Esau (2019) - full transcript

A 40-year-old writer returns to his family house where he was raised and that he escaped after half a lifetime - to face his brother who stayed instead, inherited their family bakery and married the woman who they both loved.

My grandfather Misha Nazarov
was a Russian peasant.

His nickname was
Papa Bell.

His bells famous
for their majestic sound

tolled in churches
all over Russia.

But his dream was to hear
his bell toll in Jerusalem.

For 20 years he prepared
his journey.

When he was ready,
the entire village joined him.

The horses did not survive
the desert heat.

So the pilgrims harnessed
themselves to the wagon.



In the name of the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

And then Grandfather developed
symptoms of Jerusalem fever,

a mysterious illness

that prevents you
from leaving Jerusalem.

He was unable to walk.

So his sons carried him
on a stretcher.

My legs.

It hurts...

But the greater the distance
from Jerusalem,

the greater the pain
in his legs.

When the pain became

he saw the angel.

Nobody knows what the angel
actually told him,

because only Grandfather
could see and hear him.

That's Jerusalem fever...

Mazel tov.

You're Jew now and your
name is Michael.


You know what your name
signifies in Hebrew?

Who is Godlike.

Mi-cha-el. Michael.




He even smiles
like a 'Zhid'.


Everything in the world
is the result

of a broken chain
of the cause and effect.

Sometimes a seagull's cry
near Cape Cod

can sink a ship in
the English Channel.

And sometimes a Russian
bell in Jerusalem

results in the birth
of Jewish twins.


- What is your name?
- Jessica.


- Thank you, Jessica.
- Thank you.

- Stephanie.
- Stephanie?...


- Loraine.
- Loraine?


- I hope you enjoyed it.
- Thank you,

thanks for writing it.
My husband bakes.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- My name is Angie.
- Angie.

Hi. I have a treat for you.

- How was it?
- Not exceptional.

I used your recipe.

You shouldn't trust
everything in the books.

- What is your name?
- Do you bake?

My father was the baker.

So was my brother.
I just write.

Everybody calls me a writer.

But a writer
writes about people.

And all I write about
is bread.

people like bread.



Who is this?


Is this a joke?


Who is this?

I need you. Please. Come.

Leah, is that you?


- Who is this?
- Jacob, it's me.

What do you want?

I am...

Is everything okay at home?

This is not your home.

Jacob, please. Please.

How is Abraham? Is he okay?

He's dying.
Not fast enough, though.

Gonna put him
in a nursing home.

Can't keep doing this
on my own.

You need any help? Money?

From you?

First time in Israel?

Excuse me?

It's your first time
in Israel?

Yes. Yes.

My father never lifted anything
heavier than his baker's peel.

So my mother harnessed
herself to the wagon.

Like father, like daughter.

Grandfather Michael built us
a bakery in a new village

to convince father to live
in his beloved Jerusalem.

We've missed you so much!

You little handsome Jews!

What would you say, Evra?

Shh, shh, shh.


Not bad, not bad.

You feel this sour smell?

It's the dough starting
to rise.

Nothing can stop it now.

Now we must hurry.

Let's say the toast...

A toast!
Aristophanes said:

"Don't feed with words
instead of bread."

Come on, come on!

Just recently we gathered
from all over the world,

and came to this land,

and here we are -
we already have a bakery!

Best of luck! Long live
the Levi family!

Especially Sara!
The beautiful Sara!

Leheim, Sara!

Stop, Stop!
Sara, Sara, stop please.

Stop it. What is this song,
this goy song?

Let's sing something ours,
some Jews' songs! Hmm?


That was the first time I
heard Father call Mother a goy.

At that time I didn't
understand what it meant.

Goy is different.
Not Jewish.


Slowly... Slowly...

I stop...

Open the bathroom door...

Take my pants down...

Take it out...


My hand!

Close the door!
Don't let the heat out.


I told you not to come.

Wasn't I clear enough
on the phone?

Well, I did anyway.


Go on with your hugging,
I don't want to interrupt.

Gonna give me a heart
attack, this one.

Not a moment of peace
with this goddamned camera.

Hey there, uncle.

- Hey there, niece.
- Nice to meet you.

You, too.

You know, Dad always
said I look like you.

Guess it was his way
of offending me.


A step...

I stop... the bathroom door.

Careful, Dad.
It hasn't dried yet.

Who are you?

It's a dream...

I'm wrong...

It's only a dream...

I'm wrong...

It's just a dream...


Just follow
the white line...

Now be careful when
you dreaming that.

You might start flying.




I'm not hungry.

Okay. We understand you have
a horrible headache,

so can you please stop it.
Thank you.

Hope you are hungry.

I don't know what to do
with this postema.

All day long she sneaks
behind people,

surprises them.

They say it's some kind of
exhibition, photography and all.

I've a name for it.

Shot in the back.

- Funny, no?
- Yeah, well...

She's an artist, you know.

Yeah, she is an artist.
Like you?

Doesn't like the work.
Likes the easy life.

- Like the eggs?
- Mm-hmm.

Enjoying them like three
little piggies!

- That's so funny.
- Help me.


Can we have one breakfast

without this thing
on your head?

Ah, Dad?

You can eat over there.

You know what? From now on
you're his problem.

Meet your father.
Dad, this is your son,

he's gonna take care of you
from now on.

I'm done. Doctor's
appointment is today.

- What the boy...
- Dad...

What have I done?

I brought some present
for you, too.


- Really?
- Yeah.

I plunged the harpoon

I hope the seal is not cold.

Oh, son...

So it wasn't a dream.
You are really here.

So. So where's Leah?


Slowly I walk
in my new sealskin shoes.

You know, that sound
makes me wanna swim.

Like a seal.

Where's Leah?


I have something
for her, too.

- What's that?
- A present for Leah.

- I'll take it.
- I'll give it to her later.

It's okay.
I'm not gonna open it.

I know. I just want to
give it to her myself.

Abraham. Put the thread
on your firstborn.

- Where is the firstborn?
- Him.

No. This was the firstborn.

Don't tell me.
He was the first one.

- No, this one is...
- The firstborn.

- No, I was there.
- I was there, too.


This... This little Jew
will be the firstborn.

Put the thread with his name.

That was me.

That was how our grandfather
Michael chose me

as the

At the beginning the world
was beautiful and gentle.

The explanation was simple.

We were blind as bats.


Six. Nine, three, four, six!
Mommy, I can see!


Mrs Levi, your boys
are twins indeed.

They need identical lenses.

Can I keep them
just a bit longer?

Thank you.
Make them good glasses, please.

Abraham. What is that?

They forgot the second pair.

I know.
They didn't forget anything.

- I ordered one pair.
- Why?

Why? Too expensive.
They can share.

- What do you see?
- You wouldn't believe

what Mrs Frenkel wears today!

- A pink dress?
- Worse.

A red blouse and a yellow skirt.

She looks like a parrot.

What can you see now?

I think it's a new girl
from the house down the hill.

She's so beautiful!
Like a fairytale!

Her eyes - I've never seen
eyes like this.

What her lips look like?

- Give me the glasses.
- You know it's my day.

I'll give you
anything you want.

- Anything?
- Yes.

- I want to be the firstborn.
- What? Are you crazy?

Is that yes or no?
Do you want to see her?

Yes, yes.
Give me the glasses.

Take off the thread.

Now you must call always me
your eldest brother, got it?

- Nice, I got it. It's a deal.
- Deal.

You looked at her,
that's enough.

Just a little more.

No. Give them back.

That was the last time
we shared glasses.

From then one each one
has his own pair.

We stopped walking
hand in hand.

And started living
separate lives.

First, this is...

...flash in my leg
right there.

Seems like nothing.
Like flesh of a small lamp.

But I know what this muck
is all about,

this slow creeping muck.

How exactly does your pain
creep up, Mr. Levi?

It creeps up slowly. Slowly.
Very slowly up the thigh.

Then tiny steps, baby steps...

It reaches my insides
and then expands.

As if I'm the one inside it.

And then right after that
it's this...

Like a... disgraceful
feeling in my whole body.

And inside the chest...


Like a... rotten lemon.

Like a rotten lemon?
That's very interesting.

- Can you understand, Doctor?
- Sure. Like a rotten lemon.

You are an excellent doctor.
You really understand me.

Thank you. Mr. Levi,
pain is relative.

Each one
feels it differently.

You know... Some women are...
Some women...

...scream during childbirth,
others moan...

I used to know one that
screamed during conception.

Shut up!

Forgive my son, Doctor.
He thinks he is funny.

Move away, move away!

Stay out of this.
Give me the camera.

What's so funny?

What's so funny?
What's so funny to you?

I mean taking naked photos
of your father -

that's funny to you?

Give me the camera.
Please, give me...

Dad, I'm sorry.

This is confiscated.

No, I'm sorry,
I won't do it again.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I swear.

Next time I'll smash it.
Go to your room.

Dad, you gonna thank me
for those pictures one day.

Yes, yes, go to your room.

Did you see that?

- Satanica.
- Papa, Jacob, give her a break.

She should've been
your daughter.

I'll call it "my father and his
long-lost twin".

What do you think?

I think you're a little
talented squerell,

and I'm an old blind mole.

Yes, I found this full film
with some interesting stuff.

Look how happy
we look here.

Benjamin was so handsome.

All the girls were crazy
in love with him.

I was a bit jealous.

It's his last photo.

He got killed three days
after we took it.

- Can I have it?
- Maybe, if you behave.

Do you see this empty space?

That's your place.



Leah, you locked the door again.

Leah. You open the door please.

Mama Leah...
Mama Leah, open the door.

Come on.


Show is over.


Two years passed.

By then we knew that the girl
with the bicycle

was called Leah.

But we were still too shy
to approach her.

For you.

Until one day Jacob decided:
the time has come.

What are we celebrating today?

- It's not Pesakh.
- Did you forget?

It's their birthday, Abraham.
Our sons are men.

They have to look like men.

Mazel tov.

Wait! Come on!

- Do you know where she lives?
- Of course. Come on!

- What?
- I need to see Leah.

Leah. You've got company.

- What's that?
- It's a gift.

- A gift from whom?
- From me to you.

Can I eat it? Is it good?

It's pasharikos. My family has
been doing it for 20 years.

And you?

- Me?
- Mm-hmm.

Did you bring something
as well?

What? No, I didn't.

I'm his brother.

There are three
different quotations

about Rabelais' last words.

The first is: "Might be I am
on the path of greatness?"

The second is a whisper.

"I grease the boots
for my last journey".

But the third is the best.

"Draw the curtains.
The comedy is over!"


I didn't see you coming. Hi.



I thought you're in the
bakery with your brother.

Only during the night.

- What are you reading?
- Franz Kafka.

Have you read it?


He read all the books
in the library.

- He can recommend you one.
- Can you?

Yes. Yes!

I walked her home.
We joked and laughed.

I was happy.

Although I knew
I betrayed my brother.

From that day on, happiness
and treachery were one.

Fingers don't hurt yet?

You see I'm working here?

Yes, sure of course.

Making up stories
about bread for housewives?

It's impressive.

So, you've read my books?

No, I don't read.

Don't have the time
or patience.

So, going to the cemetery
visit Mama and Benjamin.

Will you join?

- I have some stuff to do.
- Of course, of course.


Stories are more important
than this.

Sorry for interrupting.

I'll call it 'My uncle spying
on my crazy mother'.

How long has she been
in this room?

Since Benjamin died.
It used to be his room.

She came in, she hasn't
come out since.

She doesn't let anyone in?

Maybe she'll let you in?

You used to be friends,
weren't you?

Yes, we were.

She called me. Leah.
She called me.

Oh, really?
What did she say?

Where did you get
so many puzzles?

Father sends them to me.

Each time - from
a different country. Look.

An idiot made this.

All the colors
are particular the same.

- Maybe he was color blind?
- Maybe.

Mom doesn't think
I'll assemble this one.

But I will.

- I can do it for you.
- No, you can't.

- What?
- It's hard. You can't.

- Why not? Of course I can.
- No, you can't.

- I can.
- No.

- Yes.
- No.

- Yes.
- No.


Let's pretend
that I'm a bear,

and you're a Saami girl.



- Hello, Saami girl.
- Hello, bear...

No, no.

I need your help.
I'm writing a letter to Leah.

I really want to impress her

with some fancy saying
about love, you know.

Something from one
of those books.


- I don't know. I gotta think.
- Come on.

You know the entire volumes
by heart. Give me something.

Your body
is like a gentle poet's song.

Here you swim in the sea
of air and light.

...Air and light.

This is good.

I never told him about
the dead pasharikos

that he kept bringing Leah.

My brother continued to write
his love letters every day.

Filling them with my quotes.

I will take the 6-4 now,
put it on the right.

No, I better put 2-2
on the left.

No one is going to expect it.

Dad, I can hear you.

So what?

The point of the game is for me
not to know

which stones you have.

Ahh, ahh.

I'll put down 1-5,

but then there may be a block
with 1-2...

No, this is very risky...

Come on, just a little...

Your brother
is washing his wife.

Caught her unguarded
and washes her now.

Get out.

- She needs to see a doctor.
- What?

She needs
to be examined by doctor.

She needs to be examined by
doctor, that's what you think.

Oh, that's nice.
Just a second.

Listen up, writer.

You don't know
shit about our life. Okay?

You have no goddamned idea

what our lives have been
in the last 30 years.

So, get out of my
dead son's room

and mind your own
fucking business.

- You got it?
- I got it.

Relax, Dad, relax.

Sit down.

Working hard, eh?

Working hard in America?

You know how he died?

- Yes, you...
- No, no you don't know a shit!

An Israeli bullet...

He was shot
by an Israeli bullet.

It was a night-time

Idiot officer mixed up
the routes, and that idiot

panicked and started shooting

asking him for a password.

That's how he died.

They tried to hide it from me.

But I investigated.

And now I know everything.

How the bullet entered his jaw
from the left...

Came out just below the temple.

How he...


How he screamed...

And screamed and screamed...

...until he ran out of blood...


First of all you need
to wash this hair of yours.

What are you, Ethiopian king?
You are not Ethiopian king.

You are a young
Jewish man.

Chezz nous à Paris
men have hairs

that is smooth and soft
like fingers of a piano player.

Red. Like rouge.

All bakers have red eyes.
We work the night shifts.

No. No, my darling.

This one, it's a sign of
le grand amour!

You don't blink, right?


You are afraid that she will
walk right past you

when you blink
and you will miss her?

I know. I know.

I'm ready, I'm ready.
Ah! Okay!

- What are you doing here?
- We need your help.

- What?
- Unloading the truck.

- See you tomorrow?
- See you tomorrow.

Turn around.

He's joining forces with her.

And the two of us
are against them. Hmm?

I'm not against anyone, Dad.


You think the world is made of
stories from Brinker's books?

We need to decide
who gets the bakery.

It's your bakery.

Do you wanna get
what's rightfully yours?

Or you wanna stay hungry
like that cat

which lives
in the widow's trash can?

Indeed, Mother was
on Jacob's side.

She knew so well
the pain of unrequited love.

Am I bothering you?

Actually, yes.

Can you please go
and sleep over there.

She understood it was
impossible to revive something

that had died.
But couldn't help herself.

Desperate, she would do

to get Father's attention.

Chez nous à Paris
with a formidable

like that, with that
majestic face of yours,

that hair and shoulders,
you could be beauty.

- You've been in Paris?
- No.

No? A woman like you
must go there.

Chez nous à Paris
love is the only reason to live.

People kiss in the streets.

Say "Bonjour".


You sure you're in
the right place?

This is a bakery here,
not a goy bordello.

Fully dressed-up for,
bags of flour?

For you, idiot.

Che nous a Paris
your wife will be a queen.

And you can't even understand
that, you moron.

Che nous for what?

When have you ever been
to Paris?

Pretending that
she knows French.


Pardon, baguette,
macaron, garcon!

How dare you?
You, pig!

Don't cry, my beauty.
You're queen.

You know, your bread is
salted with your wife's tears.

Merci. Bye-bye.

- Dad.
- What?

What the hell is this?
You gonna go to a brothel?

Actually it's the opening
of my exhibition. About you.

You coming?

I will not.

Don't you make a fool out of me.

You will not make
a fool out of me...

You aren't going anywhere.

- You don't understand anything.
- No, I don't.

I don't! I'm sorry,
I'm not an artist!

I'm just a primitive baker!

You know, ehh!

My brain was burnt the oven,
I don't understand anything!

Why should I get it?

You aren't going anywhere.



Hey. You aren't gonna
go with her, right?

She asked me to.

Now I'm asking you. Don't go.

- Jacob...
- What?

- It's an important day for her.
- Important?

My own daughter humiliates me,
that's important.

She hates me.

Can't you see that she
does everything to spite me?

All that...

Did you see this?

She was wearing
Mama's favorite dress.

With this prostitute's wig.

And you gonna cooperate
with this, come on.

Actually I like the dress.

And the wig.

- Look...
- You gonna hit me?

- Hey...
- Congrats!

- This looks amazing.
- Thank you for coming.

Welcome. Who's that?

- That's my uncle.
- You've a cute uncle.

Thank you. You can ask him
out maybe.

Not tonight,
tonight he's busy.

Why that horrible dress?

What? Shut up.

Tell me the truth.

Is this wig horrible?

Yes, it is.

- Now... Is it better?
- Much better.

Let's pretend

that you are a fresh lettuce
and I am a rabbit.

Okay, okay, let's pretend
that you're drunk,

and I'm deaf. Come on,
I think it's time to go home.

I'm going to the beach.

I don't think
it's a good idea.

Come on, don't be heavy.



Come on!..
The water is great!

You coward...

I'm fucking freezing...

Okay... You okay.

Okay, I think it's
time to go home now.

- I'm freezing, can't you see?
- Come on.

I think that's enough.

Okay, Romi. Enough.

- Come on. Get me warm.
- No. Okay, that's enough,

that's enough. Sorry.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry I didn't mean to...
I didn't mean to...

- You still love her...
- Who?


- You still love her?
- What are you talking about?

I'm the one who called you.

I'm the one who called you
in America, it was me.

- What?
- "Please, come, I need you."

That was me.

Why did you do that? Why?

Because I was lonely.

Because I have no one
to talk to.

You know, I was
afraid I'm gonna die

like everyone
in this fucking family.

They are either dead
or they are dying.

And I wanted you to save me!

I wanted you to save me!

'cause I thought
you were different,

but you are not different,
you are shit!

You stupid girl,
you're just a stupid little...

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, okay?

I love you...

Open my blouse.

Write something
on my back.

- What are you writing?
- Guess.

You really think
I'm beautiful?


But really beautiful?

Most beautiful girl I know.

Who do you know?

How about the play?...

Let's pretend
that I'm lost in the woods,

and you're showing me where
the berries grow

under the snow...

I gotta go to the bakery.


Dad is gonna be mad.

A hope for pleasure is almost
as enjoyable

as the pleasure itself.

Close it.


I know.


Good evening.

Mother asked
if we could use your oven.

We have guests coming tomorrow

and there's not enough space
in ours.

There is no space in our oven
for other people's dough.

But it's just strudels, and Mom
would really appreciate it.

Tell your mother I'm sorry.


What do you think
you're doing?

Calm down.

- Take it out immediately.
- No.

Come back for your strudels
in half an hour.

Thank you, Mister Levi.

Thank you, Jacob.

Thank you.

My hand!

- Oh, my son!
- Oh, my finger!

No use.

That's done.
You aren't a baker anymore.

We'll see.

Your dough will resemble

that stuff an old whore has
between her legs.

We'll see.

I will not allow a cripple
into my bakery.

It's not just yours.

So, I'll tell you one story.

No one wants
to hear your palabras right now.

I do wanna hear them.

Her palabras.

Your grandfather's grandfather,

the father of your father
of your father's father,

bless his memory, Reuben
Yakir Pressijaduccio Levi

had seven goose feathers.

One feather for?

Second feather for remarks.

Third feather for...

...tickling Sultan's ass.

Scoundrel. How dare you
talk to your father like that!

Tell me then.

How did it end
with you and your father

being simple workers
in this bakery.

My father, peace be upon him,

studied Tora, and we,
the children,

didn't have enough food.

Your father didn't study Tora.

He starved to death.
And all he left you was debt.

Why don't you ask her,
your mommy?

About her family?

How her goy father and her
goy brothers

would get so wasted

they'd go out to the streets
armed with sticks.

Screaming 'Kill the Jews!'

Not goyim. Not goyim.

If you are so noble, then

why did you marry her, huh?

I was just passing by
and saw her there.

Lost. Alone.

I did her a favor.

That is not true. You lie.

You said you love me.

Come. Listen:

'Amor es una palabra'.
Love is just a word.

Children I gave you.

Bags with flour I carried,

I pressed the dough for you

with these hands
my whole life.

You pressed the dough for me.
Okay, let's stop working

so your precious goy mother
could keep telling us

the goy stories!

You will stop calling her goy.

If she's a goy,
then we are goyim.

Hey, I'm sick of it.

Get it? Sick of it.

- We are all sick of you.
- Jacob, please, stop.

A mad dog,

that's who you are.

My head...

Please, let's go, please...
Let's go...

Tonight we bake alone.

Me and you.

What happened?

I saw my future.

I saw my future with Jacob...

We can go far away
from this place.

If you want.

It's too late.

It's just too late.



You're freezing.
I'll get you some dry clothes.

Give me a blanket. Hurry.


She wants to change.

I asked you to go.

I beg you.

Don't do this.

For me.

For all of us.

If you go, everything...


will fall apart.

You can all go to hell.

You will never have a family.

You will never have a wife.

You will never have a child.

You will never have land.

She was already sick by then.

But no one noticed.

And when they did,
it was too late.

And I was already gone.

It was already dark
when we buried her.


I was begging them to wait.
I was convinced

that you gonna show up.

So we just stood here,

starting noon and waited
until it grew really dark.

And then I finally realized
that you are not going to come.

Why are you telling me this?

Tell me, why didn't you come?

Why don't you come closer
and I'll tell you.

I can hear you perfectly well
up here.

You are scared?

Of what?

To approach the grave.

You think she'll kidnap you?

She'll drive you with her
to the land of the dead?

She's gone, Dad.

- She's been gone a long time.
- Yeah. I know.

But she can still hug me
and break my rib,

and the rib will poke my lung
and my spleen.

There is nothing
she can do to you.

Oh, yes. Yes, she can.

She can. She could smother me
with her kisses, that cow,

don't let her near me. Don't.




You okay? Dad... Hey...


What do you have in America?

I've got... my house
by the ocean...

My books, my friends...

You've got nothing...

Empty house...

Empty soul...




This is your land.

Your home.


And everything will be yours.



Promise me.


You need some rest, Dad.




Look at me.

Oh, 'Abraham, Abraham...'

Let me sleep,
you Albanian beauty.

Look at me...


I miss you...

My Sarika...

My Sarika...

So sad...

So sad...
What became of my little boy...

My little boy...

Blessed are You, Lord,
God of all Creation...

Tear it.


Tear it.

Now you go to the front...

Hey, Dad!

- Give this to me...
- What are you doing...

Give this...

- No!
- Jacob!

Calm down!

What are you doing,
you idiot?

Go away.

Go away, you hear me?
Go away!

- Don't wanna see you again. Go!
- Leave me alone! Monster!

Would you calm down?
What is the matter with you?

- She's your only daughter.
- Oh, she is, yes, she is!

She's my daughter,
I'm her father, you're nobody!

You're not a father,
you're not a husband.

You are even not a Jew?

The Jews don't abandon
their land or family!

What family?
What family, huh?

You don't have any family.

Father is gone,
Benjamin is dead,

- Shut up.
- Leah is locked in a room...

Romi is going mad...
You don't have any family.

Shut the fuck up!
She is not going mad!

She's always been like this -
like you!

Exactly like you!

Users, that's
what you do, takers.

You just want to take
and take and take and take

giving anything back!

You want to enjoy life,

you want to have fun.

God forbid you'll
feel something, no.

No, for that you'll use me.
You'll use my pain

and my blood and my feelings,

you in your books,
her in her camera.

You'll take it
and you'll use it,

and then you'll sell it.

A couple of rats,
that's what you are.

- Did you touch my work?
- No.

- Romi, did you touch my work?
- No.


Lies, vicious...


You don't know
what love is.

You have no idea
what feeling is.

You write about love?


She never loved you.

She never loved you.


Get out.

Get out.




Call an ambulance.

I'll take you to the hospital.

No, don't come near me!

- Dad...
- He broke my arm!

He broke my arm!


Will you come back?

- What is it?
- Buy yourself a ticket.

And some real pants.

You can stay at my place.
The house is empty.

There is enough space.

You can even build yourself
a darkroom if you'd like.

I can't just take off.

The dough is rising.

Close the door.
Jacob, where have you been?

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Everything in the world
is a result

of a broken chain
of cause and effect.

Sometimes the cry
of a seagull at the Cape Cod

sinks a ship
in the English Channel.

And sometimes a starving Jewish

from the Turkish army

finds a fat goose
somewhere in the cactus plants.

Shalom aleichem.

Hey. Hey.

I'm a friend!

I'm Jew!
Don't be afraid.

What's your name?

My father will kill me.

I'm Abraham.

What is your name?



Where do you live, Sarika?

I heard this story when
Jacob and I were about five.

We asked mother
how we came into this world,

she replied: "There was love,
and you came."

And Father suddenly smiled
and murmured:

"There was. There was..."