard but still a nice dick.

Come closer.

See? Now you're hard.

What happened?

Nothing, don't worry.
I just feel dizzy...

- Does your head hurt?
- No...


- Let's go.
- I'll go too.

- Do you need help?
- No, you can go. Thanks.

Our place is closest.
Take him there.


Should I call a doctor?

- Arthur...
- No, everything is fine!

He just needs some rest.

- Call if something happens.
- OK.

Is it OK for him to stay?

Stop worrying.

I'm right here!
I can hear you!

I'll go back then.

- I'll call tomorrow.
- Bye, beautiful!

Get some rest.

Look what I swiped!

No more for me.
I'm dead on my feet.

Louis, you worked all night.

It's your birthday.

So now...

Let's have a drink.

Léo, you're pouring too much...

Here's to you, sweetheart.

It's warm in here, right?

I feel really hot.

What are you doing?

I'm getting naked!

It's your birthday.

I didn't wear any knickers.


My lover...

Do whatever you want with me.

Absolutely anything.



Right now, if you'd like.


You can do anything you want.

Don't go to sleep.

- Stop...
- Come on! What the hell do you want?

- Stop.
- Come on!

You know what I fucking want!

You need to fuck me for that.


Like this?

Like this?

Not like this...



What do you mean, "no"?

- Not like this...
- What?

"You have wept
tears of joy and despair.

But spring water
was more constant than tears,

and would be always there
to wash your eyelids.

You follow your vocation
and smile at women's lives blasted.

You do not believe love can kill,
since you have loved and lived.

Is your love a coinage,
that it can pass hands till death?

No, not even a coin.

The tiniest gold coin
is better than you.

Whatever hand it passes to,
it keeps its effigy."

What does this mean?

What does she mean by

"The tiniest gold coin
is better than you.

Whatever hand it passes to,
it keeps its effigy"?


Well, no matter who touches the coin

who holds it in their hands,

it keeps the same shape.

Doesn't "effigy" mean "face"?

Yes, an effigy
is a representation of a person.

- So, this "face" is a man.
- Yes.

So, she chastises him for his infidelity

and for the fact that he's indecisive...

He doesn't think love is serious.

O, my winters-long companion
Shine your warmth upon my world

O, my crossbow
Come and let's cross swords

For a night or two

If I end up in the lake
Underneath your elbow

Turn the hammock upside down
And let's taste the clams together

For a lifetime or two

Hey you!

O, my first mountain climber

Remember what's important
Beneath your fairy-tale cloak

Let us dance like rattles

For a night or two

If, behind the clasp
You discover my clavicle

I'd laugh at the dangers
Which threaten our bubble

And emus would fly

The rice
which rains down on your hair

Crowns you with an Advent wreath

O, my fierce fire
Touch the icy centre of my being

And I shall return to my Abyssinia

For a night or two

I shall drink vodka
While dreaming about winter

Draped in cloth
I will chew on your rocks

So much for the emus

Are you ready?


It's such a nice day.

- I'm sure it'll last...
- Hi.

I don't know...
We can't camp in the rain.

Can't we rent a B&B?

Stop moaning...

- Are you driving?
- Yes.

- Come on!
- All right!

- Where is he?
- Take it easy...

Here he is.

He's got a big bag...

- Hi.
- Finally!

Here we are.
It's a nice spot.

We've been looking for two hours...

It's all right! Give it a rest.

This place is disgusting! Look!

What are you saying?
We can camp in front of the lake.

OK, it's just great here!

See, he likes it!

- I think he likes it!
- It's great.

I think it's great too.

- How many tents do we have?
- We have three.

OK, then this evening...


I don't know. For the tents...

We'll see who sleeps first
then improvise?

Sure, we'll see.


It's great seeing you.

Four months is a long time,
don't you think?

I don't know.

Well, I do.

I wanted to say sorry to you.


I think I need this.

I was selfish.

And impulsive.

I think I miss you.

How about you?

I don't know.

I do miss you, but...

It's not like before.

So, you miss me a little?

A little.


I want you to fuck me.

I thought it scared you.

Not anymore.

Pull my hair.

I want to feel you.

I want to feel what it's like...




Would you fuck me, just once?

I don't think so.


I don't know.

I don't enjoy it.

I don't like...

It doesn't turn me on.

I want it.

Do it for me.

I don't know how to do it.


I don't feel comfortable with it.

And anyway, my dick is too small.

Hey honey.

I'm going for a swim.

Wait, I'll come with you.

Do you want some sunscreen?

If you want.

Be careful, Ana.
Don't swim too far out.

Never have I ever...

She won't make it!

Never have I ever...

understood the meaning of life!

- I've noticed!
- That means I drink!

Can you roll me a cigarette?

Didn't you understand
that one Monty Python film?

It's not that hard!

OK, my turn...


Never have I ever...

betrayed the person I loved.

If it's the truth, you should drink!

I should drink the bottle, right?

Save some for me too.
You could easily down the whole lot.


- It's your turn now.
- Me? OK.

All right...

Never have I ever...

thought I'd find it!

I never thought I'd find it!

- That's crap!
- I'll drink.

What do I drink? Half of it?

- You eat the cup!
- It's happened to me!

- You see!
- So, I'll drink...

You drank,
so what was it you found?

- What did I find?
- You drank.

It's just nonsense.

- OK, but...
- Stop. We're just messing around.

- OK, drink...
- What did you find?

- alhia, stop...
- Just tell me!

- I want to understand.
- What?

What did you find?

Peace and quiet!
Is that good enough?

No. What does that mean?

I don't understand.
Am I annoying?

- I never said that...
- Sorry, I'm annoying.

Stop. I didn't say that.

I can't take any more of this.

You've spent the afternoon
screwing in the tent,

playing in the water,
and I've been shopping for everyone.

And everyone treats me like shit.

You're being paranoid.

I'm not paranoid. And you...


Forgive me, Ana. I'm sorry.

I know what happened to you
was terrible, but...

You won't resolve things
by fucking everyone.

- Stop!
- But it's the truth!

- We know you fuck with everyone!
- Stop!

Can't we just say what we think?

And you, did you even ask me
how I was doing?

It's all about you.
No one else matters.

- Fuck you too, Léo.
- What's got into you, Dalhia?

I just want to understand.

Understand what?

I want to understand...

Why has some guy
been on my sofa for four months

and why have you been fucking him?

It's a fair question, right?

Louis, it's a fair question, right?

- Yes or no?
- Stop! I don't know!

I don't know.
You three should discuss this.

I only asked you because you listen.

Look at them...
Neither of them talks.

What am I meant to say, Dalhia?

Do you think I like this?
What am I supposed to say?

I don't want you to say anything.

You can't play with people's feelings.

You have Choice A and Choice B.

It's easy, now choose!

What are you doing?
Running away again?

If you run away,
I swear, I'll hit you.

What can I say?
I don't want to leave either of you.

Who do you love?

I don't love anybody.
I'm not in love with anyone.

I'm just a big asshole
who's grabbing his tobacco.

The bottle of vodka, and leaving!

You can go if you want.

I don't want to go after him.


I'm getting out of here.

I'll get a train.
I don't know. I don't care.

I don't want to stay here.



Do you have a towel?

A towel?

Yes, a towel. A bath towel.

I do...

Don't you want to know
what I'm doing here?


What are you doing here?

Getting some fresh air.

Oh, really?


I'm waiting to see
if the plankton will come out.



there's plankton in the water.

You can see them.

It's wonderful.

They're blue.
Or fluorescent green.

They're called
"bioluminescent plankton".

They use bioluminescence
so the fish can see them.


They light up
and the fish spot them...

the fish are attracted to them

and then they eat the plankton.

Do you know why they do this?

It's manipulation.

They reproduce better
in a fish's stomach than in the water.

So, they want to be eaten.

They use their light to do this.

They shine so they can be eaten.

Are you alone?

Are you?

Did it not end well?


You know...

Somebody once said to me,

"If you knew that something
wasn't going to end well,

would you still go along with it?"


I feel so angry.

Once I'm done, we'll go to the police.

Aren't you sick
of looking after other people?

Do you love him?

For the first time ever,
I feel really lucky.

Is this the first time
you've loved a man?

It's the first time
I've ever loved anyone.

Have you ever had sex with a girl?


But I do love breasts.

It's true!
I think they're beautiful.

They're the only part of me I like.

Do you want to see them?


You're beautiful.

What's going on?

Are you OK?

I'm fine.

I've thought about things.

I don't understand
why I have to choose.

It's not that I can't choose.
There is no choice to make.

I love you.

And I love you.

You make me so hard.

And you do too.

- Another drink?
- No, I'm heading home.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

That guy's not bad.
He has nice eyes, right?

- Then ask him to come again.
- OK.

- Ciao.
- Bye.

See you soon.

I'm taking a break.

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