Escape from Tibet (2012) - full transcript

Faster! Faster! Mine's faster!

Higher! Higher! Mine's higher!

Your kite can't go up higher than mine!


Because today, I'm you and you're me!

Yes. I'm you and you're me!

I'm faster!

No, I'm faster!

Shots on the roof!

The Golden Boy?

The Chinese were trying to kill him!

They got the wrong child.

Why did you trade clothes?

Tell me!

We do it all the time!

Only when I get chocolate for him.

So you steal chocolate from our tavern?

But he needs it!

He's not allowed to eat chocolate!

Because a Buddha should not spoil his teeth.

And then he cries:

Please bring me chocolate.

So I have to get it for him.

The Oracle.
The Old Abbot is calling our gods.

Go! Now! Go away!

The Chinese missed their mark,

fate spun by children on a lark.

When snow hides the pass under its cape

will then the Golden Boy make his escape.

The Golden Boy must flee!

The last Buddha of Tibet!

Be quiet and listen!

A plan must be made.

What happened on the roof of the monastery
will happen on the roof of the world.

Get away from them!

What's wrong with you?

Away from them!

In the name of the
People's Republic of China:

Hand over the Golden Boy!

In the name of the
People's Republic of China!

Come... We have to go.

I have a job for you.

I'm not going to take any more
little kids over the border.

Why not?

My luck has run out.

No. You have run out on your luck.

What kind of job?

It comes from the highest authority.

The highest authority
is my conscience.

One more time, Tashi.

One last time.

The Golden Boy must leave Tibet.

Since the Golden Boy has disappeared
from Tapir monastery,

the situation at the border passes
has gotten worse.

The time of the big caravans is over.

The Nangpa route should be safe.


Where did this Western woman
suddenly pop up from?

Hide! Hurry!

Run as fast as you can!

My leg hurts bad.

Papers, please.

Lhamo's lost a tooth.

It's a fine gift for the Dalai Lama.

Bring your sisters over here!

Come on... Let's go.

Don't cry.

You're just going to your auntie in Labrang.


Pull yourself together,
now you're the oldest.

Get in the car! Get in!

Mum! Dad!

Where are you?

Wait! Where are you going?

Home. To mum and dad.

Tempa, there's nothing here.

Come. Let's go.

It's very warm in India.

There are monkeys, elephants and snakes.

India is a free country.

Only surrounded by mountains and the ocean.

What does the ocean look like?

Like a rolling lake that has no shores.

An enormous country made of water and tears.

Yangtsen, we're here.

Mum, look!

He looks nice.

Like our grandfather.

I know him. He just waved at me.

You are such a liar!

What's that?

This urn belongs to his wife.

He wants the Dalai Lama to bless it.

I see.

He must have loved his wife very much!

You are a terrorist!

You lied to me!

Let's go back inside and get a drink.

What if she takes off?

Don't worry. In 3 minutes
she'll be as stiff as your dick.

Look what I found.

Are you Dolma Tsamchoe,

wife of the imprisoned enemy of the state,
Palden Tsering,

then answer with "Yes".

Tell the Chinese I don't speak
the language of the occupier.

What did she just say?

She is Dolma Tsamchoe.

We are here to inform you that your husband
will be executed in the morning.

What a nice child!

Chimi, go back into the house!

Did you come from Lhasa
only to tell me that?

We've come for the money.


For the bullets. For his execution.

You can't escape.

Open the door!

Dolma Tsamchoe.

Now get out of here.

Or I'll collect the money
for these bullets from your wife.

Where is the Old Khampa?

He froze to death!

You two are coming with me.

You three encircle them
from the other side.

Mum, I'm thirsty!

Major Wang Bao.

We found the palanquin.

But it's empty.

Go down there quickly!


It's not the Golden Boy!

It's the damned German girl!

Hurry, we have to catch them!

Mum, you have to carry me!

Shoot him!

You four, go down there!

Don't shoot!

Let's go.