Eve Dönüs (2006) - full transcript

September 1980. Mustafa 'Mehmet Ali Alabora' and his wife, who're both laborers are married for 5 years. The couple has nothing to do with politics and spend their days happily with their 3 year old daughter and their TV, despite the clamor of guns clashing outside every night. One Friday morning, they wake up and hear the voice of Hasan Mutlucan on radio and observe soldiers marching through the streets, the very confirmation of the military coup that has taken place. Arrests begin instantly in workplace and neighborhood. Yet Mustafa, far from being disturbed, assumes that all apprehensions must have rightful reasons. Until the night he's taken into custody, charged with the crimes of a militant code named "Sehmuz".

The beginning of September
1980, Istanbul

"Damn with
American Imperialism!"

Come on... Quicker...

Not too bad, friends.
It looks fine. Come on.

So, Mr. Guard?

I swear I won't report you to the
police... Give me my gun and let me go.

Allright, we'll give your
gun back when we are finished.

Look! You forgot the "i"
in "American." You see?

- No problem. We'll insert it there.
- You see, I've even corrected your

Please give me my gun back.

We've run out of glue. We still
have a lot of posters to put up.

If we can find a fountain,
we can add water to the mix.

Don't look at me, it
is no use! I won't tell.

So you won't help
the revolutionists?

Is it a good deed that the revolutionists
seize the gun of a laborer like

Give my gun back, I will
show you the nearest fountain.

OK, Mr. Guard. Done!

Show us the nearest fountain
and you'll have your gun.

The Police! Guys, run away.

Come on son. Give me my gun.
Or I will be in big trouble!

Stop. Don't run.

Throw the guard his gun. Don't
let the poor guy fall in trouble.

Run fast! They're almost
here. Endure!

Stop. Don't move!

The landlord came by again.
He yelled and left.

We should definitely find
a new place. I am fed up. Bye.

I will talk to the landlord. If you stop
by your parents kiss the girl

Can you also fix the
underarm of my blue shirt?

"No Pass"

- Hi guys.
- Hello.

Don't whistle in the middle of the
night. You want to call for the

Master Muhlis, can there be
a better example of demon than you?

Mind your own business, jerk.

What are you doing?
You are like god damn little kids!

The shuttle is here.

What the hell should I say to you?
Good for nothing!

Laborers, let's unite for
the strike against...

...The fascist oppression
that grows stronger everyday.

Let's come together around
the "Salvation of People"...

...Against the retrogressive
fascist powers that...

...Massacred our people in ?orum.

Damn with Fascism.
Damn with Imperialism.

Long live people's
sisterhood and brotherhood.

Workers; unite.
Unite and resist.

Yeah, your command is my wish!

- What's up Esma?
- Nothing. I've just dozed off a little.

- How is your daughter?
- I don't know.

I don't see her often.
She stays at my parents'.

- Mustafa?
- Honestly, I do not see him either.

- We both work overtime.
- But what for?

We bought a television.
We have a lot of debt.

- Bon appetite friends.
- Thank you brother.

On Friday there will be
a union meeting. Don't forget...

- You're all coming, right?
- Brother Nuri, why have we elected you?

So that you follow up
all this business?

Also whenever we come to a union
meeting, something violent bursts out.

Look guys; you're really good. If only
you took the union more

You'd really be cool.

Also you have to fight for
your rights; economical...

Democratical, political. The
struggle of the working class...

Forget it brother. My wife has
abandoned me. My team lost on sunday...

I lost the horse race bets. I don't
have any luck with any games.

And you're nagging us with all
this blahblah of economy, democracy.

Well, it's my fault to talk
to a lumpen like you.

Because of people like you labor class
can't raise its head from the pit

What class are you talking about?
Are we at school here?

Because of representatives like you the
laborers can't raise their nose

Get out of here!

You know what I want? An uninterrupted
sleep for 3 days and nights.

I know what you
really want, Mistik.

How long has it been since
you last did it with your wife?

Don't remind me that.
It's more than a month now.

But once the debt of
the television is over...

We stop working overtime
then you'll see your brother Mistik...

So you can't ride your wife because of
the television, then why not ride

More colorful.

Don't make me ride you
while you are by my side?

Folks! Friends!

Our union secretary, H?seyin Uysal, shot
by fascists three days ago in

Could not survive and
died two hours ago...

I invite you to one-minute silence for
this courageous leader of

Those of us who died, died
fighting and are buried in the sun...

There's no time to mourn for them.
There's a raid, a raid to the sun.

We'll conquer the sun, soon
will be the conquest of the sun.

Let his life set an example to us.
Let his memory enlighten our path.

Friends! The terror and
the fascist murders...

Supported by the state
cannot intimidate us.

Down with fascism,
down with fascism.

Cahit, come here.


What's up, boy?
You are stuck frozen.

Nothing. I was
running after Cahit.

So you have run out of women
and started chasing each other?

So what? Women keep making
excuses. They make us beg.

What? They play coquettish
to a handsome like you?

You haven't met your woman. It seems that
you've been knocking on the

Anyway, handsome, you don't need
to be satisfied with the looks only.

Come to me one day
for the real experience.


Wake me up as soon as you come.
I'll go and see the child.

I'm fed up with this
in-house correspondence.

Esma... Esma...
Wake up, woman.

OK. OK. I woke up.

I'll be late for the shuttle.
I'll call by my mother's.

- Come here, you won't be late.
- Mustafa, I'm late.

It's over a month, woman. I'm dying
here. It'll take five minutes. Come

Don't go wild. We can't
even look after one child...

Wait for Friday when
our shifts coincide.

- Yes?
- Yes? What yes?

For god's sake, what kind of
people are you? Get out of my house.

I've been waiting for a year.
How shameless you are!

- Where will we go?
- Where! How should I know?

Go wherever you go. It is me
to find a place for you to move?

Look, old chap, we
have installments to pay.

Go and make your
complaint to where you want.

We can't go anywhere.
Now you'll really freak me out.

- May God damn you all.
- Uncle Mahmut, don't curse.

We'll fall out in the end.

Let all the curse of God
be on you.

My dear, such a sweet
girl she is, and well behaved.

My daughter.
Look, don't be naughty.

- Don't upset grandma, OK?
- OK.

- My dear.
- Mom, I'm late.

- Why are you in such a hurry?
- I've got to catch the shuttle.

Honey, how long will this rush
go on? Look, you've lost weight.

Once the installments of the television
are settled we'll be relieved.

Then we'll
not work overtime anymore.

Then there will be
other installments.

My dear, you were really
stubborn to marry that boy.

- Mother, not again.
- Mother. Mother. So what?

That horse-faced Muhsin, you belittled
has already become a captain in

I wouldn't care if he were
a major. I love my husband.

She loves her husband!

I love you too.

And I love you, too,
my daughter. Ok, have a good day.

Hello, father... See you.

See the daughter of the respectable
Korean Veteran Sacid...

What a pity.


Wake up man. Open the sack.
You're all done gentlemen.

How come man?
Are you tricking us?

Don't call it tricking man.
He's apparently cheating.

Get out of here!

We have been captives for two days
now. From work, to caf?, caf? to work.

Make money at the factory,
lose it to Cahit in the game...

I'm not in. This is my last turn.
I'll die of sleeplessness.

What do you mean I'm not in.
I'm at loss, brother.

Muhlis, your peers have
become pilgrims in Mecca.

They throw stones at the Satan, while
you play with stones here. How

Mind your own business,
you bastard. And you, stop.

But, Muhlis, I'm losing, too.
In the last ten turns, I did nothing.

You lose in gambling but win in love.
Everybody knows about you and

Come on, brother. I have
nothing to do with womanizing.

No way, for a man like me.

Easy, easy, don't be afraid.
Just a blow of exhaust.

The game cannot be disrupted.
Come on, lay the tiles.

I quit. I'm dying
of lack of sleep.

What do you mean?
I have two jokers, you'll play.

Your previous wins
will count for that!

Let's go, have some sleep
and regain our strength.

Don't be a jerk. We'll also be going
soon. Sit down, the last turn.

OK. Come on. The last one.

Four, five, six. Esma this is the
last installment of the television.

Be careful my daughter. Don't
play with it. It's a very expensive toy.

It's a very expensive toy.
Take care. It gave us a hard time.

- Mom.
- My girl, my dear girl.

Look what your mother
has made for you.

It burns my mouth.

I'll now scold you mother.

Esma, girl, wish
you had fried some rolls.

If the weather is good
tomorrow, we'll enjoy the day.

- We'll take the rakis.
- You only think of eating and drinking.

Remember? You held my hand
for the first time in that park.

Now, you remember raki
when you think of G?lhane.

Am I in a state
to hold a hand?

Go to your bed, dear.

Sorrow of sustention, election strained
me. Then it was like that, now

Those days, I was young and
I could held the hands of girls.

Now, I grew old and
I hold the raki bottle Esma.

I'm going to drink a lot tomorrow.

Let me tell you this very
moment then you don't make any fuss.

Drink. Then tease everyone
and get a good beat.

Don't get on my nerves
at this time of the night!

No man who will beat me
has yet been born.

I don't care a bit if the boxer
Cemal Kamaci came.


Let's buy a washing machine
after settling the payment for TV.

No. There'll be
no installments for a while.

Let's go to bed my girl.

- Good night, sweetie.
- Good night, daddy.

Come on girl, come on.

Stop, man. You'll kill me.

It's you who kills me
for such a long time.

Hush, the child.
The light.

The door. Close
the door.

- You stink of cigarettes.
- And you stink of onions.

Do I complain? Besides,
it's better like this. Full of odor.

Pull out. Pull out!

Oh my God!
What if I get pregnant?

No problem. If you get
pregnant, you get an abortion.

Am I not of flesh and blood?
It's a big sin.

- Besides, it's very expensive.
- Don't worry woman.

We can work overtime
for this, too.

You're a maniac.

My beautiful girl!

Come on, let's
go. Esma.

Come on, dress our
girl then we'll go.

Come on my girl, play with
your dolls, we'll soon be going.

- Come here.
- Have you lost your mind? It's morning.

It's better in the morning time.
Come on, to the room.

The child?
Also, we did it last night?

Sure, but we hadn't had
for a month.

My girl... Come to
mummy. Come on.

Where do you find such
songs in the morning?

Find something to wake us up.

Mustafa, find another song.
Are you doing it deliberately?

It's not me; it's the man on the radio!
Every channel I switch to he

- You liked that man.
- The man is stuck!

When are we to meet your folks?

At 10:00, at the upper
gate of Gulhane Park.

Then go and buy
some bread. Come on.

- Stop, it is prohibited.
- Why's that?

Go home.
No questions.

There's a batting order.
I can shoot you.

Why, what's up?

Don't you ever watch TV?
There is military coup.

Don't stand there.
Go home. Go!

Where's the bread?
Have you forgotten to take money?

- We'll forget G?lhane.
- Why?

- Look here. Watch and see...
- "I must state once more that..."

"The Army has had to usurp
the government for the purpose..."

"...of restoring the welfare
and happiness..."

- What's going on Mustafa?
- Military takeover, fool, coup.

We're banned to go out.

- You mean we can't go now?
- Everything is messed up...

And you're talking about going.

"...settling the democracy
which cannot control itself..."

"...on rigid fundaments and

"...the lost
authority of the state..."

If you're making a military coup,
why not do it on a work day...

So that we
could have a day off.

Now you wasted our holiday.

"...to sacrifice everything, even
our lives, for the sake of the

"...and happiness of the nation."

Mustafa, I wonder if the housing
rents increase now.

"Many of those ill-willed people
and institutions..."

"...grown in number lately,
may tell you lies..."

"...claim the otherwise and
resort to negative propagandas."

"Never believe these people."

"All steps from here onwards,
shall be made..."

"...before the very eyes of
the nation."

"Dear citizens, any resistance,
demonstrations and..."

"...attributes against
the Turkish Army..."

"...which have always been
integrated with and under..."

"...the service of its nation and
the new government..."

"...will be immediately
broken and punished..."

"...in the heaviest possible way."

"So that no blood is shed
in the country..."

"I request that all my citizens
act in accordance with..."

"...the declarations to be issued
in the country in peace..."

"...without giving in
to provocations and..."

"...not go out
until a second declaration."

"Dear citizens. I didn't come
here to address you."

"That was not my intention."

- Come on.
- "But, as I stated at the beginning..."

"I couldn't help myself addressing
you with a few words when I saw this."

Today they took G?ler in as well.

She shouldn't have been
involved in this business.

- "We have a lot to do."
- Union or something...

Are these issues that
a woman should be involved in?

Is it her business being
a workplace representative?

Are there any men in our
section apart from the managers?

If she weren't the representative,
another girl would...

Besides, she quit the
representative job long ago.

Then she had another involvement.

Why would they take her if
she did not have a connection?

Why don't they take you, or me?

God, who's that at this time?

- Who's it?
- Me.

Is there no other day?

You're pounding at my door
at this time of the night.

In the day time, neither of
you are home.

When shall I come if not now?

You have one week.
Get out of my house.

I won't. Let alone one week, I won't
get out even after a hundred weeks.


Are you suing us?
Do whatever you do.

Look, son,
you're at my son's age.

- Don't make me lose my patience.
- Do whatever you do. I don't care.

- So you're not getting out?
- I'm not getting out of your house.

Go and make a complaint of me
wherever you want.

- Bastard!
- Let's find a place and get out.

OK, let's get out; but where?
Do you have any idea about the rents?

We can't even rent a room with
the rent we pay for this house.

Simply, it's so difficult.

"Second Declaration of
National Security Council"

"One: Army Commander Necdet Urug
is the chief of Martial Law in Istanbul.

No jokes must
be made with the army!

You should stop and think
when the subject is the Turkish army.

They won't let
two rootless politicians...

Make the children of
this country murder each other.

These politicians gave way
to the communists.

They allowed registered communists
to lecture at universities.

We, the army, went as far as
Korea to obliterate these communists.

We shot and we were shot.

Certainly, father.
You shot and got shot.

But I didn't get shot,
and shoot either.

When it is time,
you'll shoot and got shot, son.

Moreover, it's not right to leave
those politicians to their devices.

Once in ten or fifteen years, you must
show your fist and say the army is

Come on, son, we won't have left things
unfinished. The country has been

Now, let us save our stomachs.

Drink a little, you can't
bear it, drink little.

Look, son, there was
a commander in Korea with us.

Tahsin Yazici.
He was such an able man.

If you're going to begin your
Korea memories again, I'm going to bed.

- OK, OK.
- It's time to go, mother.

- Stay here.
- We returned to 06:00-14:00 shift.

We can't wake up in the morning.
Come on, Mustafa, take the girl.

Ok, let's go. Look, father, don't
think I'm a good-for nothing.

When necessary, if need be
I can die and kill for this country.

- I don't doubt it, son.
- I swear father.

Come on, the
curfew is about to begin.

If need be,
we'll stay for the curfew.

- Ok, Ok come on, take the child.
- Ok.

We'll go out in the curfew time.
Just because of your foolish pride.

There's supposed to be
no bus or something at this time.

- We could have stayed at your mother's.
- You'd have drunk less and got

We'd have arrived
home long ago.

Let's take that taxi at least. Taxi!

Mustafa. Hey, Mustafa.
The door.

- What door?
- Mustafa.

I'll screw this damn landlord.

My Lord!

Don't move. Raise your hands.
Open your legs. Turn back.

- Mustafa!
- You, come here.

- There must be a mistake, officer.
- What mistake?

Aren't you Mustafa Alakurt,
born in 1951, in Emirdag?


- Are you married?
- Of course we are!

- Is it revolution marriage?
- No, sir, civil marriage.

- I found these, constable.
- Sex magazines?

- And I found these, constable.
- Take them to the car.

Be careful!

Are you the one to teach us
what we are to care jerk?

Please don't do,
whatever you do. Please don't.

Now, Mustafa Alakurt,
we're going.

Where? No. No, my husband.


From 5459 to the center.
From 5459 to the center.

Sehmuz operation completed
without incidents. OK.

- "Home Delivery at once. OK."
- Understood. OK.



Who are you to in
the middle of the night?

Shut up!

Cover this bastard's eyes.

- Come back, come.
- Brother, you're making a mistake.

Shut up, don't lie in mud when
you have your tail caught up.

Be a little brave.

Welcome Sehmuz. Frisk him.

Is it your wife?

Good. If you speak like a decent fellow,
we won't have to bring her

- He doesn't use a phonebook, the canny.
- He must've memorized necessary

What do you think Sehmuz?
Sehmuz, honey, I'm telling you.

Sehmuz? What Sehmuz?

Don't keep me here.
There must be a mistake.

I have nothing to do with these
things. I'm an ordinary worker.

'Course you're a worker. You can't be
both fabricator and anarchist, can

How do you call it, proletarian
revolutionist, isn't it? Take him.

- There must be a mis...
- Walk.

You hear Sehmuz? Here, they break one's
back but they make him speak at

Here you see.

So, decently give the address
of that organization...

Appointments and the names
of the Grandfather and...

The Brother-in-law then we'll
decently forward you...

To the public prosecution office.

- What do you say, ?ehmuz?
- I swear I'm not ?ehmuz; I'm Mustafa.

I swear to God!
My name is Mustafa.

I don't know a Grandfather, nor
someone else. I do not have sister...

How can I have a brother-in-law?

This man's not going to correct
his ways by friendly means. Dress him.

Not the things in your stomach, you'll
vomit the things in your mind,


Look, Brother ?ehmuz. Two of your
team spoke. And one is about to speak.

Don't have yourself roughed up in
vain. Come on, speak. Speak buddy!

Look, ?ehmuz, we have a lot of
work to do. Calm down a little.

Then we'll talk, OK?
Take him.

I'm Sacid, the Korea veteran.

I can't look for a terrorist
son-in-law in police stations.

- I can't do this.
- Don't get nervous!

- You'll have a heart attack again.
- Father, please.

I went as far to Korea
to shoot communists. I can't do it.

I can't look for a communist
son-in-law in police stations.

Do you understand?

I know my four-year husband well. He's
got nothing to do with such

You don't know these men, my girl. These
communists like working secretly

They establish a cell in your house
and by God, you don't know about it.

It's all made up. Mustafa has
nothing to with that kind of business.

I understood that he was
a communist the first time I saw him.

It's not possible. He was mad at these
affairs. He wouldn't be involved.

Even to the union, he subscribed
to the union involuntarily.

He's not a criminal.

Get up, this is not a hotel.

Professor, did you recognize ?ehmuz?

- No, I didn't.
- Look ahead.

- I see this guy for the first time.
- Really? So, you don't know him.

What about you, ?ehmuz,
do you know the Professor?

Good. You'll meet soon.
Blindfold his eyes. Take them.

Take the professor first.

You'll make yourself
strangled buddy. Speak!

Let the electricity.

Professor, tell us this man is
?ehmuz. Why are you hiding it?

He admitted himself,
then why are you hiding it?

Speak, or I'll turn you into coal.

- Any news from Mustafa?
- No.

The Police came again yesterday when I
wasn't home. They left the place a

I wonder what they were to find.

It offends me so.

I wouldn't be so upset if my poor
man had any relation with such affairs.

I'd say, he involved in these affairs
and we're taking the consequences.

But believe me he has
nothing to do with them.

- What are you doing?
- Have you lost your mind?

- What are you doing?
- Evacuating the house.

Three times a day my house
is raided by the police.

You made my house
the home of anarchists.

Heartless man!
You ruined my home!

Who are you sending away?
I'll go get the police.

Go and say hello for me. You turned
my house into a home of anarchists.

I got dressed down
because of you.

They almost pulled me in.
Come on.

You're not only guilty but
offensive as well about it.

You made my house a home of
terrorists. A home of terrorists.

You evacuated the house, so why
are you still yelling. Shame on you.

Call your mother.
Stay with them for a while.

Until you learn where Mustafa is.

?rnektepe public committee
officer ?ehmuz, tell us.

?ehmuz. Speak.

I'm not ?ehmuz.
I swear I'm not. Mercy, officer.

Tell the truth instead of begging
for mercy, come on.

OK. Enough. Where did you hide the
guns with which you attacked...

...the police car in Gayrettepe?
Your appointments! Come on, speak!

Who's the Grandfather?
The brother-in-law?

God's my witness I don't know.
I swear I don't know. I beg you.

Then we'll go to the
beginning. Go on.

Brother, don't hit for god's sake.
I'm ?ehmuz. I'm ?ehmuz.

- The communist came around.
- Come, come, who are you?

?ehmuz. Yes, my
code name is ?ehmuz.

Your code name is ?ehmuz.
Raise him. Walk him.

Walk, ?ehmuz, walk, or your feet
become huge and you get hurt.

Take a step! Seat him.

Seat him.

Now, tell like a decent fellow.
Who do you know?

- I know the Professor.
- Else?

And I know the Grandfather
and the Brother-in-law.

- Well done, amend your ways.
- A cigarette, a cigarette, please.

Yes, this amusement is enough.
Tell me. Where did you hide the guns?

The guns that we used...

The guns with which you attacked a police
car in Gayrettepe, killed our

I threw them into the sea.
From Ortak?y.

Did nobody see that huge

- I mean, "Celesh", as you say.
- I threw it in the midnight. Nobody saw.

Are you sure, the gun you
threw into the sea was Kalashnikov?

Yes. "Kalashkov"
I mean, Celesh.

This man is a teaser.
This man is a bastard.

Are you passing to us
what you learnt from us, jerk?

You think you're going to
fool us this easily?

Weren't the guns you used 14 mm?
You, son of a bitch!

By the Koran, brother,
I'm not ?ehmuz, I'm Mustafa.

Bastard! Look.

Hang this man on the hangers
and give electricity to his dick.

He'll pay for this.
Son of a bitch.

Don't get so tense. Relax.
Otherwise, it will hurt more.

You're better now aren't you?

Are you that guy, the Professor
that they showed to me?


- My real name is Nurettin.
- I have only one name. Mustafa.

My name is not ?ehmuz.
My name is Mustafa.

My name is Mustafa.

- I know you're not ?ehmuz.
- I swear I'm not.

Cry out. Do what makes you stand.
But never accept the accusations.

How can I not accept accusations.
They gave me electricity all around.

They gave electricity even
to my thing.

Brother, has my manhood gone?

Calm down, calm down,
nothing will happen, calm down.

You're sure, aren't you brother,
that no harm will come to my virility?

Try to stand by any means,
but never accept the accusations.

How can I possibly accept, brother?
I tried to make it up...

Brother I have neither
an organization house...

Nor do I know about anything
about appointments.

I don't know anything. I have
nothing to do with such affairs.

Brother, I'm a plain citizen.

And I'm a primary school teacher;
but both of us are dangerous for them.

Very dangerous.

How can I be dangerous?

I have nothing to do
with neither the right nor the left.

I'm an ordinary laborer. My mind
doesn't work for such affairs.

If the minds of you and people
like you worked for such affairs...

Neither of us
would be here now.

Come in.

They didn't show any grounds;
they just paid me...

...For the days I worked
and they sacked me.

And no indemnities.

It's because of the bastard
who is you husband.

Is there any news?

Today, I searched in
two more police stations.

He's not there.
But one police said...

"They must have taken him to the
political branch." I'll try there, too.

You go about your business, I'll go
to the political branch tomorrow.

Maybe I'll find him there.

- Father, the house.
- What about the house?

I've been staying with my neighbors for
four days. The landlord kicked us

You mean you are homeless for 4 days.
What about Elif? What a pity!

We had anyway decided to move.
But now that I'm fired.

Wait a minute. I'll take care of the
customers. Then we'll find a

?ehmuz. Let's not quarrel today,
OK? Let's not upset each other.

Let's speak like brothers.
We are both tired.

Now, tell me, who's the Grandfather?
Who is the Brother-in-Law?

Where's your organization
house? Come on.

Officer, I don't know any of these
persons. For God's sake I don't know.

- Look, please, don't hit me.
- ?ehmuz, do you want some cigarettes?

Give him a cigarette,
unfold his eyes.

You, look at the ground,
don't make me blind your eyes.

Are you going to speak?

I don't know.
Please, I don't know.

Aren't you going to tell?
Who's the Grandfather?

The Brother-in-law?
Your organizational house?

- Has something happened, daughter?
- I think the Angel of Death grabbled

God forbid!

- Are you looking for your husband?
- Yes.

They haven't told anything for two days.
But, they said he was here a

Meeting's forbidden. You write the names
of your acquaintances and your

...And I'll let you know
if he's around here.

Untie him. Come, come,
come, give me a pencil.

Come here. Write:
I got the money.

- Money? What money?
- Write.

My dear wife, I got the money.
I'm well, don't worry.

See you soon.

Good, now, sign that. Yes.
Talks are over.

Now, let's go about our business.

Tell me, who's the Grandfather,
the Brother-in-law?

Come tell, me, come on!
Where did you hide the gun? Come on.

Look, tell me what you want me to say,
whatever you want, and I'll sign

I accept everything.

Look at him, are you
teaching us our business?

Are we not sons of god?
Are we crooked?

Are we making people
sign false statements here?

You ignoble! You'll vomit!

You'll vomit and we'll write, and
you'll sign. You mother fucker.

Aydin Ozan.
Mustafa Alakurt.

- Brother, when will he be released?
- Don't know. Depends on his crime.

"They can assert that
the detainees are tortured."

"We, dear citizens are
against torture."

"We do not want to come to
a conclusion by torture."

"This is contradictory to human rights.
Contradictory to conscience."

You see? What they told you
in front of the branch is not true.

Torture or something.
Can the esteemed pasha lie?

You hear, there's no torture.

Look, father, look carefully. I
recognize my husband's handwriting.

This is his handwriting;
but it seems as if it weren't.

As if he couldn't even grab the
pencil. As if his hand shook. As if...

- God damn it! Bastards!
- What's up?

Our team lost to Fener.
That's because I couldn't go.

All's because of the inaptitude
of the trainer Spaji?.

- Are you a Besiktas fan?
- Yes I'm and I'm proud of it.

I was prepared for this game
so well. But, they took me here.

What team do you favor?
Stop. Don't tell. I'll guess.

You are a Galatasaray fan.

Why on earth did you
think of that?

Don't know, those well-educated ones
always be Galatasaray fans.

- Or, are you a Fener fan?
- No, I'm not.

- Or, you are...
- I'm a Besiktas fan, too.

Moreover, I'm the regular of
Gazhane side back-goal.

So, we lost to Fener?

So, you are really one of us.
I'm lucky.

What if you were a Fener fan?
We would quarrel day and night.

Good that we won't quarrel.

I hope we will get out of here
someday and go to a match together...

And we have raki after that.

Raki with plenty of ice,
a little water.

No water. You must drink the raki
dry, so that you can relish it.

You can't be involved with
the forbidden and the prohibited.

You're a kindred spirit, Professor.
We met in the wrong place.

In fact, I don't like
adding water to raki; but...

Why do you look upset?
Is it Fener's defeat?

No, professor, it is Elif.

Your sweetheart?

My daughter.
She's four years old.

- God bless her to you.
- Thank you. You have any kids?

- No, I'm not married.
- Did you get a divorce?

No, I never got married.
I had no time.

Wish this son of a bitch spoke and it's
finished. Today's my daughter's

Chief. Either this man is not Sehmuz
or he's very well trained.

I think we are dealing with the wrong
man. He is really naive.

I say brother-in-law
he says he doesn't have a sister.

Were we not informed that this man is the
officer of Ornektepe Public

Doesn't he suit to the description
sent by the intelligence office?

- Yes, he does.
- Then what can I do?

Should I release that son of a bitch
because he acts well?

Go, work.
Make him speak.

Investigate if there is
a photo of that Sehmuz.

Look at me. How's Niyazi?

He's likely to speak.
He talked in his sleep in bits.

Then lay on him.

When he speaks, confront
him with Sehmuz. I am going.

Communicate me on wireless
if something important happens.

Look carefully, is this the man
you delivered the guns?

Why are you staring like that?

Are you going to draw his picture?
Is it Sehmuz or not?

That's Sehmuz
we delivered the guns.

Brother, please, don't, please.

Who else were involved in Gayrettepe
incident? Do not play the hero man.

Answer, I say, who else
were involved. You already talked.

It doesn't make any difference whether
you gave name of three or ten

Who else were involved?

- The tourist.
- Our tourist?

- Yeah.
- Isn't he in prison?

He says tourist.
Aydin Gun, alias, tourist.

- Yes.
- Good.

Write to the prison prosecutor demanding
that he be sent back to be

What about the Grandfather
and the Brother-in-law?

I didn't have any connection
with them.

Tell the truth, buddy,
now I'll hit you.

Why wouldn't I tell if I knew? My
contacts are the Professor and Sehmuz.

OK. You take this Professor
and Niyazi. You stay with me.

Sehmuz, you little rascal,
you artist.

So, you were going to fool me.

Now you are in trouble. Hanging
for a while, and then electricity.

Why have you devastated
a stranger?

I couldn't stand anymore
Professor. I got loose.

I would say its Sehmuz even if
they showed my father.

I got loose.

I... I... don't you see
how I am. I am done.

Leave me.
My law suit is in progress.

What you do is not legal.

You'll pay for all this
when it is time.

Resist, friends. I brought you
salutations from Metris.

Torturers! Murderers!
Fuck all of you...

- Leave me!
- So, Tourist.

You didn't mention attacking the police
car, the Professor. Shame on you.

- Who's the Professor?
- Don't cut a splash, bastard.

Let's suppose
you don't know the Professor.

Don't you know Sehmuz either?
You son of a bitch!

- You are the son of a bitch jerk!
- Fuck your mother!

Fuck you, your manhood.
Speak, you rascal, speak!

Who's Sehmuz!
Who's Sehmuz!

I said I don't know.
Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell.

Am I an informant?
I'm a revolutionist! A revolutionist!

The passion for the revolution
dwells just here!

Passion for the revolution? Take him away
and show him the revolution.

- You are the bastard!
- Fuck you son of a bitch.

You're ruining
yourself in vain. Burn!

Damn with fascism!
Damn with fascism!

OK, stop it.

Are you ok, dear?

- I'm freezing.
- You're freezing. That's good.

The fire of revolution inside you
must have been extinguished.

- Bring him in.
- Come on, misters, get up, get up.

Now look and tell.
Isn't this Sehmuz?

Don't hide, speak.

Isn't this Sehmuz, the Ornektepe
Public Committee officer?

- No, he's not!
- Look carefully.

Speak, isn't this Sehmuz?

Yes, this is Sehmuz. The Ornektepe
Public Committee Officer.

Get up!

I'm sorry, Sehmuz.
I can't stand it anymore.

I told you that this rascal was acting.
He was playing the guile.

- No. It's a lie. By God, it's a lie.
- Don't move.

- Take him in.
- Walk.

Come, come here.
Still denial, still denial?

Sir, please, have mercy.
I swear he's lying.

Fuck of! If he's lying, than you tell
the truth, you son of a bitch.

Are you out of your mind? What does
this poor man have to do with Sehmuz?

While these are dealing with the false
one, Sehmuz is going to flee

In other words, this fellow is
indispensably contributing to...

...the revolutionist struggle.
Isn't is true?

- True, but this is bad.
- These men must suffer a little, too.

So that they can understand
our pains and troubles.

We're being tortured here,
but then...

Where are the
working class heroes?

You are to solve this problem. Look, man
next door you couldn't stand he

Come on, tell me the Grandfather,
the Brother-in-law.

Tell me, is the man next to
you Sehmuz or not? Come on.

- I don't know. I don't recognize him.
- I swear I can kill you.

They can't find any bit of you.

Take your Professor, take him.


Muallime Safiye Avenue.
Number 4 Baglarbasi.

Tell... them.
Number 4, Baglarbasi.

Muallime Safiye Avenue.
Number 4, Baglarbasi.

You're surrounded.
Surrender and do not be foolish.

You have one minute.

- They're burning the documents.
- Your time is over. Surrender.

Come and take us
if it's that simple!

Surrender, you can't survive.

Ok. But we demand guarantee
that you will not shoot anyone.

Mother fuckers.

They gained time to burn the documents.
Get out or we'll come in!

We're getting out. Don't fire.

Run, Sehmuz, they're shooting.

There's someone else inside.
Watch out! He's running away!

Bring him.

Sehmuz. I'm dying, Sehmuz.

You're sure he's the chief of the
?rnektepe Public Committee?

- I'm sure, chief.
- Sehmuz?

- Yes, he is, sir.
- Ok, well, understood.

We found two fourteens
on them, OK.


Ok, come here,
then we'll talk.

Take Mustafa Alakurt to
the hall. Treat him well.

Yes, sir.

Get up, come on,
get up.

We're going.

- Where?
- You'll see when we go.

Come on, wear this.

Well, tell me, is your code name
Sehmuz, or not?

Speak, are you Sehmuz,
or not?

I'm Sehmuz.
I swear I'm Sehmuz.

- No you are not.
- I don't know.

- I'm what you want to call me.
- You are not Sehmuz.

The accusation about
you was found out to be false.

Sit down, come
on, son, sit down.

We're only harsh and cruel
to the enemies of the country.

It was understood that you have
nothing to do with these affairs.

But we had to be sure, didn't we,
Mustafa? So we upset you a little.

Look, Mustafa, I couldn't go to
the birthday party of my daughter.

I mean, we've been here for two
months. We don't call in our homes.

We are stinking.
Ourjob is not easy.

Come on, drink your tea.

Are you hungry, shall
I order you a kebab with yoghurt?

OK, it's up to you.
Come on, drink your tea.

What were we talking
about? You think ourjob is easy?

Constantly coping with terrorists,
separatists, destructives.

And all are well-trained. We
have to ensure everything.

These people want to
destroy the country.

We are human, we make
mistakes from time to time, too.

To sum up, there's been
a mistake, we're sorry.

You're free. Friends will
drop you where you want.

Look, son OK. Take it.

OK. OK. Look, Mustafa.

One thing. In our ways, what
happened here stays here.

We don't like gossip. We don't
want people to talk here and there.

Otherwise, we do anything to find
and punish a man wherever he goes.

Well, young man, good luck.

- To home?
- Yes. What time is it?

Come on, walk.

Watch your head.

I'm sorry. Pardon me.

- Can I get off there?
- Stop, there.

- Who's it?
- It's me, father, Mustafa.

What happened
to you, Mustafa?

The taxi is waiting to be paid.

- Good to see you back.
- Thank you, father.

Prepare the bathroom. Give him clean
clothes. Let him wash. Come on,

Mustafa, come on, son.
Get up, have a bath.

Shut up. At least for now.

The landlord came over me.
I could not cope with it.

And when my father
called me, I had to.

Ok. The bathroom is ready.

The bathroom is ready.

Your men looked after
him well, didn't they?

How on earth
they're now my men?

- Thank you.
- Good appetite, son.

So, what was the reason?

No reason.
There was a mistake.

Come on, go to bed,
you must have been tired.

Give us the child, so that she doesn't
wake you up in the middle of the

- No, she won't, mother. Good night.
- Good night.

Twenty two days
for a mistake?

Just twenty-two days? I
thought it's been two months.


Someone reported me
as a member of the organization.


I wasn't a member of
the organization.

- The girl seems to have grown up.
- She's gained in a little.

Does she still
bother your mother?

I'm looking after her now.

They fired me. They
didn't tell the reason.

They didn't give
severance pay, either.

Civil police came and asked
for me. And they...

Anyway, you must be tired.
We'll talk about these, tomorrow.

- I say it was a mistake.
- Look, you know how much I like you.

But there's nothing I can do.
The order is so.

Those who involved in anarchy,
get arrested...

But, sir, you know I have
nothing to do with anarchy.

- This is against labor law.
- What can you call lawful these days?

If you persist in legal
grounds for your dismissal...

Well, you have been absent
from work without an excuse.

Muallim Safiye Avenue.
Number 4. Baglarbasi.

Tell them.

Baglarbasi Baglarbasi.
Goes to Baglar.

My goodness,
it he crazy or something?

Hi, Mustafa, how are you?

- Fine, Cahit and how are you?
- Well, what's the news?

The work can't wait for us,
Mustafa, Let's us leave.

- Hey, Mustafa. Are you sleeping?
- No.

What's up? Did they put out your
fire? Honey, I was just kidding.

What kidding. I used to want you
and you avoided it.

Now you are pushing for it

You're coquettish like a slut.

Speak decently. What
do you mean like a slut?

Not only did you bring
all this trouble...

Don't smoke that poison here...

What have they done to you?

We can't stay at my father's
forever. Ajob. Something.

Is there job I refuse
to take, Esma?

I'm also very offended
with the situation.

Our workmaster began in another factory,
she says there may be some job

Professor. Professor.

Mustafa. If only you could stop
thinking of that Professor.

You constantly
mention his name.

Don't say that, Esma. If he had also said
I was Sehmuz, I would have been

You would wait
for me for years.

In spite of those tortures and suffering.
I'll go and find the place he

- OK, go and get into trouble.
- But Esma.

For God's sake; If you love me and Elif,
come to your senses. Shake

Let's go to G?lhane tomorrow.
We couldn't go that time.

But you won't drink and
quarrel with any man.

- Sehmuz!
- No, no I'm not Sehmuz, I'm Mustafa.

I swear I'm Mustafa.

Honey, please come back
to me. Are you Ok?

- Sehmuz.
- No, please don't hit me, please...

- Sehmuz.
- Here I am, father.

You son of a bitch,
didn't I tell you not to get lost?

Where did you go?

Mustafa, are you with
me honey? Please...

Esma I'm frightened to death.
I can't help it.

Someone's following me, I know.
You can't see them but I do.

They followed me when I went
to the address the Professor told.

- Did you go there?
- I went.

I did but I couldn't knock
on the door. I was afraid.

What if it is
a house of the organization?

What if the Grandfather and
the Brother-in-law are there?

Come on, forget about these.


"Nurettin Soyhan, alias Professor, is
caught dead during the battle with

Come on Mustafa.

You get on. I'll call in somewhere,
then I'll come.

- I won't be late, don't worry.
- Where Mustafa?

Nowhere, go now.


Professor, I mean, Nurettin
was kept at the political branch.

He wanted me to inform you.

No. No, he was caught
in a fight last night.

No. He was already caught.
He wasn't even in a condition to fight.

He was about to die when
I left him in the police branch.

He was tortured
with electricity.

So you saw the Professor in the branch
and he was given electricity, huh?

Ok, you weren't afraid and knocked
on the door. There's nobody.

You did yourjob. Ok Mustafa.

The door wasn't knocked.
You must have slept over.

Maybe. Maybe the door
was knocked in my dream.

Mother, you missed Nurettin very much,
you're hearing voices from the

- Perhaps he will come back soon.
- I hope, he will.

May God bless everybody's
children and bless my Nurettin as well.

Have mercy,
protect him, my god.



What happened, Sehmuz,
what are you doing here?

Your house is very far. Here's almost
next to the Professor's place.

For, err... My relatives, eh...

What's the matter? I told you.
You weren't supposed to be around.

You were supposed to forget
everything which happened inside?

Look, If you annoy me, I'll
put you in jail and you'll be gone, ok?

And this time the landlord
doesn't need to report you.

- I do it if I want.
- Of course. The landlord.

Forget. Forget all about it.
Your landlord, the Professor...

What you experienced in the branch...
Delete it all from your mind, Ok?

We came here to inform his family
that the Professor is dead.

He was shot dead
in the battle last night.

- So, what happened, Mustafa?
- He was shot in the battle.

Yes, that's good.

Now, walk on. From now on, don't
wander far from home, or you get lost.

I hope we won't run into
each other again, Sehmuz.

Oh, Mustafa, welcome, son.

I'm sorry to hear what happened.

- Thank you, Mahmut.
- Come, sit down.

Waiter, bring
a cup of tea to Mustafa.


The man seemed silent but
he appeared to be a fierce communist.

No, man, that's not true.
They took him in prison by mistake.

What mistake!

There was a mistake,
why don't you understand?

No, fellow, he has absolutely
have something to do.

First, the man is a worker.
A member of the union.

Otherwise why would
they take him?

No, it's not possible.

Ok, then why don't they
take you or me?

Police check!
Everybody show his identity card.

Take the ones suiting to description.

You. You, short haired with black
coat and you, come here.

- Us?
- Yes, you.

- Brother, there must be a mistake.
- There must be a mistake.

Walk ahead. You'll tell
your problem in the branch.

Brother we...

Between 12th September
1980 and the year 1983.

The National Assembly was closed
down, the Constitution was cancelled.

Political Parties, Associations and
Unions were banned from activity.

650.000 people were
taken under custody.

230.000 people were
taken to Courts.

50 people were executed.
171 died under torture.

299 died in prisons.
95 fell dead during "fights".

14 fell dead during "hunger strikes".
217 died under "doubtful"

16 were shot on the run; 43 were
"reported" to have committed suicide.

30.000 professionals were
registered and laid off...

...14.000 were expelled from...
Turkish Citizenship...

39 tons of books, magazines and
newspapers were burnt and destroyed.

937 feature films were banned,
being found "inconvenient".

The Generals who took over
the regime on 12th September 1980...

Tailored the Constitution with an article
that would avoid them being

Republic of Turkey is still being
governed under this Constitution...

Designed by the Junta.