Eternal Code (2019) - full transcript

Eternal life technology (transferring mind to new body) is developed by 2 companies. Resistance to the merger of the 2 companies is met with kidnapping and murder.





I already told you

that until I see the money,

there's no offer on the table.

- Fuck that.
- Excuse me?

- This is what you want.
- No, I don't!

- You want this.
- And don't you touch me!

- Fine.
- You piece of shit.

- Is this what you want?
- [GASPS] Ah!


Fuck you, bum.


[COREY] Come on,
let me help you.

Yeah, okay.


Bridget, you're just
not seeing this clearly,

so let's do it like this.

The weapons that we use
to defend our country,

if they were to fall in the
hands of, let's say,

the bad guys, they could
utterly destroy us

and all of our citizens.

So ensuring that the guns

stay out of the
hands of the bad men

should be of highest
priority, should it not?

Do you think there is
a way to control this?

Every time the government has
tried to control anything,

it has failed; Be
it drugs, alcohol,

pretty much anything
they've ever tried, right?

That's because we are
dealing with an absolute.

You cannot control
everything all the time.

You may be able to control
some things some of the time,

but you cannot control
everything all the time.

There is always leakage.

I get that!

But we know, all right?

We know that they're
selling this technology

to the highest bidder.

And for God sakes, they're
already ordering new bodies.

Now, I don't understand how
this is even a conversation.

There's just no reasoning
with you, is there?

None at all.

Someone, anyone, please,
help her see the damage

that this company would suffer

if we were to derail this deal.

Please, anyone, speak up.

How 'bout down there?

- Hey!

You guys awake down there?



Look, you know my stand.

If this would have been
available just three years ago,

my wife could've
had a second chance.

We simply can't stop right now.

We can't stop right now!


The purpose of developing
this technology

was never so that we
could play God, Magnus.

- Oh, shit.

No, I'm sorry.

But I suggest not only
do we not move forward

with this merger,

but we should be pursuing
further investigation

into Intragenetica.

What we have suspicions of

is not only frightening
and immoral,

it is also very illegal.

And I'm very concerned
so many of you

are still wanting
to move forward.

My father founded this company.

He had a very strong
moral compass,

as do I.

And I will not be moved.

I vote no.

- This meeting is adjourned.
- Yeah.


One, two, three,
four, five, six.



Always let your heart
and your gut guide you.

Your brain is not the best
place for decision making.

Thank you.


[GIRL] Here you go.



Nope, come on!

[STEPHANIE] Hey, here.

It's nice and warm.


Well, you know where to find me.

Thanks, again.

I'm not so used
to people caring.

It means a lot.

Yeah, I hear ya.

What were ya doin'
down there anyway?

Long story.

Well, I got time.

Look, I don't wanna
bore you with my life.

It's not a very [SCOFF],

it's not a very
motivational story.


Well, ya see, maybe
that's just it.

Your story isn't over yet.

The best is yet to come.



You don't say much, do you?

I guess.

I guess I'm not
much of a talker.

Well, if ya wanna be friends,

ya need to talk a little bit.


Tell me something about you.

I'm replaceable.



Man, I don't know.

Bridget's got the veto vote.

So what next?

I told you this was coming.

We need to arrange
for a little accident,

like I said in the first place.

Come on, Oliver.

It's a little drastic,
don't ya think?

Well, we're running outta time

and, frankly, we're
running out of options.

Do you have a better idea?

I can talk to her again.


All right, here's the deal.

You do that, you talk to her.

But if you don't get anywhere,

I will decide our next move.

All right, give me a few days.

You have two.


Okay, all right.


But you don't have
to take this stand.

It doesn't have
to be your fight.

No, it didn't have
to be my fight,

but they made it my fight.

What am I supposed to do, Mark?

Just pretend I don't
know what I know?

No, I can't do that.

Obviously, you
know what you know,

but what about everyone else?

Why can't they do this?

Why you?

My father said something
to me when I was little.

You know what that was?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

[BOTH] The way you do anything

is the way you do everything.


Hey, that's a great
philosophy, but.

No, honey, there are no buts.

How could I look Miranda in
the eye if I let this go?

Okay, I'm not hungry.

I ate late today.

Leah brought brownies.

I probably already ate three.

Everything okay?


Yeah, no, we're just
talkin' work talk.

That's all.


[MARK] You got practice?

Yeah, leaving.

[BRIDGET] Don't be late.

[MIRANDA] I won't.

I got to do this.


I believe in ya.

Oh, thank you.


[SIDNEY] That's about it.

Hey, it gives you
an extra suckage.

- What kinda shit?
- Yeah, it gives you suckage.

- You got to combo suck it.
- I heard that about it.

[STEPHANIE] Hey, what
ever happened to Nina?

[STACEY] I don't know.

Fell in love or some bullshit.

I don't believe in
that fairy tale shit.

Why you got to be so cynical?

Like [SCOFFS], that's
why, all right?

How 'bout you tell me
your fairy tales, huh?

I'm waiting.

How 'bout you, Sid?


Yeah, that's what I thought.

That's not fair.

It's all just some facade
that people get trapped in

until the monster shows up.

Hey, you know it.

Maybe not all, but
we're all broken.

And when you put two
broken people together,

eventually they'll start
breaking each other.

[GIGGLES] Listen to little
Miss Positivity over here.

[LAUGHS] He was fine, though.

- He was.
- Oh, he was fine.

- Oh.
- Mm, mm. [LAUGHS]

Does that make it worth it, huh?

Breakin' your heart?

Those looks?

I ain't sayin' all that.

- Sometimes it's worth it.
- All right. [LAUGHS]



[MAN] Here ya go, man.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Here ya go.

I hope it helps your day.

Thank you, I'm sure it will.

- Why did you do that?
- Do what?

Give money to the
bums and crackheads.

You know, they're probably
just gonna buy booze

or drugs with that later.

I don't really think
about that part.

I mean, he's in need
and I have access,

so why wouldn't I try
and give a little?

[LAUGHS] If you wanna
fuel his drug addiction,

be my guest.

You don't even know that.

It's so judgmental, May.

You know, let's find out.

Wait, what?

Come here.

Let's watch him.

Okay, you wanna watch a homeless
guy just to prove a point

that he'll just waste the money?

Are you serious?

[LAUGHS] You're just nervous
because you know I'm right.


You know what?

Fine, let's do it.





Uh, what are you guys doing?

May, what are we doing?




Come on, Bridget, please.


What, David?

Back off, let it go, what?

Yes, all of that.

I mean, why can't you?

So a few rich people potentially
live forever, so what?

Isn't one already too many?

If you don't listen,
I can't help you.

Now, do you really think
their rich and powerful people

are gonna let you
steal their Holy Grail

when it's right
there in front them?

Who gets to decide
where it ends?

Who gets to decide whose life
is precious enough to save

and whose isn't?

How can you not see the
repercussions of this, David?

How can you look your
family in the eyes

and tell them that
you stood behind this?

Look, all I'm saying is if you
don't change your position,

I can't protect you.

Are you threatening me?


After all our years
of friendship,

you dare to stand
there and threaten me

because I have the
balls to stand up

for what is morally right?

No, no, I'm saying
I can't protect you!

I swear, Bridget, you
don't even understand

what you're up against.

Maybe I don't.

Maybe I don't.

But I know who I'm
standing up for.

- Oh!
- No, I know what kind of

a world I wanna
leave behind for her.

Her, David, your godchild!

- Bridget.
- Hmm?



[COREY] Thank you.

What can I get for this?

- Here ya go.
- Okay, thanks.


Hey, guys.

- Hey, guy.
- Hey, what up?

[COREY] Got us some grub.


- Bless you.
- Thank you, man.

Bless you, bless you.

I feel like such an idiot.

You should.

That's terrible, you guys.

Okay, that's what everyone says.

If everyone lies the same
lie, it's still a lie.

Yeah, I know, I know.

I just kinda feel bad.

[MIRANDA] We should do
something nice for him.

Yeah, sure.

I agree, but like what?

I don't know, maybe bake or
cook something really good?

Sure, yeah.


- Yeah.
- Let's go.


David, listen, I
talked with her.

I mean, I tried but she's
not gonna change her mind.

I don't know what
they'll do, Mark.

Fuck, they can't fire her, so.

No, you don't get it.

That's the least of
what I worry about.

What then?

Spread lies and rumors
to discredit her?

No, you don't understand
what we're dealing with here.

These are some of the most
powerful people in the world

and she's about to spoil their
attempt at life everlasting.

I think they'll do
anything to protect that.

And I do mean anything, Mark.


Wow, okay.

I'll talk with her.

I'll try again, but
you know Bridget.


Maybe we need protection.

- Security?
- Mm-hmm.

Trust me when I say there's
nowhere you can or hide

that these people can't reach.

I'm here as a friend,
remember that.

But it's outta my hands now.

Thanks for the warning.

Yeah, sorry.

[SCOFFS] Okay, I'll walk ya out.

All right.




Hmm, looks like
I'm in trouble now.

Yeah, indeed, yeah.

What are you gonna do about it?

Check and mate.

Good game, Corey.

You gonna do this next week?

Yeah, sure thing.

And next week, I'm gonna win.

You always say that.

Well, you can't blame
a guy for tryin'.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You don't give up
easily, do you?

Should I?

Well, I'm not much of
a talker, remember?

Strong, silent type.

I like it. [GIGGLES]

I just think he's
a slow starter.


- Stacey?
- Yes?

Don't you have something to do?


[STEPHANIE] Think you can
go find something to do?

[SCOFFS] Why do
you even bring me?

Fine, all right.

- Bye.


So, what do you want?

To get to know you.

You are the first
seemingly decent person

that I have met in a while,

so I'm curious.

How do you know I'm
not just pretending?

That's a good question.

A conman wouldn't
just risk his own life

to protect a street girl

or share his food
with people in need,

play chess with a lonely
old man and lose on purpose.

Who says I lose on purpose?

So coffee?



The target is Bridget.

She is to be taken
alive and unharmed.

Anyone else is nothing
but collateral damage

and is expected.

[SAM] Security?

As far as we know, nothing,

except her husband.

Okay, give me 'til
the end of the day.

I'll pick up some patterns

and we'll likely
grab her on her way

to or from work tomorrow.

No, absolutely not.

We are not going to
mix work into this.

I'd rather it look like a
kidnapping for ransom or...


Take her in her home.

No, not a good idea.

That's the place with
the most variables

and the most security, mm-mm.

Look, as I explained,
this is urgent

and I need you to do this

without complaining
about the rules.

That's why there's
$5 million in it

for you and your boys, savvy?

In theory, this sounds great.

The problem is what am I
gonna do with $5 million

if I'm dead or in
jail, for that matter?

[OLIVER] Guess I
chose the wrong crew.

Now, hang on.

10 million, five now, five
upon completion of the mission,

and we'll take her in her home.


Okay, I'll support
you and stand by you

whatever decision you make.

But I am serious, this
is some scary shit.

We're gonna need security.

I think you might be right.

Good, I made a few calls.

They're on their way.

Do you really think that...

Don't you think we might
be just blowing this

completely outta proportion?

I hope you're right.

Where is she going?

I don't know.




- Hey.
- Hey.

Where are you goin'?

Oh, me and May are just
running out up the road.

Okay, well, be back by dark.

All right?


[SIGHS] When I came
home, I was lost.

I expected to come back
to the love of my life.

Instead, I was handed
divorce papers.

On top of that, I found out
she was engaged to another man.


It's her loss.

I didn't have anything left.

No home, no family,

and then I'm expected
to pick up the pieces.

I couldn't even find a job

that would afford
me a place to live.

So I started sleeping
on the streets,

and people look at
you like you're a bum.

I'm not a bum.

I'm a human being and I'm
out there and I'm fighting,

clawing, and scraping
just to survive.

And, then, I just
didn't see the point.

I didn't feel like
fighting anymore.

I just about quit life.

[MIRANDA] Hey, so we
made some food for you

and anyone else you
wanna share it with.

- You made this?
- Mm-hmm.

- For me?
- Yeah.

I never cooked so
much in my life.


That's really kind.

I also grabbed
some of my savings.

I was gonna buy crap that I
didn't really need anyways.

Hey, I mean thank
you for the food but.

I can't take your money.

I'll just leave
it on the ground.

It'll just go to waste I guess.

[COREY] What am I
supposed to do here?

I think she made
that pretty clear.

[COREY] How old are you guys?

- I'm 17.
- 16.

What Corey is trying
to say is thank you.

[MIRANDA] You're welcome.


Thank you.

Tell your parents they did good.


I wish there were more
people in the world like you.

It'd be a better place.

No, no, no, no, no.

Don't listen to these rumors.

Goddammit, I am still
managing this project

and I promise you, I
will continue to do so.

[SIGHS] All right, I apologize.

But I hear Bridget
wants us to hold off

and stay on the
cadavers until at least

the ethics committee can
clear us to go forward.

Don't you know that
we have a chance

to be trailblazers here?

We can make mortality
a thing of the past.

We can give someone or
anyone everlasting life.

I mean, don't you get it?

It would be immoral not to.

I mean, we must push
forward on this.

Even the best invention
in the wrong hands

can be turned into
a weapon of sorts.

We need to make
sure that we're on

the right side of history.

I agree, but these hands
are the right hands.

If we have to break a few
eggs to make the omelet,

we'll do so.


Sofia, you know,
I believe with all

the stem cell technologies
and the research

and everything they're
doing right now,

trust me, we'll be soon
growing our own bodies.

And nobody,

nobody needs to die
to get a new shell.

I don't know. [HEAVILY SIGHS]

Look, even now, the people
we are scheduled to work on

are in all legal
terms brain dead

and the brains are in
terminally ill bodies.

That's the whole thing.

We are giving people
a chance at new life.

Sofia, what if your mother
had a degenerative disease?

Now she has a second chance.

Magnus, the same
thing, you know?

Not only should we
continue to do this,

- we must continue to do this.
- Yes!

- We have to.
- We have to!

Oliver, I would like to
see Bridget's signature

or at least hear her
endorsement on this.

Not a problem, she's on board.

It just takes her a little
more time to process things.


Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.



- We really needed this.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we did.

God, I cannot wait for
this stress to be done.

Honey, let's try not
to talk about it.

Let's just forget
everything and relax.

You're right.

Do you wanna watch something?

Yeah, sure.


Is Miranda still up?




[MARK] Mira!




I can't believe we have
to text our own daughter.

[LAUGHS] when we're
at home to get her.








- Down on the ground!
- Don't move, on the ground!

- Hands up right now!
- Hands up, hands up!

- Please, sir, please!
- No, shut up!

- Run!
- Go, Miranda!

- Run!
- Go!

- Shut your mouths!
- Go!



Help, help me, help!

- My parents...
- Whoa!

- Or a man that...
- Wait, what happened?

Guards, a man came to my house.

Hey, hey, slow down.

I can't understand you.

Breathe, now, what happened?


They awake yet?

I don't think so.




Yeah, we got the packages.

Good, further
instructions on the way.

All right.


Let's unload 'em.



[COREY] Hey, what happened here?

[OFFICER] Not quite sure yet.

I'm friends with the family.

Are they safe?


You're a friend of the family?

Oh, my clothes?

Sorry, I just got
back from camping.

[DISPATCHER] Mark George
is in route to 496.

The family's missing and the
security guards are dead.

Ah, shit, I hope they're okay.

Trust me, if these
guys wanted 'em dead,

they'd be dead.

So the fact they're gone
is the better alternative.

[COREY] [SCOFFS] I guess.


[MARK] [MOANS] Bridget.

Honey, Bridget?



[BRIDGET] Miranda,
where's Miranda?


[MARK] Shh, shh!


Listen up!

All you have to
do is what we say

when we say it
with no hesitation

and you won't get hurt.

Do you understand?

[MARK] Yes, but I got to
couple of questions.

Shut up!

We will not engage
with you unless it's

about pissing, eating,
or fucking drinking.

Follow those simple rules,

you might survive this.

[BRIDGET] Miranda, where is she?

Was I not clear, bitch?

[MARK] Hey.

- Hey, hey!


[CHARLIE] Hopefully
that cleared it up.

Don't fuck with me!




This makes us
operational, correct?

No, not just yet.

You have to give me
another couple of days.

Well, with Nikita's help,

we should be able
to move faster.

[NIKITA] Dr. Hermanson.

We're breaking so many
laws right now, Oliver.

- Hmm.
- Are you absolutely certain

- about this?
- Nikita worked on

the original draft.

Then, she went to Intragenetica,

so she knows what she's doin'.

She's an expert.

She could only help.

And I must admit, I am excited.


When will it be
ready for trials?

I'm still awaiting
clearance on human trials,

but we have done primates
very successfully.

All I can say is get
it done, understood?




There has to be
something we can do.

I don't know what that would be.

Miranda, these guys
were professionals.

We don't even know who they are.

Yeah, and we really
just need to get you

to family as soon as possible.

I don't really have any family.

I mean, my grandpa's in New York

and my mom's sister's in Miami.

We're not close and I
don't think I'd be safe.

Do you have any idea
what this was about?

Not sure, but it probably
has something to do

with my mom's work.

They've been stressing
over it a lot lately.

What does she do?

She's the CEO of Bio
Engineered Research Ventures.

That sounds oddly familiar.

Yeah, they did the
first head transplant.

They were on to something,

but my mom wasn't on board.

My parents were talking about it

and stressing over it,

so I'm guessing it's
some kind of big deal.

[SOFTLY CHUCKLES] That's wild.

Yeah, I think I remember
hearing about that.

They had some guy with
a degenerative disease

and they put his
head on the body

of some brain-dead dude, right?

Yeah, something like that.

They've been doing
that ever since.

Something else happened
and I don't know what.

That's unbelievable.

When I was in Afghanistan,
I watched people lose legs

and have other
debilitating injuries.

This could give them a
new body and a new life.


But now the richest of the rich

have their Fountain of Youth,

and I'm not so sure
it's good to play God.

I'm sure there are plenty
of people out there

that are willing to
just use this as some

Stephen King's "Pet Sematary"

and that is kinda creepy.

Well, that makes this all
the bit more complicated.

Why is that?

Because they're
likely looking for her

and they don't care
who they take out

to get what they want.


[OLIVER] I appreciate your
perspective on this, Clive.

I really do.

Oliver, I understood William's
vision for this company,

for us, better than anyone
except perhaps Bridget.


And I remember
holding her in my arms

the day after she was born.

Well, who's to say what
William would have wanted

in today's world?

We can't speculate on
what William would do.

He'd want what's right.

Well, William and I were close,

but not like you two.

But I did see his vision
and his passion for life.

[DAVID] Excuse me, gentlemen.

Oliver, we need to talk.

I'm sure we're just wrapping up

and seems like it's pretty
urgent so, gentlemen.

Thank you, sir.


I suppose you've heard.

Of course, I did.

Are you out of your mind?

Guns, kidnapping, murder?

I told you I would do it my way

if you failed doing
it your way, right?

Yeah, but I didn't know
that you would go this far.

You didn't think that I
would wait forever, did you?

Two people are dead.

The whole family is missing.

Tell me they're still alive.

Of course, they are.

And I will let them go as soon
as we complete the merger.


Bridget has the veto.

She already voted no.

I know, but in her absence,

the board has the
authority to cast her vote

and it's looking like
it will be unanimous.

Yeah, well, Ken'll
never vote yes,

Maggie's not in favor of it,

and Thomas would never
vote against Bridget.

- No way!
- I would not be too sure.

My negotiating skills are
a lot better than that.

[SCOFFS] Yeah, well, you
couldn't convince Bridget,

now could ya?

She doesn't have a vote.

Frankly, I'm not convinced
I'd vote with ya.





Do you have all three packages?

No, I have the two
large packages.

[OLIVER] What's the
status on the little one?

I'm not sure.

It must have slipped
through the cracks somehow.

Well, find it.

I thought you said
it didn't matter.

I said find it.

I'll see what I can do.



[STEPHANIE] Well, it looks
better on you anyway.

It's weird to see
myself like this.

I like it.

Be careful, they're after her.

I'm sure of it.

Yeah, we'll lay low,

but you need to be careful.

Yeah, you got it.


Now, don't take
any stupid chances.

She's a kid, she's
gonna turn up.

I checked her family.

She's got two living relatives.

Neither one of them are local.

Yeah, I'll see what I can find.

All right, and I'm gonna
need you to babysit them.

You know I don't do that shit.

Yeah, but we got to
find the girl.



All right, we
don't talk to them.

We don't engage with them.

We're here for $7
1/2 million, right?




- Hi.
- Hi.

I have a 3:45 with Bridget.

You know, she's not in today.

Can I ask what
this is regarding?

Maybe I can redirect.

It's about a charity case.

She wanted to meet about our
Wounded Warriors Program.

Okay, let me see if I can find
somebody else to help you.

Okay, sure.



Yeah, there's a gentleman here,

said he had a 3:45 with Bridget.

Okay, thanks.

[CLIVE] Any messages?



Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Hey, this is not a very
good day around here for us.

Maybe you should come
back another time.

I already met with her

and she was giving her
corporate donation today,

so I'd really like to
have that before I go.

Hey, I don't know if you heard,

but us veterans aren't
doin' so hot out there.

- Could really use the help.
- Yeah, yeah.

Like I said, it's
just not a good day.

Yeah, so.

When is a good day?

I mean, what the
fuck's it gonna take?

I mean, do we have to
start killing ourselves

when we get back from serving?

Do we put up with
the half-assed care

- that takes forever to get to...
- Okay, listen.

Or what about the lack of mental

and emotional support just
to deal with what we've seen!

Ease up.

How much?

How much was she gonna give?


Hmm, hold on.

Oh, and, yeah, she said
she'd dedicate your work

to severely injured veterans.

Now, who are you?

I am a veteran with the
Wounded Warriors Project, sir.



All right, come with me.

Now, who are you exactly?

I'm a veteran.

I'm here with on behalf of
the Wounded Warriors Project.

[SCOFFS] No, no.

Yeah, I don't think so.

'Cause if that was the case,

you would have the
press here with you

and it would be a
calendar event for us here

and it would be on my schedule,

which it is not.

So, again,

who the hell are you?

Just a concerned friend
who stopped by her house.

A friend?

Oh, good, I should
know you then.

Because, you see, Bridget
and I have known each other

for over 40 years.

I don't remember seeing you
at any family functions,

so how close would
you say you two are?

Not really for a long time.

David, I'm gonna level with you.

Level with me?

Now? Okay.

You see, Bridget
was actually looking

to hire me as security.

Now, why would Bridget
suddenly need security?

If you two were so close,
I'm sure you'd know.

I don't know what you're up
to or who you really are,

- but maybe security can help...
- David, David!

- Me get some clarity on that.
- Let me.




Get him!


[DOCTOR] Whoa!


- Guard?
- Shh.

- No.
- Be quiet, be quiet.

- Guard, please!
- Hey, what are you doin'?

I have to use,

I have to use the washroom!

I got to go.

[CHARLIE] All right, all right.

I hear ya.

You first.

All right, come on, get up.

Up, up, up, up, up.

- Don't try anything funny.
- Be nice.

[CHARLIE] Shut up!



Not now, I can't.

I can't with you
just standing there.

[CHARLIE] So you
don't have to pee?

No, I do, but can
you just [MUMBLES].

[CHARLIE] Do you
have to piss or not?

I don't have the patience
for this bullshit.



Oh, you think I enjoy this?

Don't flatter yourself, bitch.






I got it.

Detective Sharpe.

I just need to ask you and
your parents some questions.

Honey who is it?

It's a cop or a detective.


Hi, Mom.

I just have to ask you a
couple questions is all.

Sure, can I get you
something to drink?

No, thanks, I'm good.

I just have to ask you,

do you know anything about
the Pellegrini kidnapping?

Just what we've heard
on the news, I'm afraid.

Hmm, well, we've
been informed that,

likely, the young
daughter, Miranda,

has escaped and may be
hiding with some friends

and these men are after her.

[MOTHER] We haven't seen her.

Right, May?



Well, it's urgent
that we do find her

before these kidnappers do,

as they are armed and dangerous.

No idea where she could be?

No, I mean, if she escaped,

she'd probably be
here and she's not.

Well, sorry for the bother.

Thank you.

I'll be seeing myself out.

Do you have a card with
a number we can call

in case we hear something?


You know, I think I mighta
left 'em in my other coat.

But I can get back to you, okay?

That's okay.

What's your extension
and your name, again?

It's Officer Sharpe,
extension 146.

Detective Sharpe.

Detective Sharpe, yes.

Extension 146.

[GASPS] Jesus, you
could ring the doorbell.



Do you know David
at your mom's work?

Yeah, why?

Is he close with your mom?


Would you trust him?

I mean, as much as I trust
anyone right now, I guess.

But they go back?

I doubt he'd do any
harm to any of us.

He pretty much comes to any
of the family functions.

Okay, well, I'm headed back out,

but a few things before I go.


You ever use one?

Yeah, my ex brought
me to the range.

Good, show her how to use it.

Where are you going?

To see if David's our guy.

Easy, nothing stupid.

I shoulda known
you were involved.

Involved with what?

[SCOFFS] With Oliver.

[STAMMERING] Are they okay?

Please, at least tell
me they're still alive.

No, you got it all wrong.

I'm not the guy you need
to be concerned with.

Miranda said I can trust you.

So I'm giving that a try.

She said that?


[SCOFFS] I couldn't stop Oliver;

The merger, whatever
plans they have out.

I know very little
about this situation.

But if I'm gonna help, I
need to know what you know.

Do you mind?

It's a long story but...

Okay, we're the lead
research company

in the transplanting
of human heads

and we did a prototype
with Intragenetica;

downloading the brain

and then planting data in
another host brain and body.

Well, we found out that,
after some successful trials,

they were keeping a
waiting list of people

and they weren't
exactly people in need,

if you know what I mean.

They weren't waiting for bodies
with nonfunctioning brains.

They were actually ordering

their new perfect
bodies and faces and...

- Bridget said no.
- Yeah.

Yeah, Bridget's
always done everything

for all the right reasons.

She learned that
from her father.

So, yeah, yeah, she used
her veto to stop the merger

and it slowed 'em down,

but I believe she was,

she was considering
exposing them.

Now, I tried to talk
some sense into her,

but she's just so...

- Honorable.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.

Yeah, I was gonna
say stubborn but...


Okay, look, I better get that.

Hide back there.

Okay, nothin' stupid.

Tell 'em what they wanna hear.


[OLIVER] I hope I'm
not interrupting.

No, I was about to have
a nightcap and go to bed.

I thought I should drop by

and see if everything's
all right with you.

- Anybody else here?
- No.

No, it's just me.

- Why?
- Just curious.

So, how are you voting?


You know, it's tomorrow.

It just seemed you
were a bit unsure.

Well, no, no, I was
just frustrated.

- Frustrated?
- Yeah, I was frustrated

and I shouldn't and I'm sorry.

Look, I really shouldn't of.

I apologize.

I apologize and I will vote yes.

You're going to vote yes?

[DAVID] Of course.

That's good.

That's very good

because I would hate to
lose another executive.

I'd have to do all of
your work, as well.

It's a nice place you have here.

You should have
me over sometime.

Maybe for a nightcap
or something.

It's just an idea.

Good night to ya.



[MARK] Hey, is
somebody out there?


What I need to do

- is to shut the fuck up!
- I need water.

[MARK] Hey!

[CHARLIE] Hey, get down!

- Get the fuck down now!
- All right.

[CHARLIE] Fuckin' sit down now.

Do you want me to fucking put
a bullet through her head?

Do you want me to
fucking shoot her?

- I'll fucking shoot her!
- Please, don't hurt us.

All right, please,
don't hurt us.

- Please.
- Shut up, fuck!

I am so sick and
tired of babysitting

you two little fucks.

I need you to shut the fuck up.

We're just so thirsty.

Please, you said you'd
give us food and water,

and we haven't
gotten anything yet.

[CHARLIE] Well, it's
not here yet, bitch,

so what the fuck do you
want me to do about it?

Shut up or I will
fucking shoot her.







Mamacita, [SPEAKING

Hey, where's the fuckin' food?

I must stay here a couple
more days and watch things.

Dude, I'm about to lose
it on these two fucks!




- Hey.
- Yeah?

I need the food.

These fucking people
won't shut the fuck up

and I need to feed them so
they can shut the fuck up.




Dammit, Oliver, you scared me.

These are scary times.

What are you doing here?

What the hell?

My associate, he's
a bit eccentric,

wouldn't you say?

Now, Mr. Pomeroy, where were we?

Oh, yes, that's right,
the vote tomorrow.

What about it?

Well, you haven't
seem to be in favor,

so I thought I'd have
one last opportunity

to convince you otherwise.

You will not get a
unanimous vote, Oliver.

I'm sure there
are others like me

that morally can't do this,

not to mention Bridget
would never go for this.

Don't be so sure.

I've visited every one of
you old dinosaurs tonight

and you're the last
one left to convince.

- Dinosaurs?
- Dinosaurs.

I'm sorry, you're
wasting your time.


I don't know and, honestly,

I don't care what
you do with me.

You will not get my vote.

I was here when William started
this company and I know...


the fuck did you do?

- Fuck him.
- Yeah, but,

Jesus Christ, there
are cameras everywhere.

[OLIVER] Oh, yeah, there are.

Hmm, yeah.

[SAM] They have
your face, Oliver.

Well, let's get outta here.

Come on.






- Hello?
- Hey.

Hey, it's me.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

But, hey, don't tell
anyone that I called you.

There was a guy here earlier.

He was looking for you.

He had a badge and said
he was a detective,

but I'm not so sure.

I don't know who we can trust.

Okay, where are you?

Remember Corey,
the homeless guy?

[MAY] Of course.

I figured no one would know

and I wouldn't
risk anyone's life.

They killed our security

and I don't know what
happened to my mom and dad.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, some kinda special
forces or something.

Well, I guess that's
needed right now.

- Right?
- Yeah.

And his girlfriend or
something, I guess.

Where are you, Mira?

[SIGHS] I don't think
it's safe to tell.

But don't worry, I'm safe.

And I should probably hang
my phone up right now.

But, seriously,
don't tell anyone.

Not even your mom.

Okay, I promise.

Be safe.

You, too.



Holy Grail.


- Yes?
- Is it ready?

Oh, yeah.

We got to find a way of
breaking outta here.

Maybe we should
just ride this out.

Do you think they're
gonna let us go?


They're wearing masks.

They let you go to the bathroom.

Hell if I know.

No, this has everything
to do with the merger.

- It has to, right?
- Yes.

Right, so why would
they let me to go

so that I could blow
up everything they did

while they held us hostage?

Yeah, ya got a good point.

So, how?

What's your plan?

We got to figure it out.

Well, we got to get these off.



All right.

Ow, okay.

Got it.


No sudden moves or I empty
this gun in your back.

[SIGHS] What do you want?

Shh, keep your hands
on the steering wheel.

Don't try me.

It won't end well for you.

[SAM] What do you want?


[SAM] What?

Where is Bridget
and her husband?


Play stupid games,
win stupid prizes.


Now let's go for a drive.







- Hi.

You lookin' for somebody?

No, no.

I thought I left my phone
around here somewhere.

[CARTER] Let's just stop
playing games, okay?

What do you mean?

You're looking for Miranda.

No, no, no, no, I was just...


That was me being nice.

Hand over your phone.

I won't ask twice.

What's your passcode?

There isn't one.

Let's see if we have any
unsaved numbers here.

[GASPS] Look at that.

Come with me.



You're on my time.


We're gonna find out how
badly you wanna live.


[SIGHS] There are
other people involved.

Even if I wanted to help you,

you'd be fucked.

This thing is way bigger
than either you or I.

I don't worry about
the odds too much.

That makes me dangerous.

And the fact that I
am trained and skilled

beyond any of you fuck
boys is another advantage.

Not to mention, you
don't even know I exist.

- Oliver.
- What?

Oliver, he is the
guy behind it all.

He's the guy with the plan.

He's the guy with the money.

- Oliver, huh?
- Yeah.


So, are you saying I
don't need you anymore?

No, no, no, no, no.

That is, no.

Who is gonna get you in
and out of everything?

Who is gonna lead you to the
hostages if anything happens?

Listen, man, you need
me and you know you do.


Guard, guard!

Guard, he needs his
insulin, please!



What is it?


- Shoot her!
- It's not working!





Oh, my God, come on.

Come on.


Let's go.

- Come on.
- We have to get out.




I told you not to call.

Well, hello, there.


Who's this?

A friend of a friend.

May's here, too.

Say hello, May.


May, are you okay?

As long as you play along,

she's got nothing
to worry about.

Where are you?

I'm not sure.

Well, you better
figure that out fast.

I don't know how.

Well, if you want your
friend to be okay,

you better start
figuring that out pronto.

I don't know how.

Are you inside?


Okay, go to a
window, look outside.

It's them, they have May.


None of that shit.


Don't think I'm stupid.

Do you want to see
your friend hurt?

Don't touch her.

Okay, then, you're gonna
listen to everything I say.

I see a street and cars parked.

Okay, do you see
any street signs?

Not from here.

Are you alone?


Right now, yes.

Okay, get out there
as fast as you can.

Once you get to a
street, call me.

And, Miranda, your friend's
life is in your hands.

Do you understand me?

I understand, I'll hurry.


I'll get you somewhere safe.


[SIGHS] Nobody home.

So now what?

Where are they being held?

Come on.

[SCOFFS] I know
you're not too bright.

I didn't know you were deaf.

A warehouse just
outside of town.

And how many men?


Show the way.




You ready?



You've done well, Nikita.

Thank you, sir.


I have to admit,



Behold, the Fountain of Youth.


[MARK] Fuck.

Who are you?

Drop your weapon.

I'm Detective Sharpe with
the police department.

We got a call.

If you don't drop that
weapon, I will kill you.

Show me your badge.

Right there, see, see that?

[MARK] I don't believe you!

[CARTER] I'm here to help,

but if you don't
drop that weapon,

I will kill you.

He's with the cops, okay?

- No, please.
- Bridget.

Please, we were kidnapped.

We just got out;
We were in there.

There's somebody in there.

I shot her; It was
self-defense, I promise.

- I promise it was.
- Bridget!

- It was, someone in there?
- Yes.

But, Mark...

- No, ah!

Mark! [SOBS]



Please, please don't do this.

If you ever want to see
your daughter again,

shut your mouth.



Help me!


Please, someone!


[SIGHS] Okay, guys.

Do we all know what to do?

I don't like it but, yeah, yeah.

Oh, Sidney.

You don't have to do this.

You know, you can leave.

I would love your help,

but I know it's dangerous

and I totally understand
if you walked.

Naw, I mean, I'd hate myself
if I did that, ya know?

Besides, I've never really
done anything heroic,

so I think it'll make me
feel a little bit better.

[SIGHS] Stacey, are you sure?

Of course, Steph.


This all depends on you.

You have to get
him out of the car.

If you can't do that,
then we're all screwed.

Yeah, I know.

We got this, all right?


- Yeah.
- Let's do this.




Come, come, come, come, come.


[MIRANDA] First, show
me that they're okay.

You want me to make an
example outta her, huh?



[STEPHANIE] What the fuck?

Fuck! Fuck!

[STACEY] Oh, my God!


- I'm sorry.
- Oh, my God, fuck!

[MIRANDA] I'm sorry, Sidney.


don't you quit.

Don't you quit on me!



- Sidney?
- No.

No, it's all my fault.

You listen to me, this
is not your fault!

You didn't ask for your
parents to get kidnapped!

You didn't want this.

We have to go, we have to go!

- Stacey, no!
- What?

I can't have that,
too, on my conscience.

No, you do not
make that decision!

- What?
- Let's go!

No, no, no!

We got to go.

We got to go.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on!

[MIRANDA] Oh, Stacey!

Oh, my God!


Slow. Slow.

Stop, stop the fuckin' car.

Okay, get out slowly.

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

I'm sure you have a
backup on you somewhere.


Okay, hey, keep your
back turned to me.

Hands on your head.

All right, you're
gonna lead the way.

Any sudden movements
means you're dead, copy?

- Yeah.
- 'Kay.

[SAM] Aw, shit.


Okay, check him.

Grab his wallet.

Give it.

Hands on your head.

Hands on your head!


Stand up.

All right, let's go inside.



Nice and slow.

Shit, this is not good.


Looks like an eye
for an eye to me.

I guess we're done here.


Hands up!


God, where do I start?

[COREY] At the
beginning, I'd guess.


[OLIVER] Hey, can
we get started?

In a couple of hours,
it should be ready,

but you won't.

We need to get your
body temperature down

and induce a medical coma.

We need to get started.

Just let me make a few calls.

We need four to five
hours to prep you, Oliver.

We definitely need to
get started, like, now.

Absolutely, just let
me make a few calls.

I'll be right back.

Did we get all of this
guy's information?

Yes, we are securing
off-shore accounts

- in his name right now.
- Okay.

I guess I should say your name.

John Michael Willis.

John Michael Willis?

Now, you're gettin' it.

I'll be right back.



Charlie is dead,

your husband is dead,

and I can't reach Sam.

If you let us go,
I have enough money

that you could just disappear

and you could live a long life.


Don't you wish it was that easy.

Why isn't it?

I can't just walk away.

Charlie is dead and I got a
bad feeling Sam is dead, too.

And leaves Oliver and
whoever he's with.

And from what he tells me,
he can look like anybody,

so how the hell am I supposed
to have peace of mind?

Just disappear, that's all.


[SCOFFS] Oh, just disappear?

Where hundreds of millions
of dollars can't reach?

But, I don't know,
why would he care?

Because I know.


I know.


We know where Oliver
lives and where he works,

but we don't know much
about this kidnapper.

But this fucker does.

I don't much about him.

We got assigned together.

You smell that?

- No.
- It smells like bullshit.

You really expect me to
believe that you'd hire a team,

you don't have synergy
with individuals?

They don't know their roles?

They don't stay in their lanes?

[SCOFFS] Come on, Sam.


I'm not fuckin' stupid.

Come on, man.

His name is Carter.

He's ex-CIA.

I've done two
extractions with him.

- Happy?
- Two?

No, I'm not happy.

Two extractions?

And where is Carter now?

Last I knew, he was staking
out her friend's place.

[SCOFFS] I'd say that's
pretty goddam obvious

since he has them both.

And I'm not so sure I should
believe in this bullshit

about you not having
a FUBAR location

'cause that also
smells like bullshit.

Don't know what to tell you.

All right, little boy,
keep your mouth shut.


I guess we can wait or storm
a heavily-guarded mansion.

I vote wait.


Let's drop the subject down
another two degrees, okay?

And let's slow the heartbeat
and the breathing down

at least another 20%.

I'm on it.

I need benzodiazepine stat

and start morphine, phase two.

Next, we need the
ice packs, okay?

Let's lower both of
them down, all right?

To like 15 degrees Celsius
and hold them there, please?

Let's hold 'em down, okay?

Okay, Magnus.


[SIGHS] If I ever was.

I don't know, maybe
waiting was a bad idea.

Maybe we need to [SIGHS].



Who is this?

It's a friend of the family.

Ah, well, you're gonna want
to do exactly what I say.

Welp, I think we have
things to talk about here.

It's your dad.

Tell him we need to talk.

He's military, we're lost.

Hey, it's me again.

Okay, what do you want?

A trade, get your
little boy back

and I get May and Bridget.


Nice try but no deal.

You sure?


What about now?



you can have the girl,
but I'm keeping the lady.

She's worth $400 million.

'Kay, deal.

We meet in a public area.

I'll call you back
in 10 minutes.



Ah, Sofia, please.

Yeah, thank you.

May I ask what
this is regarding?

It sounded urgent.

Well, I haven't been able

to reach Jeremy,
Magnus, or Oliver.

Of course, Bridget's
still missing.

So, yeah, I'm worried.

Well, yes, I would be as well.

[DAVID] Well, would
you happen to know

where any of them are?

[SOFIA] I can call him.

But it is possible
that he's just busy.

I already called.

We have an entire
dual unit missing.

Would you happen
to know why that is

or where it might be?

Seems that Magnus and Oliver
checked it out for testing.

No, sir.

No, I don't.

Now, if you're trying
to insinuate something,

let me remind you,

I have been a long-time
supporter of Bridget

and I have been here longer
than any other scientist...

- Sofia, Sofia, no!
- I have sat...

No, I'm not
insinuating anything.

Nothing at all.

Hell, at least you're here

and that tells me a lot,

but I still need to figure
out what's going on.

I can't think of anything

that could possibly
be of any use.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

If anything turns up,
please don't hesitate, okay?

Of course, of course.

- Sir?
- Hmm?

Are we in danger?


What now?

We both go on three.

They both walk separate
and turn back to back

when they pass each other.

[CARTER] Okay.

Don't fuck this up!

We're not done yet.

Shut the fuck up and
do as you're told.

Okay, here we go.



Three, walk!




They have nothing linking
us to the apartment,

so you should be safe here.

Which means, you two,
stay put from now on.

What about my mom?

The more she knows,

the more we risk her
safety right now.

Now, she's reported you missing,

so there's likely active-duty
officers at the house.

She should be all right.

What about my mom?

[SIGHS] I still need to
figure that part out.

I'm gonna need to
see David, again.

That could be risky,

so we're gonna need to
come up with a plan B

if I'm caught or worse.

You got this, Corey.


Unfortunately, you have to rest

a little while
longer, sweetheart.

All set.

Now, we wait.

Thank you, Magnus.

We couldn't have done
this without you.

I'm curious.

I mean, I know why I did it.

What about you?

My wife, she passed from cancer.

I mean, it spread.

It was everywhere.

This, this right here,

this woulda saved her.

I'm sorry.

[HEAVILY SIGHS] Hopefully,
that won't happen

to anyone else.

That makes this kill
a little bit easier.



Go see your wife, Magnus.

She's waiting for you.

[CARTER] Charlie is
dead because of her!

[BRIDGET] Charlie's
dead because of you.


You and your fucking friend.

You think you're so
perfect, don't you?

You think you're so damn smart.

Being born with a silver
spoon in your mouth,

you don't know what it's
like to go without, huh?

I wasn't born with a
silver spoon in my mouth.

I was born poor.

You shoulda done your homework.

[SCOFFS] I often didn't eat

other than what they
fed you at school.

When it wasn't a school
day, I did without.

See, my father was an immigrant

and he worked his ass
off to make changes

so that we would have a future.

And he knew that if he
just put everything he had

into education that, eventually,

everything would be okay.

You know what he
didn't do, though?

He didn't compromise
his character.

Do you know what that means

or would you like me
to explain it to you?

You hear Mother
Teresa over here?

Yeah, I said don't talk to her.

Let her be.


You wanna judge my character?


How is this for character, huh?

Huh, smarty?

Looks like I hit a nerve.

- Didn't I?
- Oh, yeah.

Just a bullet, just a
bullet right in her brain.


Walk it off.


So, today, before we adjourn,

I just wanna say
how pleased I am

that we were able to,
in Bridget's absence,

we were able to pass a vote
holding off on the merger.

And, you know, William
would be so proud

to see how we
conducted ourselves

in challenging times like this.

And I, for one, I'm damn proud
to stand with all of you.

So, once again, thank you.

That's all I have.




Hey, Mark is dead.

Yeah, I know, I heard.

Damn shame.

[COREY] Bridget
is still missing.

Any leads?

Just the men Sam used.

They're hard to trace.

Where's Oliver?

That's the odd thing.

He's gone and before he left,

he and our top
scientist, Magnus,

checked out a dual
unit, fully operational.

And Magnus isn't at work today.

- I have a bad...
- So you're saying

they checked out
medical equipment?

Mm-hmm, fully operational.

And they can switch
their brains?

[DAVID] Mm-hmm, yeah.

Jesus Christ, and
you can't trace that?

All we have are
their signatures,

but I called security and
they're pulling up surveillance

to see if we can identify
the truck they left in.

Find the truck, find the gear,

and that will lead
us right to them.

Yeah, do you wanna come
with me to security?

Sure, why not?

You wanna not call
the guards this time?


Sam, we can't hold her forever.

We'll need to figure
something else out.

- [SIGHS] Yeah, I know.
- You know?

What about their company?

They pay.


The other company?

rather see her dead.

Hmm, [LAUGHS] somebody
else wants to see you dead.

Yeah, I could see that.


This David guy.

David, who's David?

Yeah, I went to his
house with Oliver.

He seems to be close
with the family.

It's worth a shot.

Should I pay them a visit?

Oh, yeah, yeah.


I'll text you his address.

You got it.


[DAVID] I'll be damned.

[COREY] How do we trace that?

Well, it's one of ours.

They all have homing
devices on it,

so it shouldn't be too hard.

Let's check this out.

We could just take a look here.

Should be able to locate
all of our trucks.

There, there,
that's got to be it!

[COREY] Where is that?

[DAVID] Looks like the storage
place down by the freeway.

[COREY] 'Kay, let
me check it out.

No, we got to call in the police.

Who knows what we'll
find when we get there.

No, there's no time, no police.

That could get messy.

If I can't bring
her back safely,

then you call the police,

but give me the chance.

Okay, you have tonight.

But tomorrow I
call in the police.

You're a good man, David.

Now, go home, get some rest.




- Hey.
- Hey.

- What are you doin' here?
- What?

We've had some complaints about

a bunch of commotion down here

and I didn't sign off
on any night work.

I'm just helpin' 'em out here.

Helping them with what?

Do you have a
badge or something?

Yeah, here's my badge.

- Now, what are you workin' on?
- Hey.

I'm just helpin'
'em move equipment.

Open the door.



What's goin' on?

What are you doing here?

I'd like to ask
you the same thing.

I have permission and
clearance to be here.

Do you?

I say I call the police

and they can sort this shit out.

Wait, hold on.

Let's talk.



Location B, stat!

What should we do?

I'm not sure.

But the longer it goes on,

the less safe we are here.

Hold on, hold on, he's coming.


Oh, my God. [SIGHS]

Well, I guess we
know that Oliver

and this Magnus guy
are both in on it.

They likely brought in
mercenaries to grab Bridget.

I'd say it's likely
they still have her.

She's worth money alive,

not so much dead.

I also ran into some people
in at a storage facility.

They turned a unit into
a medical science room.

I'm starting to think

that this whole thing
is too big for us.

I think it's time to
call in the police.

Do you think my
mom is still alive?

[COREY] Yeah, I do.

How do we know the
police are not in on it?

I mean, May, she had a shady
detective at her place.

I just, I don't know
what to do right now.


Hold on.


David tells me you
can get shit done.

Is that true?

Depends, I'm not great
with balloon animals

and I don't do clowns.


I have Bridget and David.

I don't give a shit
about anything but money.

I want $2 million today
and you can have them both.

Where the hell am I gonna
get that kinda money?

Not my problem, make it happen.

I'll call you after
the banks close today

and we can work this out.

But I.



Slow, my love.

Don't rush.

Come to me when you're ready.

I'll be here.

Are you sure about this?

No, but what are we gonna do?

We can't keep these
two here forever.

Besides, they seen our faces.


You're right.

There's not a
lotta options left.

So you gonna call
or you want me to?


I got it.


Hey, did you get the money yet?

Maybe, not sure.

Maybe, what the fuck?

Do you wanna see these
two mother fuckers

alive again or what?

Honestly, I don't know them.

You're talking to a homeless guy

and a hooker that got
wrapped up in this shit.

We did the best we can.

Packard plant, 10 o'clock.

Come alone.

You fuck around and these
two fuckers are dead.

Packard plant, 10:00
p.m., copy that.

You bring them both.






Are you here?

- Yes.
- Alone?

- Yep.
- Got the money?


- Where are you?
- I'm inside.

You'll see me.

Stay put.


Let's rock.


Where ya at?

Come out where we can see you.

Nice and easy.

Don't try anything stupid.

Everybody wants to
go home tonight.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Ah, fuck, where is he?

You guys, over there.




I only want to do some
business with you.

Where the fuck is he?




I only wanna make some
business with you.


You brought the money.


Touche, you son of a bitch.



I see, you wanna
play fuckin' games!

You wanna play
fuckin' games, huh?

All right, we'll
play fuckin' games.

Who's it gonna be?

Is it gonna be her or
is it gonna be him?

Who's it gonna be, motherfucker?

Her or him?




[BRIDGET] David.

- No, he's okay.
- Are you hurt?

- Are you hurt?
- He's okay.

- No, get her undone.
- I'm a friend.



Come on, come on.

It's okay, let's go, let's go.



- Mom?
- Oh, Miranda!

Oh, Miranda! [SOBS]

Oh, May.

I got you.

- I got you.


Bridget, got a minute?

[BRIDGET] Sure, John,
what can I help you with?

I'd like you to meet Joanna.

She just started
where Magnus left off

and she's excited
to be on board.

Hmm, well, welcome.

[JOANNA] Thank you.

I look forward to getting
to know you better.

We'll go over more next week,

give you a chance
to get acclimated.

I look forward to it.

I have heard so much about you.