Escapada (2018) - full transcript

Siblings torn apart by the hazards of life meet in Spain to settle the family's modest inheritance. Gustave, the mover, on the brink of bankruptcy, Jules the anarchistic activist, and Lou, ...

The frames are rotten.

Two, three.

It's damp in here.

We'll open the windows.


-Look at what I found.

A sleepy monkey.

Here you go.

My baby girl.


Who's missing?



I'll take the big bedroom.

When Xoan and Alba get here,
they can have it.

-Good night.
-Get some rest.

Close your eyes.

This evening and tonight,

the sky will be relatively cloudless.

It'll be a starry night.

Tomorrow, we expect scattered clouds
over central Belgium.

The weather will remain sunny,
and temperatures will be pleasant,

between 13 and...


Where are you?

OK, I'm off. Did you fix my shirt?

Yeah, it's in your bag.

Thanks. Your power of attorney?

In the office.

You're signing on Friday?

-What's your first stop?

I have to haul stage props
from Clermont-Ferrand to Porto.

Here, for the groceries.


Tell him to call me.

Did you hear me?

Yes, I'll tell him, Mom.

Where the hell did she put
that power of attorney?

What are you doing here?

I can't believe it!
We've talked about this!

What about Mom?

I locked her up in the cellar
with dry bread and water.

I called the nurse.

What the fuck are you doing,

-Don't do this to me, goddammit!
-Fuck off!

-You're not gonna leave me here?
-Try hitchhiking!

-I haven't seen him in four years!
-Do you think he wants to see you?

That's a fucked up thing to say!

Yeah? When did he last call us?

Ah, fuck! You hurt me!

You were supposed to stay with Mom!

Open up!

Don't you touch that!

There, now you can't sign without me!

OK, you won. Open the door.

Have you calmed down?

Police! Everybody get up!

Everybody get out of here!


-There's a child here.
-A little girl.

-Get up!
-This is my home!

Don't you touch her!

-This is my home!
-Move it!

Where's your eviction notice?

I inherited this house.

This is my grandfather's house.

-Everybody against the wall. Silence!

It's my grandfather Giron's house.

I have the documents.



OK, this way.


All right, calm down.

Move to the front.

Let me see.

You broke into your own home?

My brother has the key.

Let's go, guys.

You pieces of shit!

Get the fuck outta here!

Calm down, OK?

We don't want any trouble here.

So don't go looking for it.

This is the last time. I promise.

Can you pass the lighter?

Are you sure we'll be able to stay?

We'll figure out a deal
with my brother.

I have a lot of soap.

And lots of water.

-Are you OK?

The crazy stuff that happens to us...

-She got scared.
-Oh yeah?

I almost shit my pants.

I wanna blow another bubble.

Another bubble?

Anyone up for a drink
once we've loaded up?

Yes, I'd love to!

Do you still have that beer I like?


Excuse me.


Hi, Eduardo, how are you?

-Are you working with him?
-No, no.

How long have they been here?

No. I did not know. Sorry.

Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.

Yeah. Later.


Let's go!

What about our drinks?

Look at all this.

Over there are the Medes Islands.

Everything you see
is part of the plot,

from the electric poles
to the mountain.

Everything you see.

Red wine?

That's all we make.

The path marks the separation
between two varieties.

You have Grenache up there
and Carinera down there.

They're local varieties.

There you go.

Gotta get back to work.

Your uncle doesn't pay me
to chitchat.


Good luck, bye.

How big is it?

Two to two and a half hectares...

Something like that.

Doesn't it inspire you?


All of this.

When you see it like this,

it looks very nice and romantic.

Then the diseases strike.

And you break your back.

You're working all the time.

And you lose your freedom, you know?

All right, Jesus.

This estate is going
to your head, huh?

You deserve a slap.

It's my brother. I gotta go.
See you later?


I gotta get back with the gang.
See ya!




-Hey, how are you?
-What are you doing here?

-We got evicted from our squat.
-You can't stay here.

-We're signing on Friday. Move it.
-Hold on. Can't we talk about it?

Talk about it?
You agreed to sell!

-Look, I have an offer for you.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I gotta talk to my guys.
We'll have the full group tomorrow.

Your group has no say in this!
Just move out.

But that's how we function,
regardless if you're around.

Go ahead, hit me!
Hit me, and I'll never sign.

You can't do shit without me.

Give us a bit of time.

We promised our uncle!
You better not mess this up!

What are you doing here?

-Aren't you happy to see me?
-Of course I am!

Gustave, think it through! You have
nothing to lose by hearing my offer.

I'll give you two days.

-What offer?
-I'll explain.

You've changed!



My sister Lou.


This is Andrea.

How are you?


-Hi, Jesus.


And this is Lucia, my partner.


And this is...

This is Carmen, my daughter.

No need to hide.

Are you gonna say hello
to Auntie Lou?

Follow me. I'll show you around.

She's shy.

-How are you, girl?
-Look at what we picked.

Should we get some snails?

Look at these vineyards!

Do you see all the space?

We could set something great up
for the locals.

We could offer cultural activities,
music, sports.

A free store,
an alternative coffee shop.

We could reinvent
the way we consume and produce stuff!

All right, it wouldn't be a squat.

It wouldn't have
the same political impact, but...

it would give us stability.

Let's put this t-shirt on.

-Don't you care about all this?
-I do!

Do you have the dough to buy
our shares of the house?

Lou, I'm talking
about a social project!

About changing the system!
This isn't about dough!


Put your arm in here. Look.

I still have to do the math.
All this could bring in money, but...

not right away.

Don't tell anything to Gus
and the others, OK?

-Why? They don't know?
-They think it's temporary.

Come here, sweetie.

What are you doing?

Come, I'll show you the rest.

Are you coming?

Another bedroom.

Mom's room.

How do you know?

How is she?

She's been grieving for four years.
It's a full-time job.

Seeing you would do her good.

Pulling herself together
would do her good.

And how are you managing?

Why didn't you tell us?

Would it have killed
you to send a card?

Look, if I had, Mom would've known.

She'd be telling me
that's no way to raise a kid

and that a gang of punks
isn't a proper family.

"Financial security, blah-blah..."
No, I don't need that.

-It's not like you call every week.

What are you saying?

You didn't come here
to argue with me, did you?

We never see each other.
Let's not fight.

Do you want to fight?

Huh? Do you feel like it?

-If you need a drink, help yourself.

You speak French?

I picked oranges in Andalusia.

Plenty of Belgians and French people.

-Is that where you met my brother?

So, what do you do?

Nothing special.

But I plan to travel
with the money from the house.

-Where do you want to go?
-Asia, first.

Then Australia, North America,
and maybe South America.


Yeah, it's an open ticket.

What you do is pay
1,800 euros for the airfare,

and you get to stop in two cities
on four continents.

Africa is tempting too.
But it might be too much.

I need to make a choice.

-Should I sign you up?
-You want me to sign up?


Do you want to sign up?

What do I need to do?

Whatever you want.

Cleaning, cooking, getting water.

You choose.



Are you OK?

So what does he want to do
with the house?

I dunno. I was just visiting.

I don't believe you.
What did he say?


He needs to do the math.
We gotta wait.

You should watch out.
He's gonna screw with us.

What about the delivery?

I called.
I still have plenty of time.

What are you doing?

I'm staying in Mom's old room.
See you tomorrow.

Who's going to eat with Daddy?

Yes, with Daddy.

-I want to play.
-No, you're eating first.

Hello, Mom?


Of course, I'll tell him to call you.
Don't worry.

How's it going with your nurse?

Press three.

Mr. Hernandez, hello.
It's Batisto's garage again.

We still haven't received the payment
for your latest bills,

and we've already sent you
several reminders.

Please call me back.

You know what?


I talked to Pablo.

-He seems motivated.

I could convince my sister too.

What about Jesus?

You know what he's like.

You gotta take things slowly
with him.

Alba and Xoan told me
they want more stability.

Maybe a kid, too.

And Oscar...

He's gonna stay with them, for sure.

What if they don't want to stay?

What do you want me to tell you?

Don't you have a plan B?

I don't know.
Do you want to go back to Seville?

We go back to Seville,
take on a shitty job...

for a shitty wage.

What about your brother?

He's the way he is.

I gotta find the arguments
to convince him.

OK. Go get him.

Invite him over for a drink.


do you have anything to wash?

Who's this?

I'll take care of it.



I'm Eduardo, your uncle.

Nice to meet you.

I can finally put a face
to your name.

Did you have a good trip?

Yes. No problem.

I didn't know it was your brother.

I wouldn't have called the police.

I wanted you to know that.

I get it. No big deal.

We really like this place, you know?

I do.

My daughter and her husband plan

to turn it into a guesthouse.

A lot of work needs to be done first.

It's falling apart.

Good idea.

Hey, are you sure
your brother wants to sell?

I heard he was interested
in the vineyards.

Don't worry.
He's only here for a few days.

I need to make sure

you are positive
that he's selling his share.

Yes. Yes. This isn't a game.

As I said,

he's here for a few days,
and then he'll leave.

So the deal's still on.

Absolutely. I need this
just as much as you do.

I hope so.

All right. See you on Friday, then.

-Nice meeting you.

Take care. Goodbye.

See you soon.

That way.

Lou! Aren't you coming in to help us?


-if you don't work, you don't eat.
-I don't want to eat that!

Oh yeah? What did you eat yesterday?

-It came from the dumpster?

Did it taste bad?

Do as you will. Don't worry.

Yeah, get some veggies.

The meat is almost rotten.

She's so cute and delicate.

I'm cute?


Is this cute enough for you?


They're gonna catch us.

-And then we'll be screwed.
-That's right.

A bit of water? And soap?

Go ahead, darling.

And now, the little one!


Aren't you tired of sulking?

If you want a deal,
put a little effort into it.

And they're nice, OK?

Oh, shit!

Gus, how dumb are you?

It's everywhere!

All right.
Next time, I'll let you burn.

I'm soaked.

It cooled you down a bit, didn't it?

-Yeah, right.
-It'll dry.


It's Mom.

Yeah, hold on. I'll put you through.

Hello? Hola?

How are you, Mom?

How are you?

Yes, I'm fine. Look, I was
really busy. I couldn't call you.

Nothing special.

All right. Wait. Wait.


Mom, I'm sorry. I gotta go now.

It was nice talking to you.

For now, I don't know...

I have to get myself organized.

Yes, yes, yes.

Mom, please!

OK, bye. Hugs.

Never do that to me again.

-Hey, how are you?
-What's up, you hunk?

-How was your trip?


Are you coming?

Spectacular arrival!

-How was your trip?

Should I take your luggage?

How are you?

Hi. How are you?

I'm Xoan.


Hello, how are you?

-I'm Gustave.
-Nice to meet you.

had to climb through the window.

We were so scared.
But that chick... Bam!

The door hit her in the face.

You weren't laughing, though.

It's about choosing our future

collectively, as a people,

and how you self-organize

on the economic and cultural levels,
on all levels.

Just like we do here.

No. In G.

No, minor.

Look at the house we found.

We were looking for houses,

and we stumbled
upon these defunct barracks.

-It's huge.
-Let me see.

How long has it been abandoned?

It's been less than ten years.

It's huge!

Jules, did you see the picture?

It's not bad.

Did you see the site?

I'm not big on military sites...

Concrete everywhere.

It looks so cold.

But did you guys see the site?

For a community center,
it would be awesome.

We'll talk about this
at our assembly, OK?


How does it work?

You oxygenate it...

so it can breathe.

And then...

It went down

to the back of her throat.

It's not an easy wine to appreciate,

but it's excellent,

and it has a lot of character.

I like it.

It looks good.

The cutlery...

Real silver, too!

Can you give me an F?

F, F-sharp, G, G-sharp.

He's thinking.

We need to cheer him on.

Do you know the land

Where the orange tree blooms

The land of the golden fruits

And the ruby roses

Where the breeze is softer

And the birds are lighter

And whatever the season

The bees are working

Where the sun shines

Like a gift of God

Onto an eternal spring

Where the sky's always blue

-There you go!

It's not that hard.


When was the last time
you saw a barber?

Look at you!
You're starting to look like Dad.

Why did you leave me?

It wasn't you, Gus.

Who was it then?

It had been bad for a while,
and when Dad died, it got worse.

-You just went back to work.
-You think that was easy?

-Like I had a choice?
-At least you got to be on the road.

I was stuck in the office all day,
crunching numbers...

-with that crazy bitch on my back.
-"Crazy bitch"?

You're talking about Mom?

It's true, though. It became
unbearable. I just couldn't cope.

One day, it became obvious. I left.

-Can't you call from time to time?
-We have nothing to talk about!

You talk plenty with these guys,
but you won't talk to us?

Hm... New York.

And Las Vegas, Montreal.

And Asia too.

I can't make up my mind.
Too many places.

But I'd like to go to India.

India is a good choice.

For the spirituality.

And the temples and all.

Gotta smoke and drink
what the locals smoke and drink.

And then your body...

But you gotta do it right,
or your brain turns to mush.

That's the price to pay.

I'd like to go to Latin America.

Do you know the...

that thing you ingest

to cleanse yourself
in the Amazon Jungle?

Yes... Ayahuasca.

Yes, that's the one.


You're gonna trip out in the jungle,

take a selfie
in front of the Taj Mahal,

and come back with a nice tan?
Is that it?

Leave her alone.
She just wants to travel.

You won't have the time
to meet the people

and discover their culture.

Aren't you interested in that?

Tourism is one thing;
traveling is another.

Meeting the locals, discovering
their culture and language.

This is very different.

Cities aren't just dots on a map.

They're full of life.

Tourism kills the local populations.

It evicts your blue-collar neighbors.

Unless you fit in.

Tourism makes me mad.

-Take Barcelona.

That's what's happening there.

This is why we're here.

and neighbors being evicted.

They'll crush us with logic.

Where's the tobacco?

All right. That's enough.

-I didn't say anything!
-I can hear your thoughts.

Look at these losers who think
they've figured out life!

Don't worry.
On Friday, it'll be settled.

Yeah, well. Great,
because I can't stand them anymore.

Not the wheel!

I'm cold.

Me too.

Yeah, you have more protective fat.

Stop it!

Here you go.

Take this.

You lit all the lights.

This is gonna get rid of the dirt.

Ah, yes!

Is it working?

-Look at Lou!
-I'm taking a picture.

-With me!
-With Lou!


Carmen, time for breakfast!

All right, let's go.

Come on, it's your turn.

-Get behind the wheel!


-Are you sure?
-I am! Close the door.


OK, turn the key.

Do it again.

-Wait a little. Go.

All right. You're doing great.

I'm releasing the handbrake.
Go ahead.

Shift the gear.
Put it in first. There. Go.


Slow down. Slow down.

All right. Great. Take that path.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, I am! Keep going.

You're a natural!
It's in your blood!

I know, right?

Oh, no! Twenty years
of accumulated sweat. That's gross!

-Yes, but it's 100% Hernandez!

Did you see the link I sent you about
a training course for secretaries?

Not bad, huh?

What about my trip?

Wouldn't it be great
to work together?

The administrative part
takes too much time.

Once we sell the house,
I can hire you full time.

With e-learning, you can work
from home and take care of Mom.

You have to enroll somewhere!


-Is it your cousin?




Have you made your decision?

There will be a lot of work,
but we can stay as long as we want.

-It's worth it.


What do Gustave and Lou
think about this?

I wanted to have your support
before I brought it to them.

So that they can see
it's a viable solution.

Squatting is a political act.

This is an inherited house;
it's the opposite of equality.


It's a new project.

It'll work just like it always has.


But you've already made a decision.

And if you make a decision
we don't agree with,

are you the one
who's going to leave us?

All we want

is to give Carmen some stability.

We all want that.

But we can't reproduce
the capitalist model.

Can we only achieve stability
through private property?

Plus, we have another option.

We have the barracks.

-How long will that last?

-I'm tired of moving around.
-Me too.

I want to feel safer,
with less problems.

How is it going to make you safe?

I don't want the cops storming in
at five in the morning

and kicking me out with their batons.

Or sending me to jail!

That's what they hope to achieve
with all their crackdowns:

they want us to be paralyzed by fear.

We gotta fight back.

Here, we have an opportunity
to do something different

and to create the reality we want.

Squatting was never the goal.

We're not squatting
just for the sake of it.

I don't agree.

We have vineyards, a plot.

Our cousin and her husband. They
have a few things to measure here.

Gus! We're in the middle
of our assembly!

-What are they saying?
-Make yourselves comfortable.

Should we start upstairs?

Jules' family.

Good idea.

Hello. How are you?


Should we continue?

OK, guys...

Who's interested in the project?


I am.

Hey, where are you going?

-Gimme a minute!

We're in the middle of a meeting!

What we're gonna do is fix the house.

All right? We'll give it a new life.

With the money from the vineyard,
we can pay you rent.

I'm in touch with a cooperative
that will buy our grapes.

Are you kidding me?
I need that dough!

What guarantees do I give my bank?

-What about the estate fees?
-Look, we'll find a way! We'll...

We can ask for a loan.

What do you mean, "a loan"?


What are you saying?

Do we trust banks now?

And we admit private property exists?

That's not what I'm saying, Jesus.

If I can join the system, I'll do it.

It's easier for you.
You have no kids.

Of course!
So now we want to have kids

to create a traditional family.

And to achieve this,
we'll blow up our way of life!

I don't understand you, goddammit.

I need a stable home for my family!

How do we do it? I don't know.

We don't need a loan.
We have all the tools.

We can host concerts,
start a cafeteria...

-And raves.
-And raves.

We need to make it work financially.

But we'd lose our essence,

the reason why we squat.

We did not squat to be squatters,

to wear a label.

-We squatted to fight the system!

-To fight private property!
-No, to live!

Live? How?

So we were all squatting
for our own causes?

We're looking for alternatives
to the system.

Just a moment.
We can't hear each other.

Let's all take turns speaking.

We spent five years together
as squatters, fighting together

against capitalism
and private property.

And now, what? Inheritance? Rents?

Loans? What the fuck?

Are you fucking kidding me?
You think I'm gonna trust

people who don't even believe
in private property?

If you don't want
to be involved in this,

at least don't be a pain in the ass!

Not cool, Jules.

Where are you going?

I'm off to be a pain
in someone else's ass!

Don't leave!

They need some fresh air!

I need the dough now.
I'm not interested in your project.

Either you pay me, or you leave.
There's no other option.

Gustave, that's not how it works.

-You can win if you think long term!
-I have the stick now.


The sale is the day after tomorrow.
You either leave or sign.

We can't even talk about it?
Is that it?


You know what?
Lou and I want to sell.

Two against one?
Do you understand that?

Lou, do you really want to sell,
or is it what he wants?

Our business is at stake.

If we go bust, don't count on me.
I won't be able to pay for anything.

Wanna get a call telling you he fell
asleep at the wheel, just like Dad?

That asshole driver
pulled out without warning!

Come on! Dad lived
at the wheel of his truck!

He was exhausted
from working so hard!

Yeah, ever heard of work
and earning a living?

We don't need to reproduce
the same patterns, do we?

If you get involved in this,
you won't get a dime.

You can kiss your travels goodbye.

What do you care about what I want?

While you're staring at your navels,
I'm the one who has to care for Mom.

You think I was asked
about my needs when Dad died?

I just took it upon myself.
I didn't have a choice.

Of course you did.
We all have a choice.

-You just had to seize your freedom.
-Yeah, right.

Easy to say,
when you have no obligations.

-Both of you are so lame!

Stop kidding yourself. He's right.
Our business ruined our lives.

Lou, we're not done talking!

What's going on?
Is there a problem?

No problem.

They want to stay.


They want to move in.

Don't worry.
It's my brother. I'll make it work.

What do we do if he doesn't sign?

He doesn't have the money
to buy our shares.

He wants to buy your shares?
Since when?

No. He can't.
He doesn't have the money.

You have to ensure
there are no liability proceedings.

Don't worry. Any judge

would greenlight the sale.

But it could take months!

I need to get organized.

I'm going to give birth,
and the house won't be ready!

-Calm down.
-My child comes first.

I am calm! I want them gone.

We could find a way to pressure them.

Is that where you're hiding?

Are you OK?

You're gonna leave this place?

Yeah, in a couple of days.

Sorry about last night.

No biggie.

Do you have the soap?

No, not the hair.

My hair's already wet.

All right, we're done.

What's going on?

He's a social worker.

He got a complaint about Carmen.

We know how to keep them.

We have a tank outside.

-It doesn't work.
-We're working on it.

The child's bedroom?

This way.

Is that her bed?

Yes. She's sleeping with us for now.

We'll fix a room for her.



This way.

-Do you have any income?
-From time to time.

-Are you on social security?

Any other benefits?



Did you submit an application?


Why not?

By choice.

That's how we live.

I'll be back in ten days, OK?

It should give you enough time
to come up with a work plan,

apply for welfare benefits,
get some help for the rent.

We can help you.

With the rent, the deposit.

You don't have the right to do this.

If you follow my advice,

everything will be fine. You'll see.

Can you sign this?

We don't have much,

but the kid never went
without anything.

Yes, but...

If you don't check the right boxes,

you could lose your child.

In that case,
I won't be able to help you.

Do you understand? Thanks.

I'll come back in ten days.

OK, goodbye.

Ten days?

What is it?
Is it a formal or an informal threat?

What is it?

This is so scary.

I'm not scared.

We can still fix this, Jules.

With the money from the sale,
you can rent an apartment.

You'd have the time
to find a job, too.

-It's all working out for you!
-Come on, Jules, he's not involved.

Huh, Gus?
You're not involved, are you?

I may have mentioned Carmen
to the neighbors.

Blame them! It's not my fault
you're raising your kid in...

Jules! Let him go!

Let him go!

Jules, stop!

Stop! Stop!

If you don't come tomorrow,
I'll go ahead with the sale.


Why don't you come and live
with us at the barracks?

They'll never look
for you over there.

I can't do this anymore.

Evictions, cops, trials...

I don't have the strength
for that anymore.

She's so young.

What do you want to do?

We'll rent an apartment in Seville.

To look for non-existent jobs?

For one year, two years,
and what next?

What do we do next?

Jules is gonna go nuts

if he's stuck in an apartment.



Never alone,

always together.

Until a solution is found,
we're here for you.

What the hell are you doing?


We're meeting the notary
in 30 minutes!

I have to deliver the props in Porto.
I can't be late.

Cut the crap! You're coming with me!

-Make yourself useful.
-It's useless!

Without money, you can't renovate
the house. They could lose Carmen!


I'm sorry. I wasn't able
to convince them to sign.

I know.

I'll call my lawyer
to solve the indivision issue.



We need to clean the house.


Oh, fuck!

One, two, three!


It didn't run before.


We have water!

You can go shower!

Those of you with pruners

need to cut the branches
that are sticking out.

If you can tuck 'em back in,

do it.

If not, cut 'em.

Remember that the tractor
needs to get through,

and you don't want it
breaking the branches off.


No need to go too deep.
You just want to loosen it up.

It needs to get through, huh?

No need to cut the top ones.

Just the ones in the middle.

And we'll do these as they grow?


Labor is dignifying, huh?

Work sucks, but it pays off big!

It's Eduardo, your uncle.

Our good friend.

Hello, my dear uncle!

Hi, Eduardo!

You son of a bitch! Kiss my ass!

Best of luck!

Our new squatters.

Let's see.

That one.


Is that OK with you?

Hi, Manuela.

And... Manolo.

Manolo and Manuela.

Two, three...

You need a pair. Turn the card.

I know where they all are.

-Are you good?

-What about you.
-I dunno.

Take the next exit
towards Porto.

You have all the elements
of the contract.

Everything's here.

Sign here.


-Thanks a lot.

Do you still need a hand?

You OK?

Start the car.

Are you sure that's what you want?

What can I do, Gus?

Get Carmen to meet Mom.

Come on, start the car.

I'm not sure it'll reach the floor.

It does.


Should we?

Fuck yeah!

No hot water?


But we're fine.

We heat it up.

-Should we go upstairs?

I'm sure it's gonna work out.

What do you know about that?

They can't do anything to us.

Before I forget,
the contract for the vineyards.


And we set this area up
to raise animals and grow vegetables.


All right.

I have everything I need.

We're not going anywhere.

Feel free to drop by
if you need anything else.

All right. Good luck.

If we got rid of that

We could never move forward

If we all shoot at once

He'll fall

This can't go on for too long

He's bound to fall, fall, fall

Only then can we set ourselves free

Time to go to sleep.

To a free planet!

We're going to bed.

Come here, Carmen.

...two and three.

Goodnight, family!

Should I load 'em up front?


If you need anything, we're here.


See you soon, buddy.

Take good care of Carmen.

You guys take care.

See you around, dude.

Sis. I love you so much.

Take care of yourself
and your family.

Think about the project.
We'll be back in a week.

It's not open!

No biggie.


Bye, sweetie.

All right. Mom's waiting for us.

Take care.

Can I come with you?

Let me explain something.

Will you take care of your mom?

And everyone else?

Come here, Carmen!

I want to go with you guys!

You want to come with us?

We'll see each other soon.

Come here.

We're off to see your grandma.
Come here.

You're coming with us. Yes, you are!

Let's go, guys!

You have a house now!

Goodbye, family!

Stop the car. Stop it!

Stop the car!

What are you doing?

Can you guys wait for me?

-What are you doing?
-What's going on?

I'm going to stay a little longer.

Kiss Mom for me.

I'll call you. Kisses!

-I'll call you!

Hey, guys!

Come on... come here.

It's OK, Gustave. Come back!

Come on, Gus.



Subtitling: Hiventy