Eternal Melodies (1940) - full transcript


Good morning. Mr Shauer.
- Good morning, Nannina. - Morning.

Good morning, Papa!
- Good morning, darling.

Nannina, we want to play some music.
What is it that we need?

A nice glass of wine.
- Good girl! And where's my second scion?

In the sitting room.



What's with this mess?
Look at the state of the floor!

You little rascal!
What have you done?

The sonata for piano and violin.
I've just finished the Allegro.

You should rather learn the alphabet!

But… did you really compose this?

Father, Sir, do you find it well written?
- Well?

Don't sit on the floor,
when you write music!

That's the piano score.
Where's the one for violin?

- Oh, my God! If mother sees it!

The Allegro begins here.

Look at your hands! Nannina!

Nannina! Wash him well!
And bring the floor cloth right away!

But this music is full of sentiment!
- Do you know what you should do?

Call the painter?
- Put him to a test.

Let's see how he does.

What have you done?

I've composed music.
- What?

Just look at yourself!

Listen, Mother.
They're already playing it.

This child is a true wonder.
- Wolfgang wrote it?

Yes, mother, he did. And one day,
Salzburg will be too small for him!

His Imperial Highness, Archduke Maximilian!

Her Imperial Highness,
Archduchess Maria-Antonia!

Her Majesty, the Empress!
His Majesty, the Emperor!

Good morning, children. Are you all here?

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight…

That's good. We're all here.

Where's our little musician?

Nannina, did you arrange the score?
- Yes, Father.

What did I want to say?
- Don't be so nervous, Father.

You'll see I won't shame you.

Mr. Mozart, you can bring the little
musician. - It is a great honor for us.

Wolfgang, be careful.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

son of Leopold Mozart,
organist for the Archbishop of Salzburg,

will now play some of his compositions.

My God, how cute he is!
Children, applause!

As a reward, I'll marry you when I grow up

Only a child and already
speaks of marriage.

Wolfgang, did you hurt yourself?
- No, no.

Well done, my dear! Keep on like this!

Will you allow Mr Mozart
to write something in my album?

Of course, my darling.

Your Highness, should I compose
something only for you? - Yes, only for me!

So it's true you can find
your inspiration so easily?

I'll try.

I've got it!

Dear Mozart is promising,
but don't push him too hard.

Your Majesty, I'll take the utmost care.

Morning, Wolfgang. Aren't you ready?
It's almost 11 o'clock.

- What?

Look, what a beautiful woman!

Yes, but it's eleven o'clock.

I must absolutely meet that girl.
Right away.

Are you mad? The Marchioness is waiting!

Hey, say! Say!

Excuse me, but could you tell me the name
of the young lady living in that house?

She's Mr. Weber's daughter,
the music copyist from the Ducal Theater.

Oh, I understand, music copyist…
Thank you.


- What?

Come on.
- Where to? - Inside.

Are you mad? You can't barge
into an unknown person's house!

I'll show you how.
- Hey, wait!

Music Copyist

Lend me your hat. Follow me.
- I can't!

How can I help you?
- I urgently need copying done.

Please, come in.

My husband is out, but my daughter
is as good as he. If not, it's free.

Then, call your daughter.
- Take a seat.

Josepha! Josephina!

Her name's Josepha.
- So nice! And the orchestra's waiting.

- What is it, Mama?

This gentleman needs some
urgent copying done. Come.

But this is another one.
- You were saying, Sir?

I was saying this is another music.
Not the one that needs copying.

What're you doing?
I hope you haven't forgotten it. Here.

Four pages.
It'll cost you exactly one thaler.

Go, Josepha.
Start working on it.

Don't you have another daughter?
- At your service.

There's some more copying.
A special job.

Here it is.
- Sophie!

Her name's Sophie. Lend me a thaler.

I knew I'd be the one paying!

What is it, mother?
- A very urgent assignment.

That's not her either.

Nothing else to copy?
It so happens, I have another daughter.

No, that was all.

What're you saying? I'd almost
forgotten the most important one.

Constanze! Constanze!

Where the devil has she hidden?

Lend me another thaler.
- In your dreams. Not a dime.

Mother said you had
something for me to copy.

What is it?

Not her either.
- Give me more music.

Soon we'll need ten volumes!
I'm off to the theater.

Here it is, Miss.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

You know the famous Mozart?
- Of course.

Do you know him well?
- Well enough. Why?

I'd like to ask you something.

One of my sisters…
- If I may, as we're already talking,

how many sisters are you?
- Four. - Four.

I've already met Sophie and Josepha.
You're Constanze, so there remains…

- Aloysia. A nice name.

But, are you sure there's no other one?
- Yes.

Does she also copy music?
- No.

She sings.
- She sings?

Is she good?
- Very. If Mr Mozart heard her,

I'm sure, he'd arrange
an audition for her at the opera.

But do you think Mr Mozart
will want to hear her?

He already does.
- Really?

When? - Right away.
- Where?

Even here if you wish, because I…

- Yes.

You are Wolfgang Amadeus…
- Mozart.

A handsome young man. - Distinguished.
- He's next door, talking to Constanze.

I'm curious. I want to see.

Here's Aloysia, Mr Mozart.


I'd like to see my mother and sister's
faces when they find out who you are!

Please, Sir. Sit down.

Do you know who gave us this music?
- Who?

No one but the famous Salzburg Mozart!
- What?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
And that's how I've received him?

You're across the road?

Then you're playing the piano all day?
-Yes, it's me.

And the old lady who listens
to you so attentively?

That's my mother.
But she doesn't listen, she sleeps.

Actually, she sleeps best when I play.

She dreams about Salzburg.
- You must have a superb position there.

Not superb.
I'm Archbishop Colloredo's kapellmeister.

And you're here for a concert?
- Yes, exactly.

I envy you.

The audience, the applause!

You must have many connections.

I'd need a good word
for the Opera Theater.

But you have never heard me.

You're wrong. One hundred times.
You sing like an angel.

You think so? Really?

If only I could sing to your arias,
accompanied by you,

in the concert you'll be having!
- You'd accept?

I'm so stupid to not have thought about it!

I'm too ambitious. Am I not?

As a matter of fact,
I don't try to hide it.

I feel like suffocating here.
I want to leave. Quickly!

I want to become…

Why are you looking at me like that?

Do you find me a bit mad?

No, I'm listening. Even when you talk,
you have a wonderful voice.

You must be a happy man.
- What makes you think that?

Aren't you famous? Envied? Admired?

So what?
- Isn't that enough for being happy?

No. It isn't enough.

And what is it that you want?

Right now, nothing.

Listen, what aria could
I sing in your concert'?

From those I've written, none, because…

…not one is worthy of you.

Have you noticed what a broad
forehead Mozart has?

Better if he had a more legible writing!

And what eyes, shining with intelligence.

Constanze seems to have
fallen in love with Mozart!

How stupid you are!
- You've become red as a candle.

Have I?
- Yes.

I'm hot, that's why.

So hot in here.

You'll really write an aria for me?
- Of course.

To prove it,
I'm going straight home to write.

It's noon. My patience has run out.
- He'll be here any moment.

As far as we're concerned,
he doesn't have to come.

If he doesn't need to rehearse,
we don't either!

Maestro! Maestro!

Why are you dressing so beautifully?
- Who knows?

Maybe Mr Mozart is coming to get his music?

What's so funny?
- Nothing, nothing.

Girls! I've bought this!

Aloysia, you're a darling!
- Superb!

There's something wrong here.

And here.
- You look like a great singer.

Soon I won't only look like one.
- I want to follow you on your voyages

Right, how you'd make me look!

You're so sweet and so good

but nobody will ever
take away that provincial air!

You're right.
- We don't look like your sisters.

Goodbye. I won't be long.

Not coming with us?
- No. Someone's waiting for me.


She's so beautiful! Aloysia deserves it.

She'll surely have it with her voice.
- She's so lucky.

To sing arias by Mozart,

accompanied by him.


I've written my father about you.
- About me?

Yes. I told him about us, about our future.

I've asked him to organize
a series of concerts in Italy.

For the two of us.
You'll sing and I'll accompany you.

- Yes.

Oh, how I love you!
What if your father doesn't agree?

It's the first time I've ever asked
him for anything. He'll agree.

How happy I am.
How happy I am!

A skylark sings in the sky:

Others in the nest, will reply:

How among themselves, they tweet
and to the sky, they soar.

The little ones warble so sweet
and try again once more.

The night falls on the peaceful sea,

I already see the golden stars shine,

the stars shine so, they seem like lamps,

you feel around you a faint languor.

Stronger than time,
you take me to the heart.

Come to me!

I tremble,

I sigh, deliriously, thinking about you.

Happy is love in the night and mystery
when all sing of love.

He's climbing snowy peaks,
and the whole world, we'll forget.

Don't tarry, don't make me ill,
joy and torment tarry now.

I seem to hear the fronds flickering,
now you can! Oh, my happiness!

A letter for you from Salzburg.
- Ah, its my father.

Will you conduct it?
- Let him do it. I'll conduct the symphony

Wolfgang! Wolfgang!
How happy I am!

What a success! The house was enthusiastic.
Prince Karl wouldn't stop applauding me.

Lange, the Royal Opera tenor,
proposed me to sing with him in Munich!

What do you say? Should I accept?

It'd be better,
because our tour in Italy isn't possible.

- My father opposes it.

I'd have sworn it!

Sir, where can I find Mr Mozart?

In his dressing room, Miss.
The one with the open door.

Thank you.

I'll convince my father.
- And if you fail?

I won't. No matter what.

Don't you know I love you?
And will my whole life?

I ask only that you wait for me.

How long?
- Until I'm able to marry.

Trust me, it'll be sooner than you think.

Without you, I wouldn't be able to live.

Promise you'll wait for me.

Will you wait for me?

Will you wait for me?

- Aloysia!


Bravo, Wolfgang!
Your music has never been so profound.

More like painful.

Mother's death is too recent.
- Wolfgang!

Wolfgang, the count wants to see you

What is it?
- To praise you maybe for your mass.

Come, I'll go with you.

Your Grace has called for me?
- Come closer!

I must give you some notes
on your new mass.

His Highness found it too long.

Not more than it has to be.
- Don't be witty!

Try to compose better music!

Your Grace, I write the way I know.

Follow the example of Italian music.

I'm a musician…
- You're stubborn!

That's what you are.

You'll respect my wish!

You'll modify the mass how I say!

If His Highness didn't like this mass,
I can write another one.

But I won't change even one note!
- Shut up!

I see success abroad
has gone to your head.

Understand me, here, in Salzburg,
you're just another servant!

And you must obey! Leave now!

Your Grace…
- No more! Get out!


I can't tolerate this!

You must, for your sake,
for my sake, and Aloysia's.

Bravo! You have a wonderful voice!
- You're too kind.

It'll be an unprecedented success!
I know my audience.

Just hold that D flat as long
as you can and you'll get an encore.

Remember, it's the encore
that makes a singer's fame.

Come, drink.
- Well…

Again? - Of course.
Liqueur warms the throat, warms the blood.

We'll be a wonderful couple.
The theaters will line-up to have us.

We'll make piles of money.
To you!

You don't drink? Come now, drink.

You will be the most envied prima donna.

You'll have furs, jewels,
wonderful clothes.

What're you doing?

When we finish our concert in Munich,
we'll go to Paris.

To Paris?
- Paris, London…

…then Italy, finally Italy,
the land of love.

Let go of me!
- Let go of you? Me?

My little one… Oh!

Constanze, have you reserved
seats on the coach?

Yes, Mother.

Right. I had forgotten.
So many things on my mind.

My God!
- What is it, Mother?

I forgot to buy cages for the canaries!

One can't take along these enormous cages.

I've taken care of that, Mother.
- Really? God bless you!

They won't suffer too much, poor darlings.

Oh, Aloysia, finally! Hurry up!

Sorry, but I'm not leaving!
- What?

I have a concert in Munich.
I'm singing with Joseph Lange.

- And you don't know the best part!

More news?
- Too much! You're killing me!

I'm getting married!
- Bless you!

Who are you marrying?
- Joseph Lange!

With Joseph Lange?
- Congratulations!

And where will you marry?
- In Munich. - And Mozart?

He prefers Salzburg. He won't mind.
- But you promised to wait.

Not my whole life.
- She's right!

She's been waiting more than a year.
- How will Mozart ever support a family?

Lange is rich!

I've written it here. Will you post it?
I'm so busy.

Alyosia, think about that boy.

Don't worry, he'll get over it,
believe me. Men are all the same.

Girls, what do you think of my new hat?

So cute! - You like it?
- It's wonderful!

"Dear Wolfgang! Even if I find this very
painful, I must tell you I've decided"

"to marry the tenor Joseph Lange."

"Mother is delighted. Once we're married,
Lange and I will sing in Venice."

"I'll always have a fond memory of you.
Forgive me."

"Dear Wolfgang,"

"Dear Wolfgang! A few hurried lines.
We're about to leave for Vienna."

"That beautiful city won't make
me forget my promise…"

"… which I will keep forever."

"Our love cannot die."

"Separation makes it
stronger and more intense."

"I will always wait for you."

The girl who wrote this letter
loves you very much.

I want to go to Vienna, to be with her.
I'll try obtain leave.

What if they don't agree?

Then, I'll go anyway.
- We'll see about that!

Father, try to understand,
life here's like a prison to me.

I must meet other people, see other places.
I'm suffocating.

You are suffocating
but not because of working here.

It's because you're distracted.
Your mind is darkened.

She's the distraction!

But, I'll never consent to this marriage.
Never! - Why?

She's not the woman for you.
I have my information.

She only used you to launch her career
but she's already forgotten you.

Oh no, read, Father!
The author of this can't be lying.

You're so naive.

But if that girl is more
important than we are,

you can leave.

That's what I'll do, Father.


Wolfgang! Listen well.

If you leave, you can never return.

Mr Haibl! Mr Haibl!

An old friend of yours is here.



That young man is Mozart!

I always thought he was a child prodigy.
- Right!

The Archbishop has granted you leave?
- No, I'm running away.

You decided to move to Vienna!
- Yes.

Look at your dear colleagues.

Did you hear? Mozart's moving to Vienna.

They don't look happy to see me in Vienna.

Don't you see their grins?
You want to meet them?

No. I've got other business today.
Do you know where Weber lives?

No, but we can find out.

Mr Mozart!
- Good morning.

Forgive me for showing up
at such an inappropriate hour,

but I'd like to speak to
Aloysia right away.

- Yes.

Would you care to step in, Mr Mozart?
- I will, thank you.

- Thank you.

Have a seat.

My mother and sisters aren't home.

Will you allow me to wait for Aloysia?

Yes, but…

I'm afraid that…

Constanze, what has happened?

Where is Aloysia?

Is she ill?

- Then, is she on a voyage?

You could say that…

- Come on, speak, for God's sake!

Aloysia is no longer free.
She is married.


Six weeks ago with Lange
from the Court Theater.

That's not possible.

I just received a letter from her.

It says she'll wait for me.

Mr Mozart, don't get angry…

She didn't write that letter.
- Who wrote it then?

I did.


You imitated her writing?

You completely fooled me.

Why did you do this?


Because I wanted to spare you this pain.

I see.
You make fun of men, like your sister!

No, please!

Listen to me!
- Thank you. I've had enough.

Mr Mozart!

That was quick.

I want to know if he'll pay.

I vouch for him.

Just my luck!

Heard the news?

Aloysia got married.
- What?

Married for sure.

For her, I gave up everything:
I left Salzburg. I left…

my sister, my father.

Don't cry for that kind of woman.

You're suffering,
but the infallible remedy is work.

Immerse yourself,
create something beautiful and great.

Look, I got an opera libretto for you
by someone called Stephanie.

I'll read it to you, yes?
- Thanks for trying to distract me,

but I can't concentrate.

I understand you perfectly
but you must be sensible.

There are other women. You're still young!
You have your whole life ahead of you.

It's like having lived 1000 years
in a couple of minutes.

I've lost all trust.

I no longer believe.

Excuse me, my dear,
but I'd like to be alone.

Mr Deiner!

Mr Deiner!

Have you hurt yourself?

Where's your place?
- The kitchen. - Go to it!

Oh, poor Mr Deiner, it's all my fault.
- No, Miss, it's my fault.

That damn hammer!

Here's Mr Mozart's washed linen.

Put it in the wardrobe
without him noticing.

You're very kind to take care
of that fine young man, Miss.

You haven't told him I clean his
linen and sew his buttons?

No, far from it!
He thinks it's the fairies!

I let him think I was one of those fairies.

A fine fairy, right?

Imagine, he wanted to give me a coin.

But he surely didn't have it.

He needs handkerchiefs.
He's only left with three.

I know. We also need cash,
to take his pants out the pawn shop.

His pants?
- Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

He must be struggling.

He may still have three handkerchiefs,
but he only has the pants he's wearing.

Something must be done.
We can't leave him like this.

I can't do more than I'm already doing.

Think that he already owes me
but I'm not saying this because…

Mr Deiner.
- Yes?

I have saved a couple of thalers.

No, no. Listen, he may believe that
fairies bring him handkerchiefs,

but not money!

And then Mozart is not a man
who'd accept money like that.

Then, what can we do?
- What can we?

Wait! I've got an idea.

Bravo! Bravo, Haydn.

This is one of your most
beautiful compositions.

Maestro Schröder?
- A true gem, Your Majesty.

Absolutely worthy of Haydn.
- It only has one flaw.

It's not mine.
- Really? Whose is it?

A young Viennese composer:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Yes. I met him a long time ago.
The Salzburg child prodigy.

Yes, Your Majesty and now one of
the greatest composers in the world.

Is he really expected to compose
the first German opera?

I think so, Your Majesty.

What does Maestro Salieri think?

Majesty, this Mozart isn't
devoid of ingenuity.

But he's still too young for us to judge.

And our Schröder?

It's too early to judge
this young composer.

For such an opera, one needs an erudition
that Mozart hasn't yet demonstrated.

And what does our great Haydn think?

Your Majesty must allow me to say,
that whatever Mozart does,

it bears the imprint of genius.

Come in.

Good morning. Mr Mozart!
- Good morning.

Am I late?
- It doesn't matter.

If you do well,
I'll give you these violets. - Really?

Now, let me hear the exercises
I taught you last time. - I'll do my best.

One, two, three.
One, two, three.

Keep the rhythm.

Will you be in Vienna for long?

No chatter. Go on. Play.

One, two, three. One, two…
C sharp not C.

Why did you ask how
long I'll be in Vienna?

Just asking. For the lessons.

Oh, for the lessons.
Come on, play.

Know what this reminds me of?
The beginning of one of your minuets.

Ah, I understand.
- No, no!

Then it's this one.

No, I meant this one.

But you can play!

I understand…

You're giving me charity.
- No. No, Mr Mozart! No, Mr Mozart!

I just wished you weren't
alone in these painful days!

And then… and then…
Nothing works for me!

You always want to help
but you're making me suffer worse.


Where're you going?
- I'm leaving.

You see…
you want to hurt me again.

What good am I, anyway?


So stupid. Not understanding anything.

You're the only one who really loves me.

We won't ever again separate.
Never again!

Mr Mozart! Mr Mozart!

Oh… the piano lesson…
Suspend it!

The Emperor sent for you!

Which emperor?
- There's only one I know! Joseph!

Emperor Joseph!
He's even sent a carriage!

Down there, before the door!
- A carriage? - Yes! With a huge crest!

Let us through, gentlemen!
Let us through!

It'll be fine!
Everything will work out!

I'll think of my guardian angel.

My greetings to the Emperor!

Here is our musician.
- Step forward, Mozart.

We've met before in this hall.
You were that high.

But, since then,
even Your Majesty has grown.

My dear, Mozart, I want you to write
an opera for my theater if you can.

If Your Majesty commands it.

Then, you must find a libretto.

It so happens, I already have one.
- And what's its title? - Its title?

Oh, God, I don't seem to remember it.

One moment, Your Majesty.
- You keep the libretto in your hat?

"The Abduction From the Seraglio.”

Listen, Wolfgang.
- Yes?

I avoid bothering you when you work.

But I went to mother
and she's also broke.

How will we feed the children?


You were saying?
- I have no money for food.

Schikaneder must owe me 300 florins.

We must get paid for Don Giovanni.
I'll go to the theater for it.

Then go before the shops close.

Yes, Constanze. Just a few more bars.

Who can it be?
- A creditor, surely.

I'll go see who it is.

A young man brought this letter.

I know this writing.
- Father writing from Salzburg?

No, it's from Aloysia. From Munich.


I knew she'd resurface.

What can she want?

She must have found out we're happy.

Oh, if it's only for that…

What does she want?
- To receive the bringer of the letter.

Someone wants to play their works for me.

And she sends him to you?

I don't see anything wrong with it.
- You're not going to, are you?

You must go. We don't have a dime.

Listen to me.
Show this pest in, and then get Karl,

who'll say I must go to the theater, OK?

Come in, please.

Welcome to Vienna.

I must warn you,
I only teach those who show real talent.

I see. Thank you for your sincerity.

Listen to me.
You'll tell me what I'm worth

What is your name?
- Ludwig van Beethoven.

Then, Mr Beethoven,
please sit down and be brave.

I'm very sorry, Mr Beethoven,

but I can't give you lessons.

There's nothing you to learn.

Let us shake hands like
two friends, as comrades.

This is the best moment of my life.

Is Mr Schikaneder backstage?
- No, in his office. - Thank you.

I have to speak to Mr Schikaneder!

What's the matter?
- I'm withdrawing my opera!

- We've given the part to Aloysia Lange!

She has a golden voice, my dear. - Yes,
but I'll never allow her to sing my opera!

Why not? - It's my business.
- Then I'll hire whoever I want.

I'm withdrawing my opera!
- You are crazy!

The Magic Flute's libretto is mine.
I'm also its author.

And I want Lange!
- Prove your friendship.

This is not about friendship.
The good of the opera is all that counts.

Lange will soon be here. You'll hear her.
- Here?

She wants to study her part with you.

Save me!
- Where're you going?

To leave for good!
- Mrs Aloysia Lange.

Good morning.
Beauty among beauties!

We were impatiently waiting for you.


I understand…

Excuse me. I have to give
some instructions for the rehearsal.

I thought that maybe you had forgotten.

There are sorrows one can not forget.

It's true.
As are memories one can't erase.

That's what you remember.

You're right to doubt me.

If you knew how many times
I repented for not waiting.

- Come on, I meant nothing to you.

Let's forget it and see
each other as little as possible.

Let's forget the past.

Pretend we are strangers.

And two strangers can work together.

- Well, fine, I'll try on my own.

The vengeance of hell boils in my heart…

No, not that slow. Allegro!

Allegro! Allegro! Not like that!

The vengeance of hell boils in my heart!

Death and despair!

Death and despair flame about me!

If Sarastro does not through you feel,
the pain of death,

the pain of death,

Then you will be my daughter nevermore!

Then you will be my daughter nevermore!

Then you will be my daughter nevermore!

Good morning, Mr Deiner.
- Good morning. Mrs Mozart.

Look at this nice wood.

They gave out samples,
and I thought you could use it.

Thank you, but I still
owe you for the last time.

Don't worry.
You know how the saying goes:

"There's time for paying and for dying."

You are too kind, Mr Deiner.

Forget it. I love you and your husband.

By the way, I heard something amazing.

Is the great Aloysia Lange your sister?

Yes, but we don't see her.

But she's coming to Vienna.

To Vienna?
- Yes.

Weren't you aware?

She'll sing in your husband's
new opera The Magic Flute.

- Your husband hasn't told you anything?

Well, he might have forgotten.
He's so absent-minded.

True, it might be so…
These artists!

It'll be a huge success!

Enjoy your meal and goodbye, Mrs Mozart.
- Goodbye.

And thank you.
- What for? - For the wood.


Good morning, Maestro.
- Good morning, Deiner.

- Hello, darling.

Mommy! Father's back!

Aren't you going to kiss me, Constanze?

Lunch ready?
- I'll serve it right away.

Daddy, afterwards we'll play, won't we?

No, I have to go out.

Wicked daddy! Always working!

Any news at the theater?
- None.

Happy with the rehearsals?
- Yes, quite.

Are all the singers good?
- Yes, without any doubt.


Aren't you eating?
- No.

What's the matter?
- Maybe a little tired.

There's something I want to tell you.

Why're you looking at me like that?
- How?

Your eyes are sad.
- No, say what you want to say.

Nothing. It wasn't important.

I remember I have to go out.
- Won't you finish eating?

I'm not hungry.
Schikaneder's waiting at the theater.

You shouldn't have come home.
- Yes, but you'd have worried.

Go, then, don't make him wait.

Are you really leaving, Daddy?
- Yes, my little one. I have to.

- Bye, Daddy.

Why are you crying, Mommy?

Eat, my darling, eat.

Do you still love me, Wolfgang?

Let's separate before it's too late.

I can't make Constanze suffer.

I knew she's been sublime all this time.

You've never loved her!

You married out of pity and gratitude.

Out of everything, but not love!

But that's why you must leave.

I'd be fooling her twice.

And I don't want to!

I'd like to speak to Mrs Lange.
- That's impossible.

Mrs Lange is studying with Maestro Mozart.

I'll come back later.

How can I just leave? There's a contract.

I have obligations.
- Alright.

I'll leave then.
- Where to?

I don't know. I'll find a place.

You haven't understood anything!

I'm not the woman I used to be.

I've hurt you, I confess.

But now, I really love you.

Your music has transformed me.

I was dead until I sang in your operas.

Only then did I understand.

Please, Aloysia, that's enough.

You're hurting me now more than ever.

It's terrible!

Happiness comes when
I can no longer enjoy it.

Happiness never comes too late!

Farewell, Aloysia.

Wolfgang? Where're you going?

To the theater.
- Already

An appointment with Schikaneder.

Shall I go?
- If you like.

Wolfgang, do you remember,
your first months in Vienna?

Our long walks on this very path,
your melancholy and lack of confidence.

And me driving you to work,
wasn't I right?

The Magic Flute's opening
night will be a triumph.

Why're so sad?
- I'm just tired.

You're working too much.
- No, it's not about work.

Something inside is consuming me.

Sometimes, I feel empty.

I have bad omens, Haibl.

Nonsense, you're just tired. You'll have a
great success tonight. You should be happy.

The Magic Flute

He doesn't want to miss one single note.

Despite the applause and the Emperor's
presence, I feel the audience is cold.

And I know about these things.

The Emperor is talking to
Schröder and Salieri.

Great! They'll try to influence him.

People say there'll be
a great battle tonight.

A great battle, Sire?
- Your presence is a guarantee.

I can smell the gunpowder.

Mozart has has many enemies.
Maybe they'll spoil this opening night.

We all have enemies, Sire.

But Mozart's genius made
many people feel small.

As Your Majesty can see,

many of the most important
critics all over the world,

contest Mozart's so called genius.

Schröder is reading something.

Come on, everyone take your position.

They say it's all
an inexplicable infatuation.

Maybe so. Even if it were so,
in musical matters I go by ear.

Mozart's music awakens
delicate and profound emotions.

Your Majesty's perception
is one of the most refined.

Here's Mozart. Please, gentlemen.

Just look: He plays the imaginary
invalid to look more interesting.

It's all a pose.
He knows his music is insignificant.

To win the audience's sympathy.
- What a show-off!

- Till now, a solemn fiasco!

- Finally, some justice in this world!

- Yes.

Two glasses of beer,
but quickly, we must go back.

What's the Emperor saying?

What can he say?
He has to face facts.

Mozart has shown he's devoid of genius!

Now you're exaggerating.
- No.

Not me.
- Then, the audience is exaggerating.

An artist like Mozart deserves,
at least, a little respect.


Come in.

It's from Constanze.

Thank you.

I tried everything to stop her.

She must come back.

Only you can do that.

You've nothing to say?
- No.

Good night, Haibl.

Come on, bravo!
Even the Emperor's applauding!

This is divine music!

This opera's worthless.
- A genius?

The symphony's a masterpiece.
- A masterpiece? - Some superb parts!

Mozart? A flash in the pan!
- He's right.

I know my people.
This is their music. They'll understand it.

Bravo, Mozart! Bravo, Mozart!
- Stop shouting!

I'll shout as loud as I want!
Mozart is a great artist!

The blacksmith has spoken!

I recognize you! You're my customer!

Bravo, Mozart!
I'll never sell any beer to you!

Cowards! Fools! You are fools!

Did you see?

Obviously, your admiration was misplaced.

No, I really believe in your genius.
I will as long as I'm alive.

Is that from Constanze?

Who brought it?
- Haibl.

Where's Constanze?
- She went to her old wet nurse.

I have to find her and explain…
- You're in no condition for that!

Let me go!
- Listen to me, Wolfgang!

I'll go to Baden, I promise!
She'll understand. She'll surely return.

You must go home and go to sleep.

You'll see things differently tomorrow.
I'll bring Constanze back.

Trust me, Wolfgang.

You can barely stand.
Let's go home, Wolfgang.

I'm feeling better.

Tonight will be hell for Constanze.

She must know the truth right away.

I'll take you home and go find her.
- Don't mind me! Go, right away!

Tell her to return and that
I've never stopped loving her.

Go. Thank you.

You must be cold.
Come in! Come in!

Am I intruding?
- Who's there?

I've waited for you to
return from the theater.

Forgive me, if I've come without warning.

I'd like to commission you something.

How did you get in?

You hadn't locked the door.

What do you want?

What can one want from Mozart? Music.

- Yes.

An opera? A song? A concert?

A requiem.
For my funeral.

I'll pay in advance. Here's 200 ducats.

I'll return in ten weeks
to see if it's finished.

Yes, but who are you?

One who has ended his account with destiny.

Mournful that day,

when from the ashes shall rise

guilty man to be judged.

Where're we going, Mommy?
- To Daddy.

He isn't feeling well. He needs us.
- Then, let's go right away, Mommy.

You're kind, Constanze.

Please, take care, Anna.
- Don't worry, Ma'am.

Who's there?

It's me, Wolfgang.
- Daddy! My daddy!

- You've come back.

You've all come back.
- We won't ever leave you!

I'll make you well!
We'll make you well with our love!

You're too late.

You see these notes,

are music for a requiem.

And I've written it for myself.
- Wolfgang…

A hit tonight too.

This Magic Flute is having its revenge.

I've never doubted it.

And still Mozart is dying.
They've urgently sent for me.

Heaven! Heaven! My beloved Orlando!
Oh, hear me, heaven!

Finally! And the others?
- Here they are.


Wolfgang, your friends are here.

Thank you, Haibl.

Thank you for coming.

Constanze has told you, hasn't she?

I want you to play for me…

… this new composition of mine.

How are you feeling, Wolfgang?

Give it to them, Haibl.

The strings…

Mournful that day,

when from the ashes shall rise

guilty man to be judged.


Mournful that day,

when from the ashes shall rise

guilty man to be judged.



Give them eternal rest.

Grant them eternal rest.

Grant them eternal rest.