Escape from L.A. (1996) - full transcript

The year is 2013 and Snake Plissken is back but this time it's L.A., which through the agency of earthquakes has become an island of the damned. But something has gone wrong in this new moral order, because the President's daughter has absconded to L.A. with a detonation device, and Snake is commandeered to retrieve it. But just below the surface there is a coiled Snake ready to strike.

In the late 20th century,

hostile forces inside the
United States grow strong.

The city of Los Angeles is
ravaged by crime and immorality.

To protect and defend its
citizens, the United States

Police Force is formed.

A presidential candidate
predicts a millennium earthquake

will destroy LA in divine retribution.

- Like the mighty fist of God,

Armageddon will descend upon
the city of Los Angeles,

the city of sin, the city of
Gomorrah, the city of Sodom

and waters will arise
and separate this sinful,

sinful city from our country.

An earthquake measuring 9.6

on the Richter scale hits at 12:59 p.m.,

August 23 in the year 2000.

After the devastation, the
Constitution is amended,

and the newly-elected president

accepts a lifetime term of office.

The country's capital is
relocated from Washington, DC,

to the President's home
town of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Los Angeles island is
declared no longer part

of the United States, and
becomes the deportation point

for all people found unfit to
live in a new, moral America.

The United States Police
Force, like an army,

is encamped along the shoreline,

making any escape from LA impossible.

From the south-east of Orange County

to the north-western shore of Malibu,

the Great Wall excludes
LA from the mainland.

The President's first
act as commander in chief

is Directive 17.

Once an American loses
his or her citizenship,

they are deported to
this island of the damned

and may never come back.

Attention, we
are on tactical alert.

Remain at battle stations.

I repeat, remain at battle stations.

This is the Police Channel,

and this is Prime News.

In a late-breaking story,
the Force has announced

the arrival of the most
notorious outlaw in US history

at Firebase Seven, the deportation center

for Los Angeles island.

Now this on-the-scene report.

- War hero, criminal, The
Force's most wanted man.

Convicted of 27 moral crimes.

Arrested two weeks ago on a
charge of gunfighting for profit

in New Vegas, Thailand, US territory.

It's been 16 years since his
famous rescue in New York,

and the reports of Plissken sightings

have remained constant during that time.


I'm still getting a trace
from the rescue team, sir.

- Stationary signal?

- Has not moved from this location.

- That means he's hiding,
captured, or dead.

- So we go with Plissken?

- He's all we've got.

- Hello, Plissken.

Welcome to LA.

Up five link!

- Come on, move it.

That's Snake Plissken?

- What did you expect?

- I don't know, he just looks so retro.

Kind of 20th century.

- Good old days, let's get going.

People of the United States

have waited a long time for this criminal.

Move out!

You are now entering
the deportation center.

You have been found guilty
of moral crimes against

the United State of America and sentenced

to permanent expulsion beyond its borders.

Any failure to comply with processing

instructions will be
met with use of force.

- Take a look at them, Plissken.

Prostitutes, atheists, runaways.

We're throwing out the trash.

SD Bob Plissken, Special
Forces, two Purple Hearts.

Youngest man ever
decorated by the President.

Rescued a different President in '97.

So, what happened to you, war hero?

You were the best we had.

Now you're just like one of them.

You had it all, and you
turned away from your country.

Why, huh?

The whole nation's watching.

Every good and decent
person who works hard

and follows the rules.

Be my guest.

What do you have to say, Plissken?

- Call me Snake.

You are now entering
the processing area.

The next scheduled departure
to LA is in one hour.

Get over there!

You now have the
option to repent of your sins

and be electrocuted on the premises.

If you elect this option,
notify the cleric sergeant

in your processing area.

- How's it going, hotshot?

You know, I got to admit,

I thought we had you in Cleveland.

Come on, tell me, how'd you do it?

- Get to the deal.

- What?

- You need me for something, what is it?

- Show him.

- At 1030 hours Wednesday, a
group of government officials

began a tour of the
Benford Space Defense Lab.

The President's daughter
Utopia was among them.

Somehow during the tour,
she came into possession

of a top-secret prototype unit.

One hour later, she boarded
Air Force Three for Lynchburg.

- To the American people.

Now is the time to rise up
and demand the surrender

of the President and his corrupt theocracy

of lies and terror!

- At 1140 hours, she
hijacked Air Force Three.

We scanned this onto the VR.

Check it out.

- Today is day one of a brand-new world.

The days of empire are finished.

To the President, my father.

You know what's in here,
and unless you open

your borders, allow all
the wrongfully accused

to return to their country,
I will use this on you

and on the United States.

- Her emergency escape pod
landed somewhere in LA.

Her ELT signal ceased immediately.

And after that, silence.

- We sent in a five-man rescue team.

Within a few hours of
landing on the island,

all but one of them was killed.

- Hell of a team.

- Skip the commentary, Plissken.

- Snake.

Call me Snake.

- Get on with it.

- Right after her sister
committed suicide,

Utopia began to withdraw from life

into her virtual reality simulator.

She'd punch up her own
little world in cyberspace

and stay in it for days at a time.

- Somebody else was in there with her.

- Utopia made tapes of her VR experiences

and then tried to erase them,

but she missed one five-second image.

We ran a data scan and found this fragment

on the end of her last tape.

Cuervo Jones.

Peruvian terrorist, Member
of the Shining Path.

Runs the Mescalito Justice,

the biggest, baddest gang in LA

- Somehow, Cuervo Jones managed to tap

into the VR master data bank.

Utopia was lonely, looking
for something to believe in,

and so he used her to steal the black box.

- Sad story, you got a smoke?

- This is serious, Plissken.

The black box is a matter
of national security.

- It looks like it belongs
to Utopia's lover-boy now.

Yeah, we want it back.

- I'll bet.

What's it do?

- Top secret, only on a need-to-know.

- Evidently, I don't need
to know, so fuck you.

I'm gonna Hollywood.

- If you go into LA,
bring back the black box,

and you will receive a full pardon

for every immoral act
you have ever committed

in the United States.

- Sounds familiar.

- An immediate answer.

Yes or no?

- Who are you?

- I'm your President.

- I understand you got
some domestic problems.

- Put that black box in my
hand, and you're a free man.

- I can see you're real
concerned about your daughter.

- Utopia is lost to me.

My daughter is gone.

- Last chance, hotshot.

- For what?

- Freedom, sir.

- In America?

That died a long time ago.

- All right, I've heard enough of this.

Explain to this foot soldier

why he's gonna do what we tell him to do.

- What's he talking about?

- The Plutoxin Seven virus.

- Genetically engineered, 100 % pure death.

Complete nervous system shutdown.

- You crash.

You bleed out like a stuck pig.

It's not a pretty sight.

I see.

You figure you inject that shit into me

and I'll do whatever you
want, just like New York, huh?

- You got it, Snake.

- One question, which one of you assholes

gets to die trying to stick me?

- You don't understand.

It's already in you.

- Catches on quick, doesn't he?

Your countdown
clock is now activated.

- Designer viruses,
Plissken, wave of the future.

Right now you've got less
than 10 hours to live.

- It's already moving
through your bloodstream.

Go ahead, put your hand on that touch pad.

Of course, there is an
antidote, and it neutralizes

the virus immediately upon injection.

- Which I will personally authorize

once your mission is completed.

The man is too dumb to survive LA

- We're holograms, Plissken.

Give us a little credit,
we're not that stupid.

- Get this crap out of me.

- I guess we've got a deal.

- Nice to be working with you, hotshot.

- You'd better hope I don't make it back.

All of you.

- Core burner, magnesium
ammo, 500 extra rounds.

Oral projectile, mouth dart.

The dart is filled with urolyde.

It will stun the enemy
for several seconds.

- Every member of the rescue
team had a tracking chip

implanted in his arm.

I think one of them might still be alive.

Use the tracer in your
watch to locate him.

- This is a holocam.

It's a portable holographic camera.

It'll project your image
up to a half-mile away.

100 % audio send and receive capabilities.

- It's a prototype, confuse
and deceive the enemy.

- Now, it as a mini-nuke
battery good for about

eight minutes, but you
can only use it once.

- So you better save
it for when it counts.

Stick matches, plain,
old-fashioned stick matches.

Never know when you might need them.

- Where are my guns?

- I thought you might want those.

Stealth clothing, fire retardant,
nullifies heat detection.

Put them on.

- I'll take the coat.

- You'll take them all.

- All right, listen up, Plissken.

LA's being primed as a
beachhead for an invasion

of the United States.

- War is about to be declared, Plissken,

or didn't you know?

Oh, that's right, I forgot.

You don't give a shit, do you?

- Cuervo Jones runs with Shining Path.

Their goal is to take back North America.

It's the revenge of
preindustrial societies.

- Shining Path has united
all Third-World countries.

The Cubans and Brazilians
are poised to invade Miami.

- If the Ugandans and Colombians
make a run at the border,

we've got a full-scale
attack on the United States.

- High stakes, hotshot.

How am I going in?

- Under the San Fernando Sea.

Shark three submarine,
one-man submersible.

Just like the turbine model,

only this one's nuclear-powered.

It's very simple, throttle
up, keep it in the green,

throttle back.

- You'll put ashore at the Cahuenga Pass.

Make your way up through the mountains

toward the Hollywood Bowl.

Use your tracer to locate the last member

of the rescue team.

If he survived, he's the
only source of information

you'll have on the island.

- Do I bring him back, too?

- No, negative.


- For all we know, he's already dead.

In any case, once you go
inside, you're on your own.

When the black box is secure,
get back to the submarine

as fast as you can.

It's your only way out, Plissken?

You know what to do with the girl.

This nation doesn't need to
waste any more time and money

on bullshit trials for high treason.

Kill her.

- Is that an order from the President?

Absolutely, or let's
just say it's what's best

for the country.

- By the way, who gives me the antidote?

- A medical team will be standing by.

- Neither one of you?


- Good.

- Thought you might try that, hotshot.

That's why the first clip
is loaded with blanks.

Bye-bye, Snake, good luck.

Nice and easy now.

Com check.

- Yeah, I'm here.

- Stand by for launch.

Eight hours,
eight minutes, 26 seconds

to neuro-system shutdown.


Fuel rod injection.

- She's in the green.

Lock fuel rods.

- Locked.

- Nuclear turbine to 75 % power.

- 75 % power.

- Hands on switches and counting.

Five, four, three, two, one.


Hey, watch your speed, hotshot.

There's lots of obstructions down there.

- His reactor's starting to overheat.

- Slow it down, Plissken.

You're overloading the power plant.

- You slow down, dickhead.

I'm the one who's dying.


Power plant overload.

Guidance systems malfunction.

You no longer have control stick function.

Obstruction dead ahead.


- Yeah, I'm here, Cahuenga Pass.

What the hell
happened to the submarine?

Disappeared off our screens.


- I got to go.

- Too bad about your boat, man,

but we'd appreciate it if
you'd stay off our beach.

- Just passing through.

- You look kind of familiar.

♪ Just last 10 seconds down ♪

♪ Free flowing don't lose control ♪

♪ 10 seconds down free flowing ♪

♪ Don't lose control ♪

♪ 10 seconds down ♪

♪ Free flowing don't lose control ♪

♪ 10 seconds down ♪

- What do you want?

- Nothing, dude, I just realized
who you are, that's all.

- That's all?

- Come on, man, I'm not
looking for trouble.

You know, I used to see you a lot

when I surfed the birds.

See you on the Police channel.

You're pretty far out, Snake.

I mean, cool.

But I kind of thought you'd be taller.

- Which way to the Hollywood Bowl?

- Down that way.

It's just an aftershock.

No big deal, we get them all the time.

Thanks for not killing
me, man, I owe you one.

Acid rain.

Hey, Snake, what are
you doing here anyway?

I heard they busted your hump pretty good

down in Cleveland.

♪ Sweating and bleeding ♪

♪ And staring and thinking ♪

♪ Sinking deeper ♪

♪ And the tunnel's black I'm swimming ♪

♪ And the sun is burning hot ♪

♪ Get on the hunter ♪

of rescue team member.

50 yards southeast from
your present position.

♪ Seems like I've been here before ♪

♪ Seems so familiar ♪

♪ Seems like I'm slipping ♪

♪ Into a dream within a dream ♪

of rescue team member,

40 yards from your present position.

♪ Check me now ♪

♪ Say it say it ♪

♪ Oh honey bring it through tonight ♪

Rescue team member is located

10 feet from your present position.

- Hey, man, 100 bucks says you can't

Put three blades into him.

You want a throw?

Hey one-eye, I'm talking to you, man.

- Where can I find Cuervo Jones?

- What do I look like,
a fucking tour guide?

- Hey!

- It's wintertime, baby.

- I'm looking for Cuervo Jones.

- Why, you work for Hershe?

Hershe looking for Cuervo, too.

- Where is he?

- You can see him on Sunset.

He's supposed to be
coming by any time now.

- Sunset.

- Boulevard.

Ooh-hoo, you really are new, aren't you?

Come on, baby, I'll show you.

Keep going down that way, honey.

You can't miss it.

- Hey, one-eye!

Look in my face when I
talk to you, shit-heel.

- Whoa!

♪ Hold on to where you are ♪

♪ Hold on to where you ♪

♪ I face the change I've tasted pain ♪

♪ Digging a hole now take the blame ♪

♪ I fell aside I cast away ♪

♪ Covered in shame now take the blame ♪

shutdown, seven hours.

- Plissken.

- Yeah, go ahead.

- Did you find the team member?

- Yeah, they're using
him for target practice.

He's not gonna to be much help.

- What are you gonna do?

Amigos, no
matter where you come from,

no matter what color your skin is,

we're all one raza, the
raza of the oppressed--

- Watch the parade.


- We've got the north by the balls.

Come on, right, right?

Meet me at the Happy Kingdom.

Let's party tonight because tomorrow

we're gonna start our way back to glory!


- Yeah!

Oh, hey!


- Yeah, we got our
freedom, we got a future!

- That looks like Snake Plissken.

- Who?

- He used to be a gunfighter.

Kind of faded out from
the scene a few years ago.

I hear he slowed down some.

- Doesn't look that slow, Cuervo.

Watch it, watch it!

- No problem, no!

- Nobody rolls into
town and disrespects me.

Not Snake Plissken, not nobody.


Take him out!

- I'm gonna to give you assholes a chance.

What do you say we play
a little Bangkok rules?

Nobody draws until this hits the ground.

You ready?


- Hey, he left his coat here, man.

- Malloy.

- I'm here, Plissken, have
you got the black box?

- Negative, and I just lost
the core burner and holocam.

- I don't need to know what
your problems are, Plissken.

I just want my black box.

Now, you've got 7 1/2
hours, do you read me?

- Listen to me, Malloy,
this guy's got more heat

around him than the President.

Now, I can get your
precious little box back,

but I'm gonna to need
more time, you understand?

- You listen to me, Plissken.

- That little headache that just kicked in

will only get worse.

You're starting to feel
the effects of the virus.

Soon you'll have a fever
followed by a lack of energy.

Now, you bear that in mind,
just push on through, soldier.

- Oh, don't shoot, don't shoot.

Thought it was you.

Yeah, I recognized you right away.

Oh, I've been hanging out around here

for more years than I want to think about,

but I never thought I'd see Snake Plissken

cruising Sunset Boulevard.

It's a real pleasure to meet you.

I'm Map to the Stars Eddie.

- Where's Cuervo Jones' place?

- Oh, he's the man with the juice, Snake.

He's got the President's daughter.

He's setting up something
big, but I got a feeling

you know all about that, right?

- Location.

- That way.

If you're gonna go through Beverly Hills,

you're gonna need a map.

It's prerecorded, I narrated it myself.

Welcome to your very own map to the stars.

That's me.

Sure, we all know the big one wiped out

the entertainment industry here in LA,

but the glamor and excitement
of Hollywood is still alive,

so come with me and see where the stars--

Hey, Snake, you're gonna
need this, I'm telling ya.

All right, I'll give you
a deal, 50,000 bucks.

That's a real bargain.

Map to the Stars Eddie, and here we go.


- Ssh, stay down, man, or they'll see you.

This is only their second shift.

You make one move, and we're done.

And don't make noise.

If you want to make noise,
go and find another bush.

- You're the one making all the noise.

Ah, shit!

- Plissken's tracer just went down.

- Terminated?

- Yes, sir, we can't even locate him

on heat seek, he's wearing stealth.

- Now what?

- We sit tight, and we wait for the man

to communicate with us.

- Wait, for how long, he's probably dead.

- Wait, Mr. President.

Be patient.

- I told you to stay down,
now look what you've done.

Oh, I can't believe this.

Are you Snake Plissken?

You look like him, in a way.

By the way, genius, we're both dead meat.

- What are they?

- Surgical failures.

They live here.

Too many implants and
face-lifts over the years.

Their muscles turn to Jell-O.

The only way they survive
is to have fresh body parts

transplanted over and over again.

Oh, my God.

Who's that?

- The surgeon general of Beverly Hills.

- These are no good.

You couldn't give them away.

And this,

I can do nothing with this one.

Yeah, wheel it away.

You heard what
the man said, get rid of it.

- I can't work with garbage like this.

Now, these two.

They look very good.

My God, they're real.

What a beautiful blue eye.

Shame he only has one.



one eye's better than none.

Anybody moves, I blow his
brains out and then yours.

You, get my guns.


Back off.

Now, everybody relax, and he won't die.

- Hey, hey, man, help me.

You're never gonna find your
way out of here without me.


- Cut her down.

Hey, get moving!

- Down there.


Get in.

- I think we lost them.

- I think we're lost.

- This way.

I used to run guns with
the Black Jihad last year.

We drove golf carts up
and down these tunnels.

I know them like the back of my hand.

You are Snake Plissken, aren't you?

- I used to be.

- I thought you'd be taller.

So, what are you doing in LA?

- I'm dying.

- Ooh.

But first you got to find something?

- President's daughter,
she's with Cuervo Jones.

- So you want to go to Cuervo's place?

I've been there once.

- Show me.

- All right.

I used to hear about you all the time,

like they could never catch
you no matter what you did.

Very cool, Snake.

- Sooner or later, they get everybody.

- Up.

Cuervo Jones' place is down that way.

Get off at the Vermont exit, go south.

You can't miss it.

Be careful, though, this
is Korean Dragon territory.

It's very dangerous around here.



When you find the President's daughter,

are you gonna take her back?

- No.

So you are staying in LA?

- Not if I can help it.

- Sun is coming up in a few hours.

UVs' gonna be bad today.

I know a place where we
could crash if you want.

My boyfriend and I broke up tonight, so,

I'd love to take care of you

and make you feel good.

I'll read your future.

- The future is right now.

- And condemn the innocent blood.

Dear God, we call on
You to be our defense,

our rock, and our refuge, let us pray.

We give thanks for being
alive and pray that

in Your mercy--

- Snake, it's me, Taslima.

I'm coming with you to
Cuervo's place, yeah?

They're new.

They don't belong to any gang.

They're just scared, that's all.

That's how I was when
they first deported me.

- Why are you here?

- I was a Muslim in South Dakota.

All of a sudden, they made it a crime.

- I mean, why do you stay,
you can go south, Mexico.

- LA is still the place, Snake.

If you think about what's happened

on the other side of the
world, that's the prison.

This is the only free zone left, anywhere.

- Dark paradise.

- At least we get
something out of the deal.

A girl can still wear a fur coat

if she wants to, for example.

No, no, no, once you
figure out this place,

it's really not so bad.

- Get down!

Where's it coming from?

car in the street below!

- Hop in, Snake, come on.

I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

How did you get out of Beverly Hills?

Nobody ever gets out of there alive.

- Yeah, maybe that's why
you let me walk in there.

- Oh, come on, man, I tried to tell you,

you need one of my maps to get around.

Shut up down there!

- You got to start listening to me, Snake.

I got connections around here.

If you need anything, I'm the man to see.

You can't just be walking around town

without knowing the ropes.

You take the wrong
street, you're dead, pal.

- Stop the car.

- All right, Snake, anything you say.

Although I was gonna take
you to Cuervo Jones' place.

- Where is it?

- It's right over there.

It's pretty neat, huh?

This is Cuervo's car, he
lets me use it sometimes.

Hey, not to worry, Snake.

You've just been shot with a fun gun.

Feel it, you feel it?

It's pure mesh, man,
100 proof artery choker.

It's like Cuervo says,
when the hit pulls you down

to one inch from death,
that is living, man.

You should have talked to me first.

I could have set this up,
I'm actually Cuervo's agent,

and I would love to represent you.

We could make a bundle together,
I could help your career.

You're a legend and all,
but last couple of years,

it's like you've fallen
off the face of the earth.

Cuervo, I delivered him, didn't I?

I figured out what the
cops sent him in to do.

Plissken was the second rescue team.

He was supposed to get
the black box and the girl

and take them back out over the wall.

All I'm asking for is a finder's
fee after you take over.

Maybe Wisconsin, I don't know.

- OK, We're almost set up, Cuervo.


- Well, I originally heard about this

when I was working for NASA.

Check this out.

Common, ordinary
remote-control unit, yeah?

Everyone's got one, right?

Here's the kicker.

This instruction disk hooks you

right into the sword of Damocles,

the ultimate defensive weapon system.

You see that?

There's a ring of satellites
encircling the Earth.

Attached to each satellite
is a mega neutron bomb.

When detonated, each
satellite unleashes an intense

electromagnetic pulse,

but EMP doesn't harm a living thing.

What it does do is shut down
every known power source,

all electrical devices,
cars, airplanes, toasters,

computers, everything, even batteries.

But this

makes this an aiming device

that gives the user incredible accuracy.

You can pinpoint precisely
what you want to shut down.

A taxi cab in Buenos Aires,
the entire country of Spain.

Amazing, brilliant.

Hell, you could key in all
the satellites and shut down

the whole planet, send it
right back to the Dark Ages.

- Let's face it, he's dead.

- I agree.

- Plissken's been dead so many times

I can't count them all,
but he never stays down.

- The mission's scrubbed, Commander.

I should never have let you
talk me out of that air strike.

Well, it's on now.

Effective immediately, full-scale.

Target, Los Angeles.

Flatten it, burn it.

- No!

- What did you say to me?

- Cuervo Jones is holding
all the cards now, sir.

He sees our aircraft come in,
he pushes that button, kaboom!

There goes our aircraft, and there goes

the United States of America.

- We don't even know
if he knows how to work

the goddamn thing.

- Snake Plissken, American outlaw.

You're going to like this.

- Remember, Cuervo, you got to punch in

the world code first, 666.

That brings all the satellites online.

Then you can aim the prototype.

- Eh, pendejo, you think I'm stupid?

- No, no, no, I'm sorry, Cuervo.

Bring them in.

- OK, OK, go on.

- Hello, North America.

Buenas noches, Sud America.


I am Cuervo Jones.

- Wait a minute.

That's Plissken.
- This is the real LA

People without hope, without a country.

- I knew it, he's alive.

- You know what they want?


Now it's their turn.

I'm taking over with this.

Now, I told you not to try
to get this back, didn't I?

But you disobeyed me.


- He's entering the target code.

- Bend over, Mr. President.

Time for a spanking.

- He's targeting Lynchburg,
that'll shut down the capital.

- Patch me in to the White House.

- This broadcast is going out
live all across the country.

- Yes, this is the President.

Get me my wife, please.

Are you watching TV?

- Yes, Eve, I'm watching it too.

Yes, I know.

- Curfew.

- Hello, hello?

- Hey, Presidente, silence is golden, no?

Don't tell me you didn't
enjoy this just a little bit.

I mean, if your wife's
anything like your daughter,

she's sweet to eat, but
you just can't shut her up.

Hey, knock it off, Cuervo.

- All right, now this is set.

We shut down the entire United States.

I want a police chopper to come and get me

at the Happy Kingdom
no later than 5:00 a.m.

Once I'm airborne, you'll get your orders.

Remember, don't piss me
off, or I'll pull the plug.

- I'm at the mercy of this madman.

- Don't count Plissken out, sir.

- He's tanked, he's a POW.

- But he's still alive.

10, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one.

Shot clock!

- Get him, get him up.

- But this is insane.

- It is.

That's the point.

- Aah, yah!


- All right, all right.


I promised you tonight
was gonna be special.

I also promised you one last
great spectacle of death here

in this historic arena.

Now you will see that death.

I give you

the death of Snake Plissken!

Some people think you're
already dead, Snake.

Some say you never will be.

'Cause you may have survived Cleveland,

you may have escaped from New York,

but this is LA, vato.

And you're about to find
out that this fucking city

can kill anybody!




- Game time!


Two hoops, full court.

- 10 second shot clock.

Miss a shot, you get shot.

Shot clock buzzer goes off
before you shoot, you get shot.

Two points for a basket,
no three-point bullshit.

All you got to do is
make points, that's it.

By the way, nobody's ever
walked off that court alive.


All right!

Eight, seven, six, five, four,

three, two, one!

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four,

three, two, one!

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,

three, two, one!

Ten, nine, eight, seven--

- Nice shot.

- He's getting tired now.

Four, three, two, one.

Snake, Snake,
Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake,

Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake,

Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake!

- This town loves a winner.

Snake, Snake,
Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake,

Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake,

Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake,

Snake, Snake, Snake!

- He won, Cuervo.

Snake, Snake,
Snake, Snake, Snake!

- You can't kill him.

- I have to.

- Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake!

Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake!

- Get off!

- Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake, Snake!

Free shot!

- It's the big one!

- Find him!

We're gonna Anaheim.

Come here.

Cuervo, Cuervo, wait up.

Give me a minute.

- Get lost, agent!

- Come on, we got a
relationship here, man.

- Let me make something clear to you.

I'm starting to get irritated,
and that's not a good thing.

Irritated with me,
Cuervo, I'm taking care of you.

I'm with you in all this,
don't you understand?

- We can't find him, Cuervo.

- So keep looking!

Get in the car.

If I'm being too rough on
you, you just let me know, OK?

- Snake, wait, don't
shoot, it's me, Utopia.

I'm alone.

This whole place is a nightmare.

Cuervo's a killer.

He's worse than my father.

I want to go back with you.

Oh, my God.

My father sent you to kill me, didn't he?

- Shit.

Get out of here.


- Wait, you can't take that back, Snake.

Oh, God, you can't give that to him.

All he wants to do is control
everything, just like Cuervo.

- If I don't take it back, I'm dead.

- Oh, not another one!

- Run!

- It's over.

Get me a complete damage
report as soon as possible.

- Yes, sir.

- Oh, thank God Almighty.

Maybe that's the answer
to all of our problems.


maybe they're all dead.

- Maybe.

- Oh, Cuervo, man!

We almost bought the farm.

The whole place just
fell in right behind us.

- Where is Plissken?

- He's down there, he's dead.

He's history, and I did it,
I killed him, I shot him.

Right, tell him.

- Give it to me.

- Oh, yeah.

I brought it back to you, Cuervo.

It's all there.

♪ Whoa ♪

- Whoa, dude, is that you, Snake?

Far out, man.

Hey, did you find Cuervo, man?

- Hey, Cuervo, wait,
I've done it all, man.

I killed Plissken, I got your girl back.

I gave you all the marbles,
just for you, Cuervo.

- So where is he?

- I shot him.

He went down, OK?

I mean, his body's probably washed down

into Wilshire Canyon somewhere.

- Good, so then you know where he is.

Bring me his head.

- Where's the Happy Kingdom?

- Anaheim.

It's the staging area
for the big invasion.

The whole town's gonna
be there, except me.

I'm staying right here, man,
I'm ready for the big wave.

It's gonna be some eternal one.

Take me there.

- What?

Take me there!

- Hey, you're not doing so well, Snake.

You need help, here.

Hold on.

- Who shot you?

- It doesn't matter.

- Well, yeah, you're right.

You know, you should talk to Hershe,

she hates Cuervo, big-time.

They used to be partners,
and they split up.

- Who?

- Hershe.

She lives downtown in a
big boat, down that way.

She hangs with Saigon Shadow.

Man, they don't take shit from nobody.

What is that?

- Tsunami, Snake, Tsunami, whoo!

Surf's up big-time now, mister, ha ha!

Start feeling better quick, man,

'cause you ain't got
time to get out of here.

This is gonna be some kind of ride, man.

Some kind of bitchin'
ride, let's go, come on.

Whoo, bitchin'.

Bitchin', man.


Let the front edge pick you up.

Don't get on your board
till you ride to the top.

Don't blow it, if you fall off the board,

it's the big one, got it?



Hang on, Snake, whoo!

- You got to be kidding me.

- Later.

- Ooh, Snake, aha!

- You're gonna tell me
how to get downtown,

somebody named Hershe.

- Yeah, sure, Snake, no problem.

- Hey, hey!

- Are you gonna kill me?

- Hershe.

- Right, keep going straight,
two blocks down, make a right.

neuro-system shutdown, one hour.

- I first met Hershe when I got deported.

She helped set me up in business.

We're talking a power player, Snake.

Cuervo's got the numbers
and the firepower,

but Hershe's got a burning
spine made out of steel.

Big-time fast-lane ambitions.

Think about it, the two
of you hooked up together,

I'm talking box-office material here.


Easy, Snake, I see him, too.

We're OK, come on.

Yeah, she's gonna love you, Snake.

You're gonna love her, too.

We're gonna make this thing happen.

By the way, I'm through with Cuervo.

The guy's got no sense
of loyalty whatsoever.

Right through here.


- Hey, man, how you
doing, long time, no see.

Remember me, Map to the Stars Eddie.

Yeah, well, I got somebody
I want Hershe to meet.

Snake Plissken, baby,
right here in the flesh.

Your gun.

- Great, thanks, pal.

All right, we're in,
strange scene in here.

Let me do the talking.

Hey, Hershe, how you doin'?

Hang on, hang on, guys, this
is big, it's Snake Plissken.

I brought him here to see you, Hershe.

He's got a little business proposition.

- What's in it for me?

- Well--
- Wait a minute.

I know that voice.

Yeah, you're Carjack Malone.

- Not anymore.

You two know each other?

- Well, the more things
change, the more they stay

the same, huh, Carjack?

Glad to see you're still
packing a gun between your legs.

- Hold on, honey.

- You owe me.

You bolted on me back in Cleveland.

- Hershe, you were in Cleveland?

- Oh, yeah, with me and Texas Mike O'Shay,

except you looked a little different

in those days, Carjack.

- You get one thing straight, Plissken.

I'm no longer Carjack Malone.

I'm Hershe Las Palmas, the most
drop-dead, to-die-for number

you ever laid that one eye on.

- I don't give a fuck what you are.

I want to know what the hell
happened to you in Cleveland.

- I was called away on urgent business.

I got caught, and you didn't.

- Don't lie to me!

- All right, so I made another deal.

I got my ass kicked, not you.

I've been here five years, not you.

- I got a new deal for you.

You help me, you live.

- I wouldn't do that, Snake.

You see, we all have an agreement.

Anything happens to me, and you're dead.

- I'm already dead.

- I see your point, what's the deal?

Get me to Cuervo
Jones, I got one hour.

- Oh dream on, blue eye.

- Say good night, Carjack.

- Hold on!

Cuervo Jones has more
firepower than two armies.

No one gets near him.

- And he's got the black box and the girl.

He's running the show.

What black box?

- The one that shuts down
the power permanently.

- Oh, yeah, right, and
the Plutoxin Seven virus

is gonna kill you in
less than 10 hours, oh!

- What?

- It's bullshit, baby, rumor
control, government propaganda.

Just one more lie.

- Snake's telling the truth, Hershe.

I used to represent the
guy who invented it.

Swear to God, Snake.

- Hey, hey, what's the deal, gorgeous?

- We get the girl and the black box,

and we get out of here.

- All of us?

- Yeah.

- Me, too?

- Ha, why should we leave, I love LA.

Where we gonna go, what's the big payoff?

- The President's promised to give

whoever helps me a million dollars.

- Oh, yeah, a million greenbacks?

I got 10 million of them in the next room.

- Uh-uh.


- Oh, come on, Snake.

- Bluebacks, I swear to God, Eddie.

This is bigger than Cleveland.

- It sounds thin to me.

- You want to stay here while
Cuervo Jones rules the world?

- Hell no, that sucks.

So how are we gonna get out?

- I'll tell you that when we get there.

- Oh, Plissken, now, you are such a loser!

Man, making up shit along the way.

That's why I left your ass in Cleveland.

You're just a chump just
like the rest of us, no deal!

- Government chopper.

It'll be there.

- OK, that's better.

So how are we getting
there in under an hour?

- That's your end.

- Edward.

- The best you could do
from here is take the five.

The shape it's in, 2 1/2 hours minimum.

- No, use the air, they're burning.

The Santa Anas.

The night wind.

- What are you talking about?

- Death from above.

- I don't know about these things.

You don't like it, don't come.

- Where'd you get these rigs, Carjack?

- My name is Hershe, do
you understand, Plissken?

- I got an idea.

Got any red nail polish on you?

- What?

- Come on.

I expect that back, Eddie.

- Yeah, yeah.


It looks just like the sword
of Damocles instruction CD.

Maybe we can pull a
Texas switch on Cuervo.

- Yeah, if he lets you get close enough.

- Don't worry.

Let's do it!

- The wind's up, come on, let's go!


- Ah!

shutdown, 34 minutes.

Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo!

Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo,
Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo!

Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo!

- Are you ready for the new world?

The attack is now under way!

- What's going on?

I don't know,
I think we're fucked!

- Get out here!

Get out of there!

- You see Plissken anywhere?

shutdown, 25 minutes.

Get my jet ready.

Get it fueled and ready to go.

- You can't run away now, it's too late.

You have to stay and face it down.

- Mr. President,
Commander, we are receiving

reports from Miami.

An armada of warships
has just departed Cuba.

ETA the Florida coast in 45 minutes.

- They're starting the invasion.

- I've got to go to my quarters!

I've got to pray!

- Go with him, make sure he
doesn't do anything crazy.

- Hey, Eddie, is that what I think it is?

- Yeah, the place kept changing owners.

Finally went bankrupt.

That thing in Paris killed them.

- We're gonna need some kind of diversion.

- Let's go.

- Hey, Cuervo, hey!

Hey, Cuervo, I made it!

I made it, wait for me, whoa!

Oh, shit!

Hey, Cuervo!

- Will you please kill him for me?

- Hey, hey, I got news!

There's about to be an attack!

You're about to get hit, man.

It's Plissken.

- Plissken?

You told me that you shot him dead.

- Yeah, I thought I did, but
I found him sort of alive.

- Sort of, where?

- Oh, Cuervo.


- It's so good to see you.

- Where is Plissken?

He's near.

- You're stalling, Eddie.

- Ah, jeez!

- Talk, gringo, or I'll
rip your balls off.

- Oh, look out behind you!

- You have lied to me
for the very last time.

- Come on, hurry up, let's go!

- Get inside the chopper,
it's bulletproof.

I'll take my coat back now, asshole.

- Take me back, Snake.

- Secure the latch.

- Oh, you got the remote, great.

- Yeah, now give me the real one.

- What, I didn't make a switch.

- Yes, you did, I saw you.

- Give me that gun!


- Carjack, we're hooked up on your side.

- I hit him!

Oh, whoa!


Get back here, Plissken!

Aircraft is
entering quadrant four, sir.

I'm getting radio contact.

- Boost it.

- Malloy.

Get the antidote ready,
assholes, I'm coming in.

- This is Malloy, Plissken,
do you have the back box?

- I got what was in it.

Remote control unit and instruction disk.

Get the trucks rolling, we're on fire.

Neurosystem shutdown,

two minutes and 27 seconds.

All emergency vehicles proceed

to the north perimeter.

- Shit, Shit!

This is a full alert.

- Where the hell is he going?

- Get ready to jump.

Head for the tree line and disappear.





- Oh, oh, thank God Almighty!

Thank God Almighty!

Welcome back, Snake.

- Give me the goddamn shot.

Your countdown clock

has now terminated function.

Your time is up.

- I told you he was dumb.

- You took the fake, hotshot.

- Plutoxin Seven is a fast,
hard-hitting case of the flu.

- Pretty good.

- Relax, war hero, we took
you for a little ride,

and you came through.

Now, give me that unit.

- You want this thing?

Come and get it.

- Sir.

- What can he do?

- Let go of me, quit it!

- You didn't finish the mission, Snake.

Looks like I'll have to do it for you.

- Hold it, Mr. President.

- Shit.

- We'll take this one.

- Get her out of here.

- Daddy.

- Take her to the chair.

For he so loved his country,

he gave his only seditious child.

Prepare to broadcast worldwide.


- She didn't know that
she had that remote unit

in her pocket, now, did she?

I was wondering what kind of lame switch

you'd try to pull this time, Plissken.

You know, you're becoming
very predictable.

- Yeah, I guess so.

- You got a smoke?

- The United States is
a nonsmoking nation.

No smoking, no drinking,
no drugs, no women.

Unless, of course, you're married.

No guns, no foul language, no red meat.

- The land of the free.

- I don't need the teleprompter.

This is the President
of the United States.

I now demand an immediate
retreat of all forces

now threatening this great nation.

If my demand is not met immediately,

I will destroy your ability
to function permanently.

- Mr. President, the Cuban Theater

of Aggression remains mobile.

ETA, Miami in four minutes.

- Four minutes.

Bring the aiming coordinates
for Cuba and Mexico on line.

- Cuba, seven, seven, nine.

- Seven.



I now render this final solution.

Welcome to your
very own map to the stars.

Sure, we all know the big one wiped out

the entertainment industry here in LA,

but the glamor and excitement
of Hollywood is still alive.

- Very funny.

- Yeah.

- I hope it was worth it,

for now you are going to die.

- Everybody does.

- Kill him and bring me the real unit.

- Sir, we're still broadcasting.

- Good, let them watch!

Do it!

Do it!

- On my command!


- He's not even here, he's a hologram!

- Catches on quick, doesn't she?

- Got to be within a half-mile radius.

Round up every available man.

- Hold it.

Sir, the enemy
is less than two minutes

from our shore.

- What's it to be, Plissken, us or them?

- Shut down the Third
World, they lose, you win.

Shut down America, you lose, they win.

The more things change, the
more they stay the same.

- So what are you going to do?

- Disappear.

- He's entered the word code.

No target code.

Sir, that will shut
down the entire planet.

- I told you you'd better
hope I didn't make it back.

- You push that button,
everything we've accomplished

for the past 500 years will be finished.

Our technology, our way of
life, our entire history.

We'll have to start all over again.

For God sakes, don't do it, Snake!

- The name's Plissken.

- He did it, he shut down the Earth.

Welcome to the human race.

♪ I been around and I been high ♪

♪ Piled into dreams in a supersonic eye ♪

♪ And now is the time ♪

♪ I just got a future right ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ Stronger than you and
every mother's son ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ King of the world and the devil's son ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

♪ I am a liar I cross my face ♪

♪ I'm picking out stiffs
for the human race ♪

♪ And when I die ♪

♪ I'll never doubt or wonder why ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ Stronger than you and
every mother's son ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ King of the world and the devil's son ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

♪ Run baby run baby run away ♪

♪ Run baby run escapin' LA ♪

♪ The one you love the people you know ♪

♪ Want to go have atomic flow ♪

♪ Hollywood ♪

♪ Demon red ♪

♪ American dreams aglow in my head ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ Stronger than you and
every mother's son ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ King of the world and the devil's son ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

♪ Run baby run baby run away ♪

♪ Run baby run escapin' LA ♪

♪ Run baby run baby run away ♪

♪ Run baby run escapin' LA ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ Run baby run escapin' LA ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ Run baby run escapin' LA ♪

♪ Yeah I am the one ♪

♪ Run baby run escapin' LA ♪