Escape and Evasion (2019) - full transcript

After his men are killed in Burma. A lone soldier returns home in search of solace. Hiding a dark secret and confronted by an unrelenting journalist, he's forced to face the ghosts of his past one last time.

Go! Go!

Here on
the Thai-Myanmar border,

a surge of violence
has again sent hundreds

fleeing for their lives.

While all eyes are on
the Myanmar's military's

brutal campaign
against Rohingya,

a decades-long civil war

has erupted once again
into violence.

Myanmar has been in a state
of crisis for some time.

In the last twelve months,

tens of thousands
of Rohingya refugees

have fled to the northwest
of the country,

with a third
of the world's opium

still being produced there
in the Himalayan mountains.

Joint Navy and U.N. forces

are stopping ships bound for
China, Indonesia and Australia,

full of heroin
and crystal methamphetamine.

Even with their
president's new laws

on the prevention
of child labor,

many of the illegally-run
sapphire and jade mines

are still labored
by children under twelve.

But tragically,
it doesn't end there.

It seems the country...

...fighting malnutrition

and are in desperate need
of medical assistance.

And the military denies
that the campaign exists.

While they remain unsafe
and displaced,

many refugees are
praying for intervention,

asking, "When will the world
step in and protect us?"

Rebecca Stansberry reporting
from Mae Sot, Thailand.

I can't do this. Can you get it
through your fucking head?

Just not now.

Why? It's not like
your own country.

You need help, Seth.

Still seeing things?

Fuck you!

I've got it sorted.
Just not now.

She is your daughter, Seth.

Lizzy should have her father
around once in a while.

I can't do it on my own.

I've been offered a transfer
in Melbourne.

I've been talking
to lawyers, Seth.

I have a case to take
full custody of Lizzy.

Go fuck yourself, Sara.


Ah, thank you for coming.

Like I said,
if there's anything I can do.

Please, take a seat.

Can I get you anything?
Tea or coffee?

I'm good.

How can I help you?

What can you tell me about
Seth Corban, the sole survivor?

Seth, hmm.

He's a national treasure.

One of the bravest men I know.

A rare breed.

A true soldier,

trained to succeed
no matter what.

But that's not what
you're asking, is it?

You've been doing
some research.

Well, that's my job.

Stay away from Seth.

His mind's not
what it used to be,

PTSD and all of that.

A little unhinged, let's say.

Your national treasure.

I know that they weren't
removing land mines.

Observing the clearance
of land mines.

Dangerous work for anyone,
including the ex-military types.

You can cut the crap, Major.

Special Forces operators

observing the clearance
of land mines for the U.N.?

I don't think so.

I have a contact there
in the Karen state.

I'm thinking
of going there myself.

You go in there
asking questions,

you'll never come out.

Simple as that, Rebecca.

Then we'll have to send in
people to find you.

We'll have to endanger
other people's brothers

in order to find a civilian
who just wouldn't let it go.

Are you hearing me?

I have to go.

I've been looking into him.

I know he's a father,
a husband.

Your killing machine.

So how's that working for him?

Seth's no family man.


Come here!

Nice to see you turned up.

Still thinking of leaving?

Can't take her out of school,
away from her friends, Sarah.

Name one of her friends, Seth.

Take this job,
she can come stay with me.

If this goes to court,
you're finished, Seth.

Where's she gonna live,
in a Dumpster?

- Mum!
- Shh. It's all right.

Come on, let's do it.

Don't worry about Mum.
She's been working a lot.

I haven't been
around much lately, have I?

It's okay. When we can't
get in contact with you,

she gets me a babysitter.

She's pretty cool.

You should've seen him, Emmy

Let me see.

It's all just a front.

See, it's the Army
manipulating something.

Yeah, he's pretty easy
going on the eyes too.


What? I mean, he is.

Don't deny it. Come on!

Josh talked about him
in his letters.

Yeah, he said he was like
Johnny Cash.


I have to find this guy, Emmy.

I need to know
what happened to Josh.

Oh, that would be fantastic.

Do you think
you have an address?

Okay, ah, yes, I do.

Um, mm-hmm.

That's it.

Amazing. Thank you.

Thank you.

- Bye then.
- Bye.

Seth Corban?

Captain Seth Corban.

You knew my bother,
Josh Stansberry.

You knew him?

Yeah, I knew your little bro.

Nobody gets left behind, eh?

And you're the only one here.

What happened?

Ah, here we go, fellas.
Three, two, one. Smile.

Looking good, Hollywood.

Snap. Looking good.

Searing mosquitoes,
fucking massive.

- What do you got?
- It's your go.

Well, I've got a bit of...

Bam! How about
them apples, bitches?



No. Nope.

Yeah! Hey, hey, hey!

Fuck the cards!

Cheat! Cheat! You cheat!

Look at me,
for God's sake!

Josh, yes, Josh?
Josh Stansberry.

Do you remember him?

Do you remember
what happened?

I'm sorry for your loss,

Yeah, but he's still missing.

There's not even a body to bury.
I can't find him.

Did you read the report?

I don't believe
they were removing land mines.

You were his best friend.
He told me.

You were his big brother
in the pack.

There is no pack.

Not anymore.

Look, I need answers.

I don't have any.


You haven't
kept your promise, bro.




You speak fluent Japanese?

Nice tattoo.

Scotch, just neat, thanks.



Sorry for stalking you.

What's your aim here?

To get the truth.
What else would it be?


What are you saying?

Got to be careful who you
talk to about these things.

There's always
someone listening.

A paranoid soldier.
Who would've thought?

Just because I'm paranoid

doesn't mean people
aren't out to get you.

How does it go?

"Silence like a cancer grows".

I'm not one to question
my missions, Rebecca.

What did they order you to do?

You were right
about your brother.

How was I right?

It's all in the truth.

That report
won't get it to you.

Then tell me the truth.

Tell me about him.


You knew him.
You tell me.

War changes people.

What was he like before?

I guess Josh
was always at war.

If not with our father,
then with himself.

Daddy issues.

Don't go there.

Twins have
this kind of bond

that most people
don't understand,

and Josh was always
fighting for me,

with boys, with Dad.

Now you're fighting for him.

Tell me what happened to him.

- It's not that simple.
- Just tell me something.

What were you doing in Burma?

If you don't
blow the whistle soon,

I can't do anything.
I can't help you.



Seth, hey, hey.

I know your mission had nothing
to do with landmine removal.

What about your daughter?

Oh, fuck.
You do not let up, do you?

I want to help you, Seth.

I appreciate that,
but I'm not asking for you help.

I didn't know you were twins.

You going to be okay
giving up those things

once we're in
the thick of it?

You should just worry about
existing and leave me be.

It's your sister's, right?

Yeah, she made it for me
when we were kids.

It's, uh... well.

It's my daughter's.

Seth, we've got
movement from the east.

Copy that, kid.

Boys, you heard him.
Spread out.

What now?

We wait.


Steady. They're just civilians
and some priest.


- We can't let this happen.
- Josh, stick to the mission.

Fuck this.

This is not our fight, Seth.

It is now.

35 meters half-left, RPG.

I see him.

Stretch, are we clear?

Clear, boss.

Josh, check enemy down.

Push on casualty.

Got her!

Okay, put some pressure
on the neck.


- You got it? You got it?
- Yeah, got it.

- Is she breathing?
- I don't know!

No breath, so a little CPR.


Oh, shit.

Come on, sweetie, please.

She's breathing.

She's priority one.
Head, facial and neck injuries.

- How we tracking on Rhyo, kid?
- All good.

Twelve enemy dead.

We have to bug out.

Bring the girl over.
Locals will look after her.


That's for her.
It's some chocolate.

We did the right thing.

- What were you thinking?
- Hey!

You just compromised
every single one of us!

Welshy, stand down! Oi!

Listen to me!

Face out!

- Stay in line.
- Face the fuck out!

What in God's name are
soldiers like you doing here?

Beats me, Gandalf.
Why are we here?

What do you know, old man?

You look for the Australian,
Carl Boddi?

Were they his men?

Only death follows that man.

Where is he?

You are a dead man.

You're all dead men.

What the fuck
was all that about?

I got no idea.

All right, let's go.

Got to get the fuck
off this track.

Boddi will know
someone was here soon enough.

Promise me
you will tell her.

A fucking kid, Seth!



Been making new friends,
I hear.

What do you know about her?

She is a ball buster.

She's been snooping around.

Yeah, you could say that.

She's a smart girl.

She knows we weren't in Myanmar,
looking for land mines.

There comes a time
when we all need

to be honest
with ourselves, Seth,

and she will find it.

Find what?

The truth.

We're gonna start giving people
the truth now, are we?

Truth, lies, does it matter?

It's in belief
where we find peace.

You had me bury the truth.

We all have our missions.

How about you?

You still having nightmares?

Still seeing things
that aren't there?

I sleep like a baby.

How are you getting on
with your ex-wife and Lizzy?

I had a call
from her lawyer.

I get it, Seth.

You train
for one sole purpose,

and you give your life to it.

Then you get home,
and your purpose is gone,

your meaning is gone.

The ones you fought for
turn against you,

and your new mission
is restraint.




Hey, there's my friend Billy.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Dad, can we have
an ice cream, please?

Ah, yes, sure you can.

- It's okay, Dad, I'll get them.
- Okay.

You stay here too, Billy.
Look after my dad.

He doesn't get out much.



What makes you say that?

Ah, yep, okay.

- Did you ever...
- Did I ever kill anyone?

No. Save anyone.

That's a very funny
question, Billy.

I guess that's not
what you're here for.

One soft serve with chocolate.

- Bye. Bye, Lizzy.
- Bye.

You don't want to go
and play with your friend?

No. I wanna hang with you.

How's that?


Before I forget...

I made you this.

Thank you.

That's all right.

Imagine if I got a house
like that, eh?

It would be so cool.



Come on.

Scotch. Just neat, thanks.


Pleasantries over, eh?

This isn't an interrogation.

Oh, come on, now.

My favorite sport's

It's a confession.


Been awhile since I last
went to confession.

You should probably know that.

I can tell.

Geez, you trying
to get me drunk, are you?

I'm trying to get me drunk.

Fair enough.

Well, I like
this angle anyway.

You owe me an explanation.

Forget journalism for a second

and forget
my professional integrity

and all the bleeding hearts
out there,

and the fact that
the public deserves to know

what their tax dollars
are funding,

and you can forget the Army
or whatever the fuck you're in,

and your code of silence.

What's left?

I am.

I'm the sister of your
best friend,

and I'm fucking grieving here.

And whether you tell me
what happened to him or not,

I'm gonna find out.

Hey, what are you
talking about here?

I'm thinking of going to Burma.

They will never approve that.

Where Josh was killed
is a fucking war zone.

You can't just walk in with your
fucking Handycam and be killed.

You understand
what I'm saying to you?

Don't patronize me.
I was there not long ago.

I'll take my chances.

I'm not getting
any answers here,

so I don't really
have a choice, do I?

I spoke to your boss lady,
a Michelle Pennyshaw?

She says that your sick,

and I should
stay away from you.

Does she, now?

This guy is amazing.

He specializes in trauma...

and daddy issues.

Rebecca, there are some things
I need to tell you.

Hey, hot stuff.

How's it going?

You want a drink?

She's got one.
Thanks, mate.

Wasn't asking you, cunt.

I was talking to the lady.

I have one, thank you.

Well, how's about
a game of pool then?

You'd, uh, look pretty good
bent over that table.

- I said no, thanks. Okay?
- Oh, come on, darling,

No need to be like that.

I'll cop a beating
if I go back without you.

Just come over for a quickie.

Come on!

Seth, no!


Come on, kid.

Come on, kid.
Come on!

- Come on!
- No, I'm not going anywhere

until you tell me
what's going on!

Rebecca, now is not the time!

I leave at the end of this week,
so if you want to show me

this courage that everyone
keeps talking about,

- you got until then.
- Rebecca!

I leave Friday.

And you might wanna work
on your aggression.




Well, I've seen you look worse.

First parade,
Monday mornings.

What do you want?

We may just get your boys back.

We've got assets on the ground
in Myanmar.

Bring them back? Why?

To address the genocide
or to clear up your loose ends?

Well, that's none of
your concern now, is it?

You're retired, aren't you?

- Oh, am I?
- Yes, you are.

Oh, and the governor
wants to give you a medal.

Well, we all like
a good fairy tale, don't we?

You think I enjoy this, Seth,
this game we play?

It's not a fucking game!

Bring him back.

Do you know this man?

They're just kids, man.

Why don't you
shut the fuck up?

What are you doing here?

Well, growing up
is all about change.

Where are you
going with this, Dad?

And I thought
I'd change things up a bit

and start walking you home.

How's that sound?

- Dad...
- Yeah?

- I'm the kid.
- Oh, yeah?

I have to grow and change.

You're a... boring adult.

Oi! I am not a boring old man,
thank you very much!

What you got planned
this evening?

Homework. You?

I'm cooking Thai food
for a friend.



I thought you said
we were just cooking.


We are. I haven't, um...

Is it the jacket?
Too much?

I'm really sorry
about the other night.

Thank you.

Come inside.

When he enlisted, I think he was
trying to get back at Dad.

You know, Josh was always
a bit of a kid, you know?

I don't think he ever
properly grew up.

Yeah, I guess. Kids are smart
though, aren't they?


Like your daughter?

Yeah, like my daughter.

She's amazing.

And you forget...

You let life punish you so much,
you forget the beauty.

The wonder.

Does this mean anything?

Lizzy would make
these bracelets for me,

but they would tend to break,
which would upset her.

Of course.

So I got this.

It will never break.
Touch wood.

Look I can't imagine
what it's been like for you.

But my God, it's hard
to accept that he's gone.

You know, we've relied
on each other our whole lives,

ever since we were little kids.


Even, even to get through
the night.

Our father would come in
to our bedrooms and...

Yeah, I don't know
why I just shared that.

- Sorry.
- That's all right.

- Do you want some more wine?
- Yes!

Yeah, let's have some.

I'm sure you had a, um...

special connection.


I can see that.

To Josh.

I don't know
if I could live without him.

Isn't there someone else?

Like a man?

Well, all the men
that I've been with

have all actually
turned out to be liars.

Ah, yes, yes, except the kid.
He was a good guy.

- Absolutely.
- Yeah, he was.

Listen, do you see anyone?

Do you talk to anyone
about your visions?

You ever look at these,
these fellas

and think that
they're just three cowards,

hiding from what's really
happening in the world?

I just thought that
they were referring

to the impressions of evil,

like... evading a disease.

I wouldn't call human nature
a disease.





Seth, what's wrong?

Hey, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay. Look at me.

It's all right.


Hey, guys,
have you seen the specials menu?

It's fine.
I know what we want.

Dad, do you just want
the chow mein?

Ah, sorry darling. I'll just
have a house beer, thanks.

And your food order?

One chicken chow mein and
a small fried rice on the side.

One chow mein
and a small fried rice.

Thank you.

Dad? Dad?

He was our brother!
He was our brother!

He was our brother!
He was our brother!

He was our brother!

I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!

Daddy! Daddy!

It's all right!
It's not real, Dad!

It's not real!
You're with me!

You're with me!




You need help, Seth.

Lizzy, sweetheart,
I'm sorry, okay?

- Hey!
- I'm sorry.

Your dad's just a bit sick.

Look at me. I love you.

Get help or don't see
your daughter again, okay?

Mum, Dad needs me.

- I do.
- You're the adult, Seth.

She shouldn't have
to grow up like this, okay?

I promise I'll see you again.
I love you so much.

I could've hurt her.

But, Seth, you didn't.

I just can't get it right.

I'm gonna lose her.

You know what
the fucked-up thing is?

I don't even deserve her.
I don't...

I don't deserve a child.

That's not true.

They've got troops on the ground
in Burma,

looking for the bodies.

There's no need for you
to go anywhere near there.

Do you want
to know the truth?

Your brother and I were
part of a Special Ops unit.

The mission brief
was like any other,

except this one for me
was personal.

The man we were sent in
to take out

was one of my old commanders.

An evil bastard.

On his last mission,

he took out his own unit
and went rogue.

completely off-grid...

until this year,
when he popped up in Myanmar,

killing civilians and running
drugs for their military.

We had three days to go in,

assess the situation...

and take out Carl Boddi.

What's going on,
big fella?

My son's pendant.
I can't find it.

Is that your pendant?
Hand of Fatima?

Bad juju, boss.

better get out of this gorge.

Hey, it's the luckiest charm
you'll ever have.

Don't lose it.

Come on.

Seth, are we still on point?

Only two clicks
from the position.

Hear that?


Karen farmers.

Goats for dinner, anyone?



They're just kids, man.

Why don't you shut the fuck up?

I know where he is.

The Australian like you.

The one you're looking for.

Bring him here.

Do you know this man?

Where is he?

I don't trust them.

The little fuckers
probably work for him.

We don't know that.

Pretty convenient they survived
the attack earlier.

Welshy has a point, boss.

Do you know this man?
Look at the photo.

Mr. Boddi?

There you go.
What'd I tell you?

Just because they know who he is
doesn't mean they know shit.

- Shut the fuck up, Josh.
- You gonna fucking scare 'em.

Hey, they're not
scared of nothing.

They're fucking scaring me.

Welshy, quiet!
Where is he?

Do your fucking job,
you understand me?

Do your fucking job!
That's what you came here to do!

- Seth, it's a fucking ambush!
- Where is he?

Those kids are
walking-fucking land mines.

Don't be ridiculous.
They're just kids.

- Shut the fuck up, Josh!
- Where is he-- Welshy!

Ah, shit!

A fucking kid, Seth!


Nice one.
They've heard us now.

Oh, fuck.

Do you work for Boddi?

Tell me the truth.
Do you work for him?


He scared. Only scared.

Mr. Boddi kill all our family.

You're the same as him.
You're the same as Mr. Boddi!


What have we done?

Oh, my God, Seth.
I'm so sorry.

No, no, no. I'm the fucking one
that's sorry.

I can never forgive myself.

So after I cover the dirt
with his brother's brains,

we get this kid to show us
where he last saw our objective.

Seth, check this out.

I didn't think this was
part of the mission.

I know.
I didn't ask for this either.

What the fuck happened here?

FUBAR, huh?

Who would shoot up a hospital?

Radio this in.

On it.

Gonna clear out
the rest of the building.


There's no service.

We've got company.

All-around defense.

You seeing this?

Burmese Infantry!


Where's that kid?

They've got armor!

You've gotta be kidding.


Coming in!



Find us an exit
south towards the tree line!

Break contact!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

- Clear!
- Covering!

- Move out!
- Covering!


You little fucker.
What'd I tell ya?

Welshy, no, the kid's with us.

- Fuck you, Seth.
- Welshy, stand down.

You're dead, kid.

Drop your weapon, kid!

Welshy, stand the fuck down.

Fuck this kid.

I'm under heavy fire.


Bad juju.

Josh, I'm coming.



Where are the others?

Where's Stretch and Welshy?

I thought I told you
not to be target practice.

Keep pressure on it.

Just let me
rest here for a bit.

Oh, no, kid,
you're coming with me.

Legs up, legs up.


Lower me.

It's bad.

Keep pressure on it.

Fuck. Fuck.


I shot Welshy.

What do you mean?
You shot him?

He was gonna shoot the kid,
and I couldn't let him do that.

And Stretch...

Stretch is gone.

What is your mission objective,

and where is
your central command base?

Who is your commanding officer?

We're not military.
We're JOTS.

You've made a mistake.

We're here as part of the
land mine observational team.

We're U.N. certified, okay?
We got fuckin' lost.

The U.N. not authorized
to be here.

If you are non-military,
what is your organization?

Who is your commanding officer?

Major Pain.

That's what we used to call her,
you remember?


That old battleaxe, Pennyshaw.

Fuckin' hell!

So is she still sending
you spooks out,

or is she retired
to the country,

sipping tea,

trying to clean that filthy
fucking conscience of hers.

I don't work for her anymore.

I told you,
we're JOTS paid with the U.N.

Why are you here?

You know what I really, really,
really love about this country?

It's the tranquility.

It's the rain, you see?

It washes away the dirt,
the mud.

And all that's left...
is peace.

You see...

I'm a man of peace.

You're not a man of peace, Seth.

Never were.

You and I,
we were very alike once...

the way I remember it.

Why don't you
just shut the fuck up?

Fucking leave him alone!

See that scar?

See it?

You know what I call
that scar?

I call it
"Seth's conscience."

You see, Seth and I, we...

we played the same game
you're playing once.

Just the once.

And there was this kid,
and he was about nine or ten,

and he had the drop on him.

And Seth, he was one step ahead,
as per usual.

He had the drop on the kid.

And you know what?

Seth didn't fuckin' shoot.

Little bastard put a bullet
through my bladder,

and Seth just
let him run away.

It's all good, though,
'cause we caught the little cunt

and his family trying
to smuggle opium out the border,

and we fixed him real
fucking good, didn't we, Seth?

Real fucking good, eh?

Still can't piss right, though.

So what happened?
If you hate it here so much,

why'd you come back?

Because here...

I'm a god.

A god, eh?

Why don't you lend me that M16,
and we'll put that to the test?

What do you say?

So fucking pretentious.

Hey, you came here to kill me,
you prick.

You think you're better than me,
don't you?

You are fucking
piss weak.

Why don't you join me, Seth?

What do you reckon...


I am nothing like you.

Do you hear me?

Well, if that's true,

then that makes you
something even worse.

A liar.

A coward...

hiding behind moral vanity.

Your mate there,

I don't think he's gonna last
much longer.

Fucking leave him out of it,
do you hear me?

Fucking him
leave him out of it!

Leave him fucking alone!
He's no threat to you!

You hear me? Fuck you!

I'll fucking kill you!

I will fucking kill you!

Untie him.

Pick it up.

Pick it up.

Pick it up!

Now you smash
that weak piece of shit

over the back
of the fucking head.

Kill him.

Kill him!

Do it, for fuck's sake, Seth.

It's really simple, mate.
You either kill him,

or you both die really, really,
really fucking slowly.



It's all about
the suffering, really.

Before you drown
in your own piss and shit,

you get to watch
your boyfriend here drown first.


What are you thinking about?

Welshy and the kid.

What are you thinking about?

About the kid.

My sister.


I want my sister
to learn the truth.

Josh, I'm so sorry.

Promise me.

Okay? Promise me.

I promise, mate.

You know I won't make it.

Why don't you stop
feeling sorry for yourself

and get the fuck out of here?

I got this.

When did you start
giving me orders?

I had to start sometime.

Now fuck off.

You're coming with me.

Make me, you cunt.

I'll sit this one out.

Go on.


Shh, shh, shh.

Hey, hey, hey, easy.

Mister! Mister!

Kid! Thank Christ.


You got this.


Soldiers come!

Josh, get on me.



Get on my shoulders.

Josh! No!

Thank you.
Now get out of here.

Mister, wrong way!

For a god, you don't seem
to hear very well.

Neither did any of your men.

My suffering ends here.

I don't understand.

You left him?

You let him drown.

You're the reason
it all turned to shit.

National treasure.

- Get the fuck out of here.
- Rebecca.

No, you lied to me.

You should have
told me that before.

Michelle was right about you!

You do need help!

You have got to be
fucking kidding me.

Having a bit of you time?

Yeah, why don't you
come on in then?

They found our boys.

Their bodies are in transit now.

We are bringing them back.

Does Rebecca know?

I thought you should be
the first to know,

all things considered.

And that priest was captured
by the Burmese military

and killed a few nights ago.

That's convenient, isn't it,
to tie these things up now?

All you need is Rebecca
to be up her fucking bus.

Did you tell her?

She has a right to know.

And I have the responsibility...

to you,

to those boys coming back
in body bags,

to their families, Seth.

My job description
doesn't end with the mission.

What is your
job fucking description, huh?

To maintain lies?
I'm a fucking monster!

Look at me!

I don't know
what to do anymore!

I have a daughter.

I have the most beautiful

I want her to look at me
and see a father.

Not this.

Not this!

Not this!

It hurts.

It will never, ever go away,
what you're feeling.

Believe me, I know.

But there is help.

You can find a way
to survive this, Seth.


I never trained you
to be a victim.

Let's do this, motherfucker.

Let's do this already!
Come on!

Come on!

Please let me forget.

All this rain
and all this mud.

All this... fucking mud.

I failed us.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

They didn't train us for this.

I am so sorry.

Josh, please make it stop.

Can you forgive me?

Can you make it go away?

Can you make it go away?

You made it.

I'm proud of you.

It was me who
stood up to Dad first.

I guess Josh was always
punishing himself for that.

Like we all do.

He was a good man, Josh.
I knew that.

Rebecca, hey, come on.


just knowing that he knew
he was doing the right thing,

fighting the good fight...

it's enough for me.

Sorry I'm late. My appointment
went longer than expected.



Hey, kiddo, come here!


- Got your bags?
- Yep!


So you've got this right?

Yeah, I got this.

Come on, we better not keep
Billy waiting.

He'll call us MIA.


You know, Mum,
my friend from the park.

Come on.

Come on, come on!


So did Mum tell you?

Tell me what?

She's not taking
the Melbourne job.

Lucky too. She would not have
been very happy there.

- Bang bang bang!
- Boom!

Die! Die! Die!



Dad, are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Come on.

Is it your birthday?

Um, no.

That's a shame.

I got you this
little present, but, ah...

But it's not
your birthday and--

Dad, what is it?

Oh, my God. Really?


It's a house?

Let's go check it out.
Come on.

I love you, Dad.

I love you too.