Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver (1967) - full transcript

Coffin Joe is still looking for the perfect woman to give birth to a son of his, and, cleared of the past crimes in the first film (At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul), keeps terrorizing the people in his small town with his iconoclast and sadistic practices.

Is life everything, and death nothing?

Or is life nothing, and death everything?

[This film begins where
"At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul" ended!...]

[Zé do Caixão, obsessed with having a perfect son, killed many people, ]

[and the ghosts of his victims
returned to haunt him in hallucinations...]

He's still alive!

He had luck, and probably will be able to see again.

The defendant Josefel Zanatas,

known as Zé do Caixão, is absolved by this court.

The evidence against him wasn't enough to condemn him.


Zé do Caixão! Zé do Caixão!

Jesus Christ!

People are always the same.




But they will accept the truth,

even if I must...

make their eyes shed tears of blood!

How is everything, Bruno?

There's the most
perfect creation of nature: children!

Pity that they grow up to become idiots.

In search of nothing.

Lost in a labyrinth of egoism...

and dominated by a non-existent force:

the faith in the immortality of the spirit.

Man in his stupidity doesn't comprehend the only truth of life:

the immortality of blood.

He's crazy!

Come on, it was nothing.
The danger is over!

I'm scared.

Come on, don't cry, my boy!

Listen... Do you like music?


Are you all right?

So good nothing happened.

It was a miracle...
God must have sent you.

God? Why not the Devil?

Stupid fanaticism!

A child, any child, is the most precious creature in the universe!

Take care of them,

otherwise not even your God will save you from Hell!

So, you're the famous Zé do Caixão?

I liked to see your act of courage.

You're a true hero.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

Who is she?

She's the heiress of the Morani family.

She's been living alone in a house across the street...

since she arrived here two months ago.

I must find the woman that will immortalize my blood.

Do you need anything?
Are you hungry?

So let me drink.
Leave me alone!

Miguel, if not for me, think in
our son. He'll be born soon.

So, first let him born.
I'll think about it later.

Ah, go to hell!

I'm leaving you.
That's enough of this humiliation!

Well, here we are.

But father isn't expecting us until after tomorrow.

Gosh, the night is so dark.

Yes... it is.

Your medicine, Mrs. Márcia.

Thank you.

See if he's still out there.

Yes, he is.


- Are you finished, Luiza?
- Yes, Mrs. Márcia.

You may go now.

- We can stay, if you want.
- Thanks, it's not necessary.

- Good night.
- You can go, don't worry.

- Goodbye, Mrs.
- Goodbye.

There's no need for violence.
I've been waiting for you.

I'm innocent! I was near
Márcia's house when she disappeared,

but this wasn't the first time.

My intention was only to see her.

Nobody is guilty!

However, six women had disappeared.

All the evidence points to you, Truncador.

Homero, I vouch for Truncador.

If he's proven guilty, you can arrest me as his accessory.

Well, Colonel, if you vouch for him, that changes things.

We'll continue to investigate.

Because this is a serious problem,

it would be better to ask the government for help.

I'll go to the capitol immediately.

We still haven't obtain official help,

but God will bring our wives and daughters back.

- We must do something!
- We must find the responsible for this!

- Where's my fiancée?
- I want my daughter back!

Zé do Caixão is guilty!
He looks like the Devil!

I don't doubt it.

He's the only one in this town who doesn't seem to care...

about the great misfortune that fell on us.

Let's arrest him before he runs away!

Zé do Caixão is guilty.

Because I'm different?

Because I don't have the same beliefs as you?

I'm as guilty as any one of you!

You! Who can say
that you're not guilty?

Maybe your wife left because she wanted to, huh?

And you! Could you be guilty?

Not, not you.

The Colonel's word vouches for your innocence.

And why not any one of you?

Are you all innocent?

No! The children are the only innocent.

Only instinct is absolutely pure.

You aren't certain.
You can't be sure.

So, how can you dare accuse me?

I'll bring the criminal in at any price.

Then you can make your justice!

Good evening, sweethearts.

What's the reason to exist?






Only life.

And what comes after death?


So, immortality is in the blood!

How does man achieve his fulfillment?

And what is this fulfillment?

A son!

Blood of his own blood!

Man is only immortal through the fetus!

A fetus that one of you women, imperfect as you are, will give me.

But I'll have to choose the most complete among you.

The one that'll give birth to the pure man,

the immortal race!

The healthy mind in the perfect body.

When I decided to bring you here, I made sure that all of you...

...had no faith. Splendid!

Four are materialists, daughters of atheists.

You, Jandira, I don't know if you believe in anything,

but I know that you didn't marry in a Catholic church.

Why? No faith?

Good, very good.

You, Márcia... still uncertain,

and everyone says that you are a Godless woman.


Religion: a stupid invention created by men
in order to forget their misfortunes.

When he is born with the perfect instinct,

he can leave his mark of what he really is,

and set free from all this foolishness.

Nothing more than the ruin of the superior animal, man.

This man can only come from the union of two perfect beings.

In exchange, I offer... fortune!

And also, the immortality.

I don't know for sure the fate of the ones I don't choose.

Maybe life.

Maybe death.

The test is over.

A little scare to measure your courage.



Bruno will tend to your wounds.

Wait for me... in my bedroom.


Everything's perfect?

What do you want?

To be fair... and generous...

to spare you from an unfair life.

I want to be sure that your beauty won't be destroyed by time.

And that you won't give birth to a greedy and cruel race.

We accept your advice, and we thank you.

But, please, leave us alone!


What's the use of life to those who don't believe in it?

What's the use of life, when it's filled with war,

hatred and the triumph of lies?

I prefer liberation.

And I, with my superior wisdom,

with my superior mind,

I'll offer you peace, fortune and supreme happiness.

I don't understand you, make it clear.
What are you going to do to us?

Kill all of you.

No, I can't believe it!

I always keep my promises.

Don't worry, sweethearts,

in a few of hours, I'll send you to the mansion of the Gods of Olympus.

Bruno, if I'm not wrong, I've promised you a birthday present...


For your good service, you'll get your present ahead of time.

You may choose the one you like best.

That one!

She's yours!

No! No! No!

Let her go, for God's sake!
You're a sadist! Let her go...

I don't like dramas!

Her luck isn't really all that bad anyway.

Dirce, oh, Dirce...

You know, boss...

she screamed... so I
grabbed her neck, slowly...

But it was thin, very thin...

I'm sorry, boss.

She was your gift, anyway.


I can imagine what will happen to us.

Oh, Dirce, my sister!

My sister!

Enough! I hate dramas!


This door will bring you a surprise worthy of the feast of kings...

Or... do you prefer Bruno?

You also can choose.

Look well. Look well.



I will count to three.




No, open the door!

I want to go out!

- Damned!
- Crazy!

My child will grow in the womb of a superior woman...

Get me out of here...
for God's sake!

Stop, stop! I can't stand this cruelty!

Can you save them?

Get down and try it...

No, I can't.

Damn you!

Damned are all those who, like you, destroy human lives!

Damn you!

Even if you hide in the mysteries of time, my curse will get to you!

You'll never have the son you desire so much...

In all incarnations, you'll search for this crazy and impossible dream...

And... before you imagine...

I shall return to...

avenge my death...

How are you going to kill me?

Come. I don't fear your sadism!

Not sadism, my dear...


The deaths of those women weren't a sacrifice.

Just a contribution to a superior race.

A race that'll become immortal through the control of instinct.

I study human behavior.

Those women hated me,

but during their slow death, they showed all their hypocrisy.

Well, you can go.

You're free. You showed courage.

You're going to free me knowing that I can report you to the police?

You'll never do that.

You love me.

Those who love are weak, because love corrupts the mind.

So, it's a bad feeling.

It was sad to see love
in your eyes. Very sad.

If it wasn't for this weakness, you could be the mother of my child.

Clean up this mess!

I don't know anything.

I had to go on a trip.

I have nothing to say about the missing women.


Things are complicated.

I can't see why.

There was only a coincidence between Márcia's
trip and the disappearance of the ladies.

We still don't have a clue.

So long, gentlemen.

I have to go too.

Are you staying, Cláudio?

No, I have things to do.
Goodbye, father. So long.

Any news about my daughter?
Does Márcia know anything?

I don't know, ask the officer.

Márcia, we are having a party tonight.

My daughter is arriving,

and we're going to announce her engagement.

I hope you can join us.

I'll be there, Colonel.

Let me through.

Try it!

Let me through!

There's nothing stopping you.

Was he invited?

I don't know. Nobody likes
him, including your father.

Truncador, there's no time for this now.

But, Mr. Cláudio...

The Colonel will speak with you tomorrow.

I think you'd better go.

Papa wouldn't like to see you around here.

Why? It's a pleasant way to amuse myself.

It's better to you go away.

Tonight we're having a party in your honor.

You can't go in.

You need an invitation.

Will this do?

[Funerary Josefel Zanatas]
[Flowers, Crowns and Coffins of All Kinds]

How bold.

Calm down, Colonel. It's alright.

Tomorrow, at midnight, I'll wait for you...

at the Alley of the Red Flowers.

What did that man said to you, Laura?

That I play well.

[Alley of the Red Flowers]


You are punctual.

When I want to be.

You aren't afraid of me?


They say that I am cruel,

and a sadist...

Don't you fear me?

If you kill me now, you would only bring on the single truth of life...

which is death.

What do you believe in?


What superior force is there between life and death?


What do you want from life?

A child born from two perfect beings!

Your father hates me.

The world condemns me.

I want to be yours!

You'll be mine when the time comes.

And when the time comes, if you show yourself worthy,

you'll be the superior woman...

and mother to my son.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Is Laura still upstairs?

She won't take long.

I'll be right back. Excuse me, father.

What a mess.

I know everything, Laura.

So what?

You can't do that. This man
is the incarnation of Devil.

I'm a different kind of woman, brother.

I don't mind being the mistress of the Devil.


What are you waiting for?

I know what I must do.

You mean...

I'll buy all your properties for twice what they're worth.

But you must leave town immediately.

In fact, that's a great idea.

I want you to leave today.

You have a deal.

In a few of hours I'll bring you all of your money.

Did you come here to kill me?

No. On the contrary.

I need your precious help.

I like punctuality.

Does anyone know that you're here?

No one. Now let's make one thing clear.


That makes my job easier.

Stop joking. This is a serious manner.

Here's your money!

But the problem is more complicated than you think.

We can't waste any time.

Bruno! Now it's your turn!

Did you like that?

You're so strong, Truncador.

You look like Hercules.
Your muscles make me feel... safe.

I like you too.

I want you for myself, only myself.

I want you too, but I need comfort, luxury and more money.

I'll get a lot of money, a lot of money.

I like a man with a strong will.

Go buy something to drink.

We must celebrate.


My boss challenges anyone of you to a game of poker.

Does anyone accept, huh?

I accept the challenge.

Be here in an hour.

- I'll be here.
- Yeah...

Tell your boss to bring a lot of money.

Everything set?

Let's go.


There's no difference between a mouse and a human being.

We are all animals.

Look. This is the end of life.

And your end will follow.

No, you're not brave enough.



Prepare him!

No, I'm not insane.

Or even perverse.

On the contrary,

I am the salvation of you and of all humanity.

The only creature that fights without asking for anything in return...

for the survival of a race that isn't awake.

They wait in vain for God.

If He existed, my friend,

I would be there and you would be here.

So, it's proven.

There's no invisible force.

But something has to rule the Earth.

A perfect force.

Oh, Nature?


It's proven, how long would these nails grow if I didn't cut them?

Till hold my fingers.

But, there's a superior force:

the mind of the perfect man, free of feelings,

guided by Instinct.

And I shall immortalize him!

I leave you in the hands of your God.

If he extinguishes the fire, you are safe.

If not... have a good trip.

Ah, one last favor...

If you go to Heaven, say hello to the angels.

But if you wind up in Hell,

But if you wind up in Hell,

Interesting, Truncador.

Great. You'll beat Zé do Caixão.

I'll even take his funeral parlor.

I've played poker since I was a child.

The only way he can beat me is if he really is the Devil.

You will win.

Show that you know more than him.

Everybody will admire you.
Nobody likes that man.

I'll give you luxury and money.
A lot of money.

And kisses!

It's time. Hurry. And later...

you can celebrate a double victory!

The money... and me!

You lose again.

It's not possible!

Do you think I'm the Devil?

My luck will change.

We can raise the bet.

Yes, we can.


- Two.

And you, how many?


Show me your cards.

Today is my lucky day!

I hope you won't take long to pay what you lost to me.

I'll pay soon, demon!

What happened?

He's been after me for a while.

He said he would've money for me if I gave him love.

- She's lying, lying!
- Shut up!

I didn't kill anyone!
I didn't kill anyone!

We'll see that later.

Mrs. Márcia, you're free to go.
Thank you.

By the way, what about the Colonel?

He's shocked because of his son's death.

I see.

Well, at least the guilty man is behind bars.

- Good night.
- Good night.

My son, my son!

Oh, Cláudio, my son!

My son...

You'll be mine when the time comes...

Has the time come?

I killed your brother!

I want to be yours!

Yes, you are the superior woman.

You'll be mine!

You'll be the mother of my child!

Damn her!

Damn her for she humiliate us by living with that disgusting gravedigger!

She didn't even respect her brother's funeral and her parents' suffering!

Calm down, my son.
God knows what He does.

If we forgive her, Father Ramiro, she'll come back home.

She's right.
We shall have mercy on her.


I won't kill them,

but Laura will never step foot in this house again!

It's not possible!
Truncador escaped! Escaped!

I want the best gunmen...
don't save efforts.

Zé do Caixão must be eliminated.

He's responsible for all these crimes.

I'll hire brave men, boss.

I'll kill that damn gravedigger!

The criminal escaped.

Yes, and I still don't have any news about Jandira.

I feel guilty.

She was so sad when she left, and what...

makes me more sad is knowing that she was pregnant.

I'm so miserable.

Look... she was so beautiful!

You'll be afraid, because this night I'll possess your corpse!

What did you say about a child?

She was pregnant, Mr. Zé.

She was pregnant?
Aren't you lying?

She was going to have a child?

Yes, Mr. Zé. A child.

A child...

A child...

A little one...

What is it, Zé?
Something wrong?

Talk to me, don't let me worried!

What happened, Zé?

Talk to me! What happened?

Talk, Zé! Tell me what's wrong!


I'm sorry, Laura.

If you acted like this, you had a reason.

Laura, one of the women I killed was pregnant!

I killed a child!

I understand, but you don't have to be worry.

You only destroyed an imperfect creature.

I... can't avoid this thoughts.

I hear Jandira's curse.

Madness. Nothing more than madness!

All the lies about reincarnation.

Those lies will be destroyed by the force of your wisdom.


The superior being...

But I didn't even plant the seed of my legacy.

You will.

My womb will take the seed that'll immortalize the perfect man.

No! No!

No! No!

Laura! Laura!

No! Laura!

No! No!

Laura! Laura!

No! No! No!

Laura! Laura!

No! Laura!

Let me go!



Let me go!

Laura! Laura!

I don't want to, I don't, I don't...



Let me go! Let me go!

It's a lie! It's all lies!

No! I don't want to go!

No, no...

Please, spare me from the suffering!

Too much misery!

Life has its laws...

Law, law... LAW!

Get me out of here.

Too much suffering... too much.

Get me out of here!

It's a lie! It's a lie!


No, that's not possible! No!

Law, law, law!

I don't believe in laws!

I only believe in the strength of man!

Now I know where I am!

You brought me here to tell me that I'm doomed to the tortures of Hell!




I don't believe!

I am eternal! Eternal, do you hear me?

I'll never be tortured!

My life is eternal. Eternal!

- I'll possess your corpse!
- Laws...

- I'll possess your corpse!
- Laws...

- I'll possess your corpse!
- Laws...

- I'll possess your corpse!
- Laws...

- I'll possess your corpse!
- Laws...

- No! Not this punishment!
- I'll possess your corpse...



Hell is a lie! It doesn't exist!

Sure, Zé, there's no Hell.

I saw it, I was there!

Calm down, Zé, it was only a nightmare!

But I was there!

I heard my victims promise revenge.

No, there's no Hell.

Yes, I know. It doesn't exist.

It must be my tormented mind.

Visions of Hell trying to destroy me.

Never! You're strong and invincible!

I can't deny the imperfections of my parents.

The obsessions and stupid legacy of a mediocre race.

Moral, tradition of people.
Just tradition!

These imbeciles try to justify their own incapacity.

All this still lives inside me.

Laura, Laura...
I need a son, Laura!

So he can keep the traits of the superior man!

Thus shall be.

Fine. You'll be rewarded.

Now go on with the mission.

They were the very best I could find.

I want the gravedigger alive.

I want him alive!

We'd better go.
Truncador brought the bad men!

They're going to kill the gravedigger.

Things will get ugly today.

We better stay out of the way.

Nice of you to visit, doctor.

I came to see Laura.

Has something happened?

She will tell you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Zé! Zé! I'm pregnant!

Your dream came true!

A son...! A son...!

A son...! A son...!

My blood will be immortalized!

A son, Laura!

I have to tell the people.
Everyone must know, Laura.

Everyone must know!

I can hear. It'll be a boy!

Yes Zé, it'll be a boy!

My blood will be eternal.

The perfect man will be born...

born with the knowledge of instinct.

Then, his instinct will dominate with superior mind.

His mind will reign, and he'll be immortal!

Everyone must know.
The people must know.

Zé do Caixão will have a son, a perfect son, Laura.

Let's drink!

Ungrateful people!

They don't want to drink with me.

They're envious of my superiority.

Ah, it doesn't matter!

Tell them, Henrique:
Zé do Caixão will be a father!

A father!

A child...

The most precious thing
in life. A child...

A perfect child.

Good night.

My mission is accomplished.

I don't need to live anymore.

I've already have my son to make me eternal.

No! He isn't yet born!

And if anything happens?
I can't die.

I must defend my son from the inferior men!

No! No! No!

Let me go! Let me go!


Son of Belzebut! Today you're
going to meet your father!

Calm down, Cadavérico.

The Colonel wants him alive.

Besides, his death isn't going to be so pleasant.

I understood, but I want to kill him myself!

I promise you.

- Tatuado, prepare the wagon.
- Right now, Truncador!

And you, Omulu, get out of the way.
I'll take the man.

No! No!

Come on, guys!

Make yourself comfortable, man!

Eya! Eya! Eya!

So, this little thing is the one terrorizing the town, huh?

And think, Truncador, that you've hired us just for this!

I won't rest until I see the buzzards eating his flesh.

Tomorrow you'll be satisfied!

This place is strange, huh?

Not only strange, but dangerous also.

We must take care.
The ground isn't safe.

We'll walk.

I can't die.
My son isn't born yet!

I can't die.
My son isn't born yet!

I can't die.
My son isn't born yet!


- Damned!
- Go after him!

- Come on, hurry!
- Damned!

- Come!
- Faster!

Hurry, everybody, run!

Where are you hiding, man?

Show your courage!

Don't hide like a frightened armadillo!

Show yourself!

Your wish is my command!

It was Cadavérico!

You were right, Truncador, that man is the Devil!

I won't rest until I see him sweating drops of blood!

We'll find the demon!

Don't look any further, friends!

I'll make your job easier.

Here I am.

You'll regret this courage.
Get him!

Damn you! Damn you!

- It's a swamp!
- He fooled us!

Damn you!


Damn you! Son of the Devil!

Help me!

In fact, Zé do Caixão had nothing to do with those men's disappearance.

It's proven that was an accident.
They didn't know the area, and...

Zé do Caixão won again.

There's no doubt:

that man make a deal with the Devil!

I can't stand having this on my conscience!

We found her this way, doctor.

I must talk...

Zé... Zé do Caixão
committed all those crimes.

I was his accomplice in the murder of the Colonel's son.

The disappearing women
were all killed... brutally.

Madam! Madam! My madam!

Well, doctor?

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do.

Hurry up, doctor.
Madam Laura isn't feeling well.

- I'll go with you!
- Hush, doctor.

She told everything.

She said before dies that Zé do Caixão murdered the women and the Colonel's son.

I knew it...

I just wasn't sure how to avenge myself.

Now the people will be on my side, and we'll have our own justice!

Well, doctor?

There's a small chance,

and If it works, only one life can be saved:

Laura or the baby.

Save the child, doctor!

Yes, doctor, save the child!

Save my son!

Only God can decide.
We can't waste any time.

I need some hot water.

You can't star here.
Get out! Come, get out!

My people, we can't wait any longer.

Terror has struck our town.

One man only is the cause
of all this tragedy: Zé do Caixão.

That's true!

I tried, Zé. Don't hate me!

Forgive me!

Unfortunately, science can't perform miracles.

She didn't resist.

No! No!

Laura isn't dead.

Her womb is sacred.

She carries the son of the superior man,

the man that'll save the human race.




My son!

My son!


You can't die!

You can't, Laura!

Our son isn't born yet!

You didn't give me a son, Laura!

No! No!

Our son, Laura!

Our son.


Damned! Weak!

Slaves of nothing!

Your false belief will never defeat my power!

It doesn't matter; search
the roads and the swamp!

Colonel, Laura is dead!

Damn him! He destroyed us.

His madness about the immortality of blood...

only brought us tragedy!

I'll drive the Devil from our land!

Let's kill Zé do Caixão!

Let's go! Come on!
Come on! Come on!

You'll rest here, Laura.

Nobody will disturb your sleep.

They'll never come here.

They're afraid! Afraid!

You'll fear this moment, because I'll possess your corpse,

avenging the life you've destroyed!

You've not beaten me yet!

My son wasn't born but I'm not destroyed!

You aren't real!

Reincarnation doesn't exist!

You're an image from my tormented mind!

You're in the lake, rotting and disgusting!

You are only a lifeless vision!

I'll prove that you don't exist!


Supreme force!

Supreme force!

To whom does the Earth belong?

To God?

To the Devil?

Or to spirits of the dead?

Come, forces from beyond!

Untrue forces!

Which come from the twisted imagination...

of an inferior race,

that remains static since the beginning of time,

without knowing the origin of its suffering.

Come, spirits, if you exist...

and change my mind!

Show me the truth!

This doesn't convince me!

It was only an accident!

An accident of Nature.

Only the weak would convince themselves with such false proof!

A truth that doesn't exist!

I'm still the strongest!

The man superior to all the weakness in the world.

And to thy, elements of life...

To show you the truth!


What do you want!

To save you!

You're crazy! I am strong and
invincible. I don't need your help.

Zé, they all want to kill you.
Listen... they are coming!


Take this crucifix and shout:
"I believe in God!".

They believe you've make a deal with the Devil.

Prove them wrong.

I'm not weak. God doesn't exist!

It's a lie!

Go to them and try to destroy me!

Come on, destroy me if you can!


There's the damn murderer!

Don't try it, father. The people are
with me. Zé do Caixão will be destroyed.

Let's kill the murderer!

I am immortal!

Stop! Careful in the swamp.
He can't get far!

You won't escape this time!

This is for my son!

Stand up!


I am invincible!


Nothing exists!


It's all lies!

It's all lies!

I am indestructible!

If You've prevented the birth of my son, convince me!

Here I am, and here is my body.

If You exists, possess my corpse!

But You don't exist!

I alone exist, because I am invincible...

and I believe only in the power of blood, In heredity.

I want the truth!

The truth!

God! God!

Yes, God is the truth!

I believe in Your force!

Save me!

The cross! The cross, priest! The cross!

The symbol of the Son!

[Man will only find truth when
he searches for truth...]