Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein (1989) - full transcript

Another planet in the period of medieval times. An employee of the institute of experimental history from Earth, who is send under the name of noble don Rumata of Estor as a spy with a mission to contact the local resident of the institute, arrives in the city of Arkanar. But the resident perishes under an unlucky attempt to make a palace coup, and Rumata have to take his place as the resident. Soon he meets all the horrors of the medieval society - a peasant war, palace coups, mass executions. To continue to be an indifferent watcher of all these horrors turns out to be simply impossible...

In the border area
between Irukan and Arkanar,

numerous residents saw
a bright point of light near the moon,

which was approaching fast
and turning night into day.

The following night, the light had vanished.

Many believe this phenomenon
to be a sign from God.

They persecute everyone who doubts this

and do not bear in mind
that the imperfection of the eye

can make it impossible for us to understand
the causes of natural phenomena.

In the year 81 2 of the old Gods

physician and scholar


Stop!. Who's there?

Excuse me, noble lord.
I am the singer Suren.

What do you want?

Would you permit me
to walk along next to your horse?

Why were you hiding, singer?

Because of the Greys. They're everywhere.

No one knows why.

It is said that they are
the new soldiers of Arkanar.

They don't seem to like
people like me very much.

How do you know that I like you, singer?

I might hang you by a strong
Arkanarian rope on the next crag,

your head hanging down
until your tongue bulges out.

So hang me, noble lord, if it pleases you.

What's a singer to somebody like you?

I was only joking, Suren.

You have a great sense of humor,
noble lord!

- Do you know Arkanar well?
- Like the back of my hand.

Then you will show me the way.

- What's wrong?
- There they are again. A group of Greys.

- We shouldn't stop off here.
- I must water my horse.

- Why are you so afraid, singer?
- There are very many of them.

It would be boring to ride for so many miles
without a single brawl.

Hey, you there, nobleman.
I need to see your passport.

From now on, the common man
must guard his tongue, so it won't be cut off.

God didn't give it to him for speaking,
but for licking his master's boots.

Your passport!

- But he shouldn't lick the wrong boots.
- I'm telling you for the last time.

What do you want my passport for?

You can't read it anyway.

I am Rumata of Estoria.
Whoever thwarts me, must die.

Come on, fight, you cowardly rabble.

Hey, singer!

Have you seen the man I arrived with?

The king will be pleased to see you.
We don't have many guests.

May I ask, noble lord,
what brings you to our once-splendid town?

I like spending money.
I see that there is a lot of fun to be had here.

I'm happy to be of service any time.
Reba, captain of the palace guard.

..of Estoria has come to pay his respects
and offer his services to the king.

I think I knew your father. Sit down.

We bow to the king's robe.

Do you like stuffed dog ears?

They've been pickled in kapuki juice.

Your robe isn't buttoned right.
The ladies must lower their gaze.

- Would you like some fish blood?
- I'd love some.

- It refreshes the senses.
- It refreshes my senses to behold you.

To your beauty.

I don't like fish blood either.

Last night,
some spies from Irukan were arrested.

They have made a confession
in the Tower of Joy

and are now humbly awaiting
their just punishment.

A flying dragon was...

I think your father had the privilege
of putting on my grandfather's right shoe.

- Or was it the left shoe?
- The right one, Your Majesty.

A portion of the Soanish merchant fleet
was shipwrecked in the Large Swamp.

- May I look at your sword?
- Shipwrecked! Excellent.

Wonderful news.

Can you behead people with this?

- Rejoice with me.
- We bow to the king's shoes.

My right shoe.

Rumata, I grant you the same privilege.

I am delighted that you are at my service,
but be gentle. My knee aches.

To work, come on. Rumata of Estoria.
There must be a file on him.

Hurry up, children.

The minister wants to know
everything about him.

Rumata of Estoria.
I have found it.

- You need a residence permit here.
- A residence permit?

The security minister made this rule.

This Reba is a perverse man.
He can't even bow properly.

Just a formality.
We have to register you.

You can't imagine the guile
the king's enemies are capable of.

What's your name again?

- Rumata of Estoria.
- From a very old family.

- I'm sorry to bother you with such trifles.
- Your seal, please.

Now tell me, what do you want?
What brings you to Arkanar?

I heard that you are
holding someone captive.

He's called Mita.
He's a merchant.

He is here, but not as a prisoner.

We are merely keeping him
in the castle for his own safety.

Can I see him?

How could I deny you this request?
Of course you can see him.

According to our files,
Rumata of Estoria is dead.

He is supposed to have died of a fever
while on a hunt in the Swamps of Soan.

The fever died, not me.

I'm glad you're well.
Our records are inaccurate sometimes.

- You will be escorted to him.
- Thank you.

Greetings, honorable Mita.

The ropes I ordered from you
haven't arrived yet.

How am I supposed to hang the rabble
without any ropes?

Cyril, what's the matter?
Why did you let yourself get arrested?

Leave me alone. I am in no danger.

We couldn't contact you any more.
Why did you pull out your transmitter-cell?

I don't want to watch them any more
like rabbits or white rats.

They're like us, Anton,
don't you understand?

- We must help them.
- They are not like us, Cyril.

They're our brothers,
and they're suffering. They need us.

So what? They are dull,
superstitious, obsequious creatures.

You don't think you can change them,
do you?

Big events, big changes lie ahead.

Give me some more time.
Please, for the sake of our friendship.

I can't give up
shortly before I reach my goal.

I've been ordered
to find you and take you back.

If you're bent on taking me away from here,
you'll have to use force.

And you'll have to fight them.

Excuse me.

Reba is sending you
this sword for your safety.

You are free.

What's the deal with this Reba?
Can you trust him?

He is the only one who can break
the power of the corrupt council.

Anton, we must do something.
Budach has disappeared.

He could help this planet progress
by a thousand years.

Are these perhaps your "big events"?

There wasn't supposed to be
any bloodshed.

- Help!
- Reba isn't keeping to our arrangements.

Cyril, stop! That's an order!

Arrest this man. And that one. And him.

And these two.

Protect the king!

Out of the way! How dare you?

- Majesty!
- What's going on?

- Help me, Majesty.
- What's happening here?

Reba! Reba!

Where's Reba? Reba!

Your Majesty?

Why are you bothering me?
What's going on?

Don't worry, Majesty.
The conspiracy was discovered in time.

Who was conspiring against me?

The conspirators
are being arrested as we speak.

A conspiracy among my noblemen?

Is it true that you are
conspiring against me?

But why?
Why are you conspiring against me?

I've been carrying
the burden of the crown for you.

I was wrong.
You are supposed to herald freedom.

Stop, you can't be serious.

I would have abdicated,
but you degenerate without me.

What does all this mean?
Who are those Grey figures over there?

Volunteers who are dedicated
to the welfare of Arkanar.

- I myself selected them.
- I don't want to see them in my palace.

If anyone dares to touch me,
I'll slit her throat.

Please don't kill me!

Your Majesty, I am honored
to point out to you that man is born free.

He should live in freedom.

Your security minister doesn't seem
to understand that one needn't kill for that.


This alleged merchant
was the head of the conspiracy.

- He was going to kill you.
- Cyril.

Hang his body from the Tower of Joy
for all to see.

His body is mine.

He owed me some money.

I shall make a bowl from his skull,
so I can drink to Your Majesty's health.

Terrific. You can have him.
Take him away from here.

You will take him with you, won't you?

Take him away immediately.

The sight of him gives me...
gives me a headache.

I have a headache.

Greetings, highest judge and keeper
of the seal of the merchant republic of Soan.

- May the sun of mercy always...
- It's all right. We're alone.

- Depressed?
- Yes.

I had to take the helicopter.
One more legend about the flying dragon.

It really must be overhauled.

I know, Anton.
The feeling of powerlessness is awful.

I have gone through all of that myself,
but we are historians. We mustn't interfere.

How old were you
when this planet was discovered?


I was 36. It was the most important event
in the history of mankind.

I couldn't sleep for three weeks.

We had found our sister planet,
the mirror of ourselves in a distant past.

We must never dim this mirror.

I could have thwarted Cyril's death,
but I was poorly informed.

No one had told me about Reba.

And you gave me the identity of a dead man,
Rumata of Estoria.

We had to hurry.
Cyril had broken contact with us.

He wasn't undergoing
the protective treatment any more, either.

He wasn't prepared
for the intrigues of a medieval potentate.

- When are you taking me back up?
- Not for now.

You are to replace Cyril,
until they've found someone else.

- Why?
- We must see how Arkanar develops.

What's my task?

First of all, you will buy Mita's house,
in order to secure our installations.

For that, you will need money
and clothes for various occasions.

- Who is Budach, by the way?
- What do you know about Budach?

Little. Cyril mentioned
that he had disappeared.

A scholar from Irukan. One of the most
extraordinary people on this planet.

Cyril got in touch with him
shortly before breaking contact with us.

- This is gold in the Arkanarian currency.
- Thank you.

Those bags contain
everything you need at court.

You will also get some biographical data
about Rumata of Estoria.

What's wrong now?
This equipment is rubbish.

That's what we have to put up with here.

You'll have to stick with your story,
no matter how much you complain about it.

These are the facts about him.
You should remember them.

Whatever happens,
you mustn't kill under any circumstances.

Not even in the greatest danger.

In Arkanar, people kill even when
someone says something wrong.

That's the normal level of medieval cruelty.

Even on Earth, it took several millennia
before the last war had been fought,

the last prison closed.

I'll do my best.

Take care of yourself, Anton.

We drink fish blood every morning.
It's good for you.

If you care about what's good for your
master, you should give me a fresh towel.

- For washing.
- Washing, nothing but washing.

We're the only ones who do that.
Not even the king washes.

The king is sick. You should have
the occasional bath yourself.

Master Mita used to say that to me as well.

Your maid's waiting outside.
She wants to speak to you.

- Tell her to come upstairs.
- You should chase her off.

- She has a mind of her own.
- I'll chase you off in a minute.

What do you want? What's the master
supposed to do with these ropes?

The weapons dealer Hauk
is giving them back. Let me past.

The master will get angry.

The weapons dealer Hauk
has just returned the ropes

which Mita had borrowed for his machine.

I'll take a look at that machine.

Put the ropes over there.

Where can I find Hauk?

His armory is in the Street of Royal Mercy.

I'm singing for you with an empty stomach,
the wind is whistling through my cloak

Tell me, how much longer can you bear
the fact that children have no hope?

The word sounds hollow,
the vultures are plunging down

Farewell. Remember Suren's songs.

- Stop him.
- Catch him, he is up there.

Block his way.

It's you, noble lord. It was a close shave
this time. Nice to see you again.

I only ever see you running away.
Why didn't you fight?

They're a cowardly bunch, this Grey rabble.

It's becoming more and more difficult here
for people like me.

Where are you going?
Your singing is wonderful.

They'll sing your songs even in 1 00 years,
after the royal family's died out.

We're looking for the agitator Suren.

I hope you'll be successful.

He climbed up this wall. I saw it.

We must search your house.

He is no more in this house
than there are gold coins in this pouch.

The agitator Suren dared to sing derisive
songs in the Street of immense Gratitude

- which insult Arkanar and you.
- Why wasn't he arrested?

He fled into Mita's house,
which Rumata has bought.

He gave the soldiers gold. He bribed them.

I managed to get hold of this coin.

This Rumata is really inscrutable.

- Let's hang him.
- Let's keep an eye on him.

I really wonder
what he likes so much about Arkanar.

Are you implying that our town
is not the greatest and the most splendid?

Of course it is
the greatest and the most splendid.

Mita gave these gold coins
to the weapons dealer Hauk.

- He was supposed to build him a machine.
- A war machine?

Brand-new gold coins.
The same ones as the ones Rumata uses.

- 20 blows from the stick.
- No, no!

Your job is to write.

- Write down the number of coins.
- You wished to see me?

I wasn't able to come any earlier.
The king's knee was aching.

I hope you aren't angry at Okana
because of this. Are you?

I hope you won't forget
to whom you owe your position.

Rumata is dishing out a lot of gold.
And what gold!

This coin alone
is enough to burn him at the stake.

It's the work of the devil.

Human hands could not produce
metal of such purity.

Find out where he got it from.

So he did it after all.

I should have known.

Anyone there?

- Welcome to you, noble Lord.
- How's business?

No point complaining.

How can I be of service, noble Lord?

I believe you're building a machine, Hauk?

Yes, I am.

Can I see it?

I wouldn't have thought a nobleman
would be interested in such a thing.

Just a pastime. Maybe I should do
something more useful.

- Mita told me about you.
- May God bless his soul.

I owe a great deal to him.

I can make a larger number of copies
with this machine,

so that the words of the poets
and the thoughts of our scholars

can be read by many.

The author of this book
heard of my machine.

He wishes me to make ten copies.

As I was saying, just a pastime.

Perhaps I'd be better off doing something
more useful.

"The stars are beings like us.
They are born and they die.

"Sixteen years ago
the moon gave birth to a child."

Scholar Budach found smooth,
transparent rocks

at the Square of the Heavy Swords.

He used them to construct a device
that strengthens the eye's vision.

You can clearly see the new star
with Budach's device.

This is his book I was telling you about.

Budach is a doctor.

He studies the human body
and observes the stars.

He tells of the strange form
of these stars.

I bound the book as he requested.

The octagon!

Your lung is fine.

Give me your finger.

Have you still not found anyone
to replace me?

I feel pretty stupid
as one of Arkanar's courtiers.

I think you're doing very well.
We're all very happy with you.

- Do you take Segatron every morning?
- Pumping myself full of it.

Now the urine test.

Still I wouldn't say
"See Arkanar and die."

We have to bring back
some of our scouts again.

- They're cracking up.
- I can understand why.

Up here they're talking
about a virus of barbarianism.

As if the past
was catching up with us again.

It's all right for you.
Are you getting clear pictures?

Your transmitter is working fine.

The noblewomen think Rumata
has beautiful eyes.

- What do you think, Anka?
- Your eye is fine.

Are you sleeping OK?
No nightmares?

I only have those when I'm awake.

I found Cyril's papers.
He invited Budach to Arkanar.

The doctor from Irukan?

He's been trying to get us to renew contact
with him recently.

But now we're responsible for Budach.

They arrest everyone here
who is halfway literate.

Gregor is dead. He tried to start
a revolt among the Moorish slaves.

How did he die?

He was buried alive.

Your protective treatment.


So, do you find it exciting
watching me all the time?

It's my job.

And when I'm lying in the arms
of a beautiful woman?

I think the beautiful Okana
has her eye on me.

The king's mistress is of course
under observation. Be careful.


Examination concluded.

Take care.

Kyra... Kyra!

There's a letter from a noble lady.

She is waiting for you
at court as soon as possible.

- And who is this lady?
- Okana.

- How do you know what she wrote?
- Mita taught me to read and write.

Don't tell anyone. It would be dangerous.

Mita says it's important
to be able to read and write.

Don't you know what happens to people
who can read?

They are seized and taken
to the Tower of Joy.

I'm just a simple maidservant.
Okana is better informed.

People say that Reba often takes her
with him to the interrogations.

Makes me think about...

How could a poor girl like me
resist your attack?

No one can command his heart.

Mine beats violently in the company of
the most beautiful woman in Arkanar.

Come closer so I may enjoy
the beating of your heart.

The First Minister
enjoys your favour too,

- so please understand my hesitation.
- Don't be concerned,

he only gets aroused when he hears
the screams of the tortured.

So he greatly appreciates it,
if I accompany him.

Be on your guard against him.

You have access to the Tower of Joy...

a renowned scholar has disappeared
on the way to Arkanar.

- Why are you telling me this?
- I want to find him

but the Grey soldiers
may have already seized him.

Oh, so you're here
because you need my help.

Yes. I'm very worried about this scholar.
His name is Budach.

I thought you desired me.

Any other man would kiss my feet
for a look from me.

Men have forfeited their lives,
losing their minds for a look from me.

And you just want me
to find this old scholar. promised me things
and then broke your promise.

You misunderstand. Forgive me.
I do desire you.


Show me you do.
Take off your clothes.

You can keep your boots on.

Sorry, this is all new territory for me.

Do you like it?
Wait and you'll be thrilled.

Take me.

I'm yours.

They're like animals.

Not like animals.


The Grey soldiers
have surrounded the pleasure garden.

- They'll be here any moment!
- Go! Reba mustn't see you here.

I'll find your scholar if he's in the tower.

Thank you, noble Okana,
but I don't want to ask that of you.

- I'll soon have done with Reba.
- They're at the door!

Open the door!

- Can I contact you?
- At the lower city inn. They know me.


- He's unconscious.
- His protection is active.

Help us! Please, help me!
Help us!

What a pleasant surprise.
What brings you here?

- I just wanted to look around.
- With pleasure. It would be an honor.

- Do you know why they're screaming?
- They won't tell the truth.

And they regret it.

Power stems from truth.
Without truth you cannot govern.

Would you like to scream like that too?

Then you must tell me the truth.
Who instructed you to come here?

Rumata of Estoria
He's looking for the scholar, Budach.

He forced me to.

Then have a good look round.
Perhaps you'll find the scholar.

Go on, take a look around.

You haven't seen the best part yet.
In there! Enjoy yourself.

No! Please, no. I'm afraid.

There's only one thing
you need fear - me.

Surprised, aren't you?
You're looking at Budach's work.

The lenses are from us.
When our craft landed, vitrification occurred.

- He's just about to discover you.
- What should we do?

Do you want to prevent this invention
and become a complete anathema?


Is Budach here?

I've got him! I've got him!

Stab him!

You filthy swine.

Why don't you leave us alone?

It won't last more than couple of minutes,
then he'll be free.

Let him be.

Give him back his things.

I know how much
you appreciate a scrap

but they haven't learn to fight - not yet.

I'm looking for the doctor
who passed this way.

Do you know where he is?

He was here. He treated our sick.
until the Greys came.

A strange man. He didn't resist
when they took him away.

Go home.
If Budach is still alive, I'll find him.

We'll destroy these Grey vermin.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder
and avenge our dead.

The Greys are stronger than you.

You'll achieve nothing
but spill the blood of these people.

There's only one way you can win.

The Greys only learn
one way of fighting.

You have to divide your people
into two groups.

Each group should hide behind a hill.

Let the Greys advance
then attack from both sides.

- We'll weaken our position by dividing.
- No. You must take them by surprise.

Why won't you lead us?

- I can't.
- I saw how well you fight.

Why won't you help us?

You wouldn't understand.

Perhaps he should help them.

- He's tampered with history.
- He just gave the farmers a chance.

Kyra! What's wrong?
Why are you still awake?

I haven't been able to get to sleep
for hours.

I saw how they hanged our neighbours
from their feet.

And Nanin, the writer,
from down the street -

they trampled him to death
with their heavy boots

after they scorned him and hounded him
naked out of his house.

People didn't dare help him,
they just turned away.

There were even some
who urged on the Greys.

Everyone's scared.

You can be arrested, tortured and hanged
on the strength of a rumor.

I also heard that
Hauk's in danger.

They found his book.

I beg you, help us! Do something!

- People trust you.
- Why do you think I can help?

- You're not like the others.
- I'm like all the other nobles at court.

I know it's not easy for you.

At some point, there'll be no Greys,
no royal household or king.

In what way do you think I'm different
from the rest?

- They live the high life.
- And you think I don't?

- They treat us like objects.
- They don't have a maid like you.

As far as Hauk is concerned,

if he's really in danger,
I'll try to help him.

First thing tomorrow.


Move on! Make way there!

- What's going on here?
- Nothing much.

We've been hunting down
a secret bookworm.

I tell you, he had teeth like a polecat.

Did you catch him?
We did indeed. We caught him.

Where have you put him?
In the tower?

I asked if you put him in the tower.
So where is he?

We can't put them all in there.
Where would we be then?

We don't waste any time.

I hope you're getting
high-quality images of this.

Perfect for training future observers.

Take a look at him.

It's the inventor of the printing press.

We've done everything to overcome
our aggressive instincts,

but if I have to put up
with these people's bestiality

it doesn't mean
I don't scorn and despise it.

So, did you work well?
Are you pleased with yourselves?

What are you doing standing around?

Yes, but I...

No! I beg you!

Are you Waga?

I want to see one of the ladies
of the court.

I really can't offer you any of them.

You'll have to make do
with this one here.

He means Okana.

Why is she at court and not me.
What does she have that I don't?

Hey, innkeeper, I've got a raging thirst...
and I want something decent to eat.

Bring me your best, and no spitting.

This Grey rabble.
Is anywhere free from this vermin?

How can you let this rabble spread so?

I'll tell you why they're here.

That was good.

You deal with them.
I'll take care of this lot!

Pity the baroness can't see this.

Get out of here.
I can't restrain him for much longer.

Baron, this sword was forged
for more noble purposes.

But it's the only one I've got.

We won't forget that!

What is it? Serve our guests. Come on!

Fill our glasses and bring us
something good to eat. Your best.

Your drinks, sire.

You can fight. I've never seen the like.
Who are you?

Rumata of Estoria.

You're not Rumata.
He was my best friend.

He died at my side on a hunt
in the Swamps of Soan.

I know, but keep that to yourself.

Whoever fights as you do
is my brother.

- To Baron Pampa!
- To Rumata of Estoria!

Let it bleed well.
It's for the baron and his guest.

Hard to believe
we were once like that too.

- How is it? Do you like it?
- Delicious. Excellent.

So, Rumata, what do you think
of these women?

They?re nice girls.

You don't know the baroness.

You must meet the baroness.

Then you won't look at these cows
any more.

Not this rabble again!

Excuse me, Baron.
I have some royal business to attend to.

I pity you. I wouldn't want to be
at anyone's beck and call.

What is it?

On Reba's orders, I had Okana
sent to the Tower of Joy two hours ago.

She was charged with espionage.

She held on to her hope right to the end
that you would stand by her.

I understand.

- I was powerless.
- I've been ordered to show her to you.

Come and sit with me, brother.
Let us eat and drink. Forget your worries.

Drink with me.

You clearly have some enemies.

People you hate so much
that you would like to kill them.

I can see it in your eyes.

You're a friend.

My sword is always at your disposal.

Baron, you're a guinea pig!

- What? I'm a pig?
- I have to constantly observe you.

They sit up there and instruct me
to observe you.

One night I saw a dragon.
It flew over me with a great roar.

But the baroness didn't think
it was a dragon.

She said I shouldn't drink so much.

All right! I'm on my way!

We could drink all night long
but we should sleep before the battle.

- Not a drop of wine before the fight.
- Bruno!

- Make up a bed for the baron.
- A bed! Why do I need a bed?

A brave warrior's bed
is on the battlefield.

The warhorse is ready for action!


Where is Kyra?

Now I have eaten and drunk like you.

Now I?m one of you.

Where are the bloody tablets?

Anton, calm down.

Why should I calm down? I am calm,
but everyone I get in touch with gets killed.

Even when someone is tortured, I'm calm.
When someone is quartered, I even clap.

You?re letting yourself go.

Yes, I'm drunk and I'm angry.

You can talk, up there.
You're watching me all the time, secretly.

Secretly? We're doing our job, just like you.

I'll remain the way I am.
If you don't like the state I'm in, switch off.

- Anton.
- Shit.

We are worried about the developments
in Arkanar as well. It's not easy for you.

Let's talk about it. Anton.

Come back, Anton.
You are jeopardizing your mission.


Gosh, look at these masses.

It's nearly the entire Grey army.

Isn't it dangerous for Reba
to send away all his soldiers?

- He'd been waiting for this.
- He needed the Greys to come to power.

- Now they bother him.
- His own militia?

I think he wants to get rid of Zupik. He's bad.

If you rule a country,
you don't allow it to be destroyed, do you?

Oh, it's you.

- What was that light you came from?
- Oh, my head.

That woman you spoke to...

- Is she still here?
- No, it was radio contact.

She is somewhere up there.

You need a good sleep.

But they might have already killed Budach.

Where is Okana?
Where is she? Okana.

Okana. My little Okana, where is she?

- Have you seen my little Okana?
- I'm afraid I haven't.

Rumata, you're alive. I thought
he'd killed you. He's killing everyone.

Reba is a dreadful minister.

He promised to bring the conspiracies
to an end, but they are on the rise.

And he posts these Grey monsters here.

I've had enough of assassination attempts.
Even in bed, there are conspiracies.

I am the king. I have a right to sleep at night.
Why can't they attack me during the day?

One more night like that,
and I'll have this Reba executed.

What's the matter? Eat.

That's what you?re here for,
to eat, to drink and to jest.

You?re waiting for me.
You?re waiting for your king.


I'm eating. Look, I'm eating.

Stuff yourselves, while you're healthy. Eat.

Your king is sick.
His knee aches. Eat while I'm suffering.

My ailment is getting worse.
Where are the doctors, the quacks?

Where is Tate? Even his voice made me feel
better. And you hanged him, you fool.


I know he was a poisoner,
but I don't care.

He did something to ease my pain,
do you understand, murderers?

He poisoned one and cured the other,

but Reba just wants to kill everyone
who falls into his hands.

My king, order Reba to present
the famous Dr Budach to you.

Very well, I order it. Where is this doctor?

Reba's Grey soldiers
apprehended him.

I'll kill you one day, you rascal.
Where is this doctor?

I wanted to protect famous Dr Budach
from the dangers of his journey,

so I sent my Grey soldiers out to meet him.

What's he rambling on about?
I want to know where he is.

I wanted to make inquiries into him first,
for your safety.

I presume Rumata doesn't know
what malice towards Your Majesty

the rulers of Irukan are capable of.
We do, don't we, my king?

But if you, Majesty, and Rumata so wish,
I shall have him presented to you.

He can come in now.

Come, famous doctor.
What are you waiting for? Come here.

Open your mouth.

Remarkably good teeth.
If mine were that good, I could eat better.

- Cure me.
- If Your Majesty would show me the knee.

I understand.
I get the picture. I know what to do.

I'll cure you, definitely.
You shall suffer no more.

- You'll massage me?
- No, it's for internal...

- No, nothing internal. Massage me.
- But that would have absolutely no effect.

- Have a sip.
- Me?

Drink, I said!

I order you to do so.

So, what's it like?

- Bitter.
- Atrocious.

- But you can safely drink it.
- Then I shall. I shall drink it.

You bastard!
Why have you poisoned me?

- My knee's still hurting.
- You'll have to drink this for at least a week.

Get out!

What have they done to me?
I've been maltreated.

Don't you have any respect for your king?
Get out! Get out, all of you!

I don't want to see you any more. Get out!

- He wasn't real. Real doctors aren't afraid.
- You?re right. I believe that too.

No, let me live. Don't hit me.
I didn't know anything about this.

I didn't know...

I trust you, so I?m going
to ask you a favour.

- Would you stand guard over me tonight?
- You have my promise.

If my father gets very ill, he won't be able
to protect me from Reba any more.

The one on the horse is Zupik.

A whole army against a handful of peasants.

- He's luring them into a trap.
- Follow them. Destroy them.

Look at that.
They're surrounding them from all sides.

- He's learned fast.
- The peasants are fighting for a cause.

The peasants are winning. Yes!

Hey, look. What's this?

These are martial monks
from the swamp areas of Soan.

They're advancing toward Arkanar.

I don't think they would be going there,
unless someone has called them.

Reba probably wants
to get rid of the Greys with their help.

God, look at your people.
Open your second eye over Arkanar again.

We will wipe out the sinners who insult you,

so you will look at us again.

Lord, preserve us.

They're waiting for God
to open his second eye.

- He hasn't opened it yet.
- No, he hasn't.

Do you think he ever will?

Yes, one day.

When that day comes, I'll have to leave.

Where will you go?

Do you see that star up there?

The little one there,
over the Three Siblings?

The Earth, where I was born,
is very close to that star.

Do you believe me?

I always believe you.

Uno, why are you so afraid?

I don't know, I've prayed three times tonight.
What more can I do?

Go to sleep. Nothing will happen to you.

Please don't go tonight.

I'd like to stay,
but I must return to the castle. I promised.

Don't worry about me.

Does this happen on your star too?
Do people kill each other?

No, they haven't done so for a long time.

And no one suffers deprivation?


- And no one cries any more?
- No one cries.


Anka is crying.

She's crying.

- Anka, would you like to rest?
- No, I'm all right.

- I have a feeling that we're not alone.
- That's possible.

Whatever happens, I will never leave you.
I'll close my eyes now,

so no one can see us any more.

He's trying to trick us. Give me
an exterior camera on A 47. I'll sort this out.

- Shall I switch over?
- To automatic.

- Automatic is activated.
- He won't get rid of us that easily.

- How did you do this?
- Heat-photography.

The hotter he gets, the better we see him.

- You're a horrible bunch of people.

- Anka!
- What's wrong with her?

- Why did she cry?
- She's worried about Anton.

He's becoming one of them.
He's capable of anything now.

We learned to control our emotions.
That doesn't seem to work any more.

No one can keep watching people
eating bloody meat and killing each other

without being influenced.

That would mean that not only Anton
is changing, but we are too.

- A bizarre theory. Just because she cried.
- Coffee?

- Perhaps we will roast a pig up here soon.
- Nonsense. Anka cried.

That's never happened here before.

She cried because something is happening
that we cannot comprehend.

Yes. She has rediscovered something
which we lost long ago.

Attention, a call from Earth.

I have been watching with concern how
certain forms of intolerance and aggression

have been spreading
among the crew of the space station.

We have had to fetch back
some of your colleagues

because they let themselves
be led by emotions

which we believed
we had long since overcome.

For others, it was too late.
They died through their own fault.

I would like to ask you,
as members of the institute,

to make sure that this alarming development
does not get out of hand

and jeopardizes the entire project.
Thank you.

What are you thinking about?

Budach, who's sitting in some cell,

over in the Tower of wherever,
in chains and humiliated.

- And why are you thinking about him?
- There's so much misery in this world.

Only every now and then
does a light illuminate this darkness,

when a singer is singing a song
or a scholar is exploring the truth.

We must not allow this light
to be extinguished.

Carry on.

Few people who live in misery
are responsible for their plight.

When you are king,
you will be responsible for them.

They will put their trust in you,
and you will have to trust them.

We need people who think.

When I become king,
I'll chop off Reba's head.

And then someone will kill you, and there'll
never be an end to the murdering.

You will be my First Minister,
and it will be your job to protect me.

I don't know
if I'll always be able to be with you.

The king is dead. Budach poisoned him.

We must at least save the prince.

- You have to hide.
- I'll stay and fight at your side.

Do as I tell you. Hurry up.

Open the door at once.

Get out.


Get out, you rabble, or you'll be sorry.

You're under arrest.
Surrender. Throw away your weapons.

- Come and get them yourself.
- Die, you devil.

Seize him.

I'll chop off your hands.


He's coming round.

- What are they going to do with him?
- He's giving him something to drink.

- What is it?
- Conduct a spectral analysis of the liquid.

Did you like it?

It's the same poison that killed the king.

Do you think you can walk again,
or will you have to be carried?




Hey, grandma.

Tell me, grandma,
have they killed everyone?

Spawn of hell.

Surrender, disguised figures. Come here.


Cowardly rabble.

Look who's here.
Our dearest enemy, the nobleman Rumata.

What do you think we should do with you?

The prince has escaped us because of you.

Hang him. We must hang him at once.

- What do you think?
- I don't really care,

but generally, only the rabble is hanged.

He is a descendant of an old family
and also an important irukanian spy.

He is an irukanian spy, isn't he?
Oh, and a Soan spy on top of that.

- I wouldn't hang him.
- We'll burn him.

- Is that all right with you?
- Yes, that's fine.

Guards, take him to the stake.

What are you doing?
You're supposed to take Rumata, not me.

Treachery! You have tricked me.
My Grey soldiers will pay you back for this.

You wouldn't be deceived so easily,
would you?

Rumata of Estoria, from the family
of Estoria, grew up at his father's castle.

Left Estoria at the age of 22.
Why did you leave your country?

- The circumstances forced me to leave.
- What circumstances?

- I killed a royal in a duel.
- Whom?

- Young Prince Ekin.
- What was the reason for the duel?

- A woman.
- And what was this woman's name?

- Dorana.
- I hadn't expected you to answer.

- Thank you, Rumata of Estoria.
- You?re welcome. If it helps.

But perhaps you're not Rumata.
Perhaps you're not even from Estoria.

Do you know who this used to be?

I'm sure you'll tell me. You are not Rumata
of Estoria. My emissaries opened his coffin.

This is all that's left of his...
not exactly unstained life.

I would like to know who you are.

They call me Rumata of Estoria.
I'm not used to anyone doubting this.

If you don't tell your monks
to disappear from behind the curtains,

something bad will happen to you.

You don't know who you're dealing with.

I can squash you like a leech. These
children of God punish every act of infidelity.

- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.

I am pious Reba, God's
supreme minister.

You're a dirty swindler.
If anything happens to Budach,

I'll strangle you
with these hands.

Give me Budach,
or I'll let you die like a dog.

How are you going to do that, dear Rumata?

Let me use this name for the time being.

You fought bravely in defense of the prince,

and yet you didn't kill any of my men.

And you weren't even injured.

Curious. Extremely curious.

I'm glad we have talked things out.

Everyone has a goal.
Why don't we just work together?

Side by side.

You want to frighten me.
All right, so I'm afraid.

Maybe you?re the son of Alzar the Sinister,

arisen from the depths of darkness.

Maybe you come from a distant,
all-powerful land.

People say that they exist.

My head is spinning,
and I can feel myself lapsing into heresy.

I?m beginning to think forbidden thoughts.

What did I tell you? Nobody is invulnerable.
This poison kills everyone.

Guards, retrieve his body.

This way.

Lock all the exits of the palace.

Reach into my boot.
There's a remedy inside.

Tear it open.

Hold still.

Look in all the rooms, warriors.
He can't be far.

When you find him,
take his body to the abbot.

Rumata. Rumata.

You mustn't fall asleep.
You'll never wake up again.

You told me about the light in the dark
that must never expire. Can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you.

Help me.

This corridor takes you
straight to the tower.

Thank you.
Go back to your hiding place now.

- Am I king now?
- Yes, but you mustn't be seen yet.

First of all, I'll chop off Reba's head.

No, no. Leave that to me.

My noble friend,
how wonderful that I have finally found you.

I was told that you had been arrested.

Now we'll straighten out this place.

Cowardly toad.

Back me up. I'll be right back.



Where's Budach?

- Get us out of here.
- Budach, can you hear me?

Are you Budach?

At last I have found you.

I am Rumata of Estoria.
I'll get you out of here.

Swallow this. It'll make you feel better.

Don't worry.

No shilly-shallying.
Hurry up, we've got to get out of here.

Here's something to wear.

You?re right. It would be unseemly
to appear naked before the baroness.

That bastard's got my sword.

Shouldn't I escort you further?

Just ride home
and give my kind regards to the baroness.

Come and visit me.
The Baroness will like you.

- I assume he's riding to the old temple.
- We must notify Alexander.

What do you as a scholar think
about the terrible events in Arkanar?

I'm a doctor, but I would kill Reba.

If you had the chance to improve the world,
what would you change?

The world is perfect.
How could I change that which is perfect?

Individuals desire changes, of course,
and the events in Arkanar are terrible,

but what would be the point
of a tree complaining

that it can't run, though it would
probably be happy if it could escape
the woodman's axe?

You can hear the screams
of the tortured everywhere.

You live in a world full of poverty,
ignorance and suffering.

Let's assume that you could
offer God a piece of advice.

God doesn't need any advice.

If you had the competence of a God,
what would you change

in order to improve the fate of mankind?

You have a fertile imagination.

Very well, then, if you so desire.

I would say to the creator,
"Give us bread, meat and wine.

"Give us shelter and clothing to put an end
to the misery which divides mankind."

The strong would soon
rob the weak of all God gave them.

The weak would then be as poor as before.

I would ask the creator to stop people
from stealing from each other.

I?m not sure if that would be good.
If they get everything without effort,

they become lazy
and lose their taste for life.

But there is another possibility.
I could ask of the creator,

"Ordain that mankind will love
work and knowledge above all,

"that wisdom becomes
their sole reason for being."

Yes, well, you could do that,

but wouldn't that be
like wiping this mankind from the Earth

and creating another in its place?

Then I would say, "Please, Lord,
remove us from the face of the Earth

"and create us anew -
more peaceful, better and more truthful."

Something like that has been tried before.

- Where was that?
- In another land, far away from here.

We abolished violence because
we would have destroyed ourselves.

Every act of violence evokes sympathy... violence can never destroy everyone.

We were able to see everything
that was happening in the world.

We saw all the misery,
but couldn't feel sympathy any more.

We had our meals while seeing pictures
of starving people in front of us.

I find what you are saying
difficult to imagine.

I believe that the evil in the world
is ineradicable.

I see that there are questions
which you cannot solve either.

Perhaps we must stay the way we are,

and I shall request of God,
"See to it that we find our way."

Unfortunately this is not within my power.

Wait here for me.

I found Budach and freed him from prison.
What's wrong with that?

- You've just gone too far.
- I didn't kill anyone.

Your cronies did.
There's no point in discussions.

- Your mission is over.
- What? I don't think that's fair.

They've actually brought me new chairs.
How about that? Have a seat.

I won't give up my work here.
I can't just abandon my friends.

Anton, we are here as scouts.
Also, we swore an oath.

Anything that is dear to us must either be
back on Earth or locked up in ourselves.

You don't understand what this is all about.

Take the peasants? revolt.
If Suren succeeds, a new era begins.

The revolt is over,
the peasant army is beaten.

- Suren is being hanged as we speak.
- You can't be serious.

It seems I have to prove it to you.

It's not working again.

The working conditions
one has to put up with here.

We can't simply watch them slaughter him.
Alexander. We must get him out of there.

The gods who want to help people
always come to a bad end. This is a fact.

I?m sorry, Alexander.

Control to MC 5, come in.

MC 5, report in. It's urgent.

A 43, establish contact with us immediately.

A 43, reply.

MC 5, return immediately. Reply.
A 43, can you hear me?

- You must establish contact with us.
- Anton, at least reply.

We?re very worried about...

Anton, I beg you. They'll force you to land.

- I?m switching to self-destruct.
- No, you won't.

I'll give him three minutes,
so he has time to land.

He mustn't reach Arkanar.

Leave the helicopter immediately.
The self-destruct mechanism is activated.

Detonation will occur
in two minutes, 50 seconds.

Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.

Detonation will occur
in two minutes, 40 seconds.

Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.

Detonation will occur in two...

We are using the alternative channel.

The self-destruct mechanism
has been activated. Detonation...

- Today I'm not drunk. Follow me.
- Follow him!

Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.

Detonation will occur
in one minute, 50 seconds. Attention...

Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.

Detonation will occur in 25 seconds.

Then it's true.
You exist after all up in the sky.

I?m not a god, Suren.

You rule over the lightning.

Why have you waited so long to help us?

Nearly all my people have been wiped out.
What have they done wrong?

And you can burn the lot of them like bugs.

You can destroy all of them,
down to the very last man.

I can, but I don't want to kill.

What are you going to do now?

I must return to Arkanar.
Someone is in great danger there.

I'll accompany you.
I hope you won't refuse my help.

To Arkanar!

Attention all!

..the foreign spy, murderer of the king,

and enemy of Arkanar, Rumata of Estoria,

is losing his honor.
His body shall henceforth be unprotected,

his soul condemned for all eternity.

His possessions go
to the servants of divine justice.

- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.

- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.

- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.

- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.

- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.

Get them out alive.
I have to interrogate them.


Rumata! No!

What is your master
doing here in Arkanar?

Who is he working for?

You will tell me.

Where is he hiding?
You have sinned in the flesh.

You will atone for it with your body,
if you don't speak.

Take her to God's machine.

Don't. These are the fingers of God.



Watch out!

Follow me.

To the castle.

You're supposed to pray, not to fight.

Women are to be respected.

Now I'll impale you, ugly toad.

- God's second eye is opening.
- What are you rambling on about?

I asked the Lord for a sign. There it is.

He has furnished it. There.

He has answered his servant's prayers.

Pray to God to give thanks.

He has answered my prayers.
Thank God for his mercy.

Thank you, Lord,
for your immeasurable kindness.

You have saved me from certain death.

We should reveal ourselves.
Perhaps we can ease their future.

We must step before them.

We know we can't help
them, Alexander.

More than a thousand years separate us.

We can't suppress all human feelings.
We aren't gods.

Admittedly, we helped some inhabitants
of the planet and made mistakes.

It's not about the inhabitants of the planet
but about our own future.

We wanted to find out who we really are.

We wanted to know
whether we can create our own destiny

or whether we are
inescapably bound to our past.

We don't know yet, but at any moment,

we can fall back into an era of darkness,
irrationality and barbarianism.

This is the result of our observations.

So we were the object of your studies.

Yes, Alexander, it was you,
representative for all of us.

- The Lord has forgiven us.
- Return to Reba.

And you accuse me of intervening.

Pampa! No!

I know how much I owe you.

Farewell, my friend.

Rumata, he's up there.

- Rumata, kill him!
- God has delivered the enemy to you.

He is right in your midst. Slay him.

He cannot harm you. He must not kill.

Make way, or I'll chop you to pieces.

He must not kill.
He does not have any special powers.

You?re mistaken. I shall kill you now.

How? No lance, no arrow can reach this far,
only your tongue.

You will die. God is on my side.

Lord, help me destroy my enemies.

I have done everything for you.

I have purged your land of filth.

I have punished the sinners
who interfere with your order.

Lord, let me finish my work.
I am your Minister Supreme.

Rumata is our god.

Be merciful, Rumata.


It's Suren, the rebel. Slay him.

Hatches have been opened for deployment
of sleeping gas. Coordinates 1 1 7.24.96.