Estate romana (2000) - full transcript

Former theatre actress comes back to Rome and meets old and new friends.

Be careful of the sun,
it can hurt you

I'm always afraid
of the sun on my skin

I think it burns you

It's bad... but we are the ones
who made it bad

It seems like one of those spiders

who first wove a beautiful web
and then got angry

Yes, we must move slowly
because he's very angry

Not only is the sun angry,
the waters are angry as well

Fire is angry, the earth is angry

The wind is the most angry of all

- The wind is furious at times
- Furious, yes...

I'm waiting for what it must tell me

Tell me if there is something
I can defend myself from

One thing only: Fear.
Defend yourself from fear

but don't be afraid of fear.

If you're afraid of fear
you're done for already

I understand

In order to rid yourself
of everything else

let yourself be invaded by love.

- So, it's a loss then
- It's a discovery. I mean...

if you lose autonomy,
you acquire liberty.

- There's little liberty here
- Very little, that's true

- Too many concepts
- It's too full.

- There is liberty here
- Yes, there is some liberty here

One can breathe,
as you said before

True, there's
some liberty in nature

We cannot have the liberty
that we desire

until we allow ourselves
to taken by that liberty

And that is only love

It's six thirty in the morning

I thought you'd call at least

You're right.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you

It's changed

- What's changed?
- Rome

So have you, so has this house

The problem is what I'm going to do now

My assistant, Cerasella,
will be here in a few hours

You'll want to sleep well

We'll go in there, you on the couch
and me over here

No, it makes me nervous

You won't want this room.
Come over here

I'll put a big note on the door

and tell my assistant to come later

Take off your shoes
or stay as you like.

I'll see you later.

Salvatore! Peppe is on the phone

Wake up! It's Peppe, the set designer

I never get any sleep around here,
what is it...

Hello? Oh hi Peppe,
Yes, I was working

I still can't do it this afternoon, Peppe...

I'm still trying to finish Earth

All the other planets are done,
only Earth is left

I still need another day or two
of serious work on it

What did he say?

He wants the set the day after tomorrow

Rossella, my landlady,
arrived this morning too

I owe her four or five months in back rent

That's a lot!

I'm really counting
on this thing with Peppe

We should be collecting
a nice bunch of cash

Ulisse... it's me, Rossella

That's nice. You recognized me

In flesh and blood.
I want to see you

I have to speak to you.
It's important

Very different. It's a project on life

I'd like to, but I'm leaving
You called just as I was leaving

We have an exhibition in Terracina

I'll be back in a few weeks,
we can meet at the theatre then

Alright, I'll call in a few weeks then

'Bye Rossella, see you then

I'd like to speak to David

I see. He's not there?
I'm his friend Rossella

Who? No, Tronchi is the owner here

Simone? I came back...
How are you?

- Where are you?
- I'm very close by

Here? Near the studio?

Where... where are you coming from?
Where were you?

On the moon... Just what we needed,
you on the moon too!

I'll be there in ten minutes

No, come tomorrow...
I'm busy, I'm working now

I'm two steps away from you

Make it four in the other direction.
See you tomorrow

Rome is a big place,
you can't come here, alright?

Why do you piss me off so much?
I'll see you tomorrow

In the evening, when
the Botanical Garden is closed

I see...

You understand...
Take care, goodbye

It doesn't hold the line here

- Come out
- I don't know how to do it

Go hold it open

Keep going

How many are there?


- I can't see you from here
- Keep going, I'm here

Where? What are you doing over there?
Come here

No, you have to hold it open
from the other side

- Here!
- It's full of wires...

This is Rossella...
she owns this house

- She's come to Rome for a few days
- My hands are dirty

She's working.

She's come to Rome to see some,
what can I say... and so on

She said she's leaving,
she's going on a trip

- A trip?
- I don't know

- Where?
- I don't know

- It's too liquid
- It's too liquid

No, it's true

It's not solid.
It's not a real thing. It's a shadow

Is it a shadow?

I'll take you for ice cream.
Would you like that?

Can you see all these lights?

I thought I saw a shadow

- What shadow?
- It was behind you

- I'm the invisible little girl!
- Wait... go on.

And now I'll get you

Come here,
I got you all dirty

No, you didn't get me dirty...
Yes, I'm all dirty!

Monica, I asked you to be quiet

Your mother-in-law is here.
She wants the baby

- Is she downstairs?
- She called from there

When did you do this?

Let me see

You're just fine.

Come on

Sorry we're late,
I was finishing some work

As usual.

What is it?
She was fine until two minutes ago

- Simone?
- Who is this?

It's Rossella

- Did you want to come by?
- Yes

Bring me some cigarettes

- Do you have money with you?
- Yes

I'll see you soon. 'Bye

What's the rush? No problem!
I'm only twenty minutes late

I have to go to Capannelle,
we have to pick up Rosellina

Go on, go even slower

Come on, Monica,
stop pushing me

I'm late

I came for...
so I wouldn't die

There's always time to die...
and then what?

I came to be reborn.
I'm not able to do it

Say the truth, it's useless
to play around with words

Why do you think I came,
because I love you

- I see, but what else?
- I also came to understand

how much distance
or how much closeness there is

and if their meeting points
are still similar

You always speak of the same
things, distance and closeness

We have to be more concrete

This thing has filled our heads
with chatter

Tell me what you want
or you'll piss me off

How is it possible, you're the
only person who pisses me off!

I'd like to do some theatre.

- You want to do theatre
- Not sadistic theatre

What are you talking about?

What kind of play is there,
a text you could still do

The text would be... reality.
That's the only one to do

But this reality is escaping us
from everywhere

We don't know which part to
grab it from, as if to say...

we miss it... that extra spark
of fantasy

That thing...
a transverseness...

That's all words and they're
old, used and re-used. Transversal... sure

Ester, it's Monica. Can you
send Rosellina downstairs?

She's not ready yet

I told you I have to take her
some place, it's after 6, I'm already late...

Come upstairs,
I have to speak to you

Let me in

Salvatore is coming up too

Who gave you that dress?

Is it new?
Did you give it to her?

I have to talk to you,
come here

We're in a hurry.
Tell me what it is

- Where are you going?
- I have things to do

5 minutes, for a coffee

It's already 6:30, I told you
I'd come for her at 6

It's 6:30.
Excuse me, Salvatore...

You were supposed to take
her home

- I don't understand.
- You never understand what I say

You're never clear.
Tell me what you mean

I know you stay out late,
you take the baby with you

Did you hire
a private investigator?

Who told you I stay out late
every night?

I don't understand why you
question everything I do

That's enough! You just have to
pull that down

You just pull down his pants,

I know what kind of work you do

And I don't like the baby
staying out until 2 a.m.

She's always with adults,
she has no playmates

She has lots of friends,
she's not a lonely kid!

I think a mother knows what
to do better than a grandmother

I don't like you telling me
what to do with Rosellina

You're her grandmother, not her
mother. I try to be nice to you

I'm not rich and the fact
that I have to work

- means that I...
- No, wait...

I try to be nice, but you
criticize everything I do

Her hair isn't cut,
you don't like her clothes

I earn an honest living.
Let's get out of here before...

You know what I think

And you know what I think.
We're different, that's all

I agree, but we're talking
about my granddaughter

She's my daughter, why do you
say she's uncared for?

You just say
she's your daughter

You're not capable of raising
a daughter, understand?

- What?
- You're unable to raise her

That's enough,
I'm sick of this

You're incapable
of being a mother

I'm going to talk to Paolo
and get a lawyer involved

I'll do my best to take her
away from you. I don't like it

You absolutely can't do
what you're saying

and I'm not interested
in what you like or not!

Are you the one to decide
if I can be a mother?

Who the fuck are you?

I'm going to talk to my son,
because you can't...

Good, talk to him,
it's about time!

You're getting like
an old man. I'm bored

I'm 20 years old.
I need to live, to go out

go to the movies,
to the theatre

without the stress of you
on top of me

You want to keep me here
in this disgusting place!

I don't like it. I want to live
like a young person

I'm not looking for another guy
I want to live. Is that so hard?

Don't you think...

- Daniel, I need two minutes...
- Let me work!

Be nice, you gave us
five minutes

We'll finish the girl first,
and then...

I have to finish
something first

- Should I continue?
- Yes

Daniel has to leave
for five minutes, right?

No, I have to set these lights

- Let us finish with her
- You can't now

- But I told you...
- Very good

I want to give you some advice,
it may help you

The way you stand is important

you either stay still...
or you move

Something of a rhythm can be
of help to you

It's the way in which
you stand still

or the way that you move
that has importance

More... more importance

- Are you an actress?
- Yes

Excuse me, Daniel,
can we have 5 minutes?

- Who is she?
- I don't know

It's a look towards...
like looking ahead

- Ahead in what sense?
- In a distance,

as if there were a horizon.

Don't look at the audience,
only in some moments...

Straight ahead, in the distance

Pardon? More...

It's the sense of importance
you can have when you're still

and to look in the distance,
not at the audience

as if there were a horizon
before you

- What is she saying to her?
- I don't know

To look ahead,
far in the distance

I don't know who she is

- Can I help...
- No, I was looking for...

- Tell me
- I was looking for Ulisse

We're all looking for him.
We never know if he'll come

- Would you mind if I looked around?
- No, don't worry

Sorry, Camilla.

There's always
a bit of chaos here


The farmers are too rough
and monotonous

And the intellectuals are
difficult to understand

As far as our friends

They are mean and never see
beyond their own noses

- They're stupid
- What part is this?

It's Astrud's monologue
from "Uncle Vanya"

That's beautiful

- They have no emotions...
- It's not easy

- That depends...
- When does the play open?

I have to do the audition now

- A bit higher
- Raise it a bit

We'll try this right now

Is there any of that left?
May I have a small one?

I'm going to sit down

You can imagine how strange
it was

I already knew Monica,
I'd seen her before

She lived in my neighbourhood
in Naples

- Was she pretty?
- She was attractive

She wasn't really beautiful

She's prettier now,
she used to be particular

because she wasn't like
anyone else

People would get off the train
and then she'd walk by

She was fourteen years old
and had long braids

She walked like a dancer,
I was sure she was a dancer

Then by chance
I met her in Rome

10 years later through some
Neapolitan friends, here in Rome,

- She was looking for work
- When was her daughter born?

The baby had already been born
when I met her

She was already
two or three years old

- Have you ever slept with her?
- Not really...

Yes, we have something

but we can't seem to have
anything concrete...

Help her if you can
Anything you can give her is worth it

Monica can lift herself
with your help

Otherwise, she'll
be overwhelmed

A little bit of help can make
people become important

She's sweet.
She's not negative

It's like throwing a ball
over a wall of silence

You can feel help
when the ball is given to you

It makes you feel reborn,
you find yourself again

That is what life is

I've always wondered what's
behind the counter?

Behind the counter?

- It's prettier out front
- Are you sure?

Will that be all?

It's as good as you are,
as warm as my heart

Come on!
That's my secret, okay?

Do you have a piece of paper?

You deserve to be reported
for excessive beauty!

- Is everyone so nice in Formia?
- Aren't they nice in Rome?

- They're nice
- Nobody's a fool here

- You're from Naples?
- Yes

Did you drink your tequila?

Did you drink your tequila?
What's all the talk?

This place
is a lousy environment

- Why?
- Your mother-in-law is right

You're working, right? You get
too friendly with people

You don't even know
what's happening

What's wrong with you?
What was wrong with them?

I feel strange, you're right

You are strange,
what's the matter?

I mean, this is my job, right?
What should I be doing?

If he asks for a tequila,
should I not give it to him?

Rosellina is fast asleep

Let's go to sleep too.

- Goodnight
- Bye, take care

Do you want?
Let's go

Do you want to see?

You want me naked?
I'm not crazy!

I was joking! Fuck off!

Hey guys!
I want to see people!

Do you understand?

What do you want,
to live or die?

Can't you hear me?

- What is it?
- I made something

Is everything ready?

Call Monica
tell her to come here

do you want to eat?

Something really stinks.
That must be cheese

- It stinks, get it out of here
- What are you looking at me for?

- Don't you like this?
- I don't like shrimps

- They're delicious!
- I'm vegetarian

- Are they raw?
- Taste them

- I can't
- They're no good

- You put something on them
- Lemon

No, there's some kind
of strange oil on them

- There's no oil
- There's only lemon

The oil is over there
if you want some

- That stuff makes me sick
- You're too fixated on this

It's not bad for you

I take this sort of thing
as a provocation

- Really?
- I take it as provocation

You make lunch out of this crap?

Basil leaves like this?
You put this on a table?

- You can put it over there
- A joke is one thing. But this...

is really disgusting!

Those shrimp
can make you sick!

They're all mushy!
Shrimp is a choice dish!

Come on, she likes them

Shrimp isn't made like that!

What do you care how they're
made, you never eat shrimp

- Why are you making a fuss?
- Don't start with me

Shrimp shouldn't be drowned
and thrown on a dish

You make them with pasta,
or fried or baked

Even if they're no good,
they should be presented well!

I didn't know what you'd like,
and I made them this way...

You don't give raw stuff
to normal people!

You give people some pasta,
not raw stuff like that!

I'm afraid to use the stove

I'm going to get some water

It's not her fault,
she did everything...

You went too far,
she's really embarrassed

I know, I'm being infantile,
you know...

What are you doing?

Did you buy potato chips?


- Can we fit?
- Of course

How nice to see you!
What, are you leaving?

- Is there one of those meetings going on?
- Yes, they're always so enjoyable

Rossella, how nice to see you,
it's been so long

Where are you going?

This is wonderful,
you'll like it, you'll see

The only way to respond
to the administration

is to show them we're not
totally against the foreigners

We are respectful of the law,

a law which mistreats
our businesspeople, our citizens, everyone

so why should they
be able to evade that?

We're now losing one of the
biggest businesses in the area

And that will signify that seven families
will be reduced to poverty

They won't be hired
by the Chinese community

which is ruining
our commercial activities

I'd like to say just a word

I want to thank you sincerely.
This meeting

for the market in Piazza
Vittorio is very important

because the piazza is
reminiscent, an essence of Rome

There is one thing
I'd like to say firmly

If we put on
these demonstrations

with arrogance and violence,
we will lose

The arguments are right

but I think we should be calmer
and with a goal in mind

a goal you can reach
and fight for,

because we must always fight

They're coming to Europe
because they want to live

in a democratic society,
a well to do society

- What are you talking about?
- The Chinese people

I'm saying there are Romans eating out
of garbage bins, is that well to do?

I think that for the first time
Rome has to accept

this phenomenon that has been
happening for about...

- three or four years now
- What? Maybe for you

My experience says
it's been sixteen years!

This is a sort of breakdown

of that power...

of Christianity... before
Constantine... No, when...

The Church's material and
spiritual power are divided...

What year was Constantine?

- 700...
- 784.

You're off by four centuries!

You're saying things that
happened four centuries later!

Not four years,
but four centuries!

Constantine's Edict refering
to the problem you mentioned

was in 313, about the passage
and constitution of power...

Professor, we're deciding
on our demonstration!

We have to have a large
public demonstration

That's what we have to do,
am I right?

But it can't be that a few
stray dogs show up, no!

We have to bring 10,000 people
into the street!

- How do you get those masses?
- I'll tell you how!

- It's not hard to gather them
- Oh yes it is!

- Wait just a minute!
- You push them to it!

No! We just need
each and everyone of you

to convince ten people.
Ten and ten and ten...

And we'll have 10,000 people!
Do you all agree?

- Oh, you're here
- Are you leaving already?

This has to be washed

Can't you see
there's a mess in here?

This wasn't done well,
it was just passed over

This should be transparent.
Do you see transparence?

If you want them transparent

you have to get a sponge
and make them transparent

- Can't you do that?
- No, I have to leave

- Where do you have to go?
- To work, it's 6 o'clock

This job of yours
is creating disasters

You're out until 4 at night
and when you get here

these are the consequences.

This work isn't done well

What should I tell this guy
when he comes tomorrow?

Why didn't you do any
work on it yourself?

I don't understand how you can
come here at the end of a day

and criticize a job I've been
doing since 9 a.m.

I've done three of them.
Where were you?

You're a mature person,
take care of yourself

I am mature and that's why
I asked where you were

I've been here since this
morning while you took a walk

Generally in life, if you want
something done well

you have to give it a minimum
of care

But seeing as you don't
care for things you want...

Just once in your life, can't
you take on responsibility?

I have to take on

We've worked hard, don't you
want it to turn out well?

Or do I have to stay here
and sacrifice?

Sacrifice? You go out walking
and that's a sacrifice?

I have two jobs
and that's no sacrifice

Are you a baby
that can't understand these things?

Is my relationship to you
as an adult or as a baby?

You don't seem very adult,
right now you're an asshole!

Should I come and get you
tonight or not?

No, thank you

Don't worry about it,
this job is secondary!

It's secondary to you,

I have a nice surprise for you

I don't know about this...

That's no good,
you're half naked

Put on a normal dress,
that's not a dress

- I'll wear the black one
- That one is pretty

- Will there be a lot of people?
- No, not many

This one?

Yes, wear that,
it's perfect for tonight

Maybe this one.
I don't know what to wear

It's not a formal evening

It's Giancarlino's party, he's
doing a show on the 5th floor

Just put anything on,
don't get so obsessive

Just put anything on
and we'll go

Is this alright?

I told you it's fine,
this isn't such a big deal

Just wear anything you want

I'm doing something important now
I have to turn in this work tomorrow

I can't think about
such silliness

should I wear make-up?

- Yes, you look good in make-up
- Alright, I'll wear some

...They'll all be out here
standing still on the terrace

I'll tell you when to take
a break and when to sing

I'll say who should be singing.
I'll be the orchestra conductor

Play a nice low toned,
soft backround for example

Theatre bores me,
it's like life

It's not that you have to throw
yourself from the 5th floor

But you have to live life!

Therefore you have to live
theatre which means life!

Shakespeare taught us this,
so that means to die!

So if someone does theatre
he must die!

It's late...

I thought I'd impress you,
I guess not...

Sure you did,
it was really negative

The doorbell is ringing.
There are people at the door

Hey Beppe,
how are you?

I'm fine. You look good,
very sexy. This is Alex

Do you see what a masterpiece
I've done?

It's beautiful,
I like it a very much

Look at the beautiful Earth
I've done for you

God didn't make it
this perfect, look at that

I like it.
Are you sure it rotates?

Of course! It's just right for
the dancers to lie on top

- Lie on top?
- It will be spectacular

Let's take it down.
Will you give me a hand?

Listen, don't you want
to see the other planets?

Here... what is this?

This... you can't see that
from the stage

What does that mean?
This isn't finished!

- I have to finish that part
- Finish?

You're overreacting,
what's the matter?

- I said you can't see that, right Alex?
- No, of course you can see it

Right, Alex. What do you mean
I'm overreacting?

You were supposed to finish
three months ago

I came today to pick it up,
I have a show tonight.

- Look! Where's the rest?
- The planets?

Are they finished at least?

I have to tell you
I think you're overreacting

What overreaction?

- I worked on this for two months
- Look at this crap you've done for me

Look at the earth, you did
half desert and half water

- Who could do a planet like that for you?
- Okay, that's not so bad an effect

Let me see if it's

Go behind with this
handkerchief for a second

Let me if we can see
your hand behind there

- You're being obsessive
- Obsessive!

It was your job!
Let's see that hand

- No, you can't see anything
- No, not like that...

- That's just great!
- Were you supposed to see?

Salvatore knew that too

Then he says the dancers
have to interact with it

Salvatore, what should we do?
That has to be finished

This one, Alex was right
when he said

you can see the brushstrokes,
it's a mess

The globe is half sea
and half desert, right?

Didn't you have a globe, even
something a kid would use?

Salvatore, look at me
What happened? What's wrong with him?

- With who?
- Salvatore

I'll make it all sea up here
on the top now

- That will make him happy!
- Should I make some coffee?

No, stay there. Talk to him,
keep him calm

If he wants some coffee,
make him some

I'll make it all ocean

- It's hot
- It's very hot today

There's a strange sensation of...

sand in your throat,
sometimes this air is...

- It's hot
- Mostly at this time of day.

The air is sticky
You can't breathe

Careful, hold it tight,
don't crush it now!

Lift it...

Let it down slowly

Don't bump it

It makes a strange sound
Move so we can get it through

It won't pass
Move it back

- And now?
- Take down the door

Now... we'll get it through

You're bringing
really negative energy here

- I thought you took the measurements well
- You took the measurements

Me, personally?

What was I thinking when
I gave him this show

We're murdering this globe,
does that seem normal to you?

Push it slowly!
It has to get out

Don't treat the earth that way!

- Wait
- What are we waiting for?

Can I tell you something?
I made that world...


My hands are full of paint

Be careful,
it will roll away!


Go gently!

I don't understand,
what did you say?

What did she say?
I didn't understand her

Salvatore, excuse me

Come on,
nothing will happen!

- How much does he owe you?
- A couple of million lire

Aren't you going to ask for it?
They're leaving

What money,
it's all broken

I gave you an advance, the work
is crap and the world broke!

You paid small change! Aren't
you paying for the others?

If the artist can't measure,
it's not our fault!

You're taking everything
and not paying?

- Keep your hands off!
- You keep your hands off!

You owe us two million lire!

Two million lire! This world is a mess!
You took two months to build this crap!

But we worked for two months
on this!

You're taking it and won't pay?

- Won't you say anything?
- Money for what?

Do this yourself,
who the fuck are you?

I don't want to give you this
earth, it's mine! Fuck you!

Don't let me see you anymore,
I'll make you see real Martians

Go! Go do your shows!

Star Wars!

Hey, is that yours?

- Why?
- Are you selling it?

This is an artwork,
it's going to a gallery

Are you selling it or not?
Will you sell it?

- I might
- How much do you want?

3 million lire, minimum

Do you have cash on you,
how do you want to buy it?

How you have your money, in briks?

- No, I've already had enough trouble
- We'll go to my bank, I'll give it to you today

But you have to deliver it
3 million, but delivered this morning

Let's do it. Let's go to
my bank and I'll pay you for it

Excuse me, sir
We have to unload our stuff

- We'll just unload this first
- Look, it's almost here

Yes, but just a second...

You're acting like
you own the street!

Be quiet, I'm talking to him!

Calm down,
I'll take care of this

Just a minute, move over!

Yes, we're taking it down

You could help us, thanks

- My truck is here
- Who are you pushing!

He's acting like
he owns the street!

The car cannot stay here

What happened?

We got into a mess with the
Chinese, people got hit

Listen, is there
anyone near the car?

Is there anyone near the car?

Excuse me,
why can't you go there?

The Chinese are there

It's full of Chinese.
Bring the car here!

- Why are you there?
- Stop asking questions! Get the fucking car!

You know what?
Let's all go to the beach

I have a friend
who owns a beach establishment

Let's leave this earth,
it's getting heavy

Aren't you going to sell it?

If he comes for it and pays...
If not, I'll give it to him

- You'll give it to him?
- What can we do with this Earth?

It's carrying negative energy

We worked on it for two months!

- What do you care!
- What do I care?

I need the money, Salvatore

My job at the bar
isn't all that much help

Did you think you'd get rich
from this set building?

No, but I thought two months
work would bring some money

You shouldn't think
such petty things

You're too...
Look, money will show up

When? I'm not... I want to know
when I'll get some money

Don't worry, money will
show up somehow

Do we want to do something?
You can't do anything here anymore. Damn

It's too much,
I'll try to read it

- A piano plays in the...
- Why do you talk like that? Speak up!

- Sorry
- You need more grit

You have to grab the words
The sound, you have to grip it

A piano plays
during a pause in the meal...

the silence of the sleepy street
is covered in B flat

Come on, be pissed off! a scaled fish.
The appearance is brown

with swollen bronchials,
breathing putrid August air

Open your mouth!

In the burning cavern
of the throat

A broken piece of coolness,
the green so beautiful

- Turns... oh fuck!
- Come on, keep going!

You can't read anymore,
where have you been?

Did you take a trip around
the world? To do what?

To unlearn
the little that you knew before

Statues. Augusto, Traiano
and other things...

Let me understand what you're
saying. I can't understand

- White on white
- White on white

White on white

Just as Casimir in the ruins,
used to dream

What is the advantage
of all this work to man?

Where he toiled beneath
the sun? Answer me!

- Wait
- Use your voice! Come on!

- Choose another piece!
- I, the most mortal passer-by

Skip the words,
go from one verse to the next

And so we slept,
hugging a Leica

to imprint dreams on the lens
and recognize ourselves

in a photograph

awakening with a longer life

Where are
the Mecs beach houses?

Nobody knows them

I don't know exactly.
Go to the corner

go straight and ask up ahead
near the sea

Excuse me,
Mecs beach houses?

- Mecs Village
- You have to turn back

- Excuse me!
- Young man!

- Where is Mecs?
- What?

- Mecs, Mecs beach club
- Mecs beach establishment

- Mecs, let me see...
- You have to take a V position

with your hand
on the aluminium bar

I understand,
it burns damn it!

Wet it with those...

Wet my face
I don't feel well

I feel bad inside here!

Mecs, the establishment
in Torvajanica

Mecs, is down...

Go to the end of the road
and then turn left

Then you go... ls it a place
where they do a lot of music?

Music, young people dancing...
It's a modern place

Have you asked anywhere else?
They know them all down there

You just have to ask for it
and they'll know it

Why is that thing
on your car?

Just forget about it

I do fashion shots too,
I do these things

I'd like to photograph with the
world, this one for example

It's sewn shut!

You piece of shit!

Open this fucking thing!

It's boiling in here!

You were saying,
it's a perturbance...

- That's to say...
- The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect

Why? I remember until a few
years back, it was better

By August there was a breeze

- She's pretty
- She's a really complex person

That girl has nice skin,
doesn't she?

She's very complex,
you have no idea how much

Instead of a head,
she has problems

There is a feeling between us
in the end

There's something that binds us

but you know how
these moody people are

She's one way in the morning
and another in the afternoon

In the evening...

She doesn't express her sexuality

Do you see the problem?
She doesn't express sexuality

Every night

A different woman every day

Sure, but it's awful. In the
day you say, not today...

But then you see them
dancing at night

You smell this perfume
of sensuality...

And then I hate myself
in the morning

So don't worry about this
sexuality thing

I'm probably in worse shape
than you

But how do you do it,
get a girl every night...

You maybe do it with two,

But I feel empty inside,

You don't appreciate
the privilege you have

You're crying tears
over your good luck

Look at what I've become.
I used to be a stud

When I went dancing at the
clubs, I was some kind of guy

This set design I'm doing now,
who made me do it?

I was a lawyer,
I lived like a gentleman

Then I threw myself
into this fucking art world

Why the fuck didn't I come
to the beach before?

I was tormented
in that fucking city

Are you always in town?

I was born by the sea,
we come from the water

I'm realizing all of that now!

See you later!

What's the matter?

- What's wrong?
- Please, call a doctor

Stay calm, don't move

Hold her head

Do you have any
metabolic disease? Diabetes?

Has she taken anything?

We were dancing a little
Maybe we got too hot in the sun

- I'm better
- Feeling better already?

- Go slowly, Rossella!
- Stay down a little more

- Where are you going later?
- That depends on you

I have no idea

Wait a minute

You're leaving soon,
what are you doing later?

I don't know,
we came to get you...

If I stay late,
will you take Rosellina?

Why, what do you have to do?

I just think I'll be late,
do you understand?

I don't want her staying here
until two in the morning

In case she gets sleepy,
you know...

You told me to come for you,
why are you staying?

I said to come see me, now I'm
asking you to take her home

- Why are you staying here?
- I have to finish work!

Did you find
another American gigolo?

Me? I'm working

You're demented!

What an asshole

Why did you come here,
to bust balls or what?

Let's put on your shoes

Put the shoes on!
You can't go with no shoes

Put on your shoes

Let me see those feet

- Rossella! Ciao, how are you?
- And you?

I'm okay I guess

Who's this?
Is she your daughter?

She's so pretty!

God, she's wonderful!
She's prettier than you!

- Much prettier than me
- Even prettier than me!

You're looking well

You're not doing so well.
It's better that way

What can you do when you're doing well?
There's no goalie, no penalty!

There's only tension of waiting
for a penalty when you're ill

When you're feeling good,
it's not there

- That's not good
- Not being ill

doesn't mean that you're well,
it just not being ill

It's not being ill

- That's a difficult reality
- I haven't seen you for a long time

- I'm seeing you now
- What are you up to?

- I'm very chaste
- Very...

Casta Diva?

Can I tell you something?
Me... how do I seem to you?

You have beautiful eyes

No, stop kidding around!

- You have beautiful eyes!
- Come on!

- What's making you sad?
- It's not confessable

All my sadnesses are very confessable
But I don't feel like it!

Have you ever taken a tram
in your life?


The number 30 tram...
It can save your life!

If you don't like the 30,
the number 31 is fantastic!

Better than psychoanalysis!

Dear Rossella...
You're still a curly haired girl

What's the matter?

She said she'd be back
in about an hour and a half

Are you waiting for her?

Go to sleep, don't worry

Aren't you sleepy?
You haven't slept at all

I called the police
because he feels sick

We did artificial respiration,
but he's not responding

Didn't he say he wasn't feeling well?
Did he have any symptoms before...


Miss, try to remember if
he took anything

Any medicine,
any narcotics at all,

the situation is very serious

I don't remember

Do you know if he has
cardiac problems, diabetes?

God! I don't know

He looked just fine and then
he suddenly turned all white

He scared me because he wasn't
able to speak, but...

That's when you called us?

Then I called you
and I called him too, but...

So about twenty minutes had
passed since he'd felt ill

I don't know.
Twenty minutes, half an hour

He never answered me

That's why I'm telling you
the situation isn't...

You said it's serious,
but you won't say what's wrong

We drank, that's not so strange
after someone works all day

I'm coming.
Excuse me, I'll be right back

What happened to him?

What's happening?

Wait, stay in here

No, I want to go see
what's going on, wait