Escape from Polygamy (2013) - full transcript

Ryder and Julina have just fallen madly in love. But this passionate romance is forbidden--it goes against the laws of their polygamous community. Things only get more complicated when Ryder's father declares that God has chosen Julina to be his wife.

He's late.

Take your hat off.



There's construction
on the other side of town.

Held things up.

♪ Well this road I'm on
is gonna turn to sand ♪

♪ And leave me lost
in a far off land ♪

♪ So let me ride the wind
till I don't look back ♪

Alice will have dinner ready
for us when we get to the ranch.

Oh, she doesn't need to do that.

Aw, she will anyway.

Is Alice your first?

How many do you have?

Your mom will be my fourth.

Lucky number four.

♪ The longer I run
then the less that I find ♪

♪ Selling my soul
for a nickel and dime ♪

♪ Breakin' my heart
to keep singing these rhymes ♪

♪ And losing again ♪

♪ The longer I run
then the less that I find ♪

♪ Selling my soul
for a nickel and dime ♪

♪ Breakin' my heart
to keep singing these rhymes ♪

♪ Losing again ♪

He's old.

He's my salvation.

The prophet
doesn't make mistakes.

♪ Ain't the man
that I used to to be ♪

♪ Cause if my savior comes
could you let him know ♪

♪ I've gone away
for to save my soul ♪

She looks nice.

Let's just hope
she's a hard worker.

Don't fill the children's
glasses so full.

They'll spill.

You were in Springville?
No. Pine Valley.


Kids, sit down.

Pine Valley.

Did you do any farming?
A little.

But Julina was really the one
out in the fields with her dad.

If you call laying in the fields
and reading books farming.

I helped him drive
the tractors too.

- I love reading.
- Candy!

No, no. Those are
for tomorrow's wedding.

Oh, it's tomorrow?

Bonnielee, sit down.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father,
we thank You for this food.

We also thank You
for bringing Leann

and her daughter, Julina,
into our family.

We ask that You bless them that
they may serve You and this family

with grace, hard work,

obedience and humility.

In His name we pray.


I know it's probably
not what you're used to.

No, it's lovely.

Alice and I
are across the street,

and this house
is for you younger wives.

I mean, newer wives.

I mean,
you and Bonnielee. That sounds fine.

Bonnielee? Is she the
one that was just crying?

No, please.

We're all family now.

Bonnielee's just young.

She's been the newest wife
for years now.

It's just... It's an adjustment.

Well, welcoming a new wife

is hard on everyone,
but a necessary sacrifice.

Oh, it is no sacrifice to have you here,
Sister Leann.

Well, Julina's too young
to remember,

but when my husband
took his second wife,

I was devastated,

but in time,
I learned to love her.

Where is she now?

The prophet sent her
to a husband in Bountiful.

We may not even see her again.

He separated you?

The prophet speaks for God.

It's not for us
to doubt his decisions.

I should put the children
to bed. Okay. Good night.

I know you don't
understand this now,

but someday you'll see
how lucky we are.

We've been saved, Julina.

In this life and the next.

It's not too long, right?
It's perfect.



What do you think?

You look beautiful.

Where's your daddy?

Joseph! No.

No. It's okay. Um...

My daddy went to be with God,

so the prophet brought my mom
and I here to be with your family.

So you won't be alone?

Can I be your new big sister?

I already have enough sisters.

I never thought
I'd get married again.

Merril is an important man
in this community.

God must've seen
you needed guidance.

Well, we're both so grateful
to the prophet, Alice.

And thank you for
this dress. It's beautiful.

Joseph, wanna come
show me around?

Who's that?

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

What's this?

How dare you guys

grow so much while
I'm gone!

Look how big you are!
And look at you!

You're taller than I am!

Come here. Come here.
It's good to see you. Daddy!

And I didn't come home

I have something for you guys.

Look at what I have.

You gotta be kidding me!
I'm not kidding.

You ready? Now,
we're gonna share, right?

All right. You guys share
and take turns. Have fun.

Hello, young lady.
I don't believe we've met.

This is Julina,
and she's not young.

She's not?

From Pine Valley.

Ervil Barlow.

The prophet.

Not what you were expecting?


I guess I was expecting
someone a little different.

Yeah. An old grandpa
with a cane...

Long white beard,
maybe missing some teeth. Yeah.

God called me when I was young.

Welcome home, Julina.

Who gives this woman
to her husband, Merril,

in celestial matrimony?

I do.

I invite you to teach Leann
all that you have learned

in order that she may create
a beautiful home.

Be good neighbors.

The Lord sees all.

No. Go fish.

Do you have a nine of spades?

Do you have...

Do you have ten of hearts?


Hey! What?

Hi. I'm Esther.
I can help.

It's okay. I got it.

You're really pretty.

No one's ever come to
live here from the outside.

We were all born here, you know.

Well, here I am.

Is it true that your dad
died in front of you?

How does everybody know that?

That must've been the
worst thing in the whole world.

It's fine.

Was he really old?

No, he wasn't old.

Well, at least
he's with God now.

You know what?
Um, excuse me.

I think I forgot
something inside.

Uh, hey, let's sit together
at dinner, all right?

I'll save you a seat.


Hey! Hey, careful!

Whoa. You all right?

Yeah. Sorry.

I didn't know anyone...

You're the new girl.

I saw you in church.


The one who's from...
Whose dad had a heart attack

and dropped dead
in front of her.

Yeah, that's me.

I was gonna say,
"Who's from Pine Valley."


You know, it's a sin
to be dressed like that.


Well, you know, it's a sin for you
to be standing here with me alone.

Well, then, I guess
we're both sinners.

What are you doing
up here anyway?

I just needed to get away
from all the wedding stuff...

and everyone.

You were spying on me.
What? No.

You were.
No, I wasn't.

I'm pretty sure you were.
That's ridiculous.

You know,
I've never met a spy before. Are you done?

You don't have to be embarrassed
about it. Good, because I'm not.

You were totally spying on me.


Okay. Yeah, I was,
kind of.

I knew it.
A superspy.

Well, not really,
because you caught me...


So, does the superspy
have a name?



Come on.

Um, I really should go back.

They won't start dinner
till after sunset.

Are you sure?

Trust me.

You know, once people
get to know you,

they'll stop talking
about your dad.

How do you know?

Because my mom died
two years ago,

and no one ever talks about her.

Sometimes I wish they would.

I'm sorry.

Whoa. Look at this.

Yeah. Those are all over
these canyons.

Supposedly they're over
10,000 years old.

But the world was created
6,000 years ago.


I don't think so.

That's against the
priesthood. Okay.

So, do you also believe

that the world's gonna end
in our lifetime?

I don't know.
I don't really think about it.

Yeah? 'Cause you're
not supposed to.

Just supposed to accept
and believe.

I feel like
I might not wanna be here

when the prophet catches you
saying things like that.

Like what?

Things that could
get you punished.

Look, I'm not saying

that I don't believe in God.

I just don't always
believe in people.

We should probably go.


You're not gonna join them?

I will later.

Where'd you run off to?
We were afraid we lost you.

I just went down to the canyon
for a quick walk.

Be careful. Those coyotes
down there wouldn't think twice

about grabbing a little lamb,
dragging it off for dinner.

You don't have to worry
about me. I'm not a lamb.



I'm fine.

Good night, Julina.
Good night.


Sorry to interrupt. What
do you think you're doing?

You can't be outside
my window. Oh.

Should I come in then?

What if someone sees you?

They won't.

I... I couldn't stop
thinking about you.

I wanted to see you.

Okay. You saw me.
Now go.

Okay. Go.


Meet me tomorrow
after Sunday prayer.

I don't know.

Promise, or I'll start yelling.

You wouldn't do that.

Okay. Okay.
I promise.

Okay. Go.

Come on, kids. Come inside.
Breakfast! Come on, girls!



♪ My harbor
has a boat in it ♪

♪ The water makes
its way around it ♪

♪ When the sun
shines down ♪

♪ The hills winds blow ♪

♪ I miss you more ♪

♪ You said I'm young ♪

♪ But I'm yours ♪

♪ I am free ♪

♪ But I am flawed ♪

♪ I'm here in your heart ♪

♪ I was here from the start ♪


Has the prophet
placed you yet? No.

I thought you were,
like, 20 or something.

17. How old are you?

I still have time.

Okay. You can't tell me
you haven't thought about it.

Not just marrying someone,

but actually truly
falling in love with someone?

It looks like you've already figured
out who that someone might be.

Stop talking like that.
Prophet wouldn't like it.

I just feel like if we marry
someone in the priesthood,

why can't we be with someone
that we actually love?

Well, that's why
you have to stay sweet.

So he'll place you
with someone good.

Not like... Like that guy?

If you wanna be
with your family in heaven,

the prophet's gonna have to
place you with a husband soon.

I mean, what if you're left
here alone?

Then I'll finally have
my own room?


Ryder shouldn't wear
his shirt like that.

It's improper.
If he's not careful,

he's gonna become an apostate.

You don't even know
what that means.

Do too. It's someone
who questions the prophet

and turns against God,
like Micah Kimball.

Who's that? A boy
who used to live here.

Ran away about a year ago.

Didn't even tell his family
he was leaving.

Just left in the middle
of the night.

Julina, don't!

How can the spirit of God
be here

if we refuse to follow His way?

The outside world
is just beyond those gates...

Judging us,

wanting to destroy
our way of life.

The end of the world
is very close now,

brothers and sisters.

Only those who obey God

will be taken up with Him.

I plead with you today...

For your souls...

To lead a clean life,

a moral life,

and not go the way
of the gentiles

who worship only television,

music, money.

That will be their downfall.

What you love you obey.

Our love is for the Lord.

Be good neighbors.

The Lord sees all.

Hello, Sister. Bye.

Julina, what in the world
is wrong with you?

I know,
Mom. I'm really sorry. It was my fault.

I'm so sorry, Sister.
I was sitting behind you,

and I got her hair caught
in my Bible,

and I think
I just surprised her.

Is this true?


So, um, it was nice
seeing you ladies.

Of course.

Enjoy the rest
of your afternoon.

You didn't tell me
you knew the prophet's son.

Okay, one more,
and then I gotta get going.

All right.

So two old guys...
Joel and Willard...

Are in Joel's living room.

Joel tells him that last night,

one of his wives
made a fantastic dinner.

Willard asked what it was,
and Joel can't remember.

"Some kind of spice?"

Willard asked him,

"No, that wasn't it."

"No, that wasn't it."

"Yeah, that's it!

"Rosemary, honey,
what'd you make for dinner last night?

It was
so good."

Hello there, young man.

Your dad got you working hard
out on those fields?

Every day.
Keeps him out of trouble.

Well, we all gotta keep
each other out of trouble.

Don't we?
Yes, sir.

Till next time, Gene.

Afternoon, gentlemen.

Have a nice

How are you, son?

I'm fine.

I've had a revelation, Ryder.

It concerns you.

In a dream, God told me
He has chosen you

to be the next prophet.

One day soon, you will be asked

to step forward and lead

and to do what's necessary
to protect our way of life.

I'll... I'll do my best.

I know you will.

"Seek the Lord
while He may be found.

"Call Him while He is near.

Let the wicked forsake"...

Oh, I know he's hot,
but a fever's a good sign.

It means his body's just doing
what it needs to do to fight infection.

He's gonna be fine.

How did you, uh,

learn so much about babies?

You mean,
because I only had one?


When it became clear that God

wasn't going to bless me
with any more,

my husband and I...

My first husband and I decided
I should get a nursing degree.

I went to Algonquin Community.

To help deliver other children?

Yeah. Deliver them,

care for them when they're sick.

You thinking about
going to school?

Uh, no.

Merril doesn't want women
going away to college.

I see.

Joseph said Julina
took the truck.

Yeah. She offered to go
to town to do the shopping.

I gave her your list.

He's gonna be fine.


Sister Alice?

Sister Alice...

I want you to know
Julina really is a good girl.


Look, it's been hard,
and she's...

She's a troublemaker.

No, no. No.

It's just her father
always encouraged her

to have a sense of independence.

That's unfortunate.

As the prophet says,

"Wives, submit yourselves
unto your own husbands

as unto the Lord." "As
unto the Lord." I know.

I know she can keep sweet.

Please, just give her some time.

Let me know when she gets back.

♪ Never gonna break,
never gonna break ♪

♪ Never gonna break,
never gonna break ♪

♪ Never gonna fall ♪

♪ Carry on... ♪


I didn't think you'd come.

Neither did I.

So what now?

Come with me.

How'd you find this place?

My friend Micah found it.

You've been to Vegas?

No. Micah sent that to me

a couple weeks after he left.

I think he lives there now.

Micah the apostate?

I don't know
if I would call him that.

Esther would.
Esther did, actually.

I can only imagine
what Esther calls me.

Why didn't you tell me
that your father's the prophet?

I assumed you knew.

How would I have known?

Well, aren't you supposed
to be a superspy?

So you're famous.

Uh, yeah.

Pretty much.

What's he like?

I don't know.
He's leaving soon,

and I am to take his place...

as the prophet.

That's big.


Is that what you want?

It's not about what I want.

It's about what he wants.

You mean, what God wants.

God, my dad...

Since my mom and Micah,

I've been thinking about things.

About places I could go.

So you are an apostate.

Does that scare you?

I don't scare easily.

Will you play me something?

Oh, I don't actually know
how to play anything.

I don't believe that.


Will you dance?

Oh, come on.

Come on.

♪ Nope.

Will you dance with me?

This whole thing's crazy.

I know.


I can't stop thinking
about that kiss.

But it's a sin.

So let me sin again.


It's my mom. I...
I have to go.

Wait. Julina, I... No. Please,
I just... I have to go.


Hey, what happened?
You didn't answer my call.

I'm sorry.
There was just so much traffic.

But I got home as fast
as I could. It's okay. Listen.

The prophet wants to see you.


Um, I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting.

Not at all.
Please, come sit.

Do you have any idea why I
might have called you here tonight?

Um, no.
Nothing's coming to mind.

God sent me
a revelation last night.

It was about you.


You were brought to
Hill Creek for a reason.

God wants us to be married.

Oh, thank you.

Are you so happy?

Oh, there she is.

It's a blessing from God,
isn't it, Alice?

Yes. It's a miracle.

Now we'll all be
in heaven together.

Not if I don't get
my chores done.

Oh, we need to get started
on her dress.

Where have you been? You
can't just disappear like that.

I had to think.
I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go talk to him.
You can't.

Why not?

He's the prophet.
I don't think we have a choice.

So that's it.
We just give up?


What do we do if he says no?

Figure it out.


I don't wanna lose you,
all right?

What is it?

I need to talk to you
about something.

About Julina.

I, uh...

Spit it out, son.

Why are you marrying her?

God has spoken to me.
She is to be my next wife.

She can't.

Why not?

Because I... She told me
that she likes someone else.

You sound
like a babbling schoolgirl.

No. Look,
what... what I'm trying to say is that...

I can't have you
acting like this.

The time for you
to lead has come.

You start next week.

As my surrogate.
Julina and I

are going to build a
new community. Where?

In Mexico.
You can't just take her.

It's not me who wants this,
it's God.

You sure about that?

I will do as God tells me.

And so will you.

Be very careful, Ryder.

Even I cannot keep you safe
from the wrath of God

if He deems you unworthy.

Here. I can do this.

Thank you.
I'm not feeling that well.

You always have a hard time
in your second trimester.

You're pregnant again?


What happened to Ryder's mom?

Anna, um...

It was an accident.

What was an accident?
What happened?


Oh, um, I need your help
with the laundry.

I mean,
what did he say? Did he say why?

This is crazy.

I mean, he can't do this,
right? Shh!

The prophet has spoken.
You'll do what he asks of you.

You have to make him change
his mind. I can't leave, Mom.

It isn't as though we won't see
each other again. We'll plan visits.

But, Julina,
this is the will of God. He's chosen you.

He's chosen you to marry the prophet,
to start a new life with him.

I don't want a new life.
I want this one.

I'll finish your wedding dress,
help you get your things packed.

You'll leave next week.
Next week?

Yes. The day after
your wedding.

And Merril was under no obligation
to tell us, but he thought I should know.

Wow! How unbelievably
thoughtful of him!

Listen to me. If you want
us to be together for eternity,

you'll do as you've been told,
and you'll be grateful.

Yeah, well, I'm not grateful.

And I won't go.

Julina... Julina!

I know. No, it's okay.
It's okay.

I'm never gonna
see you again. No.

I'm gonna come with you, okay?

I'll convince him that he needs me,
and... No, no.

He's not gonna listen to
you. Then we'll go into hiding.

Somewhere they can't get us.

We could just stay here.

Yeah. Yeah,
I'll fix it up,

and, uh, put a pool out back.

What are we gonna do?

Marry me.


I love you, Julina.

That's all that matters, okay?
We will...

We'll get married,
and we'll figure out the rest.

But we'll be... Wait. If we
get married outside the ch...

I don't believe in a God
that doesn't want us together.

Marry me.


Okay. Here we go.

Thank you.

Let us pray.

I, Ryder Barlow,

take you, Julina Christiansen,

to be my wife.

I, Julina Christiansen,

take you, Ryder Barlow,
to be my husband.

I pledge my life to you.

I promise to let nothing
come between us.

I'll honor you in
sickness and in health.

For rich or for poor.

All the days of my life.

All the days of my life.

May I kiss the bride?

You may.

It's a sin.

Esther, what are you doing here?


Wait. Esther, wait!


She's gonna tell everyone.

No, no.
She wouldn't do that.

Or I don't think she'd do that.

Go home now and pack.

We can't wait
until this weekend, okay?

We gotta go tomorrow. Okay. Okay,
you're right.

We can take
the Hill Creek bus to...

Wherever the 6:00 p.m. bus is going,
that's where we're going.

We have to make it through
tomorrow. Then it's just you and me.

Okay. Okay.

You missed dinner.

We waited for half an hour.
Merril was very upset.

I don't care what Merril
thinks. He's not my dad.

He's your priesthood father now.

Where were you?
With Esther.

Well, maybe because

my whole life's about to change,
and I needed to talk to someone.

All you wanna talk about
is that stupid dress! Shh!

Look, can we just...
Dad would've understood.

Please, Julina, I don't want
things to be like this between us.

Why not? This is how
it's always been between us.


Look, Esther, I know that you think what
you saw was wrong, but I promise you...

I don't feel so well.
What do you mean?

Are you okay?

Are you pregnant?

The prophet's
blessed us both now.

Once he sees his baby,

maybe he'll take me
for his next wife.

Oh! I'm gonna get my mom.

No, no, no.
I want it to be a surprise.



It's okay. It's okay.
Just... Just breathe.

I'm so sorry, Julina.

For what? Why...
Why are you sorry, Esther?

What did you do?
Esther, did you say something?


There's so much blood.

What's that mean?
Is she gonna be okay?

This baby's coming.
Where's her mother?

She doesn't
wanna come. What?

She's too ashamed.

she's hemorrhaging severely.

We need to get her to
the hospital right away. No.

She needs more help
than I can give her.

It's in God's hands now, Leann.
You know that.

If we don't take her soon,
we'll lose them both.

She stays here.

Julina, get some hot water.

I'll get some more towels.
Sister Alice...

The prophet's word
is God's word.

We need to save the child.

We need to save both children.

Mom, I need
to tell you something.

Not now. No,
please. It's about the prophet.

Can you think about someone
other than yourself for one minute?

Stay with her.
I'll be right back.

Am I gonna die?


I don't know.

I don't want to.

It's okay.

God will take care of you...

no matter what happens.

What are you doing here?

Just thought I'd give you
a ride back.

Climb in.


the prophet did something
really wrong.

Not now, Julina, please.

I've got work to do.

I can't concern myself
with your problems.

No, this isn't about me. Go!

But... Go.


Okay. Mom?

No, honey, I'm not.

I'm not your mommy.

Mommy, please...

It hurts.


It's okay. I'm here.

Mommy's here.


Where are we going?

Gotta make a stop
before we get home.



It shouldn't take too long.

The baby?

A girl.

Find Bonnielee.
She'll need to be fed.

Who's the father?

How far to Kane?

About 20 more miles.

You got somewhere to be?

No, I... No.

Ryder? Ryder!

I thought you said
it was 20 miles to Kane.

Where are we?

Get out of the car, son.


Get out of the car.

She is to be my wife, Ryder.

It is what God wants.

don't... don't do this. Get out!

Don't do this, Dad, please.

"And the great dragon
was cast out,

"that serpent, called the Devil,

"and Satan,
who deceiveth the whole world.

He was cast out
into the earth"...

I love her.

God has told me
what I have to do.

Dad, don't leave me here.

I must.
You're weak...

and interfering
with God's plans.

Julina must give birth
to a new prophet.

The prophet you'll never be.

Wait! Wait!
Don't hurt her!


We have lost one of
our beloved children this day.

Esther Jessop
is no longer with us.

Although she sinned
in His presence

and was with child

without being under the
protection of holy matrimony,

we offer a prayer
for her forsaken soul.

Heavenly Father,

help us learn our lesson
from this immoral girl

and the wicked boy
who seduced her into sin.

Though they shall never find
their way to eternal life, we...

We pray nonetheless

for their sins and salvation.


Julina, what are you doing?
Julina, you need to be careful.

I'm not just gonna sit in there
and listen to him lie to everyone.

Lie about what?
About everything!

About what happened to Esther!

Esther and Ryder?

It's his baby. That's
what everyone's saying.

That's why he left.


Prophet wants to see you.

It's clear you're upset, Julina.

It's not very becoming.

You know you're expected
to keep sweet.

What did you do to him?

He said he was overcome
by temptation...

That the devil
was getting the best of him.

Yes, he did.

And the next morning,
he was gone.

No. You're lying.

Now, this isn't easy
for me, Julina.

Ryder's my oldest son.

I look to you for comfort.

Get... off of me!



Julina, what happened?
What are you doing?

What does it look
like I'm doing?

Does he want you to leave tonight,
before you're married?

I'm not marrying him. Okay,
look. I don't understand.

I'm leaving. No. Slow down.
You're not making sense.

I'm in love with Ryder.

We're already married
in the eyes of God.

How will you be received
into the celestial kingdom?

Our prophet tells us that...
Your prophet, not mine!

I just have to go find Ryder. You're
giving everything up for some boy?

Think about what
you're doing! Think?

Nobody thinks here!

No, no, no. Shh!
Shh. Come here.

You're young and
you're confused. Stop!

Ervil's the father.

Esther told me before...
Before he killed her.

have to come with us.

Mom! Mom!
She attacked the prophet.

Don't touch me! Stop!
Please... Please...

Mom! Mom!

What are you doing?

Hey! Wanna
be my sugar daddy?

Wait a minute. I think he's,
like, homeless or something.

Are you?

Oh, hell no!

on a homeless kid!

♪ Ooh ♪


Open the door!

Let me out!
Please let me out!



I don't know
what you're trying to do,

but you can't just
lock me up in here.

I'll keep you safe from anyone
who wants to take you from me.

I know.

It'll just take some time.

Find everything okay?
Uh, yeah. Thanks.

Okay, that's 2.05.


do you know where this is? Yeah.

It's about ten blocks that way.


Careful, honey.
It's not the best part of town.


Sorry. I-I-I...
I didn't...




I don't have any money.

It's all good, baby.
I got you. I got you.

I still can't believe you're
here with me right now, man.

It's been forever.

We're gonna party tonight, dude.

We're gonna par-tay.

I need your help
to get back to Hill Creek.

What? No.

Are you crazy?
I'm not going back there.

Micah, come on.

All right.

It's all you, man.


I'll tell you, though,

those first couple weeks after
being banished were brutal.

But, you know,
you get used to it.

You'll see.



You didn't know?

Everyone said that you ran away.

No, dude. Your dad got
two of his guys to beat me up,

throw me in a van,
and drop me off on the I-15

near Mesquite, with nothing.

They said they'd kill me
if I ever came back.

How's it going?

Not tonight, please.
Thank you.

Who's your new friend?
It's an old friend.

Can we not do this right now?

Okay. Okay.
No problem.

Thank you.

See you later, guys.

Hey. Relax, man.

We gotta get you laid.

♪ Ain't no stranger ♪

♪ Help me, baby ♪

♪ Ain't no stranger ♪

♪ Can't you hear me knockin' ♪

Well, my friend,
this is the fancy side of town.

You know, you got your hot chicks,
dudes, and Ferraris,

dropping 20 G's on blackjack.

It's insane.

What do you, you know,
do for money?

I play a little at the Kettle.

I do other stuff
here and there, but...

Check this out.


It's from a couple nights' work.

Then why don't you
live around here?

Because, man,
I'm saving up money

so I can get the hell outta
here and go out to Cali.

Remember how we always used
to talk about going out to Cali?

Well, it's gonna
happen now, man.

You came back into my life.

You are a sign.

I'm serious about going back.

What are you talking about?

Micah, my wife is there.

Aw. Is she
your first wife?

How can you let him do this?

It's a sin to question
the prophet.

It's a sin to rape little girls
and let them die.

Who knows what he's doing to her right now,
this instant?

You need to calm down, Leann.

I will not calm down.
He is an abomination!

He's an insult to everything
we believe in, to God!


She's my only child.

It's your soul that you need
to be concerned with right now.

You need to get right with God.

You need to accept His word.

This can't be God.

God would never do that
to a child.

It's not up to you
to decide what God would do.

Your role here is to obey,

and if you can't do that,

I can't keep you in this house.


God, man!

I can't believe
how awesome it is to see you.

I mean, I-I...

I didn't think I'd see anybody ever again,
you know?

It's good to see
you too.

It's just...

Are you okay?

Yeah. Why?

What do you mean?

Micah, what do you
really do here?

Well, my little Jesus boy

doesn't really wanna know,
does he?

Yes, I do.


first, I do something like this.

Then I do something like this.

Then we slowly do...

You need help, Micah.

I've got help,

and it's some of the best stuff
you can get, so...

What kind of life is this?

I mean, how are you ever
gonna face God after all of this?


God doesn't care about me.

Why should I care about Him?

That's right.
Go to sleep.

Go to sleep and dream
about your wife

and your perfect little kids
and your family

and your perfect house.

'Cause that's all it is, Ryder.

It's a dream.


You're really not gonna help me?

This is the real world,

The dream is over.

Hi. No, no.

I wanna help.
I don't need your help.

I used to be in the priesthood.

I've been trying to find others
like you who have been cast out.


Your friend Micah's
been here for awhile.

How's he doing?

He's not good.
That happen to everyone?

No, not everyone.

You hungry?

You're not alone.

There are thousands of guys
like you and Micah out there.

Our mission is to help support
lost boys until you get on your feet.

We can help you start a
new life here or in California...

Do you help
get other people out?

While they're still living on the
compound? No, we can't cross onto it.

But she wants to leave.
Who wants to leave?

My wife.

So what happens next?

You take her away from everything
she's ever known, and then...

But she doesn't wanna be there.

You gotta think about what
kind of life you have to offer her.

It's hard enough
taking care of yourself.

No. No, I don't.

All I need to worry about
is getting to her

before it's too late.

Ready to go?

This is not a good idea.

We're going to rescue a girl
from a life of torture.

It sounds like a good idea to me. Micah,
being back there...

You don't know
what it'll do to you.

He'll be fine.
I'll take care of him.

Fine. I'm here
if you need me.


Your mother sent
your wedding dress.

Don't cry.

I have good news.

God has told me that tonight,

after our wedding,

you will conceive
the next prophet.

Please stop touching me.

Don't be frightened.

It will be beautiful.
I promise.

I'll see you tonight, my bride.

I should be going with you.

Hell, no.

Dude, you're the most famous heretic
on the goddamn face of the earth.

I mean, they'll spot you
in seconds.

You can get on the compound
after dark. Go through the canyon.

You should be able
to get to her fast from there.

I got it.
What if they've moved her?

What if she's...
Ryder, please, just...

You're giving me a headache.
You're making me dizzy.

Just sit down.

You're high again, aren't you?

Aren't you?

Don't... Don't start.

You know, Micah,
I didn't even recognize you

when I found you in that...
whatever that was. Jesus, Ryder!

What is your deal
with trying to save people?

Give it a rest, dude.

Hey, remember that time

we lit that fire and burned
down half the roof?

You burned down half the
roof. I burned down the roof.

I made out with Emily
right there for the first time.

Played you
your first Rage album.

Huh? You remember that?

Do you remember that?

Yeah. Yeah.


Uh-oh. Wait.
Wait. There.

Stay right there.
The light's perfect.

Come on. Come on.

We had some good times,
man. You did.

I was mostly in temple
getting lectured by my dad.

Yeah, well, maybe that's why
you turned out okay,

and I turned out like me.

We should call that Aaron guy
when we get back.

He can help you, Micah. Ryder,
I already told you, man.

I'm not going back to Vegas.

You gonna be okay to do this?


I got you.

Esther isn't the
first one he's done this to.

Ryder's mother, Anna,

was my best friend.

We shared everything.

My mother used to call us
"the Giggle Twins."

What happened to her?

I told her he was dangerous.

I told her the beatings
would get worse.

And then she was gone.

What can I do?

Julina isn't married to him yet.

I told you,
she doesn't want to see you.

I just wanna say good-bye.

She's her only child.

No. Please.

Sisters, be very careful.

You are in danger
of losing favor with the Lord.

Good night.

I am gonna say good-bye
to my daughter.

Watch them.

Give her a moment.

No. No! No!

Oh, my God!

No. No! No!

Oh, my God!


Where is he?

Where is he?

I don't know what you're talking
about. I just stopped by to say hello.

What do you...
Ohh! Okay.

Now you're stealing.
God wouldn't like that, Prophet.

What, are you looking
for a hot date?

You always were a sinner, Micah.

Take him to the canyon.



Oh, you're home!


I told you to stay away
from her.

God told me she was
to give me a son.

A true son.
What did you do to her?

My beautiful Julina...

killed herself!





I saw you...

I wanted to kill myself.

shh. We're going to get you out of here.

But my mom and A... No.

You disobeyed God.


Wake up, please.

Heavenly Father,

we pray for the prophet,
Ervil Barlow,

who was preparing for Your
second coming in Mexico.

- In Your name we pray.
- Amen.

Be good neighbors,

for the Lord sees all.

You sure you can't stay?

I just don't believe anymore.

Are you sure you can't come?

My life is here.


God saved you, Julina.

No. You did.


You ready?

♪ When I was a younger man ♪

♪ I thought the pain of defeat
would last forever ♪

♪ But now I don't know ♪