Eternal Evil (1985) - full transcript

A dissatisfied Montreal director of TV commercials is taught to astrally project himself by a mysterious woman. But soon he finds that he does it against his will when he sleeps, and while he does it, he commits savage acts against those in his life.

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[Church bells ringing]

[Dog barking]

Mmm. Matthew.

How long you been there?

Just a little while.

You look funny, daddy.

Why aren't you in bed?
You're always getting up.

I'm thirsty.

There's plenty of
water upstairs.

Come on.
Help me up.

I'm getting old.


Can I have my gun?

Ok, but don't
shoot anybody.

Thank you.

Good night, buddy.

Good night.

Go to sleep.

Good night.

Good night.

Is it Matthew?


Is he all right?

Yeah, he's fine.

I put him to bed.

Blue man.


Hello, I'm Johnny.
I'm two years old.

And I'm sad.
My diaper's wet.

I wouldn't be in this mess

if my mommy and daddy
bought flushies,

the new disposable diaper.

Flushies--it's snug around
my bottom--



Can I go to the bathroom?
I got to go to the bathroom.

Only if you promise
to change your diapers.

Thank you.

Take 5, everyone.

[Bell rings]

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

Just go to the bathroom.

Yeah, right. Thanks.

Ok. That's footage.

That's great.
I love it.

Every day they think
of newer and better ways

for people to wipe
their ass

while the other half
of the world's

starving to death.

You go on and on about how
you hate making commercials,

but you keep doing them.

What am I supposed
to do?

Make another film.

Well, what's your problem?

Don't tell me you haven't
had an idea in 7 years.

Come on, Karl.
After "wandering soul"

was released,
no one would hire me

to photograph their
idiot nephew's wedding.

Besides, I own half
the company now.

I can't just run off.

You know damn well
you're only as trapped

as you want to be.

Oh, wow.

Paul, we're going around
in circles again.

But something else
is bothering you today.

What is it?


You asked for it.

You know that when
I did "wandering soul"

I started experimenting
with astral projection.

And I know
it didn't work,

because I didn't
understand it.

There was nothing
to understand.

Don't you see?

6 weeks ago, I went
to one of those boring

industry cocktail
things that Jennifer

always hates to go to,
and I met a woman--

janus, a dancer.

She got me back into it.

Into what?

Some lunatic notion
about traveling

outside your body?
Come on!

How can you sit there
and judge me like that,

Karl, have you
ever tried it?

Do you even
want to understand?

Let me tell you
something, man.

It's incredible.

The surge of energy
that you get

when you leave
your body,

the sense of
total freedom.

Great. I'm delighted.

Just remember where
it's coming from, ok?

No. Think what you like.

But it's given me
the strength to be

able to put up with
this mundane bullshit

that I have to waste
whatever's left

of my creative juice.

It's given me a whole
new outlook on life

and maybe death, too,
for that matter,

'cause now I know
there's a way out.

And why haven't you
told me all this before?

Who is this woman,
this, uh, janus?

Some kind of guru?

An incredible woman.

Who makes no demands
but is always there.

Someone that I can
relax with.

I don't have to live up
to any expectations.

Don't you see
what you're doing?

No! What am I doing,

Running away from
my problems

instead of facing up
to them?

Is that what I'm doing?

For the first time
in my life,

I'm beginning
to see things

a little differently,
and you tell me

I'm out to lunch.

Oh, what's the point?

You don't believe
a word I'm saying.

For Christ's sake, Paul,
you can't just leave like that.

Watch me,
Dr. Meister.

[Car horns honking]

Hey, Helen.

[French accent]
Hello, Paul. You're early.

Must have been
a good shoot.

Any calls?

Dr. Meister
about 15 minutes ago.

Thank you.

If he calls again,
tell him I can't be reached.


[Dogs barking
on recorded jingle]


[Elevator humming]

[Glass lamps clinking]



[Clock ticking]

[Dog barks]

[New age piano music playing]

Are you tired?


Chicken again.

You know, it's hard
having an appetite

when your food smells
like paint stripper.

I'm sorry. I was
working on a dresser.

Can't you do it

It smells like
a toxic dump in here.

It's dangerous,
you know.

And that gun in your den
isn't dangerous?

Oh, for god's sakes,
Jennifer, Jesus.

Let's not fight again,
all right, Paul?

I just put
Matthew to bed.

How is he?

He's fine.

If he's fine, why is he
getting up all the time?

Maybe it's because
we're always fighting

about paint stripper
and guns in the house,

late night
business meetings.

I'm sorry.

I guess a lot of
it's been my fault.


It's not
all your fault.

Well, a good chunk.

I want to help, Paul.

Just tell me how.

I don't know.

I still love you.


Man: Dr. Meister!

Dr. Meister!

Holy shit.

Sweet Jesus.


Jennifer: Oh, it's great
to finally get out of the city.

Mm-hmm. Better enjoy
it while we can

since your old man's
selling the farm.

Since when?

[Birds chirping]

[Knock on door]

Well, if it ain't

How you doing, Stuart?

Calling me in for simple
heart attacks now?

What's the matter,
you lonely?

Well, it came in
as a simple heart attack.

But check this out.

Officially, they're
calling this a heart attack.


You like that, huh?

You know, maybe you're
in the wrong business.

How about
interior decorating?

Ha ha ha.

You know, speaking
of interiors,

this one's a beauty.

It might still be
a heart attack,

but if it is,
it's the weirdest one

I've ever seen.

No kidding.

You, um,
gonna dig in?

You bet your lunch.

[Chickens clucking]

[Honks horn]

He's over there!
Hey, granddad!

Jennifer: Matthew?


Hi, granddad,
I'm here.

I can see that.

Where's Rex?

Hey, didn't you
see him?

He's around.


Ah, it's good
to see you.

Here, chick, chick, chick.
Get over here.

Dad, how come you didn't
tell me that you were gonna

sell the farm?

I was going to.

I only put it up
for sale yesterday.

[Dog growling]

Are you in there, boy?
I'm gonna find you.


Oh, Paul, let me see.

What happened?

Let me see.
Let me see.

Come take a peek
at this, Stuart.

Looks like a goddamn

Every rib is broken,

but they're jutting out
as if they've been

broken from inside
the body.

You figure it out.

Every vital organ--
the liver, pancreas,

kidneys, lungs, even
the heart--is either

punctured or completely

Remember those
red welts on his chest

and abdomen?

Massive hemorrhage.

That's insane.

Tell me about it.

Any traces of drugs

or other foreign


Well, what is it?

I don't know
what it is.

I just know
what it looks like.

Looks like our dear
Dr. Meister

swallowed a bomb.


I'll have to
stitch you up.

I was afraid
you'd say that.

What the devil got
into your dog, bill?

It was just an accident.


I don't know, Tom.

I don't know.

Bill: Are you sure
Paul's not hungry?

Maybe we should
ask him again.

He just wants to be
alone for a while, dad.

He'll eat later.

How you doin',


That's the scaredest
I've ever been.

Yeah, it was.

Oh, shit, shit, shit!

Shit! Shit!

You having fun?

Why do they make
such stupid machines?

To prove you should
stick to producing.

Hope that wasn't
one of our spots.

No. Some porno thing
I've had for years.

What happened to you?

A dog bit me.

That's terrible.

I thought my cat
was ruthless.

How was your weekend?

Ha ha ha. Great. know me.

You know what I am?

I've spent half my life

chasing every 6 footer
that moved.

But this weekend,

something different


A she...

It was more than
just the sex.

It was laughter
and talking and...

Just watching her.

Oh, god.
I'm so confused.

I think I'm in love.

With a woman!


Yeah, Helen?

Paul, Dr. Meister's
secretary for you.

I told you I couldn't
be reached for him.

But she says
it's very important.

Put her on.
I'll be a sec.

Yes, Mae,
what's so important?

Dr. Meister's dead.

A guard found him
in the hallway this morning.

Mr. Sharpe?

Mr. Sharpe, are you there?

Paul: A split second
after Matthew woke me up,

I vaguely remembered

but I didn't know
where I'd been.

It's only when we got
to the farm and I saw

that "for sale" sign
that I knew I'd been there.

Janus: You traveled
to the farm.

Why are you so upset?

Because I felt weird,
and I didn't know why

until the dog attacked me,
and I can't understand it

'cause I've known that dog
since he was a puppy.

I don't think you should
worry about it, Paul.

Maybe the dog was sick.

I think you should
be happy that you can

travel out-of-body.

You're not listening
to me, janus.

I can't control
my destination.

I can't even remember
where I've been.

It's starting to get
a little bit scary.

Do you think people can
predict their dreams?

Most people don't
even remember them.

This isn't a dream,
this is real.


That's what
sets you apart.

Do you remember
how trapped

you used to feel?


I got to get
some control, janus.

I can't go on like this.

Please don't
give up, Paul.

You will be able
to control

your destination.

You will remember.

I can.

[Crickets chirping]



Something else
on your mind?

I saw something
last night.


I saw something that
I know isn't real.

And yet, I swear to god
I saw it.

Maybe I am gettin' old.

But goddamn it, I hope
I'm not getting senile.

What did you see?

Hey, Pete.
How's it hangin'?

You want a seat?


Good thing meister
wasn't taking on

new patients.

Use the appointments

I only got
the most recent,

for now anyway.

That's what I'm doing.

What am I looking for

How the hell
should I know?


Logical start.



Paul sharpe, please.

And who shall I

Bill Pearson.
I'm his father-in-law.

Oh. Up the stairs,

and all the way
down the hall.

Paul...your father-in-law
is on his way up.

How are you?

What brings you

Hello, Paul.
Come on in.



Matthew, why did
you do that?

You know
I spent hours.

Why did you do it?

I'm not supposed
to tell.

What are you
talking about?

Who told you that?


Come on, Matthew.
You can tell me.

I'm your friend.

I have a friend.


He thought he was
seeing a ghost.

But he recognized me.

So, what did you
tell him?

I told him
he was crazy.

Impressive argument.

Very funny.

You can only be seen

if you want to be
seen, you know.

But why would
I want to be seen?

I don't know.

Maybe you wanted
to scare him.

It bothers you,
doesn't it?

Yes, it bothers me.


Because Pearson and I
have never been

the best of friends;
I had no reason

to go there
in the first place.

I think you should
stop, Paul.

You're getting
very nervous, edgy.

Take better care
of yourself.

You sound like

Well, she's right.

My health isn't
my main concern right now--

it's mine.

I like you healthy.

Before I couldn't
control my destinations.

Now I can't even control
when it's gonna happen.

It's bugging
the hell out of me.

I've read that
Dr. Meister died.

Is that the real
reason you're upset?


Are you sure?

Leave it alone,


You came to me
because I can help you.

Well, here I am.

Why don't you
talk to me?

Did you go
to Dr. Meister?


I mean out of body.

You visited your

but you didn't
remember that.

That was different.


How did Dr. Meister
die, Paul?

He died of
a heart attack.

It was in
the newspapers.

What are you getting at?

You think I could have
killed him?

I think that
you should stop.

Is it possible for
someone to unwillingly

harm somebody
while traveling?


Or willingly?


[Dog barks]

[Rex growling]



Oh, Jesus.

Goddamn. Call me out
at this time of night.

What, are you
enjoying the sights?

When did they
bring him in?

About an hour ago.

Who is he?

Chicken farmer.

Oh, shit.

I wonder if he was
related to Dr. Meister.

[Bell tolling]

Bill Pearson was
a very disturbed man

the last time I saw him.

In what sense?

Well, I'm not sure.

About a week ago,

well, it must have
around midnight,

he heard some noises.

Went outside to see
what was going on.

That dog of his
was hysterical.

Bill looked up,
swear to god he seen

a blue form hovering
near the house.

I see ghosts
all the time myself.

Well, if you think
bill Pearson was crazy,

this should confirm it.

He swore the ghost
he saw was Paul sharpe,

his son-in-law.

I got everyone
pinned down except...

These two.

Probably just a couple
of funeral rats.

Do I dump 'em?

Show me Paul sharpe's.

I was just getting
to that.

Mr. Paul sharpe.

And here's
the icing.

He was a patient
of meister's.


Hmm. "Aggressive.

"Astral projection."

[Telephone rings]

Oh! Bradley from
blipper toys.

Murdoch from

I never forget
a face.

Do I know you?

I'm here to see
Paul sharpe.

Oh, he's in.
He's in.

Alone? I know.

Down the hall.

Hi, Paul.


Sergeant detective

What can I do for you?

Routine questions about
your father-in-law.

My father-in-law?
He's dead.

Where were you
the night that he died?


I'm asking
the questions.

About a heart attack?

Slow day
at the office.

Like I said,
where were you

the night that
he died?

I was at home in bed.

That's better.

With your wife?

These days you can't
take anything

for granted, least
of all the sanctity

of the bedroom.

Why? You got problems with
the sanctity of your bedroom?

Dr. Meister also died
of a heart attack,

didn't he?

You were a patient
of his.

How do you know?

I read your file.
You look surprised.

I'm a cop.
I'm allowed.

I'd like those files
back, if you don't mind.

So, talk to your lawyer.

I will.
Good luck.

How did you hurt
your arm?

A dog bit me.

Your father-in-law's
dog bit you.

You talked to
the dog, too?

You make movies.

A long time ago.

I make commercials now.

Do you know
any of these people?



Listen, I'm aware of
the fact that I may be

the only link between
Karl meister and bill Pearson,

but it's strictly

and I'd like to know
why you're leaning on me.

Am I leaning on you?

I think you are, yes.

Thanks for
your time, Paul.

I'm sure
we'll talk again.

And by the way,

your father-in-law
was becoming senile.

He thought he was
seeing ghosts.

Hello, again.

I'd like to use
a phone, if I may.

Of course. There's one
right over there.

Thank you.


Do me a favor, will you?

Go to videoscope,

and see if you can
get me a video

of a film called
"the wandering soul."

Paul as narrator:
The Australian outback.

Tribes living sometimes
500 miles apart can

reportedly communicate
with each other.

This is a vast expanse
of isolated wilderness

devoid of telephone, telegraph,
or any other means

of electronic communication.

How then is this
communication achieved?

One answer is
astral projection.

Wandering souls.

A notion
which defies logic

and all existing
religious beliefs,

but in our highly

secular north American

William and Monica duval
may be just that--

wandering souls.

William: As I was
saying, Paul, our bodies

as you see them now,
will soon be dead.

And what
happens then?

We shall find others.

Suitable successors,
you might say.

You make it sound as if
taking over another body

was the easiest thing
in the world.

Monica: Heavens!
Of course it isn't.

We don't want
just anyone.



Why would we
want them?

Lodgings, if you'll
pardon the expression,

of a certain physical,

and social standing are
much more fascinating.

William: The process
can be quite lengthy,

depending on the quality
of resistance

of the individual.

For instance,
it's quite impossible

to appropriate those
firmly rooted

or satisfied
with their lives.

Basically, you must
prepare your hosts,

play with their minds,
confuse them.

Isolate them from those
they love or need.

Set loose the...

Monica and I have
seen life and death

through many eyes.

Vita est morte
est vita.

Life is death is life.

When William takes
another body,

what will you do?

Remarkably enough, we've
never been apart for long

regardless of
who we have become

what you're talking about
here is spiritual vampirism.

That sounds ghastly.

Well, that's
what it is.

You have no qualms about
destroying someone's life

for the sake of
your own survival?

You speak of

I speak of rebirth.


1,000-year-old mind

a 30-year-old body.

Bringing with me
the wisdom of ages.

What would happen
if you die before

you take over
another body?

Oh, what
a dreadful thought.

If your body dies

your soul weakens

Unless a host is
immediately available,

and you manage to keep
your wits about you,

you become disoriented
simply because

you've lost home base.

it's happened.

And it was not the most
enjoyable experience.

I shudder at the thought
of having to compete

once more with
centuries of lost

demented souls
who will do anything

to return.

There's rather a nasty
realm out there.

But there's also
a higher level

of spirituality?

Couldn't you use your powers
to achieve that

instead of continuing
this endless cycle

of destruction?

Such is our failing--
Monica's and mine.

But we cannot resist
the attraction of

this imperfect world.

Paul, voice-over: By the time
this film was completed,

Monica and William duval
were dead.

piano music playing]


Pick it up.

Stop that, please,

I said stop it.

I told you
to stop that!

What's the matter
with you?

Matt, you go

[Footsteps retreating]


[Whispering continues]


They're sleeping.


It's locked.


I can't.

I'm a good boy.





I'm sorry, baby.

It's ok.
It's just me.

It's just your
old mom.

going to die.


Nobody's going
to die.

Aw, sweetie.

Paul: What happened?

He was trying to get

the keys to
the basement.

Astral projection?

astral project is

the ability to travel
outside one's body.

The vehicle being a dream--

astral dream
as it's called.

Well, imagine yourself
as two-two entities--

a physical entity
and a spiritual entity.

Astral projection occurs
when the spiritual

entity separates itself
from the physical

entity and takes off--as
in death, for example,

if you believe in souls.

It most often occurs to
people when they're

in a medical operations
or they're in a coma.

Do you really
believe that?

There are people who do.

And if I can't show
they're false,

then how can I
refute them?

I mean, do you
believe in god?

Well, do you believe
in reincarnation?

Stuart, there are whole
countries of people

that believe
in reincarnation.

So, who is privy
to the answer, eh?

Have you ever heard
of wandering souls?

Wandering souls?

Uh, yes, Plato speaks
of wandering souls.

People who for one
reason or another

died before
they were ready.

Will you be ready,

I can assure you,
I will not be ready.

Um, these people
wander sort of aimlessly

as you can imagine
around graveyards

in the vain, I can
assure you, hope

of trying to re-enter
the world of the living.

Did you cut
that lecture?


What about
spiritual vampires?

Forget it.

Now, going back to astral
projection for a second,

theoretically speaking,

if I'm traveling
outside my body,

and I come and visit you,

would you be able
to see me?

There are many factors
to consider,

but, uh, yes,
I don't see why not.

What would I look like?

Oh, well, the authors
differ on this,

but, uh, many claim
that some of them can be

quite real-looking.

Could it be hazy,
translucent blue,

something like that?

I'd hardly consider
that real-looking.

Uh, but yes, that is the
most common sighting.

So, if I was
a little strange,

I mean sensitive,

I might think that
I was seeing a ghost.

Ever the cynic,
eh, Stuart?


But don't make
the mistake of

discounting the abstract
too easily, eh?

What's up?

Toast the newlywed.


Oh, Helen and I got
married last night.

Heh, heh.
Holy shit.

Typical office
story, you know.

The boss marries
the receptionist.

All the best, buddy.

Hmm-hmm. Thanks.

There's something
about her.

She makes me
feel things

I've never felt

You're the first
person I've told.

She doesn't want it
flying around,

not yet anyway; You
know how people are.

Where is she now?

Oh, at home


You getting
any sleep?

Mmm. I'm fine.

She's Amelia lambraugh
a dancer.

Pretty good one, too,
or used to be anyway.

She dropped out of
the west end dance company

about a year ago.

No one's heard
much since.

And her?

She's Isis.
Family name Carmichael,

but she never uses it.
Also a dancer,

but, um,
not much up here.

She walked out a short
time after lambraugh.

[Clicks lighter]

Should really
get off this stuff.

How'd you trace 'em
to the west end?

We had a file
on lambraugh,

a minor drug bust
a couple of years back.


Those drugs.

Any connection
to Paul sharpe?

None I can get
a fix on.

Hello, Isis.

I'm looking for
Amelia lambraugh.


Can you read?

She's not home.
I know.

So where is she?

I don't know.
Let me go!

[Man laughs]

My husband's bringing his boss
home for dinner tonight.

I've got to shop,
prepare the roast,

cake a bake,
clean this whole place,

take a bath, get dressed,
put on my makeup,

and make sure I don't
burn the house down.

Am I worried?
Are you kidding?

I've never had so much fun
in my life,

because I'm playing "hubby
brings the boss to dinner,"

Coleman's new video game
designed especially

for housewives
like you and me.

Man: Cut.
Print it.

That was great.

I think I made
a mistake, Paul.

Can we do another take?

Sounded great to me.

Ok, everybody,
let's move over here

for a new camera position
for the beauty shot.

Let's go. Come on,
everybody, let's go.

Man: Paul, Paul,
I think she's right.

She did make a mistake.

You want to direct
this piece of shit?

No, I'm just saying
there may be a prob--

no, listen, hey,
I think you should try,

see how you like it.

Hey, wait a minute,
I'm paying the bills.

Paul, please,
just one more.

Don't you tell me
what to do, you fat faggot.

I've been carrying you
and this company for years,

and I've had enough!
You direct it.

I'm sorry.

Get it done. I don't
care how you do it,

but get it done!

I got to talk
to her.

I'll tell her.
Let me go!

Get her to call me!



[Water dripping]

[Telephone rings]

Amelia on machine:
This is janus.

Leave a message,
and I will call you back

as soon as I can.


It's Paul.
I got to talk to you.

Call me.

My goodness, but you're
anxious to meet me.


How flattering.

I'm sorry,
but the party's over.

As you can see.
You'll have to go.

Listen, lambraugh, you've
had your ass busted before.

So don't push me.

You're here
to arrest lambraugh.

How disappointing.
She's not here.

Amelia lambraugh.

You think so?

You want to play games?


I'm sorry.

I try to be hospitable
to all my guests...

Even if they do
break and enter.

My name is janus.

Now will you kindly
get out of here?

Or you'll be
very sorry.

That sounds like
a threat.

Do you feel

Not by you, I don't.




Are you afraid
of death, dear boy?

Don't be.

Vita est morte
est vita.

Look, let's cut
the bullshit.

All I want to know is
what you know

about Paul sharpe.

I could haunt you.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought Scott was--

no. He's out
meeting clients.


Is there anything
I can do?

No, no.

by the way,

I haven't seen you

since our
shotgun wedding.


Thank you.

Scott is
a wonderful man.

Yeah, he is. I'm happy
for both of you.

Listen, um...

He'll be gone awhile.
Join me for lunch?

Sure, why not?


Have a good nap.

To US.

To US?

Anyone else here?




I know what
you're thinking.

This mysterious woman
walks into the company

and 6 months later,
marries my partner.

No, not exactly.

Pretty close.

But let's not
talk about that.

Let's talk about US.

We hardly know
each other.

We will.

I have a feeling
you and I are

going to be
very good friends.

After all, if your wife
can take long strolls

with that detective...

I don't see why you and I
can't enjoy a pleasant meal.

[Glass breaks]


[Busy signal]





Listen to me.
Do you hear me?

Open your mouth.

Come on, spit that out.

That's it.

That's it, baby, more.
Come on.



Stick with me.

Spit it out.
Spit it out!



Who is it?



No. Wait.




You leave me alone.

I just buried my wife.

So tell me again
you don't know

that girl janus.

You went to the office,
you fell asleep,

what'd you do then,
you call home?

Stay away from me,

I mean it.

Tell me that was
a goddamn heart attack!

You son of a bitch!

[Engine starts]


[Monitor beeping,
heart beating steadily]

Hello, Scott.

Oh, Helen!
What a lovely surprise.

Did you bring the car?

You know what?
I feel great.

Let's go to that
new Sushi restaurant.


This body's dying,

Helen: I've missed
holding you.

Tonight we'll be
together again.


Paul: Monica,
if William dies first,

what will you do?

Remarkably enough, we've
never been apart for long,

whomever we became.

[Rewinding tape]

Basically, you must
prepare your hosts.

Play with their minds,
confuse them,

isolate them from those
they love or need.

[Monitor beeping]

He made me drink it.



Who made you drink it?


Was my friend.

Once this is done,
it becomes

merely a question of
making an entrance

and sending their soul
into exile, as it were.

Paul: You mean,
you just enter?

Oh, no.
They want US.

By then they have
despaired of this earth

and are grateful to leave.

Monica and I have seen
life and death

through many eyes.

Who is your friend?



The blue man.

He said his name
was William.

Oh, god.

I want to see mommy.

Shh...go to
sleep now, ok?

Good boy.

William: Life is
death is life.

Vita est morte
est vita.

Life is death...

Vita est morte...

[Rewinds tape]

...morte est vita.

Est vita.


[Car engine starts]

Blue man.


Get some sleep.
I'll be right back.

[Car horn honks]

What are you
doing here?

What do you think?

I know how badly
you want janus

or William or whatever
she decides to be.

Go to hell.

Janus is mine.


Now I'm gonna lock you
in the trunk

where you'll be
nice and cozy

until all this is over.

One stupid move,
and I'll shoot you.

You understand?

Let's go.


Paul: You killed them
and made me think I did.

I've been
expecting you, Paul.

Don't be afraid.

It's over, William.

I'm not gonna be
one of your victims.

I've admired you since
the first time we met,

dear boy.

You sensed that,
didn't you?

You liked it.

You need me.

As you, I will make you
the great filmmaker

you've always
known you could be.

I know you...

So much better than
you know yourself.

I don't want you.

All those awful
fairy tales about death.

Death is beautiful.

It brings...Peace
and enlightenment.

It brings freedom
from all remorse.

You killed them.

I'm not gonna let you
take Matthew.


Matthew is mine!

He's always been mine.

I'm his friend.

I'll take good care
of Matthew.

Don't you feel trapped?


Locked inside that body?

that body.

You can't stand
being locked in.

You can't stand
being locked in.



Be trapped again.

Time to get out.

Time to leave.

Let me in.

Let me in.



[Bell jingles]

Can I have
an ice cream cone?


You can have one, too.

Thanks, sport.

Mr. Sharpe?

Mick bartel.

Stuart kauffman's

Oh, right.
How are you?

Good to see you.

Why don't you go
get the ice cream?


You want one?

Oh, no, thanks.

I gotta watch
my weight.

You're both
looking good.

Well, it's been
a tough couple of months,

but we're slowly
putting it together.

-Matt's been great.

He's kept US
both going.

I sold the company.

-You did?

I'm making
another film.

-That's great.

How's kauffman doing?

He got out of
the hospital

and quit the force.

Yeah, something he had
been wanting to do

for a while, it seems.

Anyway, he's traveling--

where exactly
I'm not sure.

Well, good for him.


My god.


Will he make it?


It fell.

Well, I'll be off.

Well, good to see you, Mick.
Take it easy.

You, too.

You want to switch?

What's yours?

Tutie fruity ripple.

-No, thanks.
-Oh, good!



I still miss mommy.

So do I, Matt.

Now, look...

[Japanese harp
music playing]

Domo arigato,
[Speaking Japanese]

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lions gate entertainment

captioned by the national
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