Escape Room (2019) - full transcript

Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms, and must use their wits to survive.

Subtitles by explosiveskull


Okay, I've got ten numbers,
four spots.

I need a four-digit code.

No, no, no.

Shit! What now?


Jesus Christ.


Shit. Okay.

That's nothing.

"Follow the light
to greener pastures."

What does that mean?
What does that mean?

Light? What light?

Light. Follow the light.

Green. Green book, yeah.

Greener pastures.
Okay. Yeah, all right.


"At any point in history,
to watch another die,

unveils time's great mystery,
while leaving you alive."

Time. Time.
Some kind of clock.


Where's the clock?

I don't see a goddamn clock!

"To watch another person die."
Yeah. Okay, yeah.

"To watch another person die."

Oh, shit!

They're pointing! Let's see.

It's time.
It's hands on a clock. Yeah.

That one's four! Four o'clock!



Two! That's the number,
that's the code!

Okay. Where's the four?
Shit. Come on.

All right. Okay. Yeah, good.

Come on, come on! Eight!


Oh, my God.

Where's the...?
Six, six, six!

Oh, God!

Two, two! Yeah. Okay. Come on.

Come on.

Come on! Why isn't it working?

Oh, shit.

Come on.

Open! Come on, open!

Oh, God, there's no way out!

Please get me out!

Shit! No!


Has anyone
ever heard the saying,

"A watched pot never boils"?

Well, on a quantum scale,
that may actually be true.

Does anyone know
what the quantum Zeno effect is?

Wow, guys, not all at once now.

Well, it may well be

one of the oddest things
in quantum physics.

Simply put,
observation stops movement.

Atoms won't change
while you watch them.

All right,
that's all the time we have.

Have a good holiday.
See you after the break.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Zoey, can I talk to you
for a minute?

I read your paper
on the quantum Zeno effect.

So, you want to be heard.

You want to share
what you know,

but only in the safety
of your own dorm room?

I'll try and speak up more.

It might seem like reducing
the number of variables

in your life will control
the outcome,

but life isn't
a science experiment.

You can't contain
your world forever.

Try doing one thing
that scares you

over break, okay?


Ray, it's Jason. Listen.

You want to buy a boat
by retirement, right?

Well, keep focusing
on these low-beta stocks,

and it's going to be a rowboat
with rented oars.

By the end
of the first quarter,

the market's going to see
a 10-percent return,

while you'll be
sailing away with 30.


Hey, you won't regret it.

I must be like the Mr. Miyagi
of trading to you, Charlie.


Jesus Christ, kid,
what year were you born?

He's this wise,
old Japanese man

who taught a kid karate
so he could beat up other kids.

Mr. Ackerman for you
on line one.

100 bucks says
I'm getting a gift.

Congratulations, Mr. Ackerman.
Are you celebrating?

Well, thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Ackerman.

No. No, no, no,
I couldn't accept a gift.


A private jet. To Tahiti?


Your home there. Uh-huh.


Now, that sounds
like a hell of a weekend.

Man who catch fly
with chopstick...

accomplish anything.

You, beginner luck.

Wax on, wax off.

Hey, Gary.
I, uh...

I heard there was...

an opening up front
at checkout.

I could use the bump.

I'm trying to move out
of my mom's.

It's starting to cramp
her style.

Look, I feel for you, kid.

I really do.
You know, I do.

It's just putting you out front
would be bad for business.


Yeah, I'm not cut out for

customer service
shit anyhow, so...


you've got to find
healthier ways to unwind.

Go outside, make a friend.

- I didn't mean to...
- It's fine, it's fine. Sorry.

Yeah. Thanks, Gary.

A messenger dropped this off
for you.

It's from Mr. Ackerman.

Of course it is.

This better be keys
to a Tesla.

"For always thinking
outside the box."

Well, it seems like
Mr. Ackerman has graduated

from sending single malts
to boxes that don't open.

Yeah. Rich people are weird.

Money can't buy you

You better afford your own brand
of misery, Charlie.

- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Whatever. I'll be in tomorrow.

♪ They say sleep
Is the cousin of death ♪

Hey, offer still stands.

Are you sure
you don't want to come

to my family's
for Thanksgiving?

Thank you, but, you know,

big family dinners
aren't really my thing.


You know, I'm really psyched
about having time to myself.

I've been wanting
to take a stab

at one of those cuboid
conjectures for, like, forever.

It's really cool, actually.

They claim irreducibility

of three univariate

with integer coefficients
and if that is true,

then Euler's concept
of a perfect box can't exist.


You know, sometimes I wonder
if you just make up words

because you know
I won't Google them.

Not again.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

Well, I'm out of here.


Hey, this is for you.

It's from your professor.

- Oh.
- Wait.

You guys aren't doing it,
are you?

What? No.

Well, have fun
playing with your...


Bye, Allison.


"Open new doors."

"A chance to escape."

the puzzle box is intuitive.

You don't want to force it.

Snap, crackle, and...


I hate you.

Give this to the guy
that failed eighth grade math.

Great idea, Gary.

This is the biggest waste of...

"This serves as an entry voucher
for Minos Escape Rooms."

"Be the first to escape
our most immersive rooms yet

and win $10,000."


This is the Minos building?

- I think so.
- Thanks.

Yeah, it's going to kill me,
I know.


Yeah. I'm here
for the escape room.

ID please.


- Most guys buy me dinner first.
- I need to collect your phone.

Really? Why?

You can't be Twittering pictures
of the puzzles.

- Okay.
- Third floor.

Okay, thanks.

Thank you for your service.

Hold the door, please.

I always sneak in
a second one.

- The waiting rooms can get so boring.
- Mm.


Please have a seat.
Someone will be with you shortly.

Okay, thanks.

Quite the welcome
wagon, isn't she?

Super friendly. Heh.

- Hey, Michael. Mike.
- Amanda.

- Your name's Amanda?
- Yeah.

- Isn't that funny?
- What?

I had a family dog growing up
named Amanda.

She was a cute,
little husky-collie.

Two different colored eyes,

It was very unique. Yeah.


Yeah, she was cool.
Yeah, and then she died.

You know, dogs die.

Hitchhiking accident.

Can you still play
video games?

No. No, man.
Unfortunately I can't,

so I just have sex with
adult women to fill the time.

- Heh. Okay.
- Yeah.


Sorry. Hi.

- Hi.
- Do I know you?

No, I don't think so.

Really? You look
really familiar to me.

You're not on TV
or something, are you?

Well, this is going to suck.


sheet?

Yeah, don't bother.
She's preoccupied.

How are you doing?

- Ben.
- Ben.

I'm guessing you got
a box too, huh?


Did it take
you long to open it?

It didn't take me too long.

Yeah, we all got boxes.

Opening it was the easy part.

So, the website for
this place made the games

look pretty fun, huh?

Yeah. They're basically
like real-life video games.

- Really?
- So, you've done

one of these before.

I've done 93 rooms.
Yeah, all the big ones.

Panic Room, Enigma,

Breakout, Break In, Lock In.
Lock Down, of course.

I've done all the bunkers:
World War One, World War Two...

Cold War,
Cold War Two: Pol Pot's Revenge.


What about you guys?

You must be really good
at these, huh?

Yeah. I'm pretty good.

It's not cool.

Yeah. You know,
my nephew's like you.

He's completely obsessed.
He burns through

all of his allowance money
on escape rooms.

He's the reason why I'm here.
He signed me up.

And apparently this room
was rated

one of the top in the country
on some chat room.


My weirdo rich client
gave this to me as a gift.

It felt mandatory.

Yeah, paying people
to lock me in a room

never seemed
too appealing to me.

Yeah? What changed your mind?

- Ha, ha. Uh...$10,000.
- Yeah, me too.

That is a big chunk of change
in my book, you know?

Yeah. I've been driving
an 18-wheeler

since I had this injury
a while back,

and I've been reading
about these self-driving cars.

And I heard that
the trucking industry's

going to be the first one to get

so I'm trying to just squirrel
away a few nuts

before the robots
come to get me.

- That was a real buzzkill, man.
- It's just my life.

This one's got
to be really insane

for there to be a cash prize.
The website said

no one's been able
to escape it yet.

If we're able to do that,
we're going to have

so much street cred.
You have no idea.

Are there rules and regulations?

You just have to escape
before the clock runs out.

what happens if you don't?

Some guy comes in
through the door

and explains all the clues
you missed.

He makes you feel
like a total idiot.

When does the game start?

We are waiting
for the Games Master

to come in to give us
the story

and take us to the escape room.

Like, it's a zombie apocalypse
and we have to find

the cure
before we get eaten alive.

I like that one.
That one sounds good.

While the Games Master is
looking for a parking spot,

I'm going to go smoke
a cigarette.


Shit. Um...

Hey, the doorknob came off.

- What, you broke it?
- Of course he did.

I didn't break it, it broke.

Is that how you open a door
in your house?

- No.
- Well, don't be so rough with it.

- Well, excuse me, miss.
- Ma'am.

Oh, my God,
this is awesome.

You guys, you guys,
I think this is the escape room.


Wait, what?

Okay, it looks like
an oven dial, which means

it's probably
a combination lock.

All right,
everyone search the room.

Wait, wait.
It's starting right now?

- Yes.
- Oh!

What are we looking for here,

Anything that looks
like a puzzle or a code.

Numbers are very important.
It could be anything, anywhere.

Maybe under here.

Do you want me
to hold on to this or is it...?

Yeah, just hold your knob
there, guy.

Great. Very funny. Yeah.

Hey, guys.

Hey, guys,
these are all addressed

to the same guy,
this Dr. Wootan Yu.

I mean, that's got to be
a clue, right?

Maybe that's the story.

Maybe he's like
an evil scientist

and we have to escape
his lab

before he sews us all together

into some sort
of medical abomination.

his evil lab has a waiting room?

- Yeah.
- No.

Shit. Shit, shit.

Guys, look, look.
I found a star-head screwdriver.

That's got to be something,

So, we're looking for screws?

Well, this isn't a hammer.

- That's a star-head, right?
- I think so. Yeah.

That's Fahrenheit 451.


All right,
she's got something.

- What was that?
- I don't know.

Did that do anything?

Whoa. Whoa, whoa.


- All right, now that's pretty cool.
- Yeah.

Anybody got
suntan lotion?

What did you just do?

I just thought the book was
the code for the oven dial.

Turn it off, please.

Wow, it's really throwing off
some heat.

Yeah, it's warm.

It's kicking some heat.

What are those,
giant oven coils?

- Turn it off.
- I'm sorry. It's stuck.

I can't move it.

- Shit.
- This is crazy hot.

- Can you shut it off?
- Shit. Okay.

Don't touch anything else,

Hey, you, gamer boy, there.

What do we do?
How do we get out of here?

When you're stuck,
you can ask for a hint.

A hint? That's an option?
Okay, great. Here we go.

Yeah, but it's way more fun
if we do it ourselves.

Good one, gamer boy.

I kind of want to do it

Hi, excuse me.

- We'd like our hint now, please.
- Yeah, hello.

Please have a seat.
Someone will be with you shortly.

No, yeah, excuse me, we'd really
like our hint, please.

Please have a seat.
Someone will be with you shortly.

- She said that last time.
- So?

She said it the exact same way.
Same cadence, same tone.

Well, the actors they hire
aren't exactly Dame Judi Dench.

- Hello? Hello?
- I love Judi Dench.

Yeah, I don't think the
snow globe's going to help, man.

Hey. Uh...

Hey, guys,
there's a lock over here.

Yes. Locks are a super important
part of escape rooms.

All right.

Okay, it looks like
we need a small key

to get to the other side
of the partition.

That's probably
where the next clue is.

I'm not going to be any help there

because I can never
find my keys.

Or we could just break it off.

There's an extinguisher
right here.

Yeah, good idea.

No, no. We shouldn't
have to use force.

That's actually the one rule
I forgot to tell you. My bad.

- Good one.
- Great.

You're really good
at breaking stuff, huh?

It's plastic.

What was that?

That's that same sound, right?

what the hell did you just do?

Oh! Oh.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit, that looks real.

They're just trying
to give us a scare

as part of
the immersive experience.

What the hell,
are they paying you?

No, I just know how to have
fun, I guess.

Heat stroke is your idea
of fun?

It's getting warm.

Hey, it's not that bad.
Just take off your jacket.

Hey, does anyone else
have a problem with this?

Hey, guys,
I think I've got the key.

Whoa, hey, there.
Listen, short stuff...

let's talk about this
before you bring tiki torches

- out of the walls, okay?
- Hold on now. She's got a key.

Why don't we stick it
in the keyhole?

Okay, yeah. My bad.
Let's try it.

Give it a shot, come on.

Please have a seat.
Someone will be with you shortly.

Well, that's creepy as hell.

Fine. Yeah.
I'll get it. Move.


Welcome to Minos,

the world's preeminent designer
of escape rooms.

To get the most
out of your game,

we recommend following
all posted rules.

Hey. Hey. Hello? Hello?

Who was it? What did they say?

It was a recording.

It said to follow
all the posted rules.

What posted rules?

Oh, shit.

- No.
- Did I do that?

No, no. What the literal hell?

Please stop. Okay, I'm done.

No, no. You're stressing
everyone out here, okay?

Just go get some water
and take off your damn jacket.

We've got to find a way
out of this Easy-Bake Oven.

Okay, look at me, look at me.

Oh, shit.

Are those fans?
Are they blowing hot air?

We'll just get some water,

Come and get
some water with me.

I'm fine. Okay.

Yeah, it's getting hot,

but nothing is going
to happen to us.

- Ovens have fans.
- True, but so what?

We've got to find
the posted rules.

I don't care about the
posted rules.

It might be colder
by the windows.

I'm burning up.

Come on,
how do we get out of here?

You're not going to solve
anything by sitting on your ass.

I'm not sitting on my ass.
I'm on my hands and knees.

Hey, what are you three doing?
Look for something, come on.

It's too hot.
What do you want me to do?

Ladies, come on,
enough with the water.

Get over here
and help us look.

We just have to figure
out what the clue meant.

Hold on. What's this?

There's no way this
is part of the game.

Where are all the clues at,


Guys, come on.
It's getting hot in here.

We've got to find something
to break this door open.

we're not supposed to use force.

Come on!

When is this over?
How do we get out?

It's getting hotter.
We're being baked alive.

Guys, relax.

This is sick. Who does this?

Come on, Ben.

What do you want me to do?
I can't see anything.

we need to focus and find the clues.

It's like 150 degrees in here.

Hey. Hey, Zoey, the painting.

Oh, my God. There's an exit.

Oh, hot dog, look at that.

Zoey, do that again. Whatever
you did, just do it again.

Hey, guys, it's a duct.
It could be a way out.

there are more coasters here.

Get on the coasters.

Everyone try pressing down
at the same time.

God, even the table's hot.

- Is that it? Did we win the game?
- Yeah.

- I'll go first.
- All right, we win the game.

Whoa, whoa. Wait, you're
not going to just leave us

with our dicks in our hands.

Does anybody prefer
this guy go instead of me?

- That's what I thought.
- Really?

Where does it go?

- How deep does it go?
- It goes pretty far.

Jesus Christ.

It's broiling.

It's not getting
any cooler in here.

Oh, my God. I'm so excited
for the next room.

- The next room?
- Jason?

Hey, I think I found a way out!
It's blocked by a grate.

- Mike, bring that screwdriver.
- Yeah! It's in my pocket.

Someone get it out of my pocket
for me. Come here, Amanda.

Does anybody want
to take the screwdriver?

- I've got it, I've got it. Go.
- Are you sure?

Yeah. Go, go.

- Just do it.
- You've got this, Mike.

Go, man. It's not getting any colder.
Hurry up, go.

- Mike, where you at?
- I'm coming.

Hey, hey. Just think of it
like interactive dinner theater.

Jesus Christ,
you're not helping me here, man.

- Okay, yeah.
- I'm making it worse. My bad.

Are you going
to come today or what?

- Watch your face down there.
- You watch your face up there.

Come on. Come on, come on.

Hey, I got it.
You guys, come on!

Do you want to go?
Amanda, you should go.

Okay. Okay, here, take these.

Okay. He can take that.
I'll hold it.

- Okay.
- All right, come on.

You've got this.

All right.

I feel like we're avoiding
the inevitable conclusion here.

We're running out of hands.

I've got an idea. Come here.
Put your foot on here, please.

- Ow. Ow. Ow.
- Okay.

This is the worst game
of Twister ever.

Can we move a little
faster, please?

- It didn't work.
- Shit.

maybe it needs to be full.

- I think I'm going to pass out.
- Okay.

Come on, come on, come on.
Come on!

You can move your foot. Okay.

- It worked!
- Yes, yes.


Hey, why don't you
just go help her?

We'll fill the glasses.

Stop being chivalrous,

No one here
wants to have sex with you.

- Go!
- Okay.

Nice. Really nice, Ben.


- Come on.
- Okay.

- She's clear.
- Go, go, go. Come on.

Come on,
you son of a bitch, please.

Come on, come on, come on.

Amanda? Amanda, I'm here.

Okay. Good.

What's wrong? You can breathe.
You're not stuck.

Breathe in with me.
One, two...

Two more.

This is not real.
You're not stuck.

You're okay. I'm here, okay?
I'm holding your hand.

I promise I'm right here.
You're okay.

Okay, we need one more.
We just need one more.

Shit, we're out of water.

What are we
supposed to do now?

How would I know?
You're the expert here.

We're really close.
We're really close, I promise.

This is all your fault,
you know.

- What?
- You're the reason

that Amanda drank
all of our clues.

Jason's right there, okay?

How was I supposed to know
that the water cooler was...

Oh, no.

- Well, that's not good.
- What the fuck?

My flask. My flask.

You've had that
the whole time?

Oh, my God.

Come on! Yes. Yes.

Do you want to burn to death?
Let's go!

What the hell?

- Oh, Jesus.
- Talk about immersive.

Immersive? What the hell is
wrong with you? That was real!

- They're just messing with us.
- Are you kidding me, dude?

Look, it went off
right as I cleared it.

Okay, I must have triggered it.

The Games Master wants us
to think we barely made it.

I can't be the only one.

Hey. It's ten grand
and I don't lose.

Well, I'm out, okay?

Hi. Okay, I'm done.

I want out.
You let me out of here now!

You think they're
watching us right now?

- Come on.
- "Sai-San lock and co."

All right,
so we need another key.

Give me your phone.
I'm calling the cops.

Think about it for a
second, okay?

What has actually happened
to us so far?

Nothing. What will you
tell the cops?

I don't know,
maybe that they locked us

in a giant oven
and tried to cook us.

Is open flame a common
occurrence in these things?

Not really.
Not really.

Give me your goddamn phone.

You do have a phone.
How did you get a phone in here?

I snuck it in.

- There's no signal.
- Typical.

Well, yeah. We're in
a giant concrete building.

Guys, we can figure this out.
I mean, look at this place.

I mean, the only thing missing
is the hot chocolate.

All right, how long do you
think this game is going to last?

I mean, I don't know. I did one
that had, like, five rooms once.


Five rooms? Okay.

Okay. So, that means we just
need to do that four more times.

I'm kidding. Come on, guys,
we can do this.

That was the hardest room
by far, right?

They front-loaded it,
right, Danny?

Yeah. I mean,
I'm sure they can't afford

to light every room
on fire.

Exactly. Look at it.

This place is
a goddamn tinder box.

Hey. Hey, second lock, guys.

It looks like we need
a seven-letter word.

Let's spread out
and see what we can find.


"You'll go down in history."

What about this?
Could that mean something?

"You'll go down in history."

You'll go down in history.
You'll go down in history.

Maybe a president's name?
Maybe a president's last name.

What presidents have
a seven-letter last name?

Madison, Jackson.
Lincoln, Johnson, Harding.

- Whoa. Slow down there, Rain Man.
- That's offensive.

What was the first one?



No, that didn't work.
What was another one?

- Johnson.
- Johnson. Okay, Johnson.


No, what else?

Yeah, Jackson. J-A-C-K-S-O-N.
What's the next name?

- Try Lincoln. Lincoln.
- Lincoln?


There are letters here,
but there are nine.

No, that doesn't work either.

♪ How the reindeer
Loved him ♪

♪ As they shouted out
With glee ♪

♪ Rudolph
The red-nosed reindeer ♪

♪ You'll go down in history ♪

Dasher, Dancer,
Prancer, Vixen...

Comet, Cupid, Donner,

- You'll go down in history.
- What is he talking about?

- It's "Rudolph."
- Did he say "Rudolph"?

- Yeah, try "Rudolph."
- All right, "Rudolph" it is.


Look at that.
Hey, he helps.

All right.

Hey, see?
It's going to be fine from now on.

No more scary shit.


are you okay?

Yeah, fine.

Look at this,
going from hot to cold.

You know,
that's how you get sick.


Dumb question.
Are we outside...

or am I
stone-cold tripping?

I don't know, man.
This place is really cold.

It's 30 degrees and dropping.

Real fun game, huh?

- Echo!
- Hey.

This whole place is bullshit.

The sooner we figure this out,

the sooner we get
the hell of out here.

This is beautiful. Oh, man,

I could hang out in here
for a while.

It's like ice skating.

- Into the great wide open, Danny!
- Be careful.

Keep going, man.
Check it out.

- Yeah, where are you going?
- Let him figure it out.


- Guys?
- Hey, nobody move.

Come on, guys. Relax, okay?
It's fine. Look.

Hey, don't do that.

It's just a sound effect.

The ice isn't cracking.

They are watching to make sure

nothing bad happens to us.

I mean, can you imagine
the lawsuits

if one of us
actually got hurt?

Learn to have some fun
in your life. Jeez.

Whoever did this is an artist.

What is that?

- Danny, come on back.
- Get over here. Hurry up, Danny.


There's freezing air

coming through those vents.

Come on, Danny!

Danny, get back here.

Okay. I'm coming. I'm coming.

- Shit, that is cold.
- Get together for body heat.

- Oh, the air is freezing.
- Stay close.

- This is awesome.
- Why are they doing this?

- Come on, get closer.
- Oh, my God, that's cold.

We should look for clues.



Open, open, open.


- Yeah, do you want to look?
- Yeah.

"True north is a lie."

What are you looking at?

Good boy.

Hey, I found a door.
We need a small key.

Where did that come from?

One coat for six people?

You know what they're
trying to do, right?

They want us to fight over
limited resources. Jesus Christ.

Hey. Hey, assholes.

It's not going to work
this time, okay?

We're going to share it.

Zoey, you go first.

Thank you.

- Shit, that's cold.
- Ben.

Shit! Oh, that's cold.

Hey, false alarm, everybody.

A giant fishing hole.
How did you miss that?

What are we supposed to do
with this?

There could be a clue
at the bottom.

Oh, really? Why don't you
go dive in and check?

Okay, it just feels like
I'm playing

the world's funnest game
with the world's meanest people.

I can't feel my goddamn leg.

- Hey, guys.
- Mike?


Look, I've got it.

I mean, I've got something.

I just climbed a tree for,

the first time
in my goddamn life.

Danny, tell me this is something
we can use.

Yeah, totally. It's a clue.

something I'm good at.

You mean you can stand
over a hole and hold a stick?

Wow, thank God you're here.

I understand
you're cold right now,

but if you say something
disrespectful to me

like that again...
I'm going to give you

the slap your parents
should have years ago.

- Oh, really?
- That's amazing.

With pleasure.

So, what are we
supposed to do now,

just stand here and wait
to catch a clue?

it's probably really deep.

I'm about 20 feet down already.

I can't even see.

This is a waste of time.

You think this
is a waste of time?

- Yeah.
- It's so goddamn cold.

I do.
I think it's a distraction.

I think this whole
thing is a waste of time.

I climbed up to
the top of that tree.

I found a fishing rod
up there.

True north.


What are you trying
to tell me?

True north is a lie.

They're probably watching us,
laughing their asses off,

as we stand around a hole
like a bunch of morons.

- We probably just have to wait.
- Oh, screw that, man.

Give me this, Mike.
Mike, give me the pole!

Why don't you chill out, man?

You don't know
what you're doing, man.

You don't even have
the release open.

Don't let it out.

You've got to drop it
to the bottom.

Shit, that's deep.

Screw this. Here, take this.

Give me that back.

I'm sorry, all right?

I hate the cold
and it makes me go crazy.

I have to spend every winter
in Kauai.

Me, too. When I'm not
in the South of France.

Hey, where's Zoey
with that jacket?

I need that jacket.


Hey, you mind not
smoking that around me?

Pull up the line.
I found something.

- Pull up the line.
- What?

Everyone, I found something.

What do you got there?

Another clue?
Impressive, Zoey.

- What is it?
- Okay.

- A magnet, of course.
- I'm with you. Okay, okay.

Okay, try it. Try it now.

- All right, all right.
- Stand back.

There she goes.

Zoey, your turn is up.

Right. Sorry.

Oh, shit.
Okay. I'm on the bottom.

No, I'm hooked.

All right,
I've got something.

I've got something here.

I'm definitely hooked.

Oh, God.

- Nice.
- God, that's heavy.

Okay. Okay, I've got it.
I've got it.

You've got it?

We've got a key or something.

You've got it. Okay.

That's got to
be the key to the door.

- Who thinks of this shit?
- One, two, three.

Okay. One, two, three.

- Okay.
- Shit, that is solid.

- Hey, Ben. We need your lighter.
- Oh, yeah, that's a good idea.

What do I get in return?

I won't take
any of your One Direction CDs.

Come on, just give it, man.

All right,
you want the lighter?


There you go.

- Okay, I'll get it.
- Thanks, Danny.

I don't know.

Man, that is buried
right in the center, isn't it?

Oh, and you're welcome,
by the way.

Thanks a lot.


What was that? What happened?
Where's Danny?

Say something. Where is he?

He just fell through.

What do you
mean, he fell through?

He's under the ice!

Danny! Danny! Danny!

All right,
I'm going in after him.

No, no. There is
a current under there.

Even if you find him,

you will not make it
back to the hole.

Danny, where are you?

He's being dragged
around under there.


Danny, where are you?

- Danny! Where did he go?
- Do you see him?

- I can't see him.
- Danny!

Shush, shush, shush! Shush!

- Oh, my God. Danny.
- Where is he?

Danny. Danny, Danny.

What happened?

You were right.

This is real.

How did it happen?


- How did it happen?
- What?

How did Danny fall in?
You're the only one who saw.

He was there and then it
exploded and then he fell.

You threw him the lighter and
somehow you're perfectly fine?

I threw it across the ice.
I was just being an asshole.

Yeah, you threw it
to the exact spot

that just happened
to collapse?

Are you saying that I did it?

Yeah, hey, your words,
not mine.

Danny kept talking
about a Games Master.

Yeah. Well,
maybe he's already here.

Games Master? I work at
a grocery store, all right?

I mean, Jason's the one here

with the whole
American Psycho vibe.

Mike, you're like the creep
at the truck stop.

And Zoey, I'm really sorry,

but it seems like your parents
locked you in a basement

until you finished
all your homework.

And her. What about her?

I mean, where did
she get all the scars?

I served in Iraq,

Oh, so you've had
military experience?

So, that makes you like a...

psycho Xena.

I'm just saying here, I'm,
like, the least suspicious one.

Okay, you know what?
Shut up!

None of it matters,
all right?

Whoever did this to us
will let us freeze to death,

if we don't get the key
out of that ice.

Okay. Since Ben's
lighter is gone,

we have to surround it with
as much body heat as possible.

Ben's lighter
is gone?

Danny is dead.

Do you know what happens
when you get hypothermia?


You get disoriented
and confused.

And I don't care
how smart you are

or how many books
you read,

you won't remember
how you got here,

much less how to get out.

You guys get over here

and put your hands
on this ice.

I know it's cold,
but it's melting, guys.

Come on,
just keep your hands on it.

Hey, jacket.

Let me take it for a minute.
Oh, that's cold.

Okay. Here. Jesus.

How are you doing
there, Mike?

- Oh, you know.
- Need a break?

Mm-mm. No, I got it.

I'm okay. I'm okay.
Thank you.

I just can't
figure it out.

Who would do this?

Someone who thought
of every detail.

- Mike?
- Hey, Mike.

Hey, put your back
against the tree.

- No, I'm okay.
- We're here, okay?

Hey, we're here,
we're here.

- Jason?
- Where's he going?

He's got the key.
You guys, come on.

- Get up, come on.
- Okay.

- Where is it at?
- Hey, Jason.

Where's it at?
Where's the door?

- Jason!
- Get off me!

Where's the door?

There's a door?

Open it.

Open the goddamn door!
Open up!

Open this door!
Open the goddamn door!

Hey, you did it,
you opened a door.

- Move.
- Jason! Let's go!


Oh, shit!

- Wait, wait.
- Zoey, come on!

Wait for me!


Hey, is everyone okay?

I can't feel my extremities.

What is that?


Sure, why not?


glass half full,
at least it's warm in here.

Oh, my God.

What's happening?
What is that?

- Are we moving?
- Yeah. Hold on.

- What, are we going up?
- Yeah.

How many floors
is this building?

15 to 20 floors.

Well, I'm guessing they didn't
shoot us up here for the view.


How are we supposed to
answer that?


Son of a bitch!

God, that's loud.
And it sucks.

Oh, great, we're going to
die to elevator music.

Guys, hey, this door up here
doesn't have a handle.

I think we're
looking for a doorknob.

Let's see
what we can find.

♪ Listen to the music
Of the traffic in the city ♪

♪ Linger on the sidewalk
The neon signs are pretty ♪

♪ How can you lose
The lights are much... ♪

Hey, the eight ball, it's
missing from the pool table.

Look at that. I'm going to
check these cue racks.

Maybe there's something
over here we can use.

- Hey. Mike, stop!
- Mike! Mike!

Get away from the edge.
Grab onto something.

- Oh, Jesus Christ.
- Mike, step back! Mike!

- Guys, come on.
- Hey, get off the floor!

Mike, hurry up!
Mike, get off the floor.

- Shit.
- Did you see that?

What the hell's going on?

What is this,
like, musical chairs?

What do we do now?

I don't know, try not to die.

Hey, Amanda,
just think about this.

Just let me try this.

Go, go, go.

- Oh, shit.
- Are you okay?

Yeah, it's just wet.
Oh, shit.

Okay, here I go.

Hey, what about the radio?
Maybe it'll shut the music off.

No, I don't think
it's connected.

What about those coolers
at the top?


Maybe the handle's in there.

And keep your eyes
peeled for that eight ball.


Yeah, the craftsmanship
in here is just terrifying.

I hate this room so much.

Guys, I've got a lock box.

All right.

It looks like
I need four numbers.

All right, try
one-two-three-four. Just to see.

I guess we know
Mike's PIN code.


All right.
Try one-one-one-one.

You know, go back
to the basics.

What? One-one-one-one?

Uh, nope. That's not it.

It's a giant sliding puzzle.

- Zo?
- Zoey?

- Zoey, what are you doing?
- Zo?

Careful, careful, careful.

Good job, Zo.

That's good, Zoey.
Just stay there.

Where are you going?

I can't hang around
on this bookshelf all day.

This was a bad idea.
Oh, God.

Come on.
One, two, three.

Up you get.



Oh, shit!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, shit.

Jason, hold on!

I'm okay. I'm okay.
Oh, God. I'm okay. Oh, God.

Are you all right?

Keep going. Keep going.
I'm okay.

He's okay.
It's okay, he's okay.

You've got this.
You've got this.

Is there anything we can do
about this shitty music?

Oh, God!

Oh, my God.

Jesus Christ.

Hey, I've got it.


Got it.

There are colors.
I see yellow...

black, and blue.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, and we've
got two lines and a circle.

It's like Morse code.
Maybe it's Morse code.

Stripes and circles.
They're billiard balls.

The yellow stripe,
that's a nine.

Nine. Next.

The black ball, like, that's
the eight ball, obviously.

- Eight. Two more.
- Blue stripe, that's ten.

Try one-zero.

One-zero. Goddamn it.

- Shit.
- Shit!

- Go, go, go.
- Get off the floor.

You've got it, Mike.
Come on.

Oh, my God.

Hold on, okay?

That thing's not going to hold
all three of you.

- Mike, climb off.
- And go where?

- Use that rack on your right.
- Here, here.

Guys, just hang on, okay?

Oh, shit, I can't. I can't.

Mike, look at me.
Get off the goddamn shelf

before you get
everybody killed.

Mike, man up.

Stop yelling at him,
okay? Stop.

Mike, I'll move. I can move,
okay? Just stay there.

Just stay there.
Don't worry about it.

Just go, go.

Zoey. Hey,
give me your hand.

Come on,
give me your hand.

- Zoey, hey. Come on.
- Careful.

Come on, give me your hand.
Zoey. Zoey!

Zoey. Hey, Zoey.

Oh, God!

- Goddamn it!
- Zoey!

You've got to get up.
Come on.

Zoey, wake up.
Zoey, get off the floor.

Zoey, stay with me. Hey, you
guys come on, I'll go get her.

Come in, Vietnam Air 109.

Come in, Vietnam Air 109.

Mom. Mom. Mom.

Mom. Mom. Mom.

Mama. Mom!

Zoey, come on, wake up.

Zoey, wake up.
Zoey, come on.

We've got to go.
Zoey, come on!

We're upside down.

Hey. Come on, come on.

Hey, go, go.

The room is upside down,
so the code might be, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Try zero-one-eight-six.


- I've got it.
- Okay, we've got it. Come on.

- Zoey, you're a genius.
- Come on, hurry up.

Come on, Ben,
hurry up. Hurry up.

- Come on. Hurry up.
- Okay.

Come on,
the floor's going to drop.

That is the second time
this floor has tried to kill me.


Come on, Jason.

I've got it.



- Okay.
- Amanda, be careful.

Hang on. Hang on.

All right, you've got this.

Yes. Yes.

- All right.
- No, don't look down.



You've got it.
You've got it.


Come on. Come on.

- Okay.
- Shit. Oh, no.


- The ball!
- No!

Just let it go!

- Just leave it.
- Hey, stop, stop!

- Just leave it.
- Amanda!


Oh, shit!


- I got it. The cord!
- Jump!

Hey, give me
the pool cue.

Yeah, good idea. Hang on.

Hang on, Amanda. Hang on.
Come on, reach out there.

- Grab on to this, come on!
- Grab it.

I can't get it any farther.

Hey, you can do it.

You can do it.
You can do it, Amanda.

You can do this.
Just grab it, okay?

Grab on to it!

Come on, you got this.
It's just right there.

Amanda, listen to me.
You can do it.

You can do this. We're
right here. Okay? Stay. No.

It's okay.

Amanda! No, stay, okay?
Just hold on, just hold on. No!


No, no, no! No, no!

No, Amanda, no, no!

Zoey, come on.
Hey, come on. Get out!


What in the hell
is this supposed to be?

I don't see a way out.
Do you see anything?

Hey, wunderkind, I need
your brain. Get in here.


Will you give her a minute?
Amanda just died!

What don't you
people understand?

We don't have minutes to waste.

Amanda is dead.
We aren't.

Survival of the fittest.

Will you stop being a dick?

What is your problem?

Amanda wasn't weak, okay?
She sacrificed herself for us!

Okay, well, then let's
not waste that sacrifice

by getting yourself killed.

This was my room.

Exactly the same.

This is my bed.

Me, too.

It's Amanda's.

IED blast.

She was the only survivor.

I was on a plane
with my mom...

backpacking across

The plane just crashed
in the middle of the jungle.

It took them a week
to find me.

I remember that.

You were on the news.

My college roommate
and I took a boat out...

and a wave came out of nowhere
and just...

flipped the boat over.

And I tried to grab
a line and, uh...

almost took my thumb off.


just holding on to the hull...

with only one jacket
between the two of us.

And Nathan, he started getting
aggressive and confused.

It was signs of hypothermia,

they told me later
in the hospital.

Nathan, come back!

On the second day,
he swam off.

I don't know what he thought
he saw out there...

but there was
nothing but ocean.

The next day,
the Coast Guard found me alone.

What about you?

I was the first of
my friends to get a car.

It was winter break
and we were having this...

great night and...

I wanted to take everybody out
on a joy ride.

I was wasted.

Me and 11 others were working
a mine in West Virginia...

my little brother, Cal.

There was a cave-in.
Occupational hazard.

Me and Cal got pinned
right next to each other.

I couldn't see him,
but I could, uh...

I could hear him
suffocating slowly.

I heard him
take his last breath.

By the time
the rescue crew got there,

I was the only one alive.

They knew everything
about us...

every goddamn detail.
I mean, they knew the jacket...

that my roommate was wearing
on that boat.

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer," that's the...

song that was playing
when we crashed.

They made
these rooms for us.

They addressed the boxes
from people that we trust.

My nephew texted me,
"Have a good time."

- They hacked his goddamn phone.
- It's Danny's.

Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Everyone in his family
was killed but him.

None of us died, right?

- We're sole survivors.
- So what?

We're a statistical

And now they want
to see who will be

the luckiest
among the lucky.

Do you have the
heart to let Dr. Wootan Yu...

help you become a better you?

Open new doors
by testing your limits.

Don't settle for
a humdrum existence.

Live life to the extreme.

Place your order
in the next five minutes

and receive
a complimentary getaway.

Okay, well,
at least we know how much time we have.

Yeah, knowing exactly when I'm
going to die is a huge comfort.

Do you guys not understand?

They chose us to die to see
who's the last person standing.

We need you on board right now,
okay? Stay with us.

We can't just keep
playing by their rules.

What else are we supposed to do?
They're watching us.

They know every move
that we're making.

They're watching us.

I've got something.

Come on, come on.

I got it. Here, here.

Uh. Okay.
What do we have?

A fist, one finger,
and two fingers. It could be...

It could be zero, one, two,
right? Right? Like a code.

No, no, no. It spells...


Yeah, it's sign language.

My cousin is deaf. They must
have known about that, too.

Is there an EKG machine
here somewhere?

Hey, what are you doing?

Quantum Zeno effect.
Atoms won't change

if you take
continuous measurements...

so as long as
they're watching us,

we can't change our state.

The game is designed
so they always win.

Okay, okay. We could really use
your help right now.

No. We can find
another way out.

We don't even
know the first way out.

Just stop smashing shit
and take a deep breath.

Do you have the
heart to let Dr. Wootan Yu

help you
become a better you?

Hey, Zoey,
you need to calm down.

In three minutes,
they're going to poison us.

We are running out of time here.
You've got to calm down.

Stop telling me
to calm down, okay?

You're not listening to me!

You guys, it's an EKG machine.
Maybe this is our way out.

- Ben, take your shirt off.
- What? Why me?

Because it's the next clue,
that's why.

Come on, it's just
an EKG machine.

No, no. Nothing is just anything
in this hellhole.

The right heart rate
could open a door, Ben.

We're running out of time.
Hurry up.

Just do it. Come on.

Come on. Hold those, hold those.
Take a breath, take a breath.

Your heart rate's too low.
Your heart rate's too low.

It's not working.

Somebody else
has to do it.

Mike, we need a higher rate.
You've got to go.

What? I'm not your guinea pig,
man. You do it. You try it.

Look. Ben is fine,
man. Come on,

I'll go next. We need
a higher rate. Come on.

All right. Okay.
All right, let's do it.

Zoey, please, just listen to me
for two seconds.


We're in a metal box. Come on,
that's not going to help.

Just stop smashing shit
and help me.

Higher, higher, higher.
Come on!


Open new doors by
testing your limits.

Testing your limits.
Testing your limits.

- We need a higher rate.
- You're kidding me.

Man, I'm already
freaking out here.

My heart rate's sky high.

Want me to do some
burpees, jumping jacks?

What do you want me to do?

- We've got these.
- What are you, insane?

When the Coast Guard found me
dying from hypothermia...

my heart was half dead, man.

These are what they used
to bring me back.

Come on, this
is what they used.

No, no.
That is not an option.

Listen, it is a clue.
They put it in my room

because they knew
I would know, Mike.

Your heart's already high.
Man up, come on.

Are you kidding me?
Get these away from me.

Look at me, goddamn it!
Look at me!

In one minute,
they're about to poison us.

And we are going to
suffocate, all right?

We're going to run out
of breathable air,

just like you did
in that mine.


You think about
your brother, Cal.

Cal was his name, right?
This is your time.

Mike, you can save us.

This is it.
You could save us, Mike.

- Now, save us.
- Okay.

Do it. Do it, do it quick!
Come on, do it!

- Jason, what are you doing?
- That's it.

No. No.

- Hey, don't. Stop!
- Get off me!

You're going to kill him!

Come on!

Mike? What did you do?

He stopped breathing!

Wake up! Mike.
Hey, stop! Stop!

Come on!

Come on, Mike!

Open new doors by
testing your limits.

Testing your limits.

High and low. High and low.

One, two.
Goddamn it. Fuck!

Oh, shit.

I don't actually know
how to do this.

What the hell are you doing?

Maybe they mean the low end.

Hey, come on.

Come on, man.

Come on. Shit.



The door. The door
is opening. It opened.

Zoey. Hey!


Zoey! Hey, come on.
There's a way out.

This is the way out.

You'll suffocate,
come on!

Just go!

- Please!
- Just go!


We should have made her
come with us.

We just left her there to die.

She made her decision.

What the hell
is wrong with you?

What happened back there?

I saved our asses.
You're welcome.

You killed Mike.

Sitting on his ass
12 hours a day killed him.

If it wasn't that room,
it would've been the next.

So that's just something
you do, isn't it?

Your friend on the boat?

What are you saying,
Ben? Huh?

Use your words.

One jacket
between the two of you.

Give me your jacket!

It's pretty convenient
that he just swam off and died.

You don't want
to do this, man.

You being the sole survivor
had nothing to do with luck.

Admit it.

You killed him! Admit that
you killed your friend.

Surviving is a choice!

Make yours.

Keep your eyes open
and look for clues.

Hey, it's a hatch.

I guess
we just open it.

What are we letting in?

Fine, I'll do it.

- It's heavy.
- Come on, try harder.

Asshole, I don't go
to the gym every day.

Goddamn it.

Come on, come on.

What's this shit on my hands?

I don't feel so good.

Hey, hey.

They put something
on the handle.

Hey, you're melting.
You're melting.

- What?
- You're melting.

What? Wait. Look, look.
It says something.

"Feel free to leave,
but may we note...

it's best to
find the antidote."

How the hell are
we supposed to do that?

Get up and look,
goddamn it!

Who cares, man?
We're going to die here anyway.

I'm not going to die.
I'm not going to die.


Where is it? Come on.
Come on. Where is it?

Where is this bastard?
Where is it?

Ben. Ben.

- I have the anti...
- Give me that!

It's mine!


Oh, shit.

Oh, my God.

Okay, I've got ten numbers,
four spots.

I need a four-digit code.

Entering room five.
Stand by.

Standing by.

We have two bodies. Over.


20 minutes for disposal
and cleanup. Over.

Copy. Out.

Look at that,
the oxygen mask.

What the hell was she going
to do with that?

Breathe, bitch!


Now, you were a dark horse.

My money was on Jason.

But, see, that's why these
games are so fascinating.

Somehow, after being burnt,

frozen, poisoned,
and crippled...

you still managed
to escape the final room.

Did you ever think
you had that in you?

That adrenaline,
that drive?

Sit down. Celebrate.

You won
something for once.

So, you're the psycho that
designed this murder maze, huh?

No, I'm the Games Master.

The Puzzle Maker
designs the rooms.

But you kill people for fun.
There's nothing good left on TV?

You killed all your friends...

because you didn't want to pay
for a goddamn cab.

I wouldn't get too comfortable
on that high horse, Ben.

From the beginning
of civilization...

we've known there
was something captivating...

about watching human beings
fight for their lives.

That's why we watch gladiator
games, public executions...

on the freeway.

But now
the world's gone soft.

Everything is safe.
Everything is careful.

So, we created a sport
for people

who still have
a thirst for savagery...

and we provided them
with a box seat

for life's ultimate drama.

Our customers are some
of the most powerful

people in the world.

But every year,
they demand more.

More complicated rooms.

More interesting subjects.

More ways to gamble on
life and death.

Last year,
they had college athletes...

the year before,

and this year
we had lone survivors.

They wanted to know if luck
had anything to do with it.

Lucky people don't get kidnapped
and tortured by psychopaths.

You know,
it's kind of hurtful

when you call someone
a psychopath, huh?

I thought it was stupid, too.

But here you are...

our lowest-odds ever to win...

still alive.

I really didn't think
it was possible...

but as I said...

you were the long shot.

So I won.

That means I get
to go home, right?


at the end of
the Kentucky Derby...

do you think
the horse gets a prize?


Shh, shh...

Hey. Hey, Ben.

Come on. Hey, Ben,
come on. Come on.



Ben, come on, get up.
Ben, come on, get up.


You can't leave until
we finish our game, Zoey.

Okay, we have
to make sure that...

He's dead.

Okay. Come on.
Come on.

Come on,
there's a service elevator.

You came back for me.

Yeah, well, I'm tired
of being the only survivor.

- Zoey, go, go.
- Okay.

It's been 24 hours.
He's stable now.

You should get some rest.

He's ready.

Dr. Bell,
please come to the OR.

Dr. Bell, OR, please.

Miss Davis?

Are you feeling well enough
to come with me?

Yeah, you're right, we'll have
to check that for roof access.

All right, everyone, 360.

Miss Davis.

Wait, this was
the waiting room. Okay?

And then it turned
into a giant oven, okay?

And there was fire. The fire
came down from the ceiling.

We haven't found any evidence
of the things you've described.

That. Look.
This was the duct.

There was a painting
that came down.

Have you ever seen things
that weren't there before?

I am not imagining
this, okay?

Look, Ben was there, too.

He'll tell you all this
when he wakes up.

Your friend, Ben Miller?

We got a report
from the hospital.

They found traces
of three different

illegal substances
in his bloodstream.

"No way out."

- Miss Davis.
- It's an anagram.

Dr. Wootan Yu.

Do you have the heart
to let Dr. Wootan Yu help you...

No way out. Wootan Yu.

- "Wootan Yu" is "No way out."
- Miss Davis.

No way out, Wootan Yu.

This. Look.
That was a part of the game.

This is part of the game!

We've got to vacate
the premises.

Wootan Yu. Wootan Yu.

Thank you.

So, are you going to tell me
what's going on?

I am the new regional sales rep
for all of Logan Square.

I'm officially client facing.
It's for vegan dog food...

but, you know,
you've got to start somewhere.

I'm really proud of you.

Is that homework?

What is this?

Mike Nolan died of
a heart attack

in a bathroom
in Union Station.

Jason Walker was thrown
from his bike on the I-64...

DMT found in his system.

Danny Khan
drowns in Lake Michigan.

Amanda Harper,
rock-climbing alone,

because that makes sense...

falls and dies.

There would have been
articles for us, too.

You've got to
let this shit go.

I can't just pretend
that they never existed.

Everyone else who was sent
those invitations died...

and whoever sent them
is still out there.

Don't you want answers?
We can find them.

They rigged the game so
that we would lose and we won.

We beat them
at their own game.

I didn't have a lot
to go on, but...

the logo...

it's an impossible object.

It's an Escher staircase
that turns in on itself.

It's totally unique.

The numbers are in a pattern
on the staircase.

23, 22 in a repeated sequence
of right angles.

They're coordinates...

for an unlisted
industrial building

in the middle
of Manhattan.

They're hiding
in plain sight.

What are we supposed
to do with that?

- I bought us plane tickets.
- Plane tickets?

Two weeks, I'm going.

Zoey, it's called
"survivor's guilt."

My therapist says that in order
to live, you need to move on.

Moving on
doesn't mean running.

And I'm done running.
Are you in?

All right.

Yeah, I'm in.
Let's do it.

You're not Jason Bourne,

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Come on.
It's got to be in here.

Found it!
X marks the spot.

Come on, come on,
where is it?

This has to be it, right?
I've got the tool!

Right here. It must connect
to the bolt we found.


Try it on the door.
See if it'll turn.

You can do it.

- Anything?
- It's not going!

- See if you can turn it.
- It's not working!

- Try clockwise.
- Clockwise?

- Yeah, clockwise!
- Okay.

- Something happened here.
- What?

- Terrain, terrain.
- What's this?

No, it's another riddle.

"I fly without wings,
I cry without eyes."

- What does that mean?
- I don't know. Give me a second!

Heads down!

Brace for impact!

- Wait, "cloud"! Try "cloud"!
- "Cloud"?

- Yeah, "cloud."
- Okay.

Try the door!
Come on, let's go!

Pull up. Caution, terrain.
Decision height.

Terrain, terrain. Pull up.

No, no! Come on! Come on!

Caution, terrain.
Terrain, terrain.

Do something!

Pull up.
Decision height. Pull up.

Ending sim.
Do you want to reset?

Good work. We're ready for game time.

I hurt my goddamn hand
on that bolt again, Larry.

Deboard the simulator.

What's the
probability of survival?

It's approximately
four percent.

Well, it's not a game
if she doesn't stand any chance.

We've intercepted her
flight information. It's on.

I'm so glad Zoey got over
her fear of flying.

Let's play again.

Subtitles by explosiveskull