Escape from Zahrain (1962) - full transcript

During the 1960s, in a fictitious strife-ridden Arab nation, captured revolutionary nationalist leader Sharif is being transported to a prison for execution. The police van transporting him to the prison is attacked by Sharif's fanatical followers. Ahmed, the leader of the students' revolt frees Sharif along with three other prisoners. Among them is Huston, an American who has embezzled money from the Zahrain Oil Company. The fugitives capture an ambulance and its nurse, Laila. They flee from the city toward the border but during their trek across the desert, the convict Hassan is killed in a police ambush. A romance starts between Ahmed, the student leader and Laila, the ambulance nurse. Unfortunately, Ahmed is later killed by a government strafing fighter plane. Later, Tahar, another convict, is also killed.The three lone survivors are Laila, Sharif and Huston. Will they reach their destination?

Sharif, Sharif, Sharif...May he burn in hell!
This can't go on.

These demonstrations, these unrests, the students
at the university clamoring for his liberation.

Secret meetings of his
rebel groups.

There's no reason to lose sleep,
your excellency.

Sharif will be forgotten one week after his trial.
The verdict will automatically be death.

There will be no trial. It will only provide
Sharif with a soapbox for his ideas

and have him incite the people. Well I
don't want him asking embarassing questions.

Why aren't there more schools? What has
happened to the hospitals I promised?

What has become of the millions
paid me by the oil companies?

Well these are questions not to
be asked before the people.

I rule this country and the
people do as I order.

How are we to put off his trial?
It's scheduled for next Wednesday.

My dear colonel, it is all so terribly
simple. Kill him before the trial.

When do you transfer your next batch
of prisoners to Sijen-El-Uadi?

We're sending five in the morning
but they're just common criminals.

They go in an unescorted van.
-Send Sharif with that group.

Shall I arrange for additional guards?
-Do nothing that would arouse suspicion.

For four years Sharif and his 'patriots'
have been a thorn in my side.

If they knew he was being transfered they would
try to liberate him, no matter how many guards.

You move Sharif as if he
were a common criminal.

Make no special arrangements
that would alert anyone.

When you get to the desert,
kill him.

Bury him in a nameless grave and the people will
no longer have anyone to look to for freedom.

Your excellency, shouldn't I
discuss this with general Modeb?

After all I am but a colonel.

After Sharif is dead, you will be
a general. Understand?

Your obedient servant,

Some set-up, huh? Congratulations.
Mind if I tail along?

You're getting off at the edge of the
city. This man has got to escape.

It's pretty important that I escape too.
-You haven't been condemned to death - he has.

We're putting you off, all of you.
-You do that, junior.

What is your name? -Ahmed Said.
-You're at the university? -Yes.

Did you organize this?
-We had a students' committee.

We have a car waiting at Hasra.
It will take us to the frontier.

We will cross on foot as
soon as it's dark.

There have been many changes while you were in the
prison. The support for you is greater than ever.

Kill him! Kill him!

You didn't have to do that.
-Not if he shoot when I say shoot.

I'll pick my own shots, raghead.
-He'll be alright soon enough. -Hide him!

As long as we're on foot they've gotta catch up
with us. -We gotta get a hold of another truck.

You think you know how? -I didn't bust my hump for
six years working for Zahrain oil company for nothing.

You get me to refinery and I'll get
you a truck. -All right. I'll get you there.

We should be safe under here.
What time is it? -09:05

The late shift hasn't got on yet. It's gonna be
a while. We might as well get comfortable.

What a fine-looking bunch.
What did they get you for?

Misfortune to commit murder.

Only uneducated men
find this amusing.

I have killed many times
yet they get you for murder

and they get me for stealing.
-One killer, one eightball,

one schoolboy...
-One American embezzler.

And one political rabble-rouser.

If it weren't for him you
wouldn't have escaped at all.

I know your kind. You despise us and yet you're
perfectly willing to take the wealth out of our soil.

This is called "Zahrain oil", it should
belong to us. - Well kid, go ahead and take it.

That is true. The trouble with you
Americans is that you have it too good.

You're too rich.
-Oh sure, we're lousy people.

Until somebody wants our lousy money or they want
to use our lousy brain to develop their country.

Look kid, if it wasn't for us there wouldn't be
any oil in Zahrain. It would still be down there.

This little operation cost
us $50 million.

The fact that you have a lot of money
doesn't automatically put you in the right.

This is our oil. We should be
employing you, not you us.

And the champion of the people is
gonna set it all straight, is that it?

The people, the people are going to set it straight. -Well that
I'll have to see, kid...If somebody didn't step in and help you

you'd still be rubbing two
sticks together to make a fire.

If you dislike us so much,
why don't you go?

Then see how long you'll last in
this country on the run without us.

Fine. See how long you'll
last without me.

I think you will stay with
us, Mr. Huston.

We, backward people, learn from you
civilized ones very quickly.

You will get us that truck.
I intent to get out of this country alive.

You don't much care whether I do?
-Why should I?

Fine. Well at least we know
where we stand.

OK, which one of you freedom fighters
is coming with me? -I go with you.

No, not you Frankenstein. I don't want
my head bashed in. -Ahmed, go with him.

We'll meet you a mile down the Bara
road at eight tomorrow morning.

You think I'll be there?
-You're as stuck with us as we're with you.

I wouldn't be too sure about
that. OK kid, let's go.

Hi, Laila. - Morning, Jill.
I thought you were off today?

I was. Now I have to take Mr. Spalding
from the hospital. What are you on?

Inoculations. I've been on
that the whole week.

Where today? -Shalal village.
See you tonight.

That's a gun, honey. It kills people.

Now do as I say. You're not
taking the Shalal road.

Tell him to go to the south gate.
All right, get moving.

C'mon, faster.

Now honey, when we get to the gate give the guard a nice
big smile and tell him you want to get around by Bara.

Now real easy. No tricks.

This is the wrong gate.
-New orders.

Saidi, they were supposed
to go to Shalal.

Good morning, Laila. -Morning.

It says Shalal on your card.
-I have to go around by Bara.

How come? -I've promised to deliver
some penicillin to the dispensary.

Fair enough.

See you at the Franklin's tonight?
-I hope so.

You did real good, honey.
Now don't spoil it.

Mr. Huston!
-It's nice to see somebody remembers me.

Where are you heading for? The frontier?
If you let me go

I won't say I recognized you and I won't
say which way you went. I promise.

The last woman to make me
a promise was my mother.

And she was lying through her teeth.

Tell your friend here to pull up
by those rocks on the left.

Who is she? -The company supplies
one free with every ambulance.

Stop her!


Police! Get her inside.

Did you have to bring the nurse? -The
woman has the ambulance until tonight.

Unless she gets back and tells them what happened.
-Mr. Huston, I told you I wouldn't say anything to anyone.

She knows your name. -I know both your names and offhand
I can't think of any two men I'd rather not be with.

Let's get off the main road.
-There's a track in two miles.

Do we have any spare gasoline?
-Two five gallon cans, I checked.

How far is the frontier? -Just over
400 miles. I think we've got enough.

Any water?
-Where's the water?

Are they full?

Look baby, you can die of thirst too.
-They are full.

Mr. Huston, my bag is up front.

They've blocked the road.
Sit tight everyone.

That did it. Here they come.

Slow down at the next turn, I'm
gonna try and stop them. -Right!

Get inside. -Don't go out there,
he hates us. Leave him behind.

I'll leave you behind if you don't
get inside. Get on the floor, all of you.

You really thought of ditching me back there,
didn't you? -It's crossed my mind.

Mr. Huston, the little man is dead.

Help me take him out.

Well, you want me to start it?
-You can take over in an hour or so.

Are your parents alive?
-What? -Are your parents alive?

My mother. Why?
-Isn't she worried about you?

Why should she be? -It could have been
your body lying up there in the hills.

Of course she's worried.
-Because you follow Sharif? -Yes.

You know, don't you, that if the police
catch up with us you'll be shot.

They won't catch up.
He's going to get pass that frontier

and reorganize and come back and
fight for our independance.

You have tremendous faith in him.
-Haven't you?

Our people were great once.
They ruled half the known world.

And Sharif...Sharif is bringing us back our pride
in ourselves. He's making a new life for us.

I think he's ruining your life for you
and you're just too blind to see it.

All right, you drive. Keep due south. When
you get to the foothills I'll take over again.

If you roll up that canvas
we'll get more air.

Ahmed and Tahar, come up front.

This is for the three of you.

So you think I ruin people's lives?
-Well, don't you?

Wherever you go there's
misery and killing.

Independence is something that has to be fought for.
Where there's fighting, there are casualties.

That sounds rather careless.
-Truth often does.


How can you be so sure of yourself... -If I
wasn't sure of myself, do you think I could go on?

I don't suppose you could. So you just close your
eyes to the things that doesn't suit you to know.

You should have been where I was
during your riots in September.

In the city hospital. Oh, it may have seemed
very glorious out there in the streets

but when boys of eighteen are dying in
your arms it isn't so glorious.

They died because they couldn't bear any
longer to see their people go hungry,

dirty, uneducated, when ours
is a rich country.

Half our wealth is taken by foreigners, the other
half is pocketed by our own corrupt officials.

Isn't it worth fighting to change that?
-Not if it means wholesale killing.

Besides, our people aren't
ready for your changes.

They're children: they're ignorant, they're lazy...
-Oh, I see.

You're one of our European Arabs.
-I was educated in Europe.

So were you. -Yes, but I didn't
adopt their view of our people.

Violence and killing are
wrong in any country.

Justify it to yourself if you can
but don't try and justify it to me.

Mr. Huston?

Could we stop for a little while?

Hey chief, how about a break?
There's plenty of cover here.

I think she said there
was food in the locker.

"Mix contents to desired consistency
with a little water or warm milk.

Make sure the powder is completely
dissolved before giving it to baby."

There, you be the cook. -I don't eat this.
-Well suit yourself Frankenstein, there's nothing else.

Who did this?
It was half-full.

When one of us drinks, we all drink.
Who did it?

Answer me! Who did it?

I drank. Everybody was asleep.
I was thirsty, I drink.

You got plenty of water. -Our lives may
depend on this water. All our lives!

Why you worry? We cross border
tonight, you'll get plenty of water.

You're selfish, stupid, ignorant.
And it's time you know it.

Well well, who would have thought
"the Father of the people" could...

Keep still everyone.

Keep still, I said.

Don't move. He will see the
three of you. He may miss one.

He's seen us.
-Then perhaps you'll let go of my arm.

Get around the ambulance and pretend we've
broken down. Open up the hood, quick.

"Located ambulance.
100 yards left of Hadimah track."

He's giving them map reference.

"Armored cars could deal
with situation."

"Ambulance broken down. Escaped
prisoners attempting to repair it."

He's going back to base. -Which way
will these armored cars come?

Both ways. The track will be blocked now that
they know where we are. -So what do we do?

Maybe we could go... -You will never take
this truck across there. It's not possible.

That's just what they'll think.
-It sure looks impossible from here.

I was in the hiding up there once,
for six months. There are ways across.

What's on the other side?
-The Zaida road.

They won't be expecting us there.
The roads may not be guarded.

It's worth trying. -You're crazy, boy.
-You don't have to come, Frankie.

Where does he think he's going? -There's a
small village, about thirty miles to the northwest.

If he doesn't die before he gets there.
-If he come back here, he die anyway.

I think he'll make it. You drive.
Stay on this track for another ten miles,

then I'll take over.
Take your turn up front.

You look worried.
-I'm alright. You're the one who should be worried.

I'm the helpless hostage,
you are the criminal.

I'm no criminal, I'm just a victim
of the narrow-minded society.

What did you do with the money?
-Money? What money?

"Zahrain Oil" claims you
embezzled $500,000.

500,000? From Arab tradesmen?
I should be that sharp.

200,000. And it's in a nice cool bank
in Cairo. -How did you manage it?

Well, the day after I took
over local purchasing

Mr. Ali Bain, the corn merchant, said:

"Zahrain Oil" will buy all
its flour from me. Yes?"

They might, I said, if you've got the best.
"Oh, I've got the best" he said.

And he put 13,000 rupees on my desk.

So I've bought the best
flour from him.

And the best lumber from...? -Abu Kasim.
-And so on. -And so on.

200,000. That's an awful lot of money.

Wanna help me spend it?
I could buy you a mink bandages.

On the right there, you see the opening?
Pull off the track and stop.

We're going up there?

Well it's all yours, brother.

How far is the frontier down this road?
-Without lights, ten hours.

You son of a... And you think one
of us would have noticed it.

We were being machine-gunned at
the time, remember?

So where the hell do we find a gas station
on this freeway? Lousy stinking hole...

There's a hundred miles to the nearest mud hut that way,
two hundred that way, and we got about enough gas for twenty.

You know, this cross-country marathon was your idea
so you better come up with another one, chief.

That's gonna do us a lot of good, especially
when we don't even know where the hell we're at.

Enough for twenty? Doesn't one of
your "Zahrain" pipelines

run parallel to the Zaida road?
About fifteen miles to the west?

It will mean getting
off the track again

but we can't be far from one of
the pumping stations. -Station nine.

They'll have gas, food, water...Everything.
-How many men are stationed there?

Three. -You give me a gun, I kill them all damn quick...
-Take it easy, Frankenstein. I know you're hungry but take it easy.

Well? -We don't dare use lights and
we can't go across country without them.

We'll stay here for the night
and start out at dawn.

This not for a man. -Drink up, Frankie. Couple of
slugs of this, you'll be kicking holes in your cage.

Good boy. As soon as I finish
mine I'll come over and burp you.

Would you like some more? There seems
to be plenty. -No, thank you.

You mind if I put it back in the
cupboard? -Why should I mind?

Sometimes you stare at me as
though I come from another planet.

Sorry. I haven't been to
Europe like you.

I'm not used to an Arab woman
being so sophisticated.

And you don't like it?
-No, I like it very much.

You see, I think women should
be as free as men.

Is this one of the things
you and Sharif plan? -Yes.

Would you mind rolling
down the canvas for me?

Has your mother chosen a wife for you?
-She's tried but I wouldn't have it.

I don't blame you. -When I take a
wife I want to choose her myself.

I want to see her and choose her
and know that she wants me as well.

That is right, isn't it?
-Very right.

Have I offended you?
-Of course not.

I just wish this journey were over. I wish we were
all across the frontier safe and I were done with you.

You said fifteen miles.
Well we've gone fifteen miles.

If you stop for a moment I'll climb
on top. Maybe I can spot it from there.

There it is, off to the right.

Fine, but where are we?
-Somewhere here.

If we are here where's this hill?
-Over there.

Could be that one.
-I don't think so. -You don't think so?

Look, if we make a wrong turn we're ninety
miles from the next pumping station.

And I got a hot flash for you:
we need some gas.

You understand the decision
we must make?

We're out within a few miles
from station P-9.

But whether to the left or...
-I think it's to the right.

-I got a hunch.

I think it's left.

So where are we?
Do we better get ouija board?

Are you willing to take the responsibility
for four lives on your hunch?

Are you? -No, not any more
than you are on yours.

But I am.

A few more cups and that's it.

Are you sure Allah is
on our side?


Yeah, it was left.


Now, where's the gas?
-Over here.

I'll get back to the ambulance and get Laila.
-Ahmed, go with him.

Oh, come off it, will you! How
far can I get on this?

That's not what I meant.
It's a good mile up that hill.

He can help you with it.

C'mon, kid.

Hey, how about me?
-How about you?

Your turn in a moment.

Ladies shower this way.

Welcome to the Zahrain "Hilton".
Now let's find up where they keep the food.

Fill up the ambulance and three
jerrycans. -Without holes!

We could do with
some ammunition.

Where do you think they
keep guns here? -I don't know.

But they sure take care of
themselves in the food department.

Well hello there, what's this?
-That's a bottle of scotch, old boy.

Who are you? -Johnson,
pipeline maintenance.

There's no need to point that thing
at me. I'm completely harmless.

I don't have to ask who you are,
do I? -Where did you come from?

You mean just now? I was
checking number three tank.

Well you didn't see me
but I saw you.

Marvelous figure, that girl.
I suppose she's the nurse.

So you're Sharif El Adel?
Gotta hand it to you, I must say.

Pack up the food. I'm watching him.
-You're in a hell of a spot, aren't you?

Half the army's out after you.
Which way are you heading?

That has to be our business. -I'm
sorry, I was only trying to help.

They've blocked all the tracks to
the frontier, I suppose you know that.

On this side of the mountain?
-Yes, everywhere. Now you're Huston, aren't you?

No, they're not much concerned about you
nor about the gentleman in the next room.

You got yourselves tied up to a very
important chap. He's the one they're after.

It seems that you're nearer to taking over
this country than we've been led to believe.

Now why you should want to do a
thing like that, I can't imagine.

Oh, not my scotch. Have a heart, old boy.
You know how difficult it is to get out here.

Sorry, but my need is greater
than thy, old boy.

So long, Johnson. Give my love
to everyone at "Zahrain Oil".

Why don't you give me the key of the pumphouse?
Those boys in there must be roasted by now.

Oh come on, you can trust me. Besides,
there isn't anything we could possibly do.

Thank you very much. You wouldn't
care to leave the lady, I suppose?

That's hardly a fair exchange for one bottle of scotch.
-I can't say that I blame you, but it's rather tough on her.

Sooner or later they're gonna
throw everything they have at you.

He's right.

What do you want to do?

I am responsible for the
ambulance. I'll go with you.

There's your answer, Mr. Johnson.
-Don't move, any of you!

I don't care what happen to woman.
You will stay here!

What do you got in mind? -They don't
send army and airplane looking for us.

He's the one they want. Like this man
say, they look for him, not you and me.

Use our head. Even if we did leave
him they'd still be looking for us

because they wouldn't know we left him.
-They will know. I tell them on radio.

You got it all figured out, haven't you Frankie?
-I'm no such fool as you think.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea at that.
We could put him in the pumphouse.

Put them all in pumphouse and
hang the key on the door.

You keep them covered, Frankie. I'll
see if I can get them on the radio.

What a perfectly appalling fellow!

American plenty smart in head
but no good in fight.

You're the one we should leave behind. -No, I'll
leave you behind. You don't leave Tahar. No, Sharif.

We're wasting time.
Get in, all of you!

You really thought of ditching me, didn't you?
-It crossed my mind.

There should be a track marked
between these two peaks.

Oh there is, but it looks like
it comes with a dead end.

Is he coming this way? -No, but if
he turns he's bound to see us.

Fasten your seatbelts,
it's gonna be bumpy.

Stay inside!

We can try.

Those forward gears are shut.
You better coast down.

We can always go backwards.

Coffee? -In a moment.

I can't see a gosh darn thing down there. In a
couple hours of daylight I can probably fix it.

Perhaps it's just as well.
We can all use some sleep.

You can say that again.
-Coffee? -Thanks.

Now wait a minute.

I got a better idea!

I'm gonna have a drink on
Mr. Johnson. You care to join me?

Oh I forgot, you
muslims don't drink.

You don't know what
you're missing.

Well, I better get the
blankets ready again.


You know, Johnson was right. Why did you come
with us instead of staying at the pumping station?

I don't know. I suddenly knew how I'd feel
standing there watching you all drive away.

Are you surprised? -I'm always
surprised by the things women do.

"I'll eat when I'm hungry,
I'll drink when I'm dry,

if the hard times don't kill me
I'll live till I die."

Take the first two hours then I'll
relieve you for the rest of the night.

"I'll tune up my fiddle,
I'll rosin my bow,

I'll make myself welcome,
wherever I go."

Having fun, Mr. Huston?
-Oh, boy!

What does it taste like? -Here, be my guest.
-No, I'm just curious.

C'mon, take it, it
won't hurt anything.

It tastes awful.
-Well honey, you gotta get used to it.

Actually it's the way it makes you feel
that's important. -And it makes you feel happy?

Holy...That's how it makes me feel,

You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna get myself a villa on the ocean.

Mediterranean maybe...Yeah,
the Mediterranean.

I'm gonna sit around the sun like a flower
all day and water myself with scotch.

I'll have a woman around too, to keep me
company. One who can cook. Can you cook?

That doesn't seem a very enterprising thing
to do with all that money. -Enterprising?

Honey, my life has been one enterprise after the other.
At first it started with the lemonade stand when I was seven.

And it's been straight donwhill ever since.
Real estate - no capital.

Oil prospecting - no oil.
Motels - no guests.

That 200,000 is the only
money I ever really made.

And I made it doing what I do best:

The girls at "Zahrain Oil" said that you were
married. -Oh, the girls at "Zahrain Oil" did?

Here, hold my hand. C'mon, hold my
hand. I'm not gonna hurt you.

There, that's it. Now all we need
is a little violin music

and I can tell you
the story of my life.

Yeah, I was married. I had two children,
two beautiful, beautiful children.

One morning I woke up and...
I ate them.

You know, I like you better drunk.
-Listen, I like myself better drunk.

Here, you may as well have this too. You might
as well get really holy. -No, you keep it. Go ahead.

I can't. It is
against my religion.

And it's against my religion to
take back anything I've already given.

Have a little before you go to bed, it
will help you sleep. -Good night.

Aren't you supposed to be on guard?
-I am on guard

but there's nothing much I can do if you and your
happy little friend broadcast our position to the world.

Did you enjoy your little party?
-You're being silly.

Why do you encourage him?
-I didn't think I was. -Oh, didn't you?

Sitting there drinking with him, laughing and
giggling! Well he's nothing but a drunken idiot.

He's not even a man! -I wonder how
far we would have got without him.

Exactly where we are. Exactly where we
are now but with one less belly to feed.

And where will we be tomorrow morning if he can't
fix the gearbox? Perhaps Mr. Huston is more of a man

than you think he is.
-Is that the kind of man you like?

Well I can be that
kind of a man too.

Hold my hand.

Hold my hand! C'mon honey,
it won't hurt.

And now I'll tell you the story
of my glorious life.

Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Huston. You see I
couldn't, because it's against my religion.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Now I see why you didn't
wake me up to relieve you.

Of course if you are sound asleep
you didn't need relief, did you?

I'm sorry...
-Suppose it had been him?

What would have happened? We would
have lost our truck, our food, our water.

If you were sleepy why didn't you call me
to take over? -I didn't know I was so tired...

I left you on guard here. You had a job to do
and you didn't do it. Now go and get some rest.

You mustn't blame him,
it was my fault.

Your fault? How?
-Well he...

I gave him some whisky. -Whisky?
-It must have made him sleepy.

And I suppose you had a drink too?
-It was perfectly harmless.

Harmless? You're a muslim,
aren't you? -Yes.

You're still trying to be
European, but you're not.

And if you keep on trying you'll
become nothing and belong nowhere.

You're Arab, your roots are Arab.
And they're deep and strong.

One day you will find out just
how deep and strong they are.

Well? -That's it.
At least I hope it is.

Try it in low.

Now to the second.

Well, we'll have to stay in low.
We can roll along at 10 mph.

Let's hope the air force
has the day off.

Laila, up front.

I guess it's my turn, huh?

Do you know how far we've gone
in the last hour? Six miles.

Have any brighter ideas?

Well, it's off our course again,
but there is an oasis at the El Argibah.

Oasis? We need a new truck,
not an oasis.

That's what I mean. There's the village,
farmers. They may have a truck.

Well, here we go again.

Steer southwest. Keep going for twenty
minutes, then I'll drive again.

How much further,

A mile to a mile and a half from here
we ought to be able to see it.

Either this map is
wrong or we missed it.

Or it wasn't southwest,


Get out everybody, fast!


He's going to Abu Mareb.
-What does that mean?

It means that armored cars
will be here in about two hours.

Is he...

How is he? -He came to help me.
It was my fault. If I hadn't stopped...

Now tell me, can we move him? -We better
take him to the village at once.

We need your help, he's wounded.
-Ali, take them to the tent. -Follow me.

Go and see if they need help.

Stand guard at the
edge of oasis.

Can I help?
-I need bandages and hot water.

You know what they're doing out there?
-What? -Having a cup of coffee.

In this country one has
to observe the customs.

Excuse me. You mean we raced halfway across the desert
so they could have a little picnic together?

He knows what he's doing.
-I sure hope so. How is he?

He's lost a lot of blood.
-Is there anything I can do?

There isn't anything any of us
can do, he needs a hospital.

There is a truck. It's ours if
we can get it going.

Dead as a doornail.

No battery. -Naturally. It couldn't
have been that simple.

Looks like a sandstorm.
-That's all we need.

What about the battery
in the ambulance?

Shouldn't we have a lookout or something?
-I've sent a man to keep watch.

C'mon Frankie. This is your
chance to be a hero.


Is it good? -I don't know.
How much have I got? -Half an hour at most.

Molotovs? Do those things really work?
-They work good. I show you.

Hey, you like? -All right,
now start making them.

How long have we been here?
-Half hour or so.

Half hour? We must go.
-We will go, soon.

Sharif, where is he?

I was asleep on guard.
-Please, try to rest.

Please, try to rest.

Come with me.

He doesn't have much time left.

I was asleep on guard. -Never mind.
We'll leave this behind us now.

Tell me...

Am I going to die?

Yes, you are going to die.

I'm frightened.
-We're here, with you.

You were right. When a boy of
eighteen dies in your arms

it isn't glorious.

They are coming!

They're here. Put
those in the back.

You ready?
-I'll give it a try.

What about the kid?
-He's dead.

Laila, I beg of you,
stay here.

They'll take care of everything for
Ahmed. I'm going with you.

There's your sandstorm. I'm gonna ride
right into it, then maybe we can lose them.

Get down on the floor.

We've lost Tahar. -Any good
in going back? -No.

Well there it is, chief.

You honestly think that one man
army is gonna have any time for you?

I hope so. -Aren't you a little
tired of sand in your food?

I'm an Arab, Mr. Huston.
I'm used to it.

They'll give us something to eat.
We can wash, there's even a telephone.

Looks pretty nice down there, doesn't it?
I guess they'll give you quite the reception.

Reporters, officials, the works....

Well I'm still a jailbird and I'm still on
the run. -What are you going to do?

Grab a ship if I can
get a hold of one..

I think you'll have a better chance
without us. Take the truck.

Thanks. You're still going
back to Zahrain?

As soon as I get organized.
I've got to.

He was a nice kid.
-They all are.

Well, that's the luck.

We must do this again sometime.