Escape from Red Rock (1957) - full transcript

Pursued by a posse, a rancher and a young woman, partners in crime, are chased into Indian country.

"Escape from Red Rock (1957)"

- Let's go! - Hit him!

- That's enough, Krug.
- He deserves more than that.

You never seem to have enough.

Stand up.

Let's go! Stand up!

Take your hat and come with me.

Sheriff, every man has a limit.

You are not a man,
you are a young idiot.

Sit down.

You didn't even heal your
wounds the last time.

And this is the second time this
week that you fight at the Palace.

- What should I do when they talk
about Judd? - Get away from them.

Go away?

Would you go out if you were
drunk and said your brother is...

a killer?

If it were true, of course it is.

But it's not true.


They saw it when Grierson's
gang invaded the stage.

They saw him again when the
Lordsburg bank was robbed.

The clerk was killed in Lordsburg.

Maybe Judd shot, maybe not.

But he was there...

and was wanted.


- Hi Janie. - Bah, it's okay.

He just bit more
than he could chew.

Go clean your back.

Put cold water on these bruises.

Come on, come on!

Where did you find this?

Ten miles out of town, hidden.

It is a good place for a young woman.

Who do you think would
cheat with these clothes?

Where were you going?

- Tucson, I think.
- You think Tucson!

Do you know what your chances
of getting there were?

With the Apaches?

With the highwaymen?

Find Pete Arker.

Try the salon,
I was there recently.

I was going to
look first anyway.

Why did you run away?

I had no other choice.

Your father?

- He's not my father!
- All right, your stepfather.

When my mother was alive,
she got drunk and hit her.

Now, when he gets
drunk, he hits me.

Are you sure you didn't deserve it?

All children need a
beating from time to time.

I spoke with Jim Roland.

That's all I did,
talking to Jim Roland.

- Running away, huh? - Acker!

Now listen to me...

If you touch it again, I'm going to
drag you down the street and hit you.

I promise you.

You have no right to
tell me what to do.

Teach me the law that says
you can join a man's family.

I don't need a law to
talk to a drunk like you.

Remember what I told
you, that's all.

Now go away.

You will have to go with him Janie.

You have nowhere else to go.

But if he hits you again...

Just tell me.

Do you feel better?

- A little. - Good.

Now get out of town and don't come
back until you control your temper.

Maybe Judd has become a bad
guy, maybe not.

But people think so,
and you can't fight everyone.

Did you hear me?

I heard it.

I'm sorry about Judd.

It's how you feel.

The only brother I have is...

pastor somewhere in Ohio.

I never had a reason to...

Either way,
you need to learn to live with it.

Stay out of town
until you learn.

Now go away.

You must be young Bowman.

Where's Judd?

Over there.



This ugly.

Very ugly.

Where it happened?

- Lordsburg. - Lordsburg...



Judd didn't say much.
He's been delusional for 3 days.

Oh, Cal.

- I'm going to see a doctor, Judd.
- Knife.

Wait a moment.

- Not a doctor.
- You need a doctor.

You can die if you don't care.

Sit down boy.

If you go to the city by a doctor,

They will take two
minutes to find out why.

Of course he will come,
but he will bring the sheriff with him.

He will take good care
of Judd so they can...

hang it up.

We have to do something.

Of course we have to do it.
We know.

We didn't bring him
that far to let him die.

There is a doctor in Salano.

He's a scammer and
stuff, but...

Is he a good doctor.


It helped me once I
was shot in the neck.

He's going to heal Judd.

But it takes money.

I do not have.

Who has?

The Lordsburg attack
was a mistake.

All we got was the
bullet in Judd's chest.

We have to think of something.

We will dock the post office.

If you help us,
you will get your share.

Help them?

I do not.

It is the only way to
prevent Judd's death.

It's ok.

You don't have to stay
with us until the end.

You just have to explain the place to us.

No, I'll take care
of Judd my way.

I'll send the doctor to cure him...

or I will kill you.

We have no choice, son.

We are all wanted by groups.

We can't go to the
city, you know.

Just tell us the place

and you will get your share.

Then you can take care of
Judd until he recovers.

If Judd is not cured,

We will kill you and
get the job done anyway.

You don't have a choice, do you?

Stay there!

- I just want to see my brother!
- Make up your mind now.

I cannot go to the city.

The sheriff kicked me out.
He told me not to come back.

It won't bother you if you
have things to do in the city.

Tell him that your horse has lost a horseshoe
and you must take it to the blacksmith.

While you wait,
check the cargo in the mail.




What do you want me to do?

Save it for later. Go see Judd.

I want to know, mainly,
what happens when the stage arrives.

When they open the safe
and what the guard does.

How many people work
there and are armed.

If there is a back
door and it is closed.

It seems to me that
there is a side door.

I want you to be sure.

I want to know everything about doors,
windows and cracks in the floor.

So, use your eyes
well, understand?

Better get some sleep.
I want you to watch tomorrow.

- Hi, Cal. - Hi, Janie.

It's ok?

- I heard about the fight.
- You sure heard it.

I took some blows to the head

but hey, I'm fine.

My horse lost a horseshoe.
Is Acker around?


- I'll call him.
- No, wait a minute.

There is no hurry.

I have to go to the
post office anyway.

Janie... what were you doing at
the sheriff's office yesterday?

I escaped.

You ran away!

Because of Acker?

What did he do to you, Janie?

Tell me.

Look, let's get out of this city.

I will take you with me.

You come with me?

I have to go.
I need to go to the post office.

See you later, Janie.

- I can help?
- I'm waiting for a package.

My name is Bowman.

Nothing has arrived.




I thought I told
you to leave town.

I had to come.

My horse lost a horseshoe.

What were you doing there?

I'm waiting for a
package, from Kansas City.

Look Cal,
the next time you have to come,

come see me first.

Take it easy, sheriff.

I will take care of him, Mr. Acker.

- How much do I owe?
- Two dolars.

Two dolars?

Why a horseshoe?
I paid 20 cents the last time!

Special price...

For highwaymen and
their families.

Well, I don't have 2 dollars.
I only have 1.60.

I will pay you the rest later.

You will take the horse
when you have the money.


Then you have the rest.

Thank you, sheriff.

I pay him later.

This is the outside.

They stop here in
front of the facade.

Inside is a counter, here,

and the safe, here.

And a door here.

The side door is
open, at least today.

Can you see the safe from the street?

Only a part of the front.

Those who pass by will not notice anything.

- You better be right, boy.
- Shut up, Joe, he knows.

Well, what happens when
the due diligence arrives?

- Help the employee with the safe.
- Are they armed?

- I did not see it.
- What is the armed guard doing?

- Help the employee with the safe.
- Loading the gun?

Yes, but he dropped it
as soon as he entered.

He looked sleepy.

I hope he's so tired when we attack.
It's ok.

Now, let's think
about a few things.


He will arrive through the side
door without being seen. As soon as,

We will arrive in the city one by one.

Your beard will make a good disguise,
so you will come in from the front

with Charles after
the stagecoach stop.

We just want to make
sure you stay here, boy.

Do not move!

I don't want you to tell me
anything, did you hear me?

Be quiet, ma'am.


Hey, let's get out of here!



The men are coming here.
Take my horse and go.

I can not.
Judd is inside, badly injured.

- They will kill you.
- I can't run.

Costaine won't let them do that.

Costaine is not with them.

It's not a group,
it's a gang of drunks.

I heard them talking and
they came to hang up on you.

Please, Cal, get my horse.

Hang me...?
Why are they going to hang me?

They said you killed someone.

Let's go.

Come on!

I can't wait to
hang it on the rope.

Neither you nor anyone in town.

Bowman is there. Judd Bowman.

Is dead.

Let's take a look?

No, Cal is far away.
He ran off with the rest.

He left Judd to die.

What were they talking
about a murder?

Janie, what happened in the city?

They said you shot Mrs. Donnely.

Mary Donnely?

Why would they say that
I shot Mary Donnely?

Cal, they say.
They've gone crazy and you have to run.

How will I do this?
No horses, weapons or food.

I'll get it for you.
Cal, please, let's go.

Stay here. I'll get my things.

Please, Cal, take me with you.

I'm scared of Acker.

I mean, not just running
away from him, but...

to live in the same house
and the way he looks at me.

Oh, please, Cal,
take me with you.

But Janie, how could I?

I should have taken you
a long time ago, but...

Look what I'm facing now

What would happen to
you if they caught me?

They would hang me from a
tree, as they said.

I'll be back, Janie.

I promise I will be back.


I want you.

Oh, Janie.

You will need food and blankets.

And a gun, if you can.

A weapon...

They left it here last winter.

- There are only a few bullets.
- I'll buy more.

In addition to wheat
flour, salt and bacon.

Be careful, Janie.

What are you doing now?

Are you going to run away again, huh?

I said I would teach you a lesson.


I think you're going to
have to come with me.

Take a rope. We will tie.

They were close.

I heard them because
the ground is stony.

Janie, don't waste water.

We have to ration.

The group will monitor
the water wells.

It's an old Apache trick.

If we go to get water,
we will be ambushed.

It is very hot during the day.

Arizona is like that.

It is hot during the day
and you freeze at night.

It would be great to have a fire.

But they would see it 20 miles away.

Even if we hide,
Apaches can smell smoke in the distance.

It would be nice to have a fire

but why risk it?

I'm not cold anymore. You have?

The blanket helps.

Janie, we have to get married.

The water well is ahead.

- Cal, you said the group...
- I said if they came...

before us.

We'll have to take a chance.

Stay here with the horses so
they don't smell the water.

There is no water.

The Apaches were there.
It looked like a large group.

It turned into a mud
pit after they finished.

There was a man from the group there.

He must have had half a
dozen arrows stuck in him.

I wanted to escape the cities

but without water we
have no other option.

We will be safe in Guadalupita.

There are only 20
miles to the border.

The sheriff was here and warned
us about accepting fugitives.

They said they would be back.

Tell me, sir...

Why are they traveling alone
in such a dangerous land?

Who are you and your wife running from?

Oh, she is not my wife,
she is my girlfriend.

We came to get married.

Are they running from their father?


Well, this is different.

The same thing happened to me.

Yes, it is not a crime to
kidnap the woman you love.

My home is yours.
Come on, you must be hungry.

Don't worry, my friend.
There are a lot of people watching.

If anyone approaches,
they will know.

He says don't be sad

that a grandson will make
your father forgive you.

It's true, isn't it?

Don Miguel, I don't want to lie to you.

Lie to me?

It's true that Janie's
father is after us

and he would like to kill me.

But that is not all.

And I don't want him to be
in trouble because of us.

- Forget it. - Not

The gang looking for the sheriff
killed someone in Red Rock.

Some people say it was me.

You did it?

Do you swear you're telling the truth?

I swear I'm telling the truth.

I believe in you. Eat your food.

Eat before it gets cold.

Maria married him.
He was even younger.

We can... I mean...

- It would be possible...
- Do you want to get married?

On here? Now?

Well well.

Let's tell the mayor.
The mayor can do anything.


I think we're getting married.

Did you regret getting married?

- Not for nothing. - Good.

Forget your problems tonight.
The boys will watch the way.

Now, go dance with your wife.

The mayor wants to talk to you.

My son, the road to the
border is dangerous.

Apaches, bandits...

Never in my life have
I seen it so bad.

But there is a man
who can help you.

Mr. Willis.
He's a good man, a good friend.

He will help you.

He is a man who lived
with the Apaches.

Because they trust him
and you can trust him too.

He will take you safely to Mexico.

How can I thank you?
Dom Francisco, Dom Miguel.

Good wedding night.

We can not do anything.

- Apaches? -Yes.


- We can't leave him there.
- We have to do this.

They did not burn the
house and can go back.


I looked in the other rooms.

the Indians take the babies.

I don't think the mother had a chance

but he tried to save the baby.

Cal, we can't go now.

No we can not.

I'll get those horses
out of sight first.

As soon as...

We will have to stay here for a while.

It's me.

Look at you!

- Her? -Yes.

There is no dairy cow.
The Apaches got them out of here.

I found some,
but we will need more tomorrow.

Well, I see that I
have to find a cow.

Why did you do that?

We wouldn't have a chance
if they came back, right?

Do not.

Perhaps the group will come first.

Maybe yes.

Cal, take it.


You are a girl?


This is fine.


The cow that I tied
was never milked.

And it was not easy.

Oh, he kicked you.

Only 5 or 6 times.

Why do you think the
Apaches killed them?

They were your friends.

Do not know.

Some say you can't
trust an Apache,

they are very dangerous.

I spoke to a man once,
a government scout.

He knew more about Apaches
than any man alive.

He said that Apaches were the
most honest people in the world.

If you're friends with
him, it's for life.

But, like whites, Apaches,
they hate mescaleros.

And the Coyoteros hate everyone.

Therefore, if you are friends with
one, you are the enemy of another.

There are hostile Indians
all over the place.

It will be difficult to get to Mexico,

as it has been for farmers.


Look what I found.

Elizabeth Allen Willys

Born on March 2, 1882,

"Rancho Escondido",
Arizona Territory.

Little Miss Elizabeth Allen.

Father: William Dave Willys.

He was born in Illinois on May
8, 1856.

He married Miss.
Nancy McCullen in New Mexico on January 10

of 1881.

Read the letter.

It came from California.

It says here that they shouldn't
live among the savages.

He says he has a lot of land.

That he would like them to
move in with him and his wife.

They were related.

Sweet Baby.

We will never reach Yuma,
let alone California.

Mexico is still our best bet.

We will be here until the baby
starts eating normal food.

Then, we'll go to California.

Let's think of a way to feed
him on the way to Mexico.

Maybe we can get out of here.

I will see what I can do.

Hello boy.

Who's there?

Well, let's take a look.

It's me.

Well, see what the boy achieved.

I need your love.


I kill you!

- Can I feed the baby?
- Forward.


She doesn't need any more help.

You're smart, huh, boy?

Hidden here with
a girl and a baby.

Where is your husband

- Where's the owner of that?
- You're wrong again, Joe.

Well, who is this girl?

Come on, she's not from here. Who?

And my wife.

- Your wife? - That is.

It looks like you've been busy
since the last time we saw you.

How sweet! I feel your feelings.

I think I'll take you
to Mexico with me.

I'll make you forget about Cal Bowman.

- Not! - I won't hurt you, dear.

I haven't seen a
woman in a long time.

Not! Not!

Drop it, Arky!

Bring us something to eat.

- That's baby milk! - Leave it!

Go get the equipment.

Sit down!

- I'll just help you with the pot.
- Stay where I can see you.

Come here, dear.

Sit down!

Can you drop this?

The groups follow us,
and you only think of women.

Women, no, woman.

- A beautiful woman.
- Give me a cup of coffee.

Listen to me...

I won't let it bother you

But you will have to
do something for us.

The sooner you start thinking about
it, the better.

They saw us at the border.
The group knows we are back.

Sooner or later they’ll show up
here, and when that happens,

we will meet at the door,

with the baby in her arms
and a smile on her face.

You live here.

Everything is good.
There is no problem and no strangers.

You see? He liked it
and comes back for more.


I'll give you a little common
sense, with a stroke.

- Anytime, Joe.
- Sit down, you two, sit down!

I'm talking about
saving our lives.

As I said,
the group can appear here.

If it does,
you will have to get rid of them.

That is.

If something goes wrong,
Cal will get shot in the head.

My coffee spilled.
Pour me some more.

This gun... has a bad shot.

It's not mine, I don't even have one.

- Don't you have a gun?
- I just need a rifle.

You asked and you will have.

What do you think about this?

I forgot to carry it.

I just have to shoot
you in your fat mouth

come to terms with others,

And I would take
that girl anyway

I could also be with a widow.

How can a mugger be
responsible for a baby?

I've never seen a baby this small.

Where did a girl like you
learn to do all of this?

Seeing my mother.

I had a younger brother.

He died.

I would hate to see something
happen to this little lady.

The time...

that I could have
had a child or two,

maybe I even have my partner,

I was at Yuma
Territorial Prison.

Do you know what this is?

It is the closest
thing to man-made hell.

10 years...


Spoiled food.

Men whipped like dogs
when the guards wanted to.

I would kill anyone for
not having to go back.

We would not go to Yuma
with two murders against us.

- I'll take care of the horses.
- Keep them well hidden.

You and Joe are going to
sleep outside tonight.

I'm going to sleep there.

I haven't slept in months for months.

And you are not going now.
Go take care of the horses.

And don't step just
because you're nervous.

Apaches may be
watching the house.

I can survive without you,
but not without horses.

All right...

You and Cal are going to sleep in the bedroom.

How are you with the supplies?

We have wheat flour and salt.
We spend everything else.

Cal, the baby's milk has spoiled.

I've been out to milk cows.

The baby needs milk, huh?

Are you going to let him go up the
hill and be seen by some group?

The girl needs milk
and will have milk.

Who will accompany you to
ensure that you do not run away?


Just by looking at me
badly, I will kill him


He's crazy about turning
the girl into a widow.

It looks like you will have to go.

Pair of coyotes...

Go for the milk.

You are crazy?

Bronc, they won't catch me just
because you softened up with a girl.

Make her hungry.

You are a coward, Billy.

Make her hungry, you say.

Shooting a woman in the
back is what you do best

And you say that I softened, right?

Very well.

Let's see it drawn.


You are faster than
us, we know that.

- But that doesn't make you right.
- That makes me the boss.

Go for the milk.

If you think about the idea
of ​​killing me from behind,

they already tried.

Now get out of here.


now wood is at stake.

Look at her!

Everything that is happening...

and she is so happy.

They are sitting,
but they look scared.

I don't blame them.

I'm too.

The cow is increasingly

I'll be back.

Kill them both.

- Did you see something? - Not.

No trace of dust on the horizon?

Do not.


Horses need water.

I'm going to tell Joe to take care of this.


Cal, Janie!

Get ready.

Where do you think you're going?

Mrs. Wallys,
is your husband around?

No, it's close to
the Hents ranch.

We're tracking some bad guys.

Three man.

They set up two bays and one sorrel.

If they weren't around,
they must have gone to Passo Guadalupe.

Tell your husband that
the group is going there.

I'll tell. Thanks.

Thank you Madam.

Guadalupe Pass!

I hope you die of thirst
before you get there.

She did well, very well.

Did you see which path they took?
To the east.

We'll be safe if we
don't go to Guadeloupe.

Skinner, give the horses water.

We will leave after preparing them.

- How many horses?
- 5, let's all go.

I said that the 5 of us are leaving!

Well, we will all go.

I made it.

If the pouch is kept wet,
the milk should last longer.

That's better.

If we start looking
for cows to milk,

we will be asking the
Apaches to attack us.

The horses were brought.

Cal, put the baby
blankets in the room.

Chuck it!

I thought you were going
to try something, Bronc.

Chuck it!


- What is it? - Take off your belt!

Take Joe's gun. The rifle too.

You will have your weapon
back if the Apaches attack us.


Everything is?

Big canteen is missing.

Take the baby.

What are you doing?

Cal!... Cal!

Bullets! Give me some bullets!

A weapon!


Cal, they're gone.

They will come back.

They know that without
horses we will not go far.

We will have more chance on the hills.

Take the baby.
We will go as far as possible.

They seem to have
had a busy day.

Did you face only the Apaches?

With another man.

Arky Shanks.

His face was butchered.

It is hardly recognized.

Excuse me ma'am.

- Are you Cal Bowman? -Yes.

John Costaine wants
to talk to you.

It must be when you arrive.

- Are you Janie Acker?
- Janie Bowman.

Oh, Janie Bowman.

Is this baby Willys?

Well, it seems to be fine.

- Did you take care of him? -Yes.


- Ah, her. How much time?
- 3 days.

3 days? You could have
crossed the border.

Well, it looks like she's fine.

Good to see you, John. Long ago.

It is true.

Bronc Grierson and Joe Skinner, huh?

And Arky Shanks is on the way.

They took them all.

I have to take you back, Cal.

And you, Janie.

Mrs. Bowman.

Do you know what they did, John?

They came here and
found that baby.

The Apaches killed their parents.

The baby would be dead
if they hadn't stayed.

They stayed 3 days,
with the threat of return of the Indians.

When in 3 days they could be
safe, John.

And... what is the charge against him?
It must be serious.

Course is.

He hit a drunk old
man who deserved...

and took some horses
from the same man,

that you probably
got by mistake.

It seems to me an act
of someone desperate.

I didn't kill Mrs. Donelly.

- I wasn't even there.
- I already know that.

- Then why are you so nervous?
- Laws, big and small...

People must know that they
must respect all of them.

No, he was born stubborn.
Sorry Cal.

- See you later, Al.
- See you later.


I have no other option.

That girl's place is
with her relatives.

- Where did you say they were?
- California.

Stockton, California.

You will have to pay Acker
for the chairs and horses.


Of course!

And don't tell me anything
about these thieves.

I had no other way out.

With Judd dying.

What are you waiting for?

Do I have to say this 20 times?

Take that baby to his relatives.

Come on, sheriff. We will do it.

Pass through Tucson.

No problems on
the way to Tucson.

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