Escaping My Stalker (2020) - full transcript

A street kid, Taylor (Ezmie Garcia), has been adopted by Sandy (Alexandra Paul) & Larry (Linden Ashby). They run a shelter for people in need, and rescued Taylor from the street, and a life...

- [A boy]: "She
said she loved me.

Then she took off and left me."

0 Grandmother.

- Hmm?

- I found her.

- ♪ I wish nothing had changed

♪ Those days,
they were supposed to be ♪

♪ The best days of my life

♪ But you pushed me down

♪ You broke me up

♪ I should've let you go

♪ You may believe all the
good things you've got ♪

♪ Yeah!

♪ Cause life is cruel
and you'll pay the price ♪

♪ Yeah...

♪ All alone with myself
I'm being sacrificed ♪♪

- Kid!

You're in the wrong
alley. This is my place.

- Leave me alone.
- I'll leave you alone once you pay the tax.

- That's mine!

- Damn it... Hey! You
want it? Come and get it.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

[a skate's approaching]

- Hey!

I know you. It's Freddy, right?

- This ain't your business,

- I'm terrified.

You can totally tell, can't you?

Here's the deal. I'm about to
start making a lot of ugly noise.

And I bet the cops parked around
the corner are gonna know why.

So... If I were you,
I'd bounce before they get here.

Then again, I'm not you.

You OK, kid?

- Yeah...

- Listen, that guy's a punk.

A spare changer,
but he holds a grudge.

You should steer
clear for a while.

- I'm gonna find
him and beat his ass.

- There's a plan. Or I can
buy us some burgers instead.

Your call.

Alright, killer. Let's eat.

Life's change fast. I've spent
my 16th birthday in a dumpster.

- How old are you now?

- Seventeen.

I got lucky last year.

I met some great people.
Got me off the streets.

They can help you too.
- I don't wanna any help.

You wanted that burger. How
long it's been since you ate?

Two? Three days?

You look about 13.

What's your name?

- James. Fourteen.

- Over the hill, huh?

- As you.

- I'm Taylor. Did you... run
away from a group home?

That's what I did. My dad...
died. So I got put in a bad place.

No one wanted to adopt me,
so I walked.

So I was sleeping in abandoned
buildings. This is one of my favorite.

- Why are you
telling me all that?

- I want you to know
you're not alone.

- Thanks... But yes.

- Do you have anyone? Mom? Dad?

- No.

- James, let me help you.

I'll give you my address just in case
you get yourself into more trouble.

- Thank you so much. You can talk to Dray and
he'll give you a receipt for your donation, OK?

Thank you.

Larry? - Yeah!

- Hi, sweetie! Look,
we've got some donations. Blankets.

Your social media
campaign worked.


Hey, can I grab Allison for a moment, sweetheart?
- Yeah.

So, we had 4 new arrivals that came in at 7.
- Okay.

- But they haven't
been checked in yet.

So, I think we have enough beds;

maybe you should take one
or two cots out from the back.

- Hmm.
- Do you think you can do that?

- Yeah, no problem, Sandy.
- OK, thank you.

So, how's everybody's doing?
Are you all getting enough to eat?

- It's great! - Okay!

- Mom.
- Hey, Taylor. And who is this?

- You said you didn't have a mom.
- I didn't then. But I do now.

Sandy and Larry adopted me.
- Who's Larry?

- I guess that would be
me. Who's this tough guy?

- His name's James. I found him
dumpster diving over by the skatepark.

- Hmm. That's a
tough neighbourhood.

Well, James, how do you feel about
a bowl of my famous veggie stew?

- How about it? Still hungry?
- Yeah...

- Alright,
let's get you fixed up. Come on.

- Oh... I'll give him
a space tonight.

- He could always stay with us.
- I think we'll be alright.

You can't save everyone.

- I can try.
- What is this place anyway?

- You've never been to a shelter?
- No.

- Well, a long time ago,
this is...

this is what they used
to call a social club.

My wife Sandy and I, we got a good lease on
the building and we turned it into a shelter.

It's mostly for young people.

But... our kitchen is opened to
anyone who needs a hot meal.

You know, that's how we met Taylor.
- She's cool. I like her.

- Yeah, Taylor's the best.

- Why do you help
kids? Why do you care?

- 'Cause I do.

- I hope Larry's okay. He's
never very good at multitasking.

He's just on until midnight.
Miles will be here soon.

- Yeah, but Miles usually
just works the day shifts.

- You know, sometimes I think you
worry out loud just to hear your own voice.

- Smarty pants. You wanna drive?



- Let's go now,
let's go tonight!

- Where are we gonna go? Hmm?

Where are we gonna go?
- I don't know.

We'll figure it out
when we get there.

- Yeah...

Yeah, that's a hell of a plan,

Ronny, I'm...

I'm sorry, I can't.

We can't.

We can't leave
grandmother alone.

- She will be sorry, Ronny.

She will be sorry.

And anyone else who loves her.

I promise you. I promise you,
baby. I promise you.

- I'm leaving, grandmother. I
have to get ready for tonight.

[rock music]

- Hold on the fort,
I'm gonna make a bank run.

- Those boys are getting
nasty again. I told them to cool it,

but you might want to crack
some skulls before you leave.

- Morons... I'll deal with it.

- Hey! First time here?

- Yeah,
I heard this was the place to throw down.

- You heard right.
We keep it old-school.

- I like old-school. You know what they say
about history: if you don't respect it...

- You're going to repeat it.

- Smart and pretty.

I think I'm in trouble.
- Only if you're looking for trouble.

There's a new vert section over by
the stairs. You should check it out.

- Alright. Thanks!

Well... You should drop by sometime,
show me a move or two.

- Your name's Clu? C-L-U? Like Clu
Gulager from Return of the Living Dead?

- Yeah, yeah,
yeah. My dad was a big fan.

- That movie was sick.
- Hell yeah.

Well I do... hope to see
you around. Sometime. Soon.

- Well... That happened.

- Hey, baby! - Hi!

We're late for the staff
meeting. Get changed.

- Well, I had to treat our girl
with some fine afterwork cuisine.

- Haha! You mean grease burgers.

Did you find out any
information about James today?

- No... Social services came by.
They're looking into a foster home for him.

Nothing we can do. I'm sorry,
honey, I know you like him,

but they're some rules.

- Well the rules suck.

- I Know.

- I forgot the county
request form for Allison.

- Well, they say that memory's
the second thing to go.

- Oh, you're in trouble later.

- If you remember later.

- I'll be right back.

- Just be quiet when you go in
because Taylor might be asleep.

- OK.



- Dad!

[cry of pain]

- Honey? Honey!


75250 Crest Lane! - Honey?

- My dad has been shot!
Send an ambulance now!

- Oh my God! - He's still alive!

Please hold on! Please hold on!
- Larry! Larry, sweetheart!

Sweetie, hang in there,
honey! Hang in there!

What happened? What happened?
- I don't know!

- Mom... Is he okay?
- The surgery went well...

That's the good news.
- What's the bad news?

- Hum... The bullet shattered

his leg beneath the knee.
So... he's gonna be okay...

It's just gonna be a
long recovery process.

- I thought he was going to die.

- I know. It's okay.
He's gonna be alright.

And they said that we'll be
able to see him this evening.

OK? He's pretty
out of it right now.

Okay? - Ms. Stewart?

- Yes. - Detective Nick Salzner.

I was just at your house.

Do you think I can ask you and
your daughter a few questions?

- Of course!
- You found something?

- Yeah, but other than this,
the assailant got away clean.

No fibers, no fingerprints...

Taylor, look, I know you didn't
get a good look at the man's face,

but is there anything else you
could give us? Height? Build, maybe?

- I told the officer already...

It was too dark. It
all happened so fast.

- Look at this. We
found it in the hallway.

- Oh my God!

- It's not unusual,
with this kind of home invasion crime.

A burglar will enter a home then cuffs the
occupant at gunpoint while they sack the place.

- He was standing
right outside my door.

Could he have
been there to get me?

- Do you have any reason to
believe that anyone would want

to hurt you? Or abduct you?

- Happy birthday, Ronny.

- Pathetic boy... Just pathetic.

Is this how you pay
your brother back?

On his own birthday?

You fouled everything
up just like you always do.

- It wasn't my fault,
grandma. She was supposed to be alone.

- You always have an excuse,
don't you? Just like your mother.

- Please,
don't talk about her that way.

- The truth hurts, doesn't it?

She never loved you.

But I loved you.

I loved both you and Ronny,
when nobody else did.

So why don't we
just can the back talk?

- Nobody saw my face.
- But you left evidence at the scene, didn't you?

What are you
gonna do about that?

- No, no, I was wearing gloves,
they don't know anything.

- Oh... Well,
at least you did something right.

- Look, the police are involved
now and we'll have to lay low,

but I promise I'll get her soon.

Just, please, don't mock me.

- Come here to me,
child. Come here to me NOW!

There is no
justice in this world!

The bad people get away
with murder every single day.

But we don't like that, do we?

We won't let that happen.

- No, grandma.
- That girl Taylor

is responsible for the
death of your brother.

It's just the two of us, now.


And if we don't
honor our family,

if we don't avenge our family,
then we are nothing.

- Yes, grandmother.

- Hey, love...

- Hi, beautiful.

I guess I blew the big save, huh?

- Oh, Larry...

- Hey... Why the long face?

Somebody's dying?

- I was... just thinking of
the first time I ever saw you.

- It was a hell of a night,

- Oh... That girl, over there.

That's the one from last week.
- OK.

- Hey! I'm Larry. Can I
talk to her for a second?

I think you met my
wife Sandy last week.

It's a... small world, right?

- She wanted to help me.

I guess I blew it, huh?

- Well,
you know what I always say?

You can't win every time,
but you won't lose forever.

- I almost didn't understand
what you were telling me that night.

Now I do.

And I've been so lucky.

We're all so lucky now.

- Yes, we are, Taylor.

And we're gonna stay that way.

- Yeah...

- Hey! I heard what happened.

Is your dad OK? - Yeah.

He just got a long
recovery ahead of him.

Thanks for asking. You're sweet.

- You're awesome.

- Take it easy,
wild man. I'll catch you around the galaxy.

[rock music]


You're waiting for someone?

- Yeah! And she just showed up!

[light chuckles]

I've only been working
here for 2 months

and I already
got stalkers. Nice.

- Don't' worry,
I'm the good kind.

- You ripped today,
dude. Where did you learn all that?

- My brother. He
was gonna go pro,

but then decided being in the
army was a better decision, so...

- What about you?
You're gonna go pro?

- No! No! That's a
whole other level.

- It'd be pretty dope,
though! Being paid to skate?

I don't think I could tackle
all the broken bones, though.

- Right?

So... what does the future
hold for Taylor Stewart, huh?

- I was thinking of
going in the social work.

And being a school teacher.
Or a counsellor. I like kids.

- Well, we are kids.

- Something like that.

Are you heading home, now?

- Yeah,
I was gonna catch the last bus home.

Unless you wanted
a cup of coffee?

- I don't know, man.

My stalker drinks lattes?

- Oh, come on! Alright,
how about ice cream?

- Even worse. I hate ice cream.

- So you've made a friend...
- [Clu]: Water?

- You know what I do like,
though? Sushi.

- I don't have a choice. I
can't let him get in the way.

- No, but...

- Aaaaah!

- Are you OK?
- Yeah. My ankle...

- Hey, man! Get out of the damn
car! You almost killed us! Hey!

What are you doing, you psycho!

I said: Get out of the damn car right now!
- Come on, come on...

What are you doing? - Damn it!

Hey! Psycho! [screeching tires]

Get back here!

It was like 5 times in the last 2 months
that something like this has happened.

Just little wannabe gangsters,
man. It's...

But I give you my word,
it's none of the guys who's skating here.

Those kids tend to leave before we close
up. Most aren't even old enough to drive.

- You okay?

- I think my stalker probably
just turned real, man.

- The whole thing happened so fast,
I didn't even get the license number.

- Jon thinks it was some rando,
but I keep thinking about the other night.

I mean, a man came into our house
with a gun. And now, this happens?

- I know... It's awful. But I
talked to detective Salzner.

And they haven't come up with anything.
He still thinks it's a robbery gone bad.

- So what? Cops are
always wrong about stuff.

- Hey... I'm not blind to this situation,

We need to be careful.

But I don't think you should
be coming home from work

unless you call a rideshare or...
you have me come pick you up.

And no more street
skating for a while.

- Fine. But what if
someone is stalking me?

Watching us

- You have any old enemies?

I mean,
from when you were homeless and all.

- I don't think so.
Not real ones anyway.

I mean,
I ran with some rough guys,

but I never did
anything to piss them off.

Kind of the opposite, really.

- Taylor, I know you love Jon Riker,
I've known him for a long time, he's great,

but I don't know about
you working at that place.

- It's really not as bad as all that, Ms.
Stewart. I mean, families bring their kids there.

A few bad apples, but... there're
bad apples everywhere, you know.

- I just wanna keep Taylor safe.

- For what it's worth,
I think your mom's right.

You should be careful. - I will.

- Oh,
and there's a horror marathon

on tomorrow
night... Could be fun.

- Keeping me indoors?

- I'll text you.

- Thank you.

- I'm just glad you weren't
hurt. But you're right:

it is a hell of a coincidence.

Maybe we could do a
little digging of our own.

See if we can find
something the cops missed.

- Maybe. But Sandy
wants me to leave it alone.

And you need to take it easy.
You just had surgery 3 days ago.

- Oh, please... Three hours after surgery,
they had me doing P.T.

They say it stands
for a physical therapy.

Nah-ah. Pain, torture.

- Well,
you've had your pain and torture for today.


That most be so hard for you.
- Yeah...

It's kind of killing me
just laying around like this.

But I'm gonna be back on
my feet before you know it.

- I'm counting on it.

[phone ringing] - [over PA]: Dr Nguyen,
obstetric, Dr Nguyen.

- It's Clu. You know
what to do. [Beep!]

- Hey,
I was wondering if you could meet me later.

I have something I
wanna run by you.

- [Taylor]: This
whole thing is creepy.

There's no way it
could be a coincidence.

- You said you don't have any enemies...
- That I know of.

- What about
down at the shelter?

I mean,
I bet you get some screwed up people.

- No one with a car.

- I don't know,
it's worth looking into.

You guys keep any mug shots?

- It's not a police station?

- I don't know. But... yeah,

my mom keeps photo albums of
all the people who stayed there.

We can look through them. And I was thinking
you can ask around the neighbourhood.

You know a lot of people.

And I know some guys who
can back us up if things get heavy.

- Those drug guys?
- How do you know about that?

- Words get around

- I'm not proud of it.

One of the drug dealers down town,
Joe, he kind of owes me one.

- Why's that?
- I was working for him

one night and I almost got
busted. Someone warned me

that they had been watching
our crew for a few months.

They were looking for the guy in charge,
which was Joe.

I talked him out of going into a big
meeting that everyone was going to.

All of his dealer
buddies went to prison.

All except for him.

- What about you?
- I was off the street by then.

- I still saw him once in a
while. Said I saved his life.

That coming from a man who
destroyed hundreds of lives.

How's that for irony?

- Incredible.

- Remember. You're my eyes and ears,

Don't fouled this up.

Don't disgrace our family.

Oh, crank! These eggs are cold.


- Hey, Allison. - Hi, Miles!

You're here early.

Sandy's already here,
she wants to talk to you.

OK, cool. I brought you something.
- Hmm...

Oh! Miles! You're so sweet!

- I wouldn't forget
your birthday.

- You shouldn't have, thanks!
- That's alright.

- Allison, I... Oh,
Miles! You're here!

Oh, my gosh, the place is a wreck from
last night. We had some drunks come in.

and can you fix the water leak in the back?

- Oh, yeah, sure, I'm on it.
- Thank you.

Allison's gonna be running out
to the store, but she'll be back.

And I'm picking up
Larry at the hospital.

- Oh... Larry's being released?
- Oh...

You know my big strong guy! Gotta
get home and star kicking ass right away!

- Yeah! Yeah, Larry's the man. Well,
don't worry about anything here,

I have it all under control.
- Miles... What would I do without you?

Thank you. - Sure.

- Thanks! - Yeah, bye.

- Take it easy, love. - Yeah.

- The doctor said not to
push yourself too hard.

- What do doctors know?

- Well, well, look who decided to join the real world.
- Hey, you!

Aren't you supposed
to be at work?

- Would I miss the triumphant
return of Larry Stewart?

- Oh yeah, call in the camera crews,
we'll make a reality show.

- Hahaha! Honey, can you help
me with this stuff? I've got a car load.

- No problem!

- Be careful on those stairs, love.
- Yeah!

- Testing. Testing.

Okay, grandmother,
we have eyes and ears.

[suspenseful music]

- So you're only suppose to take one of
these every 8 hours, OK? It's strong stuff.

- Yeah,
I think I could use one now.

Oh, hell, no,
we're not doing that.

Walkers are for
little old ladies.

- Well, do us all a favour and
be a little old lady for right now.

You're not good to anyone
if you break that leg again.

- I don't think I can break the leg again; they
put enough metal in there to build a battleship.

- I gotta get to work. I'll get a rideshare.
- Oh, I'll drive you.

So long as you promise
to behave while I'm gone.

Because I don't want to come
home and find you dead on the floor.

- I'll do my best
to keep breathing.

- Bye, dad. - Bye, honey.

- Bye, sweetie. - Bye.

See you.

- Ah...

- "She said she loved me,
then she took off and left me.

I don't know who to ask for
help. Nobody has ever helped me."

God... Cripes...

"The street is my home now.

And I thought I found a new
family and Taylor threw me away."

Damn it! Damn it!

- I understand the situation,
but what are we supposed to do?

Larry needs us
at home right now;

we can't just go running
off playing detectives.

We need to leave
this to the police.

- The police won't find anything.
They're not looking in the right places.

- What are the right places?
- I just feel like...

I don't know,
maybe we need to be looking closer to home.

Or my old home.

- Taylor,
look at me. Look at me.

You can't go back to those people.
Don't even think about asking Joe for help.

you were lucky before and you got out.

But if you start hanging around with them
again, you can get into a lot of trouble.

- Mom, come on, I do...
- Promise me you won't do that.

- Mom... - Promise.

- Okay. I promise.

And if you need a ride,
just call me.

Or get a rideshare. Remember,
I want you coming home right away.

- Okay.

- Taylor,
I see that look on your face...

Do we have an understanding?
- Don't worry. I'll come straight home.

- Okay.

Love you!

- What's up, man?

Hello, little lady. You don't
have a shift today, what's up?

- Yeah, I just had to make a little
detour on the way to do something.

- Can I help?
- No, I think I need to do this on my own.

See you tomorrow? - Okay.

Be safe.

- ♪♪ We're gonna be over,
over, now ♪

♪ We're gonna be over,
over, now ♪

♪ We're gonna beeeeee

♪ Straight at last

♪ We're gonna be over,
over, now ♪

♪ We're gonna be over,
over, now ♪

♪ We're gonna beeee

♪ Straight a last ♪

- I'll be damned! As I live and breathe,
it's Taylor X.

- It's Taylor S. now.

You were a little
hard to find this time.

Is he home? - Maybe. Maybe not.

He's been keeping it
low profile these days.

- I need to talk to
him about something.

It's important, D. Please.

Hey, this is T. Enough about me,
let's talk about you. [beep!]

- Hey, you. Give me a call back.

Damn... - As I wouldn't remember you.
- That's what he just said.

- Damn, girl!

It's good to see
you. Have a seat.

You're here to talk
business or what?

- Sort of.

- Hi! Can we do
something for you?

- Yeah, I'm looking for Taylor Stewart,
any chance she came by today?

I checked where she works,
but she wasn't there.

- No, she and her mom have
been gone since this morning.

- Ah...
- Are you a friend of hers?

- Yeah. Yeah,
something like that.

- We can ask Miles.
He's been here all day.

- Okay. - Hey, Miles?

- Yeah?
- Have you seen Taylor at all?

- No, no, I don't think so.

- Damn... Well, I guess I'll keep looking. Thanks, guys!
- Yeah.

- No problem, Clu.
- Hey, how do you know my name?

- I... I must have heard
someone say it around here.

Hmm, no.

- You know what,
it was Sandy. Sandy told me about you.

You're Taylor's boyfriend,

- Hum... Maybe.

- Anyway, I got to get back to work,
but it was nice meeting you.

- Yeah, nice to meet you too.

- Look, T., I do owe you one.

And I'll never be
able to pay that back.

If it hadn't been for you,
I'd be in a deep hole.

- You're saying
you can't help me?

- I'm saying I don't
know how to help you.

- It's real simple. Someone from one of your
old crews might have a reason to hurt me.

Or my family.

I need to find out why.

- I could put some
eyes on the street.

We can keep a lookout.

I can put some guys on you too. You know,
body protection.

- I can't have a bunch of
gangbangers hovering over me.

My mom would kill me if
she even knew I was here.

Thanks. I think I can
look out for myself.

- Sure you can. Until that punk runs back
up on your house and kills your family.

- Thanks,
Joe. That makes me feel just great.

- I'm just trying to make sure
you're protected. You're my girl.

- I was never your
girl. I was your friend.

- Fair enough.
But I still owe you.

So just sit tight cause I
need to think about this.

I'll come up with something.

- Thanks, Joe. - Hey...

What are friends for, baby girl?

- Follow that car. Don't lose
him. There's a big tip in it for you.

[suspenseful music]

Stop, stop, stop. Right here.

Big tip, buddy. Thanks.

man! The hell? Get out of the car!

[click! click!]

- Shh! Shh! Shh!

I'm sorry... You
shouldn't have come here.

I'm sorry...

Shh... shh... [groaning stops]

I'm sorry, it wasn't supposed
to be this way. But it has to be.

Neither of us has a choice.

- Did you take care of him?

- Yes, grandmother.

Nobody will find the body,
I made sure of that.

- Now, go upstairs,
take a shower,

get a nap; you have to be
at the shelter in a few hours.

We have to keep up
appearances today.

- What about tomorrow?
- Tomorrow?

Oh, it won't matter.

- Miles?

How's the leg?

- It only hurts when I laugh.

- Don't worry,
my jokes are terrible.

- Hey, take it easy with those,
you'll pass out at P.T.

- I wish...

I'm taking Larry to his appointment

in a few minutes; we could
drop you off at work on the way.

- No, it's okay. I'm not on until later.
- Okay.

You alright?
- I got a weird text from Clu.

I crash early last night,
so I didn't see it until now.

Said something about talking to Miles,
that it didn't feel right.

- What didn't feel right?
- I don't know. Miles, I guess?

I guess that he was strange. He
said he'd have more information later.

- You know what,
you need to be careful, okay?

Don't go anywhere
without a ride.

- Okay.

- Hey, Jon!

Have you seen Clu today?
- No! I'll let you know if he gets in!

- Damn it...

[phone ringing]

- Haven Shelter.

- [Hi, Miles! It's Taylor.]

I have a friend who said
he talked to you yesterday...

[Did he mention
where he was going?]

- Hum, I'm not sure. I mean,
I talked to a lot of people yesterday,

but none of them mentioned you.
- [His name's Clu.]

He might have been
riding a skateboard.

- Hum... No,
it doesn't ring a bell.


- It's so weird. - [Yeah.]

Yeah, I'm sorry, yesterday was nut,
so I just don't remember.

- Okay, thanks.

Hey, Jon,
do you mind if I knock off early tonight?

- No, go ahead!

- Thanks!

- [Miles,
whispering]: I'll see you tonight, Taylor.

- Clu? Clu!


- This is Clu. You
know what to do. [beep!]

- Damn it,
Clu! Where the hell are you?

It's already after 7.
Call me back. Now.

- Shh! Shh!

- Drop it!

Nah-ah, don't make me kill you,
tough guy.


[groaning] - D?

D, get up!


[gunshots] - Don't
let him get away!

- What are you doing here?
- Joe told me to look after you.

[police siren]

- Oh, great... - Freeze!

Both of you! Drop that
weapon right now! Now!

Down on your knees,
hands behind your head.

It's nice to see you on the street again,
Danger. It's been a while.

- Just read me my rights, lady.

[cuffs clinking]

[a door is locked]

- Mom! - Taylor!

Are you okay? I got you
out as soon as I could.

- I didn't shoot anybody. You know that,

- Of course,
I do. Let's get out of here.

- You almost got
yourself killed out there!

- She didn't see my face.
- Oh, shut up!

You let her slip through
your fingers twice!

- Just stop yelling at me!

- I dare you talk to me like
that! I'm your grandmother!

- We have done everything your
way so far! Everything has gone wrong!

From now on,
I'm calling the shots!

- Oh, don't make me laugh,
little boy. You can't even call a bird.

- You need me! You can't survive.
You can't even get out of that wheelchair.

- Well...

So, we 're gonna forget
about this little incident.

But don't you dare raise your
voice to me like that again.

Ever. You're not too
old to be punished!

You understand, huh?

- Yes, grandmother. - Hmm.

You are right about one thing:
we need to be more ruthless.

And we will be.
When the time is right.

- You need to calm down, Taylor.
This is big time trouble you're looking at.

Don't you think I know that? The
cops didn't see what really happened.

Someone jumped me! And I
know it's the same guy that shot you!

- Even if we could prove that,
you had a gun, Taylor!

You were standing
next to an armed felon.

Do you really think the police are gonna believe you now?
- I don't know!

But I at least need you guys to believe me!
- Okay, okay, stop. Both of you.

This is getting us
nowhere. Just take a breath.

- This is a nightmare.
- [Taylor]: I know it is.

But I need you to listen. Someone is
stalking me. Someone just tried to kill me.

And I think I know who it is.

- This is insanity! I can't believe
I let you talked me into this.

- I need you to thrust me,
mom. [exhales]

- Hey, Allison. - Hey, Sandy!

We're having trouble again
with that leak in the back.

- Oh, is Miles in yet?
- No, he's on the schedule,

but he hasn't shown up. I
tried his cell; he's not answering.

- Okay, well, hum...

I'll be in my office. Will you
let me know when he gets in?

- Sure thing. - Thank you.

- This could all be a coincidence. We
cannot jump to crazy conclusions here.

- I know it sounds crazy,
but Clu said he talked to Miles.

And then he just disappeared.

- It doesn't mean Miles did something
to him. Listen to yourself, Taylor...

- I've been thinking about this
a lot. First, I get a text from Clu

telling me that Miles
doesn't feel right.

I get another text from his phone

leading me into a trap. I got
that text after I talked to Miles.

- Look,
Miles has been working here for 6 months.

I hired him myself. He
has never disappointed us.

Have you ever started to
think that maybe... well...

Clu might not be all that he seems.
Because you didn't see the man's face.

- Clu would have
never done that.

- Oh, Taylor... You just met
him. You hardly know him.

- But it didn't feel like Clu. When
he grabbed me, it didn't feel like him.

- Okay...

So, what do we do? Because,
right now,

all you're doing,
is accusing someone with no real evidence.

- I don't know. But we
have to do something.

And I think we should start
with your star employee.

Who hasn't even
shown up to work today.

- Okay. Come here.

I have his home
address. We'll find him,

and we'll go over there and see
what he has to say for himself.

- Fine. Let's go.

- Taylor knows we're onto her.

It's only a matter of time before they
start putting all the pieces together.

[suspenseful music]

- He said there's no one
named Miles Lewis living here.

He's never lived here.

- He gave the shelter
a false address.

Maybe even a false name.

And now he's M.I.A. We
need to go to the police now.

- Okay.

But I'm gonna call Larry first.

[phone ringing]

- [Hey there! What's up?]

- Well, it looks like Taylor
might be right about Miles.

He provided false information to the
shelter and he didn't come in to work today.

Do you think maybe you could
look into him a little more deeply?

- Yeah, I mean we have
access to certain databases, but...

beyond that,
it's... You know what?

Let me call in a favour or two.
- [Great!]

So Taylor and I are on our way
to see detective Salzner now.

- Good. Be safe, okay?

- Yeah, you too. Love you.

- All I gotta tell you, guys,
is this is not good. For you and me.

In this arrest report, you are literally holding
a smoking gun in your hand, Miss Stewart.

A stolen gun no less.

- I already told
you! I was trying...

- No, I get it, but... you know what a judge
is gonna get? It's not a pretty picture.

- What? So we're just supposed to ignore the
fact that she was lured to a place and attacked?

Maybe by the same man who shot my husband?
- That's your story

and it might even makes sense But
there's no concrete evidence to back it up.

Now, what I can assure you,
is that we're using everything

in our power to investigate
your husband's shooting.

And we'll take all of this
new information into account.

But as for you,
running around shooting at people

like some damn vigilante,
that ain't gonna happen.

- I'm not a vigilante. And
I didn't shoot anybody.

What about my friend
Clu? He's still missing.

- I'll put you in touch with the
missing persons department.

But in any event, I recommend
looking into getting a good lawyer.

- Well, thank you, detective,
I think we're done here.

- Oh, I got you...

- Hi, honey!

How are you?

- Baby, I'm like magnum P.I.
Come here. You gotta see this.

- What did you find? - Well...

At first, it was a dead end. I mean,
I'm not much of a hacker.

But I called a friend of mine
who is. She got on the case fast.

Miles apparently covered
his tracks pretty well.

But not so well that
he couldn't be tracked.

I mean, look at this.
Everything he gave us was fake.

Last name,
social security number... Everything.

Stefanie had to track him with
fingerprinting and photo records.

His real name is Miles Dyson.

He's gotta an arrest record,
juvenile crimes mostly...

Been in a therapy for years... Stephanie
found some of those records too.

- Dad, is there anything in his
file about a family? A brother?

- Hum...

Yeah... Ronny Dyson.

Committed suicide 9
months ago. He was 14.

- [sobbing]: No...

No! - What is it? What's wrong?

- Everything.

- [Taylor]: When I was still on the street,
days and weeks blurred together.

You ran with people a while and
then they'd rolled or disappeared.

You learn to make friends fast.
- Hey, Taylor!

Get anything good today?

- I got us some dinner.

- I love you,
Taylor. You're my best friend.

- He had so much need in him. He
was so desperate to find a new family.

I wanted to help him, so I did.

- [Ronny]: I'm never going home.
Not until my grandmother dies.

She used to lock
me in the basement.

I was down there
for 2 weeks once.

- What about your
brother? He's still there.

You have to tell someone.

- No one will believe me.

If I tell,
they'll just send me back with her.

I wanna help my brother,
but she controls him.

She hurt him. Bad.

Burned his hands... Beat him.

She used to make me watch.

He's so scared of her. He'll
never say no to anything she says.

You're my family now, Taylor.

Promise me you'll
never leave me.

If I lose you, I'll die.

- Don't say stuff like that.

I'm here for you. Promise.

- [Larry]: What happened then?

- That next night,
he didn't come back to the camp.

And I almost got arrested and then I
met you, guys, and I got off the street.

I went back there to look for him a
few times but he was never there.

And now he's dead.

He killed himself
because I left.

- Listen. This
is not your fault.

- But what if it was?

That poor kid, that poor boy,
he needed me. And now...

- Taylor, stop.

You are the strongest and most
loving person I have ever met.

But sometimes,
you have to save yourself first.

You're no good to anyone else if you're
lost. And when we found you, you were lost.

So whatever happened to that boy,
it was not your fault.

- What if someone
else does think that?

Someone who wants
to make me pay for it.

- Alright, we're going back to the
police station tomorrow morning

and we're gonna tell them
everything that we know.

This is not a coincidence.

This is all connected.
And they need to see that.


Hey, look at me.

You're a good person. You
didn't do anything wrong.

And we will never let
anything bad happen to you.


- They'll be looking
into you by now.

They'll be finding out things.

Everything is on the line.

Don't ruin it. - I won't.

I know how she thinks.

She's all ours.

[suspenseful music]

- Try to get some sleep. We'll
go see Salzner in the morning.

He'll help us.

- [crying]: No, he won't.

- When he sees what we have,
I think he will.

I love you.

- I love you too.

If anything ever happens to you...
- Oh, sweetheart...

Nothing's gonna happen to me.

We're all safe here.

Larry's staying up all
night watching out for us.


Good night.

[soft music]

- ♪♪ Swimming
through the sadness ♪

♪ Hidden secrets now revealed

♪ Now there's
nothing to take back ♪

♪ This train is
heading off the track ♪

- [Taylor]:"Mom and dad, I know that I have
brought terrible things into your lives.

"And if I stay,
it will only get worse.

"If I don't deal with what's happening now,
if I don't go very far away,

"I'm afraid you could
both be hurt or worse.

"And I'll never be
able to live with that.

"I'm already responsible
for one person's death.

"And I can't be
responsible for yours.

"Please know that I
love you both so much.

"I'm only leaving
to protect you.

Maybe if I go, you'll be safe."

- ♪ All the colors
turned to black ♪

♪ All the colors
turned to black ♪♪

[suspenseful music]


- Hello?

Someone's there?


Miles Dyson!

Miles, I came alone. It's me you
want. Leave my family out of this!

Miles, goddamn you!

- Oh! It's just me! [exhales]

- James, what are you doing here?
I thought you were in a group home.

- I was just looking
for a place to sleep.

I had to get out of that place.

- I'm sorry about all that,

- What are you doing back here?

- I was looking for someone. Actually,
I was hoping he was looking for me.

- Have you got any food?

- No... I got some money,

I might be out here a while.

- Hey...

You need to get some sleep.

- No... I need to stay awake.
- Hmm...

- These pills... I just...

Maybe a cup of coffee? - Okay.

I'll make some. - Thank you.

- I love you. - I love you too.


Honey? - [Miles]: Hi, Larry.

No, sit down.



- Where's Sandy?

- She's fine.

Larry, I swear to you,
I will kill you.

That's what I'm supposed
to do. But I won't.

I won't do it if you
just SIT DOWN!

It was you, wasn't it?

You shot me.

- Yes.

I'm sorry.

This is all got so out of hand.

I didn't want any
of this to happen.

But I promise you,
I promise Sandy will be okay.

I just... I can't have you following us or
calling the police. Not right away at least.

- Okay.

[clinking] - Cuff
yourself to the chair.

Do it.

I'll be taking this too.

- You're digging yourself a deep hole,

You do this...
There's no way out.

- Yeah,
you're right about that, Larry.

There isn't.

Other side.


- Hello?
- Miles: [Hello, Taylor.]

- Miles.

[I knew it was you.]

- You were very smart
not to stay at home.

- Then come and get me.
I'll tell you right where I am.

- I know right where
you are. I'm not stupid.

You have very powerful friends that are
probably waiting out right now, aren't they?

Waiting for me to bounce on you.
- Not this time. It's just me.

- Forgive me if I don't believe you.
Our last meeting was less than pleasant.

- What have you done with Clu?

- Listen to me. You're gonna come to
a certain place in exactly 30 minutes.

No righteous, no police,
toss your phone, come on foot.

I have covered all the bases. Believe me.

And if you're even one second late,
if I see that you have a phone

or if there is anyone with you,
it will end very badly for your mother.


- How can you even look me in the eyes,

I helped you when you needed it.

We were always there for
you. Always. We were family.

I don't believe that Taylor didn't
mean anything to you, Miles.

- Shut up, woman!

I'm his family! Not you!

- Miles...

- I said shut up!

Or I'm gonna have to gag you.

So just behave!


[muffled cries]

[phone ringing]

- [Larry's voice]: Hi,
this is the Stewart residence.

If you can't reach us here,
try the Haven Teen Shelter: 555-12...

- Taylor?

What's happening?

- I need you to stay here.
- Where are you going? - I can't tell you.

But you'll be safe here for now. I
can't put you in any more danger.

- I don't care about that! I'm
coming with you. I got your back!

- No, James. Not tonight.

Listen to me. I will
always be your friend.

But I knew a boy a lot
like you a while back.

And I didn't take care of
him the way I should have.

And it's all coming
back on me now.

I need you to understand that if I let
you go with me, you could get hurt.

Just stay here,
okay? I need to go. I don't have much time.


[phone ringing]


[breathing heavily]

- Ten minutes to go.

- This is an eye for an eye,
isn't it?

You blame Taylor for the death of your
grandson so now she's gonna take his place.

- Oh... It's very perceptive.

- She'll fight you.

She'll never stay with you.

- Oh yes, she will.

Because I know
something you'll never know.

I know what it means
to break the human will.

I know how to punish.

It's what I did with
my whole family.

After... 2 months,

in the dark, starving,
your daughter will be broken.

She won't even
remember your name.

And then, one day,
when she finally looks up into my eyes,

and calls me mommy...

When I see that she
is finally mine forever...

...that's when I
will slit her throat.


One minute to go.

Hmm. I hope she
doesn't cut it too close.

- Miles, you can still stop.

You don't need to do this.

You don't have to be afraid of her.
- Shut your mouth, whore!

Gag her. - No, Miles, please.

Please don't, Miles... Please,
don't... You don't have to do this! No!

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Sandy.
- Don't talk to her. Look at me!

Look at me!

We have a promise to keep.

You mustn't flinch. You haven't
yet. This is the way of the world.

30 seconds.

[Sandy's trying to talk]


You're about to die,
woman. Make your peace.

- Oh God... I'm sorry.

[knock! knock! knock!]

- Oh! I love it when
my children are on time.

- Hey...

Come in.

She's clean. No phone.

- You've been
a good little girl.

Sit down next to Sandy.

Sit, child!

we haven't been properly introduced.

My name is Marnie.
I'm your new mother.

- You're a crazy bitch.

- Oh... [clicks her tongue]

Sticks and stones.

But you'll learn to respect me.

This is my obedient
one. He's my good soldier.

Now, tell me, Taylor:

how big is your heart?

Would you lay down
your life for this woman

just because she decided
to call herself mom?

- I'm not playing any
of your sick games.

If you're gonna kill me,
get on with it.

Where's Clu?

What have you done with him?

- My grandson took care of
your boyfriend. He was nosy.

He has nobody to
blame but himself.

- We have to get out of here.

We gotta do this fast.
We're compromised.

- Yes, of course,
of course. My father was a prospector.

He... hum... built a tiny house in
the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

An I... I dreaded
going there as a child.

But that's where we'll get to
know each other much better.

But... First things first.


[Knock! Knock! Knock!]

[tries to yell]


[muffled cries]

[muffled cries]

[breaking glass]

[muffled cries]

- Aaah! God!

Thank God you're here!

How the hell did
know where we lived?

- Taylor told me when we first met.
- Listen, I can't get loose.

There's a telephone on the dining
room table. Go ahead and get that.

Okay... Dial 213-555-2161.

Tell me when it answers.

- You have 1... - It answered.

- Okay,
push 4. Hold it against my ear.

- [Taylor]: Larry, God, I don't know if you'll
get this, but you need to know what's going on.

I'm going to where mom is.
She's at 410 Parkwell Avenue.

- Okay, good. Now, call 911.

- This is for you,
Taylor. This is a part of your education.

Maybe even the biggest part.

As your mother said,
an eye for an eye.

- Miles, I didn't kill him.

I didn't kill Ronny!
I loved him!

I wanted to help him. I went back
there looking for him, but he was gone!

- Shut up!
- He needed help! He was sick and you know, Miles!

- I said shut up!
- He told me about how she abused the both of you.

Don't you see who the
real monster is here?!

- Kill her. Kill her
now! Kill her mother!


- Don't move!

I'll kill you. I
swear I'll do it!

[chuckles] No,
she's not gonna do it.

She can't.

She's nothing. She's nobody.

Kill her, Miles. Take that
gun away from her and kill her!

What are you waiting for?

She's nothing. She's not
anyone. She's nothing!

She's a snot nosed
kid from the streets.

She's not family.
She's not blood.

Obey me, Miles. Obey me now!

Kill her!

Kill her!


What are you doing?

Where are you going?

- The hell with you.

- No...

I'm your grandmother! Miles!




[police siren]

- Oh, stop right there!

Put your hands up, son,
where I can see them.

- [Sandy]: Okay,
love. We'll be home soon. Bye.

So Larry's okay,
and so is James.

They're with the police.

- I thought I was going to lose you,

- Oh, sweetheart... [exhales]


- No. - I guess...

- Well... Here we go.

Wish us luck.

- Hey!

You sure you wanna do this?

- I think I have to.

I know what he did is awful,
but... he needs help.

You guys understand, right?
- Of course!

We're so proud of you.
- Take it easy!

- I will.
- Doctor said you'll be out of the brace soon.

- Don't worry about me.
I'm an expert at baby steps.

I could write a book about
baby steps at this point.

- Well, you know what I always say: Can't
win every time, but you won't lose forever.

- There you go.

- Isn't that right?
- [Larry]: Oh, look at you!

- Ah,
sweetie! You're gonna have so much fun.

I'm gonna be there at 3:00 to pick you up,

- Hey,
have fun. We'll see you this afternoon.

- Okay. - Okay, bye.

- What's wrong?
- It's kinda scary going to school and all.

- You'll learn by
doing. You'll be fine.

You ever think about it?

Being on the street and all?

- All the time.

But I don't miss it. Do you?

- I like being your
big sister better.


- What are you doing here?

- It's a good question. My
mom wanted to know that too.

A lot of people think I
should just write you off.

- Maybe you should.

- Your grandma was a monster.

You didn't deserve to grow
up like that. No one does.

I can't forget what you did.

But I really hope
you get better in here.

Find some way to
turn your life around.

I wanna help. I can.

Everybody deserves a second chance,

- After everything I did...

why do you care?

- Why not?