Erotic Ghost Story II (1991) - full transcript

Wu Tung, the lascivious god of Carnal Desire, falls for one of his conquests, only to see her destroyed by other jealous gods. Distraught, he demands the girl's village to send him a virgin every month or face his wrath.

In the beginning there were Heaven, earth

and the spiritual world inviolable
to each other

But Wutung of the spiritual world

seized by lust, crossed the boundary

Giving himself the shape of a gentle scholar

he made advances to three fairies

The fairies, in the first stage
toward immortality, thus

unable to control themselves,
yielded to his temptations

The eldest of the three So-so is

by nature chaste and aloof

Wutung feigned to be wounded

and begged for her treatment

She played into his hands

and fell for his lecherous designs

She finally offered herself to him

The third fairy Hua-hua is
the youngest and naivest

Wutung played upon her adolescent ignorance

and called on his amorous experiences
to seduce her

He won her heart with stories

An overwhelmed Hua-hua also
surrendered her virginity

On the other hand, Fei-fei

is strong in character

and would've been hard to conquer

Yet Wutung made use
of her pride and passion

and eventually gained her carnal favors

Since their love sessions with Wutung

the 3 fairies realized they
were losing their power

Determind to break off the trap

they united to exterminate the demon

Though his body has been destroyed

Wutung and his lust still drift in the 3 worlds

He transplants himself into another
demonic body called Chiu-sheng

He develops an affair with

beautiful Hsiao-yen

As it sizzles on, they vow their true love

Hsiao-yen is determined

to use her true love

to cleanse satanic influences from his body

and to endow him

with human love

As the relationship is a sin

Heaven sends two accomplished fairies

to earth in a bid to wipe out the two

and to prevent lust from ruining mankind

Hold it!

Your choice of Demonland has
angered Heaven & earth

The 2 are soles apart

You'd better reform

No, she's imbued with evil.
She must be executed

Why are you treating me like that?

Let me go!

Your endless lust for momentary happiness

may sow the seed of evil and turmoils

Although your sin's unforgivable but

if you help me overpower evil

and save mankind

you may still return to justice and banish lust

What's wrong with our true love?

A debt of sin

You're Sin yourself

Please forgive me for the execution then

Wutung, you, assumed human shape to

induce family girls

Many village girls have become your victims

and degenerated in the world of lust

The evil seed sown by Hsiao-yen and you

cannot be a union between the 2 worlds

In Heavenly justice, I purgate
evil from Hsiao-yen

so that her evil seed won't hurt mankind

Don't stand in my way

Take away her spirit quickly



Help me...

Are you all right?

Keep the pill of the spirit. Leave now

To put an end to wickedness once and for all

the nuns incinerate Hsiao-yen's body into ashes

and banish what remains of her spirit to earth

thus to make her disappear forever

How come there's such a birthmark?

Let's name her Fang Yu-yin then

Since then, Wutung gets increasingly violent

He uses his power to bring disaster to mankind

To protect humans and animals,
the people of Feng Yueh village

offer him a virgin girl each month

for love-making

O all-loving, all powerful

Wutung God

Bestow good times & crops on our village

We submit humbly to your almighty will

We, in observation of your order

submit a pure virgin to you

so that her body may yet entertain you

Pray that you shall help us

by granting us peace and plenty of animal stock

O Wutung, we live in your divine power

Please deign to grant our wish

Give back my daughter

Hope that all disasters go
up in a cloud of dust

that perils vanish leaving grateful

people in the wake

May the living live longer
and dead ascend to Heaven

Never shall one go to hell

Auntie, are you all right?

Has anybody got any balm?

Don't be sad. Crying won't help

Village Chief, it is time. Let's set out

It's the will of Heaven. Don't be sad anymore

How could I not feel sad over

giving away a grown up girl to Wutung?

He may bless us

with one year's luck

Whose turn would it be next time?

Let's not think of it now

- I push you, it's fun
- Let's go

Hurry up, this way

Come, it's in front

Over here. Put her down

Watch out

Put her down. Be alert

Put her down and leave

Wutung's coming soon. Go

Oh, no, it's lost!

Where's it?

Let me make a search

Could it be there?

A bit higher

I've found it

Could it be there?

Over here

Over here

It's tasteless


Wutung used magic to get the
village girl into a cave

where he violated her with abandon

There's another female demon in the cave

who's two in one with the male demon

One picks yin to nourish yang,
the other yang to nourish yin

They make use of virginal humors

to attain ever-lasting life

Be gentle, I'll make you comfortable

Once intimate with the demon

this village girl becomes a walking dead

and his sex slave forever

Having satiated his satanic lust

the male demon still cherishes
his lust for Hsiao-yen

You two...

Don't you find this red cloth beautiful?

It would be best to make a
bridal dress out of it

Are you seized by a mad desire to marry?

Yes, otherwise, we may be picked

at random to marry Wutung

What does Wutung look like?

So, you're in love with Wutung

Wish you were picked up to offer to him

You fool me!

I'll take you to be his concubines too

Good, keep it for you to make a bridal dress

Let's go



What are you doing?

Get going

Yu-yin, why are you collecting

cloth over there?

From the way you react he must be handsome

Tell us, is he very handsome?

Speak up


That cloth has gone outside

Come here quickly

Keep calm. We're coming

Are you all right?

Are you having a twitch?

Look, over the raft

So many fish

Well, let's go up and pick them


Look, how beautiful

Sure, it is

It really is beautiful

What is it?

Yu-yin, run quickly

Run quickly!

Run quickly!

Brother, we've got a lot today

No, much less than the other days

How come?


Jump back


Jump down into the sea



This way

Can you jump now?

Luckily, I haven't been picked up

Luckily, it doesn't concern me

It's now the turn of the village head

Yes, it's his turn

It's all right. Let's go home now

We'll draw again next year

You're the village head; you must've a way out

Don't think that was my wish

We can't get over because we've been picked

Sorry, Fang Yu-yin

Fang Yu-yin, born midnight,
14th day of the seventh moon


Hurry up, brother

Aren't we fast enough?

No, faster

Well, whip you some

It hurts

Hurry up

Hurry up. Hear me? How silly

Hey, something's up

Go over


Brother, don't let go

We've never done it mid-air

It was a real kick to swing that way

It was great!

Your design's OK, creep


O what divine rhythm!

- Wonderful!
- Wonderful!

I love it

- Me, too
- I love it

It's great!

Shan-ken, you're to be the sedan
chair carrier for this sacrifice

I won't do it

I must call you big brother then

You got chosen

and I can't help it

Go and do it if you're my brother

I beg you

I can't hold on

I really can't hold on

Don't. You must hold on

Hold on. I'm coming

Brother, come on

Is that fish nice?

Prying loose the oysters?

Digging for snails?

Slicing the shells?

Thank you

What are you doing, nephew?

Grind the axe

You do it. I've other things to do

It's in front. Let's take a rest first

Let's start. Let's go on the journey

Shan-ken, hurry up

Hurry up

Watch out. We'll soon be there

Come here, come here

Here it is. Put her down

Put her down. Be careful

Be careful

Let's go. Wutung's coming soon

Let's go

Shan-ken, get going

Let me search her first

She's tender and smooth

What are you doing?

Just searching

Finished now

Darling, I love them

Darling, your breasts are so beautiful

A handful for each


- Wutung
- It's so soft

Right, there's no pain

No, I mean Wutung

I want Wutung, Wutung

Why don't you take me to Wutung?

Let's go to Wutung on horseback

I want Wutung, do as Wutung does

Shan-ken chops the demon into

2 with 1 whack, 4 with 2

8 with 3

and so on...

Hey, stop bluffing

In any case, we must kill Wutung

Shan-ken, let me drink with you


I give up

My dear sister

- Want to try?
- Yes

Sorry, take it back

My wife's not here but my girl friend may scold


What's it?

Happy leaf, want to try? It's stimulating

Never mind, come on

Want to hear a story?

Let me tell you a story, okay?


Once upon a time there was
an innocent little rabbit

She was hopping gaily in the forest

She came upon a long-neck animal the other day

She wanted to know what animal he was

So she asked the animal

who he was

'Come here' the animal said

'Are you eager to know who I am?

"I'll tell you

if you go to bed with me'

The rabbit said 'No problem'

Moments later, she hopped out gaily saying

'So there's a giraffe in this forest'

and she hopped happily to and fro

Then she met another animal

He has a big ear and a long nose

Then she asked curiously

'Who are you?'

He said: 'Come here, come here'

'"You want to know who I am?'

'I'll tell you, but you must
go to bed with me first'

She agreed

This time it lasted longer before

she hopped out gaily and said

'So there's an elephant in the forest'

Then she hopped happily to and fro again

This time she met another animal

He has four eyes and six noses

She curiously asked him the same question

'Who are you?'

He replied

'Come here, come here'

She went to bed with him again

and it lasted much longer

Then she hopped gaily out and said

'So there is On-Na-Ge-Ge in the forest'

'What's On-Na-Ge-Ge?

'What's On-Na-Ge-Ge?

You want to know? Come here

Daddy, mammy, we're going to bed


Hsiao-yen's dead

In fact, she's an ordinary village girl

That was only your illusion

Be quiet and let me treat your wound

Our union should help heal your wound

But your pining has badly

hurt your constitution

Now I don't have enough yin to revive you

You'd better recuperate in the
cocoon for the time being

I'll go out mating men

and catching the girl

My battery recharge, I'll cure you

Be sure to come back before
the cocoon is broken

You're so intimate. I must break you apart

- Keep away
- Don't be naughty

I like it

Is it heavy?

Stop that,

or I'll beat you


You dare to hit your own brother

Yes, I enjoy it

- Having no respect for rank or age
- It's just for fun

Hey, look over there

Someone's drowning!

It's not proper for different
sexes to be so close

Brother, let me

She's come to

Take her back to my home first

Darling, how's she?

She's all right now

Don't make so much noise. She's gone to bed

It's late. Why're you not taking
Yu-yin home, Shan-ken?

Let me finish the Landlord game first


You'd better go. Brother and
Sister-in-law want to eat something

Good, I'm hungry too

Let's go eat together

Their snacks are not suitable for you

Why not?


Ta-ken, take this to help you digest

No, no, go for it

Don't take too much. Half a stick's enough

Darling, I want snacks

Are you hungry?

No, we have a guest here

Don't worry

You sleep in the living room.
I'll share our bedroom with her

No, I want On-Na-Ge-Ge

Don't be evil


Darling, come on

Why still standing there?

I'm coming

It's a real kick!

Ta-ken, your kung fu's okay

How lucky your wife must be!

He hadn't done so well like
last night for a long time

Why did Shan-ken go out at such an early hour?

Since he killed Wutung

he's been busy

attending feasts hosted by

one family and another

Where's he now?

Must be with Yu-yin at the river

I won't be in your way then. I'm leaving

I'll do that with you when
the occasion rises again

Leaving? Let me see you out

What's it? Want another try?




Where are you going?

Chen, come up and get dressed quickly

Chen, get dressed quickly

Leave me alone


- Undress?
- Yes. Come on

It's so embarrassing. Where are you going?

Shan-ken's coming back soon

Get dressed quickly


How awkward if we should be seen

Stop that!

Go ashore right away

Get dressed quickly. Someone's coming

Are you all right?

- Yes
- I'm feeling much better

Thanks for everything

You're welcome

Where's Shan-ken?

He's gone wood-cutting

He really is hard-working

He must, or he wouldn't have married Yu-yin

The mark on your body's special. What's it?

A birthmark

My mom told me

it glistened when I was born

I have nothing

but this hairpin for you

You really are too kind

Keep it.

I must go now

Let me fix it for you

My trip has been fruitful in that

I've found the birthmark

the fox used to subdue us


She's not Hsiao-yen

She's a common village girl

possessed by Hsiao-yen

Why don't you capture them?

My heart suddenly hurts and I have hunches

that you wanted me to return.

Don't worry

I've already given her the soul-taking hairpin

They can't get out

of my clutches

I won't tolerate them getting united

I must go out to kill her


Give me one more

Trouble in the village, brother, come quickly!

Don't, don't!

Don't run


Look, over there

Let's go home to see what's up

Uncle Heng, what are you doing?

I want to be Monkey

Yu-yin, sister, watch out! Go now

Go now

- Mother
- Don't!

Go now


Wutung's wreaking havoc

Let's go

Hurry up

Watch out!

Where's Chen?

I'm all right

What now?

It's safer for us to go up the mountain

Go up? I can't hold on

Let me help you

Let me give you a hand. Come on

Let's take a rest here

I feel something eerie over here

It's going to be all right

With so many Buddhist figures around

we must be safe

Let's wait till dawn then

You're tired, you need a rest

Wonder how sister-in-law is doing

Don't, don't!

Wutung, thanks for bringing me back

I'd rather be a devil than a human being

Aim well

Sister-in-law, don't!

What a kick!

Sister-in-law, don't!

It really is exciting

I don't feel anything


All night I looked at you, no wow

But wow wow once you look at me

Who are you?

A high monk

- A midget?
- No, the Reverend

Thank Buddha, we have a way out

Don't you know yours is not

an ordinary birthmark?

It's a magic mark capable of subduing Wutung

Please enlighten me, the Reverend

Only by uniting with a male virgin

you can develop the power.

What a pity!

What do you mean?

I'm the only one in the wilderness

How can you find a male virgin?

Brother, have you lost your virginity?

I'm a true virgin

having not even abused myself

What a pity!

What do you mean?

Though a virgin, you've no feeling

Yes, they're engaged to be married

So there's still hope of overpowering the devil

Don't delay then, go for it now!


What do you mean?

Come here if you want to know

What a pity!


I can't make it

You can

Go to the river and do it

Do what?

I can't, I can't

Why not?

I can't concentrate

Let's try again, okay?

They say kissing the lobe may help

It tickles

What about 'mouthing'?



Do you know what this is?

A hairpin

It's Wutung's soul-taking hairpin

Soul-taking hairpin?

They must be in trouble!



Don't kill her!

She's not Hsiao-yen

Finally I'm about to break the taboo

Monkey King, help me to subdue the devils


Shan-ken, I must help you

Take the last soul-fire pearl

Use it only at the most crucial moment

Let's go

Give it to me now

Never mind saving her

Let me give you the divine enjoyment

You can't have it as a human being

Go on, go on

Your wound's filled up

I've had enough yang

Give me a little bit of your yin


Give it back to me

All my senses are gone


Give it back to me

Give it back to me

Go and help Shan-ken while I lure Wutung away

Give it back to me

I have no more sense

All my senses are gone

Give it back to me

All my senses are gone

Give it back to me. My sense's gone

I beg you, give it back to me

Give it back to me

Do it yourself


I'll help you for sure


Wake up fast

Don't you know I love you very much?

They say kissing the lobe will help





Brother, watch out!

Brother, chop its tail

Don't kill her









Chiu-sheng, don't kill them!

Take my advice and let them go

Why are you still untamed in demonic instinct?

They broke into Demonland and
killed my female demon

She deserves more than that for her evil

You can't blame them

We have our principles. We indulge
in sex to stay alive

because there's no distinction
between love and sex on earth

A devil's a devil. Don't get bewitched!

Without the devil's temptation

my brother and sister-in-law wouldn't
have been in such a state

On earth, love prevails over lust

In the spiritual world, you
get lust and want love too

Formerly, torn between the 2 worlds,
we couldn't control ourselves

Now let's jump out of these

and march into the spiritual world of

pure love without passion or lust

Let's break out of the human,
spiritual boundary



come here

Let the fire burn us into one forever and ever

If it goes out, we'll part forever


Red dust flows in this wide wide Heaven, earth

A demon rising above lust is human

A human being haunted by lust is satanic

Who will there be to learn this truth?