Escaflowne: The Movie (2000) - full transcript

High school student Hitomi Kanzaki, depressed and despondent, wishes to disappear from her world. Her wishes are heard in the alternate world of Gaea where a battle for absolute control is raging! Magically, Hitomi is suddenly transported to this other world and is bestowed with the power to decide its ultimate fate!

Dropping in altitude, sir.

How's the engine?

Normal, sir.

Is the load too heavy?

No, sir.

It should be fine.

Does he think that the armor is going to rise from the dead?

Who the hell are you?

Can't stabilize the altitude.

We're going around the mountain and flying over Sasu.


We have no choice.

That armor is absolutely essential to our clan.

We must deliver it to Commander Folken.

Stay calm!

It's just one enemy!

Kill him!

What's the problem?

There's only one man!

How can that be?!

He's alone!

So, you are the Dragon we've heard so much about.

I will slay all my enemies!

Dragon Armor...

Awaken from your long slumber!

Your name is Escaflowne!

You are my armor!

Who are you?

Dozing off again?

Cutting classes and dozing off again, Hitomi-san?

I was dreaming.


Of my childhood...

The one you told me about a long time ago?

About the man you saw at Tokyo Station?

A man in strange clothes...


Why am I dreaming that now?

Because you're frustrated?


Go out and find a boyfriend.

You're having that dream because you have nothing to do.

Why don't you drop in on our club?

I can't.

Why not?

Because I dropped out of the track team...

I'd feel awkward.

The juniors miss you.

It's too exhausting.

Besides, my leg hurts.

You're pathetic.

Yes, I am.

What's that?


What's this? It's addressed to me.

Wait! No!

Why are you so upset?

Give it back!

Because I have to rewrite it!

But it's addressed to me.

Give it back!


Let's see.

"To Uchida Yukari-sama...

I am going to die. Farewell, Yukari.

- Kanzaki Hitomi"

What is this?

Zero talent in writing.

No vocabulary.

Leave me alone.

Don't die with those pathetic last words.

I'd be embarrassed as your friend.

Don't worry.

I'm too much of a coward.

If you're going to die, let me know first, all right?

I'll even join you.

You don't have to.

I'll go on living and become an old granny...

And continue to live until it's my time to go...

You're coming with me tomorrow, right?

Remember your promise?

Yeah, you're right.

Give me a wake-up call.

You're always napping during class lately.

Why can't you get up in the morning?

Are you going out late at night?

No, it's not like that.

It's just...

I always feel sleepy.

I feel sleepy all the time.

Maybe something's wrong with me?

I wonder why.

Maybe I'm too exhausted.

Everyone looks so well.

But I'm not.

That's why I sleep.

In sleep, I can fade away...

And no one will notice...

But nothing changes.

Even if I was to fade away...

Nothing changes.

There's been an accident at Yoyogi station.

We apologize for the inconvenience...

...but we will be held here momentarily.

We apologize for the inconvenience...

How terrible.

There's been an accident.

There's nothing we can do about it.

Hey! Cut it out!

Come on!

What's the matter?

Someone's calling me.


You've been acting so strange these days...

Dropping out of the track team and everything...

I am the manager of the team, you know.

I have to explain all this to the coach.

Don't worry about me.


How annoying...

Just leave me alone.

Forget about me.

I see...

How annoying...

I have to stop off somewhere...

So, I'll see you tomorrow.

Just fade away...

Annoying girl...

Just fade away...

Annoying girl who hurts her friend...

Just fade away...

Someone, please...


Let everything fade away.

Let this sad world...

Let everything fade away.

Come, my kindred spirit.

From the world beyond...

Come join me.

The Chosen One...

Who? Me?

You are the Wing Goddess.

You will fulfill our world's prophecy.

To our world, Gaea...

I bid you welcome, Wing Goddess.

The Earth?

Is this a dream?

Or a vision?

No, this must be real. My wish has come true.

The Mystic Moon...

How beautiful you are.

No wonder it's called a cursed armor.

It only invites misfortune.

So, all the participants have arrived.

The Dragon Armor is coming alive!


It's the flying ship!

Is it the Black Dragon Clan?

It's coming straight at us!

Just as I predicted, right?

You better pay me well for this.


I can hardly wait...


Can we really shoot it down?

Don't worry about Van.

Maybe you're overestimating him?

Lord Van, Lord Van, Lord Van, Lord Van...

Lord Van!

Shoot it down!


Shoot it!

It's alive.

What happened?

Why have we stopped?

Oh, no.

What's going on?

Someone help me!

Who are you?

You're the...

Are you the Wing Goddess?

You are the Wing Goddess.

The Wing?

What are you talking about?

I am a descendant of the Dragon Clan.

My name is Van.

I beseech you, as the Wing Goddess... allow me the honor of serving you in this world Gaea.


Armed with this Escaflowne, I will wipe out...

...all those who oppose your will.


Just fade away...

I don't understand.

Where am I?

This place...


What's wrong?!

What's happening?!

It's gone!

Escaflowne... gone!

What is this place?

What is this?

Was it you?

Were you the one who sent it away?

What are you talking about?

Isn't it true?

Who the hell are you?

Why were you hiding inside of it?

Answer me!

You should answer him, Hitomi.

I see.

Are you a spy from the Black Dragon Clan?


I'll kill you!

Hold it, Van.

Don't interfere, Allen!

You don't need to kill her.

She sent the Dragon Armor away!

Maybe. Maybe not.

Let her live. She may be useful to us.


I don't want to see a woman's blood spilt.

Don't tell me what to do!

I'll kill anyone who stands in my way!

Try me!

What are they doing?!

What are those two doing?!


Stop it!

If the chief were serious...

You'd be a dead man now.


It's childish!

Using a knife...

I didn't hit a vital part.

I should hope not!

Captain Gaddes, are you being scolded by the princess?

Reeden, come down here!

Sorry, sir.

I was only joking.


Is that a woman?

A woman?

It is!

I thought she was a man because of her short hair.

Van must have snatched her from somewhere.

She's the legendary Wing Goddess foretold since ancient times!

She's the one who will guide Gaea to a new world!

Praise be... Praise be...

Shut up!

You quack fortune teller!


Is she the one?


So, she's the Wing Goddess.

She's just like us...

...from her looks, anyway.

Right, Van?


I'll fight you anytime, Van.

Lord Van!

Don't pick on Lord Van!

That scoundrel!

Lord Van!

You're bleeding!

You bastard! You always make Lord Van do the dangerous work!

I'll poison you someday!

Please do not worry, Wing Goddess.

We welcome you.

You must be exhausted after your journey from the heavens.

Please rest at our caravan.

Grant us the Dragon's power and the shelter of your wings.


Join us.

Is it you, Dune?

You are a fool.

That's why the sign was not on your side.

I'll kill Van with my own two hands...


Lord Folken...

Has the Wing Goddess descended?


But she has descended to another dragon.

Another dragon?

Van, huh?

The Wing Goddess has descended to that bastard.

I cannot sense the Dragon Armor's vibrations.

I see.

Without resonating with both the Dragon and Wing Goddess...

The Dragon Armor will not come alive.

I am the only one who can resonate with the Wing Goddess.

I wonder.

The Dragon Armor will lay waste to all of Gaea.

Even you...

So be it.

That's my exact wish.


The King of Salas sends a messenger to appeal for his life.

The Black Dragon Clan needs no slaves...

As Commander Folken instructed...

Burn down and annihilate everything.

How cruel...

Through conquest, they burn down the villages of innocent beast creatures...

And follow that with slaughter...

How wretched...

Are you awake?

You had me worried that you'd died.


We can't let you die.

What are you talking about?

This is a dream...

It must be a dream!

It's all a dream!

I just have to wake up!

That hurt...


Then, it's not a dream.

Come with me.


Please don't!

I'm sorry!



That sunlight must've perked you up?


We need you to stay here for a while.


Until we know for sure that you're the true Wing Goddess...

Wing Goddess?

What do you mean by that?

You sure don't look like a goddess.



Tell me your name.


It's Hitomi.

Kanzaki Hitomi...


Sounds cute.

That's a nice name.

My name is Millerna.

We're called the Abaharaki in this world of Gaea.


We're all survivors of the nations destroyed by the Black Dragons.

That's why we fight them.


Escaflowne is the God of battle.

He will be on our side and help us fulfill our cause.

That's what the bard of Freid told us.

"Escaflowne will be resurrected by
the Wing Goddess arriving from the Mystic Moon."

And you emerged from that Escaflowne.

I did?

I don't understand.

I'm sorry.

I really don't understand.

I'm sorry.

You must be hungry.

We don't have anything much, but do you want something to eat?

N-No, you don't have to...

Please don't hesitate.

But if...


If it's all right...


Can I have some water?

I'm thirsty.


Why didn't you say so earlier?

I'm sorry.

Man, if the Wing Goddess really exists...

I wish she'd bless us with better food.

I'd rather be blessed with good booze.

Does Boss really believe in that?

Who knows.


What do you think?

I don't know.

I've never seen a real Wing Goddess.

No kidding.


Do I really look so strange?



She doesn't look like a person from this world.

If she is real, the Black Dragon Clan...

...will come after her.

We can't hand the Wing Goddess over to them.


You'll protect her.

I don't believe she's real.

Are you afraid?

If she's the real Wing Goddess...

The Dragon Armor will appear again.

If the legend is true...

Escaflowne will seek blood.

The blood of the Dragon Clan...

You are the last of the Dragon Clan kings, Van.

Your blood!

I'm lost.

Where am I?

What should I do?


Oh, my!


Who is it?

Excuse me, but...

I'm looking for some water...


Wouldn't you go to the galley if you want water?

But I don't know my way around.

You're weird!

I don't think you should talk.

Are you really the one?



I mean, are you the real Wing Goddess?

I don't know.

You should know!

I don't even know where I am.


It's been so stressful. Now, I'm so exhausted.

You don't look tired.

Upsy daisy...

Hey, Mole Man!

Why are you here?

The voices of two young ladies are like
singing birds that put me in such a cheerful mood.

Oh, be quiet!

My lady...

Do I detect the fragrance of a fine stone?


You mean this?

It's a beautiful stone.

You should take good care of it.

May I?


I would never have thought you were so good with your hands.

Good with his mouth, too!

He's a quack fortuneteller, after all!

You two are so cruel.

All finished.


Thank you.

Now, if you'll pay me...

Ow, ow, ow...

Don't do business here!

When Lord Van was young...

His country was destroyed by the Black Dragon Clan.

Is he with the others?

Aren't they fighting on the same side?

They met on the battlefield...

...and have been together ever since.

So, they're like comrades, right?

Not really.

Lord Van is always alone.

He always fights alone.

That doesn't make sense.

Lord Van was destined to become a king.

Even though his country and people are gone...

He has to fight his enemies for as long as he lives.

That's the destiny of one who was born to be king.

But deep down, he's a very kind and gentle person.

I've seen that side of him.

There's the king.


Aren't you with that cutie?

He just can't get along with us, can he?

Can't be helped.

He is a king, after all.

Is that it, Jajuka?

Commander Folken wants whatever's inside that thing?

What is it like inside, Shesta?

Yes, sir.

I can see...

Lowest deck, starboard side...

A girl in white at the stables...

I can see her...

A girl in white?

Lord Dilandau...

We must make this plan work...

All we need to do is snatch the Wing Goddess, right?

I know that.

But you know...

Why can't we just kill them all?

The Abaharaki are professional fighters.

If we lose too many of our men because we ignored orders...

Enough of your babbling.

It's getting dark already.


It's hunting time!

Enemy assault!


The Black Dragon cavalry is coming!

This will delay our arrival in Torushina.

Lord Dilandau!

Our objective is a feint operation!

Please remember that, sir!


Lord Dilandau!

Don't let them get inside the transport!

Kill anyone approaching it!

Let's go!

Stay close!

Don't spread out!

Damn, you bastards...

What's happened?

It looks like we stopped.

A fight has started.

Stop, you...


Goddamn it!

They're moving too fast!



Open your eyes, Merle!


The enemy...


The order called for a feigned attack.

He's being pursued...

Don't move!

Who are you?!

If you keep quiet, I won't kill you!

Are you okay?


Stay close to me!

Go away, Nukushi!


Is that you, Lord Van?

Are you Lord Van of Adom?

Why are you getting involved in a human fight?!

Doesn't that go against your clan code?!

Humans dragged us into this fight!

The Black Dragon destroyed your land?

Our village is in ruins...

And the survivors were captured...

We forest creatures are no match against battle-hardened humans!

In order to save our people...

We made a deal with the Black Dragon Clan.

We capture her in exchange for our people's lives.

Lord Van!

We need her!

I can't let you do that.

Leave, Nukushi!

I don't want to fight you!

Lord Van...


Oh, well.

I hit the wrong target.

But it doesn't matter.

He was useless, anyway.


All we need to do is snatch that girl, right?

We don't need the guy, do we?

So, I can do as I like, right?


Spread out!

He has magical powers!

Leave some distance!

That's right. You were with the Abaharaki.

I forgot.

I get it...

You're the Dragon I've heard so much about.

That power...


Get behind me!


Oh, no.

This is terrible.

I'm drenched.

I hate rain.

It makes me so depressed.

One of my soldiers just died.

But he was a fool to die.

If you're strong, you don't die.


It's play time.

Let's have some fun.


White wings!


Are you hurt?

I'm all right.

Thank you, Van.

It's going to be a bit rough.

Hang on tight.


What's wrong, Van?!

The wings...



Why are you so hurt?


Please stop!

Please stop bleeding!

Van! Come on!

Open your eyes!


Is somebody here?!


Help us, somebody!

Please help Van!


Somebody help!

Please help Van!

Let him die.

Free the young man...

...from the sorrow of fighting alone.

Death is what he wishes for.

Death is peace.


Sorrow never ceases...

...until death sweeps it away.

Does he want to die?


Is he so sad?

Is he in that much pain?

Why... you live alone in sorrow?

You're not alone, Van.

I want Van to live!

I will stay with him.

Until he realizes he is not alone...

Until his sorrow is no more...

I will stay by his side.


There is no sorrow that never ceases.

I want to believe that.

Just as the rain will eventually stop...

...and reveal a blue sky that we can both see.

Why didn't you follow my orders, Dilandau?

I ordered you to bring back the Wing Goddess.


You got yourself mired in a useless battle.

You fool.

Who was the one that saved you as you roamed in the wild with feral dogs?

Who was it?

You, Lord Folken!

Who gave you command of the Dragon cavalry?


You, Lord Folken...

Lord Folken!

Don't disappoint me, Dilandau.

You are one of the remaining few...

...with Dragon Clan blood coursing through your veins.

Although you are of lower birth...

That blood possesses magical power.

I have great expectations of that power of yours.



If you desire, I will give you a new power.

A power befitting a scion of the Dragon Clan...

I want that new power...

Another of Commander Folken's predictions has come true.


Let Sir Dryden know what's going on here.

Tell him the armor's coming together.


Damn it.

The more I look at it, the more creepy it gets.

A new armor, in Torushina?

That's the news from Dryden's messenger.

We still don't know where Hitomi and Van are?


Folken will proceed to Torushina.

We have to hurry.

I believe they're still alive.

Van will come to Torushina with Hitomi.

How was the meal?

It was good.

Thank you.

Your clothes are still being washed.

Please wait a little while longer.

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

The people of Adom never turn strangers away.


Can I see Van?

He's still asleep.

That's all right.

I just want to see him.

Come in.

No need to worry now.

We drove the evil out of him.

But it will take a little longer before the wound heals.

Until then, you should rest in this village of ours.


Lord Van is coming out!

The one who destroyed my country... my brother Dune.

His Black Dragon Clan name is Folken.

Your brother?

But why?

In my country...

An oracle decides which of the king's sons becomes the heir to the throne.

The sign indicated that it was me, and not my brother.

Just for that?

As the sole survivor of my clan...

The only reason left for me to live... to kill my brother...

I didn't know what to do myself.

I lost my direction in life.

I couldn't figure it out.

I know how painful it is... lead a life, hurting others and being hurt.

I got so confused and lost the meaning of what it is to live.

I just wanted to fade away.

We're like kindred spirits, Van.

You see...

That's why...

I want to be by your side.


...want to be with you.

Thank you for your help, Ruhm.

Take care.


You too.

I hear that Torushina is under siege by the Black Dragon.

I know...

...but my friends are there.

May the Dragon protect both of you always.


Please come back again.

Say hi to Merle.

Please come back and sing with us!

Thank you so much.

Thank you all very much!

Let's go, Hitomi.


Take care, Sis!




He's from a wealthy family in Torushina...

...and the financial backer of the Abaharaki.

We'll know from him where Allen is.

What are you doing?

Sit down.


Such an enchanting song...

It's a ballad of the Ancient Dragon Clan.

Do you know this song?


My mother sang it when I was young.

"In the darkness, the Dragon wakes.

To a heart numbed with cold, the Dragon roars.

With you by my side...

The Dragon sleeps.

When the Dragon gains wings...

...into the sky, our hopes will leap."

You know, Van...

I know this...

Hi, there, strangers!

Do you like our music?

I'd prefer some more upbeat music myself...

...but as you can see, there're nasty soldiers all over town.

There's nothing to be cheerful about.

I'd like to see Dryden.


Never heard of him.

Dryden, the owner of this tavern...

You guys aren't Black Dragon spies, are you?


We are here to meet Allen of the Abaharaki.

Take it easy.

Watch what you say around here.

The Abaharaki are fugitives wanted by the Black Dragon.


You're exactly the way Allen described.

Hot-headed Lord Van...

And this cutie must be the Wing Goddess, Ms. Hitomi?

I'm the owner of this tavern, Dryden.

Lord Van!



Lord Van!

I've been worried sick about you!


Sorcerers have begun the rite to resurrect the armor...

...that was retrieved from the bottom of the lake.

It's just a matter of time before they give new life to it.

If that goddamn thing comes alive, we won't stand a chance.

We and all of Torushina will be wiped out.

Our last card is Escaflowne.

Shall we ask the Wing Goddess?

I'll try.

If I really am the Wing Goddess...

I'd like to help you.

It's exactly as the Gadarasarai song says.

"The Wing Goddess resurrects the Dragon Armor...

...and leads Gaea to a new world."

Wait a minute.

There's more to that song.

"The Dragon Armor will lay waste to all of Gaea and vanish."

It was the Dragon Armor that destroyed ancient Gaea.

The Wing Goddess is the one who summons Escaflowne.

So, you came here to destroy Gaea?!

All troops have been deployed in Torushina.

All tunnel entrances have been sealed.

No Abaharaki soldiers can penetrate our defenses.

Hurry up with the resurrection of the Armor.

Yes, sir.

A newly-risen armor...

You have so many troops under your command...

Yet you still want more power.

Has the Wing Goddess arrived?


Summon her to me.

Use your power.

As you wish...

Impure Dragon's blood will resurrect the ancient armor.

Commander Folken...

How could you?


Any word from the Commander?

Not yet.

If something happens to Lord Dilandau...

...we'll slay all of the sorcerers.


What's that noise?

Is it coming from the airshaft?

Lord Van...

What is it, Merle?

Lord Van...

Your eyes seem so much more gentle.

Is that so?


I can tell.

Lord Van...


After the battle is over...

Let's go home to Adom.

Do you really mean that?


With this, everything will come to an end.

Then, I can...

Did you come here to destroy Gaea?

What was that?

Wing Goddess...

Who is it?

Wing Goddess...

Please choose the path of Gaea's destruction... that all suffering will cease.

The end of everything.


...cannot do such a thing.

I beg of you.

Extinguish the sorrows of this world...

And Lord Folken...

Please help him.

He's calling me.


Hitomi's gone!


She isn't in her room?

This late at night?

I have a bad feeling about this.

I feel a presence.

It's Folken!


That must be it.

I have been waiting for this moment a long time.

You must be Folken-san.

In order to extinguish all sorrow...

I implore you to please endow me with Escaflowne.



You do wish for the end of the world.

That's not true.

I don't wish that!

You are wrong.

That you descended upon Gaea proves you responded to my call.


Fulfill that wish...

...together with me.

You're trying to kill Van.


Take your hands off her!


It's you, Van!

Again, are you going to take away...

...what belongs to me?

So be it.

But you shall suffer the consequences.

It was a trick!


I feel great!

I'm on fire!

Here it comes.

Gaea's destiny has been set in motion.

Towards destruction or survival...

Which will the Wing Goddess choose?

There you are.

The resurrected armor!

I too have wings, Van!

Stay away!

Shoot it down!

What the...


Stay where you are!


Don't come near me!


Get out of here!


Goddamn you!


Hitomi, get back!

No, don't descend!





Don't go near it!

I can use Escaflowne, to destroy that armor.


Van, please. I beg of you...


I have the Wing Goddess on my side.



Take my blood!


Escaflowne is taking Van's blood...

This way!


It has descended!

Lord Van...


So, that's the Dragon Armor I've heard so much about.

What are you doing?

It's dangerous! Get back!

But Van's...

I'll strike you down!

I'm going to tear you to pieces!


You summoned it, didn't you?

You have to believe he won't destroy the world.


You will...


Burn to ashes!


Fight, Van!

The King of the Dragon Clan never runs from his enemy.


Fight, Van!

What the hell is this?!

Did I miss?!

I'll kill you!


I'll kill you!

I'll slay my enemies!

I'll crush you!

What the hell was that thing?!


The Dragon Armor...

Is that the true nature of the Dragon Armor?


It has answered Van's call, not mine...

So be it!

My brother will destroy Gaea.

I wonder.

I sense the vibrations of the Wing Goddess.

Her strong desire is reaching the Dragon.


It is said her desire has the power to change the world.

It is not to change the world...

It is to annihilate it!

Don't you understand that?

That's why it destroyed...

...your clan.

Lord Folken, poor soul...

The Dragon Armor will annihilate everything.

I have to go.


What are you trying to do?


No, princess.

Let go of me!



Answer me!

Is this the end?

If it is...

Let me see your face one more time!

Look at me!

Stay with me, Van.






Where are you?

Is that you there?

Where are you, Van?

Where are you, Van?

Leave me alone!

Please come out!

Don't leave me alone!

I can't go back.

I can't escape this fight.

You can!

You don't understand.

I'm always alone.

I too am alone.

It's sad being alone.

It's painful.

I felt that way too.

But if we're together...

At times we may hurt each other...

And we may even part...


That is not the end.

I'll always be with you.

This is...

Is this Escaflowne?

The Wing possesses the power to seek the one who desires it.

I'm with you, Van.

The Dragon now has wings.

It's flying towards Lord Folken.


You are free now.

You can leave this castle and go anywhere you desire.

Van is coming.

Bringing the Wing Goddess with him...

I will take the Wing Goddess's call.

The Dragon Armor yearns for me.

It wishes to annihilate the world.

I will remain here with you.

To witness your death, Lord Folken...

The prophecy of a divine being?


I will die.

I will destroy this world and I too will be no more.

A dragon...

A White Dragon is flying!


Is that a real one?

White Dragon...

It's the God of the Sky, Escaflowne.

The God of the Sky is flying towards Commander Folken.

He's here.

I can sense his presence.


I've been waiting for you, Van.

Last king of the Dragon Clan...

I will carry your sorrow.

That's why I came here.

Don't make me laugh.


Even annihilating Gaea...


...will not end your sorrow.

Don't lecture me.

My very source of sorrow... you, Van!

Stop it!

My only desire is to kill you with my own hands!


As King of the Dragon Clan...

I want you to fight me!


I no longer want to fight!


You shall die now!



I'm okay, Van.

I'm fine!

Poor soul...

I was like him.

I couldn't feel the pain and sorrow of others.

I thought I was alone.

That is why you came to this world...

Responding to my call...

But I'm different now.

Can't you understand?

Van's sorrow!

Van's pain!

You are the one who created Van's sorrow!


This world is filled with sorrow.

To break the chain of destiny, there is only total annihilation.

That is why I wished it...

...and abandoned my own wings.


Commander Folken...

I'll now fulfill my wish.

This is for you...

...from those whom you've oppressed and destroyed...

Commander Folken!

Revenge was your wish?


Big Bro!


Don't come any closer!

Big Bro!

Big Bro!

A sound I had long forgotten...


Go now.

After Lord Folken's gone...

This castle will disintegrate.

Please fly away from this cursed place.

What about you?

I will stay with Lord Folken.

The castle's falling apart.


The Dragon people are dancing.

Wing Goddess!

The mighty Black Dragon empire has crumbled to dust.

Where shall we go now?

There's always another war to fight.

Let's go!

Hey, Van...

How long can I stay here?

Until the Mystic Moon calls you back...

Until then...

I will be with you.

Thank you.

We will always be together, won't we?

Can you hear it?

Can you hear her song?

{\fad(150,300)\be1}namida ga ato kara afuredashite
{\3c&HE8AD85&}As my tears keep overflowing...

{\fad(150,300)\be1}saigo no egao ga nijinde mienai no
{\3c&HE8AD85&}I can't see your last smile through the blur.

{\fad(150,300)\be1}ikanaide ikanaide koko ni ite
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Don't go! Don't go! Stay with me.

{\fad(150,500)\be1}sora e hikari kakenuketeyuku
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Light breaks through the sky.

{\fad(150,300)\be1}konna ni chiisana watashi dakedo
{\3c&HE8AD85&}I'm so insignificant, but...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}anata wo dare yori sei ippai ai shita
{\3c&HE8AD85&}I loved you with all my soul, more than anyone.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}arigatou ikutsumo no
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Thank you for all of the...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}taisetsu na kimochi
{\3c&HE8AD85&}precious feelings...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}tewata shite kureta yo ne
{\3c&HE8AD85&}that you gave to me.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}sono toki zutto, watashi wa
{\3c&HE8AD85&}At that time, I just...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}kie kaketa hikoukigumo wo miteita
{\3c&HE8AD85&}watched for ages as the vapor trail vanished.

{\3c&HE8AD85&}Don't forget...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}hitori ja nai
{\3c&HE8AD85&}you're not alone.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}hanarete mo te wo tsunaideiru
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Even if we part, our hands are still linked.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}hajimete no koi hajimete shitta
{\3c&HE8AD85&}It was my first love, when I first...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}konna kanashimi ga aru koto
{\3c&HE8AD85&}learned of sadness like this.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}nanika ga shoumetsu shite mo nanika ga
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Even if something fades away, something...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}futatabi yadotte
{\3c&HE8AD85&}will live again.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}wakare ni kureta hohoemi wa tsuyoku ikiyou to yuu
{\3c&HE8AD85&}The smile you gave as we parted, was...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}anata kara no meseeji
{\3c&HE8AD85&}your message for me to triumph.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}itsuka kitto aeru
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Someday surely we'll meet again...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}futari naraba
{\3c&HE8AD85&}and be together.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}tookute mo hitomi mitsumeau
{\3c&HE8AD85&}No matter how far, we'll stare into each other's eyes.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}kibou to yume no subete wo kakete
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Bet all our hopes and dreams.

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}yakusoku wo shiyou yo
{\3c&HE8AD85&}Let's promise each other...

{\fad(150,300)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}ano hi no hageshisa wo
{\3c&HE8AD85&}that we'll hold on to the intensity...

{\3c&HE8AD85&}of that day.

{\fad(150,500)\be1\1a&H00&\1c&H000000&}ashita saku mirai wo ikiru
{\3c&HE8AD85&}and live in the future that blooms in tomorrow.