Evelyn (2012) - full transcript

A harrowing tale of human trafficking, a young woman from rural Peru is lured to Spain with the promise of work, and then forced into the dark world of prostitution with no hope of escape.

Look who's here.


It's great to see you!

How long are she staying?

Shall I take her to school?

Is that all you can say?

Come on, honey,
I made you a comfortable spot.

First a lukewarm bath.

You'll feel lots better. Okay?
Let's go.

Margarita's brother!
He'll come to no good,

you'll see.

You call this clean? Do you?

How can I hang these out?

You at least told Yolanda
that you spoke to her mother?

- You spoke to my mother?
- Yes, and she sent you a big kiss.

- Here it is!
- The bicycle!

Go on, go look at the bicycle.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was going to, but I forgot.
It doesn't matter.

Mum, I don't want to go.

Do you think you'll ever have
a chance like this again?

Look at your cousin. She grabbed
her chance and now she's there.

- The land of the Conquistadors.
- But what'll I do there all alone?

I don't want to leave all of you.

Do what you want
with your life, Evelyn.

I only mean, look at your cousin.

She went
and she even has friends there.

- Yes, and a daughter deserted here.
- How dare you!

Do you know what it's like
to be all alone and have to get by?

Madam Olga paid me.

As if that'd fix things for us.


I wish I'd had a chance like that,

- I wouldn't have knocked it back.
- Not again!

- All my life here washing...
- Here we go with the sermons!

That's enough! Please calm down!

Get up. C'mon, get up.

Leave me alone. I'm having a dream.

I'm not.




A week

has seven days...

Monday and Tuesday,

Wednesday and Thursday,

Friday, Saturday

and Sunday at last!

Never to work...

a, s, d, f, g...

q, w, e, r, t...

p, o, i, u, y...

Feeling better, Mum?

How can I be better, girl?

I'm worse than ever.

Do you want me to call the doctor?

What's he going to do?

Tell me I'm tired? Exhausted?


You've done it before,
you're not scared, but she is.

They'll be with her the whole time,
she needn't worry.

She's to follow the instructions
of the lady from the agency.

What about her passport?

The agency takes care of everything.
Aren't you listening to me?

You know what?
I might put her on the phone.

Maybe you can get her
excited about it.

What else did your
cousin Margarita tell you?

Not much... She seemed strange.

- She even speaks differently.
- The distance gets her down.

But you won't be like that with me,
will you?

I'm not going to Spain,
I told her that.

- What would I do there?
- I'd go if I could.

A, s, d, f, g...

n, I, k, j, h...

s, p, a, i, n...


Where's Evelyn Gonzalez's house?

It's that one.

Evelyn Gonzalez?

- Yes. Come in.
- Nice to meet you. I'm Nadine,

from the hiring agency.

Sorry about the mess, miss.

If I'd known you were coming,
I'd have tidied up.

- How embarrassing!
- Don't worry.

- Shall I get you something?
- No, thanks.

I just came to bring
the papers from the guarantor.

Our agency is lending a tidy sum
for Evelyn's journey.

Well... Evelyn's never left here,

- and it's a long way, isn't it?
- Yes, but the job is very well-paid.

You make more in one day
than you can in a month here.

- Really?
- Yes.

Look at this.

Margarita said to get this for you.

It's lovely, my girl!

- Madam...
- Yes?

- Have you been to Spain?
- Sure.

And when I came back
I built my mother a 3-storey house.

You make lots of money there.

You have to sign this contract for me,

All the money we lend Evelyn

has to be guaranteed by something.
This house, for instance.

When she pays back the debt,

the contract is rescinded.

And what if she can't pay?

Don't be silly,

- that'll never happen.
- But what if it does?

You'd lose your house and land.

But I repeat, that won't happen.

You're a responsible,
hardworking girl,

like your cousin Margarita,
aren't you?

- Yes, of course.
- Then there's nothing to worry about.

Think it over,

but please,
if you're not happy with the deal,

tell me as soon as possible.

I can find another girl in a flash.

Oh, miss...

Thank you, thanks for coming.

- Are you sure, my girl?
- Yes, Mum.

Don't think about it so much.

- What's wrong?
- It doesn't write.

This one?

Give me your bag.

Your passport...
Look, Mum, her passport.

- Take good care of it.
- Get going, Evelyn,

- the money's waiting for you.
- Take care of yourself!

Take care!

Don't forget to write.
Take care, my girl!

Ciao, Evelyn.

Do you know the first thing
I'm going to buy in Spain?

My bicycle!

Ready, Evelyn?

Give this to my mum.

Write to us, eh?

I'm really going to miss you.

Take care of yourself!
Ciao! Take care!

At the control, say you're
the daughter of a businessman.

You're going to Spain as a tourist.
Do not say you're going to work.

Why not?
That's what I'll be doing there.

That's what they told me to tell you.

Have you worked for
this company very long?

Barely two weeks.

But do you what the best thing is?

I'll tell you a secret,
but you can't tell anyone.


I'm the owner.


The company you're going to work for.

I signed a paper and, officially,
I'm your chief. I mean,

the "boss".

So you be careful,
I'll be keeping my eye on you.

- Here she is.
- Perfect.

Did you get your passport?

Here are the tickets.

I couldn't get a direct flight,
so you'll be seeing the world.

You'll see, it's fun.

- Let's go.
- Evelyn, I only go this far.

- Thanks, Chief!
- The boss!

The boss!

Here's 1,000 Euros.
But don't spend it, alright?

As you know, you're a tourist.
Lift up your blouse...

If they ask you,
that's what you'll say.

You put this here.


- Have a nice trip.
- You're not coming with me?

Things got complicated
at the last minute. But don't worry,

everything will be fine, really.

Just follow the instructions, okay?

Go on, get going.

Miss? Your tickets, please.

Seat belt, please.

Want some help?

Thanks, this is the first time
I've been on a plane.

It's alright, take it easy.

Are you Evelyn?


Sorry about the delay. I'm Mayra.

- Nice to meet you. Give me that.
- Nice to meet you.

- Hi, I'm Luna.
- Hello.

Get comfortable.

- It's a long way, you should sleep.
- Where are we going?

- Want some?
- Yes! I'm so thirsty. Thanks.

Do you work in the caf? too?

- Caf??
- Yes, where my cousin Margarita works.

You do know why you're in Spain,
don't you?

Yes... to work in a caf?.

You know my cousin Margarita,
don't you?


Your little cousin
is called Daisy now.

Daisy, a duck's wife!

We'll have to christen you too.


What could we call her?


Jasmine... it's perfect.

We'll call you Jasmine,
you smell real nice.

Come on, let's go.

- Hello.
- Hello.

It's almost five. How come?

There was traffic and police checks.

I'm Amanda,
I'm here for whatever you need.

The money?

Nice to meet you. My name's Evelyn.
Is my cousin here?

She's going call herself Jasmine.

Come here. Sit down, Jasmine.

- Are you alright? How was the trip?
- Fine.

May I have your passport?

While you're here we'll keep it.

It's for security.

Yes, of course.

The room is 70 Euros a day,

including breakfast, lunch, dinner
and the first two drinks.

If you're not punctual,
there's a fine and you don't eat.

Everything here runs like clockwork.

It's forbidden to chew gum,
have a mobile and drag chairs.

Every item of clothes
costs 6 Euros to wash.

In the shop you can buy
shampoo, gel, whatever you need.

If you're not in the main room by 6,
you get a fine

and trouble with Ricardo.

Your room, number 12,
must always be tidy.

Excuse me, ma'am,
can I call my cousin?

Her name's Margarita.

The key to your wardrobe.
Lose it and it's a 20-Euro fine.

There's no Margarita here,

but don't worry, she'll turn up.

Now go shower and change clothes.

Ricardo. Nice to meet you, gorgeous.

Get dressed, they're waiting for us.

Quico's got a lot of cash.

To work...

I wear this dress.

I don't know if it's alright.

I'm sure it looks good on you,

but come by the shop later.

Hey, cutie.

What do I tell the suppliers, Amanda?

What are you going to tell them?

Leave that alone.

Come here.

See? You don't have that problem.

- Open your mouth.
- You've got it easier.

The hookers come to you,

- but with oranges...
- Quico...

Look, this is Jasmine.

I'll be right with her.

Like I was saying,
it's different with oranges.

With oranges,
first you have to plant the fuckers,

wait for good weather
and all that shit.

Always the same shit.

Let's have a toast.

You have to toast, Jasmine,
or you'll bring bad luck.

They care about oranges, they say.

I'm selling fucking oranges
in fucking Canada!

But they don't care.

Honey, down in one. It'll do you good.

Are you listening to me?

Don't bust my balls. Relax, Quico.

How can I relax
with this shitty music?

- Don't you have any... Chenoa?
- Chenoa...!



There's been an error.

There's been a mistake.


That man...

raped me.

Look, Jasmine.

If you're smart,
you'll soon control the situation.

This profession is tricky at first,

but there's a lot of money in it.

My name is Evelyn!
I'm sorry, but I have to go.

My cousin's waiting for me somewhere
else, so give me my passport back!

My husband has your passport

and you owe him money.

Come in, gorgeous.

Sit down.

Look, I...

I'm not... There's been a mistake.

A mistake? You think so?

I didn't come to do this.

Then what for?

I came to work in a caf?.

That bad luck,
frighten it away for me.

I don't want to.

They brought me by mistake,
so I'm leaving.

I have to find my cousin,
so please give me my passport back!

Do you know where your country is?

Do you know?

Here's your country.
And do you know where Spain is?

Here's Spain.

You know how much it cost me
to bring you from here to here?

Take a good look.
There's quite a pond in between.

I came to work as a cleaner!

I'll work and give you back
your money!

Cleaning, you're thinking of
making money cleaning!

Don't make me laugh, please.

You owe me... 6,000 Euros,

and if you want to work as a cleaner,

it's 10 Euros an hour. 460 Euros...

If we take off 70 Euros board,

you get a profit of 1 Euro a week.

While a "working girl",

with 10 clients a day,
7 days a week...

4,000 Euros. In two months you can go,

and in another two,
buy a little house for your family.

I want my passport.

No one gets out of here
until I get what I'm owed.

What a sucker!

She wants to pay off my debt!

Can you imagine?

He came with to see me
with a paint tin full of money.

What a sucker!

What a fool!

The assholes I put up with all week!


Evelyn... You got here.

It's great you're here with me...

Why didn't you tell me
when you called?

I was ashamed, Evelyn. I thought
you'd tell my aunt or Grandma.

I would've kept your secret.

I'll die of my little girl finds out.

I'd never have told her, Margarita!

How dare you bring me here!
You lied to me!

You're wrong, it's not like that.

Oh, no?!

It's a job like any other.
You can make lots of money, and fast.

This can't be...

This can't be happening to me.


We'll work a couple of months, okay?

Then we'll go home, rich and happy.

No one has to find out
what we did here.

Your boss... Talk to your boss.

You have to get him
to give my passport back.

It's not that easy.

Your friend who came to my house!
Tell her it was a mistake!

What friend?

You got me into this
and you have to get me out!

Evelyn, you've got no papers,
no education, no money,


At least we can eat and sleep here,
and make money.

You just have to get used to it.

I don't want to get used to it.

Help me, please.

Work to pay off your debt,
then you can leave.

I don't recognize you,

I don't know who you are.

- You're a monster!
- A monster?

My work feeds my family,
your family, so have some respect!

Respect? You're rotten inside!

Can a shitty bakery support
four women and five kids? Yeah, sure!

Yes! Yes! Give it to me!

- How's the Portuguese guy doing?
- Great.

We're going to take it all this year,

the League, the Champions League
and the Cup.

- Get out, Carmen.
- Yes, sir.

- Where was she?
- Wandering around the area.

Talk to your boss,
tell him to come around, eh?

- He's at home here.
- Alright.

- And where were going?
- My boy,

I have to go for my baby.

You'll make it up to me.

One fine day,

some big guy will come to the door

asking for an Elizabeth.

Will you...

have saved the money
to send him to college?

Do I pick you up when I'm done here?

Okay, we can go to dinner afterwards,
if you like.

You go.

My room.

Where's your baby?

I came in truck.

I very weak because...

men hit me a lot...

and rape.

I sick.

Truck very fast.

Road very bad.

Truck like this...

Then baby fall...

At first I not see.

Then I saw baby

in desert sand...

and I cry, "Stop!


but truck no stop.

I wanted to get off...

but man hold me and I can't.

I scream a lot...

but driver no stop.

How you know I have baby?

Do you know where he is?

Gods not happy with me

because I not travel with full moon...

or amulets.

I have to find baby,

but go with full moon...

and amulets.

I only want to find baby...

full moon and amulets.

You not get dressed?

I don't work here,
I'm leaving tomorrow.

If you don't work, get a fine.

Debt go up every day.

- Where are you from?
- Nigeria.

How did you get here?
Did they trick you too?

Mother take me to Ayelala's house.

Mother say many children in house.

Native doctor know what to do.
Call Ogun.

Ogun? Who's that?

Hello, handsome. Buy me a drink?

The lot, 70.

Sucky-suck, 40.

You've got 10 minutes to put that on
and come with me to the main room.


9 minutes.

Fuck, you got some damp here!

That'll be the drainpipe
down from the roof.

Shall I tell you a secret?
This whorehouse sells crap booze!

Relax, kitty kat! Relax!


Relax, kitty kat. Relax.

Get out, you son of a bitch!

Get out!

Get out, you son of a bitch!

Please help me! I was tricked!
They stole my passport!

I was raped! Please help me!

- Who are you?
- My name's Evelyn.

Why have you got
my husband's mobile?

Tell him to
get on the phone right now.

Come here, you bitch!

Hello? Hello?

Poor man, he just want to spend
his savings with you,

and you slash his face, you whore!

This is a professional joint, got me?

A professional joint!

This is an easy job, fuck it!
It's the easiest job in the world.

You just have to suck and fuck!

Suck and fuck!

You stay there, shithead.

Don't you realize you owe me money?


Evelyn, where are you?


Evelyn, where are you?

Evelyn, please!

Don't do this crazy stuff!





Holy Mother of God, you're crazy.

Don't take me there, please.

I don't want to go there.

Relax, I'll help you, I promise.

Just as well you came back.
You gave me a fright.

You okay, gorgeous?

You have to understand me, Jasmine.

If I don't have an iron fist,
the hens in the coop get frisky.

Get it into your head.
The girls do what they're told,

and if Ricardo says "eat",
the girls eat,

and if Ricardo says "kiss my ass",

all the whores kiss my ass.

You understand how it works, right?


Yes, honey?

I need time.


The girl needs time to adapt, I guess.


How much time does the girl need?

An hour?

A minute?

- A second?
- A few days.

A few days...

With that body,
you can get what you like from me.

Listen to me...

Seduce and you will conquer.

What's this?

- Give it to me. It's mine.
- Mobiles forbidden.

They will punish us.

- Give it to me, Elizabeth.
- No!

I... I know Ogun.

He told me about the baby.

You're a witch too?

Give me the cellular, Elizabeth.


What's wrong?

- It doesn't work.
- Give it to me. It's locked.

What's that? Can you get it to work?

I don't know.

- We have to throw it out.
- No, no, no!

- Ogun get angry.
- God, don't throw it out.

It's all we've got.

You don't know Ogun.

Your arm is good.

He stole my soul.

Ogun is everywhere.

Native doctor painted my face.

Then he dance with me.

He put hand on my back,

then my hair.

Then... he stole my soul.


- You have to help me.
- Can you explain

why you have my husband's mobile?

- A man left it in my room.
- A man left it in your room?

Where are you?
What did he look like?


- Did he have a beard?
- I don't know.

You're in one of those "clubs".
Aren't you?


I just want to get out of here,
go back to my family.


I don't know how to get out,
you have to help me!

I don't get it.
Why not call the police?

No! Not the police, no.

Take it easy. What's your name?

Evelyn, my name's Evelyn.

Not Jasmine, Evelyn Gonzalez!

Evelyn Gonzalez!

My name's Gloria. I'll try
to help you. Where are you?

Don't stop, don't stop!


Relax, Elizabeth, relax.

- Get out! Ogun is demon!
- We're getting out of here.

- He's only looking for me.
- We're getting out, I promise.

We're getting out.

He has my baby!

Just me, dammit!

Just me, dammit!



Second course?

Second course?

Nothing, thanks.

I very happy today.

Now I know I find baby.
I find very soon.

In full moon, when we go from here.

Shoes! Shoes!

Relax, girls, plenty for everyone.

What a hassle.

Hey, cutie.

You'll give a discount, right?

Your cousin, Mami, bad, bad.


Throw it away! Throw it away!

Whose is this?

Whose is this?

I said "Whose is this?"

It's mine!

I must've dropped it
while I was cleaning. Sorry.

We have to call Gloria, we have to.

If you want to call, ask Mami.

Whatever you want, ask Mami.

Mami? Is she the boss?

Sure... Ricardo's favourite.

Break's over. Get to work.

C'mon, girls, you've got to get ready.

No, we're not going anywhere.

What are you doing?

Please... help me.

I've got a family to feed.

I don't want any more trouble!

- Evelyn.
- Yes? Hello?

It's Gloria.
Do you know where you are?

Where am I? What place is this?

Please. I need to know the address!

Fuentes de Cuarte,
on the border with Portugal.

Fuentes de Cuarte.

How's your battery?
Do you have a charger?

- Do you have a charger?
- What's that?

Take my number, just in case.
Can you write it down?


- 600...
- 600...

- 55...
- 66...

- 22...
- 22...

- 19...
- 19...

I'll call you back tomorrow,
I promise.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you!

You don't say!

So we got a Mother Teresa here, eh?

Why not? It's just one girl.

- You've got hundreds waiting.
- Look, this is a business.

You girls, like the whisky,
are part of the business.

You don't kid around with money.

Yes, but she doesn't want
to stay here, and I

can make you more money than her.

You don't say!

Yeah, I do.
What do you want now?

Jasmine... What are you doing there?


- You like spying on my husband?
- No.

Well then...?

I hope you haven't called anyone

for the good of your family.

we have to get another mobile.

Help me get another one. You hear me?!

Everyone do what they can.

I only wait for full moon.


Evelyn, can you hear me?

I've got a present for you,
open the window.

You said you'd help me
and Ricardo locked me in.

What is it?

I was just with a client who wanted...

He got out a photo of his daughter...

then gave me a school uniform
and told me to put it on.

It was so small,
I almost couldn't get it on.

And meanwhile...

he kept saying her name.



Like my little girl.


I can make it all smooth for you,

I can get you the best clients,

the biggest tippers.

That client...

did he give you a tip... Daisy?

- That client was punishment.
- You bet.

A punishment from Ricardo.

He's punishing me because
you refuse to obey.

- Why you close the door?
- Elizabeth!

Thank God. Elizabeth, listen,
you have to get a mobile.

- I want Odudwa.
- What?

Odudwa, next to candle.

I can't give it to you,
the door's locked.

Listen to Ricardo
and he'll stop punishment.

Elizabeth, if you want your god,
get me that mobile.

You hear me? A mobile!

But I need it for trip.

Get me a mobile, and I'll give it
to you for your trip.

- Give me your god.
- What?

Your god, under door.


Give me your god, and I get phone.

Wait, Elizabeth. Did you see?

I wrote the lady's number on the back.


No, Ricardo! Don't do it, please! No!



No! Let her go!

Let her go!

Let her go!

No! Leave her alone!

You scum!





Not going to open it up?

It's for you.

Girls like chocolate.

Do you understand horses, Jasmine?

No, you've got no idea.

Arabian horses are the best.

They're the purest
of the thoroughbreds.

Do you know what the key
to their personality is?

They're wild.

I love taming wild thoroughbreds.

The more discipline there is,
the better they ride later.

You dare to judge me, Jasmine,

looking all snooty at me...

I was there too, on your side of life.

So it hurts me that you think I didn't
go through that, that I woke up

one morning being a bastard.

None of use here were born monsters.

We've all got...

reasons, guilt,
mistakes, suffering...


You live in your world
of birdies and happiness, but...

life is a jungle,

with rules you have to obey...
if you want to survive.

And you want to survive.

Jasmine, do you want to survive?


Do you want to have
food and water again?

Then come and kiss Daddy.


That kiss isn't...
quite up to scratch.

It needs...

7 days confinement.

That's enough, okay?
The girls are jumpy,

Ricardo's jumpy
and I'm catching hell 'cause of you.

Then make them let me go,
I didn't ask you to bring me here.

Evelyn, please.

If you don't obey,
they'll take you to another joint.

They'll separate us.

I'm begging you, please.

Evelyn, don't do this to me! Please!


- Evelyn, wake up.
- Mum!

Look who's here.

Oh, Evelyn, they're lovely.

Evelyn, don't go!

Let me out!



Don't go.

Don't go.

Don't go.

Don't go.


"Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour of our death.

"Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee..."


- I miss my daughter so much.
- Margarita...

- Hello?
- Ma'am, it's Evelyn.


Evelyn. We spoke.

I'm in a "club".
You said you'd help me.


- It's Evelyn.
- Oh, yes...

Are you going to help me
get out of here?

Look, this is tricky.

I talked to my husband
and had a battle royal alright.

My husband's a good person,
but when he drinks...

He's a salesman, you know?

If he doesn't go to some places,
he loses customers.

Besides, if I help you,

he'll get into trouble, understand?

I know you don't want to
call the police, but...

I think it's for the best.


Evelyn, wake up! Wake up!

You can go.
Ricardo let me buy your debt.

Criminals. Lowlife. How can
they do this to these poor creatures?

Here, honey, here.

- Drink, drink.
- What happened here?

What happened is that you can't
keep these girls like this.

- Like what? What do you mean?
- Like this, locked up!

I'm stunned.

- It's the first I've heard of it.
- Yeah, sure.

- As usual!
- Did you know about this?

Honey, are you alright?

Thanks a lot, Carmen. You can go now.

You. Come here.

It's the last time you do anything
without my say-so.

No, Elizabeth!

- Hello?
- Evelyn?


My girl! How are you?

How is it going?

Fine, Mum. I'm so glad to hear you...

Don't cry, honey.

It's great that everything's fine.

- Are you eating right?
- Yes.

We got the money you sent.
Thank you!

- Is the food very different?
- It's different.

The agency told us
that you're being good,

that you're a hard worker.

I'm glad

life is treating you better
than it did me.

- Keep still, Pedro!
- Mum, I've got to hang up.

Yes, yes, of course.
A big hello from Grandma.

And a big hug for your cousin.

You be good to her, Evelyn.

Big kiss to everyone in the village.

Of course! Take care, my girl. Ciao.

Look at you. You're beautiful.

Come on, I'll do your makeup.
You'll look so pretty.

The magic words are:
"Will you buy me a drink?"

If the client has a drink,
the house takes the money.

If he buys you one, you get half.

If they pay, they're right.

If you don't like something,
suffer it and pretend.

You're an actress,
a professional actress, got it?

If the police ask, you say
you're here of your own free will.

The police are bad, they deport you.

Here, remember the name of our lawyer.

He knows your interests
better than anyone.


But I spoke to Ricardo.

I bought her debt. She can go.

What about the drugs she took?
And the jewels you bought?

It's amazing how
badly-informed you are.

You spend too much time
with your boss, Daisy.

Your husband fucks them all,
not just me.

You bring your cousin
from the village,

- and now you act like a saint?
- You're the one who threatened

to sell my girl to Thailand!

My little girl!

And you believed it...

Go with her to the main room.

I haven't got all night!

And your smile...?

Police! Police!

Come with me! Let's go!

- This business is on the level!
- Sure it is, you prick.

- I'm in the hotel trade.
- Let's go!

If you've got a problem and you tell
the police, you've got two problems!

I forgot.

Sit down.

Relax, relax.

How are you?

Feeling better?


May I see that?

Thank you.

Is this your family?

How did you get to Spain?

How did you get to Spain?

Let's do this...

I'll call an NGO that helps girls

who've had the same experience.

You stay with them a few days,
then we'll talk again.

- That alright with you?
- I don't remember.

I have to take your details.
What's your name?



How are you doing?

Fine, I'll be right there.

I have to go out for a moment.

Do you want me to get you
something hot? A white coffee?

How are you, sis?

We're all fine.

The agency lady came,

with my bicycle.

I fell off twice,
but I got up again.

If you work a lot,

I'll get lots of presents.

'Bye, Evelyn.

Behave yourself. Be good.

And come back soon.

We love you.