Esmeralda's Twilight (2018) - full transcript

With the death of her husband and the absence of her son, Esmeralda has lost her interest in life until she regains hope when a piglet comes into her life.

Sales office. Good evening.
My name is Enrique Aguirre.

Good evening.
I'm looking for Felipe Garcia.

This is his mother,
Mrs. Esmeralda Garcia.

Good evening, ma'am.
I'll put you through to him.

Thank you very much.

Hello, mom.

Hi honey. How are you?

I told you to call me on my cell phone.

Oh, son. Look.

It was hard enough for me
to learn how to dial that number.

Remember I don't get
used to things so easily.

I just want to know how you've been.

What have you been up to?

Well, you know, I've
been working non stop.

One's always busy here.

So, how is my father?

Fine, son. He's doing fine.

Do you think I can talk to him today?

Hold on a second.


Arnulfo! Your son
Felipe is on the phone.

He's working late today.

He called to see
how you're doing despite how busy he is.

No, don't move. Stay there.

That's better.

There, there. Get some
rest. Go back to sleep.

He fell asleep. Can you believe it, son?


I gave him his dinner and tucked him in.

He fell asleep a short while ago.
He's like a baby.

Don't worry, Mom. He doesn't know
who he's talking to anymore.

The other day, he mistook
me for your aunt Bety.

Remember how happy he'd get when

she arrived from San Francisco?

Sorry, Mom, but I have to go.
I'm needed back at work.

But I promise I'll call
you soon, all right?

I swear I've been really busy.

Don't worry, son.

I was just calling to see how you were.

But I wanted to let you know that
we're also doing fine.


You take care.

Yeah, yeah.

Eat well and rest.

Yeah. Take care and don't
stop talking to Dad, OK?

Be well, my dear.
Have a lovely night.

You too.

We'll be in touch.

Sure, mom. Bye.

Goodbye, son.

"Esmeralda's Twilight"

Thanks for being here today, Martita.

Thank you for coming.

Don Antonio, thank you for joining us.

Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Thank you very much
for joining us, teacher.

Excuse me.

A little help?

Is there any cinnamon left in the
kitchen? Should I send for more?

There is, don't worry.

What did Alonso tell
you about the cemetery?

They're looking into it. By the way,

we were wondering if we
put the right things in the box.

Look, here's the professor's
belt that you told us about.

Let me see.

Thanks a lot,
but I think I'll change a thing or two.

If you don't mind, of course.

No, no.

And the picture?

Did you find the one I told you about?

Yes. We chose this one 'cause
the three of you look so good.

We can use another
one if you want, though.

I think I have another one under there.

No. This one's fine. No need to bother.

It's no bother, Doña Esmeralda.

By the way, isn't your son coming?

He couldn't make it,
he's very busy with work.

Sorry, I think I'll use
that other photo after all.

There's another one
that might be better.

It's down there.

The one where he's
wearing his professor suit.

I wouldn't like not seeing it again, but

This is it, right?

Oh, yes, he looked so
handsome, my teacher.

Into your hands

I lay my life, dear Lord.

Into your hands, I lay my existence.

To die, one must first live.

Into your hands, I lay my heart.

To die, one must first live.

In your hands, I lay my heart.


Thank you all for joining us.

If anyone wants a bite to eat,

we'll be at Doña
Esmeralda's. It's all set.


Sorry, Doña Esmeralda.

See? I said I wouldn't
bother you anymore.

It's no bother.

It's just that Don Aurelio
gave me some pears from his house

and they're just too many for me.

You shouldn't have.

It's no bother at all.

Did you talk to Felipe?

Was he sad?

Poor son of mine.

He said he might come visit, but

you know he's had a lot of work lately.

Is he really coming? That's great!

See how much he misses you,
Doña Esmeralda?

Will you please hand me a plate?

You already know how Don Aurelio is.

His trees are loaded with fruit,
and he's all alone.

He'd rather give them away
than watch them go bad.

And truth be told,

these pears are soft as butter.

Well, thanks a lot.

Look, these are perfectly ripe.

But we better put them in the fridge,
so they'll last longer.

Wow, it looks like you
just cleaned out the fridge.

You threw away all the food.

Doña Lorenza, don't say that.

The truth is I accidentally
left all the containers out

and it's been so hot that
when I checked 'em up

the food had gone bad.

Good morning, Esmeralda.
How are you today?

All right, Doña Lorenza.

Remember I said I wanted
to make some bean tamales?

Well, guess what?

I brought you some. Come on, try one!

Look, I left the iron on.
But I'll keep this one

or drop by your house later.

Don't worry. I'll leave you that one and
two more in case you get hungry later.

And I also brought you some mezcal.

What? I found it in my house.

We can have a sip if you want.

No, no. We'll have that sip later.

All right, then.

You shouldn't have.

I'll see you later.

Let me know if you liked them.

Hello, Doña Esmeralda.
How are you doing?

All right.

I made this chichilo stew
from my sister in law's recipe.

Look, I brought some for you to try.

Tell me if it's good.

I also brought you rice

and some buñuelos for dessert.

Thanks, you shouldn't have bothered.

It's no bother, Doña Esmeralda.

Let's go. See you later, Esmeraldita.

How are you doing, Cesar?

Very good, Esmeralda.

I wanted to ask you
over for some chichilo.

From a new recipe I just made,
let's see if you like it.

Well, let's try it.

There's also rice,
buñuelos, some mezcal.

We'll be over later.

Don't take too long, OK?

We'll be there in a minute.

Let's go eat!

Let's go.

Have some chichilo when
you're done with your rice.

It goes perfectly with these chilies.

Thanks a lot, Esmeralda.

How about some mezcal?


Aren't you eating?

I'm fine with my mezcal. You boys eat.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Mom?
- Son, what happened?

I'm sorry to call so late, but

did he at least die peacefully?


He just fell asleep.

But why did I have
to hear it from Cesar?

Everybody knew except for me.

I didn't tell you
because I didn't want to trouble you.

But he was my dad, for fuck's sake!

I had a right to know!

Son, you were only going to suffer more.

And you had just told me
you couldn't leave the country.

I don't get you, Mom.

You're always telling me to be with you

and now that it was so
necessary, you lie to me!

Look, Felipe you hadn't
called me for days.

So I thought you were
really busy, that it wasn't

I'm sorry, Mom.

I only ask God to let you
know how much I love you.

May God forgive me, but
you really hurt me this time.

Good morning, Don
Manuel. How are you doing?

Good morning, Esmeraldita.

Sorry, I couldn't park in the square
because of the procession.

You know how these people are.

You know? My mom thinks of you often.

Every time I come to Santo Domingo

she asks me if I saw you.

You know, if I paid you a visit.

Thanks a lot, Manolito.
So nice of your mother.

What are you hauling?

Do you want to see?


Hold on.

Just one second.

It's a female.

She's a month old.

Doesn't it feel nice?

Where are you going, missy?

Come on, chubby cheeks.
Look how good the sun feels.

What's going on? No need to be afraid.

You're so brave.
Let's just brush you like this.

Come here, you!

You're going to look
so pretty. That's it.

There you go. Bath time is almost over.

That's it. Very good! There, there.

You're so pretty!

No, don't eat that.

I'll go see what I can fix for you.

I also need a pound of carrots, please.

And some broccoli.


Here you go.

Here's your bag.

Thank you.

Goodbye! Have a nice day!


Take care.


No, not that! I know it looks

really tasty, but don't eat it.

Come here, little piggy.

Come Look, Queenie!
What a tasty meal we're having!

I'm coming, baby!
I'm coming!

Look, Queenie! What a
tasty meal! Look sweetie, look!

How yummy!

You're such a glutton, Queenie!

How beautiful she is!

Oh no, chubby cheeks!
Come on! Let's get out!

Where did you go, you naughty girl?


Look what you've done, you little brat!

Look at this mess, missy!

This is very bad, missy!

My goodness! Poor plants!

No, don't! I'll never
be done at this rate.

You're going to get hurt. Don't!

You're going to get hurt, missy!

Oh, you poor thing!


Good day, Doña Esmeralda!

Could you build me a pen for my piggy?

I brought a sketch.

Something like this.

Do you want more sauce?

Yeah, thanks.

And you?

I'm OK.

A little more over here.

Here It goes.

You're going to repeat some words after
me to the spirits of mezcal, all right?

Here it goes.

Sweet liquor.

Sweet liquor.

Gentle torment.

Gentle torment.

Why are you out there?

Why are you out there?

Get inside me!

Get inside me!

What's going on, huh?

Oh, look at you!

Oh, you poor thing.

This looks very bad.

I'm watching you, Alonso!
Treat her like a lady!

Did you name her already?

I call her Queenie.

She's very pretty!

What about him?

Don Cesar.

Thank you.

I'm happy to see
you're looking healthier.

Yeah, I guess I've been
eating a little better lately.

Besides, your pig is
really pretty. It's great.

We have lots of fun. It's true
she takes up a lot of my time,

but I think it's great.

You see how I spent my whole
life taking care of my mother.

At some point, I did have the chance to

get married and have children.

But my mother needed me more.

And all of my older brothers
were already married.

And the truth is that after that,
I don't know.

One stops thinking
about having children.

God tells us to be happy
with what we have, right?

I think that's why
I've never felt lonely.

You're not. You are not alone.

Come on, this is ready. Let's do it.


Have you talked to your son?

I think he's calling tonight.

Hey, Doña Esmeralda aren't you
going to add bacon to the lentil soup?





It's fine.

Here! Come here!

Here it is, come on!
Run, little queenie!

We brought you some lentil soup.

Thank you so much.

Sure, enjoy.


I hope you like your new home.

Yes, it's very beautiful and really big.

We're going to invite you and your brothers to
be her dance partners at her quinceañera party.


When she has piglets,
if it's not too much to ask

will you sell me two, Doña Esmeralda?

What are you saying?

I haven't even thought
about breeding her.

Oh, don't be like that, Doña Esmeralda.

You are a good mother.

And I think that your piggy
has learned a thing or two by now.

That's true.

Sleep well, my Queenie!

Night night.

Good morning, sweetie!

How are you?

I'll go make breakfast.

Come on, pretty one!
You're such a good girl!

Come on, pretty girl!

What a cute pig!

Thank you!

Come here, Queenie. What a cute girl!

Wait here, missy. Wait.

I'll just go get everything ready.

Come on! Let's get the ramp!

What are you thinking, Doña Esmeralda?

I think we shouldn't deny her
the chance to become a mother.

I think this is going to
be really good for her.

Yeah, she's just nervous.

They're going to be
so beautiful, Queenie.

Ready, Esmeraldita!

Let me talk to her for a minute, OK?

All right.

How about that?

You're going to be a mommy.

To think I met you
when you were this little!

I must thank you for
everything you've done for me.

I promise I'm going to
take good care of you.

Your babies are going to be beautiful,
you'll see.

I hope you got her a nice boyfriend.

You'll see, she'll be very calm.

Everything is going
to be OK. Don't worry.

Right, Queenie?

What a Lazy girl! You
haven't eaten a thing, Queenie.

What's wrong, sweetie?

Come on, eat something.

You haven't eaten anything for two days.

You have to be strong
for when your babies come.

Queenie! I brought you some bread.

Oh, Queenie you don't look so good.

I'm going to pamper you right now, OK?

Sorry about this, We need you.

No need to apologize.

We're here.

Thanks for coming, doctor.

I'll take that, it's my pleasure.
Mother Esmeralda.

Thank you so much.

Thank God you're here.

I'm ashamed to say I
barged into his house.

No worries.

Poor thing!

I can tell she's in a bit of pain.

It's because Queenie
is a first-time mother.

Has she been eating well?

Not at all. She's become
very stubborn and

she hasn't stood up for days now.

She even bit her, did you see that?

Let me check.

Cheer up, Mother Esmeralda.
Your girl is going to get better.


Stay a little longer,
lunch will be ready soon.

You see? Your Queenie
is going to get better.

Mother Esmeralda there's something
I want to talk to you about.

I know very well how
you feel about this animal.

But if anything were to happen to her.

Don't insist. Call me.

Let me take care of it.

Come here!

Stop it now! Leave your
mother alone to rest!

All of you, out! Get out.

Yes, out! Let your
mother have some peace!

You too! Let's go! Get out!

It's OK baby, It's OK. I'm here now.

There, there. That's it, sweetie.

I'm right here, OK?

Go over there.

Open up. Come on, open your mouth.

You have to eat.

Eat, darn it!

Come on! Eat!

Come along, now. Come here, baby!

Come here, pretty one.

Let's go! Thank you guys,
keep up the good work.

We'll let you know.

All right.

Let's go.

This will stop the babies
from disturbing the mother.

Well, thank you and your brothers, son.

If you wait around a bit,
I can offer you some food.

Don't worry, Doña
Esmeralda. We can't stay today.

We'll join you for lunch next time.

Seeing you're well is more than enough.

And if you talk to Felipe,
tell him we said hello.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Those rascals won't
bother you any longer.

Good morning. Sales
office. This is Felipe Garcia.

Hello, son. Aren't you too busy?

No, not at all. I'm glad you called.

I want to apologize for the other day.
I think I was wrong

but I was distraught

and I didn't know how to handle
the situation at that moment.

Stop it, son. There's no need.

Son, I'm calling because
I wanted to explain

how it happened.

You know that your
dad could barely speak

and it was hard for him to move.

But one morning, weeks
before he passed away.

He just stopped opening his eyes.

He stayed like that

silent and still.

But he was still breathing

and his heart was still beating,
very softly

like a wind-up clock.

I spent the days doing the same

washing him, giving him medicine,

feeding him,

cleaning him with a moist cloth.

But, on Thursday,

while I was changing his bed sheets.

I realized he was trying
to tell me something.

Finally I understood
that all my efforts.

I was doing more for
me than for your father.

Or to keep him alive
until you came back.

Two days later.

He stopped breathing.

When are you coming, son?

As soon as I get my papers.

I'm coming to see you
and bringing you here, OK?

And I'll take you to dinner
every day after work.

All right, son.

I know you're very busy but

I just wanted you to know that
your mom loves you a lot.

And I love you.

Mommy, I'm sorry.
Don't think I'm being rude,

but I gotta go now, we
have to keep working.

All right, son.

I'll call you soon. Goodbye.

I'll have Eden collect
the money order for you

so you don't want for anything.

Goodbye, son.


Sorry, Mother Esmeralda.

I don't want to seem stubborn, but

this is not right.

Neither for you nor the animal.

I can take care of her.

I'll give away the piglets
and keep only Queenie.

I'm going to take good care of her.

Right now, she's sedated

but we'll have to put her to
sleep to spare her suffering.

Please, Mother Esmeralda.

If I don't take care of her,
what will I do then, Eden?


You could think about how
you want to say goodbye to her.

I brought you breakfast.

Sure you don't mind me taking them all?

No, don't worry. Take them.

Thank you.

I'm sorry to bother you again.

I brought bean tamales
as a thank you for

I'm sorry, Lorenza,
but I don't feel very well.

Should I call the doctor?

No, I want to be alone.

Would you rather I call Felipe?


Let me know if you need anything.

I'll leave the tamales right here.

Anything at all.

No! Please take them.


Hello, Mom?

Son, are you OK?

Yeah, good evening.

I'm sorry to call you this late,
but I just got off work

and I really wanted
to talk to you leisurely.

OK. I'm listening, Felipe.

I'm sorry for not being
there when Dad died.

Look, I'm really hopeful
I'll get my papers settled

because I know you need me.

And I'd like to be with
you at least for a weekend.

When would you come?

I'm fixing up some
things with the lawyer,

but I think next weekend.

I'll be there on the day
of the Santo Domingo fair.

Are you sure?


On the 25th of this month.

All right, I'll wait for you here.

I love you so much.

And I love you, mom.

Good morning.

I have to go now. I
have to feed the piggy.

I'll come back later to cook the rice.


Call if you need me.

Sure, Doña Lorenza.
Thank you. I'm almost done.

You're going to be
all right, aren't you?

Don't you worry.

Felipe will be Here soon.

I won't be long.

Good afternoon, ma'am.
Do you need a ride?

No, thanks. I'm waiting for someone.

Don't trouble yourself.

All right, goodbye.

Ma'am! Ma'am! Are you going somewhere?

This is the last van,
there won't be any until tomorrow.

No, I'm waiting for someone.

Oh, I see. I hope you don't wait long.

Take care, ma'am. Enjoy the fair.


We're waiting for you to start dinner.

Sit next to me.

May I?

You know, Doña Lorenza?

I've lived in this town
for a long, long time

and especially today I don't know why

but the landscape seems
more beautiful than ever.