Espejo, Espejo (2022) - full transcript

4 staffers at a cosmetics firm in its 50th year: the marketing director who is almost as old himself, a 25 year old ambitious female assistant, her sister being pushed to "come out," and an insecure chubby 40 year old administrator.


[peaceful symphonic music playing]

It's so precious.

Hmm. Yes. I like it because
it really captures my essence.


Yes, you look so natural.

So you.

[man] You know,
a Vanity Fair photographer took it.

You were in Vanity Fair?

[laughing] No, he's a friend of mine.

I like having it here because

it reminds me of who I am.

What I enjoy.

The world of beauty can be
so superficial, María.


It's so important to reconnect
with nature, what's authentic.

And I like people who are real.

Women who are real.

Shall we?

And then what?

[intense percussive music playing]



The sex was horrible!

Yeah, I made a mistake.

- I'd say you fucked up.
- Leave me alone, my head hurts.

Mine too. My head and my pussy.

I think that poor girl just hasn't had
good sex in a really long time.


She better not fall in love.

You think he noticed
I was kind of grossed out by him?

God, I hope not.

We don't wanna piss off the boss
right when we join the company.

- [man] Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?


I really enjoyed that.

What about you?

- Did you like it?
- [María, softly] Mm.

[man] Hmm.

[María] Mm-hmm.

[energetic symphonic music playing]

People are perfectly imperfect.

We are all unique.

[sensual, rhythmic song playing]



[woman singing in Spanish]

[music continues on device]

[man in English] Cristina,
what we gonna do about dinner?

[woman] Don't be afraid
to express yourself...

- [man] Cristina.
- [Cris] Huh?

...whoever you are.

- What are you watching?
- No lies.

A video my sister made.

Because there is nobody like you.

[man] Is that a guy or a girl?

I think they were a girl and now...


Be free. Be you.


You're just going to post it
without showing him?

[woman] Yeah. Álvaro doesn't care.

- He doesn't notice anything I post.
- Paula, think about it.

It has nothing to do with
the brand's image or the event tomorrow.

- That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
- You can't just make any video.

It's risky.

- You're putting me in a tough spot.
- Oh, Cris, God, really?

Paula, there are communication guidelines
you have to follow because...

Always the guidelines.
When did you become just like our father?

Look, fine, do whatever.

You could be a little more supportive.
Are you my sister or what?

What do you think I'm doing?

Yeah, but you didn't even tell me
if you liked it.

Oh, my God, yes, I enjoyed it very much.

The video was very beautiful,
but why do you care what I think?

You're just going to do
whatever you want anyway.

The world isn't like that.

- If they hired you, it was for a reason.
- Okay, boomer, I have to go. Bye.


She's jealous.

Maybe. What if the video I made is shit?

She's just jealous, Paula.

Why would Cristina be jealous of me?

To start with,
she doesn't even like herself.

I don't know, maybe I shouldn't post it.

Why? You don't want to show off
the work you can do?

Back off a little, please.
You're making me fucking nervous.

Think of all the hard work you put in.

Why don't you want people to see it?

Cristina makes me so anxious.
I really hate her attitude.


[Paula's reflection] Paula?


We don't need her approval.

We've never needed it from anyone.


[Paula, voice echoing] Don't hide.

Don't be afraid to express yourself,

whoever you are.

Be free.

Be you.

[Cris' reflection]
What's the matter, Cris?

I think we should probably
go see Rosa again.

- Don't say that.
- [dog barking]

We don't need to see psychologists.

Look, we're doing just fine. We're good.

We're very cute.

We have a good job that we like.
Mario loves us.

- Our dad adores us.
- [Cris sighs]

Bruna likes to bark a lot, that's true,
but what dog doesn't?

- Huh? What dog doesn't?
- [dog barking]

- [chuckles]
- See? You're so pretty when you smile.

[man singing along in Spanish with
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You"]

[in English] What are you doing?

This song reminds me of when we were kids.

Yeah? Yeah, it reminds me of shit times.

Why are you singing
at 7:00 in the morning like a moron?

I don't know, I...
just woke up with it in my head.

Get dressed. We're late.

- [song continues]
- Hmm.


[clears throat]

[percussive workout music playing]

[instructor] Fantastic, girls, brilliant.
Let's try a new song.

This one's gonna be a little more intense.

You have three options to choose from.

Option one, feet together,

lunge back and return.

A long lunge back

and return, and always remember to...

[contemplative music rising over dialog]

Now it's time to get
that booty into shape.

Let's go for it.

- [showers running]
- [women chatting in distance]

[gurgling, creaking]


[suspenseful music playing]

[music intensifies]


You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, no.

I almost slipped on...

I know, you have to be careful.

You know what this floor is? Fatal.

[chuckles softly]

[Álvaro] Let's see.

Welcome to the Medina Cosmetics
50th anniversary party.

[elevator bell chimes]

I am so proud to be part of this family.

[receptionist] Mm-hmm. Uh-huh.

Yes, yes, I'll tell him, yes.

Good morning, María.

Hello, Álvaro.

- [phone ringing]
- [man] Good morning.

Hello, Andrés.

Good morning.

Good morning.

- Juanito.
- Good morning.

What's up? Hey!

Not everyone can say their workplace
has such a positive vibe.

Yeah, they adore you here.

Yeah, that's very clear.

Another selfie?

I want it to seem like I'm excited
for tonight's anniversary.



- Anything else?
- No, no, that's enough.



[Álvaro's reflection exhales loudly]

- Did you just sigh?
- Uh, no.

- You just sigh at me?
- No, no, no. No.

- [rhythmic music playing]
- Is that music?

- What?
- The music.

[woman singing rhythmic song in Spanish]

[Paula in English]
Don't be afraid to express yourself.

- [man chuckles]
- What is this?

It's the video Paula made.

[Paula] Whoever you are.

[music continues]

No lies, no filters.

Because there is nobody like you.

[man chuckles]

Be free. Be you.

Well done, Paula. It was very cool.

Thank you. Oh, it's all because
you let me capture your complexities.

You're all so... so pretty! [laughs]

I feel kind of silly.

No, don't feel silly, María Carmen.

In nature, there are swans, dolphins,
Bengal tigers, yeah, yeah,

but there are also animals
with their own beauty,

like hedgehogs, which are super cute,

and lemurs and squirrels,
bugs, cockroaches.

And they're all beautiful.

[hopeful music playing]

What I'm... trying to say is,

we are all totally unique.

Totally. Totally.

There is something special
about all of us.

Totally. This was something so special.

Including you.


[snorts softly]

Paula, uh...

what is this?

Oh, Álvaro, did you see the video?


I posted it, and we have so many likes.

People totally love it.

It's amazing.

You posted the video?

[quirky symphonic music playing]

- Good morning, Cristina. How are you?
- Oh, hello, Antonia.

- Do you want a newspaper?
- Huh?

They give these away every day,
but this one is amazing.

- No, thank you, I'm good.
- Yeah, well...

I don't know if you're interested
in the topic,

but there is an article
that talks about mortality.

You know, mortality's super grim.

- Where in the hell is the elevator?
- Anyway, I can tell you're busy.

I find that mortality
is a very interesting subject,

but you didn't tell me
what you think about mortality.

You know, people are usually
pretty relieved when...

[grunts softly]

- Okay.
- That bitch didn't even say goodbye.

Keep your voice down.

Is this the way we deserve
to be treated, Antonia, with apathy?

After all these years?

Who the fuck cares about you?

They treat you like you're nothing,

but I'm important, not nothing,
important, the receptionist.

Good to know, but I really need you to go.

If it were me, I'd grab her by the hair
and drag her outside, fucking bitch.

She's a fucking bitch,
and you're not much better.

You let her humiliate us, bitch. Fuck you.

[tense music playing]

[exhales slowly]

You're not gonna say anything?
You're not happy to see me?


Hello, Cristina.

[Cris, drily] Morning.

[woman] Good morning, Cristina.

[Cris] Hello, good morning.

[clears throat]

[Cris' reflection] Don't be afraid.

Just listen for a minute.

We need to talk.

- Good morning.
- Good morning. You okay?

Where are you gonna go?

[music builds to climax]


Who are you?

I'm you.

No. No, you're not me.

What did you do with my reflection?

You can't keep hiding me inside.

I don't know what you're talking about.

[electronic fluttering]

[Cris' reflection] Don't you remember?

[contemplative music playing]

[man] Cristina! Have you seen my watch?



Where did that girl go?!


We're gonna be late!

[electronic fluttering]

You happy as Cristina?
Because you've always been Cristian.

[breathing heavily] No.

You don't remember because you have tried
to erase me from your memory,

but like so many other things,
I'm still here.

- No.
- Look at me.


- Oh!
- I'm sorry.

[Álvaro] Let's see, this...
about this video.

Do I have to be the last one
to find out about it?

You asked me to post something special
for the 50th anniversary, that's today.

I was looking for something
related to the event,

and you made me a video
with your weirdo friends,

with the freaks in the office.

[Paula scoffs] They're not freaks,

they're people who are normal,
like me or you.

Not like me.

[Paula] Look, Álvaro, I think it's nice

for the employees to feel seen.

[Álvaro] Yeah, Paula, listen,
let me put things in context.

You see, we have planned
a luxury event with a supermodel,

and you made me a video
with María Carmen, the administrator.

A beautiful person on the inside,

but we can't see
how special she is in the video.

So, the video has to go.

What? No, no. Álvaro.

People are tired of models with normative,
theoretically perfect bodies.

- No, no, none of that.
- It's not real, it's fake.

And what's bad,
it's promoting the stereotype

of hetero-patriarchal women
based on outdated macho concepts.

Paula, stop.
Eh, what do people want to see?

No, I will tell you.

People want to see luxury, beauty.

Let's do an exercise.

Imagine your ideal self in the future.
What would it be like? Imagine.

Do you have it? Are you obese?

You aren't, right?

Cristina, how are you?
Are you going somewhere?

Mm, yeah. Uh...

To El Corte Inglés.

Perfect. Hey, let's see
if you sell them that makeup remover

that no one is buying, huh?

Come on, let's go. Go get 'em.

I'll see ya.

Álvaro, I know what I'm doing.

Look, why don't... what don't you do
a makeup tutorial or something?

You know, when your sister
showed you to me,

I thought,
"This is the girl we're looking for."

You've got some real talent.
You've got talent.

And, you know, you look great.
You really do.


Can I get you a coffee?

- No.
- [coins drop in vending machine]

[receptionist] Medina Cosmetics.
How can I help you?

[emotional music playing]

And so, after applying powder
and concealer,

it's then time to finish
by shaping the eyebrows.

The color of the shadow matches

my nails, this one here.

This is my paintbrush.

Although all other makeup artists
will tell you this looks terrible,

depending on the way you apply
the black shadow, it's better with brown.

But I honestly really love black.

Here we go.

I can't do this.


We can't let that douchebag
upset us like that, Paula.

Álvaro doesn't have a clue
about anything.

Guys like him are like defective products
that have to be taken out of the market.

You already tweeted about this,
don't you remember?

What if it's me
they take out of the market?

"What if it's me they take
out of the market?"

- [gasps]
- Okay, sorry.

They're not going to fire us, Paula.
They need us.

But you have to play the game smarter.

Maybe we're not good for much else.

Didn't you see them,
how they looked at us,

how they were applauding?

Yeah. That twinkle of hope in their eyes.

It's super cute.

Who do we do this for? Hmm?

- It's for...
- It's for them.

It's for them.

It's for them.

- [man, knocking] Hey, Paula. Paula.
- Hey.

Is everything okay?

Yes, it's nothing.

I have to take down the video.

Take down the video? Why?
I thought it was precious.

I came to tell you how much I loved it.

- You loved it, really?
- Of course.

It's... it's very cool.
It's very inspiring. It was nice.

I made it for people just like you,

for... everyone, men and women, yeah.

It... It gave me strength. I felt, um...

special, very.

See? That's it.

I mean, why can't
someone like you be pretty?

Soft, bald,
pasty-white skin and dark hair.

Why can't people see
how beautiful you are?

Because the...

Thank you so much for your support, Albie.

[romantic music playing]

It's my pleasure.

Oh, could you bring all of this
to my desk, please?

- Sure.
- I'm gonna pee my pants.

- I hope you have a great pee.
- [laughs]

Uh, sorry.

You are the cutest!

Thank you.

Let's see.

- [music halts]
- [metal and wood clattering]

- [straining]
- [metal clanging]

- That steakhouse is incredible.
- [Álvaro] Ah.

- Yeah, I've taken lots of women there.
- A good place to take clients.

- It's great, they love it, yes.
- Good to know.

- Listen, Álvaro, my friend.
- What's up?

- What's this video you posted?
- It's nothing. Paula posted it.

- Paula? Your intern?
- The social media manager.

Yeah, I'd be shocked
if that was your idea.

Ernesto, I've already told her
to take it down.

No, no, don't take it down.
The president loved it.

- She loved it?
- Yes, she says it's fresh.

It's inclusive, encourages diversity.

- She loved the obese guy from the office.
- Really?

Yeah. She said it was a wonderful example
of the new image the company needs,

and blah-blah-blah.

Uh, a new image?

That crazy bitch
wants to totally change everything.

But when you say "totally"...

Totally, Álvaro.
She wants to change everything.

She wants to play the video tonight
to show the investors

the new line of communication
on our social media.

What new line?

Whatever you say in that video.

It's just that I have
everything already prepared.

I've already written my speech.

I have it organized and it's impossible
to change it before tonight.

No, no, no, no, not tonight.

This afternoon, the president
wants you and I to sit down with her

and present this new strategy.

- What new strategy?
- How the fuck would I know?

I don't know anything
about obese men and transvestites.

You posted that video.

But I didn't post anything,
that was Paula.

- The intern?
- Yeah.

Paula. Okay.

So you go talk to that girl,
have her give you some ideas.

You two talk, she'll explain

what the fuck's going on
with today's young people.

Ernesto, wouldn't it be easier
if you talked to Susana?

I can't talk to Susana.
You know what she's like.

That fuckin' crazy bitch.

- Excuse me?
- What?

- You called the president a crazy bitch?
- Yeah, so did you.

Álvaro, we have to be very careful.
We live in a very difficult time.

You have to be extremely PC.
We have to be inclusive.

Yeah, I am inclusive.

I'm inclusive, are you inclusive?
We are inclusive.

So, come on. At 3:30, bring me a strategy.

But, Ernesto. But tell her
to at least give me more time, that I...

- I have faith in you.
- But...

Fuck. This is going to be a disaster.

Hello, my preciouses.

It's time to show you
my favorite make up.

My favorite make up!

- The one I use almost every day...
- [sighing]

...and from now on, you can use it too.

My favorite makeup!

For day, for night,
for school, for work...

- 1, 2, 3...
- [sighing]

There goes the video.

[Alberto's reflection] You gross pig.

Oh, shit! Fuck!

Masturbating, on the clock?

- Disgusting.
- [zipper zips]

Hey, your hands.

So, let's talk Paula.

Now I understand
why you were singing Glenn Medeiros.

You think Paula's a good choice, huh?

She's pretty, she looks clean.

She's nice to us.

Unlike the other girls.

And let's face it,
she said you were the cutest.

Exactly, and I think that...

No, no, you're right, I'm serious.
Seriously. Why can't we be with Paula?

And why not?

I mean, just because we're losing our hair

and something
about unconventional beauty.

Yes, okay. We are perfect in imperfection.

But then Paula is a...

Look at you. Look at me.

You are an ugly toad.

- What?
- No. Maybe I didn't make myself clear.

You are toad ugly.

Most women are disgusted
to shake your hand.

So imagine going any further.

That is not true.

Oh, no? Should I remind you about Aitana?

Aitana was a long time ago.

What about Lucía or Gemma Hurtado?

I was a kid when we met Gemma.

Alberto. Damn it, we were 36 years old.

Paula is... she's different.

She's more profound.

She looks to the interior of people.

And we... we have something special.


And why are we special?


Albie, Albie, Albie, Albie.

You're living in a fantasy.

Now we are okay.

We're calm, or do you want to suffer more?


You wanna finish masturbating?

- [woman] Alberto.
- Aurora.

Sweetie, the coffee maker's clogged again.

Oh, well, it must have run out of water.

Well, then could you fix it for me?

If I'm not careful, I'm gonna end up
taking the maintenance guy's job.

Ah, a dash of soy milk,
and remember, no sugar. [chuckles]

- Of course.
- Mm.

[Alberto sighs]

[Cris] Thank you for seeing me, Rosa.

It's been a while
since our last appointment.

It's been a year.

- A year?
- It's been a year.

Wow. I felt like I didn't need
to come here anymore.

- I thought I was better.
- And yet here you are.

You're not doing well.

I'm sorry I stopped coming so abruptly.

- It's no problem. Talk to me.
- [clears throat] The thing is...

Of course, you could have
given me a call, but you didn't.

I've been very busy with work.

You left a message on WhatsApp, Cristina.

After four years of listening
to your problems,

a WhatsApp?

Well, but I did give you plenty of notice,

and I did pay you
for our remaining session.

Ah, you paid!

It's the sentiment that counts, of course.

Well, I'm sorry.

Okay. It's okay, that's all right.

So, tell me, how's it going
with your asexual husband?

Do you still fantasize
about fucking other women?

No, no, things with Mario are better,

but earlier today
I had these memories come back

that were intense.

- Memories that were intense?
- Mm-hmm.

How original, Cristina.

I've never heard that here.

All right.

It's just that I remembered
that when I was little, I didn't...

I mean, I...

I didn't feel like I...

[emotional music playing]

It's really strange because it seems like

I wasn't supposed to ever
remember these memories,

but if I let myself think about it,
a lot of things make sense.

I don't know, like my insecurities...

[Rosa blowing raspberry]

- You okay?
- No.

I can't do this.

- You can't?
- I've grown to dislike you.

I didn't like you before,
with your mediocrity.

You have no initiative.

Well, uh... [clears throat]

I'm sorry, but we have to end it here.
I just can't support you.

I look at you
and I want to spit on your face.

- Well...
- You better leave.

Because right now I'd slap you
with my open hand, like this.

Bam! Right on your face.

Hmm, well, okay.

I guess...

[Rosa] Where are you going?

You owe me 60 euros.

Yeah, of course.

[Álvaro sighs]

Paula, come to my office.

So, are you going to fire me?

Listen. Ernesto was really upset.

"Who made that video?
Who's responsible for this?"

"Looks like we run a whore house."

He used very inappropriate language.

- It's clear you can't take any initiative.
- But, Paula.

- The ones with power are mediocre men...
- We're not going to fire you.

- What?
- What?

Sit down, please.

I've convinced Ernesto to keep you on.

- Are you serious?
- It wasn't easy. You know how he is.

He loves to cut off heads.

He wanted to know
who was responsible for the video,

I told him I'd take care of it.

My team is... you are like family.
I mean, we are family, Paula.

That's so sweet of you, Álvaro.

At 3:30, we have
a meeting with the president.

- You want me?
- Yes.

I've convinced her to let you attend.

Oh, wow, I don't even know what to say.

Nothing. Don't say anything.
Let me do the talking.

That said, I need to ask you
a few questions.

What was the video about, what should
our social media presence look like,

and why did you include that fat guy?

Well, I think the company's
social media campaigns

are completely antiquated.


Totally antiquated, yeah.

Anything else?

Well, it's aimed exclusively
at straight cis women

who are heterosexual

based on beauty standards

that have very little to do
with real people today.

That's why we want
a more inclusive marketing strategy

which takes into account all people,
because beauty comes in many forms.

That's why men and women...

And people who are transgender...

Cis men and women and transgender...

And anyone nonbinary.

[sighs] Men and women,
transgender people...

And anyone gender fluid.

- Are you fucking with me?
- That's what Paula said.

This is absurd!

[notebook thuds]

Paula knows her stuff,
so maybe we could just let her...

Do you want that little girl
to take our job, is that what you want?

I've taken her under my wing,
I've introduced her to all our clients.

I didn't invite her to a whore house,
but I've done everything else.

And do you think she thanked me?
Never. She never thanked me.

- She's never liked my selfies.
- I'm going to leave.

Any selfie. I always...

- What did you say?
- That I am leaving.

And go where?

- I don't know.
- What are you talking about?

I'm tired, Álvaro. It's not you, it's me.

It's just... It's just...
We always talk about the same thing.

About you, basically.

- We never talk about...
- What are you trying to say?

I look at you,
and I don't feel the same anymore.


I'm sorry, Álvaro.

- But you can't leave.
- Yes, yes, I can.

- Oh, really? How?
- By walking out this door.

Okay, okay, okay, wait.

Álvaro, Álvaro, wait, wait, wait!
Just talk to me.

What do you want to talk about?
Cinema, the news?

You're missing the point, Álvaro.

- International politics.
- Goodbye.


Hey, hold on.
You can't do this to me today.

- I need you to support me.
- And what do I need, huh?

What is it that I need?

You want me to visit more often?

Goodbye, Álvaro.

Álvaro! Álvaro!

- [door clangs loudly]
- Álvaro!

[ominous music playing]

[Alberto] Álvaro. Listen,
when you have a minute,

maybe we should check
the yearly results, huh?


[knock on door]

- Álvaro.
- Yeah.

We should really review
the yearly results for the report.

We have to...

What happened to your, uh...?

- What do you mean?
- Why don't you have...?

- Oh, you mean...
- So, why don't you have...?

- He left.
- What do you mean he left?

- He's gone.
- W-Where did he go?

No idea.

But, I mean, how could he just leave?

Because we broke up.
We... we just broke up.

Hi, I'm Angela Perez.
Welcome to my YouTube channel.

Today I want to explain
how I knew I was trans.

I knew there was something
that didn't fit

between the perception I had of myself
and the perception others had of me.

I like to refer to myself
in masculine terms.

I took clothes from my father's closet
and I would try them on.

[vlogger 2] I was completely unable
to feel comfortable with my body,

and this is called dysphoria.

You don't feel identified with your body,

and you look in the mirror

and you feel that
those boobs aren't yours,

that you shouldn't have them.

Right now I'm wearing a binder
that compresses my chest

to make it look flatter.

Some people wear what we call a binder.

It's basically a compressor top
to conceal your breasts.

I'm a boy and I don't have a penis.

I mean, I'm doing just fine
without a penis, I'm happy.

It was super clear to me
that I'm not a woman,

but today it's super clear to me
that I'm not a man.

I'm nonbinary.

A tomboy is not necessarily a lesbian.
I'm a nonbinary trans person.

My boys, my girls, I'm agender.

And so I'm a dude, a man.

A dude born in a woman's body. [echoing]

[dramatic musical flourish]

Who are you?

I think that's pretty clear.

Well, not to me.

- You should talk to Paula.
- To Paula?

She can help us.

[drums tattooing]

[distant motorcycle passing]

[Álvaro sighs]

You think it's normal for a reflection
to disappear all of the sudden?

No, that is not normal.

It's not, it really isn't.

You know what I'm saying?

Ah, fuck him. What do I need him for?

- Huh?
- Maybe...

What for? For nothing.

For nothing.

For nothing.

For nothing.

Hello, gentlemen.

Would you like a newspaper?

They always give them away for free,
but this one's pretty great.

- No, thank you, Antonia.
- It's no problem.

So, tonight's the big party.

Doesn't seem like a lot,
but it is to you big boys.

If there's something this company's
got going for it, it's...

- Okay.
- Okay what?

Okay what?

Stop saying "okay." Stop saying "okay."

Please, I'm begging you,
don't do this again.

I fucking hate these people.
I fucking hate everything.

And I fucking hate you.

Okay, first, I need you to calm down.

- Can you calm down?
- Tell me why we don't burn them.

You're being a real pain in the ass
about this fire thing.

Remember the parakeet?

How he screamed?

Those little cries he made?

[imitates high-pitched screaming]

That sweet smell of burned chicken?

And you didn't have enough with one,
so we burned two.

And then three.

And more crying.

[imitating screaming]

Shut up! Damn it.
We're not going to burn anyone.

- [footsteps]
- Hello there.

Would you like a newspaper?

They always give them away for free,
but this one's pretty great.

[Alberto's reflection] So, what do you
mean you want to follow your path?

What path do you want to follow?

Well, I... I've been very comfortable
all these years, but...

- Oh?
- I need to make my own way a little more.

What the fuck, Alberto.

It's totally possible.
Álvaro's just left him.

Álvaro's just left him?

Álvaro doesn't have a reflection.

- He what?
- He just walked out the door.

I can't just walk out the door, asshole.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you can, yeah.
Try it, you'll see.

Alberto, it's impossible for me
to leave if you don't.

I can't just go walk away.

[gurgling, creaking]

- You see?
- You're leaving me?

No, no, no, no, no. What I'm saying
is that we need some time apart.

You're getting rid of me
after all I've done for you?

After giving you the best years
of my life, you're dumping me like a pet?

No, I... I appreciate you,
but I think it's better if...

You think I'm not sick and tired
of putting up with your bullshit?

Well, now you don't have to!

All right, you want me
to leave, I'll leave.

I'm gonna leave, yeah, no problem.

But if I leave, it's for good, huh?
And don't come crying to me.

Alberto, I'm leaving.


Okay, fine.

[door clangs shut]

[clears throat]

[martial music playing]

[workers chatting indistinctly]

[María Carmen] Alberto.

Alberto? It's stuck.

- The printer's stuck.
- That's a problem.

- Well, will you look at it?
- Well, uh, no.

Why not?

Because that's not my fucking job,
María Carmen.

I don't give a shit
about the printer, 'kay?

- I don't.
- I know.

No! I just don't give a fuck
about the printer.

I just don't give
a fucking fuck about the printer.

And today I'm not going
to take shit from you assholes!

[martial music fades]

And I just realized I sit over there.

I don't know why I walked
all the way over here, but I did.

The printer doesn't work,
it does not work.

I don't know if you've heard,
but it doesn't work.

And you know who's going to fix it?

Your fucking mothers, you motherfuckers!

[martial music playing]

I have been looking for ways
to make some changes to this company.

Things like social media,
the packaging, right?

[Ernesto] Yes, yes, yes.

But it's not easy.

It may be because my father
is no longer with us,

but he is always with me.

The change has to be deeper
or the competition will knock us out.

- Juan knows this.
- Yes.

The numbers don't lie and sales are down.

If we don't do something very quickly...

That's why when I saw the video,
I was thinking, "Be free, be you."

"Be, be..."

Because if I'm presiding
over this company,

it's for a reason, to lead something.

Your vision is essential to the...

I want the event tonight
to celebrate our past,

but I also want it to celebrate
where we're heading in the future.

You, Álvaro, are our guiding star.

What do you think?

Uh, well, um...

Uh, I haven't had much time
to prepare it, but...

But I do...

I do have some notes

from, what was it?

Uh, let's see.

Basically I think that...

that we have to talk to the people.

Uh, let's forget a bit
about sex for the moment.


- No, I didn't mean sex. Um, gender.
- Hmm.

Because gender and sex are...
I'm not trying to minimize.

You know what I mean.

Well, there are times when they are,
there are times when they coincide,

but they don't...
they're not always the same,

so when the time comes
to talk to different people,

you say, "Well, talk to the...
to the people."

Uh... But sex, it doesn't matter.

The important thing is the gender.

The... The... [laughs]

...gender, and...

And in the end,
what I would like to say would be,

why not?

Or not.

[Susana clears throat]


People... so keep the main thing.

The main thing...



Get to the point.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.

Yeah, excuse me, that...

[drums beating rapidly]

People, uh, but... it's basic, yes.

- It's...
- [Paula clears throat]

Paula, what do you think?

- What?
- Go on, tell us your ideas.

[Susana] Go on, Paula.

I think, why does makeup
have to be aimed exclusively at women?

Why can't men also wear makeup?

The gays, for example.

- Not just gay.
- Not just the gays.

- Anyone.
- Intersexuals too.

- Them as well.
- Hey, Álvaro, one sec.

- Would you mind letting Paula speak?
- Sure, sure, of course.

[chuckles] Thanks.

Well, I believe in... in expression.

- I believe in freedom...
- [Paula's voice fades]

[intense music playing]

[phone rings]

Excuse me, have you seen María?

I don't know.
Maybe she's in the bathroom.


Hi! How are you? Sorry I scared you.

Yeah, a bit.

- I was waiting for you.
- Yeah?

- What's up?
- I just went to the bathroom.

It's very good to go to the bathroom,
especially after lunch.

We had a great time last night, didn't we?

- Mm.
- Is that a good or a bad "mm"?

- Hmm.
- Well, we can try again, you know.

- Okay, well, maybe.
- All right, how about tonight?

No, I can't tonight.

You're not doing anything after the party?

I'll be asleep.

You'll get rest. Tomorrow I'll give you
the day off because I'm your boss.

- No, I can't, Álvaro.
- Well, how about now?

- No.
- A quickie. In the bathroom.

- I said no.
- You said you loved it.

- Did you love it or not?
- Álvaro. Álvaro.

Ow! You're hurting me.

- Get off of me!
- Álvaro.

See ya, doll face.

[María, nervously] Mm-hmm.

[Álvaro chuckles]

[Ernesto chuckles]

What the fuck was that?

Uh, nothing. I was just here...

She could sue you for sexual harassment.

I don't know what's wrong with her.
Last night she didn't resist at all.

- What happened last night?
- Nothing.

Nothing. Went for a drink,
and, well, she...

You can't walk around
with your dick in your hand.

No, I don't do that.
It's not my fault I'm super attractive.

[sighs] Listen,
I don't want you to talk tonight.

[dramatic music playing]

[door slams]

Excuse me?

Álvaro, I've tried to protect you,
you understand?

I've covered for you many times,
but I can't risk myself anymore.

[scoffs] I see what this is all about.

- It's all about Paula!
- What are you saying?

"Paula, please, go on and tell us."
You didn't let me speak.

- You weren't saying anything.
- Because you didn't let me speak!

Keep your voice down, Álvaro.

Sure. You wanna push me out
because I'm better than you.

- What the fuck?
- Yeah. I'm a threat to you.

- I have charisma, people love me.
- No, the whole office is laughing at you.

Ha! Who? Who the fuck is laughing at me?

[Ernesto] Everyone.

Let me see.

Juan, Ramón,
even the obese one makes fun of you.

The new girl,
I don't know her name, makes fun of you.

I hear them all the time in the cafeteria.

They even created a WhatsApp group
to comment on your selfies.

Okay, because they're funny
and I turn the looks.

No, it's to make fun of you.

What's it called?
"The Jerk"? "The Dickhead"?

Ah, "The Douchebag."


Yeah, douchebag, Álvaro.
"The Douchebag."

[tense music playing]

And just so we're clear, they added me.

But I keep it muted most of the time,
because sometimes they can be cruel.

Selfies. [laughing]

"The Douchebag."

[voice echoing]

Álvaro! [echoing]

[Ernesto echoing] "The Douchebag."

And makeup is sold
to cover our supposed "defects,"

to make women want to be
like the women on TV

with unattainable bodies
so that we aren't really being ourselves.

Makeup has to be for us to express
ourselves freely, no matter how we are.

Because we're all really pretty.

I think you should give
the speech tonight, Paula.

I mean, if you want to.

Do you want to?

Yeah, sure.


[Paula shrieks]

[hopeful music playing]

I can't believe I'm going to speak
in front of everyone,

because it was the president
who asked me.

Congratulations, Paula.

[Paula] Mm-mm-mm. Ha ha! [sighing]

Whoo! [laughs]

[Paula] I know you think
the video is bullshit.

No, no, I like it.

- Yesterday you didn't seem interested.
- Well, because I was worried.

But that's okay, I forgive you.

I have to focus on my speech.

Do you think my hair's too pink?

You look gorgeous.

Maybe I should go to my stylist.
I don't know if I'll have time.

Ariel works next door. Amazing.

- Ariel?
- Oh, shit.

They had a birthday today
and were closing early. Damn it.

Ariel is the boy
who used to be a girl, right?

So he doesn't feel like a guy or a girl?

They use the term "nonbinary."

That's what I mean.
It's interesting, isn't it?

What? Ariel?

Yes. Well, he...

I mean, she...

- They.
- They.

Do you think they knew they were...?

They began the transition to man

and realized they didn't identify
really with any gender.

But did they ever have the surgery?

I mean, on their chest,
you can't see any breasts.

- What?
- Do they wear a binder?

- Binder?
- How do you even know about binders?

Well... [laughs]

After watching your... your video,
I've been doing some research.


Oh, my God.

I mean, not only
am I changing the company,

but I'm also changing my sister?

That's why all of this
is so important, Cris.

It's not just that I'm
progressing professionally.

It's not about me.

I feel like I am contributing to society
by opening the minds of people like you,

that there is more respect for diversity,

that people can express themselves
to their full potential.


Shh! I realize what I just said
is fucking bad-ass,

and I have to write it down.

Paula, listen.

This morning when I went to the gym
after my workout...

Did I say "their full potential"?

No, no. I don't know. Don't remember.

- What's the matter?
- Huh?

Tell me what's wrong.

No idea.

Something very strange is happening to me.


[phone ringing and buzzing]

Oh, it's Dad.

Hey, Dad, what's...

[Paula sighs]

The hospital?

- [clock ticking]
- [reflective music playing]

Do you think I'm good at stuff?

Mm? Like what stuff?

Well, I mean, let's see.

I know I'm not perfect, but I think
I do things pretty well, don't you?

Of course.
What's wrong with you, Álvaro?

They won't let me give the speech tonight.

Who won't let you give the speech?
You're phenomenal.

You've always been great
at public speaking.

- Exactly.
- Of course.

I mean, in school plays,
you were always the best actor.

- I don't know if I was the best, but yes.
- The best and the most handsome.

The other mothers were jealous
because you were great at everything.

Well, everything...

You were always great
at everything, Álvaro.

That's why you're where you are now,

in charge of one of the most important
companies in the world.

It's not the world's most important
company and I don't run it, Mom.

You're starting to sound like your father,
and you're nothing like your father.

You're not a sack of potatoes
like your father.

You never were, and you never will be.

- I'm nothing like my father.
- Mm-mm.

I am... I'm a winner.
I've always been, haven't I?

[mother] Of course you are.

[Álvaro] Yeah.

I've always done the right things.

- Where are they?
- [mother] Where are you going?

Do you want a gin and tonic?

I was a popular guy.

I made out with the hottest girls
in high school, I scored goals.

I was captain of a team.

And you had beautiful handwriting.

Yes, yes, I had beautiful handwriting.

I got good grades in social studies.

And in physical education.

It was great to see you vaulting
with those big legs of yours.

Where the fuck is it? Where are they?

- Where are they?
- What are you looking for?

What is it, Álvaro?

It's here somewhere.
This furniture's a fucking piece of shit!

Maybe I'd know where it is
if you'd just tell me.

You didn't really need to come here.

Come on, I'm... feeling perfectly fine.

I don't know if "perfect"
is the right word.

Yes. It's because I'm used to having
this fucking arrhythmia.

Come on, Cristina, why are you here?

I don't wanna be a bother
'cause I know you're busy.

Actually, I can't stay
too long either, Daddy.

I also have a work thing tonight.

- You just do whatever you want.
- Yeah.

I've been asked to give a speech.

- Hmm. Speech?
- Yeah.

- You?
- Yeah, me.

- Oh, that's great news.
- Thank you, Daddy.

See how good it's been for you
to work with your sister?

This is because I...

Oh, no, you didn't want to at first.

You said you weren't meant
to follow schedules.

I don't think I said that.

You did, or something like that.

It's one of those expressions
typically used by your mother.

- [Paula sighs]
- But look at her.

Speech. [chuckles]

A speech about what?

I made a video to celebrate
the company's 50th anniversary.

- How did you make that happen?
- No, I had nothing to do with it.

- What do you mean?
- No, really.

The president saw my video and asked me.

- You did good pulling strings for her.
- She didn't, it was me.

Well, call it what you want.

- They see my ambition.
- So, what do you want?

A pat on the back?

You're doing very good,
you're finding your place.

If it wasn't for Cristina, you know,

you'd still be out there
wasting your time

and partying with those dikes
and faggots.

- Enough.
- What did you say?

- Fine. Gays, gays.
- No.

- Now, wait a minute.
- We'll call them the gays.

- Dad, stop it, come on, Dad.
- Come on, Paula.

You... You've never been much
of a hard worker,

which makes sense 'cause you've always
been just like your mother.

- Daddy, stop comparing me to my mother!
- Why are you yelling at me?

- That's not good for my poor heart.
- I gotta go.

No, Paula. P-Paula? Paula!

[father] Can you believe
she left like that?

[Cris] Well, she's nervous.

[father] I've given her everything

- Everything she'd ever wanted!
- [Cris] Please calm down.

You, on the other hand...

you haven't had half the things she's had
and you're still happy.


[father sighs] Still...

you haven't given me grandchildren,
and you're getting older.

But you know all the science
has come a long way.

Maybe someday
you'll give me a surprise, hmm?



Spanish, C.

Sciences, B.

Social studies, a C.

Mathematics. Oh, I got a D.

Really, Mom?

Do you think I do everything right?
Not a B-plus or an A?

- Because they always had it in for you.
- Were all my teachers out to get me?

[mother] People can't stand winners,
there was a lot of jealousy towards you

because we had a lot of money.

Everyone had money there.
It was a college preparatory.

[mother] And most of them were broke.

[Álvaro] Are you kidding me?

- Mom, I wasn't the best at anything.
- What are you saying?

I was mediocre!

[clanging, clattering]

No. How could he?

Who won't let you give the speech?

The CEO?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, the CEO?

I'll call right away and fix this for you.

No. Mom, who are you calling?

What did you say his name was?
Who am I asking for?

Please, Mom.

[hangs up phone]

Well, do you want a gin and tonic?


You know we're never gonna be able
to give Dad what he wants.

I'm sorry, but I don't have time for his.

- I have to find a dress for tonight.
- A dress?

I'm sorry.


[energetic music playing]

I can't just change my life
all of the sudden like that.

Who said it had to be all of the sudden?

I've gotten used to living like this.

- What kind of bullshit argument is that?
- I can't just become someone else.

- That's insane.
- You wouldn't be another person.

- You would be...
- I said no, I'm not you!

[Cris' reflection]
You can't lock me up again.

- I can't completely change my life.
- But why not?

Because of everything, and Mario.

- You've never been in love with Mario.
- The people in the office.

- Who cares?
- The ladies at Zumba.

Fuck the ladies at Zumba!

- There's Dad.
- Dad might have a hard time with it but...

You know it would kill him.


You have to give him the opportunity
to love you for who you really are.

You need to do this for yourself.

- I'm sorry.
- [Cris' reflection sighs]

- [gurgling, creaking]
- No, no, you can't do this to us.

[echoing] You can't...

[rumbling, squeaking]


Oh! [chuckles]

This happy yellow dress is cute.

But don't they have it in a color more...

color more... traditional?

A pearl aqua.



- [door opens]
- Hey, man.

How's it going?

What's up? You don't have time
to stop home, either?

I just wanna buy a suit.

And if I have to take the bus
all the way back home...

Whew! Won't even make it to dessert.

So I'm shaving here.

What happened to you?

What do you mean, what happened to me?

- Your reflection.
- Oh, nothing.

I asked him to leave.

- You asked him to leave?
- Yeah.

You were right.
We're better off without them.

What do we need them for, huh?

For nothing.

- No, Alberto, I was wrong.
- What do you mean, you were wrong?

- Just look at you.
- I can't.

I don't even know how
to tie my tie without him. I don't...

Álvaro, tell me what you see.

- Tell me.
- There's nothing.

Exactly. Nothing.

So you could be whatever you want.
Whatever you want.

What do you want, Álvaro?
What do you want?

[Cris' reflection] Hmm.

Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy.

My favorite so far.

- How much is it?
- You knew all along, didn't you?

- What do you mean?
- About Cristian.

I don't know what happened.
You shouldn't have seen him.

But whatever,
he's where he's meant to be now.

- But why?
- What do you mean, why?

You remember how much we suffered
when we were little?

No, of course not.

You don't remember
because I fixed it for us.

No, you didn't fix it, you hid it from me.

I was protecting you.

We're finally happy now, Cristina.

With antidepressants.


It's not a perfect life,
but is there one that is?

I mean, really,
does anyone have a perfect life?

At least we're not suffering anymore.

- Yeah, but...
- No one will like Cristian.

Nobody would like us.

Okay. Let's pay for the dress,

and tonight we'll have a couple
of glasses of wine, which we deserve,

and if we're good,
we can have a gin and tonic.

No more, yeah? [laughs]

Because we lose control

and we can't afford
to get home super late,

and Bernie gets nervous and starts barking
and the neighbors complain,

with good reason.

[Cris' reflection sighs]

[contemplative music playing]



[kids shouting in distance]

[Latin dance music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

- You're Ariel, right?
- Yeah, and you are?

- I'm Cristina, Paula's sister.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

Sorry, Cristina, I didn't recognize you.

It doesn't matter.
We only met a couple of times.

- You work together, right?
- Yeah.

Uh, need anything?

Hmm... no.

- Want something to drink?
- Yeah.

Well, follow me.
Just make yourself at home.

Oh, what a day!

Fuck, Antonia!
What's up? How are you doing?

I'm doing great. Look, I was...

I'm at my best. I'm at my best.
I'm going to buy a suit for the party.

- How nice, eh?
- [chuckles]

I'm sure you'll have a great time.

I've never been
to any of these events, actually.

Antonia, you must join us.

Me? What are you talking about?

Antonia, you're like family.

- No, it's different, it's not the same.
- It's exactly the same.

Come on, join us.

But I don't know what people will think.

Well, screw them, Antonia.

Okay? Make them suffer.

Yeah, but...

- Sorry, sorry. I got carried away.
- Don't worry, Antonia.

It was a reaction, spontaneous, natural.

Or it was because you hit me first.

Well, I hit you more gently,
but no, it's fine, it's a beautiful act.

- Did I hurt you?
- No, not at all.

- Don't worry, I barely felt it.
- It's a little red.

Well, I thought it was on the other side.

Of course pain is relative.
What hurts you may not hurt me.

I might need more pain to feel anything.

Uh, I gotta go because the stores
are about to close, Antonia.

- See you tonight.
- [laughs softly]

[dance music playing]

What is it?

[dance music continues, muffled]

Hi there. The name's Pol.

[voice echoing] And you?

Hello, Pol. I'm Cris.

Cris... Cristina.

Cristina? Nice to meet you.

And likewise.

And what are you doing here, Cristina?

I came to... [chuckles]

...get my hair cut, but it seems like
you're having this little party.

I didn't wanna...

Oh, you know, I can cut it if you want.
It's just a point cut, right?

I can do it pretty quick.
I work with Ariel.



I mean, you just need a small trim,
you just need me to clean it up?


I don't know.

It's just...

now I've decided to come here,
right, now that I'm here

and looking at
the hairstyles you have here,

I don't know, maybe...

this one.

[chuckles] That one?

- No?
- Well, it's a big change.

If you want, I'm happy to do it.

[dance music fades]

Oh, well, maybe...

something more traditional.

You mean like me?

This is you?


[emotional music playing]

Would that work?

[Pol] Whatever you like, Cristina.

But you need to be sure that's
what you really wanna do, because...

- Cristian.
- What?

My name.

My name is Cristian.

Hi there, Cristian.

My name's Pol.

[Pol laughs softly]

Hi there, Pol.

See? This is what I was
telling you, Antonia.

So much hate, so much bad blood.

Always filling my head with shit, Antonia.

You can't live like that.

In the end, they are good people.

A bit stand-offish,
but they are good people.

Do you want to know
what dress we're going to wear?


[woman singing sensual, rhythmic song]

Unfortunately, I can't find anyone
under Antonia or Lopez.

No? Maybe under receptionist?

Receptionist? No, sorry.

Can I look for Alberto?
He's the man who invited me.

No, you can't. If you're not on the list,
I can't let you in.

Can you go look for him?

He's a chubby guy with pasty-white skin,
very, very, very...

But the thing is, I can't leave my post.
Maybe you can come in when he gets here.

Listen, I understand,
we have the same job.

But look at the dress I'm wearing.

Look, if you want, you can wait
in the bar, which is right down there.


[crowd applauding]


Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you.

- [man] Yeah!
- [woman] Whoo!

Well, I am a little nervous, okay?
Excuse me.

But first I'd like to welcome you all.

It's gonna be a good night.

Um, I've been thinking a lot
about what I'd like to say here,

and I have to be honest with you

because I haven't prepared anything.

[scattered laughter]

The existential vacuum air
of post-modernity

has for many years
subjected the cosmetics industry

to participate in false realities.

Fake faces, images that tell us
what we should be,

that demand an impossible perfection.

None of us are perfect.

And we're all different from each other.

But the real beauty is right here.

Here, in our big hearts.

I believe that we must
conquer our insecurities

and show our true selves

to express what we really are
without fear.

Without fear of who we really are.

Thank you.

[cheering and applause]

You should applaud yourselves.

So happy birthday, Medina Cosmetics.

It's time to party! [laughs]

[band playing bluesy dance music]

[indistinct chatter]

We are very happy with you, Paula.

- And yet, you had your worries.
- No, no.

The fat guy from accounting
had him worried.

- [Ernesto] Well, the obese man.
- You saw how well he did.

- He filled the whole screen.
- Well, the idea was...

He was worried about you too,
since you are young and a woman.

- Come on, I never said that.
- Were you looking around you?

Everyone was so excited!

Totally. We have to bet on this strategy.

And on Paula, who's a rising star.

- [Ernesto] Agreed.
- Thank you so much.

No, really, thank you for trusting me.

Fucking brilliant.

That was fucking brilliant, Paula.

But how... how beautiful you did.

You did fucking amazing!

How beautiful, huh? This is nice.

How nice is this?

Us four, huh? [sighs]

- [glasses clink]
- Cheers.


What are you doing, Cris?

Girl, I am fucking great. You?

What happened to your hair?

No, no, this... this was Pol.

Ooh, you reek of alcohol.

Yeah, well, I had couple of beers,
and I tried a little of MDM...

Why did she give you drugs?

Not she, they.

Look, look, look. Look what I'm wearing.

What is that?

- It's a binder.
- A binder?

- A binder just for me.
- Why are you wearing a binder?

Paula, can't you see?
I feel so free right now.


- I finally feel like myself.
- I don't understand.

[Cris] Paula.

I'm Cristian.



am Cristian.

[suspenseful music rising]

- Paula.
- [gasps]

I dunno who I am, I've tried to be myself,
but since I don't know who I am, I can't.

Who am I?

Who am I?

- I don't know.
- What if I'm nobody?

What if in the end, I'm nothing?

- Uh...
- Help me, Paula.

- [quirky music playing]
- I beg you.

Help me, Paula.

[Paula, uncertainly] Oh.

[Alberto on microphone]
Yes, hello? Testing, testing.

- Yes? Can you hear me?
- [microphone feeding back]


Well, this wasn't this...

This wasn't planned,
but this is the night to be spontaneous.

So thank you very much, guys,
for playing for me.

Paula. This is for you.

- You taught us to look into our hearts...
- Hi.

...and bring out the best in ourselves.

[band playing
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You"]

[Susana] Hmm?

[starts incorrectly in Spanish]

[singing in Spanish]

[in English] The obese man.

[music fades]

- [Paula laughs weakly]
- Paula, I love you.

[Paula] Oh.

I think you feel something for me too,
since you called me "cutie."

- Don't say anything.
- [gasps]

- Hmm!
- Alberto, no.

- No.
- Hmm!


[flames whooshing]



[crowd screaming]

[dinnerware clattering]

[Antonia] Be free!

Be you!


Be free.

Be you!

[Cris] Paula!






[gurgling, creaking]

What's happening?

[distorted, wavering] I don't know...



[Ernesto] My God, what a disaster.
Thank goodness no one got hurt.

Anyway, Álvaro, you know I've always
protected you, don't you?

But you understand
that after what happened,

we have to... we have to make changes.

I can imagine.

Paula, we are reconsidering
your position in the company.

We want to change, but we don't
want to do anything too risky.


How would you change
the company's marketing strategy?

Well, cosmetics have been dominated
for many years by images of beauty that...

No, no, sorry, Paula.
We've already heard your speech.

- We're looking for more.
- Something more concrete, Paula?

So I think we don't really need
anything radical.

I mean, yes, I would keep the concepts
of freedom and expression

because they are attractive,

but we can forget anything transgressive.

No overweight people, no one trans,

because that can generate rejection and...

they're, uh, marketing minorities.

[Ernesto] We don't know yet
who will fill your position.

- Paula?
- We don't know.


Just between us,

this is about selling makeup,

not about changing the world.

[Ernesto] Are you okay?

Yes, yes.

Better than ever.

[chuckles softly]

[Álvaro's reflection]
Álvaro, what's going on?


Why am I in here?

What am I doing here?


You can't do this to me.

I'm doing what you couldn't.

This isn't how I wanted it to turn out.

Of course you did, Paula,
but you were too scared.

That's why you're there now and I'm here.

But... But I can't stay here.

And do I have to stay here?


I also deserve to have a life,
even if we have to start from scratch.

It's just that this is very weird.

Alberto, you can't be in charge,
I told you.

Yeah, but...

Don't give me that face.

- I'm doing this for you.
- [scoffs]

Come on, cheer up.

- Take time to reflect.
- Okay, fine.

We'll be fine.

- [sighs]
- We'll take it one step at a time.

You'll be fine, I promise.


How do I look?

We look really good.


[mysterious music playing]

[mysterious music fades]

[contemplative piano music playing]

[quirky symphonic music playing]

[contemplative piano music playing]