Escape from Raqqa (2019) - full transcript

Raqqa, Syria, Spring 2015. Faustine discovers the hell in which she has embarked with her 5 year-old son. In Paris, Gabriel and Adnan, two young activists, are moved by the distress of ...

This film is based on a true story.

It took place in early 2015.


What's your plan? I don't get it.

City Hall says
nothing about you leaving?

What can they say?

My post is gone. I'm useless.

They know I can't take anymore.

I need some time with Noah.

It'll be a break for you too.

Won't it?

- Oh, shit.
- What?

The sign said 6 euros an hour
but it's 8 euros.

I said to drop us outside.

I wanted to see you off.

And now you're complaining.

Sweetie, we're here.

Watch out for the head.

Put him down, he can walk.

C'mon, Noah, hurry up.

APRIL 4TH, 2015

Re-confirm your return flight
48 hours beforehand.

- Have a good trip.
- Thank you.

Where's the brake? There it is!

Be careful.

Let's go.

Come on, toots.

Come on.

How long will you stay in Istanbul?

Three or four days.

It depends on Nadia.

Where is Nadia?

She's already there.

What's the plan after that? Izmir?

I dunno.

The place doesn't matter.
I want to be useful.

We'll go wherever we can help.

You really want Noah
to see the orphanages?

Of course, it's important.

Stop asking questions!
I'm not the one in charge, it's Nadia.

When I see her, I'll tell you. Okay?


I'll give you some space.

You're right.

It just feels kind of weird.

But it'll be great.
I'll take up pizza and basketball again.


I better come home to a clean house.

Be good.

What's that mean?

Don't go playing the bachelor.

Goodbye, pumpkin.

I'll see you in two weeks.



You'll be nice to Mommy?

Have fun.

Syrian refugee camp

APRIL 4TH, 2015

You don't get carsick?

No, I'm fine.

Your generation has mutated.

I feel like walking.

Give me 5 minutes. I'm almost done.

Can you stop here please?


Thank you.

Don't get your hands dirty helping me!


Put that here.

Lay it down straight.

Move it!


Gabriel, can you make the introductions?

We're the "Sedonia" NGO.

We're here to help you get settled.

I'm Gabriel.

Marianne Hurel,
the Head of Mission in Syria.


You know about Sedonia?

He said he makes war,
we make beds.

Right. We divide up the work.

Was that Daesh?

It's nothing!

Daesh is after me
because they're afraid of me.

I formed Katiba Souriya Al-Hurr.
We beat Bashar in Raqqa.

Daesh is afraid of me.

We fought against Daesh too.

We destroyed
the checkpoint at Al-Tabqa.

That was Abu Sakhr.

Who's he?

The attack at
the Al-Tabqa checkpoint was him.

You know him?

I'm Abu Jebel.
What's your war name?

- What's going on?
- Let me check something.

Translate for me.

It's the checkpoint.
He's right, it's Abu Sakhr.

You make war with your laptop?

We'll call you "Abu Apple."

Beware of Abu Apple!

He's more dangerous than Bashar.

Capital of ISIS

APRIL 4TH, 2015

Abu Zyed?


How's things?

They let you go?

You seen my brother?

Is there anyone at my place?

Search everywhere!

He has to be here!

Greetings, little brother.

Praise be to the Lord.

- Where's Abu Zyed?
- Who?

Sami, we know each other.

You know better than to lie to me.

Adnan Al-Said, aka "Abu Zyed."

You saw him. We know he's here.



Sylvain, what's up?

Are you okay?

You're not in Turkey?

Why would I be in Turkey?

Where's my wife?

I don't know. I haven't seen her.

Is there a problem? What's going on?

You have a spot.

Fooled you.

You have spots everywhere!

Tomorrow at 10:00 pm.

Go with Oum Arzou.
No prob, we be dere.

Cover yourself better.

Follow me.

- We've done the spinal. We're ready.
- I'm stuck.

- What's wrong?
- I don't have a nurse.

Was this planned?

The minister's
private secretary's ass is numb.

Of course it was.

- Sorry.
- Where were you, taking a nap?

- I'm sorry.
- Glasses.


- So, you're the only one in the dark?
- About?

Sylvain, the nurse.

He's depressed?


His wife took off to Turkey
with his son.

Oh shit.

Is your son still there?

Maybe he can help?


He's too busy looking for himself...

he'd never find anyone else.

You could try.

You're really into war videos.

To translate you need to know
and understand.

Where's that?

It's Abu Zyed's activists in Raqqa.

Daesh caught him. He's dead by now.

May I?

- Who's that?
- Ruqia Hassan from Raqqa.

She mocks Daesh daily.

She's fearless and unstoppable.

You know,

the living are worthwhile too.

She sold him a load of crap.

I think there's another guy.

Now she's there with the kid.

Turkey is 800,000 km2
and has 80 million inhabitants.

What am I supposed to do?

I didn't say find her.

Go to the consulate, say you're my son.


I've healed Turks.

Even an ex-Turkish president.
Believe me, it helps.

I'm not even in Istanbul.

Then go there, for me.

I'll pay for the ticket.

She's a cunt.

Maybe, but it's the wife
and 5-year-old kid of a guy in my ward.

And my ward, is my family.

And suddenly
you remembered you had a son.

Come on,
I'm not asking for the moon.

Just do what you can.



Take care.


- Here are her things.
- Thank you.

You can put it here.

She converted recently?

A year and a half ago.

Any friends? Did she see
the families of guys who've left?

As a social assistant, yes.
As friends, I don't know.

I told the police everything I know.

Well, you're going to tell me again.

I think she's heading for Syria.

I've read up a bit.

They say there's
a sort of holding spot in Turkey.

- To prepare them.
- Could be. And?

Can you contact
the Turkish authorities?

You dropped her off at the airport.

You kissed her goodbye.

And now you want us
to issue an international warrant?


Your colleagues made me press charges
for parental child abduction.

Doesn't that count?
My son's a victim. We have to find him.

You haven't understood.

We're internal security.

Our problem is what happens here.

Underground networks,
anything to prevent another attack.

Got it?

So, you help us.

Then we'll see if we help you.

Have I made myself clear?

Is this Syria? Syria?

They're your uncles.

Don't worry.


You got other ID?

Come on.

Move it!


No hello for me?


What's wrong with you?

You can't do that here, sister.

Hey, Noah, happy to see me?

Are we far from the border?

Turn that on, I can't see a thing.

You don't know the way?

Of course I do.

I've been driving this road
for 50 years.

This warns you if anything's going on.

What are these roadworks?

They're not roadworks.

They're Daesh checkpoints.

What about the Nissan garages?

Armed patrols.

This is all our territory.

Allah akbar!

She sent a photo of their son.
A trail?

Okay, let's go.

Hang on.

You forget something?

Do you know Urfa?

It's to the East, not far from here.

- Is it dangerous?
- It's the transit point into Syria.

What's wrong?

- I need some time off.
- What?

- Family problems.
- You're joking.

Don't worry, I'll be back.

I'll call you.

Okay, let's go.

Not that way. It's closed off.

Raqqa. It's Beverly Hills.

This is for us?

Where do you stay?

I'm downstairs with Vincent.

And Issa?

Issa is further down the street.

He got married.

Hey, Noah? What do you say?

Mommy, look. There's birds.

So, you like it?

You sure there's not a problem?

- What?
- Whose place is this?

Cowards who left. It's yours now.

And this is a present for you.

You have to wear it all the time.
Even with me.

Aren't you married?

- Hello.
- Salaam alaikum.

- We can speak French if you want.
- Do I know you?

- Aren't you Abu Apple?
- No.

Is Marianne Hurel here?

She's in Istanbul for the month.

I'm Syrian.
I want political asylum in France.

I need to see her.

Then you go to Istanbul.

Or call the consulate.
The number's there. Good luck.

Can you hear me?

- Did you contact the consulate?
- No, I'm here.


- Where the photo was taken.
- Istanbul?

No, Urfa. To the south near Syria.

What are you doing near Syria?

You asked for help.

I didn't ask you to go there.
It's dangerous.

Don't worry about me.
Has the girl sent any new photos?

Yes, one.

But it's just
a close-up of the kid in a park.

Send it.

You want it?


Say that again.


CTRL... FN...

Yep, there's the data.

Type "CTRL-C,

and copy the GPS coordinates in Google.

Okay, I can copy & paste.

You got it?

I don't really care for your tone.

What's it say?

Sorry, I'm late again.

- Don't worry, no problem.
- I'm coming.

What's wrong?

I have news.


Not exactly news.

In any case, not good news.

Go on, tell me.

The photo you sent me...

We localized it.

It's Raqqa.

- They're in Raqqa.
- Raqqa?

I'm sorry.

I found this for you.

It's not much,
but it might be good advice.

For example,
if she calls, don't rush her.

Try and maintain contact.


It's nothing, you'll be fine.

Oum Aisha, please. Can you help me?

She's lost too much blood.

We must give her some.

We don't have blood.

We do our best.

Hi, sweetie.

Sorry, I was gone a long time.

- Fuck, the bastard came back.
- Who?

- The shit who doesn't pay zakat.
- Stop!

What's going on?

Pull over!

Mourad, drive!

Please drive!


Drive on, hurry!

You up there, move it.

Salaam, Abu Jebel.

I have some questions about Raqqa.
It's important.

Go ask Internet!

More to the right.

Come on, faster!

Give them a hand. He's from Raqqa.

He's into videos like you.

I know who you are.

I've seen everything you filmed.

I get notifications for activist films.
Yours were unbelievable.

Spring 2013.

The Raqqa neighborhood committees.

The Mukhabarat raids.

Did they torture you for long?

The regime, 20 days.
Then Daesh, 4 days.

It's okay, that's war.

I didn't know you were so young.

I'm sorry about the other day.

Don't worry, it doesn't matter.

I called the consulate, like you said.

They wouldn't say for a visa.

But I know I can get
political asylum in France.

How will you get there?

I dunno.

Can you help me?

I dunno.


What exactly are you looking for here?

It's complicated. I'm looking for...

information about Raqqa.

You want to know Raqqa?


I'll show you Raqqa.

Get up!

Our martyrs leave in numbers

But our bones
are tough as mountains

We won't kneel before you

We don't fear your arrests

What the fuck are we doing here?

It's not our city or our country.

We have to return to Raqqa.

You remember 2 years ago?

We mourned our brothers
who died in bombings.

Then in 2 days,
the Free Syrian Army took the town!

And what did we do?

The Revolution!

We overthrew the regime.

And we'll hunt down the Daesh dogs.


is looking for...

information about Raqqa.

What do you want to know?

It's complicated...

I'm looking for a little French boy.

He's 5 years old.

He's a mixed-race child.

There aren't many like him there.

What's he doing in Raqqa?

His mother took him there.

She's married
to a friend of my father's.

You want us to help you find
some crazy bitch

who's joined
the murderers of our families?

No, I don't care about her.
It's for the kid.

We're already

fighting Assad's army
and you want us to take on Daesh too?

What's this woman doing in Syria anyhow?

You mustn't help anyone from Daesh.


Don't cry. He'll come back.

I understand. I was dumb.

You know, if you want to help Raqqa,

there are lots of other children.

Lots of other women too.

And many ways of helping them.

Where did you learn such good Arabic?

My mother is Lebanese.

So, you know Oriental women.

What do you mean?

Ruqia... I'm sorry.

Very good!

You'll be a real jihadist.

So sister, how are you finding things?

Fine. The maternity unit's tough.

What's tough?

There's no means, no medicine...

The women are in pain...

Forget Western comfort.

Tell me...

Why did you come here?

Tell me.

To help.


And we need you.

Everything remains to be done here.

That's why you came.

So don't complain.

I'm not complaining. I'm explaining.

My brothers spoke highly of you.

The good you did in the neighborhood.

You have a pure heart.

Allah saw and he chose you.

The Islamic State will help you.

We'll give you all you need.

But be patient,
we're starting from nothing.

Will you reopen the schools?

Of course we will.

As soon as we have
a Quranic curriculum, inshallah.

You know...

we're here to build, not for war.

War is for others.

Get home safely.

She talks too much.

But the kid's good. We'll train him.


Hey, how's it going?

Okay. And you?

You look tired.

No, it's just....

I didn't shave today. How are you?

Where's Noah?

Noah's fine, don't worry.

Thanks for your message.

I forgot it was my birthday.

Why haven't you called?

You know, it's...

Everything's different. It's not easy.

I took a 5-minute break,
but I usually work day and night.

It's another world.

- Where are you?
- Right now?

At the maternity clinic where I work.

In what town?

It's hard to say,
we move all the time.

I couldn't say exactly.

The two of you
are coming home, right?


It's long.

I miss Noah.

I miss you both.

Okay, I have to go.

Talk to you soon.

I love you both.

Careful, Noah, that's heavy.

Think you can hold it alone?


Go on,
show me how strong you are.

Go on, aim.


C'mon, Noah.

Put your finger where I showed you.

You've seen this in the movies.



Pull the trigger!

Why outside?

You secret service guys
scared of bugs?

No, I smoke.


- You're the husband?
- Yes.

And Noah's father.

- Cigarette?
- I have my own.

The news isn't good.

I put out feelers.

It's not a case for us.


Officially, we're not active in Syria.

It's a shitstorm.

The DGSI tried
to work with Bashar's services

to track down French nationals.

But it led to nothing.

Why not?

Assad has no desire to destroy Daesh.
They're his cover.

"See, there's worse than me.
You guys need me."

Two, the jihadists we're looking for
cross into Syria illegally.

We have no traces.

She called me.
She wants to come back.

I won't give up.
She'll say where she is.

It's all the same.
We don't have the resources.

Even if we had men there,
we wouldn't risk their lives for that.

So I'm the one who's gonna go?

May I have a word with you?

It's harsh, but you need to understand.

The guys who go there...

when they realize
it's not what it's cracked up to be,

they come back.

We make them sorry they ever left,

but they come back.

The women don't come back.

Not a single one.

Not one woman has made it back?

You should see
what they do to them.

In fact, it's better you don't.

Talk to him.

I know it's hard,
but he has to prepare for the worst.


Good luck.


It's you?

Too late, I consoled myself.

- Is Adnan here?
- Why?

I have what he wants.

Here, if you're still interested.

- It's yours. I don't understand.
- You'll pretend to be me.

We look enough alike.

You just need
to cut your hair and shave.

Even if it works, what about you?

I'll manage, it's easier for me.

We just can't be on the same flight.

Abu Zyed, you're not abandoning us?

You can get political asylum too.

I don't care. What about Syria?

I've had enough of Syria.
She's taken everyone I loved.

What's wrong, angel?

Mommy, when are two weeks over?

What's wrong?

I want to go home.

I've had it, I want to leave.

You can't just leave. You have to ask.

- Organize things.
- What?

Do your job, organize! I'm going home!

Ask the Emir. Do something!

You came here to do something.

So finish it!

This isn't the Club Med.

You came for sham, for hijrah,

not for sightseeing!

You disappoint me, Faustine.

You don't think you disappoint me?

What do you think? You lied to me!

You lied to me!

All of you! Before God!

You brought me here
to make yourselves look good

for your shit Emir!

Hit me.

Go on, hit me!

I'm African.
You'll never touch my soul! Never!

You're a shame to all slaves!

- You're a piece of shit!
- Shut up!

Shut your mouth!

- You're no one!
- Let go!

- You're a shit!
- Shut up!

- You're nobody!
- Her keys and phone!



Have a good flight?

Don't worry, it'll be cool.
Just stay calm.

Easy to say.
You think we risk the same thing?

They won't even notice you.
Say nothing, don't smile, and walk on.

Just like a Frenchman.


Hello, sir.

"Tessecur ederim."

That's not Turkish?
You're coming from Izmir, right?

Yes, thank you.

Teşekkür Ederim.

Stop pretending you can talk.


You sound ridiculous.

- Welcome home.
- Thanks.

I have a great accent.

Welcome to France.

What are you doing? Get dressed!

You think this will help?

I'm trying to speak up for you,
and look at you!

Momo, please. I'm in pain, I swear.

I'm in agony.

Where? What hurts?

My stomach. I swear, I have cysts.

I need my medication.
I'm all out. Please!

- What do you need?
- My pill and sanitary napkins.

I can't, sister.
It's impure, you know that.

What am I supposed to do?

Just sit here?

Please, I'm in pain.

Go downstairs.

Noah stays with me.
And I watch from the balcony.

You go down.
And you come back up. Got it?

Go on, hurry up.

How do you say "I'm in pain" in Arabic?

- Youwajaani.
- What?


Hurry up.

You, stay put.

What did you do?

I said stay put!

Sylvain, can you hear me?

- Can you hear me?
- What's wrong?

We're in Raqqa. We're prisoners.
I need help.

I want to come home. Help me!

You're prisoners?

For Noah's sake! Help us get home!

- What's going on?
- Hey, Sylvain.

How's Romainville?

Let me go!

He talks a lot.


You're here!

- I'd have picked you up.
- No worry.

I was scared shitless.


- Who's this?
- Adnan. He's Syrian.

We snuck him in.

With the security checks?
You're crazy!

Look, we made it.

Can't you just say,
"It's great to see you!"

I'm super happy to see you!


Beer for everyone? No restrictions?

He's just like us.

Actually, he's worse.

Gabriel, is this your mother?


- She's beautiful.
- Thanks.

"Saint Leila." My ex-wife.

She preferred politics to family life,
so I raised him.

But she's still his idol.

I've been calling nonstop.

- Gabriel!
- How's it going?

- You're back.
- Kind of unannounced.

This is Adnan. He's Syrian.
And Camille.

Perfect timing. This is Noah's father
and the news isn't good.

Hello, I'm Sylvain.


Hello, Patrice.

When she said
she wanted to come home,

you really believed her?


I mean, I didn't think twice.

It was written all over her face.
She was scared.

Then they burst in.

She needs our help.

- Adnan, you know people in Raqqa?
- Dad, wait. It's complicated.

I know, but we can't do nothing.

You don't get it.
She's not on the right side.

Oh, I get it alright.
You can't do anything.

- Patrice, that's not helpful.
- Exactly.

I'm going straight to the ministry.

Salaam alaikum.

We brought the sister.

For how long?


Your room.


Camille's not into soccer.

He's good, No. 7. Luca.


He's out for himself.

He's not bald.

Most of them are bald.
Not like in tennis.

There we go.

Look at him.

He's got the ball.


Forget about him and your wife.
You'll never see them again.

You see that!

He has to be a fighter.

And good-looking too.

But Tunisians are usually
very handsome and some are...

Shut up and go to your room!
Your husband is coming to see you.

Hurry up, a man is coming.

Noah, grab your backpack.

Hurry up!

Give me your hand.

Stay here.

- El souk?
- Where's your guardian?

- Yes?
- Tutor where?

Give me your bag.

Please, possible to go further?

To the north, please.

- Border?
- Yes, border!


Wait here.

Noah, get out!

Run, run, run!

Give me your hand! Watch out!


You wanted to see Paris?

This is it.

Excuse me.

Hey, Gabriel, what's up?

Haven't seen you in ages.

- How are you?
- Good.

How's things?

Caipirinha? I made it.

You've got to meet him.

He's younger than us,
and it's crazy what he's done.

You okay?

Yeah, fine.

I don't know, we can't find them!

I don't care, bring her back!

We're in the shit!

I looked for them!

Go back to the souk,
go through every stall!

Min fadlik.

Min fadlik, please.

Come in.

How did you learn French?

At school...

and my brother

and I watched a series, Saint-Tropez.

Saint-Tropez in Syria?

Yes, by satellite.

Beautiful women, miniskirts,

the Côte d'Azur...

You must be disappointed.
Paris isn't the Côte d'Azur.

No, it's more like the Vatican.

Saint-Lazare, Saint-Ambroise...

You people are more religious than us.

- Adnan.
- What?

Faustine called.

She escaped, she wants help.

You gonna tell me to fuck off again?

Did she really escape?

I swear.

What are you guys talking about?

A woman who's trying
to swim faster than the shark.

She wasn't under constraint?

No, she was at the neighbors.
For once, she could talk.

So I asked questions.

She gave me details.

The Prefect was informed?

Of course.

The story made waves in Romainville.
She's a social worker.

- Everyone knows her.
- I spoke with our consul in Ankara.

He's ready to help you.

That's fantastic. What happens now?

- They'll get her at the border.
- The border?

What border?

- The Turkish border?
- Yes, Turkish-Syrian.

Excuse me,
but the problem isn't Turkey.

It's Syria.

- We can't do anything in Syria.
- And why not?

Are you messing with us?

You said, "We're going to help you."

But that's no help.

One question,
can you help us or not?

Calm down!

I'm saying we can pick
her up at the Turkish-Syrian border.

I have a better idea.
Have her meet us at the Eiffel Tower

and I'll pick her up myself.

That way
you won't have to lift a finger.

Goodbye, ma'am.

1, 2, 3, rock-paper-scissors!


Remember what we said?

- Hello.
- Hi, I hear you.

I'm with friends who want to help.

Tell them everything.


Hi, how are you?

Hello, yes.

Where are you in Raqqa?

Near Shariya Al-Nour.

Where exactly?

Across from the cybercafé.

I'm there.

That's near where I lived.

How did you get away from them?

I didn't, they caught us
and put us in the madafa.

That's where we managed to escape.

Then why'd you go back?

I had no choice,
I had nowhere else to go.

I know the neighbor,
but if they find us

now they'll kill us.
I swear, they'll kill us.

You believe her?


Please help us. I'm begging you.
Save my son.

Faustine, we'll try. But we need time.

Two days.

You need to stay put for 48 hours.

Okay, I think the lady will let us.

Calm down, I'll call you right back.

Faustine, calm down.

We're doing our best.
Calm down and stay put, I'll call back.

- Okay?
- Yes, okay.

You'll call the Kurds and say,

"Hi, there's this girl
and her kid in Raqqa."

Not the Kurds. The Free Syrian Army.

- They need money, recognition.
- From who?

From France. It's super important.

This is insanity. Adnan, tell him.

He knows the katiba well.

It might be possible.

- And the secret services?
- What?

Can't they handle it?

They'd never do it for her.

How do you know?

You asked them!
They don't bring people back.

Will they know what you're doing?

Probably, yes. They watch everything.

- So they could stop you.
- How?

Are you with them?

Stop it.

Who are you?
What are you doing in Turkey?

Dad, trust me. I know what I'm doing.

You'd have 2 deaths on your conscience.

You want to help us?

Then do what we say.
Is that possible?



Then everything's cool.

When I got here he wasn't here.

He came home and he's freaking out.

Would he throw you out?

Throw them out?

Of course he would!

We need to buy time. Buy time, Faustine.

I'll go outside

and faint.
People will take me to a hospital.

No, don't do that! We'll never find you.

- Calm down.
- It's not her fault.

- But we need a solution.
- Like what?

Let her figure it out.

Remember Ayman Al-Said's family?
They'll slit our throats.

Faustine, let me talk to the husband.

Please. Telephone.

Rami Mohamed?

Who's this?

Do we know each other?

I'm Ayman Al-Said's son.

Amer, is that you?

No, Adnan.

Adnan, where are you? In France?

Rami, listen.
You're right to be afraid.

She won't stay.
But please keep her until tonight.

For my father.

Tonight, she leaves.

Okay, fine.

Tonight isn't enough.
Why didn't you ask for more?

I don't want them to die.
It's too dangerous for them.

My family was close to them.
I prefer them to Faustine and Noah.

So we let them die?

No, I know who can do it.

- Tonight?
- With a bit of luck.

Katiba Thuwar al-Furat.

They're still around?
They didn't join Al-Qaeda?


No? Look at this. Hang on.

I know, they tried.

Al-Qaeda didn't want them.

That's even worse.

You don't see. They have nothing.

A few guns,
a few cars, 10 or 20 last men...

And around them,
there's Daesh, Bashar, Al-Qaeda...

Civil war isn't a game of chess.
Black or white.

Your friends change, enemies too.

Why ask them if they have nothing?

They're the last ones in Raqqa.
Alone, they'll die.

They need France.

That's why they'll say yes if you ask.

Oh, so I'm France now?

At precisely 9:00 pm, you leave.

You know the National Hospital?

That's the meeting point.

They'll be there.

A grey vehicle.

The password is "Zyed."

They're there.

They're waiting.

Noah, be careful!

The lines were insane.

Everything okay?

Where are they?

Mommy, I'm cold.

Come on, run.

She's not there.

They're starting to panic.

They say they're leaving.

What's she doing?

The hospital's 600 feet away!

Maybe she's betraying us.

How's that?

That's what she does.

She's messed
with everyone from the start.

Crying on the internet, repentance...
It's a Daesh classic.

Then Thuwar al-Furat are already dead.
The Mohameds too.

C'mon, run!

Are you okay?

I'm fine, don't worry.

- "Zyed"?
- Yes.


Take that off.

It's not Daesh here.

You're free now.

You can sit.

You have to eat.

Thank you.

Tomorrow morning, we leave.

Now, we rest.


No, sorry. Nothing.

I need to feel comfortable.

Tomorrow is a hard day.

You want to smoke?

You feel better now?

Thank you.



Oh fuck.


It's good, they've got them.

That's Noah.

What's that say?

"Freed by Thuwar al-Furat."
To show it's not an old photo.

Where are they?

At an FSL hideout in Raqqa.

They'll be fine now.

You don't look well.
I'll take care of him.

- Are we good?
- They're not home safe yet.

Raqqa is 80 miles from the border.

With at least 8 Daesh checkpoints.

I've crossed this border.
It's very dangerous.

What can we do to help?

- For starters, find the money.
- To pay them?

- How much?
- 15,000 euros.

I promised we'd be
on the 11:30 am flight to Istanbul.


Hey, dude.

Sorry to interrupt.

How are you? Good?

How are you?

I have a favor to ask.

Watch out!

What are you doing here?

Trying to rest.

You could've gone to my room.

I'm fine here, thanks.

- Any luck?
- No.

2,000 euros was all I could withdraw.

I called the bullshit Gold Card number.

They sent me from one service
to another for nothing.

I went to the hospital.

I saw my night-shift colleagues.

I have 9,000 euros.
We emptied the ATM machine.

I saw my basketball buddies.

They got their cards out.
With my money, it's almost 5,000.

I'll check out the checkpoint
and let you know.

Wait here.

I drove through, there's no one.

I'll wait for you.

Shit, I don't believe it!

Do something!


What happened?

What happened to her?

I'm hurt!

Go get her, idiot!

There was a pothole!

A pothole? Serious, in Syria?

Stupid fool!

Get your license and learn to drive!

Get going!

You're sure you want to go?

I want to be first to greet Noah.

Not some guy from the consulate.

And your wife?

I don't know.

I need to see her. Talk to her.

We'll see.

Could you get back with her?

Half of me wants to strangle her...

and the other half...


Half of me thinks you're nuts...

and the other half says good luck.

- I look okay?
- Yeah, fine.

You look fine.

We're going to run straight ahead.
Daddy's waiting for us.


Daddy's over there?

Yes, I promise.


You'll pick me up tomorrow?


Gaziantep Airport

Is that customs?

Just walk through. Don't look at them.

- Don't answer.
- It's your dad.

Don't answer.

It's Patrice.

- Hello.
- I've been trying to reach you.

Adnan got arrested
in the metro.

Nothing to declare?

No, nothing.

I'm at the station, but the cops

won't listen or let me see him.
Let me talk to Gabriel.

Are you with him?

Stop calling, okay!

It's over, you hear me?

Calm down, sir.

Excuse me, I'm sorry. Family.

My girlfriend...

- You know him?
- Yes, he's my nephew.

Is there a problem?

Go on.

Thank you.

Do you know who you've arrested?
He's a hero!

- Happy? One more to deport?
- Sir, be quiet. Watch it.

You're going to arrest me too!

- Don't move.
- What?

Don't talk or move. Wait for me outside.


He'll accompany you.

Follow me.

Not bad, your little operation.

Especially in so little time.

How'd you like to stay in France
with the nationality?

Of course,
we'd need something in return.

Like talking with people like me.

I've talked with people like you.

20 days.

They asked many questions.
And got no answers.

We're not Assad's police.

What you do interests us, Abu Zyed.

- Your networks in Raqqa.
- Abu Zyed is over.

I'm here. The war is over there.
And no one gives a shit.

Trust me, we give a shit.

You know her, don't you?

Ruqia Assan.

Some carry on fighting and dying.

I'll get going.

I think they'll let you go.

Call me whenever you want.

What about the government?
Where are they?

The consulate knows.
You already have the money.

I don't give a damn about money.

When we organized this operation,
did we make you wait?

Do something!

I understand.

I said, "We're in!"
Do you know the risks we took?

Organizing an operation
like that overnight

in the middle of Raqqa?

Do you realize?

It's an exploit.
I promise everyone will hear about it.

Who will know besides you?

Where are they?
What will they give us?

It's only a question of time.

We have no time.

Tomorrow or the day after,
we'll be dead.

You've forgotten us for years now.


My little man.

You okay?

Oh no, shit!

Yes, Adnan?

They tweeted
the photo of Faustine and Noah.

What? No way!

They've lost their minds, what's wrong?

The consulate sent no one.

Daesh will hunt you down.
And Faustine and Noah?

They're in Istanbul.

- You have to come home.
- I'm with the driver.

Watch out for Daesh.

Borders don't stop them.

I know you're pissed off,

but Twitter, I swear!

It's public relations.

No, it's a huge risk.

It'll be fine. I trust you.

Take me to France with you.


You did it for Abu Zyed.

- You know Abu Zyed?
- Yes.

He went to the cybercafé.

How did you get him to Paris?

Would you do the same for me?

I can't do that.

But I'll call someone.

Give me 5 minutes?

Don't move.

I'll go smoke
and you find me a solution. Okay?


- Marianne, it's me.
- Well, well, it's been ages.

I know, sorry.
Look, I'm with a Syrian guy

who really needs help.
Can Sedonia do anything?

You messed up with Abu Zyed.

Now they all want to leave!
The borders are closed.

He took a lot of risks for us.
Can't we get him a visa?

You got yourself into this,
find a way out!

My hands are tied,
I'm an NGO not the State Department.

What's wrong?


I keep feeling like
we're forgetting something.

I can't get used
to you not having suitcases.

Where are you parked?

In the expensive lot.

Here. I'll be back.

I'll explain everything, I promise.

You'll be good?
I don't need to handcuff you?

Faustine was sentenced to three months
for child abduction.

She now lives with Sylvain and Noah.

Adnan and Gabriel continue fighting

for a Syria they hope will one day
be free and democratic