Escape from Angola (1976) - full transcript

A farmer and his family must flee from Angolan rebels by escaping through the savage jungle.

[gun shots]

[music playing]

You know, it's
really amazing the way

you can get a whole
herd of wild animals

into a corral made
of simple plastic.

Well, we only discovered
that a few years ago.

The animals see the plastic,
they can't see through it,

so they think it's a
solid wall and they

don't try to break through.

Well, I must say you
boys did a good job today.

Give us a little more time Dad,
we'll teach you a trick or two.


That'll be the day.


You know, I can hardly wait.

Just a couple more weeks and
David will be out of school,

and we'll be a
whole family again.

Your mother's in for quite a
surprise when she sees you two.

That's for sure.

It must have a month since
I washed these jeans.



Do you really think Mom
will like it out here?

Well, I hope so.

It sure is a long
way from Vassar.

[airplane flying]

Wow, I didn't realize
Africa was so big.

Sure is big, all right.

KAREN: How can a
place so beautiful

be so full of trouble-- full
of violence and politics?

[airplane flying]

I just hope your father's
aware of the situation.


But you know how he is.

All he thinks about
is his research.

See there, ma'am?

The [inaudible] Dam.

Look, David-- the dam.

That's right near
your father's ranch.

It's 20,000 acres-- as far
as we can see, all part

of the Mallory Research Center.

Look at those herds.

Those are the ones
your father's working

with, and trying to save.

Aren't they beautiful?

Hey, it's all dry and
dusty, like a desert.

Oh, not where we'll
be living-- there'll

be green grass and trees,
and maybe a little stream.

Oh, David, I can't
wait till we get there.

[airplane flying]

JAMES: Come on, boys, let's go.

[airplane flying]


JAMES: Darling.

[interposing voices]

JAMES: And look at David, here.

How you doing, son?

DAVID: Great.

[interposing voices]

Let's take a look.

We'll show you around.


Welcome to Mallory's Ranch.

Beautiful, isn't it?


Now that you and
David are here, it's

really going to be like home.

I just know you're
going to love it.

[music playing]

Yeah, we found it almost dead.


It's OK.

[sizzling sound]

Well, your heart beat's
still strong, anyway.

Ah, just look at
this poacher's snare.

I wonder how many
thousands of animals

die every day in Africa,
from snares like this.

You know, each
one of these kinks

must represent
hours of suffering.

The antiseptic first, Pete.

Here you go.

Now if you two boys
hadn't found her,

she'd have died a really
lingering death, huh?

OK, now some of the
antibiotic cream.

That's the one.

And she's a pretty old
girl, isn't she Steve?


No teeth.

I must give her a few
million unit injection there.

Penicillin, OK?

Well, I think that's about all
we can do for her right now.

Let's get her on her brisket,
and see if we can get

these old legs underneath her.

Come on, old girl.

There we go.

Let's give her a lift.

Hey, hold those legs.


There we go.

Steady, old girl.



Hold up.

Hold her up.

Get her feet first.

Take it easy, girl.

Take it easy.


JAMES: Come on, boys.

Well, that's about all we
can do for the old girl.

I think she'll be OK.


If she stands still
there for a while--

maybe gets her balance back.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Bring the medical kit, fellas.

[music playing]



Yes, Ma?

KAREN: Will you go and tell
your father that dinner's

finally ready, please.


[music playing]


Yoppy, get out of there!


I say now!

Get out of here.

Go on!

Let's go, Yoppy.

[music playing]

Oh, Yoppy.

One of these days,
I'm going to get you.

Get out of here!


If anybody sees you-- Out!


[motorcycle engine]

[music playing]

Dad, Mom says it's time to eat.

Great, I'm starved.


Nothing like a little hard work
to build an appetite, eh, Dave?

[baboon screeching]

You know, David, we could
have used your help here today.

Sorry, Dad.

I got reading this
book about printed

circuits and semiconductors.

You know, I could almost build
a TV set if I had the parts.

A lot of good it'd
do me out here.

You know, I'd rather hoped
that you'd have been getting

the feel of this place by now.

Like Pete and Steve, you mean.

Well, you've got to admit,
they've come a long way

since they left the states.

Come on, Dad.

How long is it going to
take you to understand?

I'm not like them.

I mean, just take a
look at this place.

There's nothing here.

That's where
you're wrong, David.

Look here.

The kudu are browsing
on the brush.

The gemsbok and the springbok
graze on the bushman grass.

And these animals
get all the nutrition

they need, right here.

Now just imagine-- if
we could establish herds

of these animals in the famine
belts of Africa or Asia,

we may be able to solve the
problem of starvation that's

killing millions of children.

Now, wouldn't that
be worth working for?

I guess so-- at least for you.

But not for you, eh, David?

Come on, Dad.

What do you want me to say?

I love it here?

Look, I'm really sorry
to disappoint you,

but I just wasn't cut
out to be a cowboy.

[music playing]




[music playing]

Oh, you.


There sure isn't much
for dinner tonight.

I wonder why?

I thought you were supposed
to keep Yoppy out of trouble.

Aw, it wasn't his
fault. Besides,

whose idea was it to have all
those animals running around


Hey, if you haven't
got enough to eat,

here's something you might like.


Come on, Pete, you
know better than that.

[ostrich screeches]

[music playing]

I've been here three
months, and things

get harder every day.

I know it's not
easy for you, Karen.

That darn eland.

He ate your best shirt-- the
one I got you from Nairobi.

Well, you have to admit
he's got good taste.

Oh, Jim.


You know, Karen, if I
thought you couldn't take it,

I'd give it all up.

You know that.

Oh, I wouldn't ask you to, Jim.

I know how long you've waited
to share Africa with your sons.

And with you too, Karen.

And you know, when this land
gets to you, and it will,

you'll never want to give it up.

That's all right.

I think I could get used
to the dust, and the heat,

and even the animals.


But that's not what worrying me.

You know the Ogamo woman, the
one who lives by the stream?

She says the trouble in
the north is spreading.

And that the insurgent tribes
have wiped out whole villages.

She says that it'll
be spreading here.

She's afraid for her family.

And I'm afraid for mine.

But Karen, you have to
remember it's not our quarrel.

Our lives and our work
will go on just the same.

After all, we're working
for their welfare,

no matter what side they're on.

Mr. Mallory, there's
a call for you.

Excuse me, dear.

[baboon chattering]

Don't try to make
up with me, Yoppy.

You're a bad baboon.

How many times have I told you
to stay out of that kitchen?

You're back on the chain.

[baboon chattering]

Stop trying to
talk me out of it.

I understand, Lars.

The boys and I will leave
first thing in the morning.

Thanks, Jamie.

It will be nice seeing you
again, and meeting your boys.

Then, till tomorrow.

Till tomorrow, Lars.

Is it trouble?

No, no.

It's an old friend--
Lars Olaffson.

He's got a game
watch, up in Singabi.

You know, he supplies
preserves and national parks

with wild animals.

He needs some help
rounding up his stock.

Doesn't he have
help of his own?

Well, it seems
that Lars' men heard

the same rumor that you did--
you know, about the insurgents

moving south?

And they all have run
off into the bush.

So he's decided to truck his
animals across the frontier,

just to be on the safe side.

I see.

Karen, I can't turn him down.

It's less than a
day's drive away.

We'll be back
before you know it.

Of course, Jim.

I understand.

JAMES: How about the supplies?
We all set?

Right, boss.

All loaded up.

Come on, Pete!

Let's go.

Hey, Pete.

Nobody asked me if I
wanted to come along.

Look, Dave, we're going
to be working with animals.

We figured you'd
just as soon pass.

Hey, Dad.

I'd like to come to.

You sure?

If you want along.

OK, son.

I'll get my stuff.

Well, we're on our way.

You OK?

I'm fine.


Look, if you're really
worried, I can call Lars back.

I'm OK.

Well, don't forget-- save us
some dinner tomorrow night.

And remember, Tshoma and the
others will watch out for you.

[music playing]

Greetings, Mr. Mallory.

[speaking foreign language]

I take [inaudible].

Well, thank you.

I know she'll be
grateful to have those.

Tell me, how is your
husband and family?

My husband [inaudible]
last night [inaudible]

men with the guns.

May he soon have a safe
return, [inaudible].

Safe return to you,
too, Mr. Mallory.

[truck driving]

There it is, boys.

The new catch basin for
the [inaudible] dam.

It'll soon bring electricity
to the whole area.

[music playing]

[tires spinning]

[inaudible], Dad.

Keep pushing, boys.

[engine revving]

It's no use.

Now what do we do?

Well, we could
call the auto club,

but it might take them
some time to get here.

Push, Tad, push.

[engine revving]

[baboon shouts]


Push, boys!


[elephant roars]


That was close.

[elephant trumpets]

[men singing]

Hey. [inaudible].

[speaking foreign language]

[men singing]

Dad, what was that all about?

Those men are [inaudible],
from the north.

They're fleeing
from the insurgents.

Who are these insurgents?

What do they want?

The GVN, they call themselves.

As far as I understand, they're
a new political party, bent on

taking over the whole country.

STEVE: We won't have
to leave, will we?

I hope not.

[music playing]

Well, there it is boys--
the last really wild area

of Africa.

10,000 square miles of brush
and grass, and scarcely a ranch

or farm in the entire area.

We going through there, Dad?


And Olaffson's ranch is
a 100 miles dead ahead.

[music playing]


They come.


I'm glad to see you, Jamie.

It has been a long time.

I'd like you to meet my
boys-- Steve, and Pete.



How do you do, sir?

I've heard a lot about
you young fellows.

It's good of you to come.

STEVE: Thank you, sir.

Oh, you know my
assistant, Cruse.

Nice of you to help
us out here, Mallory.


And Kende, and [inaudible].

Pleased to know
you, Mr. Mallory.

[speaking foreign language]


These three hands
are all I have left.

17 good men left me because
of this bloody madness.

I have taken all I can, Jamie.

I'm sorry to hear that, Lars.

Sure there's no other way?

You know me, Jamie.

I love Africa.

I lived here for 40 years.

I bred herds that could
fill up the empty spaces of

this famine-stricken continent.

I never dreamt that one day
I would have to leave it.

And you just built
yourself a new house.

I know.

What are you going
to take with you?

The best of my breeding stock.

Once over the border,
I'll start a new life.

After all, I'm still young.

OK, young man.

Let's get on with it.

Come on boys, we've
got work to do.

This is it.


[music playing]

Here you go.

Come on, Dave.
Let's go.

Give us a hand here.

Hey, take this.
Hey, wait.

Man, what you doing?


-Oh, man.

Here, let me help you.
Come here.


Here, man, let me help you out.

Help him up, Pete.

That's it.

That's it.

Dave, listen, I think you
better go help Dad over there.


Dave, just go that way.

What a little brat.


Why does everything
have to go wrong?

[music playing]

Now, Pete.

Go catch them.

Here we go!

Right there.

There they go.

I got 'em.

That's it, Pete.

Keep 'em coming.

Herd them in.

[music playing]

The Central Government

in [inaudible]
that GVN insurgents

have pushed in to the
eastern sector, near Sengavi.

Due to the communication

no further information
has reached the capital,

but it is believed the
casualty toll may be high.

[crickets chirping]


That's right where
you're headed, Lars.

I know what you
are thinking, Jamie.

But Kruse assures me, the best
way to get to the paved road

is at Umbago.

Well, he may be right.

But you could run
into big trouble.

You know, my friend, you are
worried too much about me,

and too little about yourself.

Suppose the GVN goes for
that dam near your place.

Where will you be?

Or your family?

I appreciate your concern,
but you know it's taken me half

a lifetime to get this far.

I'm not going to walk
away from it now.

It's your decision, my friend.

I hope it's the right one.

Well, that's it.

Lars Olaffson's Noah's ark.

Ironic, isn't it?

What's left of my
life is on that truck.

I might be grateful
to you, and your sons.

Well, we were glad
to be of help, Lars.

I'd feel happier, though, if
you were heading south with us.

Don't worry about me, Jamie.

In 24 hours time, I'll be across
the border, safe and sound.

[music playing]

Is everything all right?

[music playing]

Thanks again, Jamie.

Have a safe trip, Lars.

Safe journey to you.

Goodbye, boys.

Bye-bye, Mr. Olaffson.

Good luck, Mr. Olaffson.

Let's go, [inaudible]

[engine starts]

[music playing]

Now we bring you the news.

Reports continue today
of terrorist activity

in the eastern savannah.

And in the past fortnight,
all contact with the area

has been lost.

In the absence of
reliable information,

it is feared that
insurgent forces

are preparing to launch
a concerted drive

towards the south.

[music playing]


Mr. Mallory called you.

Thank you, Tshoma.

[music playing]

KAREN [ON RADIO]: Hello, Jim.

Thank goodness you called.

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine.

We're on our way home,
and with a little luck,

we'll be there before dark.

Thank God.

I heard the radio report.

Yes, Karen, uh, I'm afraid it's
a little worse than I thought.

Now that's why I want you
to do exactly as I say.

JAMES [ON RADIO]: You know
where I keep the shotgun?

Yes, I see it.

Well, if anything
should happen,

and I don't think
it will, it might be

a good idea to keep it handy.

[music playing]


We're overheating.

Wasn't it your
job to fill those

before we left Olaffson's?

I thought you meant the
drinking water, or the tank

in back.

We can't use that.

It's all we've
got left to drink.

Well, we're lucky.

The game department
has a watering

hole over here for the animals.

Bring the bags, boys.

Boy, Yoppy, I can't seem
to do anything right.

[baboon chatters]

Well, we lucked out again.

This place was almost dry.


Head for cover.

[music playing]

Go hide, Yoppy.

I'll go help Dad.

[baboon shouts]

[music playing]


Look at Dave drive!

He's cutting the
rhino off from Dad.

[music playing]

I don't believe it.

David, look out!

[music playing]


[music playing]


Are you all right?


I'm OK.


Well done, son.

Come on.

Let's get you out of here.

STEVE: He OK, Dad?

Yeah, he's OK.


Where'd you learn
to drive like that?

PETER: Yeah, that
took real guts, Dave.


My ankle.

[baboon chattering]


JAMES: Does that hurt, son?

DAVID: Yeah, Dad.

Is it bad?

Looks like a fracture to me.

Well, that should keep it
steady, help to ease the pain

a little.

Thanks, Dad.

Radiator's busted.

The oil pan's gone.

We're not going
anywhere in this thing.

Well, I'll call Tshoma and
get him to bring the truck.

Well, that's not
going to work either--

the radio is out of commission.

So we'll have to walk it.

David will never make it.

We could carry
him-- me and Steve.

No, he's got to keep
that leg perfectly still.

As I recall, there's
a chap called Villiers

that's got a ranch near here.

Ah, here it is.

There's a military
post over here.

That's right, Steve, but that's
clear across the Olega Pan.

Dad, you'd never make it.

That's the hardest, most
dangerous part of the country.

Yes, it's [inaudible].

Well, if I leave now, I
could be there by sundown.

Maybe borrow a
truck from Villiers,

and get back here by dawn.


How about this place?

It's even closer than Villiers.


That's probably
an Ogamo village.

Well, according to this,
there's a clinic there.

They should have a radio.

We could hike there
while you go to Villiers.

No, you two boys have got
to stay here with David.

And if Villiers isn't there?

Well, somebody has
got to stay here.

DAVID: Don't worry
about me, Dad.

Yoppy will keep me company.

[music playing]

[baboon chattering]

[music playing]

OK, David.

There's food and
water in the back.

And my rifle's in
front if you need it.

You boys know the plan?


Be back here by sundown,
one way or the other.


Good luck, then.

And remember what I told you--
the worst enemies of a man

alone out here are
fear and exhaustion.

You keep your wits about, now.

You'll come through OK.


David, we'll see you tonight.

So long, Dad.

STEVE: You know, it took a lot
of courage doing what Dave did.

You got to hand it to him.

Come on, Pete.

The sooner we get to Casavo,
the sooner we're back home.

Hold on.

You're not scared, are you?

Me, scared?

You got to be kidding.

Something's bothering you.

I was just thinking.

Here we are out here, all alone,
without a gun or anything.


What's the big deal?


[laughs] Remember
when I was a kid,

I used to be afraid of lions.


I thought they
lived in the cellar.


And everybody
knows all the lions

are right here, in Africa.

[music playing]

[baboon shouts]

Yoppy, I'm trying
to get some sleep.

Would you please be quiet?

[baboon chattering]

For the last time-- stop it!

Now what are you up to?

[music playing]

Get off that roof, Yoppy!

[baboon chattering]

I'm running out of
patience with you.






Here comes the whole family.


They seem like nice,
friendly lions.

Yoppy, think of something.

The horn.

That'll do it.


That's busted, too.

Go home.

Please go home.

You know, Dad's right.

The thing about fear
is, if you understand

the ways of the bush, you won't
have any trouble out here.

It's as simple is that.


Does that include
the Cape Buffalo?

Just stay cool.

Make it think we're in control.

It's not going to be easy.

[music playing]

PETER: Remember Dad
saying that the buffaloes

are the most dangerous--


Just keep walking.

[music playing]


Hey, it was like they
were almost afraid of us.

Just like Dad says,
man is not the prey.

Man is the predator.


[music playing]

[baboon shouting]

I hope this works.

[horn honking]

[baboon shouting]

Hey, I did it!

How about that, Yoppy?

[music playing]

There it is.

[music playing]

[chickens clucking]

Where is everybody?

I don't know.

[music playing]


They smashed the radio.

Look at this.

[music playing]

We're almost to the highway.

This is where we could
run into trouble.

Kende and I will check it
out and meet you up the road.

OK, but watch your step.

What is it, Umbula?

What's that in the road?

Could be land mine.

[music playing]

[gun shot]


Thank you.


Lars, do you read me?

I read you, Kruse.

[music playing]

What was that explosion?

mine on the road, Umbula

spotted it in time, thank God.

[music playing]

I can see the
highway from here.

Get off that road
and follow my track.

Kende and I will
wait for you here.

[music playing]

They'll be coming
over this rise.

Your men know what to do?

[music playing]

[inaudible], Kende?

We are at war.

We'll do what we must to win.

[music playing]

Umbula, I have been thinking.

Isn't that strange
that Kruse turned

off the road, just before
we reached that land mine?

Yes, boss.

I've been thinking the same.

LARS: I'm going to find Kruse.

You wait here.

And if there is any
sign of trouble,

you drive away as
fast as you can.

And don't slow down until
you are across the border.

But boss, if you are
right about Kruse,

then he will kill you.

All I am concerned
about now is my enemies.

Umbula, you are my good friend.

You are in charge now.

I'm sorry for
what my people do.

And my people, too.

[music playing]


Lars, no!

Stop him!

[gun shot]

[guns shooting]

A strange man.

He'll give up his
life for his animals.

I kept my part of the
bargain, Now you keep yours.

You can have Olaffson's
ranch as agreed,

but first, these supplies must
be delivered to [inaudible].

I'll see to that.

We'll see to the rest.

[bird squawking]

[music playing]

[leopard growling]

[music playing]

[leopard roaring]

[music playing]

[leopard roaring]

Don't worry, old girl.

I won't bother you again.

[music playing]

You need to clip it here,
Missus, like your rose.

Thank you, Ngila.

See these flowers?

We have flowers like this
in England and America.

Around my house, we used to
have green grass and big trees.

It must be much beauty there.

Very much.

Not like here.

This war.

The killing.

The killing will end, Ngila.

I hope.

[music playing]



Where are you?


[music playing]

Go on.

Go and eat rats.

The world is full of them.

[music playing]

Come on, Pete.

Steve, are you sure
this is the way we came?


Remember those hills over there?

No, Steve, I don't remember
those hills over there.

Come on.

[music playing]

Steve, I know we never
crossed any water.

One thing for
sure, this stream's

got to lead us to the river.


You plan on swimming home?

Pete, how many rivers are there
in this part of the country?


You think this will
lead us to [inaudible]?

That's right.

If we follow the river.

There's gotta be
villages nearby.

You gotta be kidding.

Well, you could
call the water taxi.

[music playing]


Well, it's not a water taxi,
but it's the next best thing.

Wait a minute.

First we got to get to a radio.

There's a boat here, there's
gotta be a village close by.

Come on.

[music playing]

It's Kruse.

And GVN.

I wonder what
happened to Olaffson?

I don't know.

Come on.

Let's get back to that boat.

[music playing]


[crocodile hissing]

[music playing]

Let's go, men.

[music playing]

Top speed, man.

Let's move!

[music playing]

Come on, men.

[music playing]

Come on, keep up there.

Keep up.

[music playing]


[guns shooting]

Hold your fire.

They won't get far.

[music playing]

We lost them.

Nice work, skipper.


Now let's hope we can ride
this thing all the way home.

[music playing]

[water rushing]

White water, Pete.

Hang on, now.

[music playing]


Up ahead-- hippo.

Come on.

[music playing]

OK, skipper,
what's the plan now?

Same as before.

Follow the river.

We'll never make it
through that jungle on foot.

You got a better suggestion?

I'm willing to listen.

First thing I have to
do is check the valve.

Looks OK.

[baboon grunting]

What's the matter, Yoppy?

[baboon chattering]

Afraid of the dark, huh?

Well, remember, the worst
enemies of a baboon out

here are fear and exhaustion.

Just keep your wits about
you, and you'll come out OK.

Right, Yoppy?

Ha ha.

[hyenas howling]

Tshoma, what makes
that awful sound?

Hyenas, Missus.

They have found a kill.


I wish they'd stop.

Mustn't worry, Missus.

I'm sure your family
will come soon.

He should have
been here by now.

My whole family--
everything I care about

is out there somewhere.

[hyenas howling]

OK, come on.

Just try and get me.

[hyenas howling]

[music playing]

Remember I told you
I was scared of lions?


There's one thing
I'm more scared of.

And that's snakes.

Come off it, Pete.

A snake will only bite
you if you step on it.

Maybe you can see where
you're stepping, but I can't.

[music playing]

[leopard growls]

[pig snorting]

[leopard growls]

Glad he likes pork.


Still nothing?

No, Missus.

I don't know why,
but they no answer.

Please keep on trying.

Yes, Missus.

And, Missus, you
should get some sleep.

Thank you, Tshoma.

[music playing]

Don't move.

Don't move!

Nice little fella.

Glad he wasn't [inaudible].

[music playing]

[water pouring]

[baboon shouts]

What is it, Yoppy?

[baboon chattering]

Oh no!

The last of our water!

Boy, are they going to give
it to me when they get back.

Oh, Yoppy.

[music playing]


[music playing]


Something must have happened,
otherwise he would have called.

Is there something we can do?

The police-- can't
we call the police?

No, Missus.

There is no police.

This part of the country,
there is nothing.

The Casima Dam.

There must be someone
there, someone with a radio.

No, Missus.

At the dam there's no one.

Tshoma called, but no answer.

Thank you, Tshoma.

You're welcome.

[music playing]

[wind blowing]

[music playing]

You're hurt.

And hungry, too, I bet.

[music playing]

I know why you're following me.

You won't catch any
game with that leg.


[music playing]

OK, friend.

You've got no
choice, neither do I.

[music playing]

[lion roaring]

[music playing]

I'm sorry, friend.

But I've got four good reasons
for getting out of here alive.

KRUSE: Now, watch it.

Those are explosive.

I keep telling you,
it's explosive.

calling plough share,

zebra calling plough share.

Come in, plough share.

Calling plough share.

Zebra calling plough share.

Come in, plough share.

Plough share to zebra, come in.

Plough share to zebra, come in.

Report your progress,
plough share.

Supplies will be loaded within
an hour, and ready to roll.

Stand by until we
contact you, plough share.

Present plan is to
rendezvous at Mallory Camp,

from there we move
on to the dam.

Message received.


All right, keep it
moving now, step lively.

Don't stack it any
higher than that.


[music playing]





[music playing]



Can anybody hear me?


Come in, please.

Come in, please.


Please, come in.

Let's hope this works, Yoppy.

It's working, Yoppy!

It's working!

Rover One to Mallory Camp.

Rover One to Mallory Camp.

Do you read me, Mallory Camp?

Come in, Mallory Camp.

Do you read me, Mallory Camp?


David, this is mother,
come in please.


Hope you haven't
been too worried,

but we had an accident with a--


David, come in please.

Mallory Camp, come in.


Come in, Mallory Camp.

[music playing]

It's no use.

She's not answering.


[music playing]

Spread out, men.

Check the area.

[music playing]

Come out, whoever you are.


What are you doing here?

They killed my husband.

The men with the guns.

And now they come here.

People at camp all run away.

They say murder us, kill us all.

No they won't, Ngila.

You come with me.

Thank you, Missus.

[baby cries]

[music playing]

This thing may not go far.

Let's hope it goes far enough.

All right, Yoppy?

[baboon shouts]

Well, here goes nothing.

[engine starts]

[music playing]



Get him!

Get him!


[birds flying]

[fire crackling]

[monkeys shouting]

[fire crackling]

[elephant trumpets]

[music playing]

[crickets chirping]

You, out there.

One step closer and I'll shoot!

TSHOMA: Don't shoot, Missus.

It's me-- Tshoma.

Where are the others?

The others, Missus, they've
been afraid, and ran away.

When I found out,
I go after them.

I look everywhere,
but find no one.

No one now here, but me.

Now, Missus, the gun men come.

I could see them by the river.

All right, Tshoma.

We'll be ready for them.

[music playing]

Missus, they are coming now.

I go to the [inaudible].

Tshoma, don't go.

It's all right, Missus.

When I reach the [inaudible].

[music playing]

[gun shot]

[music playing]


[music playing]


[music playing]



This is the place we came by.

Three days ago on the
way to Olaffson's.


We're almost home.

Let's go home, man.

[music playing]




[music playing]



[music playing]

A military post.

[music playing]

that bridge, and you're home.

Jim, thank God you're safe.

But where's David?

We'll find him.

Can I come along, Dad?

OK, let's go.

[helicopter flying]

a big fire here yesterday.

You can see the [inaudible].

We left the car
right about there.

Dad, look.

[music playing]



You all right, son?

I'm OK, Dad-- thanks
to those Ogamos.


Ready for another one.

Here you go.

See now?

We'll have this place
looking like new in no time.


She can take us home and
round up all the animals.

Hear that, Yoppy?

We're back in business.

All of us.


You know, I can't
remember when I last

saw the boys look so happy.

They're no longer boys, Jim.

They're men.

I feel very proud
of all of them.

And I'm especially
proud of you.

You know, I can't promise,
Karen, that things are going

to get any easier from now on.

There's still time
to change your mind.

My mind's made up, Jim.

We've been through much too
much to lose all of this.

I want to be a part of it.

And most of all, I want
to share it with you.

[music playing]




Give back my shirt!

[music playing]