Espion, lève-toi (1982) - full transcript

Sébastien Grenier,a secret agent eliminates all his rivals in order to decipher who has killed some of his associates.


Saturday 26th September, 11:23am

That's him.

The balaclavas.

Don't move!

Nothing will happen.

Enemy of the people!

Zurich - Business district

Saturday 26th September 12:51pm

Please accept out sincerest regrets
for the delay etc etc...

Alright George, down to business.

About Balestrat, any news?

I stopped at his hotel, it's all set.

Glad to hear it.

Cost of the operation:
6% of the value of the diamonds.

Is he satisfied?

You know him. He's like all Frenchmen.
He always seems to feel...

...he has to have a political explanation
to justify putting money in Switzerland.

Well when you're finished with
him call me back here.

Thanks George. Good work.
See you Monday sir.

What about the investment trusts?

All the transfers have been made.

Phone calls?

Avident credit & loan, Alpine brokers...

...and Mr Zimmer has called three times so far
he ended up by saying he'd come by to see you.

Zimmer you say?
That's right.

Was he here?

We'll worry about that on Monday.

I wanted to thank you for those tickets.
I thought the play was wonderful.

Glad you enjoyed it.
Goodbye, Ms Frost.

Bye, Mr Grenier.

Have a good weekend.

Today's stock market quotations mean
another victory for the dollar.

Here's a special bulletin
concerning the killing in Zurich.

Shortly after 11:30 this morning...

...a tram was attacked by several masked
men who shot down one of the passengers.

The victim was a man named Mr Zimmer,
director of a travel agency.

The assassination was claimed by
a partisan activist brigade called PAV.

This group also claimed the bomb
explosion in Zurich airport...

...3 weeks ago.

First reports indicate that Mr. Zimmer
was not linked to any political movement...

...and no threat had previously
been made on his life.

We will communicate further
bulletins as we received them.

Zurich - Central Post Office

Saturday 26th of September 2:32pm

Mr. Sebastien Grenier?

Yes, that's right.

What have you got there?

Alexander Dumas.
Hand delivered free of charge.

Aren't you going to open it?


If I open it I can't send it back.
Just kile the Nobel Prize.

I'll change my clothes.
We have to leave early.

Reports say the traffic is ghastly
in the middle of town.

Really, what's causing that?

That business on the streetcar.

Someone was shot and killed this
morning by PAV brigade.

Did you hear about it?


I see you like Verdi Mr Grenier?

We Swiss are quite talented when
it comes to Italian music along with...

...English nurses, American cinema
and German Mercedes.

And old French literature.
Don't forget that.


I was afraid you would show up.
I should've known better.

I haven't introduced myself:

I'm Jean Paul Chance, Federal Councellor
to the Ministry of Justice.

You often approach people and talk to them
like this in a public park?

No, unless I'm meeting someone.

Your meeting someone are you?

Proof is, you're here.

An exquisite setting isn't it?
Baroque I'd say, wouldn't you?

Baroque but noisy.

Quite right.

You familiar with a bakery
called Schlimers?

You can get a marvellous fresh
cucumber sandwich.

Sounds delightful.

But at the risk of being thought prudish...

I'm not the type of man to follow strange
men, even from the ministry of Justice...

...into a pastry shop.

I mean of course unless it's an act of God.

I can think of 3 possibilities:

Hunger, plague...

...and the secret service.

In your case I'd suggest the 3rd one.

Saturday 26th of September, 5:05pm

Your reputation as a high ranking
financier is in perfect order.

From 1950 to 1962 you were...

...assistant director in a large sugar industry... the north of France.
After that in 1963, you ran...

...the loans department of a bank
on the river front.

Then in the spring of 1971,
for personal reasons...

...divorce, if I'm not mistaken,
you decided to start a new life.

You opened in the middle of Zurich
a holding company.

Well that's the term your ministry of finanace
has dreamt up for it. Affiliates elsewhere.

So much for the facade,
which is unimpeachable.

Underneath it's not so pretty.

A French undercover agent in the office
of documentation and counter-espionage.

What we would call a spy.

Perhaps I'm boring you.
You seem very tired.

No no, I'm alright.
Just had a bad night.

Trouble sleeping?

You spent the last 8 years sleeping.
It's not enough for you?

I think I might have some more tea.

I'm referring to the long sleep... which you were confined by your
superiors till today I think.

Really can't imagine why I say "think",
because I know...

...actually I'm positive.

An honorable associate in you service...

...Mr Alfred Zimmer...

...was just murdered in Zurich tramway... a commando in the Partisan Activist brigade.

This PAV brigade is in itself nothing.

They carry out orders. They're manipulated.
Question number one is manipulated by who?

That's undoubtedly what Mr Zimmer had discovered.

For question number two:

Was he murdered before you met or after?

All of this is very probably...

...very subtle.
Subtle but a bit obscure.

Well one things not obscure:

We opened that book you had before you.

You can always reach me at this number.

If you happen to get any information
about Mr Zimmer's death... will get in touch with me won't you?

Otherwise my government,
will act on my instructions and...'ll be accused of endangering national security
and improsoned for 10 years.

Which would be a shame...

I mean it. I've developed a very friendly
feeling towards you.

It's not mutual?

It is. I've got a very friendly feeling, too
but to be a frank I'm sick of cucumbers.

Tages Anzeiger newspaper building

Saturday 26th of September, 5:50pm

Collector of Alexander Dumas
would like original edition of...

...Joseph Balsamo - Urgently -
Is that it?

Yes. Will it appear tomorrow morning?

Yes of course.

Because it is very important.

Your ad will be in the first edition...

...on the stands at 6am.

I don't think I'll be able to go with you.

You know Horst & Irene will feel let
down now we can't play doubles.

Well I'm sorry but I'm snowed under.

I have to finish all this by tomorrow morning.

I'll try to join up later.
You can play a couple of games without me.

Yes I can do any number of things
without you Sebastien.

I can go to the movies, out to dinner,
even sleep without you.

But I like it better with you.

You should know that by now?

Are you still going to
the theatre with me?

Of course! What a question.

All right, see you later.

At least take time off
to go for a walk.

I will but this could take all afternoon.

Mr Grenier, You put in an ad
regarding a rare edition of J. Balsamo?

We have a message from
an Alexander Dumas fan.

He'd like a meeting with you right away.

So would I.

I'm late.

I hope I didn't make you wait too long.

The trouble with our hockey
is that it has no class...

The professionals from Canada are too
mercenary and those from...

...the East are hesitant.

Ever since the time the Czechoslovakian
team forgot to go home.

You're surprised to see me aren't you.

No more so than yesterday.

This time though it was
you who summoned me.

We're workign for the same boss.

And I'm on page 138.

Lover of Alexander Dumas
would like an original edition...

...of Joseph Balsamo...

That's the code for an emergency meeting, right?

What's your problem?

Well for the moment it's you.

I say that's Zurich's gonna take this game
with no trouble. They outclass Bern...

You really wanna stay?

You aren't taking me to eat cucumbers?

How about a drink at my place?

You know even in the
most ambiguous situation...

...there's always an element of truth.

With my position with the
ministry of Justice in Bern.

You'd find that extremely easy to verify.

You're right, it was.

You could never mistrust me half as much
as Paris mistrusts you.

Well you're reaction was quick enough
to reassure everyone.

The climate in Zurich is quite mellowing.

You might have fallen into
a sort of apathy...

...after 8 years.

Besides, your very success here in Zurich
works to your disadvantage.

In love as well as in business.

Sit down.

Would you mind if I asked you a question?

Why haven't you got around
to marrying Ms Gretz?

Is that your business?


Because we're alright as we are.

Perhaps also to avoid this kind of question.

For what reason did you marry?
Why did you decide to marry a German?

Yes, we're very puritanical.

Forget all that. Paris wanted a security check
and you've mopre than passed it.

Would you like a drink?

Yes, a drop of Scotch if you don't mind.

What do you think of this
Partisan Activist Brigade?


I must say this
Partisan Activist Brigade... hardly representative
of our national genius.

Therefore we must ask if a foreign power
is at work.

The OAV brigade is manipulated we know,
but by whom.

It's because he was getting close
to the answer that Zimmer is now dead.

And it is becasue we had to replace
Zimmer that you were reactivated.

But why me?

You know that the university,
even in Zurich, is a breeding ground...

...for left-wing agitation.
The worthy Ms Gretz teaches at...

...the university and lives with you.
You follow me?

No, not very well.

Would it bother you if I talked
about Ms Gretz's activities?

Whatever you want.

Before coming to Zurich to take up a teaching post, literature and linguistics...

...Ms. Gretz taught at the university in Munich.

I may be chauvanistic but I'm hardly blind.

I refuse to believe that anyone
leaves a place like Munich for Zurich.

Well you can get tired of a city.

And the city can get tired of you.

Ms Gretz ran with a group of youngsters
that were pretty much suicidal.

The whole Baader-Meinhof Group mixed up
in the worst kind of mayhem.

She's never told you about any of this?

Is that all?

All from Munich.

But since she moved to Zurich...

...her contact with certain activists
kicked out of Germany or...

...the Middle East are well known to everybody...

...except apparently to you.

I suppose Paris ordered you
to give me this message?

No, I took the initiative.
It's strictly personal.

We like our agents to look
as pure as virgins.

I just wish their playmates
could be equally as immaculate!

I'm hoping you can take up this
little affair of Zimmer's...

...without ending like him.

Zimmer, you do know who he is?

Because up to now your cooperation
has hardly what I'd call enthusiastic.

It's true your not fully awake.
You've only opened one eye!

I'll tell you when to open the other.

To our mutual health!

And if I hadn't happened to sound the alarm?

We would've known exactly
which side you were on...

University of Zurich

Monday 28th of September, 10:45pm

Goodbye Dieter.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

What a surprise!

A very nice surprise!

A meeting just finished and I thought
we could go out somewhere for a bite.

I'm in favour of that!

Our discussion group is all fired up tonight.

Dieter was full of ideas.
He was in the stratosphere.

He's a favourite of yours?

You're being silly!

I've been meaning to talk to you
about your discussion group.

You think maybe you could
suspend them for a while.

Because I have a vague idea
about what you discuss...

...and what it might lead to and to be
frank with you I'm not so crazy about it.

Oh your not.
Is that why you came tonight?

I came to take you to dinner,
but also a bit for that.

Well it's just too bad... may not like our meetings but
I don't like yours any better.

What do you talk about sitting about
that long table in that fancy building?

Promotions, investments and money,
always money!

We talk about money as well but we talk about
those who don't have money.

The old, the sick, the unemployed.

You think terrorism is going to generate job offers?

Who mentioned terrorism?

I know you hate me to bring this up
but at this very moment in Zurich...

...things are going on very similar
to when you were in Munich.

I don't say anyone's responsible but...

No, of course you don't.

When certain causes lead to the same effects
you begin to search for a relationship...

The relationship of cause to effect.
What books are you reading?

Come on Sebastien, save your high school
philosophy for your clients.

Tuesday 29th of September, 3:30pm

Did your lunch meeting go well?

Yes thanks, very well.

This number does not exist.

Please refer to the list of subscribers.

Who were you looking for?
Everyone's gone home.

I left a folder in this office yesterday.

I was sure I wouldn't need it.
It's always like that isn't it?

If you left anything lying around
it'd be put aside by the cleaners.

Mr. Chance gives you a passkey,
doesn't he?


Mr Chance.
Isn't this his office?

It's anybody's who has the money.

These offices are for rent... a daily rate, sometimes by the hour.

You pay in advance.
So keeping track of names...

If we find your folder, where do we send it?

To the lost and found!


They're lovely aren't they?

I must say your friend has excellent taste.

They're kind of a wold dahlia.
Can you imagine that?

The latin name is...

...Tregonias Plopesis.

All these years I've lived
without knowing that!

Two bouquets in one day!

Yours are nice too.
I appreciate it.

The name for them is daisies!

Finally, ten minutes more and I'd have led
Ms Gretz off to a restaurant.

I was to be here at 8, wasn't I?

Well yes, off course.

Blessed be whatever delayed you as that way
Ms Gretz and I were able to have a little chat.

About what?

Well tell him your idea,
about sending out a petition.

It was just a hypothesis.
I wasn't serious.

Why do you say that?

Mr. Chance suggests all professors get
together and write a petition...

...banning all soldiers and police from campuses.

Why limit it to professors?

Have all the radicals sign it, students too?

Then if the police are still lacking in names,
this will overwhelm them.

I think I should apologise for my husband's
sense of logic!

What are you doing here?

You went to my place.

Yes, but you weren't there.

Your methods are probably very original
but they leave me cold.

So keep my wife out of this.
Anna has nothing to do with it.

Let's hope not?

Don't mind me, go on talking...

...why don't you have a drink
while I prepare a quick dinner.

You will stay for dinner, won't you?

Oh no, I...

Of course he will,
it'd be a pleasure for us both!

Zurich - Central Train Station

Wednesday 30th of September, 2:25pm

Pull over there on the right.

I didn't get your message until 10.
What's the matter? Something wrong?

There could be.

Where are you going?

No place. We're just riding.

Like the old days!

Chance, do you know that name?
Jean-Paul Chance.


No. What's his line of work?

Ministry of Justice.

Very high level.

But underneath the facade,
the picture's a bit murky.

1st manifestation he was slipped in
by our Swiss counterparts... watch over me.

Talks about throwing me in prison
if I don't play ball.

2nd time around he claims
he's from our parish...

...not only that, it seems he's my superior.

No more no less.

What would you think of an old comic
who in 24hours puts on two faces?

Well I automatically begin looking for
a third one.

I'm sick of this mess, Henri.

The past 8 years taught me to have
relationships with ordinary people.

Top get phone calls other
than out of to public booths... read the mail without
having to decode it... leave the office in the morning
and go home to Anna at night.

I wanted to ask you about her.
How is she?


Sometimes I think it would be nice
if we could meet someplace else...

...other than a railroad station
or a godforsaken park.

I once read somewhere that ours is a noble trade.
We live like rats.

Your right, except that real rats
don't bump each other off.

You mean Zimmer?

Somebody pointed the finger at him.

The PAV brigade might manage to rob
a bank or even plant TNT in an embassy...

...but kill an old hand like Zimmer...

...they're too dumb.

That was my first thought as well.

Well who else?

You have someone in mind?

Kaufman, Meyer?

Me maybe?

No, anybody but you.

I hope all these years of inaction
haven't made you soft Sebastien.

At this moment, someone here,
or in Geneva or Munich or Paris... sitting on a detonator. He has to
be eliminated or he'll push the button.

You musn't exclude anyone from the list.
Everyone is suspected.

Even in Paris?

You may not know this but...

...there have been a bunch of changes in Paris
in the last few years.

New faces in the corridors,
old faces have disappeared.

Could even be that we have ceased to please.

For what reason?

Call it reasons of state.

Or the rats grappling over the dirt!

What a business!

I suppose certain professions
must carry germs the way...

...certain foods cause cancer.

I'm so tempted to let everything go to pot.
If you only knew Henri!

I feel like that now and then.

Sometimes too soon, like you.

Sometimes too late, like Zimmer.

If Chance is from the home office
I'll soon know...

...even if I have to go high up.
Even if I have to run a couple of red lights.

My train's in 40 minutes but don't bother driving me.
I need to walk to sweep the dirt from my head.

As you wish.

Give Anna a kiss for me.

I can't even mention that I saw you.

So kiss her but don't tell her why.

See you again, Henri.

Thursday 1st of October, 8:35am

I've brought your tea Mr Grenier.

Thank you Ms. Frost.

Accident or suicide?
The mysterious death of Henri Marchand.


You alright?

I was about to leave you a note
in case you got home late tonight.

What in the world is going on?
You aren't leaving me are you?

Don't be ridiculous, I've got to go to Munich
for a meeting with the president.

I'm sorry I've had a lot on my mind.
I guess I wasn't thinking.

I completely forgot to tell you.

I'm only going for one day.
I'll be back tomorrow night.

Well I'll drive you to the airport.

No, don't drive me. It's better if I get a taxi.
Why be stuck in traffic.

Come on...

If anyone from the office calls me,
you've no idea where I've gone?

Even if it's Ms Frost?

Even Ms Frost.

And don't tell Chance where I've gone... case he happens to call.

But why would he call?

Your right, why would he call.

And if I should need to call you
for something... reason, just to tell you goodnight,
what hotel are you staying in?

I don't know yet.
But I'll be in touch with you.

Where are you going?


Grenier is just boarding our plane to Munich.

Munich International Airport

Thursday 1st of October, 3:50pm

Do you wish to see Mr Meyer?

He must be rather busy and I hate to disturb him
but it's a very special request.

If I knew what you were looking for
I could try to find it.

"Chinese agrarian methods in the
early 12th Century" Karl E. Böhme.

Normally you could certainly
consult it here, but... strange coincidence it was
loaned last week to Mr. Bojarsky...

...Curator of the Metropolitan Museum.

Mr. Meyer!

What is it, Kirchen?

This gentleman would like to see
the treatis by Karl E. Böhme.

It's rare anyone asks for that work.

I explained to him that at the moment
it's on loan to Mr Bojarsky...

Bojarsky, all he cares about is getting himself
photographed reading the works of Bohme

Keen to have his profile in the New York.

That's every foolish immigrants dream!

But if your televisions broken and
you can't get to sleep any other way...

...I think we have the entire works of Bohme
on microfilm.

Your extremely helpful.

I'm simply curious.

Anyone who can stomach Böhme
is either a madman or a genius.

Grenier, what are you doing here?
Are you crazy!

Are you aware of what's happening right now in Zurich?

The reason I came...

I'm not interested in your reason.
Whatever it is it's not to be trusted.

Any violation of the security code
is not to be trusted.

The code says we go through channels
and the channel for you and for me is Marchand.

Marchand is dead.

We'll end up in the same boat if you don't help me.

"I believe one day I shall die...

...but I do not accept it's reality".

"Lucius Aurelian"

Save your fancy quotations for the
faggots on that fancy square in Berlin!

Alexanderplatz, so far away.

Do you rememeber Eric Walser?

Of course not. Who does anymore?

That paragon walked out on me
for a pudding-faced bitch with hairy nostrils!

Italian contessa.
Richer than the vatican!

What can I tell you.
You have all my sympathy.

Now listen to me Meyer.

Someone in our parish is trying
to blow up the church...

...or else someone in a rival parish.

The famous mole is that it?.

Give it any name you like.

What we've got to do is identify him.

I may be completely off base, and I hope I am...

...but I have someone in mind,
someone very high up.

Over you and me there was Zimmer.

Over Zimmer, Marchand.

And over Marchand...

Chance, you know that name?

Let me think...

Jean-Paul Chance,

He's in the Ministry of Justice in Bern.

That's him.

In that case, he's untouchable.

I'm not asking you to blow him up
in the street.

I simply want to know his pedigree.
He knows mine in full.

A young charmer I once knew... a bit battered, gives me access
to certain file cards.

I'm sure I can get what you want,
but I won't go further than that.

However, in my opinion, nothing you
are going to do is going to help much.

If Zimmer and Marchand have both been
liquidated that means...

...that someone high up has decided on a purge...

...and nothing will stop it.

Not your citations, your reputation for action...

...nor my great talent for inertia.


We'll make a photocopy of all the material
and you can pick it up when it's ready.

Let's say first thing tomorrow,
will that suit you?

That's very kind Mr Meyer,
I can't thank you enough.

Don't mention it.
We always try to please.

Favour for favour.

That calculation Italian contessa
I told you about...

...her name is Graziella de scabelli.

Somehow you can put the squeeze on her
for cheating on her income tax...

Have we got more important
problems right now?

Alright, I'll do my best.

Oh well actually it was pretty boring...

No, no problems.

I'll be back tomorrow night as promised.

- Any news at your end?
- No.

- Oh yes, Chance called you.
- When?

Around 7. I said you'd just gone out
and I didn't know when you'd be back.

That's fine.

I've been missing you.
And I can't wait for you to be back.

I miss you too, Anna.

Good night, darling.

Sleep well. Goodbye.


Friday 2nd of October, 9:15am

Zurich Airport

Friday 2nd of October, 8:43pm

Did you have a good trip?

Yes, it was fine.

I tried to call you last night. I had the
pleasure of speaking to you charming companion.

She told me "I don't know where he is,
I don't know when he's getting home."

She knew perfectly well
you were in Munich.

I was told about Meyer an hour ago.

You're not a healthy person to have around.
But you always come out of it.

You should give your friends
your secret recipe.

Henri Marchand was a friend of yours?

I never want to hear you pronounce
Henri Marchand's name again.

Or Anna's either.

Do I make myself clear?

Can I drive you home?

Do not count me in to sign this paper.
This is literature!

Perhaps Vallès is not towards literature?

Yes, but hers were good.
This is obscene.

Goos evening Mr Grenier.

I'm so glad your home, Sebastien.

It's awful. Henri is dead.

I know.

So hard to believe.

You don't simply fall out of a train.

He did.
Forgive me Anna...

Meyer was killed this morning in Munich.
You know about it?


There's a phone booth
just opposite your place.

Be there in 10 minutes.

I can't seem to sleep tonight so...

...I'm going out for some air.

Are you sure there's nothing
you want to tell me?

No, nothing.

Friday 2nd of October, 11:17pm

I've been sent by Paris.


Tomorrow morning, Museum of Technology,
11 sharp.

When you took the plane to Munich,
did you already know about Marchand?


But why couldn't you have
told me on the phone?

You mean you weren't alone.

Don't be so stupid, Anna.

You know Henri is dead
and you don't say a word...

Then you refuse to let me go to the airport...

Your just back again and you get a phonecall
and you go hurrying back outside.

I question you and you say
"Don't be so stupid, Anna."

That's not much of an explanation, isn't it?

All I can say is...

All I can say is, you can't be more wrong.

Well then, explain yourself.

You probably won't accept this
but the less you know...

...the better it is.

For who?

For both of us.

Both of us?

A storm is gathering around me.

Friends are dying, strangers appearing.

There's someone putting my head in a noose.
But who?

I know I've gotta wake up and do something,
but what?

But about Henri I know.

It was no accident.
Henri was killed.

Zurich Funicular Railway

Saturday 3rd of October, 9:35am

Chance will kill you.

Paris wouldn't mind the idea
of losing so much but...

...what's really annoying is the way
it's accumulating.

Zimmer, Marchand, Meyer.

Security boys are starting to get a little nervous.

It has to be brought to a halt.

And you could hardly blame them.

I'm just here on a visit to bandage a few wounds...

...stop the internal bleeding.

If it doesn't stop you know what'll happen next.

One morning the Swiss police will liquidate
the PAV brigade.

That'll be a nice mess.

And who'll wind up smack in the middle?

Not only Anna Gretz, but you.

Sebastien Grenier, French secret agent...

...armed with one of our pistols
and a pocket full of leaflets.

Out and out collusion between
Paris and the brigade.

Oh, really.

And for those slow on the uptake... can bet Mr. Chance won't
fail to pound the message home.

The dossier he'll put together
is bound to be a classic.

Apologetic, the least bit Francophile,
but damning.

He's a curious man, this Jean-Paul Chance.

I wouldn't know but...

...rumour has it that you and he
are great pals.

I hope we're talking about the same person.

Jean Paul Chance...

...born in Geneva in 1931 of a Swiss father
and a French mother.

Honours student at the school of administration...

...doctorate from Harvard.

Golden boy of the Bundesrat,
darling of the Intelligentsia.

In short, the elite core of the K.G.B.

Slick, amusing, incorruptible...

...and absolutley deadly.

And this one Ramos Bavilla,
you know him?

Is he as interesting as Chance.

Neither slick not amusing,
but someone to worry about.

Do you mind if I ask you
an indiscreet question?

Exactly who are you?

Just call me Richard or captain
or page 138.

It's not important.

If your so absolutlety certain
that the minister of Justice is a mole then...

...why didn't Paris pass the file onto Bern?

We've got troubles enough.
Let's not make it worse.

But since you ask it's because
Chance is not making use of you...

...and we still consider you our winning ace.

If that were the case I wouldn't be here to clarify
your part in all this...

...but to put an end to it.

Tell me something...

Was it merely to tell me this
that you had me awakened?

But it wasn't us that had you awakened.

See you soon, Grenier.

University of Zurich

Saturday 3rd of October, 11:50am

The government chauffeur Mr Alfred Gantz
was killed instantly.

Andrei Kieffer of the Federal Council
died on his way to the hospital.

The body of the terrorist shot down
by the police has now been identified... Ludwig Schaer, teaching assistant
of Political Sciences in the university.

The entire teaching staff is
in uproar after the explosion...

...since two professors, a man and a woman
were seriously injured.

They haven't been identified yet
but they are both critical.

Other members of the faculty,
suspected of being in sympathy...

...with the terrorist movement
are now being interrogated by the police.

Later today the council will call
an emergency session to debate...

Will you let me by...

I want to find out if anything happened
to Professor Gretz. She's my wife.

The police are jumpy.
They have reason to be.

I'm very sorry about your wife.

Don't worry she's not hurt
but she was arrested with three others.

What is Anna accused of doing?

So maybe she signed some asinine
petition which in fact was...

No it has nothing to do with that.
This time they killed someone.

That's stupid.
Anna wouldn't be a party to murder.

Now that I know her I feel that's true.

Get in the car, we'll go see
if there's something we can do.

I'm a little bit embarrased, gentlemen.

If a federal councillor will give us
a personal guarantee for Prof. Gretz... that case so be it.

However, the fact remains...

The fact remains, I agree.

But the content of the petitions
is nothing more than opinion.

No one has yet found any indication...

...of violence or murder in any of the texts.

Nothing that's true...

...nothing at all.

Well if the inspector agrees
with that interpretation...

...maybe Ms Gretz could be set free
pretty soon?

Yes, I'm sure we can arrange something.

You realise that won't be the same
for those three colleagues or hers...

That's why I think we'll have to hold onto
Prof Gretz for the moment...

...for... how shall I put it...

For the sake of appearances.


I'm fairly confident she'll be free by 6 o'clock.

Do you beleive in coincidences?

Not anymore.

Good, because this wasn't one.

The K.G.B. arrives and a diplomat is blown up.

And two and two makes four.

Is that right?

Let me explain.

Late last night Colonel Lermontov
passed the border into Switzerland...

...under the name of Alain Richard.

Calculators, telex, office computers...

...then several hours later, just
by accident the PAV blasts...

...a diplomat car, outside the university.

Enigmatic character, this Alain Richard.

Personally it annoys me
but people here in Zurich...

...treat the man with the utmost respect.

His appearances are rather pleasant.

One could say your appearances
are rather pleasant, too.

I'm just joking.

You won't catch him joking.

I don't think he'll try to approach you
but it could happen!

In case the improbable comes to pass
I'm sure I can count on you.

I would like to thank you for your help,
I mean on behalf of Anna.

Forget it, it was the least I could do.

Saturday 3rd of October, 1:42pm

Just a minute.

I must've locked it without knowing
what I was doing.

I've prepared the cheques you wanted
me to make out for Mr. Patticker.

Yes, but I haven't the time Ms. Frost.
We'll see to it tomorrow.

You've two tickets for me for Amsterdam.
I reserved by telephone.

What's the name, sir?

Mr & Mrs Baron.

Just a second.

Two ticktes, that'll be 640 francs, please.

There you are. Thank you.

Just walked out.
Two tickets for Amsterdam.

Alias Mr & Mrs Baron.

Zurich Police Headquarter

Saturday 3rd of October, 5:54pm

I started to think they'd keep
me in there forever...

...then they fell all over themselves
to be friendly. "Ms Gretz this, Ms Gretz that...

...your friend in the ministry of Justice that..."

Where are you taking me?

We're getting out, Anna.

What? What's going on?

Listen to me, Anna.

You'd better do just as I say
beginning this minute...

...without asking any questions.

Sit down.

Why do you need my picture?
What is this?

The past 8 years you've been living with someone...

...who wasn't what you thought.

I have an office with a fancy brass plate, a telephone.
It's all a mask.

And under that mask a poor pitiful clown,
me, Sebastien Grenier.

Over and above me there's an immense Medusa,
silent and menacing, grotesque.

Known as the French Secret service.
Now you know.

But what are you saying?
It sounds absurd.

You couldn't be more right.

You recall the day that book was delivered?

Well that's when all this madness started.

Since then everywhere I go
I leave death behind me.

Because of me Henri was murdered.

And those who killed him will kill us.

Because once they start something,
nothing stops them. That's the way they do things.

But what does it have to do with you?

I'm just like they are, Anna.

All that they learnt, I learnt.
Their values were my values.

And I may as well let you know
the worst of it because I learnt that too.

No matter where they go, no matter how far,
they'll find us.

It may be too late even now
but we have to try.

Why didn't you ever tell me all of this?

How could you keep on lying to me
for years and years?

You'll see. It gets to be a habit.

Because now you're going to have to lie.

Your name is Miss Janine Baron, secretary.

You're married to a certain Martin Baron.

In other words me.

If you want to stay, there's still time.
I'll understand.

You'll understand what?
You've never understood anything.

Do you think I'd have been more
interested in politics... the third world if you'd been
more interested in me?

Sebastien, you don't just pick up
and leave like that, just walk out of home...

Yes, you do.

Well of course I'm coming with you, Sebastien
but first I've got to...

I have a family, Sebastien,
my mother, my brother.

I can't just disappear this way with no warning.

Give me time to go call them at least.

Give me that.

Do you know the woman they took away?

Of course I know that woman.

Below on the right, put your signature.
That's all we need.

Excuse me, Mr. Grenier.
There is one more thing you can do for us.

We have dug out several photos from our records...

...which may allow us to identify
the abductor or abductors...

Who knows?

Lead the way.

Rudi Kaller.

Biographer and interpreter of Schiller.

Militant pro-Palestinian, hardliner.

This one is Moshe Graham, American agitator...

...highly professional...

...and occasionally drug supplier.

There is a nasty one, Dieter Krauss.

Student of literature. His propaganda is more dangerous
than anything else.

Our reports mention he was frequently
with Anna Gretz in Munich.

You very sure you've never
seen him before?


Mr. Grenier, you're quite free
to go home now.

It might do you a lot of good
if you rest up a little.

I often find that when you are overtired
our memories play stupid little tricks.

I'll go with Mr Grenier.
I'll be right back.

No point in fooling ourselves.
The service is on the spot.

After all the arrests this morning there
was sure to be some reaction form the PAV.

What could they have possibly forseen
that Ms Gretz would be the scapegoat.

And what do you forsee from now on?

We've gotta be patient.


It is a very irregular case
to be settled by irregular means.

A word that's taboo around the police.

The terrain is much more familiar to me
than to Insp. Lohmann.

Given other circumstances he's
really very efficient, but here...

You know the routine.
His informers will nose around...

...shake down the usual hideouts, lure out
of their hovels a few aging Trotskysties...

You know how far that'll get us.

Believe me, if they ask me to free
a few left-wingers for your wife...

...I'd open the cage,
and let them all out.

Free whoever you want, Chance,
but make it fast.

As soon as I know anything
you'll hear from me.

I have to talk to you.

It'll only take a second.

My car.

Well, are you going to negotiate, Grenier?

That's what's on your mind right?

You realise for us this is unacceptable.

The most disheartening thing is,
you'll betray us for nothing.

You will never see Anna Gretz again.

She'll come out of this safe
and sound but you...'ll be dead.

Because she's in on the deal and you're not.

How do you face yourself
in the morning Richard?

When I'm looking in the mirror I simply think
of Chance and I find myself quite loveable.

Cross Anna Gretz off your list, Grenier.

Because if you don't,
Paris is gonna cross you off.

That's all?

That's all.

Keep in mind that, if something
should happen to Anna...

...a lot of people are going to
get crossed off with her.

Come on. Get out of here!

You'll regret this, Grenier.

Meeting to protest police repression

Ah, hello inspector, come in.

I'm sorry to bother you...

...inspector Lohmann would like you
to see him at the university.

Right away?

Yes, right away.

Is there something new?

I haven't been told.

I'll be right back.

I know how you feel, Mr Grenier.

You have all my sympathy, believe me.

"Here is how we deal with traitors,
and those in league with the police".

Those guys are really shabby.

I'm taking charge of this case personally, Mr Grenier.

I'll do everything in my power, I assure you.

Right now we'll continue to interrogate
the radicals we arrested from the campus.

Unfortunately, as far as they're concerned,
I don't think we're gonna come up with anything.

You see, we haven't got very much to work with.

Inspector Lohmann!

The car they used was stolen, naturally...

...sometime last night, in the centre of town.

Oh, it's you Mr. Grenier.

Call me the second you've got anything.

Well, any news with Grenier?

He seems to have totally disappeared.

He hasn't been seen anywhere.

We're watching all the usual places, of course.

The airport, the rail stations, the highways...

...we're searching all the hotels.

There's more than 70, simply in town.

And several hundred streets!
In his place I'd stay in the street.

Simply because there's several hundred.

The suburbs of Zurich

Sunday 4th of October, 4:15pm

Where's Grenier?

Have you seen Grenier?

Last night, he came very late.

He stayed ten minutes
then left again.

Sebastien Grenier's home

Sunday 4th of October, 9:47pm

You're waiting for me?
Yes, I want to talk to you.

Why didn't you go in?

Normally you go in, you have a beer,
you make with a lot of talk.

Miserable bastard!
Was it you who killed Anna?

You're out your mind.
Anna was my friend.

Then who did?

Quick, Dieter, quick,
I'm in a hurry.

We were simply supposed to kidnap her. We'd set
her free in exchange for our comrades in jail.

But then he took her away.

Who took her away?


A month ago he infiltrated our group.
And he was the one who killed Anna.

You know where this Ramos is?

No, but I bet I know where
his boyfriend is.

Rudy, he always hangs out at
the Kon-Tiki club.

Describe this Rudy.

Tall, blond.

He wears a big diamond in his right ear.

You know, about Anna...

I didn't have anything to do with it,
believe me.

I believe you Dieter,
you wouldn't have the guts.

Can I help you?
What'll you have?

A gin and tonic.

There you are. Thanks.

Were you calling Ramos?

Well you needn't bother, we're
going there. Let's go.

Can we get out the back exit?
Come on.

Now where?

Open it!


Is that you?

Answer him.

Get out the car.
They just called me.

I've gotta go up there.

He said he's going out,
up there he said.

Where is up there?

The funicular.

What happens at the funicular?

That's where they get together.

That's where who gets together?

Rudy, I've got two bullets.

And I want to know.
Chance or Richard?

Sunday 4th of October, 11:54pm

Paris - Palais del Elysee

Monday 5th of October, 11:17pm

The death of Jean-Paul Chance has
greatly saddened the Soviet authorities.

Ourselves as well, naturally.

Our ambassador sent a wreath to the funeral,
a very fine wreath.

You were quite right, after his wife's death
Grenier's mind became unhinged.

This being said, you could imagine
the consequences in Zurich, Moscow and...

...even here in Paris if it was known
that it was actually you who had Anna Gretz.

We therefore think it indispensible...

...and to close the file immediately and permanently.

Immediately and permanently.

I'll see to that, sir, tomorrow morning.

Zurich - The Catholic Cemetery

Tuesday 6th od October, 9:22am

2 years later,
hunters walking through this clearing...

...near the Catholic Centre in Zurich...

...discovered the remains of a body.
It was never identified.

No one will see Sebastien Grenier again.