Essential Killing (2010) - full transcript

A Taliban member who lives in Afghanistan is taken captive by the Americans after killing an American soldier and two contractors. He is transferred to Europe for interrogation but manages to escape from his captors and becomes an escaped convict on a continent he does not know.

I hear nothing,
there are too many parasites.

What For What the hell?

You said it!
Not anyone know about this mission.

- Who's under the burden?
- This mission is confidential.

Our clear vision to 360 degree...
I see three people.

Continue proceeding.

is all clear, Charlie,
in all directions.

Turn off the radio.
This is a confidential mission.

Forget about that,
our helicopter will never hear.

Ok, I'm not saying we claimed 27%...

I am just saying we find some perfectly natural
over headover due to the third world condition.

Okay, but we got a document
for our condition.

And how about the pressure
about our suppliers?

When was the last meeting
we look to the suplier we give ?

- You know what I think?
- What?

I do not know.

You watch the news too much.

- I think about constantly.
- You're paranoid.

You'd better worry about the
terrorists who want our skin.

Shut up!

An idea like that.

you going to be fucking kidding, man.

This is separate man from the boys
you know.

Have refer to the expertise of Indonesia.
And let South Korea fall.

Shit, they have become too expensive.

Here, the American chicks
stroll in the passage.

Even Michael Jordan would looks like
a chick with this disguise.

Have you seen the latest statistics?
None are below the minimum wage.


- I'm fucking dieying, man.
- me, too, for a smoke.

We're almost here, cowboy.

I remember having a vision...
before September 11.

I was in the shower
and I had this vision,

of the Antichrist discovered by three
unknown in a cave in Afghanistan.

It is clear!

I managed, man.

It nice

- And replied con...
- Hilarious!

soldiers, what was that?
Soldiers, you hear me?

Were they attacked?

He fled away.

Do not shoot,
capture him to the end of interrogation.

he risks escaping.

- Authorization to shoot!
- I'll shoot you, bastard.

Say your prayers, the hermit

I think I got him.

Stay in position, Grover 10.

No one escapes from me.

Good job, Grover 10.

Go! go ahead !

go ahead, Mother fuckers!

Do you speak English?

Do you understand English?


We know who you are.

Tell us what you did there.

Talk to me.

Do not play dumb.
Answer me.

Say something.

Talk to me, piece of shit!

Talk to me! It's you!

Talk to me, that damn it !

Say something,

... out loud!

Take off your shirt.


is not you who killed them,


Move! Go!


Take them out!

Get them off the truck!

Separate injured
the other prisoners.

Be careful.

prisoners could escape.

If you see a wounded prisoner,
do not approach it without protection.

If you see a wounded prisoner,
sure to be protected.

- There's a living!
- A death here.

Take care of the wounded.

We need a doctor here

count the prisoners.

Check that, it seems to be alive!

- Do you speak English?
- Ok, there is one here!

Here! It seems unconscious,
but it breathes.

- How to say handcuffs in English?
- Handcuffs.

, handcuffs, here

Turn right.

Wrong direction.

Turn right
to find the road.

then turn right.

Wrong direction.

Turn right
to find the road.

then turn right.

Wrong direction.

Turn right
to find the road.

then turn right.

Hello? Can you hear me?


That's fantastic!
are you sure?


It's a joke, right?

Of course I'm happy!


Really twins ? Are you sure?

You've talked to someone else?

It is I who in ate the scoop?

I love you and miss you.
I can not wait to return...

We are really
looking for a guy

is a coward.

have killed three of us.
They want to live.

Night Hawk? That Black Snake,
the target is visible?

Negative, Black Snake.

I see a black car.
The door opened.

No one inside.

Hold your fire, Night Hawk.
Do not open fire.

It starts to irritate me.

I would like to let off steam.

I'll puke, Night Hawk.

Objective detected.

53 degrees 39 minutes north.

25 degrees 33 minutes East.
I am locked on target.

Somebody give me permission
to fire on the ground!

Jesus ! get pull up !

He was lost!
He disappeared among the trees.

Again, we lost

Go, my boy! Chope it!

Men on the ground
you can change their direction.

I repeat, Men on the ground
you can change their direction.

The new coordinates are:
54-01 to the northwest.

Move to the target.

The target is stationary.

ground forces arrive
in a few minutes. Back at the base.

There! Traces of blood!
Follow these tracks!

Drop your weapon
and come out with your hands up

I repeat. You are surrounded.
There is no escape.

Drop your weapon
and come out with your hands up

** Russian border guard**
Holy shit!

I believe in Allah,
My Lord and your Lord

There is no one who lives
that it is not subject.

In truth,

My Lord shows us
the right track.

- They are all marked?
- A bottle for everyone.


- Look. The 500 has just arrived.
- Where did he get all this?

Make them so I can finish.

gentlemen, attack the northern side.

- Although head.
- Well, well. It's not much.

You are destined to fight,
even if it unpleasant to thee.

Sometimes you hate
what is good for you.

And it can happen...

you to take pleasure in something
that you find harmful.

Allah is the only one to know.

Do not prune
as matches.

Or toothpicks.

Watch out for your fingers, man.

leave it sick, man!

Get out!

Hope you choke on it!

Leave me alone!
Do not make me wrong!

Leave me!

Let those fight in the way of Allah
who sell the life of this world for the other.
Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah,
be he slain or be he victorious,
on him We shall bestow a vast reward.
*** Sura An-Nissa ***
Holy Quran

Let me, asshole.
I'll go and drink to your heart.

Get out!

Open the door!
Please open!

We get nothing from her.
Deaf and dumb.

Good evening.
Is Your husband home?

We're looking for someone..

He's armed and dangerous..

- Should We try sign language?
- I'm not making a fool of myself

Why do not you try.

Let's go to the bar.
It will probably find her husband.