Espérame en otro mundo (2007) - full transcript

Marcela is a ballroom dance instructor. All seems to go well in her small world. One day she discovers that something strange is occurring with her parents: Gloria, her mother, has started to become absent, talks about strange happenings in her everyday home life, and has mental gaps. Almost at the same time, Nacho, her father, loses his job and with this his self-esteem. Now she knows that the relationship between the three was false and she wants to tell them so many things. But she won't be able to, at least not in a conventional way. Marcela is willing to challenge the rules of life in order to regain a small portion of the happiness lost.





Wake up.


Wake up.

That's it...

Everything is fine.

Everything is fine, relax.

Breathe, breathe.


That, that...

You left the juice.

- Ignacio.
- No, I'm late.

I already brushed my teeth.

Wait, please.

What's the matter?


Five, six, seven, eight.


Great movement, happy.


Good, Fernando.

You are doing very well.

Now we are going
to do it with couples.

Fernando will help me.

Make four rows.


That's good Marta and Paco.

When do I know if
they give me the job?

Let's see. You didn't
complete your age, please

and the last tax return
is missing.

The declaration has not been
delivered to me yet.

I need the completed
papers, please.

Come back later,
fill out another form.

The following.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Do you bring your
complete documents?


- Do you have your certificate?
- Yes.

- Three copies?
- Yes.

Ignacio, the table.

That's what I'm doing,
Gloria, that's what I'm doing.

I'm coming.

- Hello, girl.
- Hello.

Get in, my love.

How nice to see you.

Dad, look.

Pure fucking debts.

- Hi.
- Hi Mom.

You should be tired after so
much salsa and cha cha cha.

- A little.
- Are you hungry?

- Almost everything is ready.
- How can I help you?

No, everything is fine.

Nacho, please give your
daughter a drink.

Here, daughter. A snack.

Thanks Dad.

- What is that?
- What is it?

We are cleaning
the room of the stuff.

We already threw
away a lot of things.

Let's see...

Look, dad, my Julia.

I even found the gun your
grandfather left me.

I don't know why you want to
have a gun in the house.

A souvenir from Captain Quiroz.


Well, cheers.

Put down the plate,
Ignacio, please.

This is fine, my
love, thank you.

This is pure salt, Gloria.

Did I put more?

Well, today I'm without flavor.

I hope the chili
sauce has chili in it.

Right, Ignacio?

The sauce is fine.

And this ring?

It is the only thing of value
that we found in the room.

I don't know where it came from.

I wanted to sell it, but
your mom liked it.

I think it's an engagement ring.

Let's see...

Marcela, let's eat

because, if not, the
soup gets cold.

It's okay.

I take advantage of both.

Thanks daughter.

Your father wants us to move
to a smaller apartment.

That is why he is cleaning,
throwing away all the things...

And do you want to move?

You were born here.

I want you to hear this.

Working late and night, doctor.

All your life.


You used to listen to
other types of programs.

What would you like to
say to your husband?

What would you say to him
if you had him in front of you?

It's Dr. Luengo.

She speaks very well, I
have even called the program.

Don't lie, I'm going
to lower a little.

Don't put it down, Marcela.

We're listening to the
program. Better turn it off.

- No.
- Turn it off, Marcela.

Well then I turn
it off, no problem.

You hardly come
to visit us anymore

that's why you don't
know what your mom likes

and what doesn't your mom like.

You know what? I go for
the things to paint your hair.

No, Marcela.

Why did I dye my hair?

They already dyed
it, is it necessary?

You told me on the phone
that you needed it.

We haven't talked on the phone
in a long time, Marcela.

No, yes.

I think maybe it's one of your
friends, this girl, Tere

the one from the academy.


It's her, the one
with the locks.

Why do you think it was
me who called you?

Because you left me a message
on the answering machine, Mom.

I didn't leave a message
for you, Marcela.

Have you asked the one
with the ugly locks?

Why don't you ask her?

Talk to her about
here, talk to her.

Good morning.

- Hello.
- Hello Alberta.

- What happened, Tere?
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Very well.

How are your dads?

Well my dad the same as always.

The one who is very strange
is my mother.

We hadn't argued in years.

And yesterday we argued.

She was fine...

And she got really weird.

I believe it is menopause.

Why the menopause?

Because she is in age.

Do you believe it?

Can I turn on the radio
while I clean, ma'am?

Yes, Lucha, but keep it low.


My dad doesn't like the idea
of ​​us putting up our academy.

He doesn't see a future in it.

You will see that we
are going to do well.

It is our chance to
be independent.

To have something of ours.

We are going to do it the day
the owner kicks us out of here.

Let's see...

Also yesterday I put
share invoice into the bank.

Well now that I remember

it was your idea,
it is our dream.

You're right.

Tomorrow I deposit my
share in the bank.


And Braulio?

And Arturo?

Has he already called you?

I haven't heard from him for days.

Well, I'm going to
change my clothes.

I'll see you soon.


We started tapping with
the right foot.

And we are going to put
the opposite hand,

long arm and shake our heads.


Now we are going to
do with a jump.



Let's take two
jumps on each side.



Little fish.

And hit.

Head, hip, head, hip.

Let's do it with music.

Wait a bit outside for me.

Can I have a moment, please?

Ignacio, don't you feel
something strange in the city?

It's pollution.




I'm sorry.

I mistook you for someone else.

I think...

He has to leave the
house doctor.

But what are you going to do if
he's not willing to go out?

So are you advising
me to sue him?

Marcela, get out of here.

Get out of here, please.


What happened?


What happened?

I'm going to clean you up.

Your father...

They fired him from
work two weeks ago.

He hadn't told us anything
because, he was going to get a job

very fast.

When I asked him
what we were going to do

with the rent, how we were
going to pay for the house,

he got mad at me, Marcela.

He threw me, slapped me.

My dad?


And I still remember when...

When he told me to stop
teaching my classes.

He told me why I was
working, we were already old.

That his salary was enough
for everything.

And now look.

We are left without his salary.

Without mine.

What I am going to do?

Don't worry about the
money, I'll give it to you.

I don't want you to
spend money, Marcela.

If you have enough,
you buy something nice.

It's my birthday present.

Do you know what he told
me three days ago?

Yes, three days.

That we go on vacation.

When they didn't even pay
him the whole month.

Do you want me to
bring you some tea?

What I want is for you to
stay with me for a while.


And now?

I need to talk with you.

I'm coming right now.

- What's the matter?
- Why did you hit her?

Who did I hit?

Don't tell lies anymore.

They fired you from
work, yes or no?

Yes and what?

Sure, that's why you take your
anger out on her, hitting her.

Are you crazy?

- What do you mean?
- Nobody told me.

I saw her, she had
blood on her face.

Well, maybe she fell or was
hit by a door in the kitchen.

When I left the
house she had nothing.

I was upset about the job.

I came here to see a
friend for a job.

You came to get drunk.

I had two beers, are
you going to scold me?

Look, we better go.

- Well?
- Do you know Gabriel?

No. Why?

- How is my mom?
- She left, she left me.


- Now what did you do to him?
- She left me, do you hear me?

I don't know what the
hell I'm telling you for.

Your mother told the concierge
she was going with that Gabriel.


You wouldn't achieve
anything by getting drunk.

I want you to go up to the
house and go to bed.

I'm going to go find her.

Look it up.

It is clear that no one
has ever left you.

You don't know what you say.

Do you?

As if it were just about
going to sleep and that's it.

It must be because I have a lot
of gray hair, she doesn't like it.

The day before yesterday she told
me she wanted to go to the beach.

I gave him money from my
clearance to find a package.

Bitter, ungrateful.

But she didn't even have
to pay the rent.

Well, of course.

How was I going to have?

If she kept saving to run away.

The rent was paid by me.

Yes, but she earned
her own money.

And you preferred
that I stop working.

And all for what?

To assist you?

Did she tell you that?

Do you know how many times
she missed school last year?

You can't imagine.

Until they ran her off.

I don't believe you at all.

Where was she going to go?

Well, to be an
asshole, where else?

Or a bitch.

Alberta, didn't my
mom speak to me?



- Dehydrates.
- Alberta...

If my mom talks, ask her for her
phone number and her address.

It is urgent for
me to locate her.

Don't forget it, please.

I'm going to be in class.


Excuse me

Where can I find
Dr. Luengo?

She is gone, she is
there until three.

But if you want I can give
you his phone number.

Sebastián Serrano.

You aren't Sebastián Serrano.

No? So who am I?

Why do you say that?

Because of your voice.

Also, Sebastián Serrano is like...

More handsome?

Run away from love.

Run from the vice that creates
the most miserable of dependencies.

Sebastián Serrano.

Yes, it's me.

Why are you looking
for the doctor?


Okay, yes.

But thank you very much.


Let me call the doctor
for an appointment.

We get along well.

It's turned off.

Don't worry, I'll call
you back right now.

Do you have a car? Do
you want to come with me?

- No thank you very much.
- Why not?

Because I can't accept.

As you like, we live very close.

Do you think so?

I live up to Colonia Portales.

You see, neighbor.

Come on, what's your name?

Marcela Quiroz.

So you are a teacher.

Yes, dancing teacher.

Ballroom dancing,
not classical dancer.

No, I wish.

I was studying but I left
because I had to work.

Right now I teach in an academy

and also individuals.

I want to start my own business.

Well, our doctor
doesn't answer, damn it.

But don't worry, I'm
going to keep marking her.

Can you point your phone
to me in the meantime?

I'll call you.

Sorry to put me in, but...
Do you think I can help you?

I don't know.

But she trusts
that doctor a lot.

All I want is for her to
tell my mother on the radio

to look for me

to tell me where it is,
I need to see her.



I haven't seen you here before.

Can you tell Gabriel
I'm here, please?

No Gabriel lives here.

Yesterday I came to dinner
with Gabriel and his parents.

Hear me, ma'am!

Who are you?


Gabi? Gabriel?

Gabriel? Open, please.


Does it bother you that I turn
on the radio? I have to check it.

Dad, do you have any
news from my mom?

Well, that's why I ask you.

Nacho I have to work.

I called everywhere, I went to
the delegation in the morning.



Today we have a very
special guest in the studio,

it's Marcela Quiroz.

She is the daughter of teacher
Gloria, one of our most assiduous


The teacher brings some problems
and Marcela brings a solution.

But, before that, I would
like you to talk to us,

How has your relationship
been lately?

Well, we have always
gotten along well.

She is a very good mother.

Maybe a little nervous.

- But nothing else.
- And your dad?

- Nacho is a good person.
- Do you love them?

Of course.

They are my parents.

How can I not love my parents?


We fight and we
even stop talking.



- They...
- They what?

They are all I have.

The only thing I have.


Gloria Cisneros left
her house two days ago

she left leaving behind
all her belongings,

like she will come
back soon, but...

But she didn't return.

So if you know her

and you have seen
it, please contact us.

And you, Gloria, maybe you
are listening to us somewhere

please communicate
with your daughter.

I ask you, your friend forever,

Dr. Luengo.

We all need to know that
nothing bad has happened to you.

Very good luck, you know.

Find me if you need anything else.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

In five minutes I go to work.

Do you want to see what I do?

- Okey.
- What sign are you?


But I don't feel like it.


Eric, I'll give you a little bit of it.

Come in.



Don't resist, today is a
good day to start over.

Someone you know will make
you a mysterious proposal.

Don't think twice.

Don't ponder.

Remember: instinct must
always take you to the right place.

Do what you want, Libra.

That is the maxim that from
today will govern your life.

And now listen to this, which
are the murmurs of life.

Well, friends, we are here
in your sports space.

Everything about football.

With the comments of Orlando
Bichis and Juanito López.

And a your friend, Jacobo Reyes.

Good morning, Juanito or
good afternoon rather.

Good morning, Orlando.

How are you, Jacobo?

Before listening to the comments
about yesterday's game,

let me tell you that Atlante
is still missing a goal.

Even though it dominated
throughout the entire match,

unfortunately, it
couldn't make it.

What do you think is due to
the lack of annotations,

my dear Juanito?

Look, Jacobo, how we were
talking a moment ago,

I think the technical director
has made some changes

on the more
experienced forwards.

Do you think that is it, Juanito?

Sure, because the changes
you've made,

they have baffled
the whole team.

The heartbeat of the valley

the rhythms of the mountains,

They are in your
ears and in your veins.

Because this is also for
you, Sagittarius.

Today is the appointed day.

Dare to tell them, what
are you waiting for?

It's what he or she has
been waiting for.

Come closer.

Let me tell you what
I never told you.

Let me take your breath away.

I want to die in your arms.

Listen to me.


This is the corner of lovers.

Your concepts are very
interesting, my dear Orlando.

And sadly this is how it ends

one more broadcast from
its sports space:

"All about football".

Orlando Bilchis and Juanito
López say goodbye to you.

I'm Jacobo Reyes
and I invite you

to share these announcements
from our sponsors.

Well, see you tomorrow.

- Bye.
- Bye.

I was supposed to make you
the mysterious proposal.

I'm not a Libra.


So what sign are you?

I'm not going to tell you.

But if you want you
can stay for dinner.

Do you cook?


What happened, Beto?

Stay with her, don't leave
her alone for a second.

I go down.

Get dressed and
see you another day.

- I take you wherever you want.
- No, get dressed.

Where is she?

She was sitting in the doorway.

It's great that you arrived!


Just look at how you are.

What happened?

I'm going to talk to you.

I'm going to talk to you.

Come on, let's go.

No, you don't.

You aren't.

I'm hungry.

What happened? Who is him?

Go, I'll talk to you later.

- No, I'll help you.
- No.

- Marcela...
- No, Sebastián.

Don't you understand
that I want you to go?

Don't talk
like that to him, daughter.

Let's eat.

Mom, what did we just do?

Look, how curious.

Do you want anything else?

No, what for?

You are tired.

Why did you left?

Why didn't you come back?

I went out to find a person.

And suddenly, Marcela,

everything began to
change in the city.

All the streets were gone.

And the houses also left.

- And all the parks.
- What are you saying?

The worst are the people.

They are no more, they are no longer.

The climate is different.

The air smells horrible.

Since when do you feel that?

I would have taken
you to the doctor.

Do you know Dr. Parra?

Who is Dr. Parra?

Doctor Parra is the person
who helps me.

Today I wanted to see him, but
where am I going to find him?

If this city isn't the real one.

The city I am looking
for is elsewhere.

And you know it, Marcela.

I'm going to talk to my dad.

Your dad?

For what?

So that he knows
that you are with me.

Nacho has been very
worried about you.


Yes, I met a person who
was called like that, Nacho.

I'm not going anywhere!

I don't know you, help.

Something is very wrong here!

It's wrong, this isn't him.

That isn't him, that isn't him.

What happened to him?

I don't know.

But right now the doctor
is going to tell us.

Everything is going to be fine.

Everything will be
fine, don't worry.


Sometimes I don't know who I am.

Sometimes I don't know who you are.

I want you to forgive me.

It's because of the nerves.

Because of the nerves, but
everything will be fixed.

You will be fine.


Doctor Parra...

This isn't your office.

Yes, it is his office.

- No.
- Yes.


I want you to be calm.

Right now he is going to review you.

And he's going to tell us
that everything is fine.

Good morning, go ahead.

Sit down.

Doctor Parra?

The doctor's name is José Ibarrola.

He's a psychiatrist and
he's going to help us.

Psychiatrist? Why do I
need a psychiatrist?

Excuse me sir, we were wrong.

- Let's go from here.
- No, Mom.

Let's talk about Doctor Parra.

Trust me.

So you...

Do you know Dr. Parra?

May we speak alone?

Well, she can stay.

Mommy, I can't stay.

I'm going to be out there.

Don't go far.

In a moment I will
come to look for you.

Always look for me.

Now I go out.



I'm with my mom.


I was looking for you all night, I
left you a thousand messages.

I need you to come see
her, but immediately.

Hello beauty.


- I invite you to eat.
- I can't.

I have to take care of my mom.


Is there any way I can help you?

I don't know.

You're having a really
bad time, aren't you?

Let me help you.


You can't get in.

My mom is upstairs and...

I left her locked up.

The conclusion I have so far

is that the lady has a hard
time living in reality.

Prefers illusion, fantasy.

A very strong feeling is
pushing her into the past.

What caused it? What
altered her behavior?

What made her sick with
melancholy? I don't know yet.

Did my mom go crazy?

Did her lose her mind?

- I don't know.
- When will you find out?

When we confirm whether it has
an emotional or physical origin.

For that I want to rule out the
possibility of injury by blow

or a cerebrovascular accident,

or even a tumor.

I need a neurologist
to assess her.

Dr. Zabala.

He is a highly qualified person.

I myself am going to ask
you to receive it.

Excuse me, Dr. Zabala?

- There he is.
- Thanks.

Good afternoon doctor,
I'm Marcela Quiroz.

Dr. Ibarrola sent
me with you

to examine my mom.

Yes, Miss.

Ibarrola informed me, I
already have the file.

You could leave her
mom with me today.

Are you going to
hospitalize her?

No, but I need to do some
studies and that takes time.

Excuse me.



Fine, daughter, fine.

I already had a cake, thank you.


And why don't you go up, daughter?

Marcela, please, forget
about that, okay?

Do you forgive me?

Well, then come in.


Come in, mija.

- Do you want a drink?
- No.

- A coffee?
- No.

See what a mess.

I'm going to clean.

They are taking care of Gloria.

In a hospital for
the mentally ill.

Are you telling me
she's crazy to justify her?

And the bastard she left with?

How stubborn!

I'm telling you
that she is with me!

She told the concierge that
she was going with Gabriel.

I tried to wear this alone
so as not to mortify you.

But I can't.

I really can't anymore.

What does it cost you to help her?

Help me.

I don't know why she said that.

I really don't know.

That person doesn't exist.

Be patient with her, dad.

Better leave things as they are.

You don't live with her.

I do.

Did you forget that you left
because you couldn't hold it?

Because I was very young.

And because I couldn't
bear living with you.

And because I can't
bear to see you like this.

See how you live.

The truth is that I always liked
your courage when you left.

I couldn't do it.

I put up with all her bullshit,
and you don't know how many.

And what about her?

And me both?

I've always had to carry you.

And what I wanted, what?

What it's like to have
a person you love in front of you.

And at the same time realize
that she isn't there.

That she's gone.

You don't know, Tere.

Marcela, you aren't alone.

What I am going to do?

Do I put her in a mental hospital?

Or do I leave work and come
to take care of her all day?

- What can I do?
- And your dad?

He has no willness.

And it's better in this way.

What are the three of us
together and screwed up for?

No, that he stays safe better.

Your dad isn't going to
abandon you, I assure you.

I'm going to open the door.

Hello, daughter.


- Good evening.
- Goodnight.

And your mom?


Who is this man?

He shouldn't
be here, please take him out.


It was among her things.

That man is Nacho.

He's my dad, he's
your husband, Gloria.

I don't know him
and I'm not done yet.

I'm not done yet!

I don't know what
you are saying about me.

I don't have a husband, I
don't have a daughter.

You don't know
anything. I'm lost.

Where is my mom?

Where did my mom go?

Where is everyone?

What do you all mean, Gloria?

My parents...

My friends...


The avocado of the house.


It's liquid, mom.

Drink it.

Careful, careful!

What do you gain by
saying that I am your mom?

I don't even know your name.

I don't know what your name is.

I should have left here.

From this place.

I don't know where.


Please come.

Look at that picture.

It's you and me many years
ago, do you remember?

Do an effort.

Do you remember?


What went wrong, mom?

What do you need?


What if you found him?

Doctor Parra is going
to take me with him.

Are you no longer
interested in my dad?

Is life worth living if the
person you love isn't with you?

I'm with you.

Five, six, seven, eight.





One kick and... One,



four. One kick and...




Turn around and...




Figure 8 is right hip forward,

left hip back. We are
going to do it twice.

Are you feeling bad, teacher?

I want a glass of water.

Can we help you with something?

Who is Gabriel?

Any friend of the family?

My parents love him very much.

But there is one thing that
I'm not going to tell you.

Tell me.

I hear you.

There is a person
who speaks to me

and I'm not that person,
I'm not her.

And then when I fall asleep

I dream of that girl who
says she is my daughter.

And I get sad.

Sometimes so sad that
I can't breathe.

How old are you, Gloria?

Next week I'm going to
turn 20 years old.



Does it have a cure?

The studies carried out so
far aren't favorable.

She lost the ability
to acquire new memories

and the memory has been
erased backwards.


Why do she lie so much?

Not lying properly.

In her brain there is confusion
and memory gaps.

So, the lost memories,

she sees them as fabricated
fake content.

Because she needs to have an
explanation for herself.

I've never seen anything like it.

Gloria thinks she is
in another time.

She wants to be in another time.

However, the present and especially
you for being his daughter

are constantly confront her.

Okay, be suspicious
all you want but...

I'm first of all a

Specialized in past life
regression, okay?

It was the way I found to
help my patients, nothing more.

Have you known my mom long?

A little, yes.

Dr. Luengo from the radio
gave her my phone number.

May I know what I was
coming to see you for?

It is a professional secret.

Your professional secret can
no longer protect anyone.

My mother is hospitalized
and is seriously ill.


Most of my patients come here

trying to find in past lives

the explanation to
a current problem.

She didn't.

What she was looking for
was a rather close moment.

The day she met Gabriel.

Your mom wanted to go back again
and again to that day.

She wanted to live it forever.

Settle in it forever,
if possible.

All I did was hypnotize her
into taking her there.

She never cared about
going further back.

Towards another life.

Does a full regression, nothing.

Are you talking about

Don't expect me to believe you.

Well, I don't think your
mother didn't either.

I already told you that I was
just coming to meet Gabriel.

Why under hypnosis?

And in what other way?

Gabriel is dead.


They were going to get married.

He had even given her
an engagement ring.

But he died earlier.

She was going to
turn 20 years old.

Do you feel okey?

For her, like you,

she wasn't interested in any
experience with another life

that wasn't the current one.

Because in this she
knew happiness.


Without a doubt.

Your mother had a brief
but true with bliss.

That's why she wanted to revive
it as many times as I could.

That's what she came for.

So that, by hypnotizing her, she
would provoke the regression

at that time. She came
to be happy again.

I'm very happy for her.

We don't have all the same luck.

I don't know what happiness is.

Don't be so sure.

Because if it isn't in this life,
it could have been in another.

In a distant life, perhaps.

It's very nice.

Whatever you need ring
the bell for me.

It was my fault.

I never gave any importance
to what she was telling me.

I wasn't listening to her.

Don't blame yourself.

I thought she was kind of
neurotic and nothing more.

I was the one who left her
alone in the clinic.

I should have stayed
with her here.

How is my mom doing?

Still in the operating
room, I'll call you.

Look, your mom had this.

Is she suffering?

Brain death is still a mystery.

What hope is there that she
will recover, doctor?

Unfortunately, very few.

It can last a lifetime like this.


I want her to take away all
that she has in his body.

No, dad.

Let her die in peace.

Why so much shit?

Don't tell me that, go to the
hospital administration.

My obligation is to keep her
alive as long as possible.

And nothing more.

Let's go.

I'm going to find a taxi
so you can rest.

And where are you going to go?

I don't know,
daughter, over there.

I haven't been able to sleep for days.


Do you really want
to let her die?

No, daughter.

Come back...

I have to go.

I'm going back, wait for me always.

Here I am, here I am.

Marcela, wake up...

All right, breathe gently.

Just relax.

Just relax.

Breathe gently.


Where are you going?

To the bathroom to pee.


I think I have to have
my prostate checked.

Better go home, Sebastian.

What's wrong?

Go away.

Go away and don't come back.

Thanks for everything.

You were very nice with me.


I love you very much, really.

I want to grow old with you
and with no one else.

No. That isn't going to happen.

Why not?

In fact, I was going to propose
that we move in together.

No, we grew up at
different times.

When I am your age,
we won't stand each other.

Better breaking up before.

Now it turns out that I'm
an old man to you.

You aren't the person for
whom I can lose my mind.

You aren't that person, Sebastian.

I thought you loved me too.

We both felt alone.

Now I have to take care
of my parents.

What's more...

For me life forward no
longer makes sense.

I saw the application you signed,
but we can't do what you want.

Please come out,
then we'll let you...

Take the wires off
him or I'll kill him.

What are you waiting for?

Fuck it, take them off.


Please help.

Help, someone come.

Please, over here.

Take him to the street
and drop him around.

But he did attack you, doctor.

Do what I tell you.

Just make sure he
doesn't go back in.

As of today he can't
come to the hospital.

Unless you want to be locked up.

Why do you put
those photos there?

So you don't forget us.

Of all the sad words

spoken or written,

the saddest are these:

"What could have been."

And the song that follows
is for you, Marcela.

In case you are listening to me.

In case someone told you.

In case you ever remember me.

I bring you some things
for your dad.

Talk to him.

Maybe they interest you.

They all work.

By the way, can you give me
a bottle of rum, okay?


I'm talking to you!

I take the bottle.

What do you bring?

What happened?

Sorry, I mistook him
for someone else.

I'm Nacho.

Now that you know me...

You will not confuse me again.

My name is Gloria.

Central, central.

I have a Z304. Change.

Central copy, change.

I repeat, repeat, central.

These are the belongings.

Sign here please.

"I've received."


Now come with me to
recognize the corpse.

Listen to my voice...

From this moment only
my voice will lead you.


I want you to back off.

That you leave the last
years of your life behind.

And that you move away little by little.

Move backwards.

Without fear.

What do you see?


It is my parents' house.

Are you okay there?


Let's go over there.

Go back in time again.

Until the first days
of your life.

Keep going...

Towards the womb.

Are you okay there?


Enjoy that well-being.

Recover the security
of your first days.

And take it with you.

It will be very useful to you.

Is there what you are looking for?


That means that the time has
come to go even further.

Until another time.

To other lives.


Now my voice no
longer guides you.

It just keeps you
anchored to this world.

Go on by yourself.

Don't worry.

Explore other sites.

Until you find the experience
that will serve you.

To continue living.

It must exist.

In one of your previous lives.

We are getting closer.

To the appointed destination.

Are you ready to go in there?


I'm going to count to five

and when I'm done you're going to move

at that time.

To that place...

To that life...


Where happiness awaits you.