Eroticna kankei (1978) - full transcript

A Nikkatsu Presentation

Erotic Liaisons

Screenplay by: Yasuharu Hasebe,
Koichi Nakajima Original

work: Raymond Marlot Produced
by: Shigeru Kuribayashi

Editing: Osamu Inoue, Art Direction:
Yoshie Kikukawa Recording: Tsuneo

Furuyama, Lightning: Toshitaka
Takashima Cinematography: Shohei Ando

Production Assistant: Katsuhiko Aoki
Assistant Director: Naosuke Kurosawa


Reiko Kayama, Yuya Uchida

Eimei Esumi, Hirokazu Inoue, Shogoro
Nishimura Akira Hanaue, Hiroshi Tanaka

Haruka Tajima, Mayuko Hino
Chihiro Megumi, Naomi Oka

Maki Nanjo

Hitomi Maki, Rikiya Yasuoka

Directed by:
Yasuharu Hasebe

It?s absolutely a troubling trend.

What is?

These suicides for unknown causes.

Troublesome Trend, The Third Suicide.
Repeated Suicide of Famous People.

- You?ve got nothing to worry about.
- Huh?

Because all of them are
famous elderlies.

They probably don?t have
anything fun to live for.

It?s not like I have anything
to look forward to either.

Really? Is that so?

I?m sick of listening to them.

I?m sick of giving excuses.

They?re so persistent.

Hello, this is the office of private
detective Kotaro Higaki.

You?re calling to request
an investigation?

No 35: Kotaro Higaki
Private Detective Office


Kotaro Higaki
Private Detective Office

Excuse me, I called earlier...

You must be Mr. Kurokawa.
Please, come in.

The president is currently busy,
so please wait here.

You can let him in now.

Alright, please come in.

This way, please.

Excuse me.

I don?t have a lot of time, so
please get right to the point.

Yes, well...


Oh, she?s my secretary, Miki.
Please, don?t worry.

Actually, I have this woman on the side.

I completely understand.

Her name is Chieko, but she
was recently taken from me.

Oh, so she was taken...

Yes, it?s unfortunate...

So, then...

That?s when I found you
in the yellow pages.

Kotaro Higaki, it?s a great name.

Indeed it is.

So, then, you want me
to look into it?

When I met Chieko, I was truly happy.

When I think about those days...

Why don?t you have some?
It?ll calm your nerves.

I?ll contact you.

I prefer... no, I definitely don?t want
anyone to find out about it.

Don?t be concerned about that.

Um... would 300,000 yen
be sufficient as a deposit?

3... 300,000 yen.

- Of course.
- Well then.

I?ll prepare the receipt right away.

- Thank you for coming.
- I?m counting on you.

I?ll do my very best!

Do what needs to be done.

President of Kurokawa Building
Company, Hideo Kurokawa.

Investigating his love affair
doesn?t sound too interesting.

You can?t be choosy.
We hardly get any clients.

The deposit...

Where should we go tonight?


Where should we go?

After our work out, we had a
relaxing night out for a change.

Furthermore, Miki?s appetite
was healthy just as always.

And her appetite was just as
healthy when we got home.

What?s the matter?
Come on!

She took a lot longer than usual.

No... I need to stop.

When I see a beautiful woman, I envision
them coming out of the bathtub.

I?ve failed tailing people because of
it in the past. I need to stop.

Which floor?

It's the same, thank you.

No problem.


I'm counting on you.

This place is for women only.

Men aren?t allowed here!

Manager, Chieko Mizusawa said
she?ll come to your office later.


Parking Violation Notice

Thanks for earlier.

We were on the same elevator and
I couldn?t take my eyes off of her.

You?re a strange one.

- Is she a friend of the manager?
- She?s a special member.

What does a "special member" mean?

- You know what it means.
- I see. Of course.

- Not at all picky.
- Her?

The manager.
It all happens in his office.

In his office...

He has a plush carpet
and a bed in there.

I wanted to ask if there
was a bathtub as well...

But I didn?t.

I guess you?re not picky either.


Parking Violation Notice

What is going on?

There?s more than one lover?

No, that can?t be it.
A guy that old can?t be her lover.



- It?s been a while.
- You?re so beautiful, I can?t stand it.

You haven?t changed at all.

You haven?t change a bit too. So, which
pretty woman are you in pursuit of now?

The two that came in, have
they been coming here?

No, it?s recent.
They?re really loud.

- Is it that bad?
- Especially the woman.

- What?s the matter?
- Nothing.

That old man, who is he?

We don?t ask questions in
this line of business.

Isn?t that your job?

I?m just asking for a little
help doing my job.

I just want a little bit
of your cooperation.

I want to help you, but...

- putting me in a difficult situation.
- You helped me before.

- But...
- I won?t cause you any trouble.

But you?re really putting me
in a difficult position.

But I?m begging you.


But I?ll get in trouble.

But please...

You're always... this.

I was used to greasy ones
because of Miki.

But this one?s even greasier.

There?s a woman like that
in this world, and yet...

...I have to fiddle around with
something like this.

At this point, I just need to get it done.
I need to hurry.

Will you help me?
Will you?

I'll do it.

What's the matter?

What room are they in?

It?s okay.
Once is never enough for them.

You?re such a bad boy...

Making me go wild like this...

How was it?

Were you able to take pictures?


Did you record them?


Were they wild?

Tell me about it!

Actually, that woman had
more than one lover.

- She?s something.
- She doesn?t look the part though.

Is she pretty?

She?s out of this world.
Letting a woman like that go is foolish!

You tell that to the client...

...and you won?t be able to
ask for any further payments.

In any case, I?m not doing this.
I?m not taking the case.

Don?t tell me you?ve fallen
for her too.

No, it?s not that. That woman smiled at me.
She winked at me.

What are you talking about?


As I explained everything to Miki,
I could only think about that woman.

Even after I was done talking,
her appearance didn?t leave me.

I got it!

The woman must have figured out you were the
private detective that Kurokawa hired...

...and so she was trying to befriend you, so
that you wouldn?t leak the information to him.

She?s going to want those pictures and
the recordings that prove her infidelity.

Yeah, that sounds possible...

That has to be it!

The problem is, which one will pay more?
Kurokawa or the woman? You just need to pick!

You?re lucky!
You can?t go wrong.

What do you want me to do?

Just continue investigating her
and see what she does next.

Up until now, doing what Miki
said had always been right...

...but I don?t want to make any deals
that would make that woman suffer.

That?s why I didn?t want to
take this case.

I was expecting you.


No, don?t say anything.

I was dreaming.

I figured I would wake up
from the dream.

But if this were a dream...

But if this were a dream,
I don?t want to wake up.


- I want to ask you something.
- I wanted to talk to you too.

You think I?m a bad woman.

Having affairs with one
man after another.

But that?s something I?m
doing for Kurokawa.

Kurokawa?s true enterprise is blackmailing.

He makes me get close to wealthy
men and uses it to blackmail them.

The reason he came to
you is because he wanted

pictures to use for
blackmailing the men.

Three years ago, I was his secretary,
and he took me by force.

I was poor until then.

So, having him care for me
felt like happiness.

I was stupid.

It took me a year to realize
how evil he was.

He told me to go on a trip
with a bank executive.

I?ve been his puppet since then.

That?s why I knew you were
following me from the beginning.

I had a few of them follow me.

But when I saw you...

I thought,
?I can tell him everything.

He can get me out of this life.?

- Why me?
- Because I like you.

I can?t believe you.

Then, I guess you won?t help me. I guess
it?s impossible to believe someone like me.

- I just...
- I like you.

Please, take me and run.

I only have you.

Even if we did run away, what
would we do in the long run?

That?s why we need go
see Kurokawa.


I didn?t even think about Miki.

I just didn?t want to lose this woman.

What are you doing here?

I told you that I would contact you.

It was an emergency.

Just like you requested, I?ve taken
photographs and recorded her...

...and her lover in action.

Great, I?ll take them.

How much are you willing to pay?

What do you mean?

It looks like the proof I obtained is more
for the men having the affair than you.

What do you mean?

In short, blackmail.

That?s ridiculous.

Then, I guess I?ll visit the
man in the photographs.

I?m guessing he?ll pay me ten
times as much as you have.


I?ll give you 1,000,000.
I can?t give you more than that.

I won?t ask for more.

- How did it go?
- I?m giving the photographs and the tapes.

It?s settled, then?

How much did you settle for?

I don?t have time.
I?m in a rush.

You settled without even consulting me
and you won?t even explain it to me?

Why do I have to consult with you on everything?
Why do I have to explain everything to you?

I have my own money.

Very well.

I didn?t mean it like that.
I just like you.


- What?
- I?m sorry for yelling at you.

I?ll be waiting.

- Looks like no one is here.
- I?m supposed to use the backdoor.

The photographs and the tapes?

You don?t know what Kurokawa
would do. Take it.

Why do you have something
like that?

Kurokawa had it.

I couldn?t go on living if something
were to happen to you.

Come in.

Give me the photographs
and the tape.

Money first!

You should?ve just done what
I asked you to do.

You know too much now.

But it?s unlike you... not realize the fact that making you
come here today was to shut you up forever...

...or should I say, it?s very like you.

- Don?t shoot!
- Chieko!

Please, don?t shoot him!

You two!
It can?t be.

That?s right.

Damn it!

Don't shoot!

Are you alright, Chieko?

He?s dead. Don?t touch him.
We have to run!

Where are we going?

After I?m dropping you off,
the police station...

- The police station?
- Yeah, I?ll give myself in.

You tell them that you were at home
the whole time and don?t know anything.

Have a happy life without Kurokawa.

No, I can't.

This is all my fault.

I can?t let you go to the
police on your own.

Please, don?t leave me.

Please, come in.

I shouldn?t have given this to you.

But if I didn?t shoot,
I would have been shot.

He?s despicable. He had no intention,
of paying in the first place.

What are we supposed to do now?

Is it in the papers?

It?s not in the papers. His body is
probably being found right about now.

But no one saw us.

Nobody should know that
we were there.

Do you regret it?


I really am a bad woman for getting
you involved in something like this.

I don?t regret a thing!

If only we had money...

That's right.

We have the photographs and the tape.

- You stay here.
- Are you alright on your own?

I?ll do it right this time.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

I want to see the Director.

May I ask who?s asking?

You can tell him that I?m here
in regards to Chieko Mizusawa.


Stop it!

I actually don?t want to
do something like this.

It must be Kurokawa.

You?ll buy them?

I get it, so please stop!

3,000,000 in cash, right now.

Hold on.

There?s no way I can prepare that
kind of money this instant.

- You.
- Chieko!

I won?t let you claim that there isn?t
that much cash in a hospital of this size.

You?re working together?!
You?re a despicable woman.

Don?t talk to her that way!

Tell Kurokawa.
He?ll someday get...


This way, there?s a stairway that he used
when he wanted to sneak away with me.

Hurry up!

Your president is away on a trip?

He had some personal business to attend
to and left yesterday afternoon.

- Did you have an appointment with him?
- Not exactly.

Do you know where?

I?m sorry, I don?t know that.

I had no other choice.

I was worried about you, so I went to
see and then he said that to me.

I lost control. I was so mad and
out of control, I shot him.

Please understand.

I understand.

I do understand.

The only good thing is that
you weren?t seen.

- But you...
- I?ll be fine.

More importantly, we have to
figure out what to do now.

Hold me.
Make love to me.

I?ll do it.
The fitness club manager.

I?ll go to him, so that you can
photograph and tape us.

Don't do it.

I won?t let you do such a thing.


Don?t worry about it.
Just leave it to me.

Is it true what you said
on the phone?

- What?
- That you wanted to see me again?

Yeah, it's true!

When I woke up and brushed my teeth, I just
couldn?t get the image of you out of my mind!

You say that now...

...but you?re thinking of doing
something nasty, aren?t you?

I felt sick from the smell of
cheap perfume and sweat.

I tried to imagine the beautiful
appearance of Chieko.

But I couldn't.

I?m drunk!
I don?t care what happens now!

Oh my!

She was a woman that smelled like a lot of
different things in many different places.

I was raped.

No matter what anybody says,
this was rape.

- I?m sorry.
- It?s alright.

But are you pregnant?
Is it the manager?

I?m not the only one who was
forced into his office.

There are many women at
the fitness club.

He?s awful.
Why does everyone keep quiet?

Because it?s not something we
want to make public.

And there are many that
are happy about it.

Like that woman the other day.

Do you not like me anymore?

Hey, how about it?

I just...

...felt sorry for this girl.

I'm so happy!

I pitied her.

I understood!

Hey, you!

Can?t you see the no parking sign?

I?m very sorry.

- Move your car.
- I?m very tired.

Manager's Office

Come in.

Is it you that wants to talk to me?

Have a sit.

Thank you.

You work out a lot.

You?re in great shape.


What did you want to talk about?

Well, I just heard some...

Heard what?

Well, some negative rumors about you.

Be direct.
What are you talking about?

To be direct...

...the rumor is that you force
quite a number of women... this fitness club to
have sex with you.

- What about it?
- Huh?

What?s wrong with me having
fun with women?

Oh my.

Um, if the public were to find out...

...that may have a negative
impact on your business.

What are you talking about?
The women love it.

I guess I should ask you to leave.

Get in here.

No, I didn?t come here to...

You were thinking of blackmailing me,
right? I guess you thought wrong.

Something wrong?

He?s going home.
Politely show him the way out.

No, I didn?t mean to.
I really hate...

I'm sorry.

Don?t say a word.

Do you want to sleep on the bed?

No, this is fine.

Where are you going?

- I?ll go see Tasaki and settle things with him.
- Don?t do it.

- He?s not the type of man you can deal with.
- Don?t worry.

I know how to handle him.
Please, let me go.

No! Stop!
If you?re going, I?m going with you!

Alright, I?ll listen to you.

It?s you again!

I guess you haven?t had enough.

Look, she?s enjoying herself. If you
don?t leave soon, you?ll get hurt again!

No, that?s not it.
I was forced to!

You bastard!

Let me go!

How dare you?!

No, she wanted...

He?s a monster! As soon as he saw me,
he pushed me down on the bed.

We have to go quickly.

We need money.

There was another man Kurokawa
was trying to blackmail.

- Are you thinking of blackmailing again?
- We have to if we want to live together.

Hey, it?s been awhile.

- How is Kosuke?
- That?s the thing, he hasn?t been home.

I?ve tried all the local spots,
but he?s nowhere to be found.

Did you get into a fight?

Look at this.

What? This is our paper.

Fitness Club Manager Shot to Death. The Police
Department creates a Montage of the Suspect.

Doesn?t that montage look like my man?

I see, he kind of does look like him.

But Kotaro is not the type
to commit murder.

I hope so.

What did you want me to do?

So, just like we planned, okay?

Even if it was our plan...

...thinking about Chieko having sex
with another man in there...

...made me want to scream.

Who are you?

How dare you touch my woman?

Damn it!
So, you two are in on it!




Where did Chieko go?
Why did she disappear?

I couldn?t think anymore.

In the car that you smashed...

...there was evidence that links
you to the murder victim.

You don?t need to give me excuses,
just read the paper.

Do you understand?
You?re done.

The police will be here soon.

It's a lie!

It?s not in the papers, but the only
one I killed was Kurokawa.

Explain it to me.

What exactly happened?

I told everything to Miki.

That's all of it.

What do I do?

There?s a rich old lady named
Ayako Ichinose in Ayamegaoka.

She lives there with a
young mistress right now...

...but she used to own an antique shop.

Chieko used to work there.
That?s where she met Kurokawa.

Kurokawa was into antiques and frequented the
shop and was part of a group of antique lovers.

In that group, there was the
hospital director, Sayama.

Tasaki from the fitness club.

And Nakamura, the camera man.

It doesn?t stop there.

Those that became known because
of the ?troubling trend suicides'.

The college professor,
Yasukichi Karashima.

The high end property
manager, Kenichi Tono.

And, finally, the author Hajime Yamaguchi,
were also part of the group.

What does that mean?

We?ll find out when we go
meet Ayako Ichinose.

The madam is this way.

She hanged herself.

When I came back in the afternoon,
she was already gone.

If I hadn?t gone out, this
wouldn?t have happened.

The doctor?

Do you have any idea why?

Where were you?

This morning, there was a call from a woman who
used to work for her before I did, Chieko.

From Chieko?
And then?

She was going away to Kitakaruizawa for a while,
so she wanted to give the madam something.

What was it?

She said there was no longer
any reason to give it.

And when I returned,
she was already gone.

Chieko said she was going
to Kitakaruizawa, yes?

Why did you leave me, madam?
Why, madam?

There?s too much I don?t understand.

Miki can lose it sometimes,
but she?s a lot better than me.

I should just leave everything
up to her.

But, even so...


You?re still thinking about
that woman.

You can?t leave me, you know.

You can?t get away from me.

Nap time is over, miss.

Looks like you?re still sleeping.

I guess I should stop now.
I need you to be able to talk.

I have a million questions to ask you!

First of all...

...who tampered with the car brakes
and almost killed my man?

I know you?re working with someone.

Who are you working
with and for what?!

Say something!

So, how was it?

Who tried to kill my man?


How dare you?!

You brat!

Do you feel like answering now?

Not even one bit.
Not to you!

Damn you!

Miki! Stop, Miki!

- Stop!
- Let me go!

Let me go!
You?re an idiot!

Damn you!

Stop that, Miki!

Come here!

Stop, Miki!

Stop, Miki! Stop it!

Let me go!

Stop it!


That?s Ayako Ichinose.

That?s the author Hajime Yamaguchi and
Osamu Tasaki from the fitness club.

The camera man, Yuzo Nakamura.

The college professor,
Yasukichi Karashima.

The hospital director, Daisuke Sayama.

The high end property owner,
Kenichi Tono.

And, finally, Kurokawa.

This is it.

This is the beginning of all it.

Two Runaway Girls Found
Mutilated and Murdered.

Chieko, talk to me.

Please, tell me.
Tell me the truth.

That house...

...was a place for a secret club.

After that incident,
Ayako stopped working...

...and she used those tapes
to blackmail those men.

The men paid without saying anything.

But one of them killed himself recently.

And the rest of them became agitated.

And then another one and another one...
They killed themselves.

Sayama couldn?t take it anymore.

And he suggested confessing.

So, Kurokawa decided he was going
to get rid of the rest...

...and hired you to use as a scapegoat.

But Kurokawa...

He... Kurokawa...

Chieko, wake up.

Chieko, hang in there!

Don?t worry.
These type of women are tough.

She?ll wake up soon enough
with some water.



Who is it?
Who tried to kill me?

The one who killed Ayako
and took the tape.

Who was it?

It looks like you want to see me.


You killed me.

But that gun had blanks.

The blood on my chest
was fake as well.

This time... going to die, and for real.






Forgive me.
Please, forgive me.

It's over.

Everything is over.

I loved you.

No, I still love you.


You?re Kotaro Higaki, yes?

- Yes...
- We're the police.

Come with us.

Higaki, your lawyer is here.



Mr. Higaki, you?ll be out in no time.

I?ve already made the arrangements,
so please don?t worry.

I wanted to tell the lawyer
not to hurry...

...but I couldn?t say that
in front of Miki.


I can't wait.

Yup, me neither.